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Current I have coworkers that are GROWN that act dumb as hell. Internal annoyance.
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My muse isn't strong this week. For those rps waiting on me, sorry. My brother's one year is approaching, it'll be next month, so my spirits aren't guaranteed to be well some days.
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What do we say to the god of death?
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I advise getting to know the person she is before jumping the gun. She may seem like she's doing well, but you need to relearn who she is. Time changes people. For better or for worse.


โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€ โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„

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๐“Ÿ๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ก๐“ธ๐“ต๐“ฎ๐“น๐“ต๐“ช๐”‚ ๐“๐“ช๐“ถ๐“ฎ
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๐“ฃ๐ข๐ฆ๐ž โœฟ Out of the house since 7 ๐’œโ„ณ
@ Comfort from 8:30 to 9:45 ๐’œโ„ณ
Seven minute walk back to her place, arriving @ 9:52 ๐’œโ„ณ

๐“›๐จ๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง โœฟ Streets of NYC, having left Comfort โ†’ The Loft
๐“˜๐ง๐ญ๐ž๐ซ๐š๐œ๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ โœฟ The Sunset โ†’ Her roommates & Becky @Hoekage @NeoAC

Some people will leave a mark on this world. Some people stood out in a crowd of thousand. Some people were simply... beautiful. Mina Pereira couldn't put her finger on it, but she left Cafe Comfort thinking back at the stranger, now acquaintance, she had met. A young girl with the sunset in her hair. A smoldering hot teenager that seemed to be as passionate about photography as Mina was with music and dance. She made a new friend.

With a wide smile on her face and a bounce to her step, she pranced down the side walk, her hips swaying side to side. Her plastic shopping bag guarded a white box of pastries (double dipped chocolate donut, pumpkin scone with cinnamon butter, banana bread, and a blueberry muffin), all the while her french manicured hands held a tray of drinks. Large coffee with milk and two sugars for her sister, an Iced Americano with almond milk for Khione, a Mocha Frap for Becky, and an Iced Passion Fruit tea for herself.

She cherished her morning solitude. It was the main time she could be with herself, before she conquered her day. Having woken up later than usual, Mina was just happy she was able to get a stroll in. She would've went to the park, but it was blocked off by police. The moment she saw the flashing lights, she turned the other way. There was no time to get depressed. Whatever happened would break her heart. It would surely get on the tellybox within the next hour or two.

Focusing her thoughts on the young dreamer she met, keeping her energy levels at a blissful calm, Mina smiled to herself, incredibly intrigued. Her intuition told her this was someone she didn't want to forget. Someone worth knowing. Someone she could help. They had only met briefly and yet the bubbly musician, whose token feature was her golden and full of life locks, couldn't help but wonder the possibilities of their potential friendship. The possibility of her finding out the damage this girl hid so well with a smile. The possibility of them finding solace with each other because they shared kindred spirits. The possibility of her having a best friend that was outside her world within The Loft. How wonderful would that be?

She was over analyzing this girl already. She couldn't help it! This was how the well sheltered Mina coped when she knew socially she was missing something. Friends, lovers, enemies. Really, she only had Natalia and Khione, and even then, she couldn't fully understand them because of how much life they've lived in comparison to her. Her employers and coworkers from her various jobs didn't count. Neither did Mrs. Mitchell, their fellow landlord and owner to Spin City, count. Whether it was because Mina was weird and people had a hard time accepting odd personalities, or because her sister was threateningly over protective, she could only wonder about the what ifs...

"Pandora..." Mina softly whispered to herself.

This was incredibly strange โ€“ to be completely fascinated by a single person when their meeting didn't hold much significance besides a simple exchange:

As the sun peered into the shop window, hitting a perfect spot on the peach wall to give Mina a lovely vibrancy and radiance, she took in the smell of espresso, cinnamon rolls, and baking bread. The door was propped open so the scent of the baked goods could flood out and fill the outside area. There was a clean, sweet, and yeasty aroma that warmed even the coldest of hearts.

Before her roommates woke, she liked to spend some of her early morning here, reading a good book and listening to music on her MP3 player. Mina had been rehearsing sweet vibrations and poetic words in her head, only her left earbud in, when a whispering meadow broke her concentration.

"Can I take your picture?"

