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Current Decided to watch Blue Exorcist. Either its really sad or I'm a cry baby, because I'm sobbing every other episode.
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Don't be a salad!
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Damn it, Zaga! COME BACK!
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"You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you..."
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I am so fucking annoyed. Recommended: do not bother me until further notice.


Hey peoples, I am Syndle. I am friendly most of the time, but will defend my friends with a fiery vengeance if someone messes with them.

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Lillian listened intently as Yugaku began to speak. Lillian frowned as the PDAs began to be passed out. What was the point of this? Her question was immediately answered. Kind of helpful, certainly. She detested sleeping outdoors. Other people's information was in there, too? Well, that's rather annoying. What use would she have in contacting another?
Then they were grouped up.

With no small amount of annoyance, Lillian made her way over to her designated area. Reishund trotted happily behind her, his tongue hung lazily out the side of his mouth. She watched the others move along with her and noticed that the gentleman that had been in the fight earlier that day. This man was someone she wanted to meet. He was quite skilled and she felt he could possibly have some tips to improve her ability to train Natrelmon. Maybe, maybe not. Couldn't hurt to ask… then again, he was people.

As Lillian stood fighting with herself over actually introducing herself to someone, Reishund noticed one of their group had stuck their hand out. Food? TREAT?! He looked at Lillian then back at the boy. He must have the treat! He walked over to the kid to get his treat, but someone else had beaten him to it. That was his treat! Maybe he had more. Yes! More! Reishund became just a little too excited and jumped on the boy. He immediately forgot about the treat that didn't exist, because he had a new friend! The child's face. Slobbery licks. His tail became a weapon of leg destruction as he wagged it furiously. Lillian ignored him, knowing no harm would come to the kid. She focused on what she could say that would be considered polite.

The moment Reishund barked, a random flash of light struck near the Kujaku. Lillian looked at her faithful icebound canine companion, shocked. Not nearly as much as the Kujaku who had barely dodged the main bolt of lightning that had descended upon it. It hadn't gotten away from that after shock, however, and the poor bird lay immobilized. Well, by Seiryu's blessing, it seemed that she wouldn't have to fight too hard for her first Kujaku.

Lillian crept in close to the bird, who was still heaving from its near death experience. She reached into her pack and produced a small black case and opened it. Within was a collection of well organized relics, each perfectly sized to fit in each slot of her chain web. She pulled out her two best relics and stowed the case back in her pack. It was then the Kujaku noticed her, not that Lillian and her entourage were being sneaky. Reishund trotted along happily behind her and Omu was particularly chatty. The Kujaku started to move, but Lillian was faster. The relic began to glow a dark violet color, but before it could start to capture the bird, the stone shattered. Lillian glared at her hand where the relic had been. She would make sure she didn't purchase relics from an inferior vendor again.

Still, there was the other one. Lillian held the relic out, it glowed purple, too. This time it was a lighter violet. The light enveloped the Kujaku and after a moment, the light faded and the purple avian had disappeared. Almost immediately after, Lillian called her new companion from its relic. It glowed the same violet color as before and the Kujaku appeared before her. A quick look over brought to Lillian's attention some singed feathers. She approached it slowly, knowing it didn't trust her yet.
“I won't hurt you. I want to heal your wounds.” She said in a low voice, reaching out her hand, which began to glow as she began to chant, activating her healing magic. The Kujaku seemed to relax a bit as it felt its injuries disappear. After a while, it was completely healed, but it still eyed Lillian suspiciously. It was to be expected. She would win its trust one way or another. The violet color glowed again as she recalled Kujaku to its relic and put it into place on her chain.

Thirty minutes passed as Lillian made her way to the shores of Toran. She could see the waves of the ocean through the tree line, but became distracted by a small meowing. She looked around, but couldn't pinpoint the source. She decided to give up for now and move on, but when Lillian turned around, a small purple feline sat before her. It took her a minute to realize the cat was an Ocalia. You didn't really see them with purple coats, and it was so dark, you could only see it when the light hit its fur. It was beautiful.

