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what quarantine? I'm 'essential'.
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Bro I play dnd so I feel this. Deeply.
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Keep assuming. It really shows your character. This is a community, and everyone has different preferences, skill sets, and expectations. It's a collaborative effort.
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Don't use your disorder as an excuse to be a crap roleplayer. If you like the story, you will accommodate the GM and ask for help. If you want special treatment, the Guild isn't the place for you.
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Is this a discussion if you called those who prefer aesthetically pleasing sheets bad GMs? Some of us don't even make 'complex' sheets. If you don't understand basic bbcode, ASK ALL OF US WHO DO.



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Slyly returning the smile, AJ took a sip of his latte, as Aleks ruffled his hair. One of the few people he was okay with touching his hair. He watched his friend's face carefully, all the while keeping silent, letting his voice be the only one resounding in the nearly empty lot. They were inches apart, and just when AJ opened his mouth ready to respond, Aleks looked away, back at the RV, and asked him a question.


After taking another sip, he shrugged, "Do I ever?" Masking his annoyance, AJ followed Aleks' gaze to look at his father's RV. To others, this might be excessive, but to him, it was his normal. And there was nothing interesting about his normal. Quite frankly, it was boring to him. Feeling inclined to yawn, AJ covered his mouth with his arm. This coffee would be his saving grace, at some point. When it hits him.

"Can you two fuck on this trip and get it over with? Or at least announce your soul mate status on FB or something, dios mio.”

Rolling his eyes, AJ shot back, "Fuck you, Sami-boy." Their relationship, meaning Aleks' and AJ's, was hardly affectionate. What he had with Valentine and Tink was affectionate, what he had with Aleks was more like a babysitter who had no choice but to watch a kid bounce off the walls. Beyond that? There really wasn't much. Shut up, AJ. Drink your coffee. When Sami gave the RV compliments, and made a playful jab at the host of the road trip, AJ muttered, "Uh-huh," and then took a bigger gulp.

Of course rather than make matters better, the next person entering the scene caused AJ's heart to drop. His mood was already turning sour, and then... he saw his ex's car. While his mouth went agape, he watched the car approach, as if it was going in slow motion. When it finally went into park, AJ held his breath.

When Katie exited, he was relieved and speechless. More importantly though, he was pissed. Did Jamie set this up? Why was SHE here? His grip tightened around the cup, but not tight enough to cause it to explode. He hadn't seen Katie in a minute, and yeah, she was still hot as fuck, but the fact that she came in with Jamie's car set the mood. It was like putting salt on an already butthurt wound.

“Good morning, my favorite Gearheads. Morning AJ,”

"Wow, well fuck you too, Katie. It is a good morning, I'd say so myself. Absolutely lovely. Fan-fucking-tastic." His first response was meant to be sarcastic, playful, but the displeasure and scorn he felt, emanated from him and into the general proximity. He wasn't necessarily trying to hide the fact that he felt some type of way seeing his ex's sister again. He thought he could leave all that behind. Regardless of what he felt, AJ kept his ground, his dark gaze never looking away from her. "Look at you, all packed and ready to go."

At that point, everyone else started piling in. First came, Ava and Trash. While his Fruit Loop was making her way, with a big ass grin plastered on her face, Reyna offered pancakes. Usually, he would be stubborn and not get pancakes, but this was an opportunity for him to walk away from the current situation that made him uncomfortable, even if it meant he had to look Reyna in the face and accept her damn food. So, he decided, sure, why not. "No shit, yeah. Pancakes sounds great!" While his words came out in good humored, it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that AJ was only doing this to prevent himself from doing something stupid.

However, as he started striding to the pancakes, still latte in hand, to offer his assistance or grab food first, his Remedy shouted, “Don’t fret, Bumble, I’m here now!”

"Oh thank god," He whispered to himself, feeling like his Valentine was a better escape than the garbage disposal. Throwing a smile back on his cute, babyface, he called out to Chris, Ivy, and Chloé, "Hell yeah! Now this is a party!" It seemed the group was balancing in his favor. Katie started to become smaller and smaller to him, in this moment, and less of a concern.

This was fantastic!

“Leave it up to you to go over the top, Shortstop!” A genuine smile was back on AJ's face. Nate and Val were here! Almost everyone! A nice calm washed over AJ after Nate slapped his back and left his arm around his shoulder. Okay, he was over Katie. Sure, she can come along. Why not? Should be one helluva ride. A road trip to remember.


Of course, as always, good things never last.

Things were supposed to get better, with all the cool people here.

