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Current Not feeling good sorry rp partners
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I have a new rp idea roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
3 yrs ago
Bored out of my mind and most of my partners ghosted. Need more rps. Have many ideas. I
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3 yrs ago
Need more partners have new characters and plots ready.
3 yrs ago
Making a new character. Who will need some rp to be tested in.


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Hi I been working on a story. My partner has not responded in 2 months and fear they won’t ever at this point. So I have taken up the task of keeping working on the story. It a romance story about a supernatural male king marrying a female human as part of the peace treaty. My oc the human girl cones from a dark background. But it how they fall in love and the trials an obstacles of beliefs and court and there pasts and etc. i have have the story in my notes. I will send them in pm or if i find a way to link it here. This is romance slice of life /high fantasy. This will not have horror or gore in it unless my partner desires it. Im willing to alter the story in any way to suite my partner.

What i can offer

Multiple paragraphs. 1-4

Years of Experience

Lore and story available

Very active daily

Willing to wait.

Playing side characters

Willing to guide story if needed.


What I seek

Male supernatural king - Dom

Kings court

Multiple paragraphs

Fairly active ( like don’t make me wait a month without communication.)


Im willing to make this a group if enough people are interested.
Comment or pm if interested.
Must be 18 or older and able to fade to black in order to rp and be active.
I would do vampire knight.
I don’t want sex or smut if we do fade to black. Looking for a male. Pm me or post here. Please be able to communicate.

Closed 1. Lab rp. So im looking for a scientist. But exact plot open. My oc taken and there prisoner. For some reason they choose her to become not human and make something totally new. So they make her into something that not to exist.

Open 2. Mafia rp. In this one im looking for a evil mafia boss. Who want my oc as his slave/companion. Only problem she defies him and hides and on a few occasions almost ruined his empire. Now he has to make her his ideal lady

Open 3. Demonic wish. So a you a demon seeks a lady. You find one and she pretty. But only thing is. She hates demons. But strong willed and hates you. You then turn her into a pretty demon and make her yours.

Open 4. A slave revenge. My oc was captured in war and kept by the evil royal family. Horribly treated that was until she meet a prince of a different kingdom. She got punished for seeking him out or being near him. But she choose to be with the prince. They come up with a plot. Then she gets punished and sentenced to death. Right before getting killed her prince and his army invade the area and saving her. Later she marries the prince and her old enemy now at her mercy.

Closed 5. Divine savior. My oc beaten and worse and getting ready to be put to death. Her faith has gotten her in major trouble with the priesthood. But suddenly the sovereign god of death claims her soul. He takes her to his realm. He cares about her and want to help her. He gives her soul a new form and powers and claims she is his high priestess. He gives her a guardian to protect her together they are to spread his faith. They go on adventures until she ascends to become his wife the goddess of death.
I love to do a historical rp with you.
I love to do a story with you. I’m open to a death note rp or try a medieval rp.
I like the toy maker idea.
Bump. Updates
Interested in a war captive slave and master rp? With a bit of revenge?
I’m looking for a story based on a few fandoms. I’m seeking male to my female.

Guilty crown
Tomayori princess
Yona of dawn
Dance in vampire bund
John wick
Mythology rp
Fairy tail ( a mavis and zeref like story only ocs.)
Im sorry then. I guess was expecting something different.
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