Mina, whose soft, thick blonde curls lightened at its tips, and blue gaze spoke nothing but soul, glowed when she looked up smiling, absentmindedly turning to the next page of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The teenager confidently standing before her didn't speak loudly. Even so, it was enough to grab the blonde's attention. The Firecracker's voice reminded her of a finely tuned acoustic guitar. Such a mesmerizing tune too. "'Cuse me?" There was a moment of bewilderment in Mina's face. Her lost gaze surveyed the stranger's disposition. She found herself immediately captivated.

"Oh... sorry. I should've introduced myself first. My name is Pandoraโ€“" That's different... and cute. I like it. "โ€“I'm building my portfolio for Parsons, and I can't help but think you'd be a perfect model." Come again? Mina, a model? Well, she was an upcoming musician and her and her sister were bound to have higher budget photo shoots sooner or later. Still, was she really that recognizably pretty? To where someone would just walk into a cafe and notice her? "I have a fashion blog, but my portfolio is more focused on capturing beauty in everyday life." Yes. Mina. People see you.

"That's kind of neat! Is photography... your dream? Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm just..." Surprised. Surprised she was actually approached at one of her favorite spots, out of the countless times she's been here, by someone this eye-catching nonetheless.

"Mina." She closed her book and stood up, so that they were now talking on the same level. "It's really nice to meet you, Miss Pandora." Twiddling her thumbs, she wondered if this was the part where they shake hands. WHY WAS SHE SO AWKWARD?! ALSO, was she a lesbian and didn't know? Or was she just naturally drawn to this dynamite teen? Because Mina couldn't take her eyes off her. She had never seen someone so fascinatingly peculiar before.

The unnatural redhead raised an eyebrow at the warmth emitting from the bottle of Sunshine. Letting out a delightful chuckle, Pandora noted out loud, "Mina, like Wilhelmina Harker." Maybe? Isn't that from Bram Stoker's novel? Pandora nodded to herself, as if she could read Mina's mind (she couldn't, it was just good timing). Genuinely and passionately, she gave her response, as she held her camera that was hanging off her, by a strap, "And yeah, it is. My dream, I mean. It's my way of showing how rich the world is. I want people to see that I'm not afraid to fall in love with my subject. No matter the differences. I'm here to savor life intensely, y'know? Every second, minute, and hour of it." And she hoped that her pictures showed exactly that. A world where supernatural and humans could truly, and purely, coexist.

"Wow." Such profound words for a girl who looked like she had yet reached her twenties.

"...what? Am I talking too much?" Pandora anxiously moved up and down on her tiptoes. We do the same thing! "I get like that someโ€“"

"Oh no, you're fine! I'm just in awe with how eloquent you talk. You know what? Of course you can take my picture and if you ever need a model again, here's my number." Pulling out a pen, out of her backpack purse, she scribbled with big, cutesy cursive her digits (she forgot her flip phone at home). "This is my way of showing my appreciation for you being so bold. It's refreshing and I'm flattered!"

"Really?" The girl that rocked orange and had an enchanting attitude gleamed, obviously proud of her success. Her hazel locked with Mina's blue. Seemingly, there were no ulterior motives.

"Mhm." Reaching out, with her number on a napkin in hand, the shining musician, The Scarlet in The Scarlet Dagger, innocently giggled, "Really. You made my day."

Walking up the stairs, from the record store to The Loft, wishing she didn't have so much to carry so she could enter through the fire escape, Mina announced her arrival, while nearing the entrance, "Natty! Kiki! I got goooooooodies!" Only to stop in her tracks. "Oh? Is Becky leaving already? I got her things!" Mina lifted up the tray of drinks and gestured with her eyes toward the plastic bag hooked on her arm.

Politely, she squeezed between the human barricade at the door, "Pardon me, I'm just going to... place these here." After resting the tray and bag on the side table, that usually held their keys, mail, and landline, she huffed in relief, "Home sweet home! I need to shower... I have to be at work by noon." By work, she was referring to her bridal sales job.

As per usual, Mina was in her own world, missing all the signs and social cues, "We still performing tonight?" There were times they got the unfortunate call of their gig getting cancelled or needing to be postponed because someone overbooked. Hopefully tonight wasn't that kind of night because Mina was itching to sing. "Oh, and something bad probably happened at Central Park. There were coppers everywhere! I was too scared to check it out."

