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Do you appreciate tiddies of all shapes and sizes?
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Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!
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This week isn't my week so I apologize for my lack of activity for my collabs and posts. This is a hard time for me.
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Sometimes you just need a good mental breather. No writing just relaxing. And thatโ€™s okay.


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Present day, The Morning Show
Collab with @Kitty@Melissa
Starring Emmy-Lou Waters and Savannah Matthews
Featuring Jax Dalton, Riley Wells, and Jasmine Fulton

This was it, the big moment. They were going live. Unlike Becca, they had people from the school helping them voluntarily for their campaign video. Emmy-Lou and Savannah had been preparing for this moment, Mina helping with a lot of it. The video would start with Savannah before Emmy-Lou took over and then the two of them together as they arrived to their final destination in the school. Filming them they had Jax, he was well known and quite talented with the camera.

Looking around the hallway they stood in, the one that had the perfect look and lighting, Emmy-Lou fixed her hair and adjusted her dress. She looked to Savannah who looked perfect as always and then to Jax who was preparing the camera. Everything was ready and she knew they could do this. She made her way to Savannah and smiled warmly, โ€How are you feeling darlinโ€™? You ready to show them what we southern girls are made of?โ€

Savvy stood pressed up against the row of lockers in the hallway, checking her reflection in a compact mirror. Although she may have looked cool, calm, and collected on the outside, doubt and worry flew through the redheadโ€™s mind. Savannahโ€™s cheeks were rosy and naturally flushed due to her anxiousness surrounding the campaign video, and she wondered if this was the right decision and plan for her. Was it a bad idea to run for VP? Was this a bad call? But, as Emmy-Lou approached her, she remembered exactly why she volunteered for this role. โ€œIโ€™m feeling alright, definitely a little bit nervous, but otherwise, Iโ€™m ready.โ€

Gently, Emmy-Lou took Savannahโ€™s hands in hers and gave them a reassuring squeeze. โ€You are gonna do amazing sweetheart! You are perfect for this and Iโ€™m so glad I chose you as my VP. There is no other person Iโ€™d want by my side. One southern belle would have been all good and swell but two, I think us southern girls can really help make a difference in this school.โ€ Not to mention, Savannah really helped sell the campaign look making the chances of Minaโ€™s plan succeedingly higher.

โ€œAre you guys almost ready?โ€ Rileyโ€™s voice seeped into Jaxโ€™s left ear through his earpiece.

โ€œYeah, dude. Just about.โ€ The devilish and handsome camera guy licked his bottom lip, gliding over his lip ring as he watched the production assistant place an X mark with electrical tape on the ground where Savannah would start. The girls had lavalier mics situated and attached to their tops, hidden from sight. He had an audio girl make sure the โ€˜tea partyโ€™ candidates wore appropriate blouses that wouldnโ€™t give any unnecessary noise. Placement was key. Sound was crucial during any recording, and now that the Morning Show spent most, if not all, of their budget, the people behind the scenes were living their best lives. Granted, lavs were tricky, especially for live shows, so if they didnโ€™t have a good audio person on set this could fail horribly. Thankfully, this school had a lot of talent and Brian, who was the producer of Rileyโ€™s show now (by choice?), was no fool. It was just a matter of looking in the right places.

โ€œBrynn and Gwen will be cueing them in ten, nineโ€”โ€

โ€œHey, you two. Get to your spot! Eight seconds left.โ€ While Savannah would start in this hall, they were in the middle of it, which was nice and symmetrical in terms of lockers and doors (they were in the art hall, so there were kidsโ€™ works put out on display throughout the hall), Emmy-Lou would be waiting in the hall to the left, which led to the cafeteria. That hall had a huge wall mural that Rose and a couple of other students painted, which over all would provide a nice backdrop for the girls. Home ec clubโ€™s bake sale was also set up there and of course, having sweet delights would only add to the southern charm. โ€œOkay, Iโ€™m rolling.โ€

โ€œโ€”Three, two, one.โ€

As soon as Riley counted down, Savannah tried her best to relax and loosen up, letting her shoulders roll back and her arms fall naturally at her sides. The redhead pretended that the camera was an old friend- after all, thatโ€™s what she was trying to make the students at BHHS view her as: a friend.

