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Sorry it's not a super long post, but it's enough to reestablish Robin with the group and where she plans on going.
Robin was not disappointed with the expedition so far. The life that was just teeming from this planet was amazing. It had been a while since she had been involved with a first contact expedition and she was hoping it wouldn't be the last either. As much as she enjoyed studying nebulae and various other anomalies from either a shuttle or the scanners of the ship there was something out being in the field. Robin would admit that this did somewhat appeal to her sense of adventure that would always be a part of her. The team that she was with made her feel comfortable. Knowing that Gue'rach had their back made her feel a bit more relaxed. On a lot of expeditions that they went on Robin at times felt like she had to also be "the muscle" of the group if something went wrong. Her commando training on more that one occasion came in handy. Especially om Vega-five when she not only had to help the team she was leading on an science expedition, but the fact that they crossed into a hostile area unintentionally turned the expedition into a fight for survival.

Using her recorder Robin made many observations and notes about the area. What struck her the most was though the area felt somewhat primitive and rustic Robin couldn't shake the feeling that there was so much to be learned from all of this. Her parents would call this "a learning moment" and they would be practically leaping over themselves to study any of the plants here or the ruins.

Elm made his suggestion about making camp in what once seemed to be the town square, and then splitting up to explore. So far Elm had proven to be an effective leader of the expedition. Robin was impressed with the way she carried herself, and maintained a balance between curious observe and leader. It wasn't always an easy thing to do Robin had seen the two extremes before. She either wanted to deck the leader for allowing them to almost get killed because they neglected the group trying to get their names in the science book, or the time Robin almost got court-martialed for taking over an expedition because the leader was running it like it was a military op. The military hearing sided with Robin and they recommended her for the Prize because of her actions.

Robin looked to Elm and said, "I'm with you."


I should have a post up on Sunday or Monday...I was called out of town.
When she was growing up Robin loved Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. While she appreciated any gifts that she received it was the sweet anticipation of what the day could hold that made her so excited. This expedition reminded her of those days and she was enthralled with every second of it. Not only the thrill of discovery, but for her the thrill of working alongside colleagues was almost making Robin scream with delight. She had no doubt that those with her on this expedition would prove themselves invaluable, if they were a part of this crew that meant that they were the best of the best, but learning how each member performed and learning about them was a true joy for Robin.

Robin merely nodded at Elm's suggestion of meeting in an hour, and with that she was on her way to the Bio-Lab. En-route she tapped on her communicator and said, "Baby this is Dr. Pearson."

Baby replied and asked, "Good afternoon Doctor, were you successful in vanquishing Fakcoth?"

Robin said with focus in her voice, "Some other time Baby. I need a first contact protocol pack set up for me, light provisions, standard gear, and a side arm. More importantly I want a chai-latte on my desk by the time I hit the door."

Baby replied and asked, "At once Doctor Pearson, shall I pack your recorder with a 2 day or 4 day charge?"

Robin thought for a moment and replied, "Go for four and bring up my personal procedures on my desktop."

Baby replied, "Of course Doctor, your beverage is ready for you at your desk."

Robin entered the elevator and said, "Thank you be there in a minute."

Within a minute Robin walked into the lab and she made a beeline for her desk. She grabbed her chai-latte and took a sip. Robin smiled and said, "Ah perfection in a cup. Thank you Baby."

Baby replied, "You're welcome Doctor Pearson. Your personal procedures are ready for your review." Robin tapped on a keyboard on her desk as she sat down and read through the list Baby had prepared. It was what Baby was to take care of if something happened to Robin and she didn't make it back. Ever since the mission that paralyzed her Robin always made sure that she had things ready just in case. Her will was in order, her funeral wishes were on a file to be uploaded to a server for the ISS Chaplain, she did an update for a video that was to be given to her parents, and lastly she made sure her insurance money was to go into a scholarship fund for the grandchildren of Colonel Thomas J. Beckett.

Once she saw everything was in order Robin said, "Okay Baby save all the information and thank you."

Baby replied, "You're welcome Doctor Pearson and your pack is ready." Robin took a sizable drink of her chai-latte and nodded. She then stood at the doorway of her office and began to eyeball a trash can at the other end of the room. Robin smirked and asked, "You think I can make it Baby?"

Baby replied, "Out of the 270 attempts in the past you have made it 238 times Doctor Pearson. I would say the odds are in your favor."

Robin did two swallows and positioned the cup in her hand like a basketball. She said, "Two seconds left they give it to Pearson who fires from downtown." Robin shot the cup and banked it off of the wall into the trash can. Robin smiled broadly and said, "And the crowd goes wild."

Baby created the sound of a cheering crowd as Robin chuckled. She grabbed her pack with her equipment and said, "Thank you Baby. I need one more for the briefing."

Baby replied, "Acknowledged Doctor Pearson." Within a few seconds there was another chai-latte on a table near the exit. Robin strolled over and picked it up. She said, "Thank you again Baby I'll talk to you when I get back."

Baby replied, "I look forward to hearing about your expedition when you return. Safe travels and good fortune to you and your crew mates."