๐“˜๐“ท๐“ฝ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ช๐“ฌ๐“ฝ๐“ฒ๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ผ: ๐“๐ก๐ž๐ฆ๐ฌ๐ž๐ฅ๐ฏ๐ž๐ฌ, ๐„๐š๐œ๐ก ๐Ž๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ซ, & ๐„๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐ฒ๐จ๐ง๐ž.
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With his face turned away from Valeria, AJ stood silent as everything transpired in tandem. He swallowed the anger festering inside of him, like it was fire-seed within his stomach. Of course, she was with him. Why would she be traveling with this fuck up that knew her longer than anyone else? Right? It wasn't like this was their last young, wild, and free summer together. Right? Makes perfect fucking sense. He let her pull him into an embrace, something he use to find so much comfort in... was downright pissing him off. Was this the gesture of their friendship? She came and went as she pleased. She showed she cared and didn't when she felt like it. She needed him and then she didn't. Like what the fuck? What was he to her? 'I love you, J.' Was this a game? Was he a joke?

sounds like a time to talk with your money

His phone vibrated in his pocket, but he ignored it. Sami walked away like the pussy he was and with that, AJ's dark brown eyes looked past the hair strands in his face to Aleks taking care of business. The man of the hour, already on the job, examining the steam of the cheap ass RV, with phone in hand. His dark gaze darted at a girl he had very little relation with who voiced her opinion glaring loud, as she defended her knight in Cuban armor. A girl with an insignificant, average physique and a boring face trying AJ's patience (Kim). She was so insignificant to him that he didn't even know her name. Tsk. AJ's teeth was tempted to grind, and yet he withheld, because Lord knows that was terrible for his teeth.

He didn't like her.

and not your damn mouth

His eyes narrowed, becoming more rigid, cold, and hard in seconds. Why was the first day of this trip turning out to be legitimate hell? His iris glowered, as he tried to take in Val's scent to settle his emotions. Everything was going to be okay. Everything was just fine. Everyone would just move the fuck on and leave him alone. His eyes shot at Monica who examined him, asking if this was his handiwork.


call a mechanic

Jesus. His attention was drawn to the now collapsed Emilia, crying. Shit, people, this wasn't the END OF THE WORLD. Why were they being so dramatic? Hell, they needed more than a mechanic. These kids needed counseling. He scoffed and rolled his eyes when Matt did exactly that. Tried to console the shattered, broken Goldie. Please. If anything, he'd make it worse. No one that knew Matt would have the right of mind to go to HIM for 'comfort'.

Finally, after staying dead still, he subconsciously wrapped his arms around Valeria's waist, as yet another face he didn't know by name (Jules) came out of the RV. AJ was pretty sure Yessi considered this boy as a boss bitch โ€“ a cute little thing, in AJ's opinion. Maybe he'd use this week to feel him out, for his dare. Watching the boy fall to the ground, more out of exhaustion than out of sadness, AJ thought in aggravation: Come on, the crash wasn't even THAT bad.

And then the last person that came to view was none other than Nate Matthews.

and keep your teeth bruh.

"Good." He whispered into Val's ear, which could answer everything she had yelled at him. Interrupted her dream? Good. I love you. Good. You are a pain? Good. "Do you ever wonder if this..." He glanced at her, bringing awareness to how closely they were holding each other, "Made someone jealous?" The only other person that could possibly hear what AJ was saying was Monica, because of how close she was standing to them. He couldn't tell if his anger was still in a reactive state or not, but now he was out for Val.

Neither of the two were paying attention to anyone else now, not even yet another person appearing (Umbra) and going to Emiliaโ€™s aid. They were too caught up with themselves.

Val let out a low chuckle, brown eyes sparkling at her friendโ€™s ridiculous statement. โ€œNah,โ€ she muttered dismissively in response, hugging AJ tighter. โ€œYou know heโ€™s never given a damn about me in that way. To Nate, Iโ€™m nothing more than that pesky little fly that persistently annoys you when youโ€™re trying to eat your food and it gets you fucking irritated and you just want to swat it the hell away and pray it doesnโ€™t come back to bother you again.โ€

Pressing on her painfully tight, his seething anger seeping out of his lips, he laughed at her response, obviously not caring about a damn thing she was saying, "Stop acting like we're okay, because we're not." He was tired of giving her chances. He was tired of forgiving her. He was tired of the games. Did she really think this could make up for their damage? "You're cute." He vindictively teased, kissing her chubby cheek out of spite rather than love, before releasing her.