โ€œGrowing up in a small town, Hico, Texas, southern hospitality was thriving all around me. It was my mom giving a neighbor a cup of sugar after they realized they didnโ€™t have enough. It was my childhood friends helping me pack up all of my belongings to move without me even asking for assistance. It was our mayor inviting those who had fallen on hard times for Thanksgiving Dinner when they had no where else to go. Southern hospitality is a mindset that made our town a community, and thatโ€™s the kind of environment that the team of Waters and Matthews wants to create at BHHS.โ€

โ€œEven though weโ€™re not in the south, it doesnโ€™t mean we canโ€™t bring a little bit of southern charm to these halls. If elected, we will strive to make this school a more warm and welcoming place that fosters community, inclusivity, and respect.โ€

Emmy-Lou went to her place when it was time, once again fixing herself up and taking a deep breath and releasing it. She could faintly hear Savannah speaking as she made her approach. When the redhead finished, it was finally the blondes turn. Putting on her award winning smile, Emmy-Lou began to speak.

โ€For so long weโ€™ve watched as fellow students fight amongst each other. As people have torn one another apart instead of building one another up. The school has been split apart into separate groups instead of a community. We wish to tear down the walls built and bring together all as one. We donโ€™t plan on running the school as if we are high and mighty but as fellow students. We will be one with all yโ€™all, listening fully to all yโ€™all to make this school the best it can be.โ€ The blonde began to move while continuing to speak, making her way towards the bake sale while maintaining full eye contact with the camera. She had practiced walking backwards to make sure she didnโ€™t stray from her path or embarrass herself.

โ€We may just be two southern belles, two outsiders who arenโ€™t from the area but we have made this school our home and only want what is best for it. We embrace the fact we are unique, that we are different and want all yโ€™all to embrace your differences and let them bring yโ€™all together. Without differences we couldnโ€™t have done this today, nor shown off the beauty that the unique and talented people of our school have created on our walls. We especially couldnโ€™t be at this charming little bake sale with delicious foods by our schoolโ€™s one and only Home Ec club with amazing bakers like Jasmine Fulton. Yโ€™all can stop by this shindig and ask us any questions yโ€™all may have while getting yourself a little treat.โ€ Emmy-Lou now went over and stood by Savannah.

โ€The two of us only want to bring the southern charm to BHHS. If you allow us to by voting for us and making our dream a reality, we can make the school a better, warmer place for all.โ€

Savannah smiled her signature grin at the camera once more before closing out the video. โ€œVote Waters and Matthews on January 27th- BHHSโ€™s sweetest option for student government.โ€

When Brynn and Aceโ€™s voice came out of Jaxโ€™s earpiece, he knew they were in the clear and cut the camera. โ€œYou two were cute.โ€ The punk flirtatiously complimented the two belles, before checking the time, โ€œIโ€™d love to stay and chat, but I gottaโ€™ bounce.โ€ He paused to look at the girl with the leather jacket on, who was giving the long table a once over to make sure it was completely ready for the hungry teens, and gave a charming grin, โ€œBefore I leaveโ€ฆ Jaz, can I get a cookie?โ€ Pause. โ€œOn the house?โ€

Rolling her eyes, Jasmine grabbed the plate of chocolate chip and lifted it to the DJ and part time videographer, โ€œJust one or others will expect the same treatment.โ€

Word! Leaning in, he grabbed one and placed it in his mouth. Not saying another word, simply giving her a wink, Jax walked off with the small film crew of the Morning Show, leaving the girls to do whatever girls do this early in the morning.

Interacting with: those talking at the conference
more specifically: @The Muse @BeastofDestiny @Allycat @Aviaire @Jun
โ†’ those at the Mayor's house @Kitty

Sitting in the crowd, with his terrible disguise on, Damon clenched his teeth, trying to hold his tongue. What was the news now? Absolutely nothing. And he couldn't help but revisit a dark place in his mind. This wouldn't be the first time he waited for answers and solutions. Honestly, the main reason he loved Lily so much was because of...

"It'll be okay, big brother." Sitting at her bedside, his fingers interlocked with her frail ones, Damon looked at a young girl with thin, blonde hair. She was his half-sister. A child his mother had with another man that wasn't his father and yet, her kind and wide smile made him love her more than he could explain. While the old TV hanging from the ceiling played some sort of cartoon, he stared dejectedly at her.

