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Current Hello members that are currently on, happy early Halloween!!
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Champions of Sparta is up:… Arena fighting is back guys!
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Finished the character classes for Crystallis… Check it out, I'm recruiting players
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Working on character class concepts for Crystallis, they are coming. Also, compete in the horror story contest, deadline is Halloween
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Arena Thread Interest Check Done…


Discord = Maglar#3742

I love creating writing and I am here to practice the art form.

I'm in nursing school and I am a husband to a beautiful woman and a father to an active 1 year old. I'm new to this type of Roleplaying but I'm excited to play. Hit me up, make me your friend, I'm generally always up to roleplay.

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I did a short and sweet post, I can adjust it to fit into the teams' narrative if I need to, I don't want to tie anyone's hands from what they want to do.
Philip stood in quiet amazement. His ability to think through events was over-ridden by an icy terror that had settled in his stomach and froze him in place. It was the sound of her voice, an inhuman growl that seemed to fill the forest and echo off the trees, that shriveled his testicles and stole his breath.

"Suffer! Evil! Innocent!" Denise screamed at them between incoherent grumbles.

Philip recognized similarities between what was going on and what he had studied in possession videos and his mind began to slowly work against the terror. He checked the digital recorder in his pocket, it was still recording, good. Denise wasn't attacking anyone but seemed to be thrashing against her own will, good. Then suddenly, she bolted into the woods and left the group at the toadstool ring!

Philip didn't think, he took off after her, his long coat getting caught on the branches. He couldn't see her, but he could see the path of broken limbs and the occasional piece of clothing left behind. He finally came upon her huddled, naked, and sobbing uncontrollably. Philip took of his coat and draped it across her shoulders.

"Denise," he said hesitantly, "are... are you okay?" He put a tentative hand on her back.
@LSJ Rose

Yes, it may revive anew one day
When TJ's RV arrived Philip was buried in one of his notebooks. He looked up and Phis heart did that extra THUMP-A-DUMP thing it did whenever a person meets someone they consider a celebrity, for Philip had been listened to the Doctor's podcast for years and was a huge fan. TJ walked up in his super cool hat and gave the team a little motivational speech, then he casually handed out folders which Philip accepted with an awkward stutter. Bookworm that he is he immediately immersed himself in the folder, but there wasn't much new in there that he hadn't already dug up on his own. The story that stuck out to him was about the young girl who murdered all her school mates in 1986 before hanging themselves. Possession definitely spoke of a demon, and that's what he was here to find.

Pete the grungy looking caretaker had been talking for a minute before Philip realized he needed to look up. Pete folded up Philip's hand in a crushing hand shake before he knew it and soon they were being led through the old house. Philip looked back and saw Dany was already recording, that was good. Even so, Philip clicked on his digital recorder in his pocket just in case they might pick up an extra EVP.

At the door to the chapel Pandora became obviously shaken, which was such good news. Philip took out his notebook and made a mark, Chapel- nurse raped and sacrificed to 'Satan' by two adolescent males, confession caught on EVP, Psychic distraught on initial review.

Pete had led them back to the front before no time and asked if they wanted to check out the woods. Philip was unsure there'd be anything left there that's remarkable since the site had probably been picked clean by looters but the gang seemed up for the trip. Denise, the tech person, said something about her equipment and Philip piped up, "I'll help you bring it in."
Not seen Helltown docudramas but will look it up because I love horror. Quality found footage movies: Rec, Quarantine, Last Exorcism, Cloverfield, and Chronicle. These are much better than Blair Witch.
<Snipped quote by Laser Kiwi>

I hated Blair witch project , the only good part was the ending, where dude was against the wall.

Part 2 book of shadows was worse 90 minutes of anyone's life

The newest sequel was much better than book of shadows.

I respect your opinion but disagree, I loved the marketing of Blair Witch as real and I thought the sequel was cleverly done. The newer one is much more atmospheric and terrifying and I also enjoyed it very much. Do you like any of the found footage style movies that got made after Blair Witch? Paranormal Activity bored the crap out of me.
im planning on posting by tonight, but im probably not going to get a chance over the weekend
Philip climbed out of the bus, it was awkward with his heavy backpack on and his notebook in his hand. He had been taking notes of the different personalities in the bus and what talismans or totems they brought for protection. It was all important because there was no telling which symbols the noncorporeal entities might react to.

He looked up at the house as he was bent over in the van's doorway. There he saw two red orbs in one of the second story windows. Oh, Good, he thought to himself, that's a good sign this might be a lucrative investigation.

Then he heard a voice coming from the back of the van, ""G-guys, there was - tell me you saw -" it was Danny, the camera man.

"I did," Philip hopped the rest of the way out of the van, "two red eyes, just there," he pointed to the window as he walked up to the psychic, "I've studied Ghosts and Demons for a while and red eyes aren't usually a good thing. Can you tell us anything specific Pandora? If I understand the characteristics of the things I might be able to identify if there is any demonic entity involved."

Sweet, excited
Hey friends, character sheet is up, I can make changes if I need to just keep me know. Sorry it's not more elaborate, I'll put some more work into it tand clean it up but I wanted to get a rough draft of so we can proceed
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