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Finished the character classes for Crystallis… Check it out, I'm recruiting players
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Working on character class concepts for Crystallis, they are coming. Also, compete in the horror story contest, deadline is Halloween
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Discord = Maglar#3742

I love creating writing and I am here to practice the art form.

I'm in nursing school and I am a husband to a beautiful woman and a father to an active 1 year old. I'm new to this type of Roleplaying but I'm excited to play. Hit me up, make me your friend, I'm generally always up to roleplay.

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The Castle of Solace


Tornel was making his way to the main banquet hall to prepare for the next evening's festivities. He was fuming inside, but nothing could stop him from being the charming Master Wizard he was known to be. The girls were in the library going over whatever items were there from the mysterious ancients. He couldn't bring himself to trust them, but the King believed their story and Tornel had to obey the old man's wishes, even if he thought they were foolish. "What if they really are Oracles?" he thought to himself, then he shook his head to banish the thought. Tornel had been on an expedition with 3 others from the Brotherhood of Wizards where they broke open one of the strange caskets that held an Oracle. The human looking thing inside crumbled to dust when they broke it open, as if it was made of burnt paper and then struck by a hard wind. From then on Tornel knew the Oracles were not alive; they were for decoration, or something equally redundant. The real power from the old world was chemistry! The ability to mix the materials of the world to create fire and light! The book that held those secrets were kept in Tornel's personal library in his tower.

Tornel stopped when he got to the banquet hall and looked at the mural painted into the ceiling. There above him were 8 large figures painted in various dress, each one modelled after one of the Oracles that had been uncovered, one of them had Pink hair. Tornel stopped and looked at her, that was the one who had met with the King, the one from Kensu's islands. The artist had done a good job getting the girl's face just right, and if an artist could paint a face to look like the Oracle on the island then one of Draygon's monsters could do the same too. But she didn't try to murder the King, and she didn't retaliate when Tornel attacked her. Something didn't make sense, so Tornel would do what he always did, he would fake it. He could pretend they were real Oracles until the creatures that called themselves "Sarah" and "Stephanie" revealed their nefarious intentions, and then Tornel would be ready to stop them.

"Bring out all the gilded tables and best ceramics," Tornel told the attendants preparing the room, "The King wants tomorrow night to be a night to remember!" The numerous attendants stopped what they were doing to listen to the Wizard speak, "There will be musicians! Jugglers! and the finest of meats and fruits!" Tornel was practically dancing around the room, "Our Oracles have awakened! Tell the men-at-arms, and have them tell their wives and their children! We are living on the precipice of mighty change! A Time of awakening! and a time when the evils of Draygon will finally be dispelled from this world!" The ballroom staff applauded and smiled and slapped each other's backs affectionately. "You all have not seen them yet, but I have," Tornel continued, "tell all the people of our castle and the city surrounding us that they are welcome to come and see the gods made flesh! The beauty and wonder of the ancient world come to life! Tomorrow, you will see the Oracles who have awoken and come to save us all!" This triggered another cheer and then the good people of Castle Solace got to work polishing surfaces and preparing the great feast.

Tornel motioned to a young squire who was standing guard at one of the entranceways. "Squire," Tornel said, "Go to the Library and tell Sir Gravy to be ready to escort the ladies to their rooms and stay with them until the feast tomorrow."

"S...Sir Gravy," the Squire stammered, "the Captain of the Guard, Sir?"

"Of course child," Tornel smiled, "relay the message and then remain with them to help Sir Gravy as an escort. The ladies may wish to pick out dresses or some such, they are permitted to do as they please. But stay with them, and report all of their activity to me once it is done. Do you understand boy?"

"Toast Sire, I am Squire Toast."

Tornel appraised the youth, "Squire Toast then. Be off, and go about your duty. Report to me in my quarters one hour before the feast begins."

"Yes Sir! Right away Sir!" The boy clanked a sloppy salute and hurried down the hall, his boots thudding as he ran.

The dragon used its fire to destroy the knight in the white armor, a shadow servant of Draygon materialized before the large beast.
"You are wise to choose to kill the knight," it said in it's slithery voice, "The Paladins of Solace only want to destroy you, my Master wishes to offer you work. Tell me dragon, do you wish to destroy those who would hurt you?" The shadow monster walked closer to Serlor.


@Shadow Dragon

The Great Eagle that held Jabberwocky's left wing was the one that exploded. As Jabberwocky began to thrash, the other eagles let go and took to the sky. Jabberwocky had stirred up lots of smoke and dust and the air was thick and made things hard to see, so when the eagles took wing they disappeared. Jabberwocky was spinning and spitting fire everywhere, frenzied and unpredictable.