Her beautiful blonde hair was shedding more and more each day. It was hard to look at her failing health and not be able to do anything about it. He wanted to save her but this was beyond his control. While the room itself felt like there was no beauty and hope in sight, the center of it, where his sister laid brightened the atmosphere. Brightened the hearts of those that watched her get worse. He'd think she'd be the most frightened, the most scared of them all... but her spirits kept everyone else looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

That shouldn't be her job.

She shouldn't have to fight this on her own.

He should be strong for her, but why couldn't he? Why was this hard to deal with? Why couldn't he pretend that he saw a silver lining in all this? Why... did she have to be sick? His growing despair was interrupted by her angelic voice, "Thank you for the lilies. They're beautiful." She comfortingly squeezed his hands, never looking away from his sad gaze.

"Anytime, Lula." Tallulah Robinson was truly a light in this world and didn't deserve to be in this bleak room, with such a stagnant smell, and wall paint that reminded everyone of this unfolding nightmare. He couldn't lose her. He didn't want to. How would he be able to wake up every morning, knowing she no longer was in his life? That she joined other angels and would be dancing in the sky, playing her acoustic guitar and soothing them to rest. He didn't want her to die.

In silence, he watched her pull her delicate hands away from him and reach for a red leather notebook, by the vase of lilies. She grabbed a hold of it and weakly pushed it towards him, "Can you promise me something?"

Confused, he looked at the notebook that waited for him. Why was she giving him her songbook? This was one of her most cherished items. He simply responded with a dumbfounded expression, lifelessly blinking as he expected her to continue. After she let out a couple of coughs, she deeply swallowed and quietly asked, "When you're ready, can you make my songs? I want people to hear them. I know they're not your sound, but it would be nice if these lyrics reached someone."

Tears started trailing down his cheeks, he reached for the book but didn't pull them out of her hands, "What are you saying? These are for you to sing and play, not me... we'll go to the studio tomorrow!" For the first time, in a long time, Lula gave a broken pout that had her heartache written all over it. Her green eyes were like music from a great orchestra, where the violins were playing, and it showed her inevitable acceptance of her fate.

"Please, Damon?" She desperately begged him.

There was an insatiable fire that burnt all the oxygen out of his body, leaving him empty.

He was so selfish.

An unsettling stillness filled the room. He couldn't handle it. Getting up, he placed the book on his chair and gently laid beside her. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her forehead and whispered, "...I promise."

This was the least he could do, until her dying day.

"Please, someone find my baby! Tell me where she is!"

Damon brought his forlorn stare to Lily's mother and grimaced, realizing how useless this meeting was turning out to be. No leads? Are they fucking serious? Article clothing... Opal lake... fire... mayor's house... fire.... mayor's house... FIRE! Damon was close enough to catch the whispering and jolted up in his position. Talking loud enough so he could be heard while everyone was rushing, he spat, "This was a waste of everyone's time."

His eyes widened when he thought of the one thing that was most definitely in that house, that Lily cherished. Instinctively, he started booking it, running right through Elizabeth and Elliot, pushing their shoulders. "Shit, sorry!" He barely paid any attention to the boy with the glasses, who wasn't too far behind them (Kei). DDay's gold-plated Walkman (which has an endless amount of music on it, including songs of his in the works) fell to the ground, which he didn't notice. The music player had his initials on it: D.A.D.

Running outside, passing the entrance where Ollivander and Vanessa were chatting, even stopping for a second to do a double take as he noticed how much the girl looked like his beloved friend, he eventually found his ride and yelled, "CREED. LILY'S." The manager heavily sighed. He knew things would only be made worse if he refused. He just hoped this wasn't a mistake.

While Damon was in the car, he threw off his glasses, teared off the wig, and took out his contacts which would surely dry up in the heat. After unbuttoning his plaid shirt and tying it around his mouth (in hopes that would prevent him from getting too much smoke damage), he revealed his white tank.

"What... are you planning to do?" Something dumb most likely. Hopefully the paramedics were there.

"If Angel is still alive, I do not want her to find out that Pearl has gone to kitty heaven!" The rational thing to do was to drive away from the blazing house, so his client didn't get himself killed. However, Creed knew Damon had enough guilt and regret in his life and maybe, just maybe this would be good for publicity. He wouldn't be far behind if Damon took too long. Sighing once more, Creed decided it was for the best to enable the reckless behavior as they pulled in front of the house.

