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This week isn't my week so I apologize for my lack of activity for my collabs and posts. This is a hard time for me.
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Sometimes you just need a good mental breather. No writing just relaxing. And that’s okay.
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Brought back an old rp I loved but couldn't handle at the time. Then I realized I have... a lot of unfinished collabs from when I closed it.
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Collab with @BeastofDestiny
as Joseph Kable & Hugo the Hobo



Entering the Bellagio lobby, AJ Tyler took off his shades, latching it onto his top, and stared up at the Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture. He had memories in this place when he was younger. Running around and causing mischief. His cousins practically lived in whichever MGM casino and resort they wanted to – any given day. The Bellagio, though? This was his aunt’s pride and joy. Something about the extreme luxury of this resort, with custom art, whirlpool tubs, and butlers, just spat pretentious.

Glancing at his Louis Moinet Meteoris watch, a gift from his mother, he noted to himself that it was approaching the time they should eat: Noon. Not everyone had an early start, but they all knew where they were meeting. As long as everyone got to the Bellagio between 11 to 11:30am, AJ would be satisfied. They would still have their afternoon and most of tomorrow to enjoy Sin City.

Once Sami entered the city, however, he had to take a detour. He chose to rent a car to take Kim to the airport. She had a family emergency and unfortunately couldn’t commit to this ‘successful’ road trip. It seemed even his group, the Gearheads, were getting smaller and smaller by the hour. It was only day two! Mandy left yesterday because she didn't feel wanted and sometime through the night, Parker and Monica sped off to who-the-hell-knows! No one even said goodbye. Or even told him what's up! Besides Kim. And she wasn't even part of his group. Misfits seemed to have more class, it seemed. Minus a certain woman. *cough*

Turning his head to look at the entrance, he saw a girl walk in, whose physique reminded him of his best friend. THAT woman.

...Would they make up? It was hard to pretend to not be mind fucked ever since he woke up and found out NEWS. Shaking his head, in annoyance, he brought his attention back to the front desk. She spent an entire night in his cabin. The first night she confesses, she sleeps with him. What a fucking slut. Okay, he had to stop thinking about these negative thoughts. In contrast, AJ ended up sleeping in his car because the two girls he invited in his tent caused him to overheat and he hated that feeling, so he let them snuggle up with one another and he enjoyed the coolness of the night. All his efforts with building a tent for nothing.

Why was he so bitter?

He needed to get better, not bitter.

Today was a new day! He was bitter two years ago and NOTHING has changed. It's time to move on. Be happy. Approaching the front desk, the young Fireball obnoxiously hit the bell numerous times and when the lady came to the front to speak kind words to this disruptive guest, she noticed who it was and grimaced. Shortly after, she was on the phone calling someone…

In a conference room, We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel was playing on maximum volume as the youngest Kable twin, Trent, swayed his feet to one of his favorite singers as he drew an ICE BREATHING DRAGON. He was nineteen now and still extremely young minded. 'Special' as his sister puts it. Yesterday, his older twin had told him that AJ would be visiting, which hasn’t happened in almost a year and a half! From what his cousin would say, he was busy with his friends and couldn’t drive four hours to see them. That’s okay. They visited him on Christmas anyways! “... Joe, McCarthy, Richard, Nixon, Studerbaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn, Monroe…”

“You OWE me, Joseph.” On one end of the conference table was Trent’s big sister, Sonya… she was twenty one… if he remembered correctly. Those people signed that stupid contract. Now pay up motherfucker.”

“Rosenbergs, H-Bombs, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom, Brando, ‘The King and I’, and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’...”

Joseph Kable sat absentmindedly at the other end of the conference table, watching his rather entitled sister with listless eyes. A turkey club in hand he took another bite, slowly chewing as he watched his sister seethe and his brother.. Well he did whatever the hell he wanted. Joey didn’t normally mind, kid was entertaining in his own way and the fucker practically shared the same room with him until they were 10; Joey had gotten used to his quirks. Sonya… however was just a bitch looking for a little extra cash under the table when she didn’t have any ‘gigs’ available at ‘Big Tony’s’. Sure, she’d done a little extra business for him, gotten a few big wigs to sign a couple of contracts, ensure they’d be ‘VIP’, but this bitch was expecting him to pay out two days after she’d done it? Hell no…

Throwing a couple of chips in his mouth and swigging out the last of his coke, down to the annoying straw sucking at the end, he sighed in pleasure before placing the cup down. Grabbing one of the napkins on his end he started patting his mouth dry before wiping his hands in the cheap paper material. Sighing he started, “Listen sister,” Joey tossed the wad away, his hands coming together, “I get where you’re comin’ from, I see it, I hear it, I fuckin’ feel it. You know what I don’t sense though?” Pausing for dramatic effect, “I ain’t smellin’ it, fuck all even, you know what I mean right? That bacon, sizzlin’ in it’s fat, fuckin’ stinkin’ up the place, I. Ain’t. Smellin’ it.” Leaning back in his seat he folded his arms over, “I ain’t sayin’ I don’t appreciate your services or that I’m witholdin’ this debt I owe to ya, but baby, until I see Mr. Franklin and Jackson comin’ through those doors, you ain’t getting the 20% we agreed upon.”

“Oh? Then maybe Mr. Franklin and Jackson can kiss my phat ass. You know they won’t be agreeing to you, because you’re an ass. All they care about is this.” She grabbed her tits, for extra effect. Trent glanced up, shook his head, and then went back to shading his art and jamming to his song. They were always like this, even when they were kids. The only difference was the topics were mature and he barely understood what they were talking about over half the time!

“Joseph Stalin, Malenkov, Nasser and Prokofiev, Rockefeller, Campanbella, Communist Bloc..”

Joey watched his sister’s vulgarity, an eye raised as she attempted to make her point, “You mean the fucker’s weren’t already kissin’ it? Don’t you think Georgie, Jeffrey and Abe might get a little jealous? Or was it Marcy? Honestly I can’t remember how many noses you’ve had jammed up your fuckin’ twat at this point.” Leaning forward on the table, “Don’t matter much either way, until the bills start rollin’ in, you ain’t seein’ a fuckin’ cent! If nothin’ else, consider your fuckin’ work to be on commission when it involves me.”

“We didn't start the fire. It was always burning, since the world's been turning!”

The siblings were interrupted by the landline ringing, “I’m going to get what I want. I always do.” She glared at the dick that was her younger brother. Not Trent. He was a good boy. JOSEPH. “I ain’t picking it up. Have fun babysitting.” And with that, Sonya stormed out. She had better things to do then spend her morning arguing, like steal his money anyways and have a good ol’ time with her girlfriends. Her parents were withholding her allowance for an 'undetermined' amount of time saying she has a shopping problem. They went out of their way to freeze her accounts. As if!

No longer singing to the song, the cutest Kable heavily sighed, “You made her angry.”

Sighing as she stormed off, he looked to his brother, a slightly sad look on his face, “You think I’m being hard on her bro?” Before Trent could answer though, Joey was back to his old demeanor and waved his hand dismissively, “Shut the fuck up Trent, she’s a cunt and deserved it.” Hand reaching for the phone he couldn’t help but keep up his tirade, “Fuckin’ money suckin’ bitch, I’ll hang her goddamn tits on the wall for Christ’s~”, picking up the phone, Joseph asked in a rather annoyed tone, “What?!”

“Mr. Kable,” Karen, receptionist, miserable bitch, all wrapped up in one package, “Your ‘guests’ have arrived.” Even in the rather derisive tone his front of staff used, Joey was actually rather pleased, his cousin managed to arrive early. “Excellent! Make sure they’re well accommodated and have them sit tight, I’ll be right on down to greet ‘em.” The receptionist continued on, “Of course Mr. Kable, I would like to inform you however tha-” and without further interruption Joey quickly hung up. “Pack up your bags Trent, family is in town and it’s time to greet ‘em.” Standing up and adjusting his suit, he opened the door for Trent. As his brother began to walk out, Joey quickly slung his arm around his younger twin, “I think this is gonna be a weekend to remember, eh bro?”

“Uh, yeah. You bet.”

Back down at the lounge, AJ sprawled himself on one of the few seats left available and barked at his friends, and Misfit company, “Before my cousins get here, what do you guys want to do? I know I’m starving so that’s on the top of my list. We can chill for a bit, or walk the strip. Split in groups. I really don’t care. And I guess… the hobo is chillen with us still?” AJ was honestly baffled that Hugo was still with them, basking in their tense friendship and lust (fucking Val).

Hugo already had his guitar out again, strumming some light cords. Upon hearing the call from his young compatriot he responded with, “My name is Hugo, monsieur! Not ‘Hobo’ I know it can be quite difficult to call me by my correct name!” Hugo chortled, but in his mind, he was still trying to process what had happened. He woke up in the middle of a desert campsite amongst a group of young adults. Some seemed rather groggy, some seemed rather ashamed, and some seemed like they just wanted to get on with their day. All in all, Hugo had no recollection of the group he had spent the night with as he went through his journal, and yet some of them actually greeted him. He smiled in return, of course, as not to seem rude to the company he had slept amongst. After reviewing his journal while the rest dismantled their campsite, he found they were going in a direction that he was headed, so...why not tag along? Though some were confused, they seemed to allow Hugo to come into their fold and ride with them for whatever crazy journey they had ahead.

After the shitshow that was The Green Table
Collab with @Hey Im Jordan

Truth was? Henry was stressed out.

He’d asked Min-Seo to head back to the room while he took care of business with one of his sisters, but he didn’t even want to handle this right now. He just didn’t think he’d be able to sleep if he let Cyndi go to bed all piss. Henry was too good, that was the reality of the situation. He was too good! Standing in front of Cyndi’s door, with his hands full of two plates — each one holding dessert from the dinner she’d walked out on — Henry knocked on the door.

