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Yuuhei Seiho

Saturday Morning – Practice Building?

The harsh grinding of machinery came to an abrupt halt. Even though he had to squint pretty hard to see it, Yuuhei watched the thing fall backward and begin to disintegrate all too quietly into a puff of black fumes. A tense handful of seconds passed as the trio watched the last bits of the thing finished fizzle into fumes. The silence that followed was heavy, but for once, Yuuhei simply could not think of anything to say.

"...Is it gone?” His attention turned to the fuzzy outline of Natsumi. ”Did we beat it?"

An odd cocktail of emotions washed over Yuuhei as he rolled himself over onto his back, his subordinate’s words bouncing around in his head. They had taken on something straight out of a twisted nightmare with nothing more than a broom and a handful of darts. By all accounts, it should have been them fading away from this world, but somehow they were the ones that came out on top.

"What just happened?"

Yuuhei had to stifle the urge to laugh, as the question was just impossible to answer in any kind of rational manner. Things had gotten so absurd that he would have gladly accepted that he had gone crazy and was hallucinating it all, yet the painful throbbing in his arms told him that was unfortunately not the case.

Before the blond could get a quip in, the dark haired girl, who was taking the whole cables-coming-out-of-her thing rather well, revealed that there were others trapped in the school. The revelation hardly surprised Yuuhei, but it did cause an odd grin to worm its way into his expression. Because despite the obvious danger that was engulfing him, there was no way he could be anything but excited to watch such an incomprehensible story unfold.

”Right then,” he muttered more to himself than anything, the novelty of being on the floor having well worn off for him. With clenched teeth and a small grimace, Yuuhei managed to pick himself off of the floor. With the strenuous part out of the way, it didn’t take long for the teen to meet up with the two girls.

”Sounds good to me,” he said perhaps a bit too simply, but now was hardly the time or place to deliberate on what they should do next. ”But before that, I’m Seiho Yuuhei,” he introduced himself, jerking his thumb at his mug for emphasis, ”And that’s Ishikawa Natsumi.”

As the name left his mouth, Yuuhei felt his his brows furrow a bit. 'Wait… It was Natsumi, right?’ A second passed and he turned his head towards the white haired girl in question, his expression beyond sheepish.


@Mae as promised, here's Valerie. I've made a few minor changes to Darya, but only when it comes to her appearance. I'm also curious to see what everyone's doing when it comes to the reroll?

I'm personally going to be completely reorolling Feir. We have a lot of new faces, so it just seems right to me.
@Sarcelle Renard

Very true. [@Ithinka] you should've seen some people's relations last time around it was a web of time bombs, some people had like three lovers and a few crushes.

To be fair, Narcissa was by far the worst offender. If I remember correctly, she was romantically involved/crushed on with what felt like 1/4 of the cast AND was betrothed to the heir of another clan.

Good lord @Melo, I can only pray that you roll well enough to give us a love dodecahedron that is half as messy and amazing this time around.
*after posting her CS goes to page 1 of OOC to read through the Reroll again*

@Mae @Melo Thanks for the feedback and help with the CS

The RRA is honestly one of those things that is simply much easier to learn by doing rather than trying to study up on it.

The process is pretty intuitive, which is helped by our amazing GM's doing all of the behind the scenes magic, so you are largely only responsible for knowing how to use your Veto, Reroll, and If-Then.
@Mae Glad you like the changes! I personally feel like this is a much more interesting iteration of the god and helps explain why he has such a detached relationship with mortals. And my main grip with Strong Memory was that it simply didn't feel like it would translate well into RP mechanics, so I decided to ditch it for a skill that I felt Feir should definitely have.

Anyway, the CS has been updated. Am I good to throw him into the Character Tab?
@luckofthedraw Happy to help o7

Any who @Mae @Melo, I've made a number of changes to Ledo, so if you two would be so kind as to give him a look I'd greatly appreciate it.

@luckofthedraw In case you can't find it, I managed to get it to work. Just hit the text that says "Raw" at the top of this post and copy this:

@luckofthedraw It looks like you have a misaligned Indent lurking in your Abilities Section. Fixing it should make your Hider work.
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