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Current I might hate myself later. Falling asleep at work, so I got an energy drink.
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One rp idea out the way. Next one, revamping my vampire one for the old crew.
2 days ago
Thank you! I like me some good aesthetics, but I was trying not to be too extra haha
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Ok. I'm satisfied with my profile.
5 days ago
I got a free weekend coming up! So, I'm definitely going to work on a few of my rp ideas.


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𝓟.𝓢. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat! Don't message me if you're just going to write one liners and not try to actually have a conversation with me. There's only so many ways I can reply to 'hey what up', 'cool', 'im here to talk', and etc. If you want to talk to me, actually talk to me. Thanks!

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Before I forget, Brutal wants the Misfits hangout spot in Santa Monica near the beach. So feel free to incorporate that into your bio if you'd like.

Gearheads probably go all over but Beverly Hills is their main hang spot I imagine.
If I'm not responsive, I'm checking out for the night. Feel free to reserve face claims and dialogue colors. I'll add them to the list above DPL's post.
Inspiration: Drive It Like You Stole It, from Sing Street.
Genres: Slice of Life, Coming of Age, Teen Drama, Adventure
Year of RP: For convenience 2019-2020
Pictures: Real face claims


Senior year is over and y'know how AJ Tyler can be!
That boy is damn right spontaneous, amusing as hell,
and spends his family's money like it's nobody's business.

Well, this summer, he and the crew will road trip around America
and do what they do best: thrill seek.

You own a fast car, or motorcycle, and are known for
living life on the fast lane.

The biggest burden you carry is what your parents expect of you
when September rolls around.

No one wants to think about 'the future', so why not live in the moment
and forget what's ahead?!


Can you believe it? After these next three months,
all these people that accepted you for who you are,
will move on and make something out of themselves.

Try not to worry too much!
You've spent the past four years making tight bonds
that will hopefully last forever.

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?
Of course you do!
Your boy Sami Alejandro got the hook up: A run down RV.

This will be the road trip of the century.
Or not, but who cares!
Make the most of it, you don't know when you'll see them again.


Your last summer vacation with your friends...
coincidentally, you're not the only clique in LA
that decided to go on a cross country adventure.

What happens when the two groups meet at a crossroad
and decide to travel together? What will they teach one another?
Will they all come to terms that after this summer they'll have to grow up?
We'll have to wait and see, now won't we.

Cheers to an unforgettable, possibly regrettable, summer!

Stay tuned.


  • Regular site rules // No godmodding, no perfect characters, no smut (cut to black, please), etc, etc.
  • Keep drama in IC, not out of character.
  • Quality over Quantity // HIGH CASUAL RP: A couple of paragraphs and try to be as grammatically correct as possible. Mistakes are okay, I'll make them too, but I want you to try to write to the best of your capabilities.
  • One main character per writer. Six characters, not including gms' characters, per clique. With exceptions of 'special cases'.
  • Special cases are tag-a-longs to Gearheads, or someone the groups will meet along their travels.
  • Cursing is permitted. Be classy about it.
  • Critiques are fine. No insensitive comments and insults. Be aware that your words and opinions could hurt someone's feelings. // We are a community of writers we should be open to hearing how to improve. However, if it starts feeling like an attack, that's a no-no. I will intervene if necessary.
  • Realistic pictures only.
  • Two week post frame. I don't want this RP to be agonizingly slow. I do know everyone has lives, myself included, so I won't be tyrannical. I hope to figure out a system that will help you feel accountable to post, but not pressure you to the point of quitting. I want a dedicated writing group, so if you do vanish, at least tell me first. It's just a courtesy that I would appreciate.
  • If you drop / disappear / go on a hiatus, we will have it so your character decides to stay at the current location, or go home. Easy way to write off your character permanently or temporarily, without killing them off.
  • If you explore controversial topics that could trigger someone, please put a disclaimer/warning at the top of your post.
  • Communicate with me any problems you may have, as well as when you're incapable of meeting the posting deadline.
  • Post character sheets in OOC, wait for approval, then when I give the green light, move them to the Character tab.
  • No posting order, but allow others to write, so at the start of the rp wait a post or two before posting again.
  • Unsure about anything, PM me and my co-gm(s).
  • To show me you've read the rules, in the Extra Info section of your sheet put your character's favorite type of cuisine or food.


I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading
My lessons, made blessings, I turned that into money

Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better
I’m chilling, I’m winning, like on another level

Next Stop: Location
Currently located:

Gearheads will have a orange border around their clickable picture, which will
lead to their character sheets. Misfits will have a yellow border.

Music will influence this roleplay greatly, depending on where we are heading
I'll put music to add to the ambieance.
I'm always up for suggestions!


All my life, I've been waitin' for a good time, a good time...

...So let me ride, let me ride.
Day of the Week, Month Day.

Here I'll keep everyone updated of the day by day happenings.

Discord will be PM'ed to you after you've been accepted.

Character sheet template is in the character tab at the top. You are permitted to decorate it however you like, just give me the basis.

Bradley Simpson
AJ -- Gearhead -- ff9c23 -- @TootsiePop

Christian Navarro
Sami -- Misfit -- 808000 -- @BrutalBx


Franciny Ehlke
Madeleine -- Gearhead -- D52759 -- @Dirty Pretty Lies

Sofia Jamora
Unnamed -- Gearhead -- f08080 -- @Hoekage

Oh Yeon-seo
Marshall -- Misfit -- F55A94 -- @Vox

Carolyn Lagatutta
Kimberly -- Misfit -- FFB6C1 -- @Stanifly

@Fabricant451@Jade Chocolates
Ok! I want to wait until after we get both groups to the six cap, so once sheets start coming in, we can figure out the special cases.
Please be patient with me xoxo
@BleedingLover im making the sheet tonight lol. So i'll let y'all know. But feel free to brainstorm the obvious things like hobbies, and other things that would benefit us writers that are playing friends.

Consider status financially. And if your friends have been over and if they met family members.
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