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Yugaku/Toran Arena Challenge

After a few hot meals and a long rest, Axel had wandered around Toran and taken in the sights. He had already benefited much from beginning his journey. On top of the Natrelmon he had encountered and captured, he also had two new spell schools to work with. One was gifted to him by Selim, the other he picked up from the local mage school: Stonewarding. Axel had avoided associating himself with it due to his fathers strong ties to it, but after struggling with the Albion and Mythari, he realized it could come in handy by allowing him to better defend himself as well as his partners.

Axel was warned of the complications of being a Windspeaker and Stonewarder. The difference in elements would slow his progression in both. The benefits outweighed this though, as he was sure he could overcome this restriction through training and expanding his knowledge of magic. It had been costly though, as 10kN was a great chunk of his remaining money. Immediately after the purchase, Axel spent some time practicing the motions and channeling his magic to the unfamiliar element. It had a very different feel to Windspeaking and Mishtshaping.

Suddenly a loud voice summoned all trainers beginning their rites. Axel followed the voices instructions, and came upon a gathering of official looking people and an imposing figure with a blindfold.


As Yugaku completed her speech, Axel turned and inspected the crowd of trainers who were also beginning their rites. Most were young, looking under or around 20 years old. Selim was also there, which was to be expected, and was accompanying a woman. They made an odd pair with Selim’s darker skin tone to the woman’s pale complexion. Her silvery-grey hair made her stand out even more amongst the crowd, and she appeared to be scowling at the world. The combination of features reminded him of someone from his youth, yet he couldn’t put his finger on it.

The PDA handed to him was much appreciated as was the bank card. 500N a week along with free meals and lodging would allow him to not worry as much about earning money during his rites. Now he could focus on capturing the strongest natrelmon and defeating the Arena in each major town. A wave of adrenaline passed through him as he thought of all the battles ahead of him.

“This will be fun” he thought with a smile, and makes his way towards the Toran Arena to make his first challenge.

“You could say following people’s tracks used to be part of my profession,” laughed Axel, “ but it was merely curiosity. Its been a while since I’ve seen anyone so I guess I was looking for company, although a damsel in distress would’ve made a better story.”

“And that is an impressive collection. I myself have had a good haul on my way here. All in all I’m pretty happy with them. Then of course there’s my main companions: Lancelot, Yosoku, and Chu. I’m sure you can tell I adore fighting types, although I specialize in tracking wind types.”

Axel was sure it was fairly obvious why he specialized in Wind types while in a group called “Byakko’s Fangs”. Selim could probably also assume he was a windspeaker as well from the context. It was fairly common for people to attune themselves with the school of magic based on their locations of birth, although Axel did not follow that tradition. Being from Ward, he should have inherently been a stonewarder, yet he focused on windspeaking which is the exact opposite element. Safe to say, his father and other minor nobles were not pleased with his decision and were even more upset that he “Gallavanted” around the country with mercs. It was not a popular decision, but Axel was quite happy with his life up until now and enjoyed being his own man, not to be defined by the silly rules of nobility.

“I plan on breeding my Yosoku at some point but I don’t really have the skills to do it myself. I’m hoping to be able to find a farm to leave them on for a while and maybe make some money from their offspring and of course, possibly create some potent natrelmon for my own use. ”

The money wouldn’t be necessary quite yet but it would allow Axel to invest in more ventures as he went on his way to complete the rites. He could catch pretty much anything he needed, but relics weren’t cheap and eventually he would need to have a steady supply of N in order to allow him to continue catching them.

“So where are you from Selim? Are you also on starting your Rites?” Axel asked

“Yeah,” Axel chuckled, “I’ll be sad to see it go to be perfectly honest but I can’t carry on in these rags.”

Axel took this chance to walk closer to Selim, unbuckling his sword as he did. He made sure it was still lose in it’s sheath but he had no apparent reason to draw yet, despite the very nasty looking spear Selim had. He didn’t seem like a violent fellow and Axel would give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. When he is about 15 feet away, Axel spread his shredded cloak on the ground and plopped on it like he was at a picnic in the park. Pulling some rations from his bag, Axel began munching on some jerky.

