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Current Spending Valentines cuddling with my girl. She has the softest hair and its so cute when she tries to get attention by licking me until she's bored. Then she tries to catch her tail. Cat=True Love
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Happy February 14th everyone! I hope all of you are having a good day!
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tfw you end up basically eating charcoal cause your baconbits burned and your brother looks at you all smugly and there's no way you'll let that bugger have one over on you...excessive cheese helps
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>[X] Craft Mud Brick while analyzing the process. Is there a way to improve efficiency?
Let is be known that Daniel James had been against going into the woods from the start, hell he has been against this entire venture from the start. He knew something bad was going to happen, something bad always happens in these situations – that Joe was blatantly jinxing them didn’t help any. Now, Danny respects people, he respects peoples’ right to their own opinions regarding the supernatural, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU GO AND PROVOKE A DING DANG DEAD GHOST WITCH ON HER OWN FRONT YARD GOSH DARN IT! Joe did, now look what happened! Denise was…Denise was…she was possessed.

Oh fuck, she was possessed, she was full blown possessed. How did this happen? One moment he was just trying to get a decent shot of the location, the next thing he knew, she had black eyes and was moving towards them, pointing and rambling incoherently, only three words registering “Suffer, evil, innocent.”

Whenever he pictured a situation like this, he always thought that he would do the sensible thing and run for the hills, instead he blanked out, limbs locking up, the small camera falling out of his hands and onto the forest ground. He didn’t even have enough presence of mind to break out his impressive array of mental curses. It wasn’t until Denise bolted into the woods, closely followed by Philip that his senses slammed back into him.

“Ffghhnnnnn!” doubling over slightly, he took a deep breath clutching all of his necklaces for dear life. “Its got Denise, oh damn, its got Denise. We need to do something, what do we do, we can’t just rush in, it could be a trap, oh fuck, Philip rushed in, damn.” Taking another deep breath, he straightened up, grabbing the dropped camera, shoving it in his hoodie pocket and started reaching into his trouser pockets. “Alright, alright, we need a plan, anybody know anything about de-possession? I’ve got candles, salt lavender and sage, will that help? Damn, I knew I should have tried to get my hands on holy water. Pandora, did you pick up anything? How screwed are we exactly, because, damn I’m pretty sure we’re really screwed.”
Will post somewhere today, sorry for the delay - irl has been kinda crazy.
Thanks! I'm channeling my inner coward and I love it :D
Frowning slightly, Danny bit back his response as to where exactly Max could go and stick their demon leprechaun and busied himself with going over the folder TJ handed out. He saw what he saw and he’s not about to start something over it now, but dang it if he wasn’t going to relish saying ‘I told you so’ if the opportunity pops up and…well, the ghost hasn’t killed them yet. At least Philip saw it too…

He was just busy double checking the placements for his cameras, when the caretaker came out of the house and introduced himself as Pete. He seemed harmless enough, if a bit…eccentric, but seeing Pandora refuse the handshake, put him on edge and he made a mental note to keep an eye out. Daniel could just be paranoid, projecting his unease over this whole thing onto anything he sees, but he’d much rather be safe than sorry and taking cues from their psychic seemed like a safe enough bet. Grabbing the assigned supplies and quickly checking his pockets to make sure all his prevention measures were in there, he grabbed one of his smaller portable cameras and started filming the tour. They’ll get all the official shots later, but having a reference to work off of couldn’t hurt.

If he wasn’t happy about this outside, being inside the building was nearly enough to send him packing. Not only was the rooms creepy to the max, but the stories that accompanied them and Pete’s blasé way of telling them set his nerves on edge – it also didn’t help that he kept expecting that bloody enderman from earlier to jump out at them from around every corner - he's surprised that he managed to keep his hands steady while filming.

He was almost relieved to see the chapel, hoping that whatever entities lived here wouldn’t be as strong in there, only to be proven completely wrong when Pandora refused to step through the doorway. He only stepped in far enough to get a quick shot of the room before quickly retreating. The last thing he wanted to do after they finally completed the tour of the horror house, was to go into the woods – especially with the light fading, but he couldn’t exactly refuse if the rest of the team was going. Pausing his recording until they’re closer to the woods, he took a moment to just hold his gran’s cross, before addressing Pete. “Do you know the woods well?” which is his way of subtlety asking 'we will be able to get out, right? This isn’t going to turn into the Blair Witch Project, right?'
At Pandora's words, Danny found himself stifling a groan as he followed her off of the bus. It was bad enough that they were poking at a dangerous hornets nest here, but it just had to be an evil and dangerous hornets nest didn't it? Choosing not to say anything about his current opinion for the moment though, he instead focused on busying himself with starting to unload the gear.

He had just finished unloading his camera and was just turning back to grab something else, when a quick glance at the house caused his blood to run cold. He froze, eyes remaining locked on the glowing red eyes in the second story window for a full two seconds before he was able to move. A startled curse escaped him and his hand shot up to tightly wrap around his gran's cross. He only looked away for a second, a quick glance to see if anybody else was looking at it, but it was gone when he looked back, causing another curse to slip out.

"G-guys, there was - tell me you saw -" eyes wide and knuckles turning white from his grip on the necklace, he took a deep breath before trying again. "In the second story, there was a black freaking mass thingy in the window with red eyes and it looked right at me." Eyes darting between his teammates and the house he took a few more deep breaths to calm down. Had he been alone, he would've channeled his inner Shaggy and be long gone right now, but he wasn't so he'll just suck it up. He knew the risks going in after all, he just hoped the precautions he took would be enough.
>[X] Re-assign cloud watching bum to crafting bricks
>[X] Build Healer's hut

Accepted , go ahead and put CS in character section, and thanks for joining 👻

Thanks for having me! ^^
Ooc is up! Yay! Here's my char, I kind of typed him up in a hurry so let me know if I need to edit anything.

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