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No. It's my own creation. Althiel™. Any who claim the epithet shall be copyright-striked.
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I'm a motherflipping memedere. I shitpost a lot yet I care about people.
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An awful accusation. I don't steal memes. I share it for the world to see.
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Hell yeah I'm WRITING. W R I am not writing T I N G


Credit to: @HachiRoku who also stole it from somewhere on Discord, the hypocrite

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Waddup homie G. Welcome to hell the guild. Have fun, and have a nice stay.

Location: Quiet Slums, Suttlings Basin, Priestella

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Vasilis Achillos @BrokenPromise

"I know you're itching for a fight, but please do take caution. We are dealing with shrewd characters, after all." Irene gestured at the taller knight, their footsteps unrelenting.

"Me? Itching?" Vasilis smirked. He was holding the handle of his axe across his shoulders. "I only raise this axe to protect the innocent, and you." He started to run his hand through his hair, but then stopped and looked back at Irene. "Not that I'm implying that you aren't innocent. If anything, I need to make doubly sure no harm comes to you." He trailed off into mock laughter. "B-but anyway, The reason why I might be giving off the vibe of someone who is itching for a fight is because those are the types of people bandits stay away from." He nodded to himself. "If I looked all cautious and stuff, they'd think I was weak. This way they know I'm not afraid to fight." He lowered his voice. "Even if this place actually gives me the creeps." He cleared his throat before regaining his composure. "But a knight's gotta protect the weak. I-I mean the innocent! Yup! That's pretty much what I live for."

A sly smirk that served to hide the laughter she contained.

”Sure… Let’s go wi--”

Her remark was cut short when the duo took notice of an individual approaching them, and in a panic portrayed by her facial expression. Letting the girl catch her breath, Irene and Vasilis looked at each other. Her attire had already given them the assumption that she wasn't from here, or the kingdom at large. Adventurers, perhaps? But they didn't look like they had any equipment, or anything at all. "Can we help you?" Irene inquired.

Another two, a young man holding a girl's hand, frantic as if they were running away from something, brushed past them. It was at that moment when dread had enveloped her, like a natural reaction. "...!" It was faint, but discernible. Her aunt had warned her about such a phenomenon before, but it had been naught but a hazy memory to her. Though even that wasn't needed, as her body's sudden, quivering response was a dead ringer to the fact that something was off about her, and the other two. A quick glance towards them, the two strangers were looking evasive and surveying the area around them. They could make out what the man articulated. An ambush.

"Vasilis, be on guard." Irene ordered her companion before approaching the short-haired female, her vigilance intensified. She was most certain that a foul aura pervaded her being, but looking at her closely, she was defenseless. What's more, her eyes, facial expression, body movement; they belonged to one who was genuinely confused and afraid, like a lost child crying for help. "..." Putting two-and-two together, Irene offered her hand to the panting female without hesitation, a serious expression painted on her face.

"Not another word. Vasilis, we're withdrawing. Let us flee, post-haste!"
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