"I spotted your trail a ways back and followed it hoping to glimpse whatever you were hunting.” He said between bites. “Tracking is a specialty of mine, and I’m always looking to collect rare Natrelmon. Actually, the state I’m in is due to a rather rough encounter with an Albion and Mythari. It was tough, but safe to say I was the victor. All in all it was a nice little detour on my way to Toran. I’m finally going to start my rites and keep getting sidetracked. I’ve been traveling for about a week from Ward.”

Axel once again refilled his canteen with magic, as the jerky and physical exertion seemed to want him to stay parched. It felt good to just take a moment and relax and be slightly carefree. The fact that he had some company was a godsend as he missed having someone to talk to during his travels. He was not used to being alone other than a few rare scouting assignments, as he was always surrounded by his comrades, but they were mostly older and had long since completed their rites or given up the idea of it.

“ So what were you hunting out here?” Axel asked, although his eyes kept glancing on the spot he had seen Selim stow his book. Something was nagging him about it and his senses had become slightly heightened as he approached Selim. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

The tracks led to another clearing which unsurprisingly revealed a man resting against a tree reading a book, who very much resembled one of his old comrades. Zaro, the resident blood mage of the Byakko’s fangs, was of Ivslan decent. Tan/dark complexion depending on the amount of sun he got, he was well built and close to 6ft tall.He was one of the more formidable front-line fighters that they had and often was Axel’s sparring partner during the little off-time they had. It had been a few years since they had seen each other since Zaro took a leave of absence to go home and resolve some personal matter.

Upon closer inspection, there were minor differences. As he was sitting down, it was hard to judge his size, but he appeared equal to Zaro in that regards. That was where the similarity ended. His clothing was different and his skin tone wasn’t as dark. He possibly could be from one of the areas bordering the desert with which he was not familiar.

Loosening his sword, Axel decided to reveal himself in case the man had not already noticed him. It was more a courtesy than actually believing it required. Axel could have merely wandered back off towards Toran, but the clearing looked inviting and the weariness he had been fighting off was creeping back. He needed a break. Loosening his sword was just a habit. You never knew who you might run into, even in times of peace. Years of combat taught him that harsh lesson and his many scars provided reminders.

“Ho friend, mind if I take a breather here? I need a little break, but I don’t wish to alarm or disturb you.”

As he spoke, Axel leaned against a tree and removed his cloak. It was stained and had many noticeable tears in it from his encounter with the Albion. It was regrettable that he might have to replace the cloak he had received upon joining the Byakkos fangs. Before, he could have just had it mended, but it was probably in too bad of shape to be repaired. His body was slightly bruised and battered yet he had no blood showing. All in all, he knew he looked like a wreck.

Pulling out a canteen, Axel went to take a drink and noticed it was empty. Drawing upon some of his magical power, Axel used his attunement with the water school, Mistshaping, to refill it with a thin stream before taking a long draw from it and holding it out towards the man whom was maybe 20 yards away, offering to share.

“I’m Axel Wulf, formerly of the Byakko’s Fangs. And whom might you be?”
Beware my power
Axel Wild Search
The wind whipped up around Axel as he and his natrelmon trekked through the forest. A storm was starting back up and a chill breeze that reminded him of Ward was currently plaguing his new search. Combined with the rain, it was a frigid combination. To make matters worse, it was still some while till morning and he wouldn’t be graced with the warmth of the sun for several hours at least. Cold and exhaustion did their best to halt his advance, yet to no avail.

Amar was in the rear, carrying all of his supplies. Yosoku was on point, easily creating a trail, its massive form not even slowed by the branches and brush. Chu stayed beside Axel as he trudged on, both keeping their cloaks wrapped tightly. Neither of them would complain, but he knew these conditions were not to their liking.

They had been right at the entrance to Toran, after the long journey, when Axel noticed a shimmering silver scale next to a tree. The foilage around was flattened down, like something had recently been resting there. The tree looked like it had been clawed by a medium sized cat with longer than normal claws, but Axel knew what the scale was from. It was an Albion, one of the rarest dragons in this region. He wasn’t able to pass up an opportunity to find such a majestic creature. Albions, while not the largest dragons, were prized for their beautiful scales and their magical powers that aided in breeding. They are also quite fierce fighters, which often kept away the average tamer, but merely made Axel desire it even more.

