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Have you ever stopped to think about Minecraft now? I mean REALLY thought. Here is this world we get dropped into, as a stranger to us as we are to it. A world that at first glance seems untouched by civilization. But the more you explore, the more you search, the more you dig... the more you realize you arent the first here, nor the only one capable of surviving.

Long abandoned mineshafts, temples to unknown deities, half buried pyramids housing the remains and treasures of long forgotten rulers. Portals to a hellish dimention with the ruined remains of long since perished builders of it's own. Dig deeper still, until the darkness is no longer content to simply gaze back and almost feels as if it could swallow you whole... the ruins of underground bunkers leading to the space between worlds, mind bogglingly massive underground cities coated in an infection that stands a silent vigil to some of the only remaining evidence of not just what came before, but before even that.

Here you stand, not in the ruins of an apocalypse, not the regrowing post apocalypse, but the FAR long since healed remains of one. The world has long forgotten and swallows up the remains, leaving behind only monsters, animals, the industrious survivors and those who would prey upon them... all having long since forgotten what their ancestor's ancestors experienced, content to raid, or to be protected by ancient golems LONG since past their capacity for recreation.

This is intended for three or four people at most with me as a sort of DM. It will include light numbers to help solidify certain story aspects about characters but will by no means be the focus.

This will not be a minecraft server, and the world and it's inhabitants are not blocky (worry not however, your favorite cubes will make an appearance in a few ways.)

Think of this as a HEAVILY themed DnD campaign of sorts. I will take liberties with certain themes and lean slightly heavier into certain fantasy elements, but I hope to retain the same feeling minecraft held for us when we first played, and that love and awe I recently rediscovered with my overthinking of the funny block game.
Eva left the brainwork to the people who didn't have an urge to open fire on the aliens the moment they made any sudden movements. Instead, she kept herself busy with the more menial tasks around the ship, moving goods, using her bots and EVA Javelin for their intended purposes to scout the immediate area nearby. Yes, Eva liked to keep herself busy, and if not busy, then sleeping.

Now however, was not a time she was doing either. She sat cross legged on the floor, tools scattered around her as the dog shaped ERU watched closely from it's position under her watchful eye. Nothing particularly dangerous had happened, yet regular maintenance was important, especially now of all times. A soft buzz in the back of her mind, her name repeated at least once. She stood slowly after finishing with the ERU, watching it test it's front legs timidly before rising back to all fours and falling in line behind her.

Eva stood at a distance from the barricade, watching humans and locals mingle from a distance for a moment before finally deciding to move back to her corner of the bay, slip inside her Javelin and move closer with her doglike bot in tow, just in case.

She was, as always, tapped into comms she likely shouldn't have been, and as always, was willing to butt in. "I second Itxaro, no matter how advanced we are in comparison to them we have no method of escape, no way of telling how numerous their groups truly are, and limited supplies. Even if we were here to fight them, we aren't in any position to do so. Trust me, I get it, but an itchy trigger finger will only get everyone here killed, and the locals here have the edge in both supplies and numbers especially in the long run. Keep our offensive tools close to our chest, and try not to waste the whole surprise on looking big and scary when we don't need to."

Eva stopped shy of the barrier, knowing she would draw attention. Moving slowly past the barrier she bowed deeply to the group of locals before rising to the suit's full height again. "Itxaro, you got anything off the top of your head for me other than standing around and looking big?"
also @Such A Birch sorry for any trouble or stepping of toes! I really didn't see your thing at first. Honestly still kind of worried personally about mine being too similar in terms of background or personality.
There we go, changed/expanded a bit on her background @Zapdos hope that answers your question as well lol

@Zapdos Of course! I guess I missed theirs somehow! I'll continue working on mine lol.

Name: Blueberry

Pokemon Species: Ralts (Shiny)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly short even for a Ralts, the most startling part of their appearance being their shiny nature. There is a reason abnormal coloration is rare to see in wild Pokemon, and Blueberry is a rare example of one that has survived.

Personality: Quiet and prone to hiding behind those far more capable than herself, her psychic nature allowing her to locate and stay close to those with a far calmer emotional state. Though she is prone to standing behind others, she is extremely protective of those she may timidly call friend, and will fight with her all to protect them.

