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12 mos ago
Current As of right now. I'm in a horrible spot in my life. Wonder what I did to piss off fate this much.
12 mos ago
Will be on later.
1 yr ago
"Everything you know is wrong Up is down and short is long And everything you used to think was so important Doesn't really matter anymore." Damn you Weird Al why is this section stuck in my head
1 yr ago
I have now wasted a few days of my life watching all of Comment Awards on youtube. Damn you cowbelly
1 yr ago
and after life has calmed down I think I can finally get back to what I love. being creative.
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I have been around for a long time with the guild. was sad to see the old guild fade away. but now that its back i have moved into rping almost anything. no vampire stuff for me.

i'm almost always looking for more rps. Fixed my internet problem for now. Yay.

I'm a happy to just talk any time people need to or want to. I'm good at helping work through problems. Damn high school making me a problem solver for everyone.

Fun side note : to any and all that rp with me. this is a simple notice. I srewed up my sleep cycle a long time back. and it beats me down at randome times now. should i vanish in the middle of things. assume that sleep had found me and won.

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Well they should be open minded. As for skills they would be people that can survive on there own. If lost in the woods some would know what they can eat. Others can steal easily with out getting caught. Basically I want them to come from all walks of life that are more challenging than being a rich kid.
The apothecary would be an outside the guild contact. As for the separate fields of assassinations they are all part of what the guild does. You train in the art that suits you best. Good with a bow, then train in accurately hitting you target. Good at slipping around undetected, look into dagger and poison uses.

While specialist are common in the guild. Over specializing is not advised. It's advised you have at least a teir 1 understanding of all the methods. So you can easily make back up plans if your main method fails.
Well I'm always open to listen to ideas from any interested people.

Any interested parties out there?
bump. Finally less busy.
surprise from the grave I drag up this idea again.
still open to all who apply.
1. I'm always open to new ideas
2. I'm online when i can be and post when i can. college eats up a lot of time.
3. I have a post range of up to a 10 sentence paragraph.
4. I have few limits
5. I'm fine with 18+ material but don't want that to be the only thing in the rp.
6. I love to use pms but will use a thread if it is wanted.
7. I generally play males.

I'm looking for anyone that would like to play out any form or rp involving dragons. I have been craving dragon rps for a while. After retiring on of my elder half-dragon chars I feel its time to see what my other chars can do. I have a few Feral dragons that I can play and another few Half-dragons. If you have an rp idea with dragons i'm more than happy to hear it.
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