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Let me re-read your post and adjust.

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C H A P T E R 1

N o t A S i n g l e S t a r
Fort Hood, Texas
—- // JANUARY 23
@Zoey White
"That's 2 for ya'."

Antoine flashed an appreciative smile at the promised child he looked after for a moment, but quickly flattened his expression as he made his way back to the vehicle parked nearby. Hoping that the other two would follow suit, he once again snapped the driver door open and scooted his little behind into the seat. He stared at the steering wheel intensely for a few moments, grasping the severity of his actions that would come. But he was paid well for this job, and he had mouths to feed back home just like everyone else. 'Sorry America' he thought to himself as he raised his keys to the ignition, slipping them inside to turn and start the engine.

As the truck hummed to life, Akasha slid into the seat directly behind Antoine. The young pink-haired figure leaned into the back of the driver's seat, a shit-faced grin developing upon her face. Their backpack was carefully placed at their side, zipped and secured to fully conceal the contents within from any unwanted eyes. Their destination wasn't too far of a drive, they returned to the to base perimeter and sponsored Akasha in with their false identification cards and drove the slow but not overbearingly so route to the on-base home of the residing commander of Fort Hood. His address was actually quite easy to get a hold of for the operation, and due to the security of the base the man's home was quite unprotected.

"The end has come for all mortals. Indiscriminate of race, or gender, or anything really. It's just an express trip back home after all right? Ha ha ha!" The young pink-haired demon child snickered quietly, her hands raised up to her maw as she places fingers into her mouth. Akasha seemed to tearing at the seams in anxiousness for the atrocity they were about to commit. Antoine parked a few houses down from the estate, it was quite large even for a captain, military men did well for themselves in this day and age. The brick building was two stories in height, simple two car garage, double glass panel door at the entrance, no security detail.

???, Romania
Midnight// JANUARY 23
"Work together! Did you see what happened to those others guys? No way in hell!" The soldier pulled the handgun from his holster and tossed it off to 6 with the sheer look of terror painted upon his face. The soldier stomped his way to the very back of the building, finding a secured closet and diving into the safe darkness within. Soon after, the complex would begin to shake violently, file cabinets tipping from the walls and other meaningless decorations breaking as they fell to the floor.

Then a shout. "They're in the building! Surround it, there's only one entrance." A gruff voice audible right outside the door of the building was heard, and shortly after, the exchanging of gunfire from two separate directions. Then the banging, [i]Thud!... Thud!... Thud!..[/i. The rhythm was chaotic and inconsistent, multiple people trying to enter perhaps? The door was secured of course, a much-braver soldier stood at the entryway and kept his back to the reinforced wall at it's side. While the door was made of thick layered steel, we didn't know what was behind it. There were no windows after-all!

But behind that door was a battlefield, Russian men whom had ventured for miles upon miles till tonight to reach this place unmarked on any map. It probably took a lot of coordination, planning, and the hard work of countless men dedicated to taking down the church pigs whom had reached their dirty fingers into their country too many times. This is retribution, true divine punishment for the evil men that had strung puppets nearby for far too long and trusted that fear could keep them under control. But fear was a Russian thing, they knew how it worked better than any. Or that is what they thought when they breached this mysterious compound with the intent of victory.

The figure from the forest line calmly approached the compound, stepping through the broken barbwire and blankly watching the carnage ensue. He had his own agenda, looking to the non-simpleton soldiers 'six' ironically in number. They were assembling a large breaching charge upon the entrance wall, which sparked joy within the boy's mind as he skipped through the snow approaching the group. He was quiet, nothing but hums and grumbles coming from his mouth as he eventually made it to the group of Russian demolitionists. He gestured silently, pointing to the explosive and then the door, and then the wall, and then gesture an explosion, and then pointing to the big ear to ear smile on his face. The Russians as a result stood dumbfounded, their black facemasks concealing the majority of their facial express but we could assume their thoughts would something along the lines of. 'What the fuck?' The men then shook their head, one of them that secured the charge to the door threw the other five a thumbs up to give the all clear. They then uniformly backed away several feet before another pulled a remote from his waist, and pressing the detonation button.