โ€œI know, Jโ€ฆโ€ the girl admitted to both of her best friendโ€™s statements, biting her lower lip and looking down at her worn Vans as the familiar feeling of guilt rose up like bile up her throat. The second she threw her arms around AJ and he just stood there like a wax figure straight out of Madame Tussaudsโ€™ Museum, Valeria knew things between them were not okay.

And how could they be? For the past few weeks, the brunette had put up her walls again: ignoring AJโ€™s texts and calls, turning down any petitions to hang out, avoiding him whenever possibleโ€ฆ But how could she confess the inner turmoil that some of his actions were causing her without sounding like a pathetic bitch? Those who knew her well could attest to the fact that admitting her weaknesses was not something Valeria was fond of, nor something she did often. Hell, she could even count with the fingers of one hand the amount of times sheโ€™d confided her feelings in someone (that particular someone being a towering Russian that might or might not be a few feet away from where she and AJ stood- not that it mattered, of course). But in all honesty, Valeria knew she could trust Alfie James Tyler with her life, and he would guard it with his own. Yet she also knew her best friend was just as emotional and explosive as she was. Her biggest fear was that he wouldnโ€™t understandโ€ฆ Which is why sheโ€™d thought it best to put up #TheWall and go on with life.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry, man,โ€ Valeria began in an apologetic tone. โ€œAnd I swear to God thereโ€™s a damn good reason for everything thatโ€™s going on with me. Itโ€™s just-โ€ she suddenly trailed off, visibly uncomfortable as she looked away while shifting her feet. โ€œYou know Iโ€™m not good with the touchy-feely kinda stuff.โ€

Turned away from her, forlorn, he shrugged, "Yeah, I know.โ€ Surveying everyone who was dealing with the problem he caused, he assured his dear friend with the kindest of tones, "Donโ€™t worry about it, Tink.โ€ Her nickname lacked the softness and care it always had, as if he was completely and utterly fed up.

And then, something switched off within him while a faux smile graced his face, and by now, he believed his anger turned into an entirely different emotion, "Iโ€™m gonnaโ€™ clean shit up, now.โ€ Unsettling, AJ gave her a thumbs up and started to walk away, heading towards the RV. Done with this conversation.

Or so he thought.

โ€œNo youโ€™re not.โ€

As it was common between the two hotheads that were Valeria and AJ, they often found themselves impulsively springing into action before their minds could take a second to process the best way to go about the situation at hand. And thatโ€™s how the small girl ended up forcefully grabbing her Peter Pan by the arm and roughly dragging him out of earshot from the rest of the group. When Val had deemed they were far enough away, she let go of his arm and pretty much squared up in front of AJ: a rather comical sight considering the young man had half a foot of advantage over her. The brunetteโ€™s fists were balled up beside her, with a deep frown knotting her arched eyebrows together, and her short figure rising and falling with unsteady breathing.

โ€œYou want to know whatโ€™s up with me, Alfie? Fine.โ€ Val spat, cheeks red with anger at everything going on and the fear/nervousness of what she was about to admit. โ€œItโ€™s the bitch currently sitting in the passenger seat of your fancy little sports car right now. Thatโ€™s whatโ€™s going on with me.โ€

Alfie. If she was saying anything of importance after that one word, it was going into deaf ears. His mind was met with a montage of his school days where he put his peers, boys and girls alike, into compromising positions for calling him by his first name.

Did she really just...?

Staring right through her, he clenched his fists, piercing his nails into his skin to get himself out of this stupor. She was his best friend. He didnโ€™t want to strangle her. He didnโ€™t want to smash her skull against the side of the RV that was so kindly hiding them. He didn't want to harm her.

Breathe, dude.

He needed to break this habit. This trigger. Itโ€™s just a goddamn word.

Closing his eyes, he heard the voices of little kids mocking him, like he was a fucking clown. Do I amuse you? He wasnโ€™t going to hurt her. Do I make you laugh? His breathing picked up, ever so slightly, as he whispered, planting his feet deep into the sand, "...come again? The last part.โ€ His voice beggingly warned her to avoid using his first name again.

