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Cronus disease sounds like something you'd get by eating your own children
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I will lie here forever and sing to you all the things I stopped myself from saying while we were alive. - Neil Hilborn
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Had a lot of stuff on my plate lately. Should be more active in a day or two!
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Hey you! You with the face! You should join my Gifted RP ->…


Call me Laser. I run on NZDT and Wellington coffee.

Actually, that's a lie, I don't run at all if I can help it.

Always keen for new RPs, books, music, recipes, and conversation. I'm occasionally funny and will tell you the same 7 stories over and over - what else do you need from a friend?

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Kalama Guynn & Rowan Childe

Kalama paled noticeably as Caleb brought up Daria, panic rising for a moment until she realized he still didn't know anything else about the situation. Guilt started to replace the panic, and then Rowan opened his mouth.

"Are you sure she would want to see us, Caleb?" The veteran asked, scratching his short beard awkwardly. "I would be glad to visit, but I'm not sure seeing her ex would really be best for her healing..."

Luckily for Kal, the others started arriving before that conversation could continue. She thanked the other girls for bringing treats, feeling a little guilty that she hadn't thought of the same. Maybe she should have spent last night testing her magic cooking instead of her fire, in hindsight "What did you learn, Kyle?" She asked eagerly, hoping there would be something he had learned that could help her out too.

"Here she comes," Rowan interrupted, giving them a warning glance about the topic of conversation as the TA hurried towards them, the high heels on her black boots rapping sharply against the linoleum floors.

"Sorry I'm running late," Bela Ward said to the group, shoving her armful of papers and folders into Rowan's open hands as she fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door, flipping on the lights and ushering them all inside. The TA was a tall and thin woman who looked maybe 25, with thin features and fine blonde hair in a messy pixie cut. She wore a rosey pink sweater dress and black tights, and Kalama couldn't help but notice that her makeup was impeccable: dramatic winged eyeliner, smokey eyeshadow, blood red lipstick without a smudge or flaw.

"No problem, we were just discussing what questions we had," Rowan explained, setting her things down on the large round table before pulling up a seat across from her. It seemed to make more sense to have the people with emotionally tuned powers sit closest to their target. "I think we were all a bit confused about that one class over ritual and superstition. You know, the one where we did that chant or summoning thing."

"The ritual of awakening? That's not on the midterm, I wouldn't worry too much about it," Bela advised, putting on a thick pair of glasses and sorting through her papers. "Fascinating to think that people used to consider things like that extremely powerful, isn't it?"
Everyday I'm bumpering
Got a rough draft of my CS going - haven't prettied it up yet, but the info is there. Let me know if there's anything that needs alterations before it's ready for the characters tab!

Alrighty everyone, it was awesome playing with y'all! Command of the RP is officially in @Kenshi's capable hands.
Kalama Guynn & Rowan Childe


Practicing her fire went well for Kal, although she did manage to burn her fingertips and returned home with a splitting headache and a bad case of the sweats. She was learning more and more how it all worked, though the whys of the entire situation were still beyond her. Though summoning a small flame, no bigger than a lighter, proved easy to do even when she felt completely calm, creating larger fires was impossible until she got frustrated or scared. Any strong negative emotion, she suspected, would have the same result - when her temper flared up, so did her flames. The problem then was controlling it. After one particularly painful burn, she lit a log on fire trying to just start one small piece of the bark going and had to awkwardly kick it into the pond. She could only be thankful for the lack of witnesses.

Except, of course, for Rowan's judging eyes when she came home late smelling like smoke. "You're up late," he commented when she came in after midnight.

"You're up late too," she pointed out, heading into the kitchen to find some ice for her hands. "And you haven't been talking in the group text." She hadn't been the most active participant, mostly deflecting Val's attention from the heart and then feeling stupid for it, but Rowan had been suspiciously silent.

"I was trying to communicate with rats at the crash site from earlier," he said plainly.

Surprised by his honesty, Kal turned to him with curiosity tinged with a hint of suspicion. "And you weren't going to tell anyone what the rats said?"

"There's nothing to tell," he sighed, grabbing his kombucha from the counter and pouring a small glass. "Either the rats didn't understand what I was after, or they didn't know what had happened. Total dead end."

"Bummer," she sympathized, holding a bag of frozen corn to her burns and wincing.

"Burns?" He asked, frowning. "Let me get some aloe and tiger balm for you..." He returned a few minutes later with the supplies. She felt awkward letting him tend her wounds, but it was nice being looked after. It had been a while since anyone had done that - even though she had only broken up with Daria a few weeks ago, things hadn't been good with them for a while. "So, your power is burning yourself?"

Startled out of her guilt, Kalama briefly wondered if it had been wise to let him on. One wrong word to Caleb and her house of cards could come crashing down. "Burning myself is all natural talent. The supernatural part is starting the fires," She admitted. "Ever be out in the middle of nowhere and realize you've got a joint but no lighter? Guess I'll never have that problem again. Sure would be handy if it made me fireproof too though."

"Better question, when are you going to tell the others? I noticed you avoided the question earlier," he observed, raising an eyebrow at her. "You don't need to be afraid, you know. We're the last people in the world who would judge you for your Gift. Especially Caleb, since he has the same thing."

Yeah, it's not the gift I'm worried about you judging, Kalama thought, but only frowned for a moment. "Look, it's not that. I just... all the rest of you have cool, productive powers. I'm the only person who can't do anything good or useful, just destructive," She explained, shrugging as she walked towards her room.

"Fire isn't a good or bad thing, Kalama. Just like guns, or money, or any kind of power. It's all in the person controlling it," Rowan pointed out as she walked away.

That thought lingered in both of their minds as they tossed and turned, dreaming fragments of dreams that made no sense in the morning, fading away like fog so that neither of them remembered more than snippets by noon the following day.

Kalama Guynn & Rowan Childe

BCC Library Annex
Friday 23 September 2017

"Hello Caleb," Rowan greeted their classmate as they joined him outside the room at the annex. To his surprise, the door was still locked and the room inside was dark.

"Is the TA not here yet? Did you text her?" Kalama asked, frowning as she pulled out her phone as though it might have some answers on it. She winced, forgetting about her burned fingertips and holding her phone wrong for at least the twentieth time that day. "I've been thinking about Elysia's picture all morning and I just can't figure it out. I was hoping it's some kind of prediction and I'd figure it out when I saw her."

"Maybe she's just running late? To be honest, I'm getting a bad feeling about this but I don't want to be paranoid," Rowan said, glancing around. "Are any of the others here yet?"
Ooh, this sounds like a lot of fun! I'm musing over the idea of an Orc Shaman, but I have a couple of questions first. :)

Would a nomadic tribe of Orcs fit the setting? If so, would there be specific places they would not be welcome to roam through?

Can my Shaman bring a Warg to school with them?

I'm feeling inspired by the First Nations concept of a Two-Spirit and would like my character to be a third gender, but I don't want to step on your toes if this wouldn't fit the setting.
I used to make some pretty good friends RPing. It wasn't every day, but there were a few people I stayed in contact with for years, wrote dozens of stories with, let into my real life...

Unfortunately one of them died unexpectedly in 2016, which is part of the reason why I quit RPing. I had been on hiatus more often than not up until that point, but we still texted every few weeks. I was completely blindsided by the text from his mom that he was dead, and it still fucks with my head and makes it tough for me to emotionally connect with people online. I'm getting better about it, but I haven't made any close friends since and a part of me isn't sure if I'm capable of it.

Reach out to your peeps, y'all. You never have as much time as you should.
Picking up again!
Gonna give this a quick bump before bedtime!
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