Jabberwocky stopped his frenzy after a moment and looked to see where the eagles had gone, then with a loud screech an eagle dove from the clouds above the dragon and sunk its talons into Jabberwocky's arm.
@PPQ Purple@BizarreLolli@ThetaGirl

The word "THROW" is a link to the die rolling mechanism built into the Guild website. Once the link takes you to the next page, there's a spot under "New Roll" that says "Roll:" with a text box next to it. Input "1d6" into the text box and hit the "ROLL" button, that'll roll your die.

After your roll you can follow the link back to the tavern that I put in the description on the dice rolling screen.

Of course this is all just a flashy way to get a random writing prompt. You can click the links hidden under the numbers as you will, the Tavern bouncer won't say anything.
The phrase in the hiders with the numbers are links. So just pick a number, click the link, and it'll take you to a webpage.

@Shadow Dragon

The townsfolk of Tinkertown remain hidden. The mother of the 2 children has dragged them back into the hut and they have shut the door. The village has experienced a devastating loss in a short amount of time, it will take them long to recover.

Jabberwocky makes his threat, and the villagers have chosen to hide in the hopes he will leave. They have nothing left to fight against an overpowered monster like the Jabberwocky.

Suddenly, 4 giant eagles dive through the flaming tornado towards Jabberwocky! One of them strikes Jabber's back, her claws sinking deeply into his scaly flesh. Two of the others grab a wing each in their claws and try to rip him apart. The fourth goes for Jabber's tail and tries to hold it in her beak. Apparently Jabberwocky's violent outburst got the attention of the local wildlife, and they answered his call for a fight.
The Library of Castle Solace


-Sir Gravy had taken the girls to the Library where they searched the archives.
-The King had gone to the Barracks to discuss with the Commander the retreat of the Bandersnatch.
-Tornel had gone to the kitchens to prepare a banquet in honor of the newly arrived Oracles.

In the archive the girls found a map of the world as it was known:

Asra blinks into existence in Sarah's eyes. "The map of the old world does not correlate to the map of the new world," she comments in her pretty voice, "I am unable to decipher any patterns between the two. The number of Oracles which were created is uncertain too, whether or not they existed in the facilities which worked on the Prometheus Project is uncertain." Asra's voice took a more serious tone, "We should follow rumors of people using incredible powers like Kensu used the lightning. He was powering the battery with Pip's electro-energy and then channeling that through the sword. Someone else may have discovered the same use of such a power. If we find another battery I can talk to Stephanie as well. Tell her that it is good to see her alive for me would you please? I was dearly worried until she picked up the sword of stone."

It's in the character tab, the instructions are there, let me know if they are clear
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Draygon's Castle

Draygon's Castle

Underground Lab

************************************************** Draygon was hiding in his lab. After living for centuries he found that his work rooms were always the most peaceful.
The world was chaotic, but here, where he was god, there was only order. He picked up the head in his clawed hand. He had spent hours breaking apart the cellular tissues in an attempt to get at the biologic processors but he had had little success. If he sent a volt of energy through the head he could make it talk though, and that was at least mildly amusing.

"Asra," growled his deep, inhuman voice.

"Yes" sang a sweet voice plainly as a holographic fairy appeared on his desk.

"Status Report," Draygon demanded as he inspected the severed head.

"There are two awake, not just one. I am in full contact with the one called Sarah, she has been received by King Kovar at Castle Solace," Asra replied solemly.
"And the other?" Draygon asked.

"I.. I don't know yet," Asra said fearfully, "her name is Stephanie, I suspected she was dead but she lives. She fought the Jub Jub bird. There's something about her that is different, she is not one of the Galateans, but until she uses the battery I do not have full access. I have directed her to the castle as well, I will instruct Sarah to let her use the battery she already has."

"That will not work," Draygon said, "Instruct them to find another battery, make sure they feel it is necessary."

"As you wish, Lord." Asra replied.

"I've instructed the Bandersnatch to return, until we know the truth behind this Stephanie she is an unpredictable variable. I do not like unpredictability. Status Report from the Harbinger."

"It is still silent. The only communication has been in an unknown language. I'm sorry Lord I have made no progress..."

"Do not grovel. You are a computer, you perform a function. Do not be weak, do not be human," Draygon threatened.

"Yes Lord," relief creeped in Asra's sweet voice.

"The Galateans are the key, my Oracles. I need more of them to awaken. Bid Sarah to find others like her, encourage her to do so. I made them to want to be with each other so it should be easy. Report to me again in a week or when I command."

"Yes Lord." Asra's holographic image winked out of existance.
Dude, if you can help us get like 4 or so people to play we can have some nightmares
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@Shadow Dragon

A disheveled woman who might have been in her mid-twenties ran out of the building and picked up the five-year-old child. "There was a girl," She said holding her child to her chest, "but she disappeared, Lord Minoc took her somewhere and none of us know where. And now he's dead." The woman put herself in between the two children and Jabberwocky, "does that satisfy you beast? Or do you still lust for more blood?"
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