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@Clever HansLooks good to me. You can post it in the characters tab. Now, if we just get one or two more people, we can get started.
@Renny Haha. Happy to help. I love doing nerd math.
And if you have decided, what year? 2018, yeah?

Well, the Yu Yu Hakusho manga began it's serialization in 1990, and it was implied it was "present day" at its time of airing. Technologically, it does represent the 90's as it seems like a modern world, but nobody had cell phones and there wasn't much mention of the internet. So I think it's safe to say that Yu Yu Hakusho began in 1990. I believe the series covers roughly 4 years of time, so it ends in roughly '94. The RP would take place 30 years after that, so we're probably in the near future of 2024.
So, how do we plan on getting everyone roped into the Spirit Detective business? Does Yusuke go knocking on their doors and say, "I'm putting together a little team?" Haha.
I've honestly never seen the term Yokai in Yu Yu Hakusho

They actually use the term to refer to all the demons in the Japanese dub. Hiei, Kurama, Rando, Suzaku, and the like are all called Yokai at some point.

Also, glad you like my theme song! Okami is one of my all-time favorite games.
Alright, fixed it up for you. Hopefully it's good enough:

Lance lost count of how many times his head was chopped off. He wasn't sure if he was in heaven or hell, or perhaps some kind of bizarre purgatory, but seeing his life over and over again he began to wish for the silent bliss of oblivion. How many times did he have to watch his wife die? How many times did he have to lose to those corrupt noblemen? All he could do was wonder what it all amounted to. He never saw the peasant revolt. He never saw the sweeping reforms. He never saw his name in history books generations later. All he saw was a jeering crowd, then the sky, and then it started all over again...

Lance gasped and bolted upright, looking around with a bewildered expression. He didn't know this place. He let that sink in for a moment. He didn't know this place. It was over. The eternal life, death, and rebirth was finally over. He felt his neck. No scar. He stood up. Somehow, even that was easier than he remembered. His tired, aching back seemed new and full of life once again. He rolled his shoulders. No sharp pain from that knife he took to the nerve. It seemed that wherever he was, the gods had seen fit to fix of the dings and dents that middle-age had done to his body. He went to reach for a cigarette... perhaps the gods weren't so kind after all.

As Lance got his bearings, he leaned against one of the crumbling buildings, blending in with the shadows by instinct. For a moment, he just listened. Names... places he'd never heard of. How can a place both be one's homeland and the subject of a play? None of this was making sense. Come on, Lance, he thought. You've made sense of crazier shit than this. If a place was ancient history to one person, but the home of another, then that meant they were from different times. He glanced at the potpourri of comrades trying to figure out the same things he was. It would explain why they were such a mismatched bunch. A group of people from a variety of different times and cultures.

Lance emerged from the shadows and approached the group. "What, indeed, are we supposed to do about this mess?" The snow crunched beneath his feet and he shifted uncomfortably. He had seen snow only a couple times in his life. Usually, in Grimwater, it just rained. "That's a big question. One I don't think we should tackle just yet, especially since we don't even know what this mess is." He took out his arcane magnifier and began scanning some of the buildings. "Was this natural? Was it arson? And if so... What in the hell?" In all his years as a detective, Lance had never seen a magic residue like this. How could something burn and freeze? "Well... that's different..."
Here's what I've got:

Aww man. Looks like it's full. If any spots open up please let me know. I'd also be happy playing a "side" character rather than a main spirit detective. Someone not too strong, but there for support.
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