The knock was quickly followed by the jingling of the door as Henry tried to let himself in. It hadn’t occurred to him to that the door could be locked, but here it was. Locked. Henry never locked his door! Not even when he was balls deep in his girlfriend! Where did his sisters get off thinking they could get away with this kind of crap? UGH.

He knocked again, but there was still no response. Why did he even bother?

To Cyndi, it may have seemed like the incessant knocking and jiggling of the door belonged to one of her parents, perhaps even her mother. After all, who else would be trying to talk to her after that night? Who else would be trying to make her feel good after her siblings had collectively made her feel so… not good? The answer may have very well been a shock, as Henry’s unmistakable voice rang off through the door.

“Cyndi! You best open this door, girl. I’m not playin’ with you.”

The voice she didn’t expect caused Princess Cyndi to jump in her bed, surprised. Shocked. Confused. Slapping her diary closed, she pushed it under her pillows then wiped her eyes. Her face was wet. “Henry, it’s not a good time…” Even with her saying that, she was already tiptoeing to the door. Inches away from it, she whispered, “It’s okay. I know I’m a dead girl. Hailey wants to kill me. I made Justin sad. Mommy, mama, and daddy are disappointed in me. Go to Min! You’d rather do that, right?!”

“You better quit your whining and open this door. Not a good time, she says,” Henry scoffed, as he looked down at the gelato in his hands. Didn’t she understand the severity of the situation? This stupid shit that he brought her was going to MELT and he hadn’t even gotten to do the important part yet. “I brought you your dessert. I know you want this dessert. Hurry up, before I eat it. And yeah, for the record, I would rather go be with Min, but I can’t do that shit because I gotta be the older brother here, and I gotta handle my shit.” Henry said with a huff into the still closed, still locked door.

Denying dessert was against everything she stood for. Cyndi loved dessert. But if she unlocked the door and opened it, Henry would see how ugly she was. She wasn’t pretty when she cried and her eyes were red and puffy. At last, she really wanted dessert. Quietly, she first unlocked the door. Subsequently, she creaked open the door, only a little bit to verify he indeed had dessert.

Henry waved the bowl of gelato and the plate of tiramisu in front of the crack and groaned. “DOOR. Open. Now. You think I ain’t never seen a girl cry? Come on, I’m a womanizing asshole, I’ve seen a girl cry! It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s a big deal to me.” She mumbled, but ultimately, she opened the door wide and stood to the side so he could walk in. “I guess place it on my nightstand.”

“Shaddap, I’m here to cheer your ass up.” Henry said, thrusting the food into her hands as he walked into the room. Looking around, Henry was reminded how girly Cyndi was. Whack. Without waiting though, Henry gestured for Cyndi to sit down. “So, you know what? I’ve come to realize, you’re havin’ a bad day. And that’s fine, that’s cool. But I got a plan to help you out. See, when I got upset last, the Hailstorm herself stepped into my room and offered me some help. Said she got it from pops. It makes sense. I’m boutta make you realize there ain’t nothin’ wrong with your old cheesy cryin’ ass.” Henry reached into his pocket and withdrew two bluetooth earbuds, which he held out to his sister.

“You’re gonna place that plate on your nightstand — speakin’ logically? That’s where I shoulda put it, but I ain’t nobody’s maid. Put your own shit on the nightstand — and then you’re gonna pop these earbuds in, lay down on your bed, close your eyes, and focus on the sound. You ain’t gonna move, talk, or blink for five minutes, you got that?”

“I don’t really think I can decline, can I?” Cyndi heavily sighed, not knowing what her brother was going to show her. With her cute, eeyore night gown on, a different one, she had a lot of them, she shuffled to her nightstand, placed the dessert down, hopped on her bed then hesitantly grabbed the earbuds, “This isn’t sex stuff… right?”

“ABSOLUTE. SILENCE.” Henry barked, pushing Cyndi so she was laying back on the bed. “Eyes closed. Focus on the words. Nothing else.” With that, Henry pressed play.

This was weird, but okay. Whatever. The music started off soft, oddly peaceful for her brother. Reminded her of something you’d hear in a movie’s dream sequence. Not even fifteen seconds in, there was a man’s voice. A sample from somewhere? She couldn’t tell. Now, she felt like she was going into space… this was kind of trippy. Then the voice kind of yelled at her and she was kind of shocked. In a way, she felt like this was her brother’s way of telling her to get outside of her head. Stop attacking yourself. The music shifted to dubstep, not intense or anything, and the motivational samples kept coming.

Trust yourself.

Where were these samples from? This voice kind of sounded familiar. She couldn’t pin the show or movie, though. The voice told her to not hold anything back and realize her strength. Her power. She wanted to open her eyes when the beat started picking up. This was honestly making her heart race. What was going on?

Okay. This was getting kind of cool. Subtly, she started bobbing her head, forgetting why she was even listening to this in the first place but going with the flow. She’d have to ask where this was from because this sounded intense.

The beat dropped and it went back to a calm, like the calm before the storm. She stopped moving, and at this point she was completely immersed in the experience. Repeatedly, she was told that she was strong. So strong. And that was something she… needed to hear because compared to her siblings and every Green family member, she felt like she was the weakest link. She would never compare. This song was telling her to stop thinking that and see the good she had. She was a different strong, but she was still a strong person.

Was Henry telling her to go hard? To stop holding back? The music was shifting back in speed and wubs. Was she even capable of optimizing herself? Not letting anyone or anything hold her back?

You want to see the real power of a super saiyan god.


This was Dragonball. She never watched it but she knew where super saiyans came from. This kind of made her want to watch it. It sounded like a journey of a person, or perhaps people, believing in their own strength. She liked the sound of that. She liked how it kind of made you believe you had power to do what you set your mind on.

Sometimes life is too uncertain to have regrets.
The samples ended and then shortly after the music trailed off and came to a stop. It was over? Opening her eyes, she glanced over to her brother but didn’t say a word. She was still mentally stunned at what she just listened to.

Henry nodded as she opened her eyes, holding his hand out for the earbuds, “mhm. That’s the shit, ain’t it? That’s the power of Dragon Ball Z. Shit’s good shit. There’s a reason Hailey and Pops have watched it so much, maybe you should check it out. That can be like, your in. Only thing Hailey loves as much as herself, Hana, or having control, is anime.” Henry shrugged his shoulders, but he wasn’t that concerned about it. The important part was it seemed like it had hit its marks, and that was what mattered. After all, he hadn’t given her the secret video just so she could keep moping.

“I don’t know what to say, Henry.” She lifted her body up and dropped the earbuds in his hand. Swiftly afterwards, she went for the gelato, which was for sure melting. Luckily, her other dessert wouldn’t melt. Before she started shoveling the delicious goodness, she inquired, “So you don’t struggle with anything? Being confident in yourself comes easy to you and sis. I’m really pumped to do my best, but I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Well, there are a lot more videos like that… Could start there. There are some good Vegeta ones, too… Watch Rock Lee vs Gaara, too — just the regular thing. I like the dub, Hailey likes the sub, Dad likes ‘em both. Uhhh, I’d check out Todoroki vs Deku, too, but maybe just watch the whole My Hero Academia, I think you could learn a lot from that… wait, you ain’t talkin’ about anime, huh? Uh… nah, I don’t struggle with nothin’. Ain’t got time for it. Just do your best, and remember if you’re worried about the planet, just… forget about it. Don’t hold anything back. Just like Goku says, right?”

“Forget about it and don’t hold anything back. Yeah, I can do that.” She widely smiled at her brother. Her mood was better and she didn’t think Henry was a complete dick! “Thank you, Henry. This… means a lot to me.” Taking a risk, she put the gelato back down, crawled to her brother, and glomped him so that she could give him a tight embrace.

Whoa, that was weird. Henry didn’t like it, but he wasn’t about to stop it — Cyndi was delicate, and Henry needed to treat her as such. Instead of squirming out of it, he instead just returned the embrace, and nodded. “Yeah, Cyndi. No problem.” After they pulled away, Henry headed out the door, adding, “watch the damn anime. It’s on the wifi, you know how to get it going. Trust me, if you can talk anime with Hailey, maybe she’ll calm down.”

Already with a remote in hand, she agreeably answered while waving him goodbye, “You got it! Hey, Henry. Before you leave…”

“I love you, Big Brother.”

“Man, don’t hit me with that gay shit… I love you too, now quit cryin’.”
Continuation of The Green Table.
Collab with @Bee@Hey Im Jordan@Fabricant451

“Like, seriously, why can’t we just be a normal fucking family and get pizza? All eat in our separate rooms, like real, old fashioned, red blooded goddamn Americans. But noooo, because Moms was born in Milan and likes to pretend she’s soooo Italian, we gotta eat this shit that me and Pops can’t even pronounce.” As Henry complained, Ty looked like he was going to speak, but before he could get a word in edgewise, Henry was back on the gun. Ty looked at Eve, looked at Julie, and then looked at his lap and sighed — when did his son become so… so infuriating? “And don’t you say you can, you son of a bitch, because I know you’re as dumb as I fuckin’ am. At least it ain’t fuckin’ duck.” Henry paused, finally, and looked between the parents. “Best not be no duck in this fuckin’ dish or I’m gonna go FULL APACHE on you motherfuckers. I will go apeshit on you.”

Again, Ty looked like he was going to speak, but this time he was silenced by a raised hand from Alyssa, and Ty sighed again. Why was he here? He looked at his youngest, sitting next to a BOY, and found himself reminded. He’d have to hang out with Justin privately — together, the Greens and their extended family could be a bit… overwhelming. “Firstly, there is no duck. I assure you, I’m aware of your girlfriend’s… fascination with ducks, and I’m not so cruel as to serve it to her. Now, secondly, if you want a pizza, then I recommend you go to your father’s pizza parlor. Tonight, we are eating as a family so that I, and the rest of your collective parental figures, can meet our children’s significant others.”

