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I'm a person who prides Themselves in worldbuilding and character creating. I have a love for magic, Sci-fi, and adventure RP's. Like many, I do have have a fondness for building relationships with characters to form good story.
I'm just a Golden Retriever pretending to be a human personality wise. Okay so I can be a bit of an eccentric and overly enthusiastic, which tends to help me play whatever character I like, good or bad. Let me apologies ahead of time if I info dump or ask too many questions.

If you want me to join any role play your into making, please feel free to ask. I've been doing this longer then my profile says anyway. Got any questions or just want to be friends? Feel free to PM me ok.

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A bemused look grew across Dean's face as Ash spilled the beans. Though truth be told he couldn't outright laugh at the woman. Even in such a diluted state, Dawn's aura tended to be potent to those who hadn't had the chance to be around it and become acclimated. A snort did escape him however regarding her lack of makeup skills. Every mage had some degree of laziness that they relegated to "Just use magic" and he would forever be smug about that fact.

"It's a truth spell, and you aren't forced to say anything you don't want to, Just not lie. He shrugged nonchalantly as Golem sank into the earth behind him. The spirit content with the situation but choosing not to return to its diminutive form anytime soon. Maybe the ol'Box of Rocks didn't like being called cute? eh, didn't matter right now. "Now then, we are going to go back to my place, I'm going to offer you breakfast and some coffee, and then you are free to go about your business unmolested." Dean talked in a way that made it clear this wasn't up for debate before swinging around on his heel and marching down the street in the direction of his house.

Without turning his head back to check, he was more then sure that Ash was following him in dazed confusion and muted silence trying not to accidentally blurt out anything else embarrassing. Well . . . that and a mage not able to lie and keep their spellcraft secret among the mundane without years of practice was NOT great. And wouldn't leave her with other options of where to go right now. which Definitely wasn't a part of his plan. Nope, not at all.

A bundle of high tension springs, cables and restrains fell to the ground with a resounding clang. The tinker-made resistant suit worked like a dream. Alex felt worn for the first time in month from his workout. Working up a burn and sweat with superhuman biology and endurance took some work, but damn did was it satisfyingly to finally feel a workout. Almost comically large weights and dumbbell were moved back onto their racking before he toweled himself off.

Before heading back upstairs, Alex glanced at his workbench. Laying next to the worn and scared pieced of his original suit was the dull gleam of bronze. While the black and grey tactical style wasn't a bad look, Alex's powers weren't really conducive for stealth and sneaking around. He figured if his powers were always obvious when in use, he might as well go the extra mile and make himself even more visible. there was something to be said about heroes and rogues with highly visible costumes. The idea behind it had logical reasoning. If you could be seen coming and were so obvious in a crowd, you could easily draw attention away from civilians, points of interest, or less durable teammates.

With Alex having to arbitrate the big meeting tonight, he figured an upgrade in his look was finally warranted. Keeping the original bodysuit and utilities, every armor piece was now bronze with simple white trim. All of it was a lot more carefully worked and shaped. The gladiatorial skirt and other remaining cloth elements were a shade of blue similar to his powers. Honestly the only thing that would make it more professionally done would probably be greco-roman Meandering style engravings and patterns. Part of him questioned if he was worth wearing it after yesterday. He shook the thought away. " I Deserve this. New suit, better me. Just keep moving forward." He repeated his words of encouragement mentally as he ascended the stairs. He needed a shower. and possibly second breakfast. yeah second breakfast sounded nice.

Humming happily to himself, the large man prepared an omelet as the rice cooker buzzed. Now he wasn't entirely sure what kind of beast the eggs had come from. But they tasted similar to duck and were safe to eat so why complain? plus they smelled great! some light seasoning was added to the eggs he had been beating before prepping the pan.

That was about the time the front door was opened. "I'm Home! I got a surprise guest. And its not who you think it is." Dean laughed to himself. Right up until he noticed Alex cooking with no shirt on or apron for that matter. "Dude! Put a shirt on!" Dean made a scene of covering his eyes and turning away dramatically.

Alex Chuckled at his friends dramatic dismay. Only becoming confused when he turned to greet their newest "guest." "I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed . . . but . . . um." The himbo was flummoxed seeing the woman before him that looked like his friend and templar guest but wasn't if Dean's statement was true. Seconds ticked by as he stared and try to process the situation. He eventually looked back to Dean. "You didn't bring a Stranger into our home did you?"

