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Current I've opened a tavern in Free Roleplay. I'm testing a dart board mechanic, please stop by and let me know if it works. Thank you.…
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Happiness is saying that it's your turn to post on the RP thread
12 days ago
I am enjoying this so much!!! I love world building and story telling. All you crazy peeps are OK in my book XD


I love Horror! I also love the fantasy worlds of Dragons, Magic, and Heroes.

I'm in nursing school and I am a husband to a beautiful woman and father to a 1 year old. I'm new to this type of Roleplaying but I'm excited to play with you. Hit me up, make me your friend, and I'm generally always up for a chat. Peace brothers and sisters.

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Hello friend shaped person
We Ride!!
Nala writhed on the ground in pain, her legs useless but she still had the function of her arms. She saw Talon getting up just in front of her and work weakly to plunge his sword. "Well that was rude!" came the exclamation from the witch and to Nala's dismay she felt heat above her and then saw her brother let go of his sword and with a yelp of pain, fall to the ground. Nala reached to her belt and pulled out her short vegetable knife, she slammed into the witch's foot with a grunt.


The blood hit Talon's eyes and added to the sting he felt in his hands. His body was weak and slow and not reacting to his will. He fell to the ground barely conscious, his head smacking the pavement.
Hey guys,

This Roleplay looks interesting, and I love horror like I love breathing. I haven't read the OOC or caught up on the IC yet, but if you guys are looking to keep it going and add another person to the play let me know and I'll get caught up and jump in, and be happy to do so
The wave of fire and force that emanated from the witch before she disappeared hit Talon like a hot brick. Suddenly though, he could feel his arm again.. and move his legs!! Whatever evil magics she had used to immobilize him had somehow been dispelled, but Gods did his body hurt! And it was moving slower than it should.

The witch suddenly was behind Nala, Talon gripped his sword and willed himself onto his knees and toes like a runner. Nala dropped, Talon's eyes shot wide with surging adrenaline and he struck out with the point of his sword like an angry viper. The sword sailed just over Nala's head as she was falling and Talon locked eyes with the surprised witch who seemed stunned and slightly annoyed that he was on the offensive, then her eyes moved to point of his sword as is moved with deadly force towards the space between her eyes.
@Shadow Dragon would it be possible based on your magic that tell ing had recovered somewhat from the needle strike and was able to at least get up and move his body about? Your response will influence my next post
I hope Rekker's ok
Hey, I know it's silly but I set up a Tavern in the Free Roleplay section. The goal is to create a place for people looking to play but aren't sure where to go. Let me know what you think /or how it might be improved.

Thank you for whatever input you can give, the goal is really to add something positive to the guild.

Lucky Tongue Tavern
Down here you can write about who's playing and how you want to compete. The obvious thing to do is you each get to throw for a prompt and whoever is voted the best writer by the populace wins, but you can make up whatever rules you think up.

I'm looking into bringing in a karaoke machine one day, I'll keep you posted.

Well Hi there! Didn't see you come in.

My names' Barkeep, and well, I'm a barkeep. This is my Tavern! The Ole' Lucky Tongue. I named it so 'cuz this here land got cursed by a witch some time back and from then on just speaking in this place makes your other posts lucky.

Oh, your posts! How do I know about those you ask, well, ya see, this here place is a sacred space for all those who want to write something but their threads haven't moved, they aren't thrilled about finding another game to join, they don't want to start a new game, or hell, they just want to sit an' bitch for a while.

This isn't a chat or a discord or whatever the fart else that's already on the home page; this is just a free place to have a drink, practice your writing, and allow others to view it, talk about it, give you input, or criticize it if you want. Are you proud of something you wrote in your game and want to show it off? Post it here. Want to write a poem about the weather, well I'll read it. Want a free Writing Prompt and submit a short story just for some of the pros here to review and give feedback (if they want to)? Well that's what this Tavern was built for!!

I'm installing a dart board game in the Character Section that will give ya' a random writing prompt, but it won't be up until next week, it's a big dart board you see and hard to set up. Until then don't let my tavern go outta business before I get the lights up and music playing. Say something, anything, and others will see it and say somethin' back. It's a hard feeling seeing nothing happen in your game after 3 or 4 or 8 days, especially if you're invested into some epic story. So this tavern is for you folks, stretch your fingers, take a load off, and tell ole' barkeep the story your dying to tell, I'll be here a while.
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