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Current Vengeance is always the answer.
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Someone should make a Roleplay based in Runeterra.
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Abandon religion and become a cat girl ^ↀᴥↀ^
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Being hated is my thing (^ ◕ᴥ◕ ^)
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Does god hate me for wanting to be a cat girl?




Falling into nowhere alone
Cold like stone
A child drowned in asphyxiation

Lethargic, that’s all I feel about the world
Isn’t it so tragic?
Indulging in helplessness that swirls
And there’s no way out

Open your eyes
Sinking shadows
However far you go
This is the reality

Why can’t I?
Learn to be free
Please don’t tell me that it was only me
Cause I believed the pain you gave me could be love

You made me so numb
The more I tried
The more I’m denied
Schadenfreude, why should I be the one to be discarded?

Dramatics, they get me so sick
Get lost in the beauty of discord

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”I shall follow, but if I see anything interesting I may fall behind! But if that does happen, do not halt your advance."

The nobleman, lord, or whatever he might've been - didn't really interest Nal. What was more enticing was the fresh and new environment that was bestowed upon these isekai'd individuals, not that she knew what that meant - Nal had no time to consume such types of media that would involve it in her past life. Nonetheless, she happily stepped along behind the snobbish blonde and the tall manly oni-ogre. The trek wasn't long and still she found ways to lag behind with minor distractions, herbs she curiously had knowledge of, small insects that caught her interest, there was a bunch to take in and Nal made sure to whip out her leather tome and script in everything she could. With each word the book hummed to life and it sort of scratched an itch in the back of her mind, like you couldn't really remember a specific detail about something and then - boom, it comes to you. But then she'd realized that the group had moved on without her, probably reaching the noble's estate by now, but the path probably wouldn't be to hard to pick up.

"Following tracks is unusually easy, huh." Nal quietly muttered to herself as she continued forward, her eyes were anchored down the dirt and shrubbery below as she attempted to trace herself back en route to the location the others had gone.

Again, the distance wasn't that long - and while she had been pulled off path her uncanny sense of navigation made it surprisingly easy recuperate. Eventually she would find herself back at the large clearing within the forest - it was quite the sight to behold. Nal widened her eyes and opened her maw wide as she took the view in, her vision absolutely enchanted by the beautiful architecture as she slowly stepped towards the fortress and it's entrance. So far, she had genuinely enjoyed the world and what it had to offer more than the people who fell from the side along with her - though, the natives of this world would perhaps be just as fascinating with time. The front door of the estate was not locked, and she had assumed that the others had already gone inside so she invited herself in. As her small hands pressed the door open the weight fought back a bit, she wasn't that strong, maybe even physically speaking - weaker than before? The thought was a passing idea, and as she entered it was at the exact moment that the Oni male had asked about a bathroom and food.

”I vote food!" She blurted!

Quest Complete!
The new players have completed the incredibly easy and achievable goal of collecting the slime jellies outside the town of Bellview. As the final item enters their inventory and the parameters are completed, the user interface that displayed their progress changes to a small three-dimensional arrow that steers them towards the stone walls to that very town. The countless players around them who chose to do things such as; continue farming slimes, adventure out to the further areas from the town, some even decided to forgo combat completely and begin their summer beach episode where some of the players had begun.

Nonetheless, the game systems would make players' next objective plain and clear for them to follow.
Head to Town.

"Get your hot bread! Fresh hot bread right outta the oven!" A small girl no older than twelve shouted, she was dressed like a commoner, which in this part of the region wasn't very ugly - simple clothing that was comfortable rather than rags and patchwork. Her little black shoes stepped on the brown laid brick floor below, small little clacks would be heard as she carried a small crate of her wares within her small arms. Her bright blonde hair stood out, many of these NPC models had darker shades of hair, perhaps she was a foreigner? Nonetheless the peppy girl stepped up to any who entered the district offering the snack for a small sum of copper.