They usually do!

And yet... “I need to talk to you alone NOW.” He was roughly ripped from staring at his other friends, right from Nate's arm, when he turned to see a tiny anklebiter pulling on him and taking him away, giving him really no room to say no.

He should've seen this coming. Part of him wanted to believe this wouldn't happen, and she would let shit pass, like he was doing with Katie. That was him thinking on the bright side. This was Val, for crying out loud. She was a hard woman to please. Something he knew would make her mad, but chose to not think it would make her mad, hoping it wouldn't make her mad, forgetting it was a high possibility that she'd get mad, has gotten her past that point of madness. She was raging mad. And he knew it.

But that's the thing.

This road trip wasn't about her, and he would make sure she'd understand exactly that.

This was fine.

Everything was going to be fine.

The RV door closed behind them...

...and that's when Leon came jogging in.
@Leriamae hey! The gm specifically wants animals found in the jungle, forest, or Sahara. A wildlife animal! Sorry if that ruins the vibe for you. I’ll have her be more clear about that in the OOC, but yeah I was part of the team that helped her rp build and I think it would be hard to get a house cat to fit in a rp with lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! Don’t want you to feel isolated or severely challenged heavily in this animal kingdom.

Here’s some wild cats you could potentially use: mountain cat, African golden cat, Caracal, Lynx, Jungle cat, Margay
Reserving / FC: Froy Gutierrez / 8A4C40 / Griffin Elijah Pierce / Hawk
Jesus all you guys got faces and colors. Hi. I’m giving some tentative interest. Depends on character inspo! I’m leaning hawk for sure and a songbird or nightingale. Bird family lol.


High school graduation. A moment they've prepared us since we were able to fathom the cycle of life — the constant aging. It's a stepping stone to the real world. Not everyone goes to college, but most of us at least try to get our high school diploma. Beverly Hills High is the home to future star athletes, money-hungry business moguls, savvy and brilliant engineers, household name directors, out-of-this-world supermodels, cutthroat Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalists, and so much more. Most of the kids that attended had to live as legacies, coming from money and fame, but the few that didn't come because of their family's name... They were challenged with the ladder and the political affairs of popularity, and those challenges will soon become the foundation of THEIR legacy. BHHS is where legends are born, whether you have a great starting hand or not, whether you want to continue what your parents started or not, whether you know it or not, you have a higher chance of success and that ticket? The diploma you were handed two weeks ago? That's your ticket to freedom and the start of a great adventure. An adventure where you are destined for greatness.

Remember, Class of 2019: Legends Never Die.

"ALFIEEEEEEEE! Don't forget to give mommy a kiss." Wincing at his mother's voice, the only person he can handle calling him Alfie, AJ Tyler, the idea man behind a once-in-a-lifetime road trip with good people, his friends, finished inspecting his father's two decker mobile home RV. It was originally a bus, but since the Tylers go camping every other weekend, the old man decided to make an investment that would make his whole family happy. Recently, he helped his pops install external LED lighting, like a beacon for his friends, especially when everyone would get inevitably drunk and lost. After closing one of the exterior storage units, making sure he packed camping, survivalist, and automotive essentials, AJ strode up the steps of his family's Beverly Hills estate. While he walked, he took off his unreasonably expensive sunglasses, knowing exactly what would happen when he reached the top step.

Immediately, he was forcibly pulled into his mother's embrace and like the good boy he was, at least when it comes to her, he gave her a lovingly, affectionate, and just-for-her kiss. "You be safe now. If you need anything, call me."

"I will."

"You should call me everyday." Haylee, his mother, demanded, with a pout and a tone of certitude.

"That's a lot..." The young boy muttered.

"A lot my ass! I'm your mother."

"But mommmm, I got a lot to do!" He whined, really not wanting to have to confess his sins to his mom on a daily basis. "How about... once a week?" He tried to bargain.

"Absolutely not. Every other day. Deal or I'm coming with you." Oh my god. Why was she pulling this needy shit right now? When he had to go too! He loved her but goddamn. He was a grown ass man.

"Okay, FINE! Every other day. But I choose the time. Okay?" His mother smiled at his response, which caused him to sigh in relief. It took him years to master the art of pleasing this woman. She was such a spoiled brat. Now, he could make his great escape.

Of course, just when he was going to pull himself out of his mother's tight grasp and try to get away, from the corner of his eyes, he saw his little sister recording him. His smile went into a grimace real quick. As he lifted his hand to block the camera, he barked, "You little shit, delete that. Or else." He pulled away from his mother, giving Molly the deadliest of death glares.