Lillian crouched down and held out her hand, palm down so it could sniff her. It looked somewhat young, but she couldn't tell without giving it a proper examination. The feline came right up to her and gave a brief sniff before pressing its head on her hand. A delighted smile crossed Lillian's face as she began to give her new and surprisingly friendly companion scratches under the chin. There was no way she was going to let such a cutie kitty stay out here.
“Want to come home with me?”

The Ocalia meowed its response, almost as if to say it did. Once again, Lillian removed the case of relics and removed one. It glowed burgundy, and the Ocalia joined her roster. Lillian was absolutely thrilled to pieces. Two Natrelmon in one day. This was fantastic. She stood and dusted off her dress then turned back towards the ocean.

Reishund pounced on the waves as they hit the sand. His excitement put Lillian at ease and she settled onto the sand, her legs crossed at the ankles before her. Omu settled herself in a nearby piece of driftwood and Ocalia lay purring in her lap. A gentle morning breeze caught Lillian's bangs. It felt nice to get away. The peace was short lived as Reishund bounded up to her and barked, wagging his tail. She looked up at her adorable canine companion and froze. Perched upon her friends head was a snake. It bobbed its head at like it was greeting someone it had known for years. What was going on? Where were these friendly Natrelmon coming from?

Lillian wasn't overly fond of serpents and slid her hand into her pack, popping open the case of relics inside. If Reishund wanted more friends, she would get over it. Besides, having a variety of Natrelmon would be very helpful if she decided to challenge the arenas. She pulled out a relic and pressed it to the snake's nose, causing a lavender glow to encase it before it vanished inside the stone. It wasn't until after it was gone that she realized it had a strange coloring. Weren't those usually white? How strange..
Perhaps it was just luck, running into those mutations. Yeah. Luck.
Then again, maybe she was imagining things. It was time to head back to town.


Toran was a beautiful place. Regardless of how Lillian felt about humans, she could respect their architecture. How different it became in different places. She was lost in her own thoughts, inspecting many of the buildings as she made her way to the center of the city. The only thing that brought her to her senses were the sounds of fighting. It got louder as she got closer to her destination. Curiosity got the best of her and she hastened her pace.

When Lillian broke through, she could see that two people had started a tussle. She had no idea why they were fighting. Probably some silly disagreement as humans are prone to. Still, it was interesting and gave her something to do for a while.

That was when she saw it.
It was one of the largest animals she had ever seen. But it looked so small with its body crushed beneath the trunk of a tree. It was completely exhausted, and badly wounded, pinned half in and half out of gushing water, its claws sunk deep in the bark of a tree, holding on with the last of its strength. It was seconds from drowning. The animal had jet-black fur and a long black tail, and its bright yellow eye were staring straight at her.

The train whistle blew, and it was pure luck that Lillian had heard it. Had she not just finished the chapter in her book, she would probably have missed it and ended up on her way back to Ward. That would have been a problem. She closed her book and stowed in her satchel and stood. She stretched out her back and legs. The ride may have taken a few hours, but due to a very welcome distraction, it seemed to take only a short while.

After a moment, her car door slid open. She peeked out around the corridor, someone was opening the doors to the other cars as if to usher them along. Lillian scowled, picked up her pack, and exited.

Lillian had been back here since the family vacation. It was quite a contrast to Ward. That alone made her feel energized. Enough so that she felt like exploring.
One step off the train made her regret everything, however, and she had to fight the urge to get back on the train. People. Everywhere. Why did she choose to come to the center of this city again? Ugh. She immediately walked out of the station and headed toward the outskirts.

It didn't take long for her to reach the forest. She remember most of the way, but once Lillian got closer to the edge, she got a little disoriented. Still, she found her way. How beautiful. The morning light shimmered through the leaves which left a dappled trail of light across the ground. She smiled and looked at her pack. They probably wanted some exercise. A pale blue light followed by a bright purple light preceded her Reishund and Omu. Her faithful furred friend began to bound about, stretching out his limbs. His white fur bounced as he began sniffing the trees. Omu, on the other hand immediately perched atop Lillian's head and looked down at her, squawking. They were a bit too excited.