Several Miles from Varkhaus, Finland [Wilderness]
Midnight // JANUARY 23
"Thanks, I guess. If I died up there, it'd probably be better easier than surviving out here."

The tall, tattooed, dark-haired, hunk of man smacked his cheeks a few times with cloth-gloved hands to wake himself from the stupor of the falling helicopter. He looked down to the promised boy, a grimace developing on his face and squinted brown eyes. This was the situation after all, just an old soldier and this freaky kid out in the cold wilderness with no food or water. But that was only his problem, after all, and maybe Augustine's if she survived. He pointed south, a stern expression developing from the negativity that once consumed his face.

"We need to head towards the town South of here. I don't care what the Saint said, I will die out here if we don't keep moving. And as much as I'd like to have your back, I can't just sit here. I've survived in some shitty situations, but this one, this one is pretty bad." He nodded to 13 and looking away from him and to the direction in which he mentioned.

Meanwhile, the Saint had slowed her advance towards the two's direction. The sprint was further than she anticipated, and the ground's unstable elevation and rocky surface even in the woodsy environment was difficult to traverse for the woman. 13's coat kept her warm for the most part, but her face was beginning to crack and split. Her eyes strangely began to turn a golden-yellow, strange, but her charge did not falter and she kept moving. That was, until a single bullet grazed through the woman's platinum hair taking with it a chunk of her locks and piercing a tree a few feet in to her right. She froze. Every instinct within her body telling her to move, but she fought those senses and stiffened every ligament within her body.

In the distance a man in furs and black leather with the German Flag painted on his back whispered quietly to himself as he laid in a blanket of snow. "Found ya' you monster bitch." 13 and the pilot would hear this gunshot in the distance, perking up and drawing his own handgun from the his side.

Distant figures would begin to appear around the clearing they stood within, the same identifiable black coats and fur. These weren't military men however, they were the the resurfacing Red Army Faction- they hadn't created much of a presence lately but they had an affinity for finding themselves picking out specific targets that they dumped money into stumbling upon. And it seemed that this promised child and it's keeper was their target today.

St. Peterburgh, Russia
Midnight // JANUARY, 23
The soldiers within the second floor had advanced through the storage room that they entered from into the second floor display gallery. It wouldn’t be long before they realized the lockdown that had taken place. It was a trap, they both realized this, but they had been trapped before. Information gets leaked, in this day and age people would sell eachother out for a shilling. And that was exactly what happened. The automaton guards on the second floor would soon sight of the two, though their directive did not target them, so the red light simply glanced their direction before moving on.

Thank god.” The dark-skinned operative breathed into a sigh of relief.

Don’t thank something that doesn’t exist.” His compatriot responded.

The dark-skinned soldier widened his eyes as he looked back to his friend too late, realizing that a weapon had already been on him and then. Bang! Quick, simple, the double-agent crept down over his wounded former-ally and pulled the weapon from their hip. A smile would be offered through his ski mask, eyes looking down on his former friend as if he were less than him.

And that’s what your faith earns you.” He sneered, a muffled laugh hissing out only being cut short as he noticed the caustic vapor sifting through the vents. It traveled down pretty quickly, streaming through the second floor first and then down to the first floor shorty after.

It slowly began its corroding process melting away the metals, woods, and plastics of the inner workings and the millions of dollars that they would cost. As the substance met the automatons the process would be slower, it wasn’t your ordinary metal, this substance was specifically made to withstand something of this nature. Information was key in warfare, and it seemed the enemy had more information than 3 and 11 did.

As the shadow tendril encroached around the automaton’s leg and attempted to pull it from the construct’s body, 3 would find the automatons were not simple mindless entities. It in turn activated a module with itself causing the magnetic plates to drop from it’s forebody to its legs rotating in a condensing spiral. The others would then mirror this stance, seeming to kneel down in a lowering defensive position with their weapons drawn out in a defensive phalanx.

While I’m not reviewing sheets till I get a few more, I just wanted to let you know that while incorporating fire into your breathing style in a realistic way is fine. Users of Breath of Flames don’t actually innately do this, and manipulation of the element in which a Breath is named isn’t really the point. The fundamentals of why they are named after these things is symbolic of the mannerisms or the sword style, and effects that the specific Breathing Technique have on the body.
We haven’t even started yet so there’s plenty of space.
And there is no spoilers.