Robin slowly sipped her chai-latte as Elm gave her briefing. Out of all the people she was working with Robin was looking forward to getting to know Elm the most. She had a good grasp of what was going on and a good plan for approaching the planet. Robin was comfortable with the rest of the crew, and even those she didn't particularly care for Robin was always able to put aside her personal feelings for the good of the mission. Hearing that Jenkins was going on this one made Robin wish she had told Baby to give her a couple shots of scotch in her chai-latte.

When Elm asked for any questions or suggestions Robin shook her head and replied, "Nothing that we can really answer here at this point. Like most first contact missions we're just going to have to hope we don't do too much to piss off the natives and start a war. Otherwise..." Robin nodded and said, "I think you've pretty much covered the basics as well as you can given what we know." Robin finished her drink and started to eyeball the trash can across the room. Then pitched it over her shoulder without looking into the trash can behind her. The sound of it landing in the bottom of the can made her smirk. Robin loved being a scientist but there were moments she missed being a sharpshooter for her commando unit. She gave a slight shrug of her shoulders and said, "Time to get to work."


A post coming up in 24-48 hours
[Prior to the Wormhole entry]

Robin moved through the cave with her claymore sword in her sheath. The only light being provided was from the lake of lava, and even with it she saw the massive dragon Fakcoth laying there asleep. Robin took a deep breath as the creature turned it's head with his massive green eyes wide open. Fakcoth said, "Have you come to die human?"

Robin shook her head and replied, "Not this day monster! For today I avenge my brothers and sisters in arms, the villages you have laid to waste, and most of all..." She unsheathed her sword and said, "With my father's blade his spirit will know peace this day. I will avenge him!" She steadied herself and said. "Prepare to be vanquished foul creature!"

The dragon raised up and was 10 times Robin's height. He towered over her as he said, "Such brave words little one. Perhaps I will keep you as my pet, or merely dispose of you as easily as your father. If I could remember who he was."

Robin let out an almost primitive yell as she charged forward. Just then Fakcoth vanished into a fine mist along with the cave leaving Robin standing in an empty holo-chamber. Wearing a holo-suit (think a motion capture suit) and holding her sword she looked around. Robin yelled with great exasperation, "Computer! What the Hell is going on? I am still technically on leave for another one hour and fifty minutes! Ten minutes to slay the dragon and then about an hour and a half to celebrate, and then ten minutes to get to ready to go back on duty. I had this thing timed down to the minute!"

The computer replied, "The Prize is preparing to enter Kepler's Passage within the next thirty minutes. Bridge crew is to report to stations."

On one hand Robin's scientific mind was quickly engaged in what was about to happen. On the other hand, she had been working on this holo-program for months to finally reach the mighty Fakcoth. She rolled her eyes and said, "Fine. Computer save program authorization Commander Robin Pearson 126-068 Kappa Epsilon Nu." The computer replied, "Acknowledged. Program saved."

Robin slung her sword over her shoulder and exited the holo-chamber. She should've been on duty three days ago, but Nick always made sure Robin got three additional days if she was undergoing treatment on her unit. He didn't think it was fair that not only was her body of out of sync after being under for two days but so was her mind. So Nick always granted her three days of downtime on the ship, and this holo-chamber excursion was her way of letting loose. Nick was the only person on the ship who knew how to find Robin during her recovery time. Everyone else was not to even think of trying to find her unless it was an emergency, and it was Nick's decision as to what was an emergency. Walking down a hallway with a sword over one's shoulder usually would be cause for concern, but not in this case. Everyone else was getting ready for the trip down the wormhole as Robin made her way to her quarters.

Robin entered her quarters and said, "Computer shower on usual setting" The shower came to life as Robin put her sword in the sheath in her closet. Her great grandmother said that it had belonged to one of her ancestors, and she felt that Robin had earned it when she graduated commando school. Robin stripped out of her holo-suit and stepped into the shower. She did enough to get the sweat off of her and washed her hair.

Once she had her uniform on Robin was practically in a wind-sprint to the Bridge. She had heard stories about people who failed to strap in before entering a worm hole, and how badly they were thrashed about. Someone told her it was like trying to ride a bucking bronco from underneath the bronco. She had no intention of becoming another story as she finally arrived on the bridge. Without even saying anything Robin strapped into her seat, said a short prayer, and then turned her attention to her instrument panel.

The messages and everything else made Robin's mind spin somewhat. On one hand the scientific aspect was fascinating. On the other hand, the way everything was unfolding Robin's commando training was making the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Once the Captain finished his briefing Robin said, "I'll be joining the surface team with your permission Captain."

She looked over at Elm and said, "Dr. Robin Pearson ship's science officer welcome aboard."

Robin paid attention to everything Mason said. When he finished speaking Robin said, "I'll get the gear in the science lab ready to go within the hour. If we follow standard 'First Contact' procedures we should be prepared for just about every contingency." She raised one eyebrow and said, "In theory of course."


Working on my post now. I will be joining the group surveying the area.
Should have something up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Summer class is wrapping up finally.
<Snipped quote by MST3K 4ever>

Actually, we all died. Robin wasn't here to save us. This is all a vivid hallucination.

Oh wow...what a bummer. Okay time for her to go write her tell-all book about you all.
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