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11 mos ago
Current I really want to get a Pokemon Colosseum based Rp running again. The Orre region never got enough love in my opinion.
12 mos ago
Starting up a World of Warcraft RP, if anyone is interested please PM me. Probably going to be AU or in the future.
2 yrs ago
If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
3 yrs ago
Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.


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Todd Howard 2 yrs ago
RumikoOhara 2 yrs ago
Sorry if that sounded so pouty I was teasing, send me a link
RumikoOhara 2 yrs ago
Nice that I was informed, I thought KKL wanted me aboard
kingdomkeylight 2 yrs ago
Really so Minami, strider, drakel, rumiko, and Lovely are all there?
kingdomkeylight 2 yrs ago
Well look at this I think your the last man standing from the original group all those years ago XD
Phoenix 4 yrs ago
Hey there, I was just wondering if you were still interested in this:
LovelyAnastasia 5 yrs ago
Someone say Star Trek?
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