Valeria let out a frustrated sigh, rolling her eyes and stomping the ground like the child she could very well act like sometimes. โ€œI said that if you want to know what the fuckโ€™s wrong with me, you can find the answer sitting in your goddamned sports car!โ€ she cried out again, pointing at the yellow vehicle sitting at the curve while her voice took on that shrill tone it always did when she was losing the temper that was just about as tall as she was. โ€œDid the crash leave you deaf or something?!โ€

What? He looked back at his car, where Mandy was resting, and honestly, this perplexed him. But then, there was her tone, โ€œDid the crash leave you dumb or something?!โ€ Was she seriously ignoring him because he was friends with a girl she didnโ€™t like? And then thought the best way of telling him was to start with his first name! โ€œWHAT-THE-SHIT-VAL!โ€ First because of Jamie, now because of Mandy?! โ€œWhy donโ€™t you cut me off with every fucker I talk to, huh?! If I just kissed Aleks or something, would you be like: โ€˜bye bitchโ€™???โ€ AJ Tyler was back to his irrational self. Now, however, he was completely at a lost.


โ€œItโ€™s not- I KNEW YOU WOULDNโ€™T FUCKING GET IT!โ€ Val shouted, clearly past the point of caring whether people heard them or not. โ€œYou never do! Itโ€™s not about you, J! Itโ€™s about your best friend fighting her own fucking demons and needing to step away before she lets herself be swallowed whole. Itโ€™s about not feeling like a complete fucking loser with the constant fear that youโ€™ll never be good enough, and that youโ€™ll end up losing those who really fucking matter. Itโ€™s about being fucking terrified that someone else will come in and sweep you off your feet and have you so fucking whipped that Iโ€™m once again relegated to second place. You walk through this life thinking everythingโ€™s all about you all the time. Woe is me: the beautiful, dirty, filthy fucking rich AJ Goddamn Tyler. But guess what, Peter Pan? Sometimes, things arenโ€™t about you!โ€ she finally finished, her voice breaking at the last sentence and looking very much like she was close to tears.

Woah. Bring it down a level, boy. โ€œWoe is me? WOE IS ME?!โ€ Yeah, not working. โ€œYouโ€™re the one making this about me because when you continue to hate yourself, you take it out on me! Like Iโ€™m the reason youโ€™re not getting what you want! Like Iโ€™m the reason youโ€™re not happy! Like Iโ€™m the REASON Nate doesnโ€™t see you! Like โ€˜oh-my-God, Senpai: notice meโ€™. Donโ€™t blame me because youโ€™re scared of love, Val. Like, Jesus. At least I know Iโ€™m pathetic because I still got my head thinking about my ex. Ainโ€™t no oneโ€™s fault but my own and I wasted a good year because of that!โ€

As if his first few sentences hadnโ€™t been damaging enough, right after Valeria heard Nateโ€™s name being shouted out to the seven seas, something inside her snapped. AJโ€™s words and the sounds of rest of the world had faded off into nothingness, eardrums filled instead with white noise. Her sense of sight was suddenly tinged red, and her mind was clouded of all rational thought. For a few seconds, the short girl simply stood there, dark hair flowing around her in the desert breeze while her brown eyes were wide and her mouth was agape, like that of a fish just pulled out of water.

But in the blink of an eye, the rage-fuelled Val was springing forward and tackling AJ to the ground, keeping him down with the weight of her petite body on top of his, and raising her fist to leave a few lasting marks on his fucking attractive face.

And this was why she didnโ€™t like discussing her feelings.

Like, ever.

...and this is where he cursed under his breath for restraining himself earlier.

He should've hit her.

Well, at least he won't have a guilty conscience.

Are you still part of this rp? Please respond to this, or PM me, letting me know your status, because if you do choose to drop, I'll need to write Mandy out, but she'll still be a canon character.
Two Artois pureblood positions open! after talking things out my boys Viktor and Sebastian will be Elders, brothers of sorts to Dmitri. Seb prefers Artois over his bloodline, and Vik walks a dangerous line of keeping the king sane, while achieving his own personal goals. I didn't want to take up the pureblood positions, so ya'll can join as 'em. Plus, my boys were meant to be old AF anyways.
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Nicholas interacting with Rhoslyn @AXIS
Josephine interacting with Miss Lena van der Meer @GhostMami

Mrs. Northam and Little Nicholas

The little boy slyly grinned when the maid acknowledged him. He was sweet and gentle, yet that smile and bright fire in his wide eyes, full of curiosity and intrigue, shed light to the mischievousness that festered within him. "Do you enjoy cleaning, Miss Rosie?" Without hesitation, he reached for her hand, his sea gaze never wavering from her face. When their hands touched, he squeezed her's, as if he was an adult giving her loving comfort. Did she really need it, though?