"Or else what? You're going to break my phone? Daddy will buy me another. Post embarrassing pictures of me? Oh wait, you have none. Just imagine if I shared this on my snap, or even worse, my insta? I have soooooooo many followers." Molly teased, but in truth, she was buying time with her brother before he disappeared for the WHOLE summer.

His sister could be a pest. If he was staying, he'd cut that long hair of her's right off from her tiny ass head. But honestly? Why should he care? Why did it matter if something like that trended on the internet? He was a graduate! Being coddled by his mother was nothing in comparison to how he ruins his own self with his damn mouth. "Okay. Post it. Those that know me, know I love my mom. So I don't give a fuck."

"Ew, no fun." Molly protested in disgust. She only liked doing things if AJ didn't agree with it. What were little sisters for? To ANNOY, obviously. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, going out of her way to let it whip AJ's face, she nonchalantly added, "Hey, you should totally tell Chris to text me more."

Rolling his eyes, AJ countered, "Why can't you?"

"Because I'm not the desperate type. Like you."


Fucking bitch.

Yeah, no. He had enough. He wasn't going to start a fight with Mols right in front of his mama and right before he saw his friends. Good vibes, man. It wasn't like Molly had a chance. She was too Plastic for Chris, a little Unholy Trinity fan girl. His best friend deserved better.

"You two, stop." Their mother chided, and then gasped, "Oh Pumpkin!" AJ turned his attention back to his Broadway goddess of a mother, who handed him a bag filled with Earth set bracelets, "Give all your friends one! I've had way more free time than usual so I decided to make a bunch."

... That's pretty gay. Would everyone even wear one? They were neat with different combinations of colors, charms, beads, and knot work, but still. Well, knowing his friends, they definitely got food covered. He sent out a text awhile back asking them to bring breakfast. He couldn't remember if he told someone specifically or just made a shout out in a group thread. Ah, well. That didn't matter. "Okay, ma. I'm sure they'll love it." He wasn't sure.

After saying his goodbyes, and watching Molly mouth 'don't forget to tell Chris I said hi', AJ was finally on his way to the school parking lot. Specifically, the G spot. As he slowly approached, treading ever so closely to the handsome Russian standing there, waiting, and still wearing the same outfit AJ saw him wear last night, AJ honked the horn, keeping his hand on it so that the noise lasted for an unpleasantly long time. When he put the RV into park, a good song came on the radio, "Ace really knows how to pick them." Turning up the music, and flipping a switch so that the music projected on the speakers installed on the outside, the door slid opened. Leaving the bag of bracelets on the passenger seat and placing his glasses on his fluffy hair, AJ-fucking-Tyler jumped down and gave his charming grin, that showed his pearly whites. A grin that meant: let's make mischief.

"Cosmosssssss! You ready? I hope no one bails, it's not often my dad let's me take this beast out." The gearhead gestured to the large vehicle behind him, before taking a step closer to one of three best friends and swiping his soy latte, knowing exactly which one was his.

"Esme." A hard-edged, brassy yet insistent voice came out of a pink bejeweled phone, laying on an untidy motel bed. "You know what I expect of you and if anything goes off the rails, take matters into your own hands. I trust you, got it?"

"You flatter me, Mr. Tyler! Even calling me by my name. I must be moving up in the world." Esmeralda, more known as Belladonna in the underworld, cooed, as she finished applying her Black Cherry lipstick. "I promise you, you have nothing to worry about." Approaching the bed, she grabbed a manila envelope and took out the documents hiding on the inside. While she retrieved a lighter from her purse, and walked to the sink, she chuckled, "Oh wait, you hate promises. Just know, I'll do as you wish."

"I like the sound of that." Hovering the paper over the porcelain sink, she started burning information about Havana, while listening to Dominic give his usual advice. "Remember, failure isn't an option."

"Uh-huh." She watched the couple of papers at her finger tips disintegrate, her melting chocolate gaze lit from the burning flame, "Mr. T, I'd love to stay and chat but I have a date with a psycho. I'll give you weekly reports. Give your wife a big kiss for me, why don't you?" Esme teased.

"Yeah, yeah. You know I will. Buy the children some time, okay?"

"You got it, Bossman."


