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2 yrs ago
Current Thank you to whoever sent me a candy cane <3
2 yrs ago
That moment when you realize one of your friends changed their username. Hello, again!
2 yrs ago
pls we don't need more lolis
2 yrs ago
While I'm thinking about it, I just want to openly apologize to anyone I've ghosted in the past if you're still active on the site. I know some people don't care, but I am sorry, fam.
2 yrs ago
Advanced RPs are usually way slower than casual ones, if that's a concern for you, casual regardless of post length is a good spot for you for sure! That's what I've noticed anyway.


how to be dynamo frokane: a guide.
step 1; randomly tag people and bait them into arguing
step 2; once someone takes the bait, make a poorly made observation about them
step 3; never stop repeating this observation
step 4; ignore any valid points they make, because losing against people who have more brain cells than you have chromosomes is for losers.
step 5; rinse and repeat daily
bonus step; if they start to ignore you, constantly tag them in the hopes they'll give your attention whoring ass some more of that loving attention.

- by Grim
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