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Mostly Janna is best summoner name. Sadly, Project, that is mine.
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FF12 Zodiac Age players - if you want to have the optimal party, PM me. Working on a spreadsheet to determine best party makeups and I will share it once done.
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Too many things I want to write right now, which is resulting in 0 writing getting done. Yaaaaaay.
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Selim - Hunting in the Forest

Selim nodded politely in response to Axel. He had to almost not force a laugh when Axel asked where he was from, both because it was a complex question and it was often asked to avoid being racist. Selim's ethnicity was pretty clearly visible.

"Most recently I was from Gadot," he replied, gesturing to his skin in a joke that it was a changing feature, "I have mixed lineage though and I've spent a lot of time in Orin and Relin, which I have in my blood as well. As for the Rites, yes, that is what brought me to Toran. It felt like the right time to begin that journey." He specifically avoided going into too much detail about the timing of his Rites.

"I"m going to hazard a guess you are from Ward," Selim commented, deciding to stand up to stretch a bit. Orin drew a lot of tourists due to the 'culture' of the city, if one could call it that. Mostly Orin was a city to visit if you wanted to seem fancier than you were, or you wanted to flaunt wealthy, beauty, or some other kind of token that could be used to express your 'superiority'. Of course, that was the legacy of the city and not who it was now. However, news did not really spread fast and many of the tourists behaved as if Orin had not begun its clean up - thanks to Jantonna du Soleil.

Anastasia Radtfield - Toran Arena Challenge

There was little much to say about the Toran Arena, especially when there was no challenger within building. However, everyone knew about its Arena Master - Anastasia Radtfield. She was a Searsinging prodigy and from one of the wealthiest and influential families in all of Atren to boot. It seemed like a peculiar choice for someone from that background to be an Arena Master, but it was Anastasia's dream and she had her parents wound around her finger. They had spent the money, and time, to secure her the spot she wanted. And given the education that Anastasia had been given access too, she was quite a fearsome opponent. Of course, because of the goal of the Rites being to test a person's mettle and allow them a journey of progression, she used a specific spell to inhibit both her own powers as well as those of her summons. It meant that those just starting her Rites could defeat her, but in a life or death battle, she could potentially even give the Elite Triumvirate a run for their money

Selim - Old Man

Selim laid in bed staring at the ceiling, having been up most of the night. There had been a taste in the air that had left him ill at ease. It tasted of metal. It was the same taste Ilsver's air had following the rogue Clash of Irons. The ones that were held on 'historic' principles and done like they were before the reformation of the event.

Deciding that there was no point to try to get anymore sleep, Selim begrudgingly threw off his covers and readied for the day. Slinging his stuff onto his back, he exited the inn to try to find something to do with the day. Selim's lodging had been one of inns on the outskirts of the city, which had a maze of paths to take back towards the hustle and bustle of main part of Toran. With no direction in mind, Selim started back toward the city, however every time he seemed to turn away from the city center, the path seemed to end with dead ends or closed walkways. Eventually there was no choice and Selim found himself Toran's main square.

Selim uttered a curseword in response to the flood of Yata-Garasu. The birds were unnerving when there were just one. Supposedly they made good companions, but Selim theorized that the relationship with the animal changed when it was bound to you. This many of them in a cluster sounded like the precursor to the apocalypse. What Selim wasn't sure about was if all of the birds belonged to the very peculiar old man in the center, or if there was just some kind of natural draw to him from the birds. Either way, it was a reason to proceed with caution.

Selim approached him and just observed at a distance, waiting to see how this would play out.

Selim - Post Battle with Kiyo

Selim nodded in response to Kiyo, "Yes, you surmised correctly." Selim took note of her interaction with Song Lin Tiao. It was not common that someone interacted with her, especially given her role in the Elite Triumvirate. It spoke significantly of the connections of Kiyo's family. He did not doubt Kiyo's assessment either. Everyone knew of the power she possessed. The rare few that had Telepathy found that to be the extent of their psychic powers, but Song Lin Tiao was on another level. He had heard rumors she could moved objects mentally and project force fields as if she herself had access to the wild magicks of a Ohitsuji.