As daring as she could be, Junie didn’t have a change of clothes, nor was she wearing a bra, so it was in her best interest to go into the water with her dress on. The only guy who deserved to see her in the nude was the guy right in front of her. They may have been in their own world, but the crowd wasn’t too far from them, and who knows what could happen if she showed a little too much. Juniper Macmillan was aware that she was above average in looks and that there were more than enough people that fantasized about her in and out of their bedrooms, having been harrassed on more occasions than she’d like to admit. While yes, she was inebriated, she still felt inclined to be cautious. If not for her reputation than to make sure nothing went south in this moment she shared with a guy she was so feverishly hot for. A moment she’s been preparing for three years.

Why is it that it took her such a long time to finally make a move? If she were being honest with herself, the idea of love, like how her parents love each other, wholeheartedly, almost to a scary Bonnie and Clyde level, she was afraid of. The idea of being completely and utterly vulnerable to someone, that she chooses as her other half, forever and always. Someone she decides to build a future with, for better or for worse. Just looking at Ty... he looked like someone who undoubtedly battled demons on a daily basis, and yet, that only made her want him more.

She was ready to peel the layers, go beyond face value, but she knew herself better than anyone. Yes, including her twin, who knew her like she knew the back of her hand. When Junie liked something, like really liked something, she obsessed over it, she grew jealous, she got possessive, she got... violent. Being raised spoiled and selfish, as well as a lady, only meant she was good at burying the sides that made her... fucking crazy. She knew taking this step would lead to not only bliss, but also danger. More for Ty and those that he kept close. If he chose to be her's, there was no going back. She would make sure it stood that way or a fire was bound to rise, and spread.

It was his call.

God knows she hates wasting her time.

Did he want to drink some poison? Because Junie wasn't perfect and she never would be. She was like a drug, addictive and toxic. She knew she was better than a lot of people, she knew she was cold when she needed to be, and she knew she could be cruel to those that were naive and innocent. Junie Baby was a bitch and if Ty really wanted to fall down the rabbit hole, then by all means, fall.

Grabbing Tiberus Delamar’s hand, Junie led him into the water, like a bewitching nymph leading her sailor to his demise. She let her confidence convey her need for him, and when they were hip deep into the water, she turned around and slid her hands up his chest until her hands were intertwined with one another, around his neck. The coy game was over. They were upperclassmen now, and she knew that graduation would come faster than either of them wanted. Time to stake her claim and talk with her body, but first, she’d give him the choice: “How bad do you want to kiss me?”

The transfer student buried his head in his arms as the teacher he barely knew told his peers how the Valentine's dance would go down. He didn't care for it. The dance, the holiday, the fact that it was a celebration of 'friendship'. School dances weren't his scene. If he could have things his way, he'd let this semester pass him by, walking the halls like a ghost, invisible to the world and unbothered.

Honestly, after that incident it was for the best he didn't associate himself with anyone that wasn't his friends. Anyone that weren't the Misfits, minus Ariel. He was still mad at her. She went so out of her way to prove a point and all of a sudden, bam, they're broken up again? That girl had no clue what she wanted, but that was neither here nor there. She was doing this for herself - they were focusing on 'themselves'. He could respect that. Sorta. Not really. Regardless, no one else was worth his time and energy. These memories were fleeting and he just wanted to graduate already.

When the assembly ended, Ryland lifted up his head at the perfect moment, when the fiery redhead stood up from her seat, gave a little huff, and sauntered out. Part of him hated her. How she pooled him in, with every other Elite asshole that tries to compete with the Queens. The type that uses their testosterone as an excuse to be a jerk, and what was the word she said, an 'alpha male'.

He didn't disrespect any girl during that fateful moment besides the one that was being stupid for 'love', which OKAY, he was wrong to intervene. That was his bad. Still, he was too prideful to apologize and tell his friend to enjoy being young and dumb, while she still can. Enjoy the little happiness she has, before they all venture off to wherever the fuck adulthood leads them. Who knows how long anything will last? Not him! That's for sure.

Back to the point. Rye was not trying to be top dog and never cared to be. Those that tried to be at the top were sad because it was their way of seeking validation. Rye didn't need validation. He didn't need to be at the top. He knew what he liked, what he wanted, and what he needed. If that made him an outcast, a loner, and a nobody, that was A-OK with him. His main fault was... his anger. It wasn't easy to calm the beast, but he was learning. Or trying to at least. For those that loved him and were rooting for him. Those that saw his potential where he did not.

Grinding his teeth, Rye stood up and threw his bag over his shoulder, not realizing he was the last one in the room. Part of him couldn't hate Julie like he hated some people back at his old school. She was gorgeous. It was hard to not get distracted. To add to that, she wasn't simply beautiful, she was smart and held herself with this poise, perhaps with a bit of domineering arrogance, that he knew only came with the best kind of women and women that had a sheltered, yet pure, loving heart. Pure gold. They simply had to protect that goodness from the worst. He wasn't the worst. He might not always think before he says something, especially when he's hurt, but he treats his family and friends with undoubted and certain love, until they no longer deserve it. Until they no longer deserve his loyalty, his acts of kindness, anything!

