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Well you can certainly color me interested. I'd like to call dibs on old man River Ramuh if you'll have me.
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Yuuhei Seiho

Saturday Morning – Practice Building?

Despite the all too life threatening situation that Yuuhei was once again finding himself in and the fear that was threatening to freeze him in place, the blond couldn’t help but crack a small grin. Whether he cared to admit it or not, the adrenaline and excitement that this insane world was providing him was simply intoxicating to him. It was a rather troublesome realization to be sure, but one he figured he would worry about after surviving Piggy-kun.

Speaking of which, the all too worrisome vibrations running up the boy’s legs reminded him that he wasn’t dealing with just any mundane pig. But before he could react, Yuuhei was briefly blinded by the impossibly bright light that blew the door to pieces and ground his teeth as the crack of thunder that accompanied it rang violently in his ears. The thing didn't give him any time to process what was happening, as it let out a vicious roar that drove him even further away from the broken doorway, now next to his two companions as it burst through the opening.

Terror gripped him once more as that unnaturally frenzied eye locked onto them, its intent clear well before it started moving.

’Now would be a good time to start moving, my dear actor’ Prospero’s voice dryly murmured in his head. Obnoxious, sure, but his persona’s words had managed to momentarily cut through the cold dread locking him in place and remind Yuuhei that there was an urgent need for him to do something.

The fuzzy image of the thing was approaching frighteningly fast. The floorboards creaked terribly with every footfall of the massive thing, sounding as if at any moment it would break through the ground. Yuuhei knew it wouldn’t happen, but a guy could dream, right?

”Get to the side!” the blonde yelled over the roar of Piggy-kun, as he himself charged straight at the thing, hoping to get its attention.

Every step he took caused his body to scream in protest, but he really didn’t have the luxury of taking it easy on his body that was still battered from their last encounter with one of these things. With a quick jerk of his arm, the dart in his hand was sent flying towards that unnerving golden eye.

While he doubted it would do any serious damage, Yuuhei hoped it would at least distract the thing momentarily. Because at the last second, just before the lumbering mass crushed him under those grossly gaunt legs, the blond dived out of the way.

’Hey Prospero, now would be a good time for you to start helping!’
@Dynamo Frokane Hey there boss man, this is rather belated but I won't be able to join you all on this fantastic voyage. I've been tossing around character ideas for the past week or so, but none of them have particularly caught my fancy.

Any who, sorry for dipping on ya. Hopefully next time I'll be able to stick around.
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Yuuhei Seiho

Saturday Morning – Practice Building?

The brisk jog to the AV room was thankfully rather uneventful. But with his surroundings still doing a marvelous job of convincing him that he had been cast for a role in a horror movie, it was nearly impossible to calm down and pretend like he did not just make a giant flesh robot explode with a magic gust of wind. Man, the whole situation was getting dangerously close to being too absurd for him to take in his usual confident stride.

Tsubaki threw the door open with gusto, the near manic excitement she was letting off almost enough to make even Yuuhei worry. The blond didn’t say anything though, because as far as he was concerned it was more important for them to keep moving. Especially if the alternative was to wait for more grotesque things to greet them. Yet the universe seemed to think it was unbelievably funny, as even without his glasses Yuuhei was able to make out a sight inside of the AV room that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of making him eat his unspoken words.

"So what's the plan?"

Yuuhei barely registered his underclassmen was speaking as he unconsciously made his first sound decision of the day. One hand grabbed Tsubaki by the collar of her uniform and yanked her out of the doorway, while his other one unceremoniously slammed the door to the AV room shut. It had been difficult for him to make out specifics of the thing, but it was painfully clear that golden eye, which had jerked about with rabid fervor, did not have their best interests in mind.

”How does this sound?” Yuuehi finally replied to Natsume a bit too nonchalantly, ”We keep walking, pretend we didn’t see anything, and not talk about what we just saw ever again. I’m positive Piggy-kun will understand.”

But despite his recommendation, Yuuhei took position next to the door with an amused smile and listened for whatever the thing decided to do next. His hand reached into his pocket and withdrew another dart. Sure, they had proven to be disastrously useless in their last fight, but for some reason the weight still filled him with some small sense of security.

His eyes darted to his two companions, silently asking if they were ready for what came next.
@Dynamo Frokane Timeline wise, Reiji would still be a lil shit in his old band, so I really can't find a way to justify bringing him into this RP.

Now his older brother on the other hand... I may be able to put together an interesting CS for him.
@chukklehed I don't really have much to post, so I say you don't need to worry about my turn.

Unless of course @Crimmy wants to throw something in our way.
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Yuuhei Seiho

Saturday Morning – Practice Building?

The blond’s sheepish grin twitched a bit out of nervousness, as even without his glasses Yuuhei had quite a bit of practice when it came to picking up on the telltale signs of a disappointed underclassmen thanks to Saika. But even as he noticed her expression narrow accusatorially, part of him was quite intrigued to see what kind of reaction his blunder was going to reward him with.

Yuuhei let out a pained grunt and recoiled physically from Natsume’s admonishment, throwing a hand over his heart as if it had just been pierced by her words. His theatrics, like usual, went largely unnoticed as the white haired girl turned to Ms. I Want Off This Ride and asked for her name.

A playful smirk pulled at Yuuhei’s lips as the young girl bowed deeply after stumbling shyly through her introduction. If they made it out of this alive, he had to remember to rope her into joining the Newspaper Club as well, because he could tell this Tsubaki girl could give him plenty of amusing reactions. But before the gears in his head could start turning to make his whim a reality, the dark haired girl was already taking off down the hallway.

The blond could only blink a few times and turn to the fuzzy outline of Natsume and shrug before chasing after his new ward. Whatever she had come up with was almost certainly better than just hanging around in this sketchy corridor, just waiting for something else to go terribly wrong.
Oi, apologies for the rather poor Houdini act. I'm working on a short post now and should have it up in a few.
@Mae I am satisfied with these rolls and shall prostrate myself before the dice gods in gratitude.

And I would indeed like to get a roll on the acquaintance table, if you would be so kind.
@Mae A: Friend B: Friend

I will also be using my If-Then: If friend, then not from the Wolfrahg tribe.
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