"Oi-oi-oi, Angie. Makn' sure t' target th' huge ix of adventura's, I haven't seen th' many in m' years bein'ere - Not e'en back'en th' demons 're round! They'a prob'ly deperate f'anythin'." A heavily scarred dwarf missing his right eye spat out as this bread merchant passed, directly hastily at her. His bronze-red hair told those who were educated that he was a fireborn, and one that had seen battles in the past albeit. He stood in a mud-stone hovel in the shopping district, an anvil at his front, a forge at his back, he was the town's blacksmith - and likely a seasoned and respected one with a face like that.

"You know I can't understand a damn word you say old man! Half the **** that comes out of your mouth is just gibberish, it's not even a dialect at this point - I've heard dwarves talk before, so don't even try to correct me! But yeah, I know to target the adventurers, that's why I'm in my good garments. My mom even washed them with flower oils so I smell nice - so relax your old bones, and go back to hammering iron." Angie flashed a smile, the young girl was a seasoned merchant - eloquent when talking trade with well-mannered speech and emitting the youthful cuteness that attracted customers. The other side of her though seemed to be a quick-witted and cunning opportunist, her mind was sharp and guided, clearly well above her years.

"I really hope these damned adventurers are capable, the ranks are getting smaller and smaller every year because of these werewolves. Sharlotte, status report!" Tu projected her voice to woman that was a good foot taller than herself, though the superior's voice seemingly snapped the woman from the daze of attention she had been in prior.

"Y-yes ma'am! The lycanthrope reports are increasingly rising in the northwestern and northeastern regions, though the immediate western and eastern areas are being kept in check with help from the native clans! Also, the coast is being kept clear as well - though, this is only due to the rise of piracy within the Cruel Sea to the south! Rumors of ghost ships, skeletons, and other undead-ilk seem to be on the rise but not the degree of needing the guard look into it as of yet!" Sharlotte's words snapped out quick and articulate, making sure every detail she needed to get across was achieved in one fell swoop. She was a scout, not really a fighter, but her senses and ability to obtain knowledge were admired by Tu herself. And as such, the Barracks Keeper trained the tall girl directly under herself in hopes of future prospects.

"Very good. Your new mission will be, gathering a few promising prospects and - scratch that, just find a good area in town to gather some talent. Stand near the Guild, or near the shops, even both - pretend to be a town guide or something. Shepard them down here to the barracks so I can get them to work and make our lives easier." Tu directed, sitting at her wooden work desk, the young scoutmaster clasped her hands together and nodded Shar off to do ask was asked. As the tall girl quickly vacated the room, quietly closing the wooden door behind her, Tu smiled mischievously and stood from her chair to turn and look out from the large window behind her very scarily - brooding.
C H A P T E R 1

N o t A S i n g l e S t a r
Fort Hood, Texas
—- // JANUARY 23
@Zoey White
Before Akasha could even turn back to give two a witty response on their way back to the car, a bestial roar would be heard from the very house they just left. It was inhumanly loud, echoing quite the distance from their location and causing the hairs on the pink-haired figure’s neck to stand on end and freezing her still.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say that this missions was accomplished. We should leave before those things break out of that house.”

Two’s handler was quicker on his feet as his rear made its way into the driver seat as he called out “We have no time for chitchat, we need to get the hell outta here.” turning the key in the ignition and turning the wheel premediately as the others made their way into the vehicle. And as soon as they were occupying the rear and passenger seats he would put her into drive and floor the gas, peeling rubber as they hauled away.

If they peered in the distance, large grotesque creatures of twisted flesh would briefly be seen crashing their ways outside from the windows and into the outside world.

• Leaving military base posthaste.

???, Romania
Midnight// JANUARY 24
“Why the long face? Now we can actually get out of this frozen cesspool.” The chunky knife-thrower chimed to his promised child, a wry smile from ear to ear upon his face as he slowly crept out from the snow-train. His white gloves had been stained a crimson, familial blood, but the man seemed more overjoyed than anything.

“Don’t tell me you’re upset about that stray. They are nothing like you, my Six, nobody is like you - nor me. Never forget that we are the blessed, chosen by god, superior to all other existence on this blighted planet.” The handler spat, brows angling inward as aggression boiled in his tone. There was no higher horse than the one he sat upon.