Fuck, who was he kidding? He was crushing hard on the Queen Bee of King's Academy and he absolutely hated it. First impressions last forever, and it kept replaying in his mind. Over and over again. He couldn't even sleep much, so he spent his nights dancing in his aunt's attic. When he's restless, he gets urges to do freeform, based off his hip hop, jazz, and lyrical lessons from his Aunt Summer. It helps liberate his mind from the constant thoughts that annoy the shit out of him.

Rather than join the others in the cafeteria, Rye decided to go to one out of two places that were on his mind. The roof or the bleachers. The bleachers were a further walk, so he started trudging upward, walking past the cafeteria to get to the ideal stairs that led straight to his place of breathing. His happy place. He had zoned out his surroundings and failed to notice that he walked past his two best friends, holding each other's hands. The lovey dovey couple of the century. Once he threw his against-uniform-policy black hoodie over his head and slipped in his ear pieces, he marched upward.

When he arrived, he dropped his bag on the roof floor, played Wow by Post Malone, and started dancing, forgetting about the V-DAY dance, about Julie, and about how... alone... he truly was.

(In video, second dance set, should automatically go to it, middle guy with black hoodie and fitted cap on, is Rye dance vibes)
So I did some work on the relation sheet I had originally but jazzed it up a little. If anyone else wants to use it, go right ahead, leaving it here for easy access!

If anyone can make this better, please do it. I suck at coding

Also thanks @TootsiePop for giving me the tip! I spammed it lol


“What do you mean you can’t make it?” Devin said with a frustrated tone. He had been waiting at the meeting spot for almost ten minutes now. At first the call had gone normally, but then in the span of a few short words his friend went from absolutely coming to unable to come. The play was somewhat out of character, but he did just get a new girlfriend and had sometimes been flaky after starting a new relationship.

“Hey man I am sorry, but some stuff came up and it just isn’t gonna work for me tonight. You are still going to have a blast. Just hit up Blake and he can get you there.” At this point there was a hurried goodbye and then the call ended.

If he had eyes that could work he would be rolling them at the world. But instead behind his sunglasses he looked cool as a cucumber. What a complete ass he thought as he voice ordered his phone to send a text to his friend Blake. “Message to Blake” STOP “Hey my friend just bailed can you get me into the Great Bash? … SEND”

Putting his phone away and leaning against the restaurant wall Devin started to think about the different outcomes of tonight now that the field had changed. He basically lost his pitcher before the anthem finished and was expected to take the field. Really there were only two options. Either a new player gets the game going or the team forfeits.


Devin continued in his own mind hearing the voice call out, but immediately assumed it was someone talking to another person. After all, how many people shout out at a blind guy who wasn’t moving or about to be hit by something?

“You look familiar. Go to Meadow?”

Now it was starting to be obvious that the person was talking to him. Devin stood up from the wall and turned his head towards the voice walking over to him.

“Yea, I do. Devin Coal.” He said leaning on his white cane and holding off on a handshake. He stood somewhat stoic as he wondered what the person wanted. It wasn’t a voice he recognized so they were unlikely to be someone from classes. When you are in music you tend to get really good at recognizing voices. Though it could be someone from an elective or just a similar class building schedule. More often than not he was ‘that blind guy’ to people on campus.

While there were people that paid attention to students’ reps for one reason or another, Lance Page was not one of them. Perhaps it was because he was so invested in his own world, all the beautiful designs flying into his mind randomly, to bother himself with the happenings at school. Perhaps, it was because he was constantly, eagerly, thinking about the next time he’d be cooped up in the fashion studio, or his bedroom researching, drawing, fabric selecting, drafting patterns, measuring, sewing, or most importantly, refining, refining, refining, rather than out and about socializing. Or, it could even be because he was extremely tight with Madéleine Bonfamille and she floated above everyone else, which meant who the hell cares? She was, after all, a blinding diamond and undoubtedly a queen after his own heart. Regardless of the case, Lance had no idea whatsoever he was talking to a blind kid, or that his school even had a blind kid there.