Instead of giving a helpful answer, Dean bust out laughing. Leaving Alex more confused then before.

Oh thank the spirits that worked! Dean celebrated inwardly. She had introduced herself and was retracting her domain. ”Well, nice to finally meet you properly Ash- wait what do you mean cute?”

Dean scrunched his brows, stood up, and turned to see Golem had instead been in a scaled up version of his diminutive form. Which was considerably more harmless looking compared to the spirit’s natural state. ”You didn’t even put on your war face?! Come on man really??!” it was no wonder it didn’t work. It was like having a giant ready bear made of rock try to intimidate you. Ash’s comment about Golem’s evident bond with him despite no formal contract did strike a cord though.

[I like you young one, let’s be friends.]

The first words Golem had ever said to him echoed in his head as Dean over dramatically lamented at his partners failed assistance in trying to be serious and scary.

Ash seemed to grasp the situation and took it in stride. Her offer to leave sooner rather then later did help alleviate some of his previous fears. But you can’t be too careful.

”Downsides of the awoken world, bad dreams and nightmares are so much worse. Hold that thought for a sec-“ Dean began shuffling around through his pockets before finding the trinket he was looking for. ”Ah ha! There you are.” clutched in his hand was what looked like a broken heart locket.

It might be seen as a waste of a one time charm from someone else, but a Hedge Mage survived on being prepared and paranoid. Dean crushed the charm in hand and let it’s magic flow through him, a growing aura emulating from his astral body. Threads of golden light in tightly controlled patterns stringed past his green, smells like bay leaf and palm now overpowering the caramel. The sensation of silken thread danced across his skin.

Dawn really didn’t mess around with this charm. Crap it was gonna stick around for a while then.

. . . . .

Fuck if Archer comes back he wouldn’t hear the end of it. Shit Dawn was gonna know he used it somehow anyway and he’d still get teased.

Welp, no turning back now. He looked to Ash and straightened up. ”One question before I make you some hospitality for my rudeness. If you will indulge me. You are, to your own knowledge, not a person with Stranger powers or using any methods to make yourself look like that are you?” he could feel the aura working against him now already as it Encompassed the two of them now. Damn, he was gonna have to choose his words carefully for who knows how long.

This, this was stupid. Dean threw his hands up in the air in frustration.

”Okay here’s the bottom line lady! You look exactly like a fucking TEMPLAR that found herself lost down here in the underground, do you realize how bad your situation currently is? Snooping around my house aside?” He wasn’t going to back down. But he didn’t attempt moving closer to the woman. Dean was however getting more exasperated. Even Golem was beginning to look tired, even sinking into the ground a bit until his “face” was at eye level.

Dean rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. ”You haven’t even given a name when I freely gave mine, which really doesn’t help your case here, you’ve already been flagged as a potential Stranger. Oh! And not being intimidated by a god damn [Primal Spirit] doesn’t paint you in a none threatening light.”Did she understand just how absurd the situation was now? Hopefully. He knew what was going on with himself right now at least now that he had the moment to air out the actual issues. Damnit Golem’s influence really wasn’t conducive for deescalating easily but he was fucking trying!

”I don’t want to fight, I really don’t. Too much crap has been going on and I’m NOT in the mood to deal with more.” This is why he tried his best not to get involved with . . . Anything really. Dean slumped and leaned back on Golem’s face. Spirits he was all over the place. Given how unstable everything has been in just this past day it wasn’t a shocker.

Why can’t anything outside the house be simple? Shieldtown is supposed to be simple.
The chewing stopped. Dean looked at the doppelgänger before him wide eyed. His head sagged to the point where his hair covered his eyes. Shoulders shaking . . . Right before he burst out laughing.

And he continued laughing.

And laughing.

Dean was holding his sides and gasping for breath as he calmed down, wiping a tear from his eye as he tried to regain his composure.
”Aaaah, oh man . . . you other mages can be so damn wound up sometimes.” he paused for a moment and frowned. ”Shoot, I swallowed my gum.”

The earth mage grumbled, acting more the fool then he already was. Being covered in protective charms and wards would do that especially if they were drowned out by the shear presence of having a spirit like Golem around. Dais spirit just looked down at him impassively and shook its head in a way that made some pits of gravel and dirt fall on the geomancer. Dean didn’t seem to really mind and just brushed himself off.

