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Yuuhei Seiho

Yuuhei let Hirata’s string of questions hang in the air for a few awful moments as a knowing smirk took over his features. That small reaction that he had managed to coax out of Hirata had only proven that the big guy had at least heard of Yellow Plague. Now, whether he actually knew anything new or interesting about it Yuuhei couldn’t be sure, but the way that Hirata had sharply swerved the conversation away from himself was certainly making the blond wonder.

The silence couldn’t last though, as this was probably his last chance to steer them back towards what he actually wanted to talk about.

“As much as it pains me to say out loud, it was mostly just me running around town being a nuisance. Especially since my club all but disappears over breaks.” Except this wasn’t his only chance to get something juicy out of Hirata. And besides, the big guy already seemed to be on guard so there was a very real chance that he would simply clam up rather than spill anything useful. So for now, he would put a pin in this conversation and come back to it when he was confident that he would get the results that he wanted.

Yuuhei’s usual big goofy smile returned in force now that his mind was made up. “But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of excitement to be found this year. I’ll just have to keep tipping over the right stones and see what turns up.”

And just like that, Laki Hirata had gone from being an individual that Yuuhei had never really given a second thought about to his prime person of interest in his investigation.

Yuuhei Seiho

Hirata’s rather innocuous question earned him an unsettlingly mischievous grin from Yuuhei. The blond leaned in conspiratorially with his beefy classmate, looking every bit the part of a guy that was about to spill the secrets of the very world itself. “Well you see,” he started quietly, dangling his notebook in front of Hirata expectantly, “I’ve been chasing down a story over our break, but I just can’t seem to get anywhere with it. I've searched high and low, but all I've dug up so far is a bunch of hearsay that even I'm not crazy enough to print.” But rather than seem defeated, Yuuhei all but glowed from discussing his utter failure to produce results.

“So after I finished unpacking this morning, I hit the bricks and spent the rest of my morning asking around to see if anybody has heard about Yellow Plague.” As soon as the phrase passed his lips, Yuuhei’s playful eyes immediately focused in on Hirata’s expression with intense scrutiny, searching for any kind of reaction from his classmate. Because even if he hadn’t intended to drag Hirata into his investigation when he had sat down, Yuuhei simply wasn’t the kind to pass up opportunities that gift-wrapped themselves for him like this.

The critical look only lasted a few moments though, as regardless of what he saw he shrugged it off with a small laugh. “Ended up completely forgetting that I was supposed to be here at eleven though and all I got out of it were the uncomfortable looks of my cute juniors that I’m sure will haunt my dreams,” he finished without the slightest trace of remorse in him. And with his small story finally done, Yuuhei leaned back into the couch and made himself comfortable. But rather than just leave it at that, he leveled another pointed look at his classmate.

”So your turn Hirata, ya hear anything interesting lately?"

ETAs on anyone? 👀

Been working on my post on and off throughout the day. It should be up by tonight.
Yuuhei Seiho

As it turned out, the walk from his thinking bench back to the dorm was far too long for Yuuhei to be able to keep his mind off the topic he had just resolved to put on the back burner. But come on, could you really blame him? His juniors at the newspaper club were handling the welcoming fluff pieces for the first issue - which they had sworn was because they wanted the experience rather than their lack of trust in him to take it seriously - and it wasn’t like there were any other particularly juicy stories cropping up just yet. So what was a guy to do other than focus his abundant reserves of energy on the current puzzle in front of him?

With a deep intake of the brisk April air to collect himself, Yuuhei once again flipped open his notebook straight to the page containing his notes on Yellow Plague. One line in particular stuck out to him more than others, as its wording had been painstakingly explicit whenever it had come up in his initial investigation. He walked briskly through the spring soaked school grounds with his face all but buried in the small bundle of papers, his head cocking from side to side in an all too literal effort to look at the scrap of information from different angles.

But no matter how he looked at it, it just seemed all too out of place to Yuuhei. In just about any other scenario, writing it off as nonsense born from small-town syndrome seemed like the only logical conclusion. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to do just that due to the fact that the exact wording for it had been used in multiple tellings of the rumor. But even with his barely above middling grades, Yuuhei couldn’t figure out how, much less why, a disease would care about how virtuous its victim was.

His free hand reached for the handle to the dorms unconsciously, as him wandering through the school on auto-pilot while his mind was tied up elsewhere had become second nature. Yuuhei’s sharp brown eyes peeked over the top of his notebook, which he had taken to rotating every which way to mirror whichever position he had cocked his head, only to land on the group of male students that he instantly realized was where he should have been a good five minutes ago.

It was hard to tell if Yamada-sensei had noticed him stumble upon the group, as the young teacher was busy handing out keys to the assembled crowd, so with all the grace of a breaching whale Yuuhei plopped down on one of the newly vacated couches. Next to him was Laki Hirata, who he instantly recognized despite having never met before due to the guy’s foreign features and relatively monstrous physique. Now while Yuuhei was constantly drawing from a nearly bottomless well of confidence, even he couldn’t help but feel tiny next to him. But seeing as how he hadn’t gotten up with the rest of the students, Yuuhei figured that the guy was in the same boat as him and had moved in earlier. And thus, the perfect person to question.