His head turned toward the kitchen, where he could hear chatter. Food was surely being made, wasn't it? He hadn't eaten. But, that could wait. He didn't need the other adults to interfere with his search and he especially didn't need to see the woman that was taking all the attention in this house. A lady his mother didn't like. The lady that had his uncle's 'assumed' affections. The lady that would be considered most important to the Manor. At least, until she died.

Rather than let Rhoslyn lead, he pulled her in the way he believed his mother was at. "Maybe she's smelling daddy's clothes in the basement." That was rhetorical. "We should check the basement!" When Nicholas grew older, if he ever did reach the age of a man, his ambition could be the death of him. As he tugged onto her hand, they walked back to the lobby and when they reached the big door that led to the dark basement, he looked at Rose's face still with that questionable, warm smile, "Do you think the basement is scary? Tootz told me there's buried treasure. Do you believe him? I believe Tootz knows my home better than anyone! Better than mama. Better than uncle. Even better than Miss Lena! And she's ancient!" He giggled, the worry for his parent evaporating, as his true intention was slowly but surely showing.

Snapping back into the present, Josephine sluggishly, tiredly, turned her head to the guardian of the house, "Catch my death?" She drifted into consciousness, and back out. Focusing her eyesight on her female companion, she turned her hand over that held the rose, realizing she was bleeding. Confusion was written all over her face. How did she get here? Why was her hand bleeding? Was she visiting... her husband? "Maybe... I'm already sick." She whispered breathlessly.

She didn't mean to worry anyone. Her body felt weak. Was she sleep walking again? Her skin looked sickly. It was cold and she wasn't dressed at all for her day. She looked malnourished. With shaking words, shivering lips, she softly asked Lena, "Am I a good person? Was I a good wife?" Questions that haunt her. Perhaps, that's why she found herself in front of the crypts.

Did she not deserve the house because she failed at being everything Morrie needed? Her mind was foggy but the dream played back like a distant memory. She saw his voice vibrating and entangled within the wind. She felt his kisses against her neck and his light touch down her stomach. She heard his desire and lust for her. His undying love for her. He was calling her to him. He shouldn't be dead, she should be.

Moments like these, she wanted to collapse on the dirty ground. She wanted to give up. Her eyes peered past Lena's face and to the kitchen lights. Her sorrowful, lost expression momentarily switched to annoyance, as she teethed, "Are they awake?" She didn't like her brother-in-law, or his naive, lady wife. They cared very little for this place and shouldn't be permitted to even walk the halls, let alone dine within it, among everyone else as if they've always been here.

She despised change.
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>When you need to post but you've been busy...

I'll do my best to post soon.
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She was finally alone. After a little convincing, in the form of a resting bitch face, Phoebe, a Hephaestus' child full of promise and with an undoubted high IQ, had a small crew of lesser demigods oblige to her request and assist her in moving. Wasn't this experiment intriguing?


No. Not really.

Her mind was going a million miles an hour and there was no way she would waste anymore daylight getting herself situated and acquainted with whomever she was fated to tolerate. Why not use her womanly charm to her benefit and get some lovely aid for the day? Aphrodite's children would surely do the same. More out of entitlement than necessity, of course, so why couldn't she? For Phoebe Masterson, avoiding loss time was essential. Not even move in day would affect that.

It wasn't like Phoebe couldn't have moved her belongings herself. Actually, if she didn't need to finish sooner rather than later, efficiently so to speak, she would be completely able to do it herself. For her reputation precedes her, she was not someone her peers took lightly. She was driven to diminish all negative prejudice towards her father. Ms. Masterson was smart, strong, and beautiful. It took great willpower to be all three, but if she was destined to follow her father's will, she sure as hell would. The labors she put in on the daily do test her, for as unfortunate as it is, she is mortal. But, in order to be the best, she had to break her bones, cut her skin, shatter her heart, for when it all healed she would be stronger than the most intimidating opponents. If she didn't have this force of will, where would she be? Probably prison.