The Albion’s tracks weren’t too difficult to follow as it rarely was ever hunted. This one in particular almost invited Axel to tail it. Several times, in the more open areas of the forest, it could be seen flying around in the distance without a care in the world. Almost lazily it would hover and stare in his general direction, almost tauntingly. After several hours of this cat and mouse, Axel almost resorted to flying himself just to chase it down, yet he felt using magic to aid on the hunt was almost cheating. Instead he resorted to merely working on his target practice. A rock here, a branch there. Chu would occasionally throw knives up for Axel to shoot to practice on moving targets. Yosoku looked like he felt a little left out, but just grunted and continued. Ranged combat wasn’t his forte anyway.

Soon growing tired of his half-assed attempt of entertainment, Chu suddenly began moving quicker, almost at a jog. Axel knew it sensed the Albion was finally within reach and he wished to finish their task and get some sleep. Ahead of them they saw a clearing and they rushed through shoving branches, bushes, and in Yosokus case, small trees out of the way so that they might reach their quarry faster.

As they entered the clearing, Axel realized he had hit the jackpot. Not only had he found an Albion, but it appeared it was squaring off with a male Mythari as well.

“Two for the price of one.” He thought with a satisfied grin. “Byakko is smiling upon me today.”


The fight against the two dragons had been rough, and Axel looked a little worse for wear. His cloak had claw marks down it and there were holes in his shirt. The Albion had tried to latch onto his side but luckily it had only caught his shirt. In the end, both had been shown that in this instance, Axel was the top of the food chain.

The sun was rising finally as Axel trudged towards Toran. He had some ways to go after this chase, but he would rather sleep in an actual bed rather than on the ground after a full week of camping. Thoughts of soft beds, warm food, and cold beer forced him to abandon all aches and pains and speed himself up to a jog. The sooner he arrived, the sooner he could shut his eyes. His rites could wait till he had awoken. After all, he had put them off for several years as is. What’s one more day.

An hour passed as Axel wound his way back the way he had came, when he came upon a new set of tracks. These were human tracks.

“I wonder who left these?” He pondered as he began following them, his exaustion momentarily forgotten.

Cold and wet from the rain, Axel trudges along. The densely packed trees in the forest outside of Toran did little to stop the water from soaking him through. His clothes became heavy and made it harder to move stealthily. Careful not to disturb the foliage, Axel continues on his hunt. The Omutiel he had been tracking was close, and he couldn’t afford to spook it now as it was almost 5am and quite dark out still and he might not be able to find it again.

“I should have waited till morning to do this.” grumbles Axel to himself.

Having been traveling for 5 days since receiving the letter from his father, Axel was just outside of his destination but had decided to make a slight detour once he noticed the telltale signs of an Omutiel. Catching an Omutiel would fetch him a pretty penny as breeders greatly desired them for their benefits later on. The money, while not necessary for a minor lordling such as himself, would allow him to live in luxury slightly longer while completing his rites.

Axel had been expecting the letter for some time now, and as it happens, he had been almost home to Ward when he received it. His father demanded that he take a sabbatical from his work with the Byakko’s Fangs, the mercenary band he had been with since the war, to finally complete his Rites which were long overdue. Usually the Rites are begun when children reach adulthood, sometimes slightly earlier. In Axel’s case though, he had already begun work and had fought in a war, so he didn’t place much importance in the Rites, but he would not disobey his father.

Suddenly a rustle in the branches ahead of him caught his attention.

“Shit, it sensed me.” Axel thought.

“Chu, use your Kusarigama to chain it down now!” He shouted!

From the darkness came a whirling sound as Chu broke through the brush beside him in a charge towards the tree in front of him. Chu had been tailing in case Axel needed assistance during his hunt. With dexterity much greater than his own, Chu leapt and released the Kusarigama towards the treetop. A loud and frustrated “Caw” sounded as a now bound Omutiel fell to the forest floor. The chains had trapped its left wing to its body and it now could no longer fly. Giving Chu and Axel a glare, it succumbed to its binding and just stared at them both, refusing to struggle.

“Thanks for making it easier little guy. Don’t worry, I won’t be hurting you.” Axel announces. “I’m merely going to be giving you a new home. Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it more.”

