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Current Hello members that are currently on, happy early Halloween!!
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Working on character class concepts for Crystallis, they are coming. Also, compete in the horror story contest, deadline is Halloween
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Discord = Maglar#3742

I love creating writing and I am here to practice the art form.

I'm in nursing school and I am a husband to a beautiful woman and a father to an active 1 year old. I'm new to this type of Roleplaying but I'm excited to play. Hit me up, make me your friend, I'm generally always up to roleplay.

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@ForsakenBySleepdon't beat yourself up, it's just a game, it had it's fun while it lasted.
Ok so we back?
I'm back and somewhat ready to go again, has anyone heard from Forsakenbysleep?

Nada broski
Anyone heard from Forsakenbysleep? I've been waiting to give him a chance to post
Philip, ashamed and red faced, dusted himself off and grabbed what he thought was one of the bags with infrared cameras and a display monitor. There might be time to set up some of the cameras and at least have something of an idea if things started going 'fucky.' He looked at the others in their turn, "I haven't seen Max," he said shyly, "I... i don't know what to think," then he turned and jogged to catch up with TJ.

The forest was getting darker by the dusky evening but surprisingly there were no sounds of birds or insects. Philip's eyes shot from bush to bush, unsure if he saw movement, the only noise the crackle of leaves under his and TJ's boots. "I'm sorry I freaked out," he said, steeling himself, "you're right, we need to focus and remain rational. This is just.. this is my first.." he swallowed the lump in his throat, "I've never encountered anything real like this, only the reading. I thought I was prepared, but it's different when things happen that are like magic."

He adjusted the bag to a more comfortable position on his shoulder, "I've read a lot about demons and the like, and I know they feed off negative energy, they like when people are afraid and suffering, it seems to give them... I don't know, it's like food maybe. I think the witch who was here might've summoned something that protects the land. I don't know why it doesn't just take us all unless it's limited on how much it can do at one time or maybe it's playing with us. It might've been saving the energy to take Joe and possible Max for a century, I just don't know." Philip looked serious, "I think maybe the strength you and Denise showed might have scared it away, or taken its battery away, which was me, I was feeding right into it." He looked back down at his feet as he walked.

"I'll keep a cool head, I promise," he said, "and if I have any thoughts that might be helpful I'll share them. I'm sorry I fucked up, I'll keep it together from here on out." He stepped resolutely, assured by his own pronouncement that he was going to do better.
Personally I like not having a posting order so that if we feel inspired to react to a situation we are free to do so
"Joe's DEAD, Denise!" Philip said with eyes strained wide, "The trees ATE him. Do you understand?" He was making an immense effort to maintain control but loosing rabidly. "Your body was taken over already, there's no time to ask if this is real or staged like some kind of murder mystery."

He snapped his head towards TJ, fear overwhelming his rational mind. "You keep stepping up like your still in charge of this fuck fest! This place is a goddam mouse trap! We are Walking Dead!" He grabbed TJ by the collar of his jacket, "I'm tired of your fucking 'reasonable' recommendations! I DON'T WANT TO FUCKING DIE!!!" He screamed into TJ's face and then dropped to his knees, his breath heaving in and out of his chest.

Demons, that was his obsession. If demon's were real, then God was real, and then there was hope and meaning to life. Find the monster, find the hero, that was his plan, but everything was going so very wrong. In the video's and the training the monsters had always been distant, maybe affecting some poor innocent person by possessing them or making a book fly across the room; there was no precedent for the power of the evil of this place, and they had only seen the beginning! How could no one know what was possible? How could the church be so ignorant of the truth? Maybe, just maybe, evil kept the truth of its power a secret by killing everyone who ever saw it. That did not bode well for the team's chance of surviving through the night!

"I'm sorry TJ," Philip said weakly from his position on the ground, "I'm so sorry... I'm just really scared, I... i.... don't know..." Philip moved to try and stand up.
Philip backed away from the sabotaged SUV, a slight smile tugging on his lips, they'd have to go into the house. After he left Denise in the woods he'd been too busy trying to get away to think; but now, with escape no longer an option, his mind began to turn. YES, there was something evil here and YES, it appears malevolent. Whether the evil was associated with the witch and the stories around the place he couldn't say, and if there was some riddle to solve which might help them escape the night alive there was no telling. At this particular moment there was only one thing to do: find safety.

He looked at the others who were also now gathered around useless vehicles. "I think we have to go hide in the house," he said in a hoarse voice, "Does anyone's phone work?" He cackled around the lump in his throat at the insanity of going into the haunted house when all he wanted to do was run.

The concept is really good. Exploring immortality and it's relationship to mortality is a sunderland to play in for a writer. Some of the writing could be improved, but the presentation of theme and the way it progressed made it good, I wanted to read more of it when I was done. I liked how you only picked 3 personalities to meet on the next life, and I like the way you showcased Amaranth as a desire for continued enlightenment.

There's a lot of good stuff in that little bit of writing, you should feel good about it imo.

That was beautiful to read, thank you.
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