Time was a gift, and she refused to be someone who took it for granted. She had more important matters to attend to than move countless boxes into her domain. While the rest of the world was simply background noise, she sat at her desk sketching concept art. At random times of the day, she just had to ignore everyone else to draw all the images that were piling up in her mind. Right now, it was a dagger design. Simple and refined, and one of the more easier projects she needed to complete.

She could already see the fire and how she can simply judge the heat by looking at its color, it going through changes of rainbow hues. The measurements were projected to her without needing to write them down, as if her eyes were a computer and showing her the ratio and math required to make this a successful venture. She'd have to transfer this on large vellum paper before the night was over. Her mind was lost, as her hand moved with ease, while she imagined the iron growing hot by the second, and having an innate understanding when to do everything before it self destructed. This was the side of her she didn't fully understand because it was like someone took over her. She wasn't simply Phoebe anymore. She was the daughter of Hephaestus. Yet, in these moments, when she was hurtling through space and static, when she was consumed by mind and talents, this here was when she was the happiest.

One day, she would be perfect.

"Da fuck?"

Not even the voice coming from the front entrance would break her concentration. Boxes of different shapes and sizes led from the front door through the public area his friend shared with Bill Tanner and made a path straight into her bedroom. Convenient. Inviting himself in, because the door was propped open, dressed to impress, and with a sly grin on his face, Poseidon's son with mischief on his mind, trouble in his soul, and always on the naughty list maneuvered his way to Phoebe's bedroom. Holding a bottle of wine in his left hand, he went deep into the cluttered den. He glanced to the open boxes, noticing items only a hoarder would collect. If Phoebe could be related to a beast, he could see her as a dragon. A fiery-breathing, temperamental dragon with a hoard of unnecessary things.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he went to one of the boxes and saw that all it had inside of it were pocket watches, some not even with intricate designs. He would understand if she collected them, but some looked like they were scrap and would appreciate living in a junkyard than with her. His eyes trailed to another box, where four giant cheeseballs containers waited to be eaten. Assuming they weren't old. Why did she even have four? His eyebrow rose when he saw a traffic cone just laying on the ground, blocking his way.

And then he heard little meows and knelt down to see two kittens hiding in the cone. "Yo, Phee. You know you got pets, right?" With his free hand, he hoisted both of the them up and gently pressed them against his chest.

When he finally made it to her room, her body hidden by a skyscraper of boxes, he squeezed between her dresser and her suitcases, and place the babies on her bed. Subsequently, he planted the white wine on her desk, his dear friend still ignoring his existence. He quickly snatched the pencil out of her hand and was rewarded with a hiss and a serpent glare.

"What the hell, Dyl?!" She snapped, causing the kittens to crawl under her pillow in fear.

"The children, honey." Dylan gestured toward the cats, still not knowing if they were her's or not. Now that he had her attention, he tossed the pencil into the abyss. "Start drinking, babe, because I'm not letting you spend your first night here, ALLLLL BY YOURSELFFFFF." Yes, he sang his last line of dialogue like it was from Eric Carmen's All By Myself.

Turning her position so that she was facing him, crossing her arms, she bluntly declined, "No thanks. I'd rather eat popcorn and watch Netflix then 'party'."

"Hey." He put his pointer finger on her lips, causing her to swat at it. "I'll make sure there's popcorn and you can think of the party as a movie! Come on, Phee. COME ONNNN. For once, for me, or not for me, but like... for your social skills, at least, HAVE A GOOD TIME." He paused, trying to cleverly convince the boulder, "And you do know Jonas will be there, yeah? Didn't you want to propose, what did you say..." He snapped his fingers while he pretended to forget her exact words.

"That I want him to train me. Fight me. So I can get good. Yes, I remember."

Pushing the drink closer to her, he gave his dear friend a cheesy smile, "So what do you say? I promise you this won't be a waste of time. If anything, you'll be networking and having a chance to observe above average humans in their natural habitat."

"You're not going to leave me alone if I say no, are you?"

"Nope!" Dylan reached for the two kittens and sat down, kissing one on the forward. Begrudgingly, she took the cap off the wine (smart he got one of those cap bottles) and took a swig. "Are these..." He looked at the cats, then to her, then back at the cats.


"Oh good... I was about to say."

After rolling her eyes, a light simper graced her face, as she took another sip, "We're going to be late."

He chuckled, "We'll still make it in good time." He winked at her, which made her heavily sigh. She's going to have to hold his clothes... isn't she? The problem with Dylan using his abilities, well, he can't bring his clothes with him...