"Just... come back, alive."

After giving a cheesy grin and a thumbs up, DDay threw the door open. There were a lot of people on the scene, although that wouldn't stop him. He knew parkour! He didn't see Mirai drinking across the street, or the Turners arriving moments after him. The dark-haired celebrity was focused on one thing and one thing only, so he charged forward abandoning all his fears and inhibitions. Firefighters and the police tried to stop the manic boy, but he swiftly dodged them. Too fast! Like he did earlier, he broke a window, but this time kicking it until he could get through it.

"What are you DOING?" A firefighter tried to grab his arm and pull him by force, which was only rewarded with Damian pushing the shit out of the service member, out of his way.

"Back the fuck off! PEARL IS IN THERE."

"Who is Pearl?!" Another man yelled, frustrated at the stupidity being displayed.

Without answering, the idol climbed into the window and disappeared within the smoking building that was caught ablaze. Perhaps, Damon had a hero complex and didn't know he did - he just needed to save this cat. He had lost enough already.

Pulling up by the Turners' vehicle, Creed exited the car with furrowed eyebrows. "I hope you know that idiot loves your daughter."

Interacting with: Herself

Sucking on a blue raspberry ring pop, making it resemble a pacifier, the only child of the camp director, who went by the nickname Krysti, planted her feet in the left-handed batter's box. She made circles with her baseball bat as she waited for the rundown pitching machine to send a ball flying. Another summer without him caring, another year where nothing she did mattered, another opportunity to go out with a โ€” clink! โ€” bang. Tightening her grip on the handle, she kept her eyes on the machine as the ball she just hit got sent into the stratosphere.

She arrived when all the counselors got here, which meant all her shit was already on her claimed top bunk, which was the bed right under the glow-in-the dark stars she put on the ceiling. Also, her name was carved all over the wood frame so if people wanted to play games with her, she'd โ€” clink! โ€” FIGHT them. That was HER bed for the past seven years! If they dared touch her comforter, she'd make sure they'd wake up with a pleasant surprise right by their FACE.

It's shit. She'd shit on their bed.

The green haired troublemaker didn't give a fuck if she sent any of those pansies home. If they couldn't handle her, they couldn't handle this camp. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and how she wanted. There was no man, woman, or old person that could put her in her place. Camp Red Arrow was her playground and she'd be damned if someone thought they could tell her what to do.

Fuck 'em! They all could just โ€” "Eat shit!" clink! โ€” for all she cared.

Don't even get her started with her father. Her dad was stupid for bailing. They were supposed to play catch. That fucker. Hell if she'd show up for that stupid orientation thing, with a shitty video and shitty people telling them the rules and shit, and it being complete and boring shit, like fucking โ€” clink! โ€” SHIT. They were all probably uncomfortably close to each other, sweaty as balls, in that tiny ass rec room.



Interacting with: the Rec room and the boys' cabin.
@smarty0114@Hey Im Jordan@spooner

Why was he here?

Holding up his mother's ancient camcorder, using it to mask his lack of enthusiasm, the curly-haired boy with a cute hat on, observed the room in silence. His mother wanted him to die, didn't she? A horrible and terrible death. She told him what he would bring and confiscated everything that gave him joy. On top of losing his means to make music, he had to tolerate an existence without the use of his cellular device, which was utterly pointless in this dead zone. He could use it for his playlists, but was there even outlets in the dorms to charge it?

This was the absolute worse.

He hated every second of his time at camp and it only just begun!

Caught up in his woes, Emmett adjusted his hat and side stepped to the window, giving the other campers space. As the counselor talked about ice cream and the 'perks' of camp, the scrawny diva surveyed the amenities, continuing to keep to himself and avoid interacting with the other boys and girls in this jam packed room. His eyes fell on the jukebox. Vintage. He wondered if it had good jams. Probably not, but he could hope. And check later, of course. From the jukebox to the Nintendo 64 and Xbox, the handsomely dressed teen continued to take mental notes, while feeling out of place. If anything, he'd unplug the consoles in order to charge his phone for his downloaded content. He'd have to stay sane somehow.

