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18 days ago
Current welp. verizon internet has decided to say fuck you and turn to total crap on me. So i'm going to sleep. hope its better in a few hours. if not. then i'm going to be away tomorrow.
18 days ago
Some day i hope to wake up and not actually regret the fact that I woke up.
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2 mos ago
Busy on and off. So i will reply when i'm around which may be one reply all around or even just one reply to one thing some days.
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4 mos ago
To all concerened. I will be around this weekend. but not the most active. if you wish to know more. then ask me. but this is only for those that rp with me
4 mos ago
had a very long day. i will be back tomorrow. have to sleep first.


I have been around for a long time with the guild. was sad to see the old guild fade away. but now that its back i have moved into rping almost anything. no vampire stuff for me.

i'm almost always looking for more rps. Fixed my internet problem for now. Yay.

I'm a happy to just talk any time people need to or want to. I'm good at helping work through problems. Damn high school making me a problem solver for everyone.

Fun side note : to any and all that rp with me. this is a simple notice. I screwed up my sleep cycle a long time back. and it beats me down at random times now. should i vanish in the middle of things. assume that sleep had found me and won.

If you want to reach me easier Then ask for my Discord. I dont just hand it out to people i haven't at least talked to. had a few "friends" piss me off with their actions.

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Shade stands up and moves to a spot away from the others crossing his ams and nods " If you cant hurt me i'm not going to hold back like i did in the training arena I will put you in the ground just like Shadow over there. Now show me what you can do."
Shade looks at her and then says " Hit me with your strongest move. dont bother holding back a single bit of your power. Then i will tell you if you can even touch Sol. Because as it is. When i get Shadow here up to his peak. He will have a hard time. But enough on that for now. we have better things to do than worry about a man that will show up in his own time. we will be ready for him when the time comes. and by then. if you cant fight him now. you will be able to when he is a threat to us activly.
You can die from a wound as small as a needle prick kid. and if you want me to prove it i can show you. " Shade says.
And thus the lore of my characters is show. Any fight with Sol will be far down the road. So plenty of time to just have fun.
Shade looks back to shadow and in under a second delevers a massive punch to his gut, a kick to his back, and then an elbow strike to his neck dropping him to the ground. Shadow grunts in pain and rolls over as Shade sits down. " Mine is a long story of war and Loss. The short side of it. I'm a half dragon that went against a full dragon. Sol was insane in my world. Much like yours is now. until he got the power he wanted. The my world was left as little more than ash. Cities lay in ruin over night. Most of the population was killed of and the few that remained were either corrupt or to afraid to do anything. I finally had enough and went back to the assassin's guild. In my world father named it after me. The guild it self was know as Shadow. He always wanted me to lead it. But then the world ended. I eventually got enough members strong enough to assault Sol. Drove him out and killed him. But some one like him never really dies. several years later he returned and wiped those i cared about out. I gave my life to end his life. But i had looked into the potential of him returning again. So i sealed a fragment of my soul away. That is what the Dragons blood that Shadow here has in him is. Its the fragment of me that is left. With time i might be able to recover fully and fight at my peak for longer than an hour. but as it is. Sol the man that took out your guild and forced you to move. He will find us and then kill all of you with out even trying. I'm able to hold him at bay for now. We have time to train and get ready. Your assassins. so you will be doing your jobs. Me and Shadow will be getting everything ready to get rid of Sol when the time comes. As for my golden form and weapons. This is the Origin from of my dragon side. and all of my weapons are greated out of my life force." He chuckles " You could drop a nuke on me right now and do next to nothing in dammage to me. But tanking that would limit my time in this form to a few seconds. and then i would die from the radiation. Back when i finished of my version of Sol. I was able to hold this form for a full year. and i could take any dammage i had to. And Sol beat me out of this form in five hours. That is why i would rather keep him in his mortal state that he is in with in your time.
Find out next time when i'm around for sleep calls me now hehe.

was going to pull a fucking DBZ there. did mentally
Shade takes a moment to block one of Shadow's blows and chuckles " thats because i'm at least ten times faster than him. and a hell of a lot stronger. but that came form a nearly three hundred years of training. so its only failr i'm that much more powerful. If i really wanted to i could level this whole place with a single move. Still wouldn't do much to stop Sol though. " He mutters the last part.
Shadow and Shade pause for a bit and then chuckle. "Sounds like you should be spending the night there and figureing things out in the morning then. " They shrug and get back to their spar.
Shade looks at them and then sighs. " back in my day this was a nice sight. Now get off your ass Shadow." Shadow struggles up and starts making his way back over. "I'm sure they are putting it together that i'm not just a copy of you. But the question is will they ask just what I am." Shadow shakes his head and charges him. moving fast enough to keep up with him. their movments bluring faster than any of the others can keep up with. " They are a curious bunch. if they want to know they will ask us in time.
Shadow and Shade move out a ways away from them. " Guess we can have alittle fun on our own cant we." Shadow asks. He readys his lance as Shade chuckle and in a flash of light is covered in golden dragon scales. His wings growing out of his back as he draws a golden sword. " Lets get you into shape to keep them safe from Sol." Shadow nods and before he can blink has go block a slice to his face and a kick to the side. the kick being more than enough to send him flying well over the others sparing. " Damn it." He grunts as he lands.
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