”You think I was threatening to duel you? With where we are now? And who I have that I can call on besides me buddy here?” He knocked a fist on one of Golem’s solid arms the size of a pickup truck. ”Those aren’t me making threats.”

Golem’s astral form then shifted. It’s enormous hand moving unit it’s palm held Shieldtown in its grasp. ”Golem however doesn’t like when I’m threatened. And he isn’t bound to me.” A devious grin began to spread across Deans face. ”Meaning my death wouldn’t stop him from making some very poor decisions.”

It was around that moment that he pulled out the card Archer had given him, holding it up to his face to reveal it to the Mage before him. ”And to top it off, for better or for worse, I have friends in some very high places that like my continued stewardship.” Was Dean running his mouth a bit? Not quiet. He hadn’t shown a single indication of his methods of casting, preferred tactics, or even his actual relationship with Golem.

What he was doing was revealing just enough information without any specific details. Leaving present company having to make guesses. Simply put. He was being annoying. Which he excelled at.

”Your a ‘regular’ that was snooping around my house for some reason and looking in through the third floor. Not that respectful of you. The fact that you look like another one of my guests who’s situation is very delicate does not help your case.”

To be fair a Duel would be a pain. Not that he wouldn’t do well given everything in his favor, he just didn’t like having to exert himself.
Though knowing that Wolf probably had some form of munitions trained on the Stranger gave him some peace of mind. Like he would fight fair if it came down to one. Fighting fair was for the dead and stupid.

While she did reciprocate with her own [greeting], claiming him to be in her [domain] ruffled him a bit. Golem felt amused for whatever reason.
Now it would go without saying that Dean wasn't the type to show off. It was easier to get to the point and move on most times. Fucking hell her astral self was like looking at directly at the the sun during high noon in the summer. That was an unpleasant experience. At least he didn’t have spots in his vision from that.

“Your domain? Cute. Well, let’s review just how bad the situation is shall we?” Letting out a short whistle, Dean signaled Golem to rise. What came out of the earth was easily ten feet tall and almost just as wide. Pitifully small compared to what Golem could actually manifest as at full size.
Golem’s astral body had the look and presence of a walking mountain that decided to acknowledge your existence.

Dean crushed the effigy and reabsorbed the stored mana within. It was almost better then a caffeine rush as his reserves topped off. Even so, no hostile action was made. His mana signature much more respectable and distinct now compared to the emaciated state he tended to keep it in, constantly pouring his mana into his charms and trinkets. His mana wafted with the scent of caramel while it glowed in soft greens and metallic bronze.
“I’m Dean Locklear. [Steward] of Golem, the current [Primal Spirit of Earth].” While Golem loomed over his body in a protective stance, Dean used his now free hand to toss a piece of gum into his mouth.

He chewed and blew a bubble to the point of it popping before speaking up again. ”So, whatcha doing around these parts?”
By most traditions in the awoken world, there was no reason for Dean to be as casual as he was now with his title and charge. There was generations of protocol and etiquette. And Dean really didn’t give a damn. And Golem seamed to like it that way.

That wasn’t to say that the whole situation wouldn’t give most older mages an aneurysm over the blatant disregard and disrespect. Oh this gum was pear flavored! Bonus~

Dean was happy that Alex seemed to be doing better. It had been another dream about his father. Which was a mess he was not equipped to help unpack. Oh and to top it off Alex’s powers hadn’t been working right yesterday! Put that all together along with the big guys dispositions and sense of self worth? Not healthy in the slightest.

He let the lug get through half his stack of bacon and second omelette before setting down some coffee. ”Cant say I know why was up with your powers yesterday, but you really gotta stop making it out like your useless dude.”

Alex tried to speak up through a mouthful of food. But the serious look he got from his friend made him swallow and keep quiet. For the moment at least.

Dean sighed and ran a hand down his face. ” I know I can’t do a thing about the stupid voices that can get in the back of your mind. But your better then whatever you have going on in that thick skull of yours.” he poked the brutes forehead for extra enthuses. Alex seemed laser focused on him now. Maybe this was helping just a bit.