โ€œWeโ€™re gonna be stuck here for at least three months..."

Three WHOLE months! The striving music producer hoped to his mother's God that she was planning his funeral because when he returned, he wouldn't be breathing. Not at all. He'd surely be a cold corpse when this summer was through. Such was the life of Emmett Valentine, the would've-been-famous music guy!

Gingerly, he closed the LCD screen (putting the camcorder in the bag), as all the campers tried to escape the room, unceremoniously. When he tried to leave, he was forcibly pushed back and his delicate bottom rammed against the hockey table. Closing his eyes, to ease his irritation, he patiently waited until things cleared out. While he waited, he slipped in his earpieces and listened to the last song he had on play, which was something he helped produce for his friend back at home. Then, and only then, did he trail behind. With a checkered backpack on, pulling a mint hard-shell suitcase from behind him, Emmy shuffled to the place he'd sleep for the next century. Heavily sighing, he looked down at his low top converses (they were black) as he trekked onward down the path to the cabins.

Leisurely, he bobbed his head to the music, erasing the gruesomely hot sun and the bugs, all the goddamn bugs. He needed to change his attitude. Sure, he didn't want to be here but he kind of had no choice. He was already here. There was no way he could be productive in the middle of nowhere, at least in terms of his passions, but he could try to make his mom happy. Try to expand his horizons! Enjoy being young! Make mistakes! Have fun.

And yet... he stopped in front of the cabin. Looking it up and down, Emmy released an inaudible grumble. There was no bright side to this 'adventure' as his mother put it. He didn't know anyone. He didn't have his guitar or laptop or portable drum pad controller or mics. He had nothing. Just himself, a camcorder, and a harmonica if he needed to feed the itch to play something.

Once again, he gave a depressive groan, pulling one of his earpieces out, as he entered the cabin. Before he even claimed a bed, one of the guys decided to offer weed, which was rewarded with an unapologetic grimace.

Pause. "โ€”Thank you."

Originally, he was going to ask if the bottom bunk was taken, the one right under the weed boy's bed, however, Emmy was immediately turned off by the offer of 'kindness' and chose to walk deeper into the cabin, claiming the bottom bunk on the other end of the room.

Well, this was it.

His bed...

Before he did anything with his suitcase, he examined the sheets and the mattress. Frowning, he noticed a stain on them. He'd probably sleep fully clothed and with the hotel-looking sheet his mom rolled up and packed for him. It was always good to be safe rather than be sorry. After ripping the pillow case and sheets off his bed and onto the floor, he threw his suitcase on top of the seemingly rock hard mattress.

Turning around to awkwardly watch the other boys, Emmy took off his hat and fiddled with it in his hands, "So. This is where.. we'll be staying." He cleared his throat, debating if he should introduce himself or not. He could hear his mother's voice bitching and whining inside his head. After licking his lips, he reluctantly greeted, "I'm Emmett."
Present time: Benji to Ley
@Dirty Pretty Lies

Walking past a janitor's room, with one earplug in and a hoodie hiding his handsome face, his shoulders hunched over, Benjamin shuffled to his destination. His ear caught sound of the door behind him opening. Looking back, he noticed a familiar face from his time with Meg and the unsanctioned fight club. Lucky Cross. The rebel without a cause, who retrieved things for people, by any means. A man that was more hound than man. Fortunately, for the loner, Lucky didn't acknowledge him. Instead he grabbed his phone to text someone and walked away in the other direction.


Sighing in relief, he shoved his hands in his hoodie's pocket, only for his gaze to fall on another face exiting the closet. This closet had one too many people in it. This someone was considered 'plague' at this school because of his attitude and his smarts. Mitch may come from a wealthy family, but on top of him being a computer whiz, he just looked like someone you wanted to punch in the face. Not saying Benji wanted to punch him in the face, he was just kind of an asshole for someone that was only popular for his ability to change people's grades on the system and other fucked computer shit that was most likely illegal.

The special boy who hid his chiseled chest, his abdominal sculptured to perfection, his ungodly biceps, and his triceps that looked like diamonds, tried to be a good person and ask about Mitch's busted face. Opening his mouth, to see if he was alright, Benjamin could only feel hot air escape.

