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Current Thank you to whoever sent me a candy cane <3
2 yrs ago
That moment when you realize one of your friends changed their username. Hello, again!
2 yrs ago
pls we don't need more lolis
2 yrs ago
While I'm thinking about it, I just want to openly apologize to anyone I've ghosted in the past if you're still active on the site. I know some people don't care, but I am sorry, fam.
2 yrs ago
Advanced RPs are usually way slower than casual ones, if that's a concern for you, casual regardless of post length is a good spot for you for sure! That's what I've noticed anyway.


how to be dynamo frokane: a guide.
step 1; randomly tag people and bait them into arguing
step 2; once someone takes the bait, make a poorly made observation about them
step 3; never stop repeating this observation
step 4; ignore any valid points they make, because losing against people who have more brain cells than you have chromosomes is for losers.
step 5; rinse and repeat daily
bonus step; if they start to ignore you, constantly tag them in the hopes they'll give your attention whoring ass some more of that loving attention.

- by Grim

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Y'all should commission her, for real.
Thank you to whoever sent me a candy cane! It brightened my day.
This seems neat! Maybe it'll get me motivated to come out of my hiatus more seriously.
<Snipped quote by rebornfan320>

Fuck me, they're mods for an internet forum. Not a fucking Government. They can do what they like

As someone on Iwaku they're also not power hungry. All of their staff are super nice.
<Snipped quote by Celaira>
--real talk this is something this entire website (including myself) need to get better at.

@fledermaus I feel I do need an explanation as to why they would do such a dishonorable thing to do. From my experience, people just do it and ghost for no real reason outside of doing it knowing they can do that to people after getting them hyped up from sharing the same interest. Though I wish everyone looked at me in a way as I'm not an unpleasant person but just rather frustrated of having it happen again and again with no real end to it despite what I do effort wise.

People don't ghost just because they can, speaking from experience. Reasons I've ghosted include, but are not limited to:

Not jiving with my partner like I hoped.
Feeling like I'm not good enough to write with the partner I got.
My partner doesn't meet my expectations.
Feeling like shit because my muse died, and being too anxious to talk about it with my partner.
We'll hang ghosters by their toes then. Does that make you feel better?

Rip me I guess
@Tuujaimaa Well like you said it is a fair question to ask. My answer and reply to you is that I don't think my viewpoint is incorrect based on the experiences I had and feel like I need to defend myself from people that never gone through the pain to me of having the amount of RP's dead within a year at all.

I feel like I have to constantly fight for my side to be heard without feeling like I am valid to feel what I feel or say what I say without past experiences of people wanting to jump on me about it and then bury it/hide it like some sort of skeleton from the closet that they don't want out.

Everyone in this thread has had plenty of RPs die. That's just how RPing goes. We do understand how you feel. The problem is how you're acting on those feelings.
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