He sighed as he continued to glance over the sullen expression on the promised child’s face, and then reluctantly plucking the gloves from his hands and throwing them to the grayed snow below. The handler then grunted, using his exposed hands to beckon a few of the surveying soldiers over to their position.

“Screw the train, and the orders. Get me aerial transportation to Varkhaus, our little pet needs a reality check. Make sure it’s here in less than an hour.”

“Yes sir.” The soldier quickly responded without an ounce of hesitation.

The time after this order would be a dreary waiting period for the two, they made their way to the dilapidated entrance center where they had originally planned to wait for the train - which had of course gone out the window.

• Leaving Unnamed Romanian Facility for Varkhaus.

Several Miles from Varkhaus, Finland [Wilderness]
Midnight // JANUARY 24
“No mass killings, it would be a danger to the already dwindling wildlife in the area.” The exhausted Augustine responded, her chest and expanding and retracting quickly as her body winded down from the rush of adrenaline.

“We need to get somewhere more exposed and call for an extraction. Once we get onto the actual battlefield you can go ham, unwind, all that nonsense. Why are men such primates?” She sighed, glancing around the general perimeter before reaching her right hand up and extending a finger to point to the sky.

“Unless you can think of a way to get us up in the sky, we have a long walk.” Augustine hissed, the annoyance ever apparent in her facial expression. “And I’m surprised you survived.” Augustine wittily snipped out audibly, towards the normal soldier who had survived this long. “Surprisingly, your crazy magneto X-men kid saved me.” The pilot coughed out, wincing a bit as a gust of sharp icy wind rampaged upon his body.

• Leaving the Wilderness via Miracle or Extraction for military base.

St. Peterburgh, Russia
Midnight // JANUARY, 23
The two would continue to easily overcome their opponents, more gardna reinforcements would charge in on the offensive as they were overpowered by the inhuman strength the creatures possessed. Two gardna from each regiment would flee to the battle against the promised child they targeted and they seemed to flee to an elevator they ran through the center of the museum which granted easy access to each floor. And while the rest of the building wasn’t being fully powered at this moment, the elevator seemed to run fine as the four entered and were carried down to a secret area below the ground floor.

“Well, I guess my toys aren’t quite ready to take you guys on yet. But the research from this ordeal will be extremely useful to my superiors. I appreciate you two, and I guess I’ll see you in hell!” The loudspeakers blared out, the man who orchestrated the situation seeming to abandon one plan and administer another.

• Ability to break from combat and follow the fleeing Gardna

Geneva, Switzerland
Midnight// JANUARY 24
The touch of Seven’s hand caused her handler to recoil and the man even gasped out in a violent fit of anxiousness. His sights struggled to not glance over to the promised child next to him, but he regained his composure and grunted out in an earnest display of unease.

“I’m going to hand you off to someone else’s handler for a little while - until I figure some stuff out. They’re going to be administered the same drug as me to build resistance to your miracle, and they’re going to undergo some training on how to handle you before you meet them. It would be in both of our best interests if you stopped worrying about me, Seven.” The man’s words were cold, and they rushed out as if almost emergent.

The two would soon reach the airport, and the driver would after parking the vehicle, step outside and open the door for each of them. “Your plane is already here. 297 is the number.” The driver carefully kept his sights down to the floor as he spoke. Their vehicle sitting in its lonesome in the large parking facility that was attached to the air strip, though a large number of planes were coming and going in the visible distance.

• Leaving Geneva for Rome.

Liverpool, England
01:00// JANUARY 24

Berlin, Germany
01:00// JANUARY 24
"Where is he, where is he, where is-- there." Nine's handler yelped as the promised child slowly emerged into his view from a nearby alleyway.

A black car would swiftly appear on the road, tinted windows too dark to see through, no plate, very edgy and inconspicuous. Not only that but a bald dark-skinned man dressed in a plain black suit and matching sunglasses stepped over to open the rear doors for the two.

"We have no time - in." The bald man stated blankly, the raspy voice holding no charm not kindness for the two figures he was sent to deliver.