No reservations I am sorry! I won’t be reviewing sheets till I have 5-6 though so you may have time.
It is up.

@Zoey White Work with me in PMs and we will get you squared away!

The Demon Slaying Corps have accomplished their mission, Kibutsuji Muzan has been destroyed and the demons that remain throughout Japan are beginning to run thin. The age of Demons fearing Humans is over, and now the only thing left to do is to purge Japan of those that remain.
Or so you would think.
It is the dawn of the Shōwa period and with imperialism on the upswing the emperor has caught wind of the secret organization and wishes to assimilate them into the Imperial Japanese Army. The Ubuyashiki Family wishes to retain the tradition of being independent of military control. Not only this, but a schism itself has formed within the Demon Slaying Corps itself. While there are many who with lasting grudges against demons for slaughtering their families and loves ones, there are some who believe that there may be a possibility that some of the remaining demons may not need to be slain. This divide within the corps has caused a schism between those who wish to fully eradicate the demons from this world, and those who wish to allow non-malevolent demons to live out the rest of their long-long life.

The Dawn of a New Era


The Demon Slaying Corps : 鬼き殺さつ隊たい

The name of an organization that has existed since ancient times, dedicated to protecting humanity from Demons. There are hundreds of Demon Slayers within the organization and have as of yet been recognized by the government of Japan, but steps are being taken to change this. Demon Slayers are primarily hand-selected by a master who is currently enlisted, or was prior enlisted in the Corps, however there are instances of those who hail from families that served the organization over several generations being brought upon Final Selection nonetheless. Upon the completion of Final Selection, a student is brought to the summit of Fujikasane where they choose the ore used to create their Nichirin Sword and are gifted a Kasugai Crow. Their prime directive was previously to seek out and destroy Kibutsuji Muzan, but after his downfall at the hands of one of the Pillars the goal of the organization seems to be vague at this point.
The Imperial Japanese Army : 大日本帝國陸軍

With the growing movement of Ultra-Nationalism in Japan the people would transition away from the artistic free-thinking of past eras instead local leaders, such as mayors, teachers, and Shinto priests were recruited by the various movements to indoctrinate the populace under these ideals. They had little time for the pragmatic ideas of the business elite and party politicians. Their loyalty was practically to the Emperor and the military. With this harsh and hardened political state the militarism of the country would have it's own renaissance as soon-near wars would witness the newfound strength of a unified Japan. The spread of military presence can be felt throughout all of Japan, and would-be prospects for the Demon Slaying Corps have even been poached from their masters for the war machine themselves.
Shingetsu : 新月

To counteract the continued state of animosity towards demons within Japan, an organization known as Shingetsu has emerged out of the darkness to protect demons deemed innocent from harm. The members of this group are both human and demon and range from the power of a Mizunoto all the way up to that of a Pillar. While Shingetsu's existence is known both to the Demon Slaying Corps and the upper echelons of the Japanese Imperial Army, the members of this organization have kept their identities safely hidden. It is believed even by the current Ubuyashiki that leads the Demon Slaying Corps that one, if not multiple pillars may be a part of this group without his knowledge. Because of this knowledge being readily known within the Corps there is a constant air of distrust between comrades all the way up the ranks even to the Pillars themselves, unknowing of who was a traitor, and who would live up to the symbol painted upon their back. “Destroy.”
Going to shoot you a PM! We can work on it at your own pace!

As long as it roots from from one of the original five breathing styles it checks out!
Well this hit my interest quota, so I'll begin working on the OOC and have it up by tonight or tomorrow.

@manchild 10/10 name, thank you for your interest.
@Jacky I am a cool idea person, that's as far as I go.
@Indra Indra, like Indra Otsutsuki? Thank you for the interest!
@Aeolian Cheers and thank you as well!
@Zoey White You are always welcome, though I do recommend giving the anime a try it is superb.

Also, to give anyone interested something to play with.

This is what I have planned for the Character Skeleton so far, some small things may change. If you prefer to format it your own way- perfectly fine! Just make sure that the important stuff I have listed is on there.
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