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Name: Rowen Tuesti
Location: The Forgotten Capital
Tag: @Holy Soldier

Rowen hardly needed the flashing red lights and blaring alarm to tell him what was about to happen, as the turbulent spin the helicopter had adopted had already been quite vocal in that regard. And since the initial impact had caused the white haired SOLDIER to come dangerously close to spilling out of the helicopter, just barely missing being thrown out into the open air by mere inches, he could also hear the whipping wind howl all sorts of promises that he had no interest in.

The force of the aircraft’s rotation pressed Rowen painfully flat against the hard metal wall. His right hand just barely managed to grasp onto something solid before the bird crashed into a tree, filling the air with all sorts of awful sounds of wood snapping and metal screeching. A second impact quickly followed, forcing Rowen to bash his head violently against the wall. Before the spots in his visions even had a chance to introduce themselves, what was left of the helicopter made landfall. It felt as if an eternity had passed before the wreck stopped spraying up dirt and shards of metal and come to a much welcome halt.

Consciousness kept trying to scamper away from him, but after some time Rowen managed to will his eyes open and keep them that way. When his eyes finally managed to focus, he could only marvel at how well the metal deathtrap had kept itself together, all things considered. With a pained grunt, the SOLDIER managed to pick himself off the ground. The deed was rather unappreciated by his body though, evidenced by the new assortment of bruises he had accrued announcing their presence with each slight movement he made, but he would live.

The imposters that had caused the mess all seemed to be unconscious. Rowen couldn’t help but think of the lives that had been lost because of their actions, his lips curling into a disdainful scowl. An awful impulse to put the cowards down in their sleep briefly crossed his mind, but the idea was simply too repulsive for Rowen to act on it. Besides, Lapin would almost certainly want these men alive for questioning later, so with sluggish movements he got to work ensuring they wouldn’t be going anywhere as he got his bearings, starting with the pilot.

But when he finished with the lab coat, he was struck by a stark realization. The case holding the artifact was gone. Green eyes frantically swept across the wreckage, but it was nowhere to be found.

”You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he muttered, the scowl on his face deepening to new levels of displeasure.

A glint of light caught his attention. His head jerked towards its direction, his gaze falling on something outside of the aircraft. Rowen approached the object carefully, eyes scanning the tree line for any unannounced guests. A deep sigh of relief left him though once he got closer, as nestled in a patch of brush and dirt was the artifact.

A weary hand reached for his communicator. ”Lapin, this is Tuesti. I have the package.” It was hardly one of the most proper of transmissions, but Rowen figured that even someone as strict as Lapin would cut him some slack considering what he had just gone through.

Except… His ever dutiful commander hadn’t replied.

”Lapin? Did you hear me?” His voice was tinged with apprehension. It wasn’t like her to let such an important message go unanswered. Another few moments of silence passed. ”Come on Bunny, talk to me.” Rowen’s face twisted with consternation as even the nickname that Lapin despised failed to get a response.

”Wait a…” His voice trailed off as he realized that the scene surrounding him did not look at all like they should. The trees were completely different, not to mention the fact that no forest near Bone Village stretched on quite like this one.

A nervous hand reluctantly retrieved the case next to him. ”Oh, what have you gotten yourself mixed up in now?” The question went unanswered by the eerily silent woods, except for a mysterious aura shining through the trees that almost seemed to be beckoning him. Rowen cast a wary glance backwards to the wreck he had emerged from as the grip on his rapier tightened. The options before him were hardly appealing, but with no way to make contact with anyone else, staying in place hardly seemed to be the right call.

Rowen did not particularly care for the idea of leaving his detainees unguarded, but leading them any significant amount of distance would be far too impractical. His teeth grit, unsatisfied with the reality of the situation, but his best bet was to try and break through whatever was blocking his communications and to double back to the helicopter with reinforcements.

With his mind made up, Rowen began walking towards the strange aura.
Vistaeria Rhys’alamot

Ominar, Nabriales’ Penthouse
Day 3 – Evening

Interacting with: @Tuujaimaa’s patience

Unfocused magenta eyes slowly opened, only to find an unfamiliar ceiling sprawling overhead. The sight did little to quell the waves of disorientation wracking Vi’s muddled mind, as the last thing she remembered was being in Nabriales' shop. She tried to connect the dots that led from that to waking up fully dressed in somebody else’s bed, but she quickly gave up as she brought a feeble hand to rest upon her brow. It felt like she had been asleep for months and there was a feverish feeling clinging annoyingly to her body.