”You Alexander Dalton, are one of the strongest guys I know. Figuratively and literally. And your too damn stubborn to let any of this junk hold you do-AGH?!”
Dean didn’t get to finish his sentence before being bear hugged by the larger man. Which was a good sign at least. Unfortunately Dean felt like all his bones were creaking like an old ship from the power hug. ” Buddy. Dude. Air please.” he wheezed out between breaths.

”Oh shit sorry! He let go of Dean and sat back down. A sheepish half smile on his face.

Dean brushed himself off and took in a breath of precious air. ”I’ll take that as you feeling at least somewhat better?”

Alex gave a vigorous nod . . . Through shoving food into his face again. Well, at least the man had his priorities.

” Right then. Business.” Dean set his hands on the table and did his best to try and loom over his friend. Who was still a bit taller then him even while siting. ”Your guest broke out of her window and got picked up by Nordic’s. Word is she’s probably at the Stonework’s by now since they were supposed to be housing Silver Fang for her stay here anyway. They did forget to come by and get her armor and stuff though.”

There was a flash of worry that crossed Alex’s face, quickly followed by realization, then embarrassment as he slapped his forehead. He finished his bite and groaned ”Zolya is gonna tease me about this somehow I know it.”

Dean just shrugged. ”Probably. That’s what friends are for my dude. Moving on, we got some activity in the town that warranted Wolf coming by. We’re keeping it low profile for now, so none of you and your armored self going out at this hour ya hear?”

There was probably a second of protest before Alex relented, slumping into his chair. ”Its a potential Stranger anyways. Kinda need subtlety for that.”

”And I am the proverbial ball in a China shop. I get it. Alex all but pouted as he finished off the last of his bacon. Grumbling incoherently to himself.

”Im gonna be going out to help spread the word, also see if anyones up to help get the guest room window replaced. Could use the fresh air anyways.” When Alex looked like he was gonna speak up on that Dean held up a hand. ”I’ll be fine. And you have to go over my memos I got in the office on who’s showing up for the meeting tonight. Gotta get a head start since your the one who called it and will have to run it.”

Now that got an actual groan out of Alex. ”I swear if Devil Mask tries pulling some shit about the rivalry we Don’t have I’m gonna punch his stupid edge lord face.”

That got a bark of laughter from Dean while he went to get changed. ”So what happens every time you two see each other?” he let out another laugh as he dodged a slow moving telekinetic fist not meant to actually hit him.

All dressed and kitted out in his charms and trinkets, Dean left the house with Golem on his shoulder again. The mage and spirit traveled a block away before getting to work.

With the comms in his ear it wasn’t hard to coordinate with Wolf to find the Imposter. Dean wasn’t really in the mood to take this slow however and tapped into his link with Golem. Leaving most of the complex spellcraft to the spirit, the two plunged into the earth as if they had stepped into deep water. Leaving no trace on the ground at all. Subterranean travel was usually a complex process for an earth mage, most didn’t have the primal spirit of Earth as a partner though.

Dean popped out of the ground onto his feet not far behind from his target, Golem staying in the earth just in case. The earth mage made his way up to the woman, Just to be safe, he took a look into the Astral sea. What he saw for that split second made him stall for a moment. Shit. Whoever this was wasn’t Solver Fang, but she sure as hell was Awoken. Better make a quick call. He tapped at his Comms as quick as he could. ”Wolf, no listening in. Keep eyes up though.”

He spoke up when he was only a few feet away. ”Hiya stranger! I’d say you look familiar, but I know for a fact you are a different person. Guess you have a look a like.” Dean stopped maybe ten feet from Silver Fang’s doppelgänger, his next words were more hushed so only she could hear. ”Just so you know, This town is my [Sanctum] and I can [See] you.” He thumbed the mana Reservoir charms he had in one pocket and Archers card in the other. Wasn’t to big a chance he would need it but he was cautious by principal. Being prepared was all Hedge mages really had most of the time anyway.

There hadn’t been a whole lot of talking last night. Though Dean wasn’t going to hold that against Alex if half the chatter he had heard was the truth. Big guy had been exhausted and still insisted on doing his last check around town before calling it a night. More stubborn then a rock that guy. Dean had ended up taking care of the rest, got the doc over to check Silver Fang before they shacked her up in the guest room. Alex had insisted on writing the woman a few notes for when she woke up before turning in himself.

