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Bat soup?
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All I hear is “I’d rather huff gas than be a nord.”
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Why be Noxian when you can be Freljordian?
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Legends of Runeterra taught me that Noxians are just angsty teenagers who still listen to hair metal.
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But Freljord, and Ionia, and not Noxus.




Falling into nowhere alone
Cold like stone
A child drowned in asphyxiation

Lethargic, that’s all I feel about the world
Isn’t it so tragic?
Indulging in helplessness that swirls
And there’s no way out

Open your eyes
Sinking shadows
However far you go
This is the reality

Why can’t I?
Learn to be free
Please don’t tell me that it was only me
Cause I believed the pain you gave me could be love

You made me so numb
The more I tried
The more I’m denied
Schadenfreude, why should I be the one to be discarded?

Dramatics, they get me so sick
Get lost in the beauty of discord

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Melodia, Rhythmia Lapseus // Tina Young & Vati


A gaping maw of broken stone and splintered wood revealed the exit for the two. Melodia, who was the most annoyed by the situation they had found themselves in, led the charge out of their magical prison and through the increasing ruination of the tower. It was an absolute shill, the whole reason for coming to the place was pointless- and not only that but the only thing of value obtained was a black box that someone already knew about.

“Biggest waste of time, I swear, I’m never leaving home again.” She huffed and puffed as her small feet clacked over rubble without a care, quite sure footed for an old lady.

As the Lapsean noblewoman finally reached the earth below, an aggressive exhumation of air broke past her lips. Her crimson sights glanced through the wreckage carelessly until a familiar face was seen. Melodia’s expression changed to that of relief, a small smile forming and eyes developing droplets at their rims.

“Rhy- you’re okay!” Melodia’s vision looked through the others present alongside her, ignorant of their presence as her sisters safety absorbed all of her attention. Likewise, Rhythmia stared straight at her, and though the short-haired woman’s eyes were relieved to see Melodia safe, her expression was not nearly as light.

“Mel,” Rhythmia breathed as beside her their bodyguard exclaimed, “Lady Melodia!”

On Rhythmia’s other side was the Young house heir, kept close to the Lapsean’s side. Her presence was an immediate signifier of what transpired, even without the details.

Melodia quickly made her way to the small group of familiar faces and restricting her own attention to specifically Rhythmia, not acknowledging Vati in the slightest. The man didn’t even pretend to be affronted, merely glad she was alright.

“I’m glad you’re safe. Anything of note besides the uh- extra family members?” Her eyes then peeled from her sister reluctantly to the extras around her.

“A lot,” Rhythmia sighed, but rather than follow up her words she leaned forward and pulled Mel into a half-hug. She knew in her heart, as old and cold as it was, that Mel had survived the fiasco but it was still nice to have confirmation. After a few moments she let go and spoke again.

“We should… go home. Soon.”

Open-heartedly accepting the embrace, Melodia gripped her sister tightly and let out a few stressed huffs of oxygen. And as they pulled away she beamed happily at her sister, relieved that the whole endeavor had come to pass. Or at least, that’s what she had hoped.

“Agreed— this is why I never cross the border. And after this fiasco, I doubt I ever will again.” Melodia clicked her tongue and spun to look at Tina and Vati.

“Are you two ready then?”

“Hold on, shouldn’t we wait— there’s still a lot we could learn by investigating?” Tina frantically asked, still clearly shaken up by the events that just occurred.

“Lady Young, if m’lady is asking to leave the premises. It is likely because she doesn’t believe there’s anything to waste her time looking for.” Vati quickly interjected.

Melodia herself didn’t bother with responding to Tina, instead offering her an apathetic visage upon her face and shaking her head. She hummed to herself before beginning to slowly pace towards the exit of the tower and be done with it. As the vision of damage outside caught her face, she was briefly worried about what would remain— but their entourage of black cars was, miraculously, undamaged.

“See Rhy, this is why I invested so much money in this start-up engineering company. Ingenuity Vehicles, built to last forever.”Her tone was beginning to change a little, perhaps she was getting over this whole debacle.

“Ingenuity? That’s the name of the company?” Tina briefly asked as she followed the group down to the vehicles.

”Tina, get in the car.” Melodia rudely commanded the Young heir as they reached the car, opening the doors of the car before sliding inside.

Luckily, the two Lapsean nobles were small-framed girls who took up little to no space. Also luckily, some of their drivers had survived the cataclysm that happened outside the walls of Harrow’s Tower. They looked rough, but death was not something Lapsean people dwelled upon much. Though the loss of some of her most trusted did silently itch at Melodia’s psyche, and a frown would develop upon her lips as two cars would leave behind the rest of the entourage, and they quickly left town. It was a long drive home after all.

