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Current Moving on. One foot in front of the other.
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You do you know if you don't try? If you try and succeed...awesome! If you try and you don't least you didn't let fear and doubt dictate your actions...
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You ain't always gonna win, but you ain't always gonna lose either. Stay strong, Keep the Faith, and do your job.
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and the beat goes on...
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Okay...let's see what happens one more time.


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Life is getting in the way...will have a CS ready by Saturday afternoon. Out of town for an emergency.
You have my interest. I will try to get a CS together in the next 24 hours.
I have a Masters of Divinity and I was on track to becoming a Pastor...until my Candidacy Committee and I got into some disagreements and I choose to speak my mind...15 Committee members vs 1 of me...guess who lost that fight...but I went down on MY terms. I forced them to make a call when they wanted me to quit. No regrets on my part.

A positive note about the whole process...I met my wife (who is a Pastor) and we have a 17 year old son.
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Nash has parked his car about two blocks from the Precinct and began walking towards "a hole in the wall" coffee shop called "Archie's." It was practically an institution in the area. At least two Starbucks had come and gone from the area but "Archie's" was still standing. The fact that they gave the cops the leftover food from the bakery and usually gave cops a "significant discount" also got them a lot of support from the cops. It was less than an hour from closing time as Nash opened the door and saw Archie working behind the counter. Archie Scardino was a heavy set man with a thick Italian accent who looked up at Nash for a moment. He studied Nash for a couple of seconds and then broke out into a huge smile. He said walking from behind the counter with his arms open, "Nash! How ya doin'? Been a while! You lookin' good! Real sharp!" Nash couldn't help himself. He usually tired to play things cool and calm, but Archie had a very disarming and charming presence about him. Nash threw his arms around Archie and replied, "Takin' it day by day my friend." The two men broke their embrace and Archie yelled to the back, "Emily get out here!" He looked to Nash and said, "You got to to see Emily! She changed so much!" From out of the kitchen waddled a young lady 7 months pregnant. Emily was Archie's granddaughter who was going to one day take over the business from Archie. The petite blonde with a short hair cut stood maybe 5'2" and weighed (soaking wet) 110. She smiled and said, "Hey there Nash!" Russell smiled at her and embraced her and said, "Hi Emily. You've made a change or two. You cut your hair." Archie laughed and Emily smiled as she replied, "Oh yeah that's it." Russell took a step back and noticed a wedding ring on her hand and that made him feel a sense of relief. He had known Emily for years and He wanted to know that she was taken care of. Archie looked to Emily and said, "Fix Nash his usual and one for Bill too." Emily waddled away as Archie turned back to Nash asked, "What brings you to this part of the world? You getting back into police work?" Nash shrugged his shoulders and replied, "We'll see about that. Right now I'm in a potential situation where I might be advising the police." Emily came back into the café with two to-go cups and said, "Here you go Nash." Nash replied, "Thanks Emily." He started to pull out his wallet and Archie said, "Your money no good here Nash." Nash gave a slight nod and dropped two one-hundred dollar bills in the tip jar. He gave a wink to Emily and said to Archie, "Thanks Archie. Take care." Archie smiled and replied, "Don't be a stranger here." Nash gave a nod and left.

As he walked towards the station Nash felt a spring in his step. He knew it wouldn't last the minute he hit the station, but for the moment he was enjoying seeing his old friends. Nash even felt a small smile creep across his face, but as he got closer to the station that smile began to turn into an almost scowl. Nash could tell he was getting back into his "game-on" mode. Where he was focused and devoid of a lot of emotions save for sarcasm if he needed a release. Nash entered the precinct and Henderson was at the front desk. He handed Bill his cup and Bill said, "Thank you. Nice to see you went to see Archie." Nash gave a nod and said, "Emily was a surprise." Bill replied, "Yeah that haircut threw me too." Nash gave a chuckle as Bill gave him a plastic card that stated, "Visitor." Nash clipped it on and said, "All right let's get to work." Bill asked, "Where's Serena?" Nash replied, "She got an urgent text and had to go."