Holding his left arm out, the stones on his arm band begin to glow. With a few practiced words, the stones flash brightly and then begin to dull. A new stone had been added to it and the Omutiel was no longer there. The new stones colors were a swirl of green and grey, complimenting the other 5 he had of varying designs and colors.

“Alright, finally time to head into town. I wonder where I can get a good meal?”
Name: Axel Wulf
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ward

Appearance: 6'3", 200 lbs

Tall and toned, with abnormally large biceps and shoulders. Brown wavy hair, between 5-6 inches long, is usual swept to the side and out of his eyes. Sometimes wears a predominantly white cloak with 3 thin grey stripes running down the back, the cloak of his old group. The hood is usually pulled up and the collar normally covering his face up to the eyes, which are a grey/blue.

He usually wears his black dress coat and pants over his white shirt. The coat is the tight fitting sort. The buttons on his shirt are undone about halfway. Around his waist is a skewed black sword belt with a sheathed sword and several daggers. The sword and daggers were nothing spectacular, merely instruments of his trade.

Relic Description :His relic is an ornate arm band composed of several different metals depicting all four legendaries, imitating their cardinal directions. Set in each legendary are several stones, usually depicting eyes. The colors change depending on what Natrelmon is out.

History: He's quick with his blade, and quicker with his tongue. Wielding the toned body of a trained swordsman, and the knowledge of a powerful mage, there are few things that can shake his confidence. With over developed arms and shoulders from apprenticing as a blacksmith before the great war, it allowed him a much faster swing and more powerful blows then your average swordsman. Apprenticing as a blacksmith was not due to financial struggles, as he comes from a wealthy military family. He decided he'd like to spread his roots, meaning in this case, add to his many talents. Having been involved in swordplay since he was a child and already an excellent mage thanks to Archmage Adler, he decided it was time to learn more practical arts.

When the war started, Axel joined the military and was immediately promoted to an officer due to family ties. Brashness and youth caused him to abandon his post on a tip off about enemy movements from a spy. Although he succeeded in routing an enemy force, the loss of his comrades was great. He was dishonored and demoted to a private. He was strangely happy about this as he reveled in his swordplay, a talent that was unused as an officer. This is not to say he didn't feel remorse for the loss of the soldiers who were under his command, yet he simply classified it mentally as "Casualties of war".

Being able to classify things in such a way doesn't mean he doesn't care. He simply recognizes that some things are out of his control. A long standing trait he inherited from his father.

Stripped of rank, Axel was sent on many scouting missions. A position he was well suited for.He generally was able to find enemy positions without ever having to get close to them. Thankfully, his natrelmon, never allowed harm to come to him. Chu and Yosoku, one extremely fast and deadly with a blade, the other a massive brute. Together they made a devastating pair that could outmatch almost any foe.

The war ended, and many lives had been taken by Axel's blade and spells. There was still fighting to be done though. He joined a mercenary group named Byakko's Fangs. They were hired by wealthy families to stop raiding and attacks by rag tag bands of soldiers who were not pleased with the ending of the war. Years years passed, and Axel left the group and decided to complete the rites and further his training

Tracker - 9 -34,400 exp
*Wind Tracker Specialty
Mage - 1

Noteworthy Skills: Trained Swordsman, Expert tracker, Blacksmithing, Over-average knowledge of Magic, Lucky Gift

Spell School-
Windspeaking- Rank 3 - 21600 exp
Mistshaping- Rank 3 - 21600 exp
Stonewarding - Rank 1 - 3979 exp
Secret Spell School - Rank ?

Money- 6,500 N

Armband Relic
Steel Longsword
Military Armor
3 Throwing Daggers
Traveling Gear

12 F Relics
3 E Relics
2 D Relics

Mythin egg


Yosoku - F- lvl 25 -
Chu - M- lvl 22 -
Lancelot - F- lvl 17 -
Shariha - F - lvl 25

Mythari - M - lvl 25 -
Omutiel - M - Lvl 22 -
Albion - F - Lvl 25 -
Yosoku - M - Lvl 15 -
Kasaiga - F - lvl 21 -
Volcan - F- Lvl 10 -
Swalest - F - Lvl 22
Armkfish - F - Lvl 25
Amar - M- lvl 21 -
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