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Current I'm trying to start a moment for human rights #wearehuman woot woot
8 mos ago
The worst felling is being alone In your own home
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9 mos ago
Ight deuce ima go die now
9 mos ago
I am obsessed with creating immortal characters right now
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9 mos ago
I have been lurking all day because I have nothing to do
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Fuuuuuck. Life news there lil
Alister shrugs "if you say so" he says as he walks away
Alister creeped in on Olli and snatched the blade in mid air as it passed between his hands. And he took out a second one twirling them about between his fingers "ya know" he said with a smile "if you want to learn ambidextarity you need to work with two blades. If you toss a blade from one hand to the other you leave yourself unarmed for just a moment." He added and smirked "some times that Is all it takes
Hey guys I swear I haven't bailed just been caught up in alot of shit recently
Alister chuckled softly "no it's not my fault. I don't let her she does what she wants" he said with a smirk
Alister chuckled "don't be jelous" he said with a smile "it's not my fault"
Desmond looked around the corner at the two. They seemed to be hitting it off which seemed strange considering they were all there for the princess. He decided he would keep his distance but stay in earshot of them


Elaine pricked her finger and began drawing a small circle on the floor of her room and placed her hand over it. She silently chanted to herself as the room lit up and she broke into a meditative state. Her body slumped over as she transfered her consciousness to the air and dispersed to the afterlife for consult. She was searching more power once again. She needed it. Though her powers grew more she somehow clung to the light. She traveled into the darkest depths of the universe and disappeared.......for now
@Jasper19 this to isn't exactly time based so you'll be fine XD
@King Tai hope to see you around it was fun
@kalinsovrin it will be ok all I can say when someone disappears is fuck em
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