Her eyes went wide as decades of discipline finally kicked in. With grit teeth, Vi painfully forced herself into a sitting position on the needlessly extravagant bed, eyes quickly darting across the room looking for any potential threats. The Prae’s hand had instinctually reached for the pocket knife she had kept hidden in her boot, but the action quickly proved to be unneeded. As long as the extravagant furniture in the room didn’t turn on her, there was nothing threatening about her immediate surroundings.

That didn’t mean the former Exeo was about to let her guard down though, so with more effort than she cared to admit, she sluggishly hauled herself off the ridiculously fluffy bed. Her first few steps were unsteady, but it only took her a few moments of holding onto the nightstand to fully regain her bearings. The events that had unfolded in Nabriales shop were slowly returning to her in flashes, causing the corner of her mouth to twitch in slight annoyance. And as the memories of her new employer’s antics practically coaxed her fingers to curl into a fist, she realized that she was unknowingly crumpling a small piece of paper.

Try to rest, hon. I'll be back when I'm done at the store, and we can talk about things then.

”Tch.” The small, disgusted noise was the paper’s only companion as it fell carelessly to the floor. Vi was hardly thrilled to find out that she had been more or less marooned and left to the whims of Nabriales, but there was hardly anything she could do about it at this point.

However, reading the short letter had made the last piece of Vi’s memory fall back into place. And as she opened the door, she remembered the potent bottle of vis that the alchemist had offered her as payment. Merely thinking about it made the Prae recall the feeling of it burning down her throat, of the immense power it had brought to her fingertips, and the crash that had reduced her to her present sorry condition.

If the mess that had been her morning was any indication, Aismael would still be sitting comfortably outside of her reach for the foreseeable.

The redhead’s brow furrowed at the thought, squeezing the door handle in front of her harder than was absolutely necessary. The rational part of Vi was well aware of the fact that she was closer to her goal than she had ever been in the last two years, but she also couldn’t simply shake off the infuriating feeling that she still had a long way to go. Even with the tremendous surge of power the potion offered, there was little doubt in her mind that she would not have posed much of a challenge for an Exeo, much less one like Aismael. And that wasn’t even mentioning the awful drawback that it came with.

Vi briefly closed her eyes and sighed, willing all of her frustration and impatience to drain out of her with it. She was prepared to do whatever she needed to get her answers. A few years, even a few decades, would be a small price to pay if that was what it took.

The door swung open without even a squeak, a testament to its fine craftsmanship and the likely exorbitant amount of money Nabriales had put into the place. Vi’s boots clacked noisily down the hall as she slowly ventured forward. With little idea of where she was, the Prae had little choice other than to wait for her employer.

That didn’t mean she would be content with sitting around for him though, so for now she set her sights on figuring out the place’s layout.
Name: Rowen Tuesti
Location: Bone Village
Tag: @Karl Kadaver @Renny

Rowen’s mako-green eyes had been following every small movement the SOLDIERs in front of him made, so the moment they tried to put some distance between themselves and the white haired SOLDIER, he was already moving.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the two men reach for their rifles, confirming the sinking suspicion that they were indeed imposters, but he was already flying past them before they could finish raising them. While he may have had a chance to disarm them as he passed, his orders had been clear. His target was the artifact being held captive on the helicopter. And there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Lapin would have his head if he let the enemy get away with it.

Besides, it wasn't like he had any reason to doubt his captain's ability to take care of these mongrels.

”We’ve been compromised! Tuesti! Take down the helicopter! We are not losing that package!

As if on cue, Lapin’s voice cut through the chaos erupting all around them, reassuring him that he had made the right call. Rowen felt a protective aura envelop him, almost certainly of Lapin’s design, and continued his charge forward. He didn’t even miss a step as his rapier left its scabbard and in the same motion cleaved a scarlet streak through the thigh of a wretch disguised as a Shinra trooper, who had been in the process of readying a grenade.

The small action had costed him valuable time though, as the bird was already starting to take to the sky. The roar of its blades filled Rowen’s ears as he prepared a [Bolt III] in his right hand. The young man doubted that the insurgents would be polite enough to bring the helicopter down for him if he asked nicely, so instead he put his enhanced agility to use and leapt towards her open cabin doorway.

It was a near thing, but Rowen was just barely able to clear the ten foot jump and land into the cabin. He tucked into a roll as soon as his feet touched something solid to disperse his forward momentum, coming somewhat precariously close to spilling out the other side of the helicopter. With a small flourish, the SOLDIER emerged from his roll facing his fellow passengers, his rapier poised to strike whoever was closest to him while his right hand sparked with destructive intent.

While slightly disoriented, Rowen was more than ready to put down the first one to make any kind of threatening movement.