“Devin. Word. Nice to meet ya.” He stood his guard, usually one to offer a handshake but the guy he was talking to seemed more confused than not at the mere idea that a stranger was talking to him. Instead, Lance hooked his thumbs into his pants’ pockets, while adding, “I’m Lance Parker Page! Gonna be big one day, so, remember the name.” The fashion boy had no idea his sister was creeping up from behind him. As he scanned Devin’s ensemble, Lance laughed out loud, “Nice statement you got goin’ on there.” which was his polite way of saying: ew. The cane was definitely something new for him. People did do it for style! And yet, Lance couldn’t understand what Devin was trying to pull off. He was a plain Jane, to say the least, and the cane was just… different.

“Anyways, sorry if this is weird. Just waiting for my sister to hurry the f- up so we can skedaddle.”

Crossing the street as quickly as she could, Lil caught the last part of what Lance had to say. Playfully slapping him on the shoulder and mouthing the word rude, she smiled brightly at the stranger before speaking.

“The sister is here and present, so you can stop waiting now. Who’s your new friend, Lance?”

Devin was thankful for the inclusion as their rag tag party went from two to three as a woman’s voice entered the fray. He heard his new acquaintance say he was waiting for his sister and she seemed slightly less… Lancy than Lance. “Name is Devin Coal. He then let his cane rest on his side as he reached out towards both voices. His hand was off slightly, but in the right general direction.

Devin…. Lilliana recognized the name from one of her classes last year, but she couldn't particularly remember anything of note about the guy. When he reached out, she shook his hand politely.

"Nice to meet you," she said warmly. "I'm Lily."

“Wordddd.” Unlike his sister, Lance didn’t grab Devin’s hand. His sister’s soft hand was enough for the both of them. “Now that we’ve all introduced ourselves, why you standing here? Awkwardly? Waiting for a ride or something?” Nosey Lance was nosey, but from across the street to now, this kid looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself! If anything, Lance was doing the loner a service by gracing him with his presence. Before his sister or Devin could react, the fashionista boy chortled, “Also, bro, I don’t get the cane. Are you some pimp daddy ready to spank his bitches?”

Devin smiled as he let go of Lily’s hand. He then shook his head when Lance asked why he was waiting around. “Sadly my friend bailed on me before we were going to the Great Bash…” he paused a little to feel special though he knew it was a glass house. The past two years his friends had been begging him to go to the yearly party, but he always passed. Now the first year he wants to go and he suddenly gets an ego.

“Well the cane sort of compliments me as it were.” He then added as he started to fold it up. “See I am not the best at walking the mean streets of Meadow View and this helps me navigate them.” Devin then tipped his sunglasses down so the two could see his cloudy eyes. “One look at this bad boy and the street gangs know they are messing with the wrong blind guy.” He laughed as he then flicked the cane and it locked back together.

Lance nodded attentively, as if he understood what the boy was getting at, but the fact that Devin was blind didn’t click until Devin spelt it out for him. “Oh no shit!” He would’ve never guessed! That must be hella’ rough navigating around. If he were in the same position, he would’ve probably gotten a service dog (no Lance, you can’t afford a 40k dog). Fortunately, he was not. Honestly, he wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t have his eyes. How would he ever survive without the beauty of the world?! Such a tragedy to not be able to see pretty things.

“Man, that kinda sucks.”

The thought of being abandoned right before a party saddened Lil. Thankfully, she always had Lance by her side, but just being ditched at the last minute?! How tragic. When Devin talked about his cane, everything she had heard suddenly came rushing back to her. Devin was the sweet guy on campus - but he was blind. One of Lils’ friends had taken notes for him last year. Smiling ever so slightly at Devins joke, Lily shot her brother a certain look to let him know to choose his words wisely. Lance was an amazing person, but sometimes he didn’t really think about what he said before he said it.

“Well I think it kind of suits you in a way, Devin. Lance, how much longer until the Uber gets here? I’m ready to get white girl wasted already.”

Speaking of the devil, their Uber pulled up across the street, the driver looked around and when he turned his attention towards Lance and his company, the diva of the trio waved and gave him a thumbs up. “Since you’ve gotten ditched, Devin-boy, you should totally ride with us. You shouldn’t miss this banger because your friend decided to be a lame-ass.” Lance would offer his hand to the blind kid, to help him get across the street, but it didn’t seem appropriate. “What do you say?”

Devin was very appreciative of the brother and sister combo that struck up a conversation with him. As soon as they offered him a spot on their plans to get to the party he heard the siren song of a passing ship. Happy to tie on with them he accepted their offer to join them in the Uber and was equal parts happy, Lance offered to help him through the path, and equal parts sad that it wasn’t Lily.