While the two supers slept, The resident earth mage didn’t really get much. Now, he was a lax person by nature. Heck Dean wouldn’t have been insulted if anyone called him lazy. But that shouldn’t be taken as a lack of vigilance. Most days at least. Everything about yesterday felt off, yet he couldn’t place it. There was a nagging that was starting g to make him a tad jumpy. Golem seemed to be feeling it too, the spirit stalked around occasionally like a restless tiger.

A hunch could be a very dangerous thing in the awoken world. It was even more dangerous to ignore any omens when they show up. This was one of those rare moments he wished he hadn’t restrained his abilities as strictly as he had those years ago.
With everything else going on though there really wasn’t a drive to try and seek out help from anyone who could help alleviate his worries. Seers and diviners gave Dean a headache on a good day anyways.

He had cut himself off from his energy drinks about an hour ago, letting his fresh cup of tea steep a bit to take in the warm aroma.

Dean’s moment of peace was cut short however by the sudden sound of gunfire. It was quickly followed by a knock at the front door. “Bloody hell who could that be at this fucking hour?”

It was Wolf. Because of course it was Wolf. The damn cyber mercenary was a headache and a half every time she showed up. He gave a halfhearted grunt at her comment on his slippers. Laugh all you want, they’re comfy.

Gingerly sipping at the still hot tea, Dean took in everything Wolf relayed back to him. Opting to remain silent until she was done. Silver Fang had left in a rather sudden rush not that long ago. But he had been confident that whatever her reasons she would make her way back. What made him pause mid sip though was Wolf’s remark about her trying to climb her way back through the broken window. And there was a problem with that statement.
”Hold on a sec.”

Now Dean’s spellcraft tended to border the lines of hedge magic given his general lack of advanced training. That that didn’t mean he wasn’t clever. Such as being able to tag individuals that came through his and Alex’s door and tell when and where they are throughout Shieldtown with his network of wards and Sigils.

Dean was going to make a call to a particular duo of Nordic friends for having not left so much as a message that they were taking the resident wayward Templar, much less come grab her stuff before leaving.

Wolf’s story didn’t add up.

That’s not good. Dean instantly looked more awake then he had been when he had opened the door. ”Shit. Stranger Protocol’s. Do not engage and keep tabs best you can. We got an imposter.” The tea was dumped on the ground, Dean cursed under his breath and held a hand up to apologize to Wolf.

”Whoever it is it’s better we don’t spook her anymore then we did and see if we can’t catch them.” Just then the muffled sound of heavy slamming could be heard from inside the house. Dean grimaced, Alex woke up. And if he was working his sandbag it probably wasn’t any of this going on. When it rains it pours.

”I . . . Gotta go check on that.” Slipping back inside He closed the door gently behind him before pinching bridge if his nose and sighing heavily.


Those words echoed everywhere. Cutting at his skin and into the bone. No walls he made could stop them. Could never really stop sound anyway.

“All that strength and power, what do you have to show for it? You floundered and stumbled like an idiot yesterday.”

Shut up. He wanted to scream and yell. Deon out the voice with any noise he could. The words never left his throat. His heart felt like it was going to hammer right out of his chest.

“Even now after all these years your still a useless little punk.”

Alex couldn’t do anything but curl up and cover his ears. He felt small again. Helpless.

A hand grabbed his hair and forced him to look up.

He saw the broken and bloody face of his dead father. “YOU ARE NOTHING YOU FUCKING WASTE!!”

Alex woke up bolt upright, gasping and shuddering for breath. Face wet from tears the moment he opened his eyes. Not again. Always with that fucking dream. Always that same broken face glaring at him.

He fell back onto his bed, the frame made for his considerable weight still creaking in protest. Whiling his eyes, a glance to his nightstand greeted him with the current time. The soft glow from the alarm clock indicating that it was too damn early. Too bad. He didn’t need a full eight hours and he sure as hell didn’t feel tired anymore.

Minutes later, Alex had made his way into the basement. His tools, costume and equipment lay scattered around that would constitute as a “lair” for his alter ego. Massive, home made training weights dominated one corner of the room where an equally bulky brute rated sandbag hung.

He didn’t waste so much as a second before slamming the bag bare knuckled. It wasn’t like it would hurt anyway. The blow could have been mistaken for a shotgun going off from the sound alone.

”I’m not pathetic.“ His voice was rough and uneven. The bag was punched harder.

What the hell was his performance yesterday? He was better then that. He had to be.