“Meet ‘em on your own time, not my time! Besides, I took Min to meet Pops, not my fault neither of your fucking golden children brought theirs to introduce them!” Henry was on the defensive, but when wasn’t he on the defensive when it came to interacting with his parents? He felt like — in some cases, he was — they were always attacking him.

Suddenly, it was Ty’s to shine! Before he had a chance to be silenced, he blurted. “Hailey told me about Hana the day they met, and she introduced her officially at the shop last night.”

Henry had a few things he could have said, but when he took a sidelong glance at an awkward, shy, possibly even mentally cringing Min-seo, Henry decided to make another play. With himself and Hailey accounted for, Henry chose to take the heat off of himself, and... suddenly, all eyes were on Cyndi and Justin.

With her napkin on her lap and her fork turning slowly in her pasta, the baby of the family narrowed her eyes at her brother, before clearing her throat, “I think this is rather forward, since I only got back from Seoul this week and went on one date with Justin.” She lifted her pasta to her lips and then rolled her eyes, “I’m sorry I’m not as ‘efficient’ as you two. I would have rathered introduced Justin when I knew he was a right fit.” She turned her attention to her date and apologetically whispered, “No offense.” There was lingering attitude seeping out of her. She was completely over tonight and she was sure her Football boy was too. She hated being compared to those two. With nothing more to say, she put pasta in her mouth.

Jeez. Cyndi was harsh, but she had a point. This was about one of the worst situations for him to be in, and to be introduced to his girlfriend’s (???) family. It was hard enough meeting the parents, but to bring in the extended family was an entirely different level. He was more than sure there were a couple people googling him as they sat there and spoke.

There wasn’t much for Justin to say after that. After listening to Cyndi quietly apologize, he flashed her a reassuring smile. “No worries. I get it.” Justin understood Cyndi’s annoyance. This was a shitty situation all around, but one that was far from over, unfortunately.

The truth was, Henry didn’t care about Justin and Cyndi’s relationship. He didn’t care about how they felt or anything like that, he cared about getting the despicable three off his fucking back. It would be the ‘despicable four,’ but Justin had done a pretty good job of getting Julie to pout and stare at her food in a silent huff. Henry decided that he’d take the high road, and he made the smart move of shutting up, and shoveling pasta into his mouth.

Hailey on the other hand, was on a warpath. Why wouldn’t she be? She’d argued with her parents — for the first time in her life, her father included — she’d picked a fight with her brother and, if you asked her, won. If her sister wanted to sit there and mock her, then Hailey would pay her back in kind. “I’m sorry, princess, but some of us just… know what we want, and don’t have to play games with ourselves until we feel good about it.” Hailey said, in a void dripping with sarcasm and bitterness. She was over this, but it was what she had requested, after all.

Henry, quietly taking a bite of his food, made a side eyed glance at his father, who just shrugged his shoulders. Henry made some gestures with his hands, not so subtly asking to be excused, but Ty just shook his head and held up three fingers.

Something grew inside of Cyndi that she was never aware that she had. With a plain smile on her face, she placed her fork down, picked up her napkin, and wiped her lips, before folding it and putting it on the table. “Mother, I do apologize for the words I’m about to say. I’m only apologizing to you.” She turned her head to her sister and gave her an equal challenging stare, “You would know about games wouldn’t you? At least I’m a princess, you’re just a goddamn bitch. Have you even fixed your problems at school yet? No. You haven’t. Because you make fires. You don’t put them out. Honestly. I’m over this dinner.” Cyndi stood up, starting to regret even coming back home from South Korea, “Xander. Take Justin home. He doesn’t deserve someone acting like she’s better than him, when really she’s one of the most hated people at our school.” The blonde stormed off to the morning room, where her mother’s piano was.. Her fucking sister was the worst.

Evelyn’s eyebrows furrowed, “Alyssa, Ty. Deal with your daughters.”

“Oh, if I were her, I would have chosen my words much more carefully.” Hailey said, lifting her glass up to her lips as she watched her sister walk away, with a thin smile on her lips. She looked at her mother and raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry?”

Before Evelyn could respond, though, Henry cleared his throat. “Can me and Min bounce out now, though? Goddamn. Knew this shit was gonna turn into a dumpster fire the second I walked into it.”

Justin was caught off guard by Cyndi’s sudden outburst and clapback to Hailey. He blinked twice while holding his fork. He didn’t know Cyndi for long, but he was sure that she didn’t have that inside of her. At least, until now. This had gone south faster than a flock of geese on the cusp of winter. He didn’t know what to do. There was a lot of fire between the both of them. But, it only took Justin a very brief moment for him to figure out what the best course of action was.

Was it the wisest? Not really, considering his standing with the Green family, but he felt that in a situation like this the best thing he could do was check up on his now girlfriend. Not too long after Cyndi stormed off, Justin stood up and followed after her. He didn’t want to call out after her but considering the size of the estate, he wasn’t sure where she stormed off to. “Cyndi?”

As Justin went on a search for the apple of his eye, Evelyn blankly stared at her son, before sighing, “I will allow it, if you promise to spend a day with me.” As her only son, Eve tried whatever she could to understand him, but a lot of times it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with her and that was what broke her heart.

“Oh… well, aight then, I guess we’re in it for the long haul. When Xander bringing the dessert out?”

On the other hand, Hailey stood up from the table, and gestured for Hana to follow her. As the eldest walked away with her girlfriend, Henry looked out around the table, “when were one of you fuckers gonna tell me Mother spoke Korean?”

Meanwhile, Justin heard no response from the sophomore. Instead, there was the sound of piano music, which was her only way to express her emotions and hopefully make herself feel better.

Collab with @Hey Im Jordan



“Hey, are you sure this is a good idea, dude? This doesn’t seem like a good idea, dude.” A Double had some concerns. Logical fallacies, really. These concerns however, were brushed away with a wave of the hand by Mason Aspen, the hero of the day. A Double and Mason were joined by a mutual friend (aka: dude they knew with a camera. always document stuff, CR said) as they trekked up the super ramp, to the top. Between Mason and A Double, was a go-kart, the vehicle of the day.

“Yeah, dude. Totally. This is safe.”

“But, like, you’re taking a flat-track go-kart off of the super ramp, and like… you wanna do a front flip, but like… The go-kart has no shocks…”

“Uh-huh. What’s your point?”

“So it’s gonna bottom out on the other side! You’ll break your tailbone or something.” A Double protested. He was all about doing dumb stuff, but… this seemed a little ridiculous. All that was going to happen was Mason was going to fly down the ramp at high, unsafe speeds, launch into the air, overshoot the landing, and bust his ass. And, granted, it would be on camera. “I just don’t see this going well. Unless you land it perfectly, but the thing’s gonna go too fast! This has a 200cc motor in it, dude. This isn’t the baby baby one.”

“Nah, what you don’t understand, A Dubs, is that I am a mathematician, and I already did the physics, bro. I’m gonna come at this just right and I’m gonna have the smoothest landing ever, you see — A Double.” Mason huffed as they sat the go-kart down on the top of the ramp, letting out a breath from the effort of dragging it all that way. “What you don’t get, my friend, my friends —” Mason made sure to acknowledge Jax, “is that I am the cream of the crop, and the cream… the cream my friends… always rises to the top. Nobody does it better. Nobody ever has, nobody ever will.”

A Double just kind of stared at Mason for a few seconds that hung in the air, blinking. A Double was too high for this. Way too fucking high for this. He was sky high. He was so high that he didn’t even want to talk about this anymore — so he looked at Jax. “So I been wondering…. the lip thing. Do girls like it?, do they really? Because it looks kinda impractical, at best.”

“Of course girls like it. It’s the bad boy look. Plus the, ahem, scent. That MUSK he covers himself in. It’s all to get poon. I respect it, champ.”

“It hasn’t failed me yet. But, I like the lip ring because it’s my aesthetic. When I’m DJing, the girls are all over me. Trust. They’re into it.” Jax Dalton would like to think a pretty little Dancing Queen was into it too, but their meeting was short lived. He’d have to pay her a visit. See if she was down for a little fun. Y’know, without strings attached.

While he finished setting up his Z-Grip rig, having already attached a Go Pro on Mason’s go kart and helmet, he looked over to his two assistants, Rose and Honey. Dude made filmmaking a production. He was all about getting the shot. He let his little sister control the drone for aerial shots, he made sure to train her with that so she could help him whenever, and Rose, who also had a keen eye like him, would take care of capturing the wide shot - in hopes that their boy did this stunt successfully. As for him? He’d be getting the mobile shots that this specific community cared about. Yes, that fucking meant he was skateboarding right behind his dude and potentially getting hurt, but it was a risk he was willing to take. For the GRAM and the YOUTUBE channel. Sick tasty shots didn’t just happen. One had to strive for it and take life threatening risks. It’s the thrill that mattered. He’d holding onto a prayer Rose will get a good ass wide angle when Mason soars. If not, he’d just cut to the Go Pro footage.

“Big brother, May-may, Adubs, Rosie Posie, this doesn’t look safe at all. This looks really scary.” Honey held the controller for the drone from a safe distant, her heart racing. The Dreamland crew always did crazy stuff like this! Especially MASON and what if it hospitalized him?! or worst, killed him?

Ilyana Powers shrugged, completely use to stunts like this because of her father and his crew. Her mind was caught up with the conversation she had with her mother, on Wednesday night, after the parents returned from Japan. She hoped she could rekindle a friendship with Henry, especially after she pushed him aside during his ‘fuck you’ phase. They were close once. She used to know everything about him! Now, that was Min’s place, but she did miss him and her mother made her realize that. She was also starting to realize she might have bisexual tendencies because she liked both guys and girls! She used to be into Henry, she was really into her brother’s girlfriend, Q, and she was starting to admire Shiloh?! Like what even was that kiss she did? CARPE DIEM BECAUSE SHE WAS HIGH AND WANTED TO BE LIKE HENRY?