”Now what was that about me being unable to apprehend-“

Unfortunately, Rowen’s snark was cut short on account of a torrent of water slamming into the helicopter.
Who let it become already Friday?

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Name: Rowen Tuesti
Location: Bone Village
Tag: @Karl Kadaver @Renny

Rowen could almost taste the tension forming between the two sides. His eyes scrutinized the SOLDIERs before him, noting the confrontational stances they were taking. Sure, Lapin had a reputation for being pushy, but it simply didn’t make sense for them to be giving off such an open display of hostility. The SOLDIER’s attention shifted to the Turks in the helicopter, the other part of the puzzle that didn’t make any sense to him. Judging by Lapin’s reaction, it seemed like she had not been aware of their arrival. Which while not unheard of, was all the more suspicious given the circumstances.

Given enough time, Rowen was positive that he could find a way to diffuse the situation and figure out what was going on without bringing this situation to a head. But before Rowen could even open his mouth, his ever diligent commander beat him to the punch.

"Apprehend him.”

The brief moment of silence that followed seemed to drag on for ages. Beryl was already looking like he was ready to use the pointy end of his sword while the SOLDIERs in front of them hardly looked like they were eager to comply. It took a titanic amount of effort for the white haired man to resist the urge to sigh, as those two words had single handedly closed off every road that Rowen could see leading to a peaceful resolution. There really wasn’t any use in dwelling on it though, so after briefly placing his hand on Beryl's shoulder to keep him from doing anything rash, Rowen calmly advanced on the two SOLDIERs blocking his path to the scientist. He kept his hands away from his rapier, doing his best to come off as nonthreatening as possible.

”You heard the lady.” He jerked his head slightly back towards his captain as he came to a stop in front of the two men. His voice was even, neither demanding nor submissive, and his posture was completely relaxed. To onlookers, Rowen must have looked like a man begrudgingly doing his job, but in reality he was wound tight with apprehension and ready to move the moment it looked like things were about to go south. ”Now just give us a moment to satisfy our by-the-books captain and you lot can be on your merry way.”

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Name: Rowen Tuesti
Location: Bone Village
Tag: @Karl Kadaver @Renny

Rowen couldn’t stop the small grin that spread across his expression as he witnessed one of Lapin’s infamous huffs of annoyance, glad to not be the one on the receiving end of it for once. But hearing what the lab coats had to say caused that grin to dampen, as it was sounding like his fear that they he would be stuck patrolling this village forever might just become a reality. The very thought caused him to briefly share his commander’s frown, although for a completely separate reason.

The sound of Lapin’s usual authoritative tone snapped Rowen back to attention, but her order caused him to shoot her a subdued look of exasperation. After all, the helmet had proven to get quite stifling after several hours of use, making the prospect of giving up his newfound freedom from it unbelievably unappealing. But if his years of dealing with Lapin’s antics had taught him anything, it was that there was no point in arguing with her once she had made her mind up.

Especially when she just so happened to be his superior.

With a defeated sigh, Rowen’s white hair was once more trapped within the confines of his helmet, as he more or less ignored the small chidings his commander gave him under her breath. Honestly, such remarks were little more than white noise to him at this point. Especially compared to the real ego crushing criticism he used to get back before he had joined SOLDIER. But there was not a single fiber in Rowen’s being that cared to dwell on such thoughts, so instead he focused on listening to his companion.

The young man did not miss the change in Lapin’s voice as she seemed to emphasize with the plight of her men, a rare sight that Rowen was sure deserved to be recorded somewhere. Sadly, he lacked the means to do so, but part of him was genuinely surprised to see her come down from that high horse that she loved so much. Maybe there was some hope for her after all.

When asked about how morale was fairing, Rowen followed Lapin’s gaze up to the bleary sky above them, finding a rather accurate description waiting for him. A tense few moments passed as the white haired youth looked for the best way to describe just how much damage the tension from always being on guard from an attack from AVALANCHE combined with the mind numbingly boring patrols was having on his comrades.

”Since you asked-“

A small chuckle cut him off though, the perpetrator being a fellow Third Class SOLDIER. A small sense of comraderie swelled in Rowen’s chest as he saw a patch of teal colored hair flowing free from the confines of its owner’s helmet. Even though Rowen didn’t know Beryl all that well, he vowed to never forget this moment of unspoken solidarity.

”You realize you’re talking to our commanding officer, right?” Rowen asked his squad mate rather pointedly, although the smirk plastered on his face made it clear he wasn’t the least bit concerned about it. If anything, he was actually looking forward to witnessing how Lapin would handle such a display of disrespect.
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