Another punch that would have killed a regular person. ” I’m not weak.“ I can’t afford to be. Not again. Not ever.

He began to punch faster. Alex wished his knuckles would start bleeding. Just the sting of pain. None came. Just the rhythmic sound of his fists. ”I’m! Not! Useless!!” I can’t be. What am I if I can’t be if use to one person?

Images of the hydra fight flooded his mind. Silver Fang should have never even been touched on his watch. Sloppy, he had to be better. He had to.

”DAMNIT!!!!“ Tears blurred his vision again. A yell tore from his throat as he slammed the bag with such force that it nearly flew into the ceiling. Blue light flickered around his body in glitching patterns in his outburst.

He had to be hard on himself. Dropping to his knees in a slump, Alex breathed heavily. He hated having this much power. There was too much to shoulder. Too much expected of him. But he had to endure. It’s all he could do. For everyone he wasn’t able to save, for every person who got hurt because of him.
He’d cry if he didn’t feel so numb right now.

If he kept going as he was, this life might crush him. If he left, could he forgive himself for what could happen to everyone he wasn’t protecting? He was stuck. Stuck here, in his head, with these powers still feeling powerless at the end of the day.
Aegis? What a joke. He was more a cracked shield then anything.

Standing in the doorway, Dean didn’t have the words to pull Alex out of whatever was gripping him. He didn’t even have the strength needed to help his best friend off the floor. He opted to do one thing he knew that could help the big guy feel better.

Minutes later, the house was filled with the scent of cooking bacon. Real bacon. Not something made from a Ridgeback or some other underground beast. Alex sat in his chair sipping his tea. Dean having refused to let him cook this time.

Said mage added cheese to an omelette that could feed three.
The two men didn’t really need to talk during mornings like this. Their company was enough for the two. They’d talk about it when bellies were full and everything settled.

Golem sat invisible on the dining table, staring off in the direction of the Stoneworks.

Ok. Maybe, just maybe, it might have been a poor choice in judgement to use the entire cell’s worth of juice in the booster. Alex REALLY hoped that those last few boulders he had plowed through weren’t considered landmarks of any kind.

It was a wonder how Yue hadn’t been startled awake from the crashing and speed alone. That probably warranted a visit from Doc once they were in town. He mentally put more barriers around her just to be safe. Truly a testament to his years of experience gained living in the underground. Considering he was white knuckling the steering wheel and trying his best to keep on a direct path to Shieldtown.

The thought of turning off the anti-grav midway through at this speed was tempting, also probably stupid as all hell considering the physics that would be involved. He wasn’t even sure he could break at this point. Yeah . . . . . They were probably going to have to crash. And the best thing to even crash into would be the towns outer walls. Fantastic. Amazing plan. A spark of genius for sure. . . . Okay now he was just being mean to himself. There really weren’t any better options for a sudden stop.

Which was gonna happen. Right now. Using a months worth of energy, plus anti-grav tech and essentially rocket propulsion kinda trivialized travel time. Shieldtown was probably a minute away given how fast it was “growing” in the distance. The booster was either gonna have to be overhauled or straight up replaced after this. And that’s not accounting for the oncoming damage about to happen. Ah hell, that was Dean’s problem.

Alex dropped the shielding around Yue and pulled a crank on the dashboard hard. In seconds Yue was engulfed in a breathable shock absorbent foam before being ejected from the vehicle. Alex opted for the simplest of methods. He opened his door, unbuckled, jumped out, then tucked and rolled.

The vehicle slammed into the reinforced fortification with a resounding crash. The lack of explosion meant it was probably fine. Getting up, Alex brushed himself off and looked around to see where his friend had been launched off to.

Turned out the prone foam blob that housed said friend was about to be inspected by one of the remaining beasts. ” Oh I am NOT doing this right now. And I want some fresh meat damnit.”

Before the poor monster had a chance to react, Alex catapulted onto its head and punched right into its skull all the way up to his elbow like it was paper Mache. The creature collapsed with a startled, gurgling yelp. Sliding the gore and viscera off of his arm in a soft flash of blue. ” Im guessing you taste like beef. You better taste like beef, I’ve got enough seafood and pork tasting stuff.” He brim led to nobody but himself. Not wasting any time, he hefted the beast nearly twice his size over his shoulder, and then Yue’s foamed up self over the other before making his way to the settlement.