Okay. Stop panicking. To be honest, she felt like she didn’t know if she was more gay or more hetero because she felt like she was crushing on everyone! Hell, even MASON and JAX were pretty hot. Is this what happens after someone kisses you and you start thinking about things you’ve never thought about before? Like the fact that you’re a girl with romantic and sexual desires? And worst, she was a virgin which probably didn’t help her imagination! She had avoided Shiloh like the plague after she kissed her. Maybe she should get some pointers from Henry. He understood liking people and what to do! Right? She blew a large bubble of her pink bubble gum, letting it explode and then sucking it back in. “You can do it, Mace!” The best thing to do with her thoughts was to push them aside and focus on the moment. “JC, I’m rolling. How ‘bout you Hun’ you good to go?”

With a big pout, Honey nodded. Her little body had so much fear right now. It was almost time!

“Now, Honey Girl. I need you to be ready. You can get some of the best shots, you just gotta flow with Turbo, you got it?”

“Yes, Big Brother…”

A Double wasn’t sure they needed this many people for what they were going to do, but he wasn’t one to question it. He’d just sent a text, and agreed to let Mason use the super ramp. The fact was, A Double didn’t really care that much about this. Looking between everyone, his eyes settled on Mason, and A Double said, matter of factly, “He’s going to die.” He said, nodding to himself. It seemed like a lot of effort for an Instagram post, but then again… everything Mason tended to do seemed like a lot of effort for an Instagram post. “Do you guys wanna get Taco Bell after this?” He asked, looking between the group. Mason was the first to answer, giving a nod.

“Huh? Yeah, sure. If I’m not… you know, missing stuff.” He said, situating the go-kart at the top of the ramp. As he sat down in the driver’s seat, he looked back at the group of people gathered, and said. “Maybe even if I am missing stuff… Those nacho fries are pretty damn good.” He admitted, shaking his head as he pushed the start button on the Go-Kart and fired it up. “Let’s get this over with.”

“He’s gonna die, or break his collarbone, or something. I can feel it.”

“Taco bell sounds dope, honestly. We should hit up the group. Tell them to meet us there. I think Honey could appreciate having more friends. Ain’t that right, Bumblebee?” Rose nudged Honey’s shoulder, who didn’t react because she was super duper focused on Mason and fearing for his life.

“Ah… yeah… sure… can-can we get this over with?” The lovable sunshine whimpered. Jax decided to give his boys a thumbs up to tacos, before stepping on his skateboard, waiting. He was concentrated and READY.

“Yeah, uh, relax dude. We’re almost ready…” Mason said, glancing over at the blonde girl and shaking his head. Did she not understand that these things took time? He revved the engine, and glanced over at A Double, “drop my needle, my guy.” As A Double stared dumbly at Mason, Mason sighed. “Play the music, champ.” A Double shrugged his shoulders, and hit the play button.

Mason nodded and pushed his sunglasses down, before looking over at Honey. Now, we can get this over with.” He said, before he shifted the kart into gear and went down over the hill. Once the initial drop was done, he punched the throttle down and the go-kart rapidly sped up, before he launched off of the ramp and leaned his body forward, forcing the frame with him…

A Double watched from the top of the ramp, and thought about what they’d have to do if he died. Was there, like, rules? A procedure? Eh, Rose would probably know. He’d leave that one up to her… A Double watched as Mason completed his first rotation, and decided he’d just think about the Taco Bell. On the other side of the ramp, Mason slammed down right side up, and A Double seemed a little surprised… huh, he made it.

Or so A Double thought, anyway. Before Mason could get to the end of the landing zone, he’d spiraled out of control, and gravity tossed him from the kart, sending him sliding up, and the kart going off into the dirt. A Double winced, and watched to see if Mason would move, or do anything. Better to wait and see than crowd him immediately.


“...yeah I guess!”


“OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OK? SHOULD I CALL 911????” Honey ran with the controller, while bringing the drone down. This was no good! He needs to go to the hospital! While Honey was freaking out. Rose strolled behind her, unconcerned. When she approached the daredevil, she examined his body and asked, “Does your head hurt? How many fingers am I holding up?” She put out three. While Rose was checking on Mason’s well being, Jax went to check on the condition of the Kart and his Go Pro.

“I’m fine, dude, don’t crowd me. I’m not gonna die. You got three fingers. I’m good, don’t worry about it. Maybe a few scratches, but I’ll live.” Mason said, though he decided to just lie on the floor for a while longer, looking up at both Honey and Rose. Finally setting his eyes on Honey, Mason grinned. “Hey, how ya doing? You want me to take you next time?”

Naively, Honey blinked at the boy who laid on the floor, “Take me where?” Rose furrowed her eyebrows and even if he was injured, she kicked him. “Stop that.”

Jax was too busy sitting on the ground and looking at his footage. Yeah. This was straight up banger. During a playback, he called out to everyone because he could hear his stomach rumble, “Sooooooooooooo… how about them tacos?”

“Hey! Don’t hit me. I could have internal bleeding,” Mason protested, scrambling up to his feet and shooting Rose a look. “Maybe I need her to give me a more detailed once over!” He huffed, folding his arms over his chest.


“I don’t know what any of that means, May-May.” Honey only knew musicals and Disney. He was talking fancy for her. Maybe he liked that she helped her brother film! She should do it again. For sure.

“Let’s just go eat.”

“I just might show you.”

Location: Kit's place
Collab with @Hey Im Jordan
Text to Future Husband @smarty0114

At least Kit had worked everything out with her parents. She was a little stressed out about how hard it’d been to get through it, and it had taken a lot of measured self-reflection to realize that… her parents, in fact, didn’t really care. It wasn’t that big of a deal to anyone but Kit — maybe that was why it hurt so much. She’d thought the Doc would hate her, but the Doc had promised to get her a replacement. and her mother had smelled like rotten grapes but had also helped calm her down.

Still, Kit wasn’t exactly forgiving Hana yet. She hadn’t even texted the girl! That would show her! Maybe. Kit had kissed her though! Oooh, she’d have to tell True that. She had way more kissing experience than True did now, she was practically an expert. True, of course, was sitting in Kit’s messy bedroom, flopped on the bed and staring at her phone (Kit thought she’d caught True sniffing it once or twice, but she pushed that thought out of her mind), because there was some text message from one of the weed kids.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, at least if you asked Kit, the cultivators of the Devil’s lettuce had decided that they were going to put on their own King of Iron First Tournament. They were going to enter the Tekken, they were going to… play Kit in her own game and get their faces curbstomped. Kit wasn’t even sure that True had the right data, “hey, Truly.” Kit frowned when she didn’t get an immediate reaction, and she grabbed the open bag of Doritos off her desk and grabbed one of the chips. She took a bite of it — she wasn’t going to waste an entire fucking Dorito, she wasn’t some kind of savage — and then tossed it at Truly’s face. “Earth to True! You didn’t actually tell me anything about the tournament! Throw that Dorito back, please.”

Snapping back to reality, True side glanced toward her friend, still stuck between heaven and Earth, “What? Sorry I’m just waiting for him to propose already.” She sighed in desperation. Picking herself up, changing positions so that she was laying on her tummy, she tried to put her phone down to focus on her best friend, but… her hand had a TIGHT grip on it. She seemed to have not heard the Dorito comment because now it was crushed under her. “Oh oops.” It was hard to focus! Now, what did Kitkat ask her about? The date? Did she want to know more about her date? “KITTTT, HE’S JUST SO AMAZEBALLS. We had so much fun! And because I’m blind I crashed into him during laser tag and we stood there… for a minute.. or two… AND HE DIDN’T MAKE A MOVE.” She was defeated. They could’ve gotten so far.

“You should have made a move… Ugh, I can’t BELIEVE you crushed my Dorito! Those are the only thing that bring me joy. A cute Korean girl I’ve had a crush on since she started making YouTube videos about Final Fantasy kissed me yesterday and I’M STILL pretty freakin’ upset, and now my best friend is sitting on my Doritos! I don’t want BUTT flavored Doritos! At least not… your butt. And I didn’t even ask about the date!” Kit sighed and spun back in her chair to face her computer screen, clicking around. If True didn’t even want to help, then Kit was just going to look at r/cosplaygirls. “The video games, True! The video games! Tell me about the games!”

“Sorry! I’m here!” Truly Bliss squealed, not liking that she upset her bestie. Sitting up, she brushed the chip in her hand and hopped off the bed to throw it in the trash, near Kit’s desk. “They want to destroy ‘A, S, S,’ and ‘H, O, L’ at Burntown… that’s the skateboard place! I never pay attention to anyone else but Wyatt. A Tekken tourney! I laughed sooooo hard, but don’t worry. I didn’t share your secrets. THAT REMINDS ME.” Dramatically, True fell on the floor on a pile of Kit’s clothes, they were probably dirty, oh well, “WHAT IS OVERWATCH?!”

Kit watched as True fell on a pile of her clothes — yikes, that’s the dirty pile… oh well, I’ll tell her another time… — and then screamed about Overwatch. For once, it seemed True was speaking Kit’s language. Kit had been big on Overwatch for a little bit, briefly after she learned about Healsluts. That fell out of favor once the r/healsluts server learned that she, Kitastrophe, was in fact only 14 years old. After that, Kit mostly moved on — back to fighting games and League and CS:GO. BUT, she had been pretty good in her time! In fact, she’d even been ranked Master for a while.

The important part was, she could teach True how to play that! “Overwatch is an arena shooter that a lot of cute submissive girls play where they play Mercy and do this specific emote to tell you ‘hey, I wanna heal you and I want you to bully me because I’m not doing a good enough job.’ And there’s this guy who’s a monkey, and then there’s this other guy who’s a hamster and I used to like the hamster, but I also liked this Korean girl with a mech who’s named Hana. One day, I’ll meet a D. Va cosplayer… Here, look!’ Kit said, clicking around on her screen and bringing Overwatch up.