Biography: Technically born to a Pokemon breeder trainer, Blueberry no longer remembers the events that lead to her now wild lifestyle. Those who she called parent or trainer are now long gone however, leaving the surprisingly evasive little Ralts to find companionship among the other street dwelling Pokemon. Using her appearance to garner treats from the humans around her, and her evasiveness to avoid capture with surprising ease.

Anything Else: Her ability is Telepathy

Useful information for later:

Approximate level: 5

Attacks: Disarming Voice / Growl / Double Team / Destiny Bond (Egg Move)

“Eva! What is the status of your mech? Can we have you looking big and mean and mobile in the next ninety seconds? If so, let's do that NOW please. Otherwise go grab a weapon from the armoury.”

"Suit is operational in all regards, though she won't be making any long journeys until I finish some minor repairs. None of that will matter in the short term though." Eva moved swiftly, sliding into place in the Javelin as she gently clicked her tongue, a habit she picked up anytime she activated her bots. The drones stood faster than before, keeping close her as the Javelin rose back to it's full height and Eva stepped forward, flanked by her little swarm.

Eva moved to stand directly between the humans and their guests, the little bots sparking in warning at any of their guests that decided to wander too far into the ship. "Paladin up and alert, SEU are set to guard for anybody getting a bit too curious. If you need one of them past the line I suggest you make sure they stay close to one of ours."
Eva sighed, watching the situation devolve almost as soon as she woke up. It couldn't quite be helped, these 'locals' for lack of a better term were fully in their right to be freaked out, given their group essentially landed in their backyard and don't speak their language. The SEU stopped in unison, crowding around the Javelin and gathering together as they shut down. Eva did the same, letting her armor slouch slightly as the back opened to let her slip free and drop to the ground, feeling far smaller now outside her suit.

Eva raised her hands a moment, making it clear she held nothing. "Friend, you folks know friends?" Eva's voice was different now, small and smooth, like she was talking to an animal. It's possible it might come across as demeaning, but with such a language barrier she had to try something, and none of them looked human so tone of voice was the best she could come up with. She kept her hands raised a moment more, hoping this place, wherever it was, shared any of Earth's body language that often existed regardless of distance. "Give us a moment okay? Let us breathe." As if to suggest the situation around her, Eva waved her arms in a pointed fashion, drawing attention to the clear mess in the bay around them that still had yet to be fully taken care of.
The world spun around Eva for a moment, it was fairly concerning how often and easily she could pass out in such situations... then again when you have to sleep through gunfire barely inches over your head it's to be expected. The familiar tightness of her Javelin kept her calm however, as the suit itself hummed slightly as it came to life and opened her to the outside world again. First came sound and Eva sighed, mirroring her wakeup command to her remaining SEU spiders, the little bots rising and moving to scramble around the bay searching for any of Eva's goods that may have shaken loose, little limbs pushing open containers and moving smaller fallen crates.

Then came a reconnection to the local Intranet, and Eva began slowly catching up on what little was actively being recorded... and Eva had to stifle a laugh as she could finally move, rotating her arms as she stretched in the Javelin, testing it's joints as she continued her Diagnostics. Alien life, higher than normal oxygen in the atmosphere... somebody was getting a bit too open with their roleplaying on local channels weren't they? Plus, this wasn't exactly the time to think up Isekai scenarios about their attack and crash now was it?

Then finally came sight as the Javelin's systems finished their diagnostics, SEU bots scrambling over carrying wires and parts to repair the superficial damage to the Javelin that may prove annoying to deal with in the short term.... and Eva was silent, peering at what she had assumed was a joke. "Wakeup protocol finished, sorry for the absence folks but I take my naps whenever I can... can anybody please explain what the hell any of that is, plus why it's in the bay and not being shot at?" The SEU, reflecting Eva's confusion moved on their own, little metal limbs clicking across the bay floor as they approached the locals, stopping just shy of them as their little optics peered closely. "My bots REALLY want samples, but I'll assume that's rude." The SEU retreated almost as quickly as they approached, moving backwards to keep watch on the strange life-forms as if the little bots were hesitant to obey their handler.
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