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The worst felling is being alone In your own home
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Ight deuce ima go die now
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I am obsessed with creating immortal characters right now
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I have been lurking all day because I have nothing to do
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Elaine listened to what Duncan had to say and when he was finally done with his large speech she waved her arms and took a deep breath. "Ok, with all do respect that was alot to say at once" she said to start with a small giggle. "Listen I understand your hesitations put upon a thief but you are worried about him for the wrong reason" she stated before taking a deep breath and sighing "he is not only a master thief he is a skilled killer and he is also the one they say found the fountain of youth, that makes him more of an asset than a danger until we know more information. As long as he doesn't steal anything we can keep our distance until which times something comes up missing. As for the magical barriers" she began rubbing her head and started making hand signs and chanting for a few moments "I have placed magical traps in front of important Aries that can be set of by anyone aside from myself and you" she said pointing between her and Duncan "with all do respect Sir, that's all I'm capable of. To hold a multitude of barriers would be impossible. I could cover the whole kingdom in an alert barrier but not singular rooms." She stated simply in hopes that Duncan would understand that though she is vastly powerful even she had her limits.
Elaine smirked and shrugged her shoulders. "Noone is slowed in my private quarters aside form myself and the two of you know that. To enter there would have been Ill advised even if an intruder were present" she stated angrily. "You two should have came for me, not my room" she added as she walked to her door and disenchanted the lock spell placed on the knob. She opened her door and looked around the room. "Noone is here" he said with a sigh before looking with her magic scence. There were foot prints in a frantic pattern as though someone had entrered by accident and had trouble finding an escape. "If someone were here I already know what they would want" she said entering the room fully and sitting down in her chair. "There are footprints, and the window was open, but nothing is missing so I might have seen something wrong, who knows" she said not wanting to jump to any conclusions.

She looked up at Duncan "you talk as though you know exactly who Desmond is" she said bluntly "if you know this than why would you have left him unguarded in the first place? Do you not know his full history?" She asked concerned that Duncan might be after Desmond for the wrong reasons.


Desmond made his way back to the fountain as he saw the lady in waiting approaching and he stopped in his tracks. He could sense she didn't like him. He knew it from the moment he walked into this castle. He was an outcast everyone aside from Keith knew his history and none of them trusted him.
Ok goodnight than I'll be here......lurking
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Elaine cracked her neck. Staff in hand she stothly walked through the halls of the kingdom. Her eyes widened as she noticed a two figures walking toward her private quarters. From her distance she couldn't tell who they were so she shouted "halt. Where are you heading?!" She asked loudly as her red aura shown. She was mildly livid as she began walking closer to find who was headed that way.


Desmond sighed as he collected his thoughts. He had heard footsteps outside that room who knew how close they were. It could have been anyone. The sorceress or maybe Duncan. Thankfully he had gotten out when he did. He stood and brushed his self off and walked out into the gardens once again being sure he wasn't seen coming from the bushes as he began walking the stone paths of the intricate landscape
Desmond heard footsteps approaching and he pulled his hood over his head and dove back out the window into a bush on the ground floor of the castle. That was a close one he didn't know who had approached the chamber but it was better to not be seen in there. It was dangerous for him to be seen with an item so mystical as the ones housed by the sorceress. His heart rate increased as he leaned against the castle wall trying to calm himself to appear as though he was just standing where he was all along
I'm willing to take the sorceress if it's even a needed character lol.
We're still here
@KiritoAsuna sorry to see you go
I'll be back" Desmond said as he noticed guards appeared to be searching around. He knew they were looking for them and he didn't wish to be seen and he took his leave all but vanishing before them. He sighed as he climbed the side of the building landing and dove through the nearest window. He wound up in a locked room surrounded by magical artifacts and a great deal or enchantment. "Holy shit" he said looking around "this must be the sorseresses chambers" he added as he tried to find the exit as soon as possible.
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