“And then there’s like this British girl that’s gay, and she’s like so cool and she’s gay and she makes it cool to be gay, so I can be gay and it’s not a big deal and like, representation matters. And there’s this other guy that’s like a Cyborg Ninja and he’s basically the MEGA CHAD of Overwatch. Like, like think Damian if he were Asian, right? Well, he got ATTACKED by some OTHER NINJAS and then they had to make him a robot! And he stopped having sex. It owns.”

True’s head poked behind the back of Kit’s gaming chair as she looked at all the things and retained NONE of it. She was panicking! How would he ever want to marry her if she couldn’t play Overwatch?! Was this the end as she knew it? YOU AREN’T A GAMER. WHY ARE YOU EVEN TRYING???? “That’s cool and all but can you teach me by tomorrow? I scheduled a ‘party up’ this weekend, which is now.”

“NO. Dude, shooters are honed through HOURS of practice and yelling at your computer screen! You think I can teach you by TOMORROW? No way! There’s no way! I’d have to be some kind of, some kind of TACTICAL GENIUS! I’d have to be some kind of ninja, some kind of…” Kit paused, hovering over one character as she tilted her head. The Thomas genius genes were waking up, the three hamsters that piloted Kit’s two brain cells were coming to life… a plan was formulating. “What if I play and you just wear my headset and pretend to be good at the game?”

Her almost sad demeanor took a 180 and the mastermind plan that could only be thought of from Kit! Jumping in the air, excitedly, True cheered, “You’d do that for me?! Oh my god. My DDR skills already stunned him. If YOU play for ME then he’d want to marry me! Right?!” She could already hear the wedding bells and soon she could showcase him to mommy and daddy and big brother. Then, they could play house and it’ll just be amazing! Who needed to be good at life when she had a friend to do that for her?! Her grin was wide and she couldn’t wait for tomorrow, just to hear his voice and the compliments. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

“Yeah, totally. And I bet he’d want to marry you or somethin’ like that.” Kit explained, shrugging her shoulders. It was a way to approach things! Sure, it was unethical, and frowned upon, but it wasn’t like anyone would know. In the meantime, Kit would teach True how to play for real, so that if Wyatt ever wanted to LAN, she’d be in the clear. “Can you get me some of your mom’s brownies? The really fudgy ones, not the ‘secret ones’ that she thinks we don’t know are weed brownies.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll bring ‘em tomorrow and other goodies. We’ll spend all night playing games then I’ll be sleepy for school, but a whiff of Wyatt should wake me up.” The small redhead smiled at her friend before retreating back to the bed where she had briefly left her phone. She went to go check it. Still nothing. Maybe he didn’t miss her. She was a failure as a lover. Wasn’t it his job to send the first text? Maybe she should. Or shouldn’t. She wanted to but she also didn’t want to scare him off.

Resting her head on Kit’s pillow, she heavily sighed, “It’s all surreal. He didn’t notice me at all last semester. Not at the halloween party or homecoming or anything. And now… we’ve gone on a date.” She couldn’t believe it. This was a fantasy and yet it was so daunting because maybe she WAS in over her head seeing how he didn’t even text her yet.

“Dude, you’re weird. But it’s like a good weird, and I bet he totally digs you. I would, if I was lucky enough to have someone love me so much they were ready to lie about the things they liked and did so that I’d give them a chance. See, you just had to GO for it.” Kit explained, through a mouthful of crunchy, delicious, Cool Ranch Doritos. Scratching her nose with a Dorito dusty hand, Kit stared at it for a second before she popped it into her mouth to eat the delicious dust. Then, she stood up and went over to the minifridge, grabbing a Red Bull out of it.

“You should probably have sex with him. My other best friend had sex with her boyfriend on Brian’s boat and now they like, sleep in the same room every night so they can have more sex. It’s probably the next, you know, logical step. Hey, do you want a Red Bull?”

“Redbull hurts my tummy, do you have a juicebox?” True asked before adding, “I’ll get another pep talk from Damian and Joy! All I remember from the first one is SPITTERS AIN’T QUITTERS. So I guess after we kiss I gotta explore whatever that means! Is sex scary?” Would Kit know? Her mother seemed opened about those kind of topics, maybe she would. Her phone vibrated, however, Truly wanted to hear the answer to the question before looking at her phone.

“Are you sure that’s what they said? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite? The spitters are the quitters, because they spit out the… you know what, I’m gonna send you some links. Make sure you watch them with the door open and on Bluetooth to the surround sound….” Kit paused, and thought about it, withdrawing a single Capri Sun from the back of her fridge. “Uh, please don’t actually do that. Door shut, lights off, headphones in. ANYWAY, I don’t know that sex isn’t scary, but I think it is! I’ve only seen like, a bajillion porns and hentais and read doujins! My only real extensive sex knowledge is based off of a video I have of Min and Henry having sex, and it didn’t look scary. It looked like Min was gonna die for a brief second, and then she looked like, super happy.” With that, Kit threw the Capri Sun over to True.

“It’s Strawberry Kiwi and I don’t like that. And it’s from the back of the fridge… so don’t be surprised if it’s like, frozen or slushy.”

“Thank youuuu.” She took the straw and poked a hole into the juice. Hopefully she’d be able to suck it up even if it was hard! Well, frozen. “Oh, that’s right. Spitters are quitters. I guess I DID forget my brother’s lessons!”

“Maybe you should like, take notes, or record it. That’s a big thing to forget!”

After taking a harsh sip out of the Capri Sun, it was extremely cold, True’s eyes widened when she registered what her friend had said, “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING SEX VIDEOS OF PEOPLE WE KNOW?!” Quickly, she placed her drink on the nightstand and grabbed her phone, but still didn’t check it. THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION TOO WAS IMPORTANT.

“I dunno, because I like… wanted to? Min took the video for me! Henry knew about it. They were into it! It’s not like that’s weird or anything, it’s completely natural to want to watch sex instead of have it because you’re not that attracted to men, but you’d probably like, suck a dick if you could. But it’d have to be the right dick. So instead you just like, watch your friend do it! That’s not a bad thing, True! Keep it down, the Professor might hear you.”

“You’re so matureeeee.” True weeped at how advanced and smart her friend was in sexual things. Why was she so slow? Why was she so naive?! How could you watch other people? She knew she’d only be able to do it if Wyatt told her to, but she’d prefer just having sex with him. That’s what sex was for. To have sex with the one you love and she LOVED him. Finally, she looked down to her phone and unlocked her screen to see a text that stopped her heart. W-wha? Suddenly, and not on purpose, she threw her phone up in the air as if it was a hot potato and rolled off the bed, hard. THUMP. True was not quiet at all. She stared at the ceiling from the floor. Her face beaming red. Did he really want to?

Normally, friends would be concerned at this point. Normally. But Kit knew True well enough to know that she was arguably the most melodramatic, over the top person at their school. And that included Shauna and Marshall both. So, instead of checking on True, Kit just hopped out of her chair and headed over to the discarded phone and picked it up, “geeze, what’s got you so worked up? Oh, hey! Nice, go suck on his tongue. I got you.”

To: My Future Husband
Sure! Like… now? Can you come pick me up from my friends house?
She lives in the blue house on Third Street near the beach!

“There, with any luck, he’s on his way. Go get ‘em, killer!”

“KATHRYN, WHAT IS GOING ON? ARE YOU BOTH OKAY????! DO I NEED TO COME UP THERE???” The Professor yelled from the kitchen, as she drank wine and made a meal for her and the girls. The Doc was with his best friend, doing something.


Hurriedly, True went to her phone, swiping it from her friend and looked at what she wrote: “What… have you done?”

Will be running late
Hasn't arrived at the Border Tavern
Taking a moment of solitude,
before she has to face everyone.

She knew exactly what she was going back to. Her heart was trying to convince her that this wasn't the truth. This was a practical joke. Roxanne, everybody's Foxy Roxy, her Firefly, was just playing hide-and-go seek. She wouldn't be waiting in a coffin. She wasn't in a sleep that she could never wake up from. She was just waiting to jump out and giggle 'surprise'! That's exactly it. If anyone was supposed to die first, it was going to be the one that didn't have a promising future. The one that had only the hope of her best friend pushing her forward. The one that shouldn't have made it past twenty one. Not the girl that used all her energy to cheer everyone on. Not the friend that put her problems to the side to listen to everyone else's. Not the woman that vowed to keep their memories strong. No matter the season, no matter how much some of it hurt, no matter how distant it all felt, Roxanne Williams was going to look back at each memory with fondness.

so... why world?

why was this happening?

Standing still, holding her phone against her left ear, Helena, known in this town as Nellie, looked down at her mother's tombstone in Gatling Memorial Park. She couldn't have a proper conversation with her mother when her phone was going off every five seconds. First from her second eldest brother, Griffin, who turned his life around, from a Class A Asshole to a bookseller at Gatling's ancient Page Turners. A man that she could now say was humble, thanks to his wife, his three kids, and his lack of ambition. She didn't answer, letting him go straight to voicemail and in short, he was trying to get her to stay with him instead of the After Eight motel.

Next to follow were two emails, one which cordially invited her to a Save the Children ceremonial dinner, for her constant efforts and generous donations, and the other advertising this year's S.O.S 5k and where it would be held. Afterwards, to her surprise, Tucker, her other brother, who was god-knows-where putting his BFA in Accounting to waste, probably doing blow, and getting in more trouble than it was worth, texted her 'srry, nel. call me?'. How sweet. He actually reached out to her. That must mean he cares. Don't even get her started with the notifications on Facebook of people she hadn't talked to in years.

sorry for your loss.

my condolences.