“So did I miss anything good or was it just business as usual?” he easily asked the big guy with an equally easygoing grin. Yuuhei didn’t have much on Hirata, as he wasn’t part of any clubs and hadn't stirred up any real trouble, but his gut was already feeling like he fell more on the gentle giant side of things. And he was proud to say that his instincts when it came to people's nature were right about twenty percent of the time on a good day.

“Ah, right, manners." And for the first time in a while, Yuuhei actually sounded a bit sheepish. But that was part of the problem with keeping up with so many different people, as sometimes it became difficult to keep track of who you have and have not gotten around to introducing yourself to. I’m Seiho Yuuhei by the way.”

@DruSM157 Gotcha chief.

@Hero That does help, thanks.

Also is it safe to assume that Rio is thoroughly fed up with Yuuhei’s very existence by this point? Because I can’t imagine the two of them attending the same school without him trying to get to the bottom of the rumors surrounding her.
I’ll be throwing Yuuhei at somebody to bother interact with when I get home. I’m assuming the boys will all be in the common area, yeah?
Yeah it's a Persona/FE "crossover" that didn't really feel like a Persona or Fire Emblem game. That being said, it's got kickin' music and really cool gameplay. It's on the Wii U and Switch. It's kind of a meme in both communities cuz it's a game about idols and singing and finding your heart, but IMO it's got a lot of personality that goes overlooked.

Also, we got the BEST version of the Fire Emblem theme from this game lol

Yuuhei Seiho

“Yeah, yeah, I’m already pretty much done unpacking.” Yuuhei reassured his old man on the other end of the line. “Seriously, don’t sweat it. I know how hard it is for you to get time off.” There wasn’t even any bitterness in his tone as Yuuhei waved aside his dad’s profuse apologies for bailing on him. After all, it had been the same song and dance between the two for the past seventeen years, so he had plenty of time to get used to it.

The rest of the conversation played out like normal. They promised to see each other soon, Yuuhei refused to commit in clear terms that he would stay out of trouble, the works. The call ended and the blond took the moment to relax into a much needed stretch, basking in the fruits of his labors.

His newly furnished dorm room was already balanced precariously between organized chaos and regular old chaos. The bed was already unmade with its sheets balled into a corner, despite it not having been used yet. In one corner was a staggering collection of cameras (both digital and analog), while in another was a dartboard that was conspicuously missing its darts. Strewn haphazardly across the surface of his desk were a wide range of similar odds and ends, only a third of which he would have any real chance of arguing would be of any help with his studies. And instead of posters adorning his walls stood a number of small newspaper clippings, whose only common thread was that Yuuhei had found something interesting about them.

There were still a few boxes of other treasures to add to this tapestry, but Yuuhei found himself already grinning at his handiwork. Sure, the room’s current state would probably make the people that had maintained it shed tears of blood to see it like this, but at least now it didn’t look nearly as boring and sterile. At least now it actually looked lived in.

A quick glance at his watch showed that it was still far too early, a consequence of trying so hard to work around his dad’s insane schedule. The clubroom wouldn’t be available until tomorrow and here Yuuhei was, likely among the first students to finish moving in, with an entire day to kill. No, maybe that was the wrong way to think about it.

After all, he already had a very specific idea on how to spend it.

/ / /

“Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, huh?” the club president muttered to himself, all the while sprawled obnoxiously across a bench with his pocket notebook draped over his face. There was a temptation to nod off right then and there, but he really wasn’t too keen on risking a repeat of his weird dream the night before. So instead he shifted his focus to the contents of the notebook currently blocking out the too bright sun.

Even though he couldn’t read the pages covering his eyes, he already knew their scant content by heart. Yellow Plague causes those that contract it to become catatonic with no hope of recovery. Sinners are the only people that can get it. Kenkōichi Research Hospital is responsible for the disease making its way into town. And perhaps most importantly, there were students at the academy that had friends or family affected by it.

Baseless rumors, every last bit of it, but there was something about this insane story that gripped Yuuhei from the moment he heard the first whispers of it over break. But no matter how he sleuthed, cajoled, or begged, those scant few lines in his notes was all that he was able to dig up on it. No names, not even a single confirmed case, had turned up to give credibility to this glorified urban legend. So if it was really out there, then the fastest way to confirm any part of the rumors would be to interview his fellow students, yeah?

Well that had certainly made plenty of sense in his head when he set out from his dorm, but here he was hours later with nothing to show for it. There was so little to work with here that if he had tried to run it, then the newspaper club would truly be reduced to nothing more than a gossip rag. With a languid hand Yuuhei plucked the notebook off his face and snapped it closed, but the smile that had been hiding underneath it was filled to the brim with energy.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and likewise his fellow students were just getting settled in. The rumor mill would soon pick up its pace, so all Yuuhei had to do was be a bit patient and sort out the chaff from the real deal once it all filtered down to him. With his plan set, he made a rather fine show of jumping off the bench and all but skipped back towards the boys’ dormitory.

“Looks like I won’t have to try too hard to make this an interesting year,” he mused excitedly, lightly tapping his notebook against his chin as he plotted how to spend the rest of the day.

Year one for maximum bulli potential.

Character-wise though, year one or two makes the most sense in my opinion.
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