He's naked. Okay. Straight up naked.

"Kill me."


Standing at a distance, within the forest, dressed more casual than not, it was a lake party for god's sake, Phoebe watched as the party seemed to be picking up. Jonas wasn't hard to pick out from the crowd, but she also didn't think a party was the time or place to talk about school, especially not beg him to train her. So maybe, somewhere inside of her, she did want to attend this 'top secret' party that everyone had to be at. Maybe, just maybe, she knew Dylan would barge in and try to sway her.

She would never admit it, if that were the case. "What is taking you so long, Primadonna?"

"Oh, no thanks for carrying your ass the entire way here?!" Pulling up his fly, he growled at the impatient demigoddess. Appearing from behind a tree, he nudged her arm, "I thought you didn't want to come, change of heart?"

"No." Phoebe clicked her tongue in annoyance. "What's your goal anyways? Don't you 'have a good time' all the time?"

"Yeah, and?" Dylan turned his attention to the silhouette of people. The night had a way of changing them - they looked different, more obscure, their feelings and intentions covered by the blanket that was the night sky. Then there were people like him or Aphrodite's daughter, Ariana, where their intentions blared like a siren light, "I'm here to fuck. You should do the same!" Get that stick out your ass, Phee.

"I'll pass." Without waiting for a response, she started making her way to the party.

"THIS IS WHY YOU'RE Aโ€“" Using her own energy, a small fire started appearing in her right hand... โ€“virgin. He was quick to shut his trap and with that, the flame evaporated. Did he actually think she was a virgin? Personally, she's never denied it. Even hot girls can be prudes. He could believe it! Right now, he simply wanted to stir that fire in her, because wouldn't it be fun if she let that passion consume her this very night? Their peers would love to see that, he bet. Phoebe Masterson, hot and bothered. Huehuehue.

She needed another drink if she wanted to at least appear pleasant to everyone else. Coming out of the forest and walking onto the revelry zone, staying silent for reasons, Phoebe cringed when Dylan announced their arrival, "What the fuck did we miss?! Look who I brought." She swiftly dodged him from putting his arm around her like she was an accessory to him. His voice was so... rambunctious and loud. She didn't need people looking at her. With Dylan leaving her side, she was relieved. With stride in his steps, he went straight to his sister, Rhea, "Hey BABY, did you miss me?" Getting a better idea of the situation, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, as he turned on his heel, his eyes falling onto Ariana, "The sexual frustration is REAL."

While Dylan was walking into the circle of people, Phoebe debated if she should get a drink or choose to appear better than them and keep to herself. It was her social awkwardness that made her a bitch, there was far too many people to her liking. She didn't even like most of them.

Instead of quenching her thirst, she chose to avoid the crowd. She did give a wave to the host, out of courtesy, and then with elegant agile, she slipped her white sneaks off, stuffed it in Dyl's bag that held his clothes from earlier (it also had a spare, just in case), dropped it on the ground where she would remember to find it, and made her way to the water, passing Emma and Damien that did what they do best. Lurk.

Putting her feet in the water, subtly shivering because water was ten times colder to her than the average person, she looked ahead at the scenic view. Even at night, there was beauty. To think. Water was the complete opposite of her very being and here she found herself finding comfort in it. Sighing to herself, she started planning who she should interact with first.

Remember to smile, don't be a bitch.

Did she care about the shitshow transpiring? No. Not at all.

"You two... enjoying yourselves?" She looked over her shoulder, back at the Nyx children that kept a fair distance away from the crowd, like her. They hadn't talked prior to this moment, but she knew of them. At least she was trying to expand. If she wasn't mistaken, they were both fifth years, along with Dylan, Dallas, and Jonas. What a popular class. "The fact that no one is unconscious yet, surprises me. I would've loved to see that." A light smile forcibly gleamed on her face.

Was this friendly talk? Or too honest?

Hey! She wasn't going to lie about gaining pleasure from witnessing other's going at it physically.

She loved a good, brutal, and violent fight.

"I'm Phoebe, by the way."

There. She was participating. Now, Dylan couldn't give her grief.

He still would.
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@Scarescrow late but probably lavender since it compliments most flowers but also means devotion.

Right now though she has a rose in her hand because that's what she was drawn to.

I probably wont be able to write in this rp till the end of the week.
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