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Finally writing a bio oops

Basic info: Call me Lunar or Ash. 25+, She/Her. I've been roleplaying for many years on forums, discord, and various MMOs.

Most of my RPs on here will be 1x1 original concepts. I consider myself a literate writer, though quality > quantity; I can write out quite a few paragraphs, but I feel sometimes shorter posts can be more effective for quick dialogue/action scenes.

Favored themes: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Fluff, Monsters, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse
I really enjoy stories where the world/circumstances are harsh and characters support and love each other through it all.

I love cats!

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@ERodeI do agree and think Eirwen would have gone out of his way to befriend Rhinecliff if at all possible. The nature of Odonfield seems to align with his interests quite well and Eirwen would be appreciative of someone with such a generous reputation.

@LunarParadox I love the court mage, just one quick clarification. Freeze Substance can't affect humans and other races, right? As long as that is the case, your character is accepted. Feel free to post them to the character tab when you have a moment. :)

That's correct! Freeze Substance is essentially just a way to make popsicles aha

Advisor Eirwen Blackthorne

32 | Half-elf | | Male | 5'7 | 150 lbs

Goal: Grow his own personal power and gather information - current loyalties shaken and undecided. Provide easier access to magic schooling to those outside of the ruling class.

History: Eirwen's birth was the unintended consequence of an affair between a poor human woman and a flighty elvish noble. Said noble had no use for an unplanned offspring from lowly roots, and so he and his mother were left to fend for themselves. Eirwen inherited no riches nor political power from the noble side of his family, but he did inherit something arguably more useful: an inherent talent for magic borne by an abnormally large pool of life-force...and, of course, the elvish propensity for good looks, which gave him a slight edge in manipulating situations to his advantage.

It was his unprecedented skill that earned him a lucky scholarship at the College of Hathforth, then the attention of nobles who gave him jobs of increasing importance, and finally the notice of the Wizard Queen herself. He had always favored magic of the cold, though it was unclear whether this was merely preference or some condition granted alongside the gifts of his heritage. With sweet words and a cold heart he clawed his way up the ranks into her court, until he had at last secured a lofty position as a court mage and advisor to the Queen. The gift of a seed only propelled him further, allowing him to drown out the constant anxiety that plagued him beneath his calm facade.

And yet he was still unsatisfied. He saw how the lower class languished under high taxes and poor opportunities, observed the backstabbing and treachery rampant in the court behind all the glamour and revelry. He owed the Queen much for the favor she'd granted him, and even moreso for the riches that kept his human mother happy in her old age. And yet, and yet...he couldn't help but whisper a secret here and there, play a chess piece in another's favor, subtly shift the winds away from the throne and towards something he hoped might be better...

Seed: 'The Empty Rose' is a small floral pin of silver-blue crystal. As frost numbs the skin, so does the rose numb the emotions of the wearer, stomping down any inconveniences such as anxiety or irritation. It is this seed that allows Eirwen to play the role he does so effortlessly, to act as if leading a performance upon a great stage; were he ever to lose it, so might he lose himself to the depths of fear and discontent.

1. Chill: A mild chilling effect sourced from the caster's hands. Useful for keeping drinks cold.
2. Freeze Substance: Freeze liquids. Substances act as they would if frozen by normal means (e.g., if a substance cannot typically be frozen, the spell cannot do so either).
3. Frostbite: A more severe version of Chill capable of severe harm to limbs, as the name implies. Like natural frostbite, this is a slower-acting spell that typically takes root over a span of roughly 30 minutes. Effects may be negated if the spell is broken during that initial time frame.
4. Ice Shield: A variant of the standard shield spell. Creates a small, protective ice barrier around the caster or target.
5. Frost Familiar: Create a small creature out of ice. Eirwen favors snakes. This minion does not possess intelligence or sentience of its own, but may be directed to complete simple tasks.
6. Frost Weave: Extend cold, spiderweb-like tendrils from the fingertips. Can be used to manipulate small objects puppeteer style. Also useful for sewing shut small injuries. Invisible unless willed otherwise by the caster.
7. Snowfall: Lowers the temperature and causes a nice little snowstorm in a limited area. This spell doesn't have much practical use, but it sure looks pretty! Sometimes used for flair during dances at the whims of the nobles.
8. (High Level) Ice Golem: A larger, more dangerous version of Frost Familiar. Creates a being capable of following more complex commands and attacks. May take the form of a humanoid or beast; the chosen form is mainly for aesthetic purposes and does not affect intelligence or ability in any meaningful way.
9. (High Level) Crystallize: Transform a living being into an ice sculpture. This is not fatal, but rather acts as a form of imprisonment; once the spell is broken, the victim returns in the same state they were prior to crystallization. This spell can also be enacted on the caster themselves as an extreme form of protection, as the subject cannot be harmed by outside forces while crystallized. This strategy is a double-edged sword, however, as the crystallized caster must then depend on an ally to break them out of their own spell.
10. (High Level) Ice Storm: A high-level attack spell that calls large icicles to rain down from the sky within a targeted area. Generally effective in combat, but weak against fire spells of a similar level. The ground where the icicles have fallen turns into a slippery surface that may linger for an extended period of time, depending on outside factors such as weather.

