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3 mos ago
Current welp. verizon internet has decided to say fuck you and turn to total crap on me. So i'm going to sleep. hope its better in a few hours. if not. then i'm going to be away tomorrow.
3 mos ago
Some day i hope to wake up and not actually regret the fact that I woke up.
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4 mos ago
Busy on and off. So i will reply when i'm around which may be one reply all around or even just one reply to one thing some days.
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6 mos ago
To all concerened. I will be around this weekend. but not the most active. if you wish to know more. then ask me. but this is only for those that rp with me
6 mos ago
had a very long day. i will be back tomorrow. have to sleep first.


I have been around for a long time with the guild. was sad to see the old guild fade away. but now that its back i have moved into rping almost anything. no vampire stuff for me.

i'm almost always looking for more rps. Fixed my internet problem for now. Yay.

I'm a happy to just talk any time people need to or want to. I'm good at helping work through problems. Damn high school making me a problem solver for everyone.

Fun side note : to any and all that rp with me. this is a simple notice. I screwed up my sleep cycle a long time back. and it beats me down at random times now. should i vanish in the middle of things. assume that sleep had found me and won.

If you want to reach me easier Then ask for my Discord. I dont just hand it out to people i haven't at least talked to. had a few "friends" piss me off with their actions.

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Shade hits a button on the way into the area setting it up to be like a small village. He sighes and then closes his eyes before opening them again. "This is the village that I lost my family in. Do what you need to prepare. I will be in the house on the left." He then heads over and sits at the table sighing softly.
Shade shakes his head. " If the end of the world is the worst that you have seen than you don't know a damn thing. I have watched the universe fall apart and the man that could save it do his best only to be killed in the end. Kinda the reason that I ended up here. I have see everything in my universe die. My family murdered infront of me using my own body. When every thing comes down. We will see just what you can do. Because while you think you have been through hell. I have been through more than I care to talk about." He turns and heads to the training arena." give it your best shot. I'm staying in my base form. And I will show you how you are both no where near ready for things to come.
He shrugs. " That hill is just the highest point that you can see right now. If I really wanted to I have killed a person from about 25 miles away with a single round. Had it pass through the neck and then into the heart of the woman that he was currently with. Sometimes taking out world leaders is a problem. Sometimes it's not. Either way. You both still have a lot to work on if you want to be master assassins like me and some day Shadow. He is skilled. But not even close to a master. But he knows what he has to work on. Where as the two of you. Well your both cocky. One is a drunk that thinks he can handle his booze and still be fine. The other is a being that may have lived lifetimes but falls back on her powers instead of true skill. Both of you lack the focus that you need to do the jobs that we will be taking. You joke around to much. And let me state this now. Immortality is nothing. I don't die. I can't die. You both can die and have your immortality ended. So you should start learning that even if you think you can just come back. There is an end to everything. Even I will someday fade away. If any of you want to get ready for what's coming. Then you have to seek out your teachers. And be ready to crawl away broken.
Shade chuckles and then aims with out looking and in the span of five seconds empties the 18 bullets from his current magazine. He puts the weapon away. "while a rifle is useful. When you in the middle of a battle and the enemy knows your position. The rifle becomes a burden if you have to take time to aim and fire. With my rifle I could hit each of those targets from that hill back there." He points to a hill that is at the very edge of everyone's vision." with out a scope"
Shade having returned with the supplies he was looking for chuckles and pulling out his pistol and standing next to Ollie says " How much you want to be I get all bullseyes from here? With just a pistol."

Shadow sits on a hill looking through a book that was written by his father. Talking about a few of the men that he had run into on his travels.
You're lucky he can make potions to heal any wound short of something that destroys your whole body. Ollie might enjoy pain. But he will be missing limbs a lot with his additude as I have seen it.

As for V. Well she is just going to hate him. Because he is going to be pushing her on a few key points that I have picked up in her so far. Focus being one of them. I will let him explain that in rp.

Also I love and hate that I deep dive into my chars. I can hear him chuckling right now. It's annoying.
It's going to be fun for me using him to his fullest.
Pain is one thing. You mind and body being toyed with as he sees fit. That's another thing. Broken bone here jabs at slopy form there. He is training you to be the best. He doesn't care if you fall on the ground. You fall you die. You run out of energy you die. You make a mistake... Yeah as I said he can be a ass when training people.

But after a few sessions with him. Well normal people won't be able to keep up with you. And considering most of the targets I have in mind for this rp for quite a while. You need his training to have the reaction time to not get slaughtered. I'm not saying you will all be made into one being army's but you will be much better off.
You may find death more fun than training with him. Just a warning.
Well I will figure out where to take us next soon. After all they all have to end up training with Shade at some point. Even if he can be an ass when sparing.
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