”When we get back to the city, make sure I write out some checks for the dead’s loved-ones. I’ll need to make a public statement on what happened here today as well— hopefully the familias don’t lose their shit.”
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Kurimi quite happily exclaimed, if you could call it that- her tone raised in pitch and her voice actually projected out to be more than a whisper and raised her arms up as she did so. A strange sight for sure.

Her milky sights would veer between her two teammates, excitement that was once quite restrained welling up within her chest as the thoughts of what was to come became more prevalent. Hitting people with her swords was number one on the list of enjoyable pastimes, followed shortly after by eating tasty things- which she would hopefully be able to do as well. Kurimi had heard about these exams from friends, mentors, family, but it just went in one ear and out the other for the most part. This event was nothing but a challenge and a fun time for the small Mochi girl, though, her team's competence in comparison to the others did give her more peace of mind than anything else that factored in.

"Where is Iza?- We get food before?"

Kurimi boldly inquired, her vision peeled from her teammates and back towards the rivers of young shinobi that seemed to be breaking into pockets of people- getting into arguments, physical altercations, she believes she may have even spotted some flirting between the youths. Her eyes squinted as she vaguely picked up the similar hues of Izayoi's head, though rather than gesture towards her cousin she just audibly grumbled. Too much into the mix, she's probably with her own team anyway- they would likely meet soon enough either way. Her shoulders raised as she glanced back to Hime and Usagi, biting her lip briefly as the moodswung girl returned to her single-minded excitement. Her small hands balled into fists and she raised them up to the two, perhaps there was something in the air?

"We fight someone, for practice?"

There wasn't much time before the exams themselves, but Kurimi had some newfound energy charged up in her. The aura of hope and competition seemingly came to be on the same wavelength of the typically quiet girl, not that she was being noisy- though if anyone saw her she would be emoting these feeling quite well. From the balled fists from before she was now baring her teeth and growling like an animal, her small feet stomped down to the floor as she looked around the immediate area like a small agitated boar. Kurimi's nostrils flared and she continued to scan the area for the familiar presence from before- unsuccessful, but the happiness of reuniting with her teammates was now just some mob mindset. The very words that ran through the girl's mind at the moment were.

"Where is that rude boy? I'm going to break his face. Who needs to wait for the exams to start? Not me nope, I'm going to bathe in his blood."
Kurimi is not liable for the deaths of shinobi from other villages.
I can give this some interest, especially with that light effort tag.

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Kurimi audibly hummed as she entered the irritatingly crowded room of various shinobi. Maybe she didn’t even need to be here, Kurimi was small, blended in pretty well too.

The Mochi Girl simply crossed her arms and glanced around the ocean of roaring people, social anxiety forced her sights to scan the room for familiar faces. Which was pretty difficult, though she managed to find Iza and Yachiyo within the ocean of ninja youth— but there was no way she could get their attention, maybe she would try and make her way over to one of them. Where was her team anyway?

Something would interrupt that train of thought. Kurimi wasn’t the sharpest with her senses, but her instincts were quite sharp. Danger. The feeling welled up in her chest and forced the anxiety to momentarily disappear and push her to move towards the familiar faces she’d seen before. But she wouldn’t reach them, the young ninjas torrent or cheers and conversation, excitement and cheer, unless she went on a rampage or something. But that wasn’t happening, and the presence that alarmed her grew closer until suddenly—

“Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll make it far enough to be in any ‘real’ danger. Just try to survive the best you can, little one.”

His words rang through the white-haired girls ears like an alarm bell sounding off.

Her head spun back to meet the foreign ninja’s eyes with her own, the cream colors irises cutting deep into the rival ninja’s soul. That’s what she had hoes for atleast, her teeth gritting beneath her lips, fists clenching at her sides. The Kumo-nin wore a grey jumpsuit, white silken belts, and a ninjatou was strapped to his waist. He was tan with darker features, brown eyes, black hair, a clear contrast worn in his wardrobe to make him stand out. This person’s psyche reminded her of a certain person in Kurimi’s class and she hasn’t even really known this guy for that long— nonetheless she just flared her nostrils and faced forward in a silent rebellion. Not offering him any stimuli in response to his shitty comment.

Or maybe I’ll crush you in the Forest of Death. Kurimi thought to herself as she quietly contemplated the closing words of the Hokage’s exam speech. And as the gathering event came to a close she would deliberately spin on her heels and stomp right past the Kumo-nin who tried to rile her up, growling quietly as she did so. Stepping out from the crowd her glance would once again dance among the people who left the preparatory speech in the outflow along with her.

”Finally..” She quietly said to herself, muttering a whisper only audible to someone closely listening.
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Hella unfinished, but throwing it here so she can slowly be reviewed.

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