The commotion from Reishund seemed to cause some distress with the nearby wildlife. A small flash of purple was all it took to get Lillian's attention. She followed it around a bush and gasped in awe of what she found. A beautiful Kujaku, stood before her. Omu was at a loss herself. She was rather taken by her fellow feathered avian. Reishund was too excited to care, his tongue flopped out the side of his mouth as he raced over to see what it was. It was a bird thing. He looked up at Lillian then back at the bird and barked.

@Raging Fenrir

It has supernatural qualities, but only within the mansion.
You are very welcome to it. Lady Sinclair just loves writers.

We'd love to have you.
Beware the House of Lady Sinclair, thus warns the villagers of the sinister manor that sits in isolation deep within the Trammel Forest. Long has the Village of Hackamore lived in the shadow of it's unsettling reputation, whispering hushed tales and rumors of those who had dared enter its grounds never to be heard from again...

By ill fortune or fate, each of you have dared to travel deep into the forest this night, only to have been caught in a terrible storm. Stranded, the glow of lights in the distance promise refuge, which you sorely need, and in following its beacon, find yourself at a grand and decaying manor. The heavy iron gates swing open as you approach, and after the long walk to the entrance, you reach the manor's enormous oak door. Before your knocking hand can strike the wood, the Manor opens itself to you.

"Greetings, travellers," speaks the butler standing in the entrance hall, "The Mistress knows your troubles and bids you welcome into her home. Please accept our hospitality and try to enjoy your stay... at least until the storm has passed."


"Escape the Tempest" is a mystery, horror role play with a slice of romance. Characters can be either a servant in the employ of the beguiling Lady Sinclair; or a guest that had been caught in the storm. During your characters stay at the mansion, together they will face mortal danger and temptation as you try to unravel the secrets that loom just beneath the surface.

I would like to have a small group of servants around 5-7 with no limit on guests.
The mansion itself is set in the 1800s, but I am accepting modern characters as well due to the nature of the area.

Again. He didn't understand that hiding in the shadows was only going to make the humans fear their people even more. Marmalade's tail twitched in annoyance.
"I hid for the first seven years of my life. Its time to show the humans that we are beings that they don't need to fear anymore. We can live together in peace." She stood and patted the dust off her clothes, "Living in fear isn't really living after all."

After leaving the boy to his own fate, Mara decided it was time to return to her brother. She found him with his favorite lady of all. She smiled, walking up to them. "Having fun you two?" She noticed the cut in Kest's clothes, but as he had taken hits much worse, she didn't fuss over it. Mostly because he didn't look like he was in pain. Putting on a show for his fair lady? "I'm going to head home now, see you later!"

It had been a long day. Mara yawned as she slipped into her pajamas. Tomorrow was going to be the Day of the Dark Dragon. She couldn't wait to see what the day would bring. A soft smile stayed with her even as she fell into a deep and untroubled sleep.


She.. she wanted to hold hands. It was too soon! Kest looked at Veragwen's hand, unsure if he could handle such a forward gesture. This was exactly what he wanted though! A smile spread across his face and he reached out to take her hand.
But what if she doesn't like how rough my hands are?
What if my hands are clammy?
The look of sheer panic would have been obvious to anyone. It caused him to hesitate.

If it hadn't been for his sister, he might have stayed like that for who knows how long. She told them she was going to bed, but why? It was still fairly early in the night. All the extra stress from today must have gotten to her. He looked at Veragwen and smiled, taking her hand.
"At least we don't have to look for Mara anymore." he took a breath, "D-Do you think you could.. I don't know.. take one of the next two days off..? I'd love to spend one of the festival days with you." his voice faded a little as he continued talking, but something popped up in his mind.
I'd love to spend more than just the day with you

What the heck? What was he thinking? A little disturbed by his thoughts, he simply smiled down at the beautiful woman next to him.
Once everyone tucks in for the night, we will move on.
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