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10 mos ago
Current Wish i had the abilty to time travel. Just to go back and beat the crap out of my younger self. Stop playing games so late at night. fucks you up later. Insomnia sucks tired body wide awake mind.
2 yrs ago
Will be on later.
2 yrs ago
"Everything you know is wrong Up is down and short is long And everything you used to think was so important Doesn't really matter anymore." Damn you Weird Al why is this section stuck in my head
2 yrs ago
I have now wasted a few days of my life watching all of Comment Awards on youtube. Damn you cowbelly
2 yrs ago
and after life has calmed down I think I can finally get back to what I love. being creative.
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I have been around for a long time with the guild. was sad to see the old guild fade away. but now that its back i have moved into rping almost anything. no vampire stuff for me.

i'm almost always looking for more rps. Fixed my internet problem for now. Yay.

I'm a happy to just talk any time people need to or want to. I'm good at helping work through problems. Damn high school making me a problem solver for everyone.

Fun side note : to any and all that rp with me. this is a simple notice. I screwed up my sleep cycle a long time back. and it beats me down at random times now. should i vanish in the middle of things. assume that sleep had found me and won.

If you want to reach me easier Then ask for my Discord. I dont just hand it out to people i haven't at least talked to. had a few "friends" piss me off with their actions.

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Hello my name is kalin and here are an few things you should know about me.

1. I'm always open to new ideas
2. I'm online when i can be and post when i can. college eats up a lot of time.
3. I have a post range of up to a 10 sentence paragraph but would love someone who can post more to push me to get better.
4. I have few limits
5. I'm fine with 18+ material but don't want that to be the only thing in the rp.
6. I love to use pms but will use a thread if it is wanted.
7. I generally play males.

Okay that's out of the way now for what I'm interested in
{18+}= can have mature content. you have to say that you want it during planning or i will keep it under that level.
all ideas are open and equally wanted.

Sci fi ( like star trek/ wars) {18+}
Half dragons and other magical beings like them {18+}
Furries {18+}
Dragon/rider {18+}
Half dragon/rider {18+}
Assassins {18+}
Space Station {18+}
Space rp {18+}
Metroid {18+}

That's all for now

feel free to bounce ideas off me as well.
I exist currently. Just busy. Fuck getting a house ready to move. So much packing.
I don't know if this is alive or not. Mainly since I don't really know where to take it.
I suppose the best course for now would be to send them on soft missions to see where their skills are at. Work them up to the high grade missions where they are much more likely to be found and put in a situation they alone cant handle. just dont have any of those drawn up right now.
with how things are in my life i often come up with ideas where to take this. then by the time i get here to direct the show. I forget them. and thus we keep hitting walls of no progress. but thats life for you.
Yep more modern times with magic and high tech.
@Eviledd1984 There is still room. Just please dont pull what the last one did. Join. make a post or two and then vanish on us.
Well now i get the fun problem of wondering what the fuck went on with my phone last night. it wouldn't connect to the network. kept thinking it wasn't activated, and now has random ads sometimes. I blame verizon for all of it. Gave me a heart attack thinking my one source of connection outside of my house was broken. not to mention kept me up for three hours more than i wanted to be awake.

So how is everyone else doing?
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