Not far now…” Devin said as the music got louder and louder. When they finally arrived, he could sense his guide was starting to think about next steps both literally and figuratively and decided it was best to release him. “See here is where the seeing eye dog is a double edged sword. Devin had planned to just ask for one more favor; however, he felt Lance let go and seemingly walked off in search of something specific.


They were here. Going through the woods was a pain, and like the good Samaritan boy Lance was, he helped his new friend through it like a champ. When they appeared out of the woods and in sight, the party was happening and there were way too many people already. He was too distracted to hear anything that Devin was saying.

Where was his darling Queen? Was she getting booze? Was she off to the side judging someone with her sexy judgy face? WHERE WAS SHE? From a distance, he saw that fluffy pink coat he knew so well. Turning to face his sister, he quickly kissed her on the lips, “Beautiful, I will leave you to take care of the blind boy. I must flee.” Without further ado, he sped-walked through the masses and called out, “BUBBLESSSSSSS!!!” Why the hell was Maddie and her brother so far away?!

Caught in the dark as it were meant Devin stopped and started to listen to his surroundings to try and map out everything.

He could hear the music in the distance mostly in front of him to the left. He figured that was coming from the cabin area as that had the outlets for the sound system and speakers. He could hear the splashing and shouts commonly found near the water directly in front and to the right of him. A fire could be heard to his far left and what seemed to be the loudest part was between the music and the water.

Devin decided to take a shot in the dark “Lily would you be able to get me to the bar or wherever I can find a summer ale? I can promise the first round is on me?” The obvious line was heavily ended with the tone of a saving grace wink emoji at the end of a text. No harm no foul as a baseball fan would say. Still he needed at least a point in the right direction to where they were serving and walking up with a nice gal seemed like an ego boost he hadn’t tried before.

The ride to the Bash was surprisingly short, thank the gods. Lily listened in as the two boys exchanged a word here and there. She was mainly focused on letting the few friends she had at the party know that she was going to be late and why. When they all exited the car and began their way down the path, Lily couldn’t help but glare daggers at her brother as he walked away.

“That’s really no problem man,” she said, wrapping her arm around his as to help steady him.“Sorry Lance took off like that. He’s sort of the more popular of the two of us. Has lots of fans to please.” Taking her time to let Devin know where the branches and rocks of note were, Lily finally got him to the beer table. ”If you’ll excuse me Dev, I gotta get going. There’s a few people I need to catch up with. It was lovely meeting you though!”

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"Life’s been fantastic!” Chrissie sarcastically chirped, letting her camera drop back down and hang on its strap. "I had a chill break. Nothing too eventful. Caught up on my shows, wrote my agenda for the next year or so, got some cardio in. You know how it is!” Adorably, she shrugged her shoulders, keeping that gleaming smile on her face.

With the sound of two kids kissing from behind her, she took a couple steps forward to be beside him, her dear friend, in the hall and then turned on her heel to face the same direction as him. Then, with her right hand, she gestured toward their peers, all walking through the halls getting to class, or not. "What do you see, Tavy? Anything new in the air? Anything different?”

“Well… If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that I feel a whole lot of love in the air. A lot of tension seems to be coming from the east. Typical senioritis is coming from the west.” He halfway smiled at his lame joke. “But nah. I’ve not really talked to that many people since I’ve gotten here this morning. In fact - you’re the first. So sadly, princess, I have no gossip for you. Sorry.”

Actually, he hit her point on the goddamn nail. Love was indeed in the air. Too much of it honestly. Stella was fawning over Carter. Ariana was thirsting for Mr. Russo. Probably even wanted to have his babies by now. Santiago was turning over a new leaf for his baby’s mama, April, and his little girl. It was a goddamn epidemic that would all end the same way. Heartbreak. At least, that was the cynic in her talking. She, however, would not admit what she was getting at, accepting his response with a chuckle. "Omigod, I’m so honored to be your first.”

A small laugh at her joke as he continued upon their nearly aimless path, Jasper couldn’t help but think of how bland his break had to be compared to the other people at Kings. He didn’t have a love for all things glamorous, but maybe he should have tried to do something. But hey. Maybe taking this time to recharge was exactly what he needed.

"What about you, doll? Heard anything exciting?”

