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Current Mostly Janna is best summoner name. Sadly, Project, that is mine.
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FF12 Zodiac Age players - if you want to have the optimal party, PM me. Working on a spreadsheet to determine best party makeups and I will share it once done.
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Too many things I want to write right now, which is resulting in 0 writing getting done. Yaaaaaay.
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Pondering re-releasing my western fantasy thread. >.>
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When you inadvertently improve pacing control because you hit a stretch of dialogue that wasn't planned that just makes sense and creates a whole sidebar.
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Since a few peeps are now busy with things, I may make some of their characters wounded from the attack and open up some of the leadership positions in the villages respectively.

Also @Tuujaimaa needeth you to posteth.
Not sure entirely if it is my turn to post, but just let me know. I am on travel and have some time.
<Snipped quote by The Bork Lazer>

Bummer. =[

@Innue Are you still around?

Yep, I am. I also may have someone interested if we want to replace a body.
Basically what is needed is for some people to start search missions in a direction. Once we have four of those started, others can join those groups. Also, if some wish, the Pure World is another mission to take on.
Stupid internet.
Nara Kakugyō

Despite the commanding tones of the Kyuuseishi leader, the trauma seemed to have paralyzed even some of the best trained Shinobi.

Kakugyō, however, was not one of those people.

"Kyokuijitsu will be sending out teams to search for the Sankage," Kakugyō stated, arriving with a number of the squad leaders from Kyokujitsu, "We would appreciate those with only combat and tracking skills to volunteer to help search. Second, after consultation with Chiyoko, we are also seeking volunteers to enter the Pure World with Chiyoko to determine why the seal malfunctioned."

"Those with healing skills should assist Shio and the other medical shinobi," Kakugyō added, just to reinforce some of the previous points.

"If we can get at least three to four squads," Kakugyō continued, "We can send groups out in each direction. It is urgent was canvas the immediate area in case the Sankage is still on the island. This should be able to be done within a few hours. Once we have eliminated that possibility, we will have to figure out what to do from there."

Despite his concern over the presence of the bijuu, Kakugyō did not show it. What was not common knowledge at this point was that Chiyoko had not determined a reason for the seal to have failed. The preliminary diagnosis, at least translated from Chiyoko's spiritual gibberish, was that it was like someone had tried to open a lock with the wrong key. This weakened it and allowed the bijuu to temporarily escape from the confines. However, there were very few people with the skill or ability to perform such a feat. Chiyoko was the only common interaction they had with the Land of the Moon - although she had said her powers were not necessarily unique to her, but she had been considered the most adept at wielding them.

"If you wish to take on the mission into the Pure World, please place your hand on the scroll near the table. It will transport you to the shine and Chiyoko will take you along with her."


Norio's guards had done as instructed and pulled him into the room to be examined. They were a bit unnerved with the display of power by the Kyuuseishi leader, but they knew that Sankage Ayameko would not want them to disobey and Lady Shien had not said otherwise. They only placed him in the chair though, opting to leave the usage of the restraints for Kyoko to put on.
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