• Horseback Riding
• Tea Services
• Magic Theory
• Acting
• Music (Cello)

Faction: The Society of Young Magic was officially one of learning. Here those with no money or connections could demonstrate their skills in a chance to earn a magical education they otherwise could never have afforded. It had started as a charitable move on Eirwen's part; his riches had grown exponentially since gaining the coveted position of an Advisor to the Queen, and thus he could finally afford to throw out a few scholarships here and there. An unintended side effect was that this slowly gained him the loyalty of several increasingly powerful allies who owed their ascent at least partially to him. And if they might occasionally whisper secrets in his ear, giving him access to more information than he really should have had...well, it was only mere coincidence, of course. He hadn't developed an information network that answered to himself instead of the Queen on purpose, but it would be foolish of him not to press an advantage when he had one...
That sounds great! My initial idea was someone who seems to be loyal to the Queen, but has begun to doubt her and subtly takes action behind the scenes to support other parties. He remembers his own lowly origins and wants to support those without coin for schooling in the pursuit of magic education. Essentially, someone who is very good at acting and whose loyalty may shift either way depending on how the story develops.
Interested. Thinking about a court mage, perhaps someone of lower birth who managed to rise up through talent/having a large base pool of life-energy. What role would someone of that rank play in court on a daily basis?
Yes hello here I am with yet another interest check (I have too many ideas in my head). This one is another monster romance: vampire edition. But...a very soft vampire. The horror tag is mainly there because I anticipate other monsters making appearances throughout the story, which may involve moderate levels of gore. However, the focus will be on the romance aspect.

Ascelin would be called a pathetic excuse for a vampire by most of his undying brethren if any of them knew he existed at all. Surviving on animal blood and hiding in plain sight, he works as an archivist and librarian for an organization dedicated to protecting humans from monsters. He never intended to be found and never intended to trust anyone with his secret. After all, who would look for a monster in the very halls dedicated to eradicating them?

[YC] is one of the most prominent hunters in the guild. Strong, brave, and sweethearted, it's difficult not to like the man, but the fact remains that he is a hunter. Ascelin, therefore, is determined to keep a distance, but coincidental circumstances keep throwing them together again and again. Keeping the secret becomes harder with each passing of the moon, until one night, Ascelin slips up and makes a fatal mistake. But perhaps [YC] is more understanding than expected...

About me:
Hello! Looking for a partner for a dark romance plot based around the concept of an eldritch being forced into a mortal form. Be aware that this is likely to include themes of religious trauma, cult behavior, manipulation, etc.

About me: Lunar, She/Her, 25+.
• My responses tend to mirror my partner's, but typically are a few paragraphs long - please be able to write a similar amount.
• ERP is acceptable if it fits into the storyline/character development, but romance/plot is the focus. Fade to black is also fine if you prefer.
• I can write in past or present tense. Third person only.

Plot details:
"The Endless" is an eldritch being in a world where the 'Old Ones' are worshipped as deities. In a clash with another higher being, the concept of its existence is altered and its consciousness takes root in a mortal body. Taking on the human name 'Emrys,' he now seeks to return to his original form while struggling with the foreign concept of mortal emotions. In the meantime, he has taken up residence in one of his own temples, hidden up on the highest floor and known only by the most senior of his clergy.

[YC] is a worshipper who spends most of his time in the temple, using it as an escape from the dark circumstances of his life in the outside world. One day, either drawn by curiosity or fleeing from a pursuer, he ventures into the forbidden top floor and comes face-to-face with the god. Unexpectedly, Emrys seems to take a shine to him, but the reasons are unclear and the god is ever-unpredictable. There may be safety in his shadow, but the darkness is endlessly hungry...
Hello! My name is Lunar and I am looking for a RP partner to play the role of a 'leviathan' in an undersea plot I've cooked up This is a dark fantasy romance scenario with a focus on hurt/comfort and healing. I am in my late 20s and have been RPing for many years. I've been looking for some new places to RP recently, so I am giving this website a try. My responses tend to mirror my partner's, but typically are a few paragraphs long - please be able to write a similar amount.

This RP is likely to involve adult themes; please be 20+. That said, ERP is NOT the main focus of this story, so please seek that elsewhere if that is your intention. I will only RP intimate scenes if it makes sense in terms of story flow and character development. If you prefer fade to black, I am fine with that as well.

Other than what is described in the prompt, the leviathan's personality, motivations, and appearance are up to you.

Among the merfolk, the ability to sing was nearly as important as the ability to draw oxygen from the water. A mer defended territory, lured in prey, and sought out a mate all through their song.

Thus, it was a great misfortune that Ekaitz could not sing.

Oh, he tried. He tried again and again until blood leaked from his mouth and gills, until his entire chest ached. But this was not something mere practice could resolve; something was wrong, physically, and any effort from the healers proved fruitless. In a society where the song made the individual, Ekaitz found himself cast to the very edges of the school, forced to scrounge for whatever scraps were left over after hunts.

The school still had one use for him, however, thus why he was not abandoned completely. Surface mer like himself lived a colorful life among sun-touched corals, but they were not the only intelligent residents of the oceans. Deep, deep down in the trenches where light could not reach dwelled the massive and bloodthirsty leviathans. Ekaitz' school was a superstitious bunch and would occasionally drop sacrifices down into the trenches - juicy bits of prey or particularly riveting treasures.

Ekaitz knew he was looked upon with disdain, but he still didn't think he was hated so much that they'd be willing to sacrifice him to the ones down below. It all happened so fast he could barely react, and as his blood stained the water andrenaline sent him surging forward in a frantic attempt to escape. He grew all too weak all too soon, however, and then he fell.

When one of those great leviathans found him, he expected to be eaten. Yet again his expectations were shattered, though this time for the better; the leviathan seemed to have little interest in consuming him, and instead cared for him with more kindness than his own school ever had. There was only one rule: he could not return to the surface.

But why?
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