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I'll throw some interest down.
I'll throw my interest in. I'll keep my eye on this.
No. 3 just cocked an eyebrow as the little robot railed and flailed at them, utterly ineffectually. She stood back and let the little guy tire himself out until he thunked to the ground in defeat. He said some odd things about being a core in the mud, but that didn't particularly concern her. The old robot has told her that this scout could have some information for them. "30 years? Well, if nothing else he's devoted to his work," she said giving her blonde sister a smile. "I don't have any idea what these devices are for, but I suppose our little friend here could tell us."

She leaned over the "defeated" robot. "You've been here for 30 years, so you must know something. What is this building and why are there no Varden in it? What were you scouting for? How did you end up in a tangled mess?" She hoped she didn't bombard the robot with too much, but thus far the machines didn't seem averse to talking.
Hey, just wanna be honest. I've lost all momentum with this RP and can't really find the motivation to pick it up again. You all are welcome to pick it up and do with it what you like, but I'm sorry to say, I won't be continuing. Best wishes to all.
I'll have a post up for you guys tomorrow.
No. 3 was on edge for the entire trek through the tower. She felt like this whole thing was some kind of trap or setup. Her eyes kept darting to dark corners that she would hide behind if she were to ambush someone. Yet, each time there was nothing. Why would the Varden abandon a tower like this? Surely there was at least some kind of skeleton crew, or security staff keeping things operational. They approached the roof and she gripped her knives with white knuckles, ready to bombard the ambush party that was inevitably waiting for them.

However, there were no threats. No. 3 wished she could say that calmed her down, but that just made her more anxious. As No. 1 untangled the little robot, she decided to take a peak at the city. Some might call the sight beautiful. Perhaps once No. 3 would have thought the same. But now, her mind was frantic. She wanted to analyze and remember all the major roads and where they were in relation to each other. Where were the largest buildings and what were the quickest paths to get there? She noted the spire and all the different paths that led to it. She watched the ships flying below her, making not of their patterns. She furrowed her brow in concentration until her head hurt. But eventually, she couldn't take any more in, and stepped away from the edge, making her way back to No. 1 who was at work untangling the robot.

"It looks deactivated," she said. "Does it seem like it's damaged to you?" She walked over and cut some of the wires away.
Poor entangled robot.

Must rescue!
Short post, but having a bit of a block. Figured I'd just push through it so as not to hold things up.
No. 3 nodded at her sister's assessment. "Right. Trying to climb from the outside will just get us seen by one of those ships. Though, if they sound alarms while we're inside the tower, we could end up trapped." She let out a little sigh. "Screw it. I'm tired cowering like a scared child. Let's march in there and bring the fight to them." She felt her nanobots buzzing, getting ready to manufacture more blades for her. "We'll stay quiet if we can, but I'm not going to avoid trouble any more. It's about time we kill some of these Varden."

With that, her she snapped her invisibility back on and dashed into the open front doors of the tower. If it was a trap, good. She had some frustration to vent. A small blade appeared in each of her hands. She gripped them loosely, ready to let them fly at a moment's notice. Yes, it felt more natural to throw them than to stab someone with them, though she would do that too if necessary. Her eyes darted left and right, scanning for any source of life. Woe be to the first Varden whose head popped up, for he would just as quickly find a blade lodged in his skull.
No. 3 couldn't help but chuckle as her blonde sister debated what they ought to call themselves. A team name was probably the least of their worries right now, and whether she said "sis" or "sister" seemed irrelevant. Words were merely a convenience, and as long as people agreed to call things by the same name, nothing else really mattered. It almost seemed childish to ruminate over such things, but at the same time it was endearing. If anything, the quirk made her more fond of her sister, as if she managed to cling to something precious. "I'll leave the creativity up to you," she said, patting No. 1 on the back. "My only suggestion is that if we name ourselves, it ought to be something that strikes fear into the Varden."

With that she turned to No. 2 and gave her a nod. "Yes, let's go. We have nothing to gain by waiting." However, as they approached the tower, she felt the nanobots buzzing inside of her. They were replicating, preparing for some pre-programmed procedure. "I... I think I should scout ahead," she said, after a moment's hesitation. "You two stick together. I'll let you know if I see any danger, then we can attack as a unit if I find anything."

She took a breath and decided to allow the nanobots to carry out their task. She wasn't sure what they were doing, but it felt right to just let them do it. No. 3 didn't notice what happened, but her sisters would see an electric flicker, and then nothing. No.3 became completely invisible; only a distortion of space and the raindrops running along her body gave any indication of where she stood. She darted towards the tower, her feet falling silently against the ground. She didn't have to think to do so. Her muscles knew where to place her feet to make as little noise as possible. She crouched low, seeking cover in shadows as she approached the tower with a rapidity that surprised her. She kept an eye out for any Varden and tried to assess what security and obstacles were blocking their way to the tower. Once she had this information, she would return to her sisters.
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