"I believe we have an agreement in principle then," Selim added, confirming his acknowledgement of their arrangement, "We can discuss additional details at a later time. I'd like to go get my shoulder examined if you don't mind." Despite his access to healing magic, Selim didn't always want to rely on that as a solution. It was powerful, but sometimes it was better to let things heal naturally and only guide the process. He suspected he was just a little bruised and it wasn't worth the exhausting of tapping into magic just to deal with something that minor.
A lot of it depends on the thread.

I think no character sheet can work in very specific settings.
I think detailed character sheets can work in very specific settings.

However, I think a lot of people go overboard with the requirements for some thread that I end up just wasting creative energy. Ticking all of the boxes on some expansive character sheets, then to have the thread die within a couple of weeks has been rather annoying.

Ultimately, what I have been doing so far is doing conditional biographies or even very short ones for my threads. For Natrelmon, you can easily pump out a bio with only 3 paragraphs and I'll accept it. It is because there is a quick list of very specific choices and a lot of the development comes from the journey. On some of my worlds that require more details (combat oriented ones with player designed moves/attacks) I will often do conditional bio acceptance where someone can just churn out the bare bones of a character and then add to it as needed, so they can jump in easier (usually they just cannot participate in combat until they finish those sections). It has worked pretty well for me.

"Do you commonly follow the tracks of random people?" Selim asked, genuinely curious if Axel knew how creepy that kind of sounded. "Or, better question, are you disappointed I am not a single woman in distress?" Selim smiled at the joke, mostly because it was just there for him to take. Selim pulled his hand back from the spear, since it seemed he would not be actually in danger from the encounter.

"It is good you caught those Natrelmon," Selim congratulated, "Those are strong additions. I also got an Albion, as well as a Narashi, Ocalia, Veolu, and a Kaiguard. So, it has been a good day for me. Fortunately, I did not have as rough of a time with the encounters as you seemed to have." Selim had remained completely unscathed and nothing more than a little dust and mud on his shoes to show for his effort.

"I also caught a Soelbe, Olena, and another Veolu when I was on my trek from Gadot to Toran, through the mountains," Selim added. It wasn't to brag, but given he had not been on his Rites very long, it was an expansive list of rather rare Natrelmon. Ones that would become incredibly valuable in the long run. What was even better was that he had a number of possible breeding pairs available to him so early on, so he could get a head start on his Natrelmon farm.



Selim nodded at Kiyo, "Travelling together would work fine. However, I may need some money. I am a bit on the poor side after a rough encounter with a Soelbe. It ran me through way too many relic invocations. I must say I'm probably down to my last few thousand N, so even if just to humor your family I would take the money. I would agree with your assessment you likely do not need a bodyguard, but you never know. Additional strength is rarely a downside."

Selim quickly chanted a healing spell to restore some of the vigor to his body. He was a bit bruised from enduring the blow he had, but it was not much worse than what he had gotten in the Clash of Iron.

"Plus, I can cast healing magic which has its uses out in the world," he added, noting that it was a useful power to have around. It was a peculiar combination to some, at least on paper, but Abjuration magic actually was a great boon to close combat fighters. And Selim especially found it useful for outlasting opponents and being able to train longer and harder than others through its restorative properties.

"If you are willing to take up the service, let me know what you would like me to do. We can keep it as an intermittent contract where you pay as the service is needed. It'd allow me to pick up some other combat work on the side - from people that might actually need the service."

Selim had been aware of the presence of Axel. He was also aware that when he stepped into the area he had loosened his blade. In response, Selim closed his book, tucked it away and placed his hand on his spear.

Axel's greeting reminded him of some older popstart of Atren. Something with a name along the lines of Cherub.

"Of course," Selim responded to Axel's first question. After his introduction, Selim responded in kind, "I am Selim Raess Dar." Selim noticed the raggedy attire of Axel - which likely would have gotten small pocket change thrown at him on the streets of Toran. "It may be time to retire that cloak," Selim added, nodding towards cloak, if you could even possibly call it that at this point.

It was a rather strange that Axel had decided to linger. It was not like the desert where an oasis had a natural draw to all people in the area. It was a forest with no real need to be in any specific areas. What Axel's purpose was Selim did not know, but it was adding up to be suspicious.

"I concede," Selim called as Kiyo initiated her new gambit. "Without my spear, I am at too much of a disadvantage against your Windspeaking."