"What the fuck you lookin' at?" When the prez of the Technology & Robotics club gave him a dead glare, the socially awkward teenager swiftly turned around and walked away without responding. Yeah, no. He wasn't going to deal with that. Not now, not later, not ever. Nope, nope. His brain wasn't brave enough to deal with someone that confrontational. He had too much anxiety and fear to properly simmer someone else's rage. It grabbed him by the tongue and caused him to panic!

Yeah, no.

With downcast eyes, he focused on the song playing in his ear. On My Own. The people around him faded in the background, all of them chatting and getting lost in their morning routine, and he, as large as he was, walked through them, unnoticed. There were no glances toward him, at all. No curiosity. Just some weird kid that hung over them, as they invested themselves with elections and rushed to homeroom.

He was skipping out on homeroom. Something he didn't want to do was participate in a discussion about the candidates and he knew his teacher, who was 'specialized' for kids like him, would make him talk. So, he let his feet lead him to one of his many hiding places.

The roof.

The world went silent, everything completely out of sight, out of mind, this was how Benjamin went through the motions. His day-to-day operations when he wasn't with his brother. The only thing he focused on was the music and it helped him control his breathing and avoid turning beet red from the chaos around him. He hated crowds. The only time he could deal with them was when he was in his element.

He wasn't in his element.

Before he knew it, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs, staring wide-eyed at a girl blocking his path. He was snapped back to his reality. He was forcibly pulled into the real world where he was nothing but a teenage boy that couldn't cope with being social. Couldn't cope with school. Couldn't cope with...

A girl!

Not just any girl... this was... this was Aleyda! Yes. That's her name. She came into one of his classes once, to help him with stuff, because his teacher thought he could use a tutor and people like Joy Darling were completely booked. It was the science. He didn't like biology.

Alert and with an open mouth, the lovable giant tried to gather words to say.

Was... was she crying?

Pulling his hoodie down, to be respectable, because his mama told him he needed to break the habit of lurking and actually look people directly in the eyes, he hesitantly asked: "...Shit's bad?"

Seems no one accepted your characters yet lol. Theyโ€™re good smarty
During the Morning Show
Current IC Day
Collab with @Hey Im Jordan
May be of relevance to @smarty0114 & @Kitty

As excessive as Mina was, and this girl was pretty excessive, she was sitting on her loverโ€™s lap on a fold up chair in the boiler room, under the gym. For dramatic effect. He had convinced her on the ride to school that she should talk to her cousin, immediately, and share everything that was on her mind, in her heart, and coursing through her soul. Since she didnโ€™t want people to intrude on her moment with her cousin, she chose to send a text request for Hailey to meet her here during the Morning Show, when everyone would be distracted by the campaign commercials. She had already seen Beccaโ€™s and could only laugh at how FAKE it felt. What she instructed Emmy-Lou to do would CRUSH her idea, DIMINISH any attempt Becca had to win.

As if sheโ€™d let her!


Running her fingers through Christopherโ€™s hair, she concentrated on what sheโ€™d say to Hailey and how sheโ€™d win her appraisal with such brilliance! Such cleverness! Suchโ€ฆ deceit! She knew exactly what she needed to do to make the school right again and if Hailey understood exactly what she was trying to do, EVEN BETTER. โ€œI hope she comes! She didnโ€™t reply.โ€

The simple truth was, Hailey didnโ€™t care about this. She didnโ€™t care about the politics, or whatever it was that MIna was doing โ€” not really. Hailey was above that now; she had a relationship, and that was more important than dealing with meeting with Mina and talking about her plans for the future. What did that even mean? Hailey delicately locked a bit of her hair behind her head, and opened the door to the room where Mina and Christopher (they were always together, at least Hailey had the tact to leave Butler out of the room for something like a private meeting). โ€œYes, Mina?โ€

โ€œPlease, have a seat, cousin. Itโ€™s been awhile since we last saw each other.โ€ Mina gestured toward the other chair across from her. The offer was on the table but she suspected Hailey probably wanted her to get straight to the point. She would, soon enough. โ€œYou look great. Lifeโ€™s doing you well, hm?โ€ She was intrigued with how sheโ€™d answer that one. Sure, Hailey had Hana now, but that couldnโ€™t change her feelings toward the school, could it? She ruled the school since freshman year. It would be unbelievable if one person was able to change her mind to where she was okay with how things were.