With her other hand, she held a letter and while she listened to the voice on the other line, she knelt down and reached for an old kid's lunchbox, worn and faded, hardly recognizable anymore, placed in front of the flower pot in between Vivian and Edwin Perfect.

Her job hadn't contacted her since she left California, and for that she was thankful. And now? She was on the phone with Nolan Simmons, the man that couldn't love her in the way that she wanted him to, but never stopped showing he cared, "Yes... I'll call you if I get bad. Nols, honestly. I'm okay. I'm not going to lie to you. It hurts like a bitch but it hasn't really hit me yet. Like fully? It's just surreal to be back. The last time I visited was, I think, two years ago. Mhm, yeah, yeah, that's when." When she placed the letter inside the box, her eyes rested on her mother's name, "What? When do I think I'll be back...? You know I don't have an answer for that. You— your husband wants to plan a dinner for me?" Well, his husband needed to get a life and not fucking pester her. "Ah, that's sweet. Tell him thanks and that when I figure it out, I'll let you both know." Fuck that. "I told you already my therapist helped me get approved for FMLA, so, yeah. I'm not going to be thinking about a return date just yet." People never knew when to shut the fuck up. "Nolan I got to— what? You got to go? I was just going— Okay. Okay. Yeah, I know." Fucking hang up already. "Okay. Uh-huh. Sure thing. Talk to you later. Bye." Was he always this annoying and self centered?

Closing her eyes, Ms. Perfect took a deep breath in and then out, before opening them and looking at the headstone, "Mom, could you excuse me?" The next motions were swift and with no hesitation. She stood up and forcibly darted her phone in a direction, almost hitting an angelic statue of a child. It flew past it, inches away, and crashed into the trunk of a remarkable-looking tree causing the screen to shatter even more than it already had due to past incidents and for the battery to fly out. Feeling a little better about herself, she knelt back down and focused in on what she needed to do, "Mom, is she up there dancing? I'd love for a sign to know that you both are happy. That 'God' didn't take you both too soon. But, I guess, since she's with you... I'll be fine. I'll try to pick up where she left off. I'll try to help..."

The more and more Nellie talked, the more her voice shook and as if she tried to keep it all in, the tears started pouring out and her attention went to the sky, "Roxy, why didn't you ask me to come home? Why didn't you ask me to take care of you?" Why didn't you let me worry? Now... "Now, what? Now you expect me to go see your dead body?" Now I have to walk in that place and see all these faces that will remind me of you. "I don't know if I can." I don't know if I'm strong enough. "I don't know..." Her hands covered her face and for the first time, since she found out, she let herself cry.

She hadn't checked the time, and now she couldn't.

She most likely was going to be late.
Saturday Evening
Collab with @Fabricant451@Hey Im Jordan@Bee



Henry had once found himself wondering, what truly awkward situations were. This, he felt, was one of them. He wasn’t used to this kind of thing; normally, Henry was the odd man out. At family gatherings, Henry war with his mothers had made family dinners awkward for him, even though it normally went well for everyone else. But right now? Right now was next level. For starters, everyone except him and Justin were dressed to the gills. Henry had, quite casually, lied to Justin and told him that the dinner was ‘pretty casual, yo’ and ‘don’t trip too much on dressin’ up, nobody else is gonna! here, just wear this,’ which was why he and Justin were wearing matching tuxedo t-shirts. Henry hadn’t done it to ruin Justin’s chances with Cyndi, or Justin’s night. No, no Henry was just petty and liked to say ‘fuck Hailey’ whenever he got the chance, and that was why he’d decided to mock her dress code.

But… Henry had pretty quickly found out that he needn’t try to make things bad… they were already pretty shitty! He must have not been paying attention, which was… entirely possible, given that he had a hot Korean GF that lived with him. They were working on the language barrier, but sex and love were universal. Especially sex! The important point was that Henry had missed something. Hailey was glancing at Mother and Dad like she hated them, Mama was eyeing the entire table like it was going to spontaneously combust.

What the fuck had he missed? It must have been something big. Not even just that though, there was Hailey’s girlfriend, who looked so nervous she might fall out of her chair at any given time, and Justin — who just looked completely out of place, dude probably didn’t know anything about fine dining, and Min-seo’s eyes were wide and he could almost smell the fear on her… well, fear and pretty flowers, which he was pretty sure was her hair, which was so soft and velvety to the touch and… oh, oops, Henry was horny again. Jesus it was hard being a teenager. Appetizers hadn’t even been served yet for fuck’s sake! But, it wasn’t Henry’s fault that Min-seo smelled yummy!

Then, of course, there were the parents, the dad, Ty, who was as bright and jolly as ever. Nothing would ever bring him down, it seemed, even if Hailey looked so… venomous. Or, maybe Henry was just misjudging, and Hailey had to go to the bathroom… Upon second glance, no way. That was definitely just her bitch face. There was Julie, who had come with Ty to meet all the kids’s S.O.’s, and she just had a smile on her face. Mama, and Mother, who were both basically always on resting bitch faces…

Henry couldn’t handle the quiet, and the awkwardness, he couldn’t handle how his girlfriend looked terrified, and he most importantly couldn’t handle his big sister looking like she hated their parents. That was just, not okay. Henry hated her, sure, and he hated them too, sure, but he respected the bond they had. And dammit, deep down, Henry loved Hailey and he loved his parents and he couldn’t handle them being so WEIRD. Clearing his throat, Henry looked across the table at Justin.

“So, dinner parties, huh? Where’s the fire, am I right, yo? Or am I right?”

He tried, okay?

For once, Cyndi Green was relating to her brother, which was rare since her return. She couldn’t handle whatever this was. Why did Hailey want a formal dinner? Was it really to have the parents meet the two girlfriends and one boyfriend? Her eyes were like fire in water, passion in ice. She scanned the room, resting on each person for a second, and then stopping on Alyssa. The boss bitch of the house. She wanted to bite her cheek, but she had to be composed. She had to show her mother she was ready for a relationship, even though to her, this was far too fast. She barely knew her date!

When Cyndi looked at Alyssa, it was obvious that she sought out for constant approval and desired for mother to be happy with her, over her own happiness. Her right hand reached for her hair to twirl it, pull it, play with it, but she stopped herself. No fiddling! Instead, she grabbed her glass of water and took a sip of it, before placing it gently down. Turning her head, she looked at Justin, who most likely felt ten times worse than anyone at this table. One, they only went on their first date four days ago and two, he was sitting at the Green table. “I like your shirt.” She mouthed, hoping that gave him a boost in confidence. And well, she did like seeing his biceps and stuff. She wouldn’t allow just anyone to date her, after all.

“How often do you workout?!” Aunty Julie chirped in. Hey, she wasn’t one to lie about seeing a handsome young lad. And Justin there, he was fucking fine. She had yet to meet this mystery man that’s taken the heart of her Stella. It may have not been disclosed to her, but Julianna wasn’t dumb. Call it mother’s intuition or the fact that Stella literally hums wherever she goes in the house like a Disney princess, Julie knew there was someone and it was only a matter of time where she’d have to request (demand) to meet him. At this point, Julie was use to seeing Min around, but Hana was new for her. Since the attention was thrown on Justin, she didn’t want to take away the spotlight from him just yet so she turned her attention to Hailey and Hana respectively and gave them a giddy two thumbs up. She approved! And she loved the collar!

Justin hadn’t felt this nervous since the first time he worked out with Ryan Townsend, the Los Angeles Chargers legend. Somehow, this felt far, far worse to him. It was one thing to work out with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, but to be sitting here with his… whatever Cyndi was to him at this point (because they definitely weren’t just friends anymore). It was bad enough that he was sitting here with the Greens practically boring holes into him with those gazes. It was even worse that he was sitting in a tuxedo shirt that was clearly too small for him. The color was nice though. Made his eyes pop.

Glancing at Cyndi, he saw her mouth something at him. He wasn’t exactly the best at reading lips, but he was pretty sure it was a compliment about his shirt. At least somebody liked it, and Justin showed his gratitude by flashing a quick smile at Cyndi. Justin felt like his shirt was going to pop and explode at any given minute if he so much as reached for a fork.

Suddenly, a nice lady from somewhere he couldn’t place had asked him a question. How often did he work out? It was hard for him to be humble about it. He couldn’t give a modest answer because nobody would believe it. Or, it might’ve given the impression that he was on steroids, which he was not on. He found it hard to figure out what sorts of answers to give in a situation like this.

“At least once a day, ma’am. Different groups every day.” For a brief second, Julianna Locke’s right eye twitched, but her smile never wavered from her face. He called her MA’AM. She’d have to cry about it later! Ask her husband if she was getting old and if she should start considering plastic surgery. Maybe her diet and workout plan was failing her! Oh no. She was absolutely UGLY.

The weirdest thing about the dinner for Hana Park wasn’t the eye-rolling fact that Henry and his cohort decided to take things incredibly seriously with their little t-shirt stunt nor was it the fact that Min-seo seemed to be dressed more for an Academy Awards after party rather than an assuredly awkward dinner. The weirdest thing was the thumbs up flashed her way by someone she assumed to be a family member. Hana used to think her family was big just because she had three siblings - but a family of six felt a lot smaller when she only ever saw four people at dinner at any one time. The Green family seemed nothing if not...elaborate and perhaps eccentric but that could well have been the opinion of someone on the outside looking in. Hailey didn’t talk much about her family and Hana didn’t ask - not that she often had a chance to do so in the first place. But she had made a conscious decision to not involve herself unless called upon. Nothing would be worse for Hailey and by extension herself than Hana piping in with a comment or remark that got promptly ignored or shot down. Fortunately the attention was on someone who Henry probably convinced cutting off the blood flow via a shirt was a good idea. But the night was young.

Until then, however, she held Hailey’s hand under the table, having given it a calming squeeze when the Tuxedo Terrors entered the room.