Selim could have survived another one of the combos that Kiyo had done before by healing himself through the damage, but it wasn't worth the effort. He would struggle to get close to her, so actually incapacitating her would be next to impossible - especially since Selim had already showed his combo. Sure, he could probably get into a back and forth with Kiyo where he survives, but winning was not the most realistic of options at this point. And Selim was not keen on enduring the pain of the damage for the low probability chance he could win.

With a snap, he recalled his Soelbe back into her relic.

He gave a bow to Kiyo.



Selim had been having a rather successful morning and hoped it would be a trend for the day. His wild hunt had already resulted in encountering an Albion, a second Veolu, a Kaigara, and an Ocalia. However, his current encounter was exceptionally special. Selim had managed to encounter a Narashi, which was a Natrelmon of great use to him. Invoking the power his relic, the familiar light of Selim's capture invocation swirled around the Narashi, catching it by surprise. Thankfully, there was no issue with the capture invocation and quickly Selim could feel the familiar warmth radiating from his relic of a new companion.

With the success of the capture, Selim decided to take a small rest in the clearing that had once held his Narashi, setting his spear onto the ground beside him. When digging through the Toran library the other night, Selim had come across a rather auspicious looking tome. He felt he needed to take it with him, but there was also a foreboding to the book's cover. The aged leather seemed to have been dyed with blood. Opening the tome while against a tree, Selim quickly knew what the book was imparting with knowledge - Blood Magic. It was something Selim had knowledge of existing from his time growing up in Orin, but he had never really delved much into the art. Supposedly it was exceptionally powerful, but required a commitment of knowledge. He thumbed through the spells, but refused to commit his own energy into binding the knowledge to his own spirit. Knowledge was power.
@Shurikai@Sarcelle Renard@Celaira

Selim headed Yugaku's call when she augmented her voice across the entire town, quickly making his way to the required point just in time to listen to her speech. He was moving a bit slower than usual after what he had endured in his battle against Kiyo - enough that he had actually went to double check at a hospital to make sure he had not broken anything. While Abjuration magic was powerful for healing, to include broken bones, it was not always something you wanted to rely on completely and bad applications of magic without some semblance of understanding the damage (although most Healers had an innate sense for the matter) could result in more pain by the 'healed'. As such, Selim did his due diligence. Nothing was broken and he healed himself up as much as he could, but between the body and a bit of a bruised ego, he did not feel compelled to be one of the first arrivals.

Of course, Selim knew of Yugaku. In fact, everyone there should know of her, even if they did not know much about her. She, along with Song Lin Tiao, were considered some of the strongest fighters in Atren and rumored to possess unique and powerful gifts from the Gods themselves. Of course, no one in the recent years had seen either of them battle, save for maybe Jantonna du Soleil or Ayameko Ziran. The fact that she was the selected representative to conduct an opening 'ceremony' to the Rites meant the government was taking this incredibly seriously. And, it seemed Pinehearst was keen on fostering some good will with the sponsorship of the new round of trainers. Selim took his swag from the representatives and moved off to the side as directed. Selim suspected many of these events would occur over the next week as new trainers arrived from various parts of the world, although he was grateful he got to be a part of one conducted by Yugaku.

Selim quickly shuffled off to the site to the appointed position. He had opted not to have any of his Natrelmon out because he was uncertain how uncomfortable some of them might make other people given his large number of ghost types. Selim on his own generally did a good enough job creating an imposing presence.
Selim was a bit irked that his response had yielded nothing for the amount of effort he had expended, as well as being irritated he had agreed to fight without his weapon. If he had that in his possession, he likely could have landed a blow on Kiyo in some of the organized chaos. He had specifically taken a blow in an attempt to execute on a strategy and unfortunately, Kiyo had a more repeatable attack method to finish the fight with. However, time was still something Selim intended to have work for him.

Fortunately, while Kiyo's strategy was repeatable, Selim also had methods to avoid it being repeated. He immediately moved away from the attackers - ensuring to stay out of range of Kiyo's combo. Mythari's approach was a new strategy from Kiyo who had largely kept the Natrlemon out of the fray. Such an aggressive move was not something without a strategy. Soelbe moved the orbs of light to sort of play a game of disruption to Kiyo's and Mythari's posture towards her trainer, as well as move her body into a path to serve as a disruption.

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