Hailey looked at the folding chair waiting for her, and wondered briefly how things had fallen so far, so fast. At least when she had called meetings, they had been in a Bentley, or a beautiful restaurant. Something like that. This? This was like a bad mid-2000s Die Hard clone. Hailey slowly sat down, and rested her head on a single extended index finger. Hailey blew at bangs that had already fallen back into her eyes, โ€œI would say so. It has been a while, which is why I suspect thereโ€™s a reason you asked me to meet you in this, ah โ€”โ€ Hailey looked around the room, and back down at the chair she was sitting in, and finished. โ€œโ€” lovely meeting room.โ€

Minaโ€™s lips curved up into a devilish smirk at Haileyโ€™s response. Everyone had their own aesthetic and for Mina, it was in between teddy bears and trapping someone in a room of cement with no windows and doors. Blame her mother for that one. โ€œI wonder what theyโ€™re going to do when thereโ€™s blood in the water.โ€ Releasing her lover, she shifted her body so she was facing her cousin. After she crossed her legs, she conceited, โ€œI love that idiom. If someone is bleeding in the ocean, sharks smell it and then oops! Every shark attacks. Same thing happens with chickens. If one chicken has a spot of blood, the others will peck him to death. Itโ€™s such a lovely phrase. A perfect example of this school.โ€ She glanced at her sharp nails and released a giggle, โ€œThey think youโ€™re weak, but they have no idea what it feels like to be a lamb for the slaughter. To speak plainly, I want those that thought they could defy you beg for mercy. Only the most bloodthirsty sharks will come out alive.โ€ She quickly, with a cutesy gesture, covered her lips with her lace-gloved hand, โ€œMetaphorically speaking.โ€

Placing her hands back on her lap, folding them, she continued her tangent with poise, โ€œI wonโ€™t literally kill them, but I want to give them a piece of their own medicine. Make them admit to their wrongs. Destroy their image. Take whatโ€™s most precious away from them. Have them wish they never messed with the status quo. I will be that poison that destroys them slowly. I will speak for the people and be the storm. Iโ€™ll show them exactly what a riot feels, since they all think they have a right to the throne. The monsters will come out to play! And it will be GLORIOUS.โ€


โ€œThey have NO idea, Hailey. What I can do.โ€

This was what she wanted? Hailey couldnโ€™t believe she was listening to this right now. Mina certainly earned her title of โ€˜drama queen,โ€™ she didnโ€™t know what sheโ€™d expected. Of course sheโ€™d gotten dragged down into a damp, humid, dark, smelly basement โ€” it was humid, Hailey was certain her hair would be out of order when she finally left this horrid place. Mina seemed like sheโ€™d walked out of early 2000s AWE, back when it was bad. What was next? Was she going to claim that she was going to inject the school with a lethal dose of venom, or some crap?

Hailey wished she had a drink. Never before had she so powerfully and deeply understood her motherโ€™s (both of them) reliance on alcohol. She wished she had something more clear to say, something more weighted, but the truth was that she had nothing more to say but something plain and simple, โ€œIโ€™m sorry?โ€ It was all Hailey could think to say at first, before she shook her head. โ€œIโ€™m not interested in this kind of thing, Mina. Iโ€™m past it.โ€

โ€œWhat?โ€ This caused Mina to stand up, rushing to her bag and pulling out a folder covered with lollipops. โ€œYou gotta be shitting me.โ€ She slipped out blown up pictures of the faces she knew were not in Haileyโ€™s good graces and tossed them in the air, โ€œAll these fucking people, youโ€™re not interested in teaching them a lesson? They painted you to be a bad guy! THE bad guy!โ€ She knelt down and grabbed the picture that was closest to her which was of Quincy Hart and ripped her in half, โ€œReally? Youโ€™re a damn Green.โ€

While at first, Hailey felt they were standing mostly as equals, as soon as her last name was brought into the mix, it lit a certain fire in her eyes, butโ€ฆ it certainly wasnโ€™t the one that Mina wanted to be lit. Hailey reached up a single finger and wagged it at Mina. โ€œYour politics? They bore me. Your demeanor, Mina isโ€ฆ I suppose I wonโ€™t be the first one to tell you this โ€” and most likely not the last โ€” but your demeanor is similar to that of a pouty child.โ€ Hailey hissed in Minaโ€™s direction, โ€œYou would do well to watch your tone when speaking to me.โ€ Hailey shook her head. โ€œDo you think I care what they say? I have my own business to attend to.โ€