Instead of calling for the gates to be opened, Alex made his own telekinetic platform and floated up. Any stragglers we’re picked off by the towns hunters. While the sound of Scarhide’s triumphant roar made it clear that the other side of town was in good hands. . . Paws?

Alex’s comms instantly started to buzz with people trying to contact him. They would all have to wait till he had a second to settle. A cursory glance once he got over the wall didn’t show too much damage, and hopefully no casualties. Once he finally touched down inside the town proper, Alex let out a loud sigh of relief. Home safe. Maybe he could actually relax.
Even with the continued attempts at hailing him over comms, probably from Wolf, Alex made his way back home relatively unmolested. Most interactions being simple “good to see your safe.” Or “Welcome back big guy, you missed the fun!”

Yeah, he was home.

“You know very well I don’t appreciate your sister’s antics any more then you do.” Despite himself, Dean was glad it was Archer that had shown up rather then literally anyone else in their family. He just wasn’t in the mood to say it and give away ammunition for more teasing.
“What, should I fear being turned into a stag and hunted for sport?”

He thought he had a solid retort until Archer touched him. It took nearly every ounce of control he had to keep Dean from shuddering even slightly at Archer’s . . . Teasing. Taking the card from his chest, he examined it for a second before pocketing the enchanted item. Guess it was better then Dawn trying to flirt with him. He still didn’t really get why Archer got him riled up so easily . . . Well maybe he did but denial and laziness had won that game time and time again.

“I make no promises! Maybe at least for something not work related if your lucky!” He yelled after Archer’s back.

He was about to turn and head back into his house, hopefully to try and contact Alex finally before Wolf began yelling at him. Again.
That got an annoyed growl out of Dean. “Call them yourself you trigger happy bitch! I got my own shit to deal with now!”Golem patted his head reassuringly as Dean stormed back into His and Alex’s home, slamming he heavy door door behind him.

Alex remained silent through most of Dollar’s banter, right up until her mention of Yue being a special guest for the “party”. They were a rogue too. Probably one of the wandering types, which would explain why he couldn’t place them. The only consistent faces in the collective were either powerful, had connections, or had a home base in one of the major settlements. You either figured it out or ended up getting swallowed up by one of the many gangs and clans. Or you know, dead.

Some of the tension he had been holding dropped a bit. “Could have said something sooner you know.” He turned his back to her and went to grab Yue. The barrier around her seemed to tighten up like she was being shrink wrapped before telekinetically raising her up to about waist high. She seemed to be alright after being given a quick once over now that he wasn’t on high alert.

It was about that time when various buggies and armored transports came rolling up. Dozens of Forge hunters and butcher crews formed a perimeter and began to go to work on what remains of the Apex’s corpse. It was rare that one didn’t just dissolve after death anyways. Some of the ironclad gave Dollar strange looks only to be faves off by Alex.

Moments later, Forgemaster came trundling up in his heavy war gear. The suit resembled a walking furnace and easily dwarfed Alex ”looks like you didn’t get yourselves killed. Good work Aegis.”

Being his usual self, Alex shrugged “No big deal. Just another day in the Undercity.”

The metal tinker snorted and gave Alex a clap on the back, not moving the brute much though. One of the vehicles that drove up next was rather familiar. In fact, it was Alex’s. A forge worker hopped out of the driver seat and quickly joined the others in the apex harvesting. Alex was thrown off by the bow obviously tinkertech wheels his transport sported. “What are those and why?”

“Anti-grav wheels. Consider it payment for taking care of big ugly here on short notice for me and mine.” As he spoke, two other workers came by with Yue’s hammer and the Sword of Justice. Loading both into Alex’s care before getting back to work. Forgemaster nodded to his men before addressing Alex further, opening his helmet and taking a knee to look him in the eye through Alex’s own helmet visor. “And you tell your friend there that if she somehow damages my sword . . . . She better not.”

While not much of a threat towards him. Alex still gulped and nodded in respect to the older hero. ”understood sir.”

Yue secured in the passenger seat, Alex flicked a few new switches before feeling the sudden lurch that came with his vehicle levitating off the ground now. This would probably cut the travel time back to shield town in half. But . . . It would still be a touch too long. Granted, Alex had full faith in Shieldtown, but it was best to hurry. Which meant one thing.

”I just payed to get the cell replaced too. . .” He grumbled to himself and Yue’s unconscious form.

