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Current Oh yeah, that. Also, follow me on Twitter and sub to my Twitch prime and Patreon. And join the Discord for some cult-ivation.
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False I have qt anime grill as my profile picture yet I barely get any visitors... ignoring the fact that I'm naught but a lurking ghost.
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I love it when I come back from the dead and I see quality content on my status feed.
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Yayeet I'm dying from this summer heat
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Can't form sentences.
Banned for attractive avatar. *blush*
Just got back from work, and holy moly.

Will be making mine in a bit.
Gonna pitch in on this. Though I may need to alter my initial idea a bit since I was planning to make a solitary, quiet but studious, martial-arts type of delinquent with a combat ability, scouted by and turned into the StuCo president's radical cause after losing to her. XD

A bit busy at the moment, but hopefully there's still slots by the time I'm able to come up with a new idea!
Yo. Lovely day or night to you all!

Throwing my interest out here, if slots are still available of course. I'm a bit rusty, but I'll put my 100% into this despite the hectic work schedule. (I'm resigning from it soonish to find a more suitable job that fits my capabilities, so I'll most definitely have lots of free time in the coming months! Maybe. xD)

Thine idea is a solitary, quiet but smart delinquent archetype with a straightforward yet dangerous combat-oriented ability; scouted and eventually appointed as the Disciplinary Committee Vice President to enforce Yukimura Atsuko's radical cause. Of course, I can make adjustments according to your decision, as this is currently just a draft!

I failed a job interview once. I didn't know why; the interview itself went smoothly and all. But in my application for said company, they asked me for a sketch of our home address. And I just realized it now that I'm asked for the same thing in another company I got accepted into. I DREW A ROUGH SKETCH OF OUR OWN HOUSE INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL MAP TO GET THERE.
I got dibs on Kamoshidaman. Heh, just kidding. Le interest.
Yahallo! Welcome to the Guild. I only got a cup of tea and unfunny memes to offer as welcoming gifts, so take your pick.

"The workplace should be right around.. Whoa.."

Calum halted at the sight before him, lowering the missive he was reading. Well-tended flora of varying ilk and vivid colors pervaded the green fields. Atop the inclined path lied a rather crude shack, which appeared to embrace the very nature it stood on. If it wasn't for the smoke emitting from its chimney, it would be easy to assume that it was abandoned. Still, everything about it felt... natural. The morning breeze that he felt brush past his being only complemented the invigorating vibes as he walked up the path towards his destination. It was going to be his very first job; the feeling of uneasiness inching on him like a bug. Nevertheless, it was one that he had decided on.

A chance for fateful encounters. To soar through the skies. To find one's own happiness through witnessing another's smile. A simplistic, yet wholesome dream for some, even if considered childish by others.

Arriving at the end of the walkway, Cal finds a young woman; a damsel possessing ashen hair and looking the same age as him. Their eyes met not too long after, and thus a greeting was inevitable. "Good morning to you, miss! I, uh.. assume you're here for the same reason as I am?" The two made light conversation, before more figures came one after another. And by each one arriving, he couldn't help but feel a slight sense of discomfort. He was honestly expecting a more gender-equal ensemble, and this was quite the surprise.

"Erm.. I suppose introductions are in order, huh? Alright then, I'll start! Name's Calum. Calum Pierrepont. Folks call me 'Cal', so feel free to do so as well. Here's to hoping we all get accepted, yeah?"

The exchange picked up and continued from there, up until a certain point. The slight creaking of the door made the ashen-haired Emi shriek by surprise, and the others in tandem. "Y-you're joking.. right? T-the house can't possibly be haunted.." The sole male uttered with shaky breaths, a tad nervous when Emi slowly peered into the darkness.

And, like a scene from a horror flick, it happened.

"UWAAAH!" A figure bound from the doorway, causing his body to jerk backwards by instinct. His precious brown hat parted from his head and he almost lost his footing, like Emi just did. His wide-eyed gaze was glued to the culprit; a dog. Inconsiderate to the people it had just frightened, the creme-colored furball ran towards the greenery and frolicked about. His heart was beating fast, his right palm planted on his chest and he was struggling to catch his breath.

"Man.. Not.. a big fan of.. jumpscares.. Hah.. Little fella almost gave me a heart attack! Ahaha.. Hahahahaha!" Cal burst out laughing, realizing that he likely screamed the loudest of them all; the man among the women. He bent down to pick up his fallen hat, returning it to where it once was. "Well, that was embarrassing! Let's just move on and forget that ever happened?"

He tried his best to save himself from that embarrassment. He really did.
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