โ€œThis is a joke, isnโ€™t it? YOU slap peopleโ€™s faces off when they step out of line. When people have a problem with you and want to pick a fight, you make sure to end it, leaving all those losers to rot. You have the power to get someone to commit social suicide. Without you, no one would know what the dream even is! This school is a complete joke now and youโ€™re justโ€ฆ fine with it? WAHT.โ€ Mina started retrieving her pictures, but she never looked away from Haileyโ€™s face. Honestly, this was pissing her off even more. Did Hana fucking BRAINWASH Hailey?

โ€œCorrect. I donโ€™t have time for this anymore. I have more important things to do. I would assume that you do too,โ€ Hailey gestured at the silent young man who was sitting behind Mina. Christopher nodded his head, but didnโ€™t speak up โ€” this one was on Mina to fight. She wanted this fight, and he was going to let her fight it herself. โ€œBut, no. Instead, you choose to prioritize this kind of thing. Donโ€™t you think you should be above this? Surely, the โ€˜queenโ€™ of pop culture has better things to do than try and handle the politics of a school she hardly even bloody goes to.โ€ Hailey huffed, rolling her eyes as she leaned back in the folding chair โ€” ever so slightly. โ€œBecause, surely, this should be your priority. Abso-fucking-lutely.โ€

Unfortunately for Hailey and Christopher, the words did not seem to get through Minaโ€™s skull, and she tugged her hair in disbelief, โ€œSo youโ€™re going to act like what youโ€™ve done in the past, what the school is fighting for, doesnโ€™t exist? This place, that by the way will forget you, does not exist???? Are you doing this because you donโ€™t want to exist? You just want to suddenly become irrelevant?! I guess youโ€™re right. If you want to act like everyone else, like you donโ€™t matter, thatโ€™s on you. But I thought YOU were better than that. I guess I was wrong! HA. This is hilarious. A fucking joke.โ€ Like she was just handing Becca Helmsley the throne. FUCK THAT.

Christopher stepped in then, and put a hand on Minaโ€™s shoulder, squeezing softly to relieve some of the pressure and feelings he knew she had. If she was tugging on her hair, he needed to put a stop to that before it got a little too intense. He took his other hand and pulled MInaโ€™s away from her hair, giving a gentle shushing noise. Hailey, at least, seemed to not get involved in what they were doing; she would respect Minaโ€™sโ€ฆ instability.

She would not, however, play nice with words. โ€œCorrect once more. This place wonโ€™t remember me, and it wonโ€™t remember you. Wake up! Do you think this is worth your time? Time is the one resource you canโ€™t get back! Do you truly think itโ€™s best spent plotting in basements and perching your fingers like a bad Dr. Evil impression?โ€

โ€œYes! At least until I get BORED. And right now Becca thinks sheโ€™s going to be on top of the hill and I donโ€™t like that at all! Thereโ€™s a nice picture in my head and itโ€™s getting ruined by stupid ass fuckers that should loathe the day they were ever born.โ€ Hugging herself, she started piercing her nails into her arms, painfully.

Christopher moved again, this time taking Minaโ€™s arms and carefully twisting them so their fingers were laced together, as he again made the soothing noise in her ear. He knew he should have insisted they did this earlier, but he didnโ€™t think he wanted to push Mina too hard. Mistakes had been made. โ€œDeep breaths.โ€

โ€œListen. To your man.โ€

Hailey ran a hand through her hair, and stood up from her chair. โ€œIs that all, Mina?โ€

Breathing in and out, in and out, Mina teethed, โ€œNot by a long shot, Hailstorm. Youโ€™ll see me later, I can assure you.โ€


Hailey turned and left the room, and once she was out of the room, and back to somewhere with a fucking cell reception, she pulled her cellphone and tapped at it, before putting it to her ear. โ€œWe need to talk. Meet me at the Blue Lantern after scho โ€” yes. There. Bring them all.โ€ There was a pause. โ€œBecause Mina Bellerose has lost her mind, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend โ€” or something like that.โ€
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