The ride wasn't a long one, an airport was less than an hour drive away - and the driver would likely not be casually paced on the road either - weaving quickly between cars to get to the destination as quickly as possible. The red-haired handler seemed to quiet and concerned, sitting close to his window staring out silently - though would briefly break the this for a moment only saying.

"God please allow us to make it to Rome alive." The words were whisped out as a mere whisper, but the seriousness would be very evident.

As they pulled up to the airport, the driver quickly stepped out himself and made way from the parking garage to the nearby elevator. Pressing the singular 'up' button to call for it to allow entrance. The handler would follow suit, quickly snapping open the door for himself and his promised child to catch up to the driver. The bald man would growl as the door finally opened.

"We have a private plane coming. Keep your wits about you while up there, and if something seems wrong - stay in check. The brass earlier gave us intel that many of the other handlers have been attacked, one was even killed."

• Leaving Berlin for Rome.
This panic was refreshing.
What an eventful day, though, I continue to evade the spotlight.
I guess we shall just enjoy the ride, yes?

Riley tapped her tongue around within their maw, the red-stained aftertaste not going away anytime soon but it distracted her from the chaos that ensued around them. We had a few paranoid folk within her midst, which was an entertaining spectacle in itself for Riley - and they would seemingly glance around even as new information wrought itself upon their minds and brought new questions. Not that Riley didn't have questions themselves, but questions were deeply internalized and being in danger wasn't exactly a new situation to them. In their youth, Riley had been kidnapped once before and held for ransom - though it was quickly resolved as the company hired some mercenaries to track the kidnappers down and dealt with them. Father was not entirely useless, just a slimy good-for-nothing and the company was in a much better handle now that he was dead.

King's Order
Player #3, rip out all of Player #4's eyelashes.
Player #6, consume the blood, tooth, nail, and lashes.

But it was when the King's new order was not so gracefully delivered upon them that Riley would speak out once again, in the same eccentric and bemused tone as before. Though, it would be difficult to discern if their response was more-so to garner attention or this was genuinely how they reacted to such grim and dangerous circumstances. "Oh how fun, eyelashes aren't that painful to remove. Hell, some people even do that for stylistic purposes. Number Four, Number Four, Number Four~ lets bust this out so we can clear this stage and move on to the next one 'eh?" They chimed nonchalantly, canting their back and forth as they spoke.

As they paced around the newly lit room, Riley made their way to the kitchen as they awaited response from the titular figure of their request. The assumption was, they would likely not react well to the calling. Perhaps some hostility, or perhaps just disgust, the matter didn't really affect them directly as stated before - Riley was honestly just enjoying the ride. Perhaps even they would win and come face-to-face with this person who knew a little too much about the circumstances with their father. We would have to wait and see! Hands slid down countertops brushing the gray residue off and onto the ground, then they'd make to the drawers as they opened up to reveal the utensils that were so-obviously left for these people to turn on eachother. This was so well prepared, Riley was quite impressed, beaming a smile and huffing out in amorous sighs as puzzle pieces slid into place within their mind.

The fleeing girls and the Love Pillar's student would make their way into the alleyway, it was tight and devoid of life other than the brief scurrying of vermin across the building's side. There was bustling and conversation in the occupied areas nearby, though nothing was being said about the girls nor the arrival of the demon slayer. But what was noteworthy is the quick hushing of those not within the alleyway, almost as if something had arrived that egged them to silence themselves. Whether this raised red flags or alarms for the group was yet to be discerned, but the two fleeing women seemingly grew unnerved by this event.

"Sister, we need to leave. I think they're here." The younger of the two, the brunette girl quietly spoke.

The blonde grunted before coming to a halt and cautiously glanced between where they had began their trek and the destination they were heading. "We're surrounded." The blonde snapped out tossing her sister's and grip free from her hand and reaching to her leg where a small dagger had been concealed - drawing the weapon and readying herself in self defense. "If it gets too dangerous, take my sister and run - don't bother trying to save me." The blonde continued, her eyes squinting is a concealed fear as beads of sweat began to appear along her forehead and brow.

"We need to get stronger." The female student with the strong leadership skills announced to the others, they, not really acknowledging her declaration as they were too bust stuffing their faces.

