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Howdy! I’m Ray, he/they/it, thanks for checking out my search thread! I’ve been roleplaying for a while and have compiled an assortment of plots and ideas I’d be very interested in writing, but first, here are some things about me that you’d probably want to know.
• I’m twenty-three years old. I don’t mind it if you’re older or younger, though we probably won’t have much to talk about if you’re too young. Some of my plots include potentially heavy topics, so use your judgment.
• I consider myself literate and like to write long, detailed posts, up to and occasionally over a thousand words, though I’m open to switching to shorter responses when writing dialogue or particularly action-packed scenes.
• My plots range in genre and themes, falling anywhere between medieval fantasy, space opera, slice of life, and cosmic horror. Some plots feature platonic relationships, others – romantic, and some make no strict distinction. Most of them involve some variation of found family, action, adventure, friendship, and a heavy focus on characters and character dynamics. I’m not interested in writing explicit sex scenes. You can always approach me with your own plots if nothing of mine catches your fancy, but I most likely won’t do fandom, school or school-like settings, vampires, or werewolves – nothing against any of these concepts, I just don’t vibe with them personally.
• Most of my characters are queer. I’m not interested in writing romance unless it’s queer romance. I’m not interested in MxF unless it’s strictly platonic.
• Ideally, I’d really like to find a partner for long-term RP. I like to chat OOC and make friends almost as much as I like writing, and I’d love to meet someone who’s as excited as I am about characters, world-building, plotting, and simple casual chatter.
• My posting frequency varies. I recently quit my job, which gives me a lot of free time, but I still get busy. I’ll try to post at least once a week, usually more. I don’t expect the same from my partner, longer delays are totally fine if the RP is good and the OOC chat is going. I won’t bug you for a response in any case. Feel free to bug me though, I forget sometimes.
• I write in third person, past tense.
• I’m in GMT+3.
I think that’s it! Let me know if there’s something important I forgot to mention here. I’ll put a collection of my posts below, feel free to skim through it and message me if anything piques your interest!

^ most interested in this plot at the moment!

That's it! Hope something here caught your eye, but if not - that's alright! Feel free to approach me with your own ideas, I'm always happy to plot something new together! Cheers!
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Hello there! I'm Ray, he/they/it. I've been roleplaying for almost a decade but my old forum has gone to hell, so I'm here looking for a new community. Happy to meet you!

I prefer 1x1 freeform stories and don't have any experience with dice-based games. I prefer multi-paragraph posts and long-term RPs, and consider myself fairly literate and competent as a writer, though, of course, that's for other people to judge.

I like adventurous, dramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, or horror stories, and almost always have plots in mind for each of these things. Platonic relationships are as important and interesting to me as romantic ones, and I find it difficult to be engaged with a romantic storyline if it isn't at all queer.

When I'm not roleplaying, I like to draw, hike, read, or watch something my friends recommend me. If we click and RP together, I'll probably draw our characters.

Hit me up if you're cool! I'll read up on this forum's etiquette and probably make a proper interest check later, but I can't wait to RP! Hope this introduction wasn't terribly tedious. Cheers!
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