He flicked open two safety switches and grabbed the ignition for his booster thruster. If he had to guess, the whole power cell could get them back home in no time. Well, there goes 300 clatter.
With littler warning, Alex punched it. With a roar that could compete with the Apex Hydra’s, Alex rocketed away at an increasing speed he was just barely able to control. A forward facing plow like barrier materialized quickly in front of the vehicle to help things along . . . As he continually crashed into multiple rock outcroppings while trying and failing to steer at ludicrous speed.
Still, at least it would be a quick ride. Just not a smooth one.

Deep beneath the earth, bellow even the undercity, a tinker made hive was in an uproar. Every possible floor in nine layered structure that cut in between real and Exo space found its occupants running about like a colony of ants desperately trying to both repair damaged bulkheads and equipment, but also wrangle any specimens that had yet to flee into the labyrinth network and out into the undercity.

It was utter chaos.

The blaring of multiple klaxons and other emergency warnings finally stirred Them.
Pinkish red eyes snapped open. Focusing instantly and taking in everything they could. Light filtered murkily through the viscous liquid they were suspended in. Their eyes narrowed, and with a thought, multiple plugs and cables of both mechanical and organic nature ejected and detached from their fetal form.

A hiss of air was let in as the techno organic bod split itself, dumping its fluids through a grate underneath, while the pods former occupant landed on their feet with an inhuman grace.

Other beings present that resembled humans dressed in a strange mix of religious wear and lab tech gear all dropped to their knees, remaining motionless and silent before their creator and master.
Kiran Kingsley took their time to inspect their body. Every inch of skin had grown back as it should. A flex of their fingers, toes, and jaws showed their retractable claws and fangs worked. After a minute of stretching and contorting, Kiran was satisfied with the recent results of their resurrection.

Finally looking up, Kiran’s satisfied look turned into a scowl. With a sudden clap of their hands every other person rushed to attend them. The Lab Rat wasted no time waiting on anyone and began to march off. ”Status report. What the hell is going on?“

One of the servants cut in quickly. Your worship, a psychic phenomenon of unknown origin appears to have ravaged its way through the entire underground.” The creature wheezed to try not to stutter under trip under Kiran’s sudden attention on them. ”M-many of our free roaming stock went into a f-frenzy and are being dealt with by the locals currently despite the short notice.” It gulped visibly and whimpered as Kiran stopped momentarily.

”Judging by the blatant fear you exhibit, something more has happened as well hmm? Well, I’m waiting.“ Kiran’s metallic tail slowly began to creep forward, it’s stinger brushing up under the now quivering servants exposed throat.

”T-t-t-the l-latest Apex b-biomorph w-was roused from s-s-stasis and got out. It was only recently terminated. It’s remains are beyond retrieval without suspicion. P-please forgive us your grace!”

Kiran remained silent for a minute, taking measured breath before sighing. ” The Hydra had its codex well documented, but it’s still a lose . . . it couldn’t be helped.“

A gentle hand was placed on the servant’s shoulder. With tears in their eyes, it looked up in hopes of seeing the kind benevolence of their great master, nay, their god! . . . . Only to see a face stretched into the look of rage beyond anything a human should be capable off. The others fell to their knees, all shuddering in fear, whispered pleas for forgiveness going unheard.

With a voice more akin to a predators growl, Kiran lamented. ” B͎͇̤͇͇̝u̩͓̩̯t ͉͖̖̘͚͈͚I ̲̰̹̞̗̜r͙e̗m͍̞a̜i͇͖̞̲͎̲n͖̞ ̗̣d̳͙͈̤͕̣̤i̳̩͍̟șa̲̭̮̘̤̹p̖̣̬po̹̪i͔͇̱n̞̰̯͍ͅt̥̮e̹͕̜͉̯d̼ͅ.“

With a renewed pep in their step, and wearing a mix of bloody cloths nobody would be missing, Kiran continued down the off white hallway. Leaving a scene awash with gore and viscera that was already being cleaned by a swarm of their voracious grubs. ”Hmm, I wonder what else I’ve missed? Hopefully things turn up so.“ he giggled to himself happily and practically skipped along now. ”Sairyn probably misses me half to death right now~“

Alarms and emergency lights would soon turn off one by one and order restored to the hellish facility. With its master awake, the great work could finally begin again.
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