She wished. "Nothing the whole King's populace doesn’t already know. Honestly—” With a resting bitchface, Chrissie looked at those walking past them, literally finding one thing or another to judge them about. That hat didn’t go well with her dress. That guy didn’t know how to shave. That teacher could fuck off. How long would she be in this mood? Her whole school was annoying her for just existing. "—If I don’t find anyone worth taking to Prom, I’ll probably ask you out. How’s that sound, bud?” Jasper didn’t look like one that fancied that kind of scene, but as a person that thought ahead, if he didn’t have anyone, and if she didn’t have anyone, he might as well escort her. It was the most logical idea, since most guys didn’t deserve her, and she honestly didn’t know who she’d take now that she and Jason were no longer together.

Jasper wasn’t one for the fancy scene, despite how many office parties his grandparents had dragged him to over the years. Sadly his loyalty for his friend over ruled that. Chrissie could be annoying sometimes, but she was a gem. If she needed someone to take her to prom, then sure.

"You know how I feel about a tux, Chrissie. But yes. I’m not opposed to going with you if you need me to. I promise to be the perfect gentleman and try to give you a night to remember. All of that other cheesy stuff.”

Coming to his locker, Jasper stopped walking to grab a few things for his first class. Shuffling through the books and binders, he finally found what he needed before closing the door.

”You know. I haven’t found anyone worth dating all year. Like yeah, there was that one Junior girl I told you about that was all over me at Kavi’s Halloween party, but… no.” Shaking the memory out of his head, Jasper could feel his facial expression go from relaxed to somewhat disgusted. While the girl had been pretty, she was way too clingy, desperate, and reeked of trouble. Thankfully he hadn’t bumped into her at school yet. ”I don’t need to date anyone, you know? But it’s sort of weird always third or fifteenth wheeling whenever I go anywhere.”

As encouraging as ‘in love’ Chrissie would’ve been on the fact that Jasper would find his one and only someday, that it was probably better for him to find someone after highschool, like in college or something, that he should focus on his music instead of entertain the idea of having a companion to make him a little less lonely, post break up Chris was a sour patch kid and decided to shun love all together, "I envy you.” Chris admitted, crossing her arms and pouting. "I don’t need to date anyone either and wished I hadn’t! They’re all the fucking same. Men, I mean.” The drama queen grumbled, before complaining and rambling, "God, I hate men. Not you. You hold a special place in my heart, but everyone else? Especially boys with a manner that’s bold and brassy. They can jump off a cliff and die.”

Eyebrows raised in curiosity, Jasper knew after that response that something was up. It was possible that she was hating on her ex again, but maybe there was someone else that had put her in such a bad mood for once instead. "Come on. Who are we hating on today? Gimme a name. I know you can’t just be talking about Shitstick again.”

"I’m always hating on Jason, but today, someone else is definitely on the forefront of my mind.” She grumbled in absolute frustration, while forcibly hitting the locker with her fist. "Don’t be fucking judging me, but Carter’s on my shitlist. He’s using his words to manipulate my cousin and I for sure don’t trust him.”

“You know I’m not one to judge, but please be careful before you break your fist or something.”

Jasper knew that Stella and Chrissie were cousins, and honestly it made sense. Both of them were sunshiney girls, but also determined. A few small facial features would lead you to believe that they were related before they ever spoke, but once they did it was all downhill from there.

“I don’t really know Carter that much though. What makes you think he’s sketchy?”

"Imagine a zit that won’t go away. Right on your face. That’s Carter. Do you see how many Jordans he owns? And all that gold that he thinks makes him the shit? You know, originally, I could care less about him. We have… interesting debates to say the least about a thousand and one controversial topics. But now things are personal. He’s trying to steal Stella from me.” Chris hissed, and turned to someone in the theater club trying to get her attention, "What?! Not now! Don’t you see I’m busy.” The girl that usually played her understudy nodded nervously and ran off. Then she snapped back to her friend. "He doesn’t deserve her and will break her heart.”

“Oh come on, Chris. I’m sure Stella can handle herself,” he said, trying to choose his words wisely. “While I don’t agree with his fashion, and I do get where you’re coming from, when it comes down to it you just kinda have to let people learn for themselves, you know?”

Staying silent for a moment too long, Chris contemplated Jasper’s words, not liking them one bit but understanding what he meant. Even so, she knew her cousin better than anyone else. It was hard to accept that she was smitten for someone, in such a naive and blissful manner. Excitedly and foolishly.

"I guess we’ll see if she can really handle herself. I doubt one trip to Paris could change her just like that.” Huffing dramatically, she threw that faux smile back on her face, reverting back to the prom talk, obviously over talking about Stel and Carter, "I don’t want someone perfect, I want someone honest.... Come on.” She started leading the way down the hall once more. "Let’s get to class. We’re going to be late.”
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