They had just returned from final selection afterall, which along with the strenuous journey to the estate probably gave the students minimal amounts of time for things such as eating and self-care. And as quickly as they were given this solace, it would soon be stripped away from them again in return for more rigorous training - but hey, the Sea Estate was beautiful. The oceanside nearby, the beach with beautiful pristine sand, seafood was aplenty, even if they would soon begin a different type of hell - they would atleast have small pearls of peace while being here.

"I don't think what we saw, has anything to with strength, Menma. I'm fairly sure that they were Imperial Solders, so unless you plan on facing the military of this very country itself - you'd best just forget what you saw and focus on yourself." The angrier boy from before with messy hair rebutted, not really eating much and playing with his food rather.

Meanwhile, in Kitakyushu the lonely foreigner travels would bring him into contact with a small group of traveling merchants. If it weren't for that god forsaken language barrier, the friendly trio probably would've been able to give the guy some useful directions.

"H e l l o" They spoke in poorly known English. "S p e a k J a p a n e s e?" The three were literally memeing the tower of a man to one another, the youngest of the merchants - a woman with long black hair seemingly in her early thirties cackling the most of the group. But they would break from their commotion and attempt to emote towards an inn visible in the nearby distance, it looked unoccupied, but if they were sending the man in that direction they probably had good intentions, yeah?

Gaming to prevent unemployment is accepted, feel free to move him over. If you need help with where to start, read through the other introductory posts by other players, and if you have any other questions let me know on discord.

@aviaire@Cu Chulainn@Yankee

The blue slime that the loudmouthed rogue, bubbly cleric, and smug warrior faced off against was a very long-winded fight. While the rogue of course had the lead in damage, this was mostly due to the warrior's constant commitment to holding the slime's attention. The cleric would come in somewhere towards the middle of the battle, swiftly casting a smite to chunk the poor thing's health a fair bit and giving the warrior a break. But there was of course shortcomings, the rogue attempted to flee from combat the first time and failed magnificently - falling and tumbling away in good measure before regaining his energy to reenter the battle once again. The warrior would also have her share of rough patches as while she did land the first few Shield Bashes, her later attempts would be gracefully evaded by the slime as he mocked her attempts to stun it. The cleric was steadfast however, standing her ground and literally exhausting herself to her character's limit to get every bit of damage possible on the over-leveled slime they faced. But we should not pull any credit away from the tank, as she literally towards the tail of the encounter willingly faced both of her party member's damage assaults for several attacks. She would only cease this action as her stamina reached it's limit, and she coordinated with her party to break from combat to regain stamina at a final attempt to stun the slime. The rogue, now reinvigorated would release his full combo on the slime finally getting it down to its final bits of health - though it was the exhausted cleric that would get the final blow on our poor slime boy. All the while this action unfolded, two new party members joined the party - the warrior party leader coordinating to move to their location after they looted the slime. The results?

Level : 1 Health 50 // Mana 50 // Stamina 50

Meanwhile, just outside of town was an unassuming green slime. And while he was on his slow stroll of grass consumption, he would suddenly be assailed by a terrible person with little understanding for the game. Initiating combat with the small amorphous creature was reacted with that of it defensively bouncing away from the blunt force of wood lashing upon its side with no finesse, the slime's vision teared up and the surface of it's gelatinous body shook violently in fear for a brief moment. But then he stood his ground, an angry expression developing upon it's face as the slime's body shrunk and expanded quickly as it leapt towards the freshly created character offensively.

The fight was on!

I would probably hate them IRL, but I reluctantly accept this sheet.

Vesper is accepted, go on and move them over. You can do an introductory post at your leisure
@SilverPaw Most of these questions have been answered in the discord but I’ll bust it out with some bullet points.
• Stealth and Invisibility are separate mechanics and do not overlap. Stealth is more of a reduced detection buff, invisibility is you’re straight up invis. There are skills that benefit from being in stealth. There aren’t any that benefit from invis.

• There’s a thief class, again been discussed in the discord. And if you check the google doc there should be trade skills and professions on there now.
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