Hailey didn’t say a word, because what could she possibly say at this point? She didn’t want to speak to these people, and she almost didn’t want to be here. It was cringey to hear her mother-in-law (or whatever) lust after a man half her age, it was ridiculous to see the shirt that Henry and Cyndi’s boytoy were wearing, and the only good things going for Hailey was the simple fact that Korea raised their women to be quiet, heads down, and submissive. Neither Hana nor Min-seo had said something that would embarrass her or make it worse. Even so, Hailey didn’t say a word, she kept her hand on Hana’s, squeezing tighter and tighter as she got more and more frustrated. This was pointless, for fuck’s sake. There was no such thing as honor anymore! What was the point of this?

There wasn’t a point, that was the goddamn point of this. That it was, inherently, pointless! Henry’s attempt at conversation, his attempt at offering an olive branch to his sister was unsuccessful. All it had done was make her even more furious, shaking her head, Hailey looked at the head of the table, toward her mother, asking with her eyes.

“The food will be here shortly. For now, I suggest you make polite conversation with your family and their loved ones.”

In an instant, it was painfully clear where Hailey’s cadence and speaking habits came from.

There really was not enough wine for this night. None of the Greens and Lockes put together could act ordinary for once. They made dysfunctional look bearable. They made simple COMPLICATED. Just one normal night. Could Evelyn have that? Just once? Where she didn’t have to take care of everyone and make sure no one killed each other? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this filthy rich family weren’t laid back and the ones that suffered? Those that were trying to get a glimpse at all the demons. Eerily picking up her glass, Eve took a sip wondering what it would take to make everyone behave and compliant. Find a happy middle ground. No one had to like each other in this damn family but they could at least act mature while there were guests over. Placing her glass down, she decided to break the tension with a subject everyone should be aware of: “Henry, Cyndi. It’s almost your birthday. I’d like to do something for you two, even if it’s small. And I’d prefer if we all could be together, as a family, like tonight.”

“The fuck?

After speaking, Henry could feel the bewildered look of his father, and the icy stare of his mother on him, and he cleared his throat. “I mean, uhm. I thought we agreed, ma’am, that you and the rest of the family, ma’am, would leave me alone and let me go to Disneyland with Min-seo alone and you wouldn’t try to do something as a family, ma’am. So I could… enjoy myself, ma’am.” There, Henry couldn’t have spoken with more respect if his life depended on it. He’d said ‘ma’am’ like almost six times! Mission accomplished, he was surely free… why wasn’t Alyssa looking away from him? Why did it just seem like she was staring harder? “But perhaps…” Alyssa nodded slightly, and Henry kept going, slowly, deliberately. Carefully. “We could, ma’am, have a quick family breakfast before we left to Disney.”

Hm. Evelyn took another sip and nodded. That sufficed. She knew very well what the arrangements were, but as a mother that never got to spend time with her children, of course she’d bargain for more. Her eyes went to Cyndi. For her lack of friends, Eve was going to throw her a party but she wanted to see exactly what her daughter wanted. Henry and Hailey never failed to make things clear with her. Cyndi only cared to share with Alyssa. Cyndi focused on not breaking eye contact with her mama even if she wanted to run into her hole. She hated when the attention was all on her. She thought back on her date with Justin and then the conversation she had with both her siblings after it. What did she want? At first hesitant and then nodding to herself, she firmly answered (even if there was a slight shake in her voice), “I want to spend a weekend at our private beach, hopefully with friends if I get more by then.” Wow. She was such a sad soul.

That was easy enough. Okay, Eve was satisfied with the answers she’d received, now she’d allow someone else to talk. The lady of the Green family went back to her alcohol. She wasn’t going to direct anything toward Hailey because she knew Hailey was already past her limit.

While the Greens and Lockes were talking amongst themselves and taking care of family business, Justin took a page out of the Koreans' book and sat there idly, staring off into the distance. The awkward feeling was so thick that it had to be cut with a hot knife to do anything. Justin felt awkward, and he was more than sure that he wasn't the only person who felt the same way.

He was in over his head. Every single fiber of his being wanted to tear away from this situation and retreat home so he could sit on his couch and not be subjected to this torture. The Greens were a completely different caliber. Why did he let Henry convince him to wear something like this? He felt stupid. He felt embarrassed.

Justin really wished someone could save him before the tension would kill him.

“I’m not hearing polite conversation.” Alyssa said in a voice that was only one or two steps away from a flatout hiss. From her spot at the head of the table, Alyssa glared individually at every one there, casually swirling her wine glass in her hand. Did they not understand they were to do what they were told? This was the kind of person her children were ‘dating?’ Poor taste. They almost surely got it from their father. Who, by the way, was not helping things. At least Evelyn seemed pleased…

“So… Justin, right? Nice shirt, bud.” Cyndi’s father was speaking now, looking down at Justin who was sitting beside his youngest daughter. As he spoke, Henry raised his glass in his father’s direction. At least someone got it in this hellhole. “Trust me, if you think this is bad, you should see us at Christmas. There’s a fully stocked bar.”

"Yeah, it's Justin." He paused momentarily, "Thanks." Justin chuckled sheepishly. Right now Justin was more of a coward than the field general he was on the field. He couldn't get past how many eyes were on him, and he was pretty sure the head of the table just cursed him.

However Justin had no idea what he assumed to be Cyndi's dad was talking about, which was shown by the rather puzzled look on his face. He just glanced at Cyndi, before looking back at the elder Green. Evelyn had finished her glass and one of the butlers of the household immediately poured more, which was a perfect display of exactly what Ty was talking about.

“SO.” Evelyn took another sip. Her irritation increasing. “Let’s play an ice breaker game since no one wants to actually move the conversation anywhere. Two truths and a lie. When I go, Ty and Alyssa aren’t allowed to participate. Let’s see how well you all actually know each other.” Yeah, the alcohol was hitting the musician and if Hailey was just about having it, Eve was peaking as well. “I was born in Milan, Italy. I absolutely love Gummy candy. Specifically Gummy Bears. And I was twelve years old when my band started.”

Figuring nobody else was going to answer, especially the silent Koreans, Justin cleared his throat and made his guess. This was a total shot in the dark but Justin had a feeling that the gummy candy thing was a lie. There was a bit too much behind that answer which lead him to believe that wasn't the correct answer. "Gummy candy is the lie.".

“Correct. I prefer sour skittles. Gummy bears is their aunt Amity’s favorite. Now, you go.”

Justin did something. He was proud of the fact that he somehow managed to figure out the one lie his… Cyndi's aunt told (Eve was Cyndi’s mommy, Justin). Now he just had to figure out one of his own. That was hard. How much could he reveal about himself right now? What sorts of things should he say?

"Uhhh… I also play baseball. I love strawberries. Aaannndd…. I- I have a sister."

“This bitch ain’t like strawberries, no way.” While Henry was the first one to crop up, Alyssa seemed interested in the conversation for the first time since it had began. Were they talking about strawberries? That was something that deserved her interest. Henry took a sip from his soda, whatever it was. Coke? Vanilla coke? He wasn’t sure. “How ‘bout it, Justin. You like strawberries?”

"Nah, you got me." Justin chuckled, before glaring at the pile of strawberries in a nearby cornucopia. "Never liked them. Too sour." Strangely enough Justin did like strawberry flavored things, just not strawberries themselves. It was kind of like liking ketchup but not tomatoes. "Your turn, dude."

Alyssa raised an eyebrow. Eh! Wrong answer, pal. Alyssa had never found herself so quickly disinterested in someone before. Almost as a sign of defiance, she reached out and casually grabbed one of the strawberries, popping it into her mouth and munching on it. Henry watched his mother do that, and shook his head in Justin’s direction. He went straight for the jugular on the one thing she truly loved in life… even Cyndi looked displeased by this answer. Like mother, like daughter. When he took his turn, Henry leaned back in the chair, “I used to play the violin, I named my capybaras after my parents’s betrayal, and I like playing the flute.” There, that was good, surely.

Hailey looked up then, and scowled, shaking her head in her brother’s direction. “Neither of those are a lie! It’s literally in the name that one of them needs to be a lie! You can’t just bend every rule to fit yourself, Henry! That’s retarded.”

“Alright, alright! Damn.” Henry had to think. If one of them had to be a lie, then it wasn’t exactly an easy situation. Who made the rules to these stupid ass games, anyway? Two truths and a lie, about himself? “Uh…” Stupid ass game, stupid ass prizes. Pour another glass for yourself, you alcoholic bitch. Ain’t like Henry DIDN’T WANT TO BE HERE or anything. “I like k-pop, my capybaras are named after my parent’s betrayal —” Henry was trying to make a point. “My favorite movie is Cloud Atlas.”

Good fucking luck.

Min-seo made a move like she was ready to speak up at long last; she didn’t quite know the rules of the game - namely if she was allowed to answer or if someone specific had to, but if there was one thing she knew about Henry (and really she liked to think she knew a decent amount) she knew he wasn’t exactly a fan of k-pop. If he was he probably would’ve asked if she was related to a trainee in Seoul that shared her family name. She was but Henry didn’t know that.

”You don’t-”

“There’s no way your favorite movie is Cloud Atlas.” Hana spoke up, cutting Min-seo and her softer voice off. Min-seo closed her mouth and retreated back to her quiet space of awkward fidgeting. “That’s a three hour, high concept, genre-crossing, allegorical movie. The book even more so. Other than the Nea So Copros - sorry, the Neo Seoul - story there’s not even any action.” Cloud Atlas was ostensibly a science fiction novel and movie even if it crossed genres which, of course, made it a work Hana was incredibly familiar with. She preferred the book but she had seen the movie multiple times in theaters. It made her cry. She told no one, other than her sister. “Sonmi-451...the Fabricant in the movie? I told my sister that the actress looks like her but she just laughed and said they had different noses. And then she fell asleep. No way is that your favorite movie.”

At her end of the table, Min-seo was smiling to herself. "This should be funny.