The two men walked towards an elevator and Bill asked, "What did the vagrant tell you?" Nash told him everything and then paused. Bill asked, "What's up?" Nash shook his head and said, "Nightland? Why does that sound familiar? I got a Deja-Vu from vibe from it." He looked at Bill and asked, "Can we go to the Records for a few?" Bill replied, "Yeah sure." Bill pressed the down button as they prepared to head to the Records Room.
Gonna have to put this on Hiatus, sorry, dealing with issues at home. :(

No problem. Let us know when you're ready to go again.
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I have an idea on how I can proceed without Serena...I could say she received and emergency text and had to leave and I'll pick up from there. (Sound good?)
The Atom

Atom was not completely shocked that Giganta was a traitor for some reason, but the fact that she was a White Martian was a bit of a surprise. On the other hand she did have to admit that it felt good that she was the only size-changer on the team. That was her specialty and no one else was going to take it from her. Maxima and Captain Atom were taking care of her better than she would've been able to, and besides there was a certain white zombie who demanded their attention. Atom knew that this was an opportunity for her to step-up and show that she could contribute in a battle-type situation.

Just then Blue Beetle appeared next to her. She replied to his question, "Yeah I think I got an idea. Just wait until you see him distracted then make your move." Atom looked over to Beetle and said, "Trust me you'll know it when you see it. Just hope it doesn't kill me in the process." She took a deep breath and said, "Wish me luck." With that Atom touched the side of her mask and a mask that covered her mouth slid into place along with red lenses.

She then floated over to Grundy's right side but trying to stay out of his peripheral vision. She said to herself, "Wow this guy could use a bath. Okay Atom let's see if your theory pays off." With that she shrank even smaller and flew into Grundy's ear. She hovered close to his inner ear and said, "Hey Solomon, how's it going? Everyone has a voice in their head and since it doesn't seem like yours is helping guide you into a good, productive way I'm gonna help." She was hoping that her voice would not only distract him, but keep him from realizing that Atom had a definite plan of attack to really slow him down. Atom asked, "Why don't you take a load off?" With that Atom began punching his inner-ear knowing it would throw off his sense of balance drastically. She was hoping this would buy Beetle time to mount an attack.

Planning on posting tomorrow. Getting over my 2nd covid shot...kind of out of it.
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So I decided to switch things around and ride out a creative streak and posted tonight.
TJ took a couple of steps in front of Phillip and stopped in front of him. He said with a great deal of focus in his voice and a scowl on his face, "Listen and listen good. You freaking out and all that crap I want you to remember two things." He held his right index finger and said, "First off, if you weren't freaked out by all of this I would be worried about you." He held up another finger and said, "I'm coming off cool and calm but I need you to realize something Phillip. My first time ghosting with a group the first time I saw something out of the ordinary. I didn't run away or freak out." He shook his head and said, "No I didn't." He very calmly and with great focus said, "I passed out." His scowl slowly melted into a smile and then laugh as he said, "That's right cool calm rational TJ went lights out. So man, I'm not judging you and what you said about whatever this thing might be feeding off of negative energy..." He nodded and said, "It's a plausible theory. I can't really disagree with you. That being said I'm more concerned about whoever trashed the vehicles and our gear. That's a bigger issue because it usually means someone is trying to make sure that the perfect cover up stays that way." He gave Phillip a couple of light taps on the shoulder and said, "You're all right Phillip. You're all right man. In fact you can partner up with me and we'll put Danny with us as well. We'll figure out the sleeping shifts amongst ourselves."

TJ gave Phillip a quick wink and continued walking on. Hearing Denise's idea about the radio and partners TJ gave a couple of nods and replied, "Good ideas I'm on board with you on that. I think you and Pandora got things wired up pretty good amongst yourselves." In the back of his mind though TJ had an uneasy feeling that like in most horror movies the radios, despite the fact that they looked undamaged and had full charges, they weren't either going to work or they were going to die out suddenly when they needed them the most. For the time being though TJ wasn't going to give that possibility much thought. There was still much more pressing matters in front of them at the moment.

As TJ approached the front door he said, "You know if I opened the door right now and the entire house collapsed, and only the door and the door frame remained standing..." TJ nodded and said, "I wouldn't be too shocked, and for some reason I actually find that scenario oddly comforting." TJ looked back at the group and said, "Once you go in here you're in this for the long haul and there's no backing out. We're in this together. We get in there I suggest we set up our main area in the living room close to the door. Any other ideas or suggestions let's hear 'em."

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