Henry leaned forward and shook his head, “WRONG ANSWER, PAL. What do you think I am, some kind of fuckin’, Marvel watchin’, fuckin’ The Rock movie watchin’, scrub ass, chad movies only little ass BITCH? Is that what you think over there? Call me an idiot in my own home, huh? Who do ya think you are?” Henry demanded, waving a peach at Hana as if it were a deadly weapon. Unfortunately for the middle Green, his words set off the ticking time bomb, as Hailey lifted up her fork and stabbed it into the table, causing Ty to wince and Cyndi to ‘eep’. He’d be hearing it from Alyssa over this tomorrow. It was an expensive table, to be fair.

“Do not speak to her, as if she is one of your slimy little friends! You are beneath her, and you will act like it, you little prick. Don’t think that just because, oh no, ‘the family is together for a nice little dinner’ that you’re immune. You do not have any right to be mean to her because she called you out as an idiot. WHICH IS WHAT YOU PRESENT YOURSELF AS!” Hailey’s brother had brought this down upon himself, but maybe it was all part of his plan to ruin their night and get out of it so he could go make out with that little brat who he’d fooled into liking her.

While Henry got ready to fire back, Alyssa took another sip from her wine glass, and turned her attention to the quiet girl in the room, Min-seo. Leaning forward, Alyssa spoke to her; though she was speaking not in English, but instead, Min-seo’s native language. And what exactly, dear, do you see in this one?Alyssa asked, gesturing with a strawberry toward her son.

Henry didn’t get an aggressive word out toward Hailey, because he stopped, and stared at his mother, and then at Min-seo. “Wait… what?” With her cheeks puffed in embarrassment, and big eyes, Cyndi was looking from Hana, to Min, to Henry, to Hailey, to her mother, then to Min again. She couldn’t even think about what was going on in Justin’s head anymore because this was probably the most intense family dinner she’s ever had, and they were usually pretty intense! When her mother spoke Korean, which she could actually catch on to most of the words, thanks to classes she took in Seoul, Cyndi anxiously waited for Min’s response. The anxiety of this whole night was killing her. It was obvious her mother was over Justin simply by the fact that he hated strawberry and now here she was giving the cute, timid one the floor. Could this night get any worse?!

Hana had every intention of following up on Henry’s predictable response with her own but Hailey took to the field in typical Hailey fashion. She could sit back and watch the fireworks and finally get an understanding as to the appeal of ‘white knights’. Though she doubted that term applied when the one doing the defending was actually her girlfriend. Hana just assumed Henry was getting super defensive because she was right in her claims; it was easy to say the lie wasn’t actually a lie just like it was easy to say you didn’t have a good hand in poker. At this table, Hana figured she was the best at telling lies anyway with the difference being all the lies she told had always been to herself.

Min-seo glanced up from looking between the table and the loud argument between siblings and turned her head towards Alyssa, a look of confusion to her face. Of all the places she figured she’d hear her native language she never figured it would be here. Most people she encountered only knew Korean through K-Pop which was like saying someone knew Japanese because they watched anime or Spanish because they knew the macarena. Min wasn’t going to question it, she was just glad to hear a language she understood. That’s...difficult to answer. But it’s because of how kind he is. He might not always show it, but he is a soft, sweetheart towards me and towards Parker. Of course he is cute but being cute doesn’t make up for a bad personality. I think...I think with me helping him with his...demons...he will be better off. I him...the good parts.” Min-seo responded quickly, speaking longer and more fluently than she likely had since her arrival. Cyndi’s once confused expression turned into hopeful admiration. That was the nicest anyone’s talked about Henry. Her heart fluttered in excitement for her brother. He had such a good catch!

Alyssa tapped her chin. The plot thickened, and her interest was rising. Score one for the children, and to everyone’s (most importantly Alyssa’s) surprise, it was for her son. Hailey’s outburst wasn’t attractive, and the haughty words of the girlfriend didn’t help. At the very least, Alyssa was happy for Hailey and Cyndi, but it was Henry she was most proud of. He had, it seemed, done well. Or, at the very least, he’d tricked Min-seo. “Hm… We will talk later. For now, I do have one other question. My son, and this boy,a lazy finger lifted up and toward Justin. You will draw them together, yes? Like the ones I found in your room.Alyssa’s words were accented with an almost smug, teasing smile.

It was fortunate that Min wasn’t in the middle of eating or drinking since the question posed to her would have caused something to be dropped from her hands and frankly, a broken glass in this house was probably worth a small fortune. How had Alyssa seen those drawings? Min had been careful to keep them out of sight...though there was that one evening where Parker demanded attention and Min...might have left a sketchbook behind but...she shook her head as her eyes darted around the table. No one else here spoke Korean, right? No one else knew? Then why did she feel like she did back in Seoul? Why did she feel like everyone was glaring at her, judging her, thinking ill of her? Min grabbed a glass of water, careful that it didn't spill with how shaky her hand was holding it, and took a long sip. Everyone was staring...everyone was looking...everyone was thinking the worst about her… Those...weren’t...I didn’t...I...I can’t… wouldn’t be...right.”

Of course it would. It is the American way, and you know what they say. When in Rome… Ask Cyndi about Tumblr. She will show you how to build a following for your art. It’s very good, and you can refine it… perhaps stop drawing your classmates, but… no one has to know.Alyssa said, eating her strawberry, as Henry looked between his mother and his girlfriend. What was going on? What was he missing? What were they talking about? Why didn’t he speak Korean!? This was bullshit! Trust me. You have a talent, don’t run from it. It is your turn in the game. English, please.Alyssa cleared her throat and moved back to English, looking around the group. “It is Min-seo’s turn now.”

“What?! You can’t just talk to my girlfriend in a language I don’t even vaguely understand, and then just change the rules of the game in front of us! What the hell!? Mom, put a stop to this madness! Dad, step in! Raise your hand, threaten her! Julie make whiny noises! Does no one see the insanity being laid out before us!?”

The only parent that responded was unfortunately Alyssa, in a voice that was a thousand degrees colder than the one she had been using to speak with Min-seo. “I make the rules, Henry.”

Henry glared, but… Henry shut his mouth, and gave the floor to Min-seo.

They were still playing the game? Min blinked twice and returned to the present situation; the verbal fight between Henry and Hailey seemed to die down but Min-seo still had so many questions. What was a ‘tumblr’ and how much of her art had Alyssa seen and in what capacity? Min’s style of art wasn’t exactly the kind of thing they did gallery openings for, they had a very specific sort of audience and that audience was...not found at home. Once again she shook her head; it was probably not a good idea to wonder if her boyfriend’s mother looked at her yaoi art. ”I...have been….I...have”

With her hands on her chest, Cyndi couldn’t help but feel Min’s embarrassment. She was too sweet for this world. Hopefully this would make her feel better. She chimed in, “I’m going to take an educational guess and say you haven’t been to four countries.” And then like her mother did, but more broken, Cyndi spoke in Korean, Is… falsehood… countries? And…. I… will help… with… art…. I like.... that… art… and you… have… cute...What was the word for ducks? What was the word for DUCKS?! She’ll just say it in English, “Ducks.”

Listening to the ordeal between the Green family and the Koreans had revealed a lot more about Cyndi’s family than he had previously anticipated. Alyssa could speak Korean? Damn, Justin didn’t speak Korean at all and from what it looked like, Alyssa already wasn’t the biggest fan of him. As a matter of fact, she seemed like the polar opposite of a fan. Justin could feel every single word from her that was directed at him penetrate into his soul.

He had to do something to turn the tide, because at the rate things were going the Greens would’ve probably pulled up to his house and relocated him to buttfuck nowhere, Nebraska to get him away from Cyndi. It was tough to figure out what to do. Maybe his opportunity would rise up later, but for the time being he was going to bide his time and wait for the opportunity should it come.

However, he couldn’t just leave Cyndi’s efforts alone. He was amazed at her efforts to speak Korean. It was tough for westerners to pick up the language, despite one just schooling the whole damn family in it just now. Justin took the opportunity to nudge Cyndi, before looking at her. “Nice Korean…”

Her cheeks were kissed pink with the compliment. Was her korean really okay? Justin seemed to think so. That was part of the reason she broke down and wanted to go home. She couldn’t handle the language barrier. “Thank you…” For the first time that night, Cyndi took a risk and went to hold her boyfriend’s hand under the table, officially deciding yes, she’d give him a chance.

Justin’s eyes widened as he felt a soft, warm object in his hand underneath the table. Taking a gander underneath, it turned out to be Cyndi’s hand. It… made him feel all warm and tingly inside. He smiled softly, before looking over at Cyndi again, squeezing her hand just a bit. “Always.”

Alyssa watched the exchanged between Cyndi and Justin with muted interest. Maybe there was something there, though she hadn’t been certain about Justin when he’d walked in, and she’d suddenly been less so after the strawberry incident, but… this was okay. She could learn to live with this, and be happy with it.

“HA. Y’all niggas gayyyyy.”

And then it was over.

With flaming red cheeks, Cyndi retracted her hand. Yeah, she wasn’t used to PDA and her brother ruined a moment for her! She actually showed Justin affection! What a jerk.

“Henry.” Evelyn tsked and when she did so, the food finally came in. “Oh, great. Game’s over. Let’s eat.” Cyndi’s embarrassment turned into a glare at her brother, as Xander put a plate in front of her and her boyfriend. Tonight they’d have Osso buco alla Milanese, which was a Lombard speciality cuisine. With a whisper, Cyndi’s butler hinted at the dessert, “And for dessert, tiramisu and gelato.”

”Delicious! Thank you so much.” With that, Xander finished his rounds, giving everyone a plate, since Hailey’s butler had better things to do and Henry’s butler was still overseas and then left the room to go back to his game of candy crush.

“Oh, great, yeah. No, no, this doesn’t make us look like rich, elitist prick McAssholes at all.”
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