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There's more I need to add to the 0th post to further clarify what is going on. But right now, yes, we're all on/with the cart.

Lyria Va'lesh
The nights were cool here. Dissimilar to her home in that the air was not filled with salt and noise and light. Lyria marveled at the stars above and could begin to recognize the constellations that portrayed the history of her pantheon.

She was traveling these lands in the hopes of finding a foreign relic of her patron, the Crimson Ram. She'd traveled farther than she ever wanted to, but was enjoying her time as a foreigner. Lyria would occasionally wince at the realization that most did not even know of her pantheon, never mind her own patron. But she enjoyed sharing what teachings she could.

Their path was leading them to Nightstone for the evening. It was out of the way, but being that it was so late now, they needed to stop to rest for the evening.

"Thine Crimson Ram guides thee," she said to he one steering the cart, more out of habit than necessity. Her eyes remained pointed upward, gazing at the glowing dots in the blue-black sky.
Chapter 1
Part 1
You've been traveling along the High Road for days. As evening approaches, you spot a wooden signpost next to a trail that heads north into the hills. Nailed to the post are three arrow-shaped signs. The two marked "Waterdeep" and "Daggerford" follow the High Road but point in opposite directions. The third, marked "Nightstone", beckons you to follow the trail. If memory serves, Nightstone is roughly ten miles up the trail.

Sorry for delaying everything. I promise to have something up by Sunday.
Character Name
Race Subclass Class
Armor Class: Current Proficiency: Current Speed: Current
Health: Current/[Temporary]/Maximum

Copper: 000 Silver: 000 Gold: 000
DC: 00 | To Hit: +0
Features & Traits
Personality & History
Personality Traits
@AlgizHieronymosThe one I just posted in the Character Tab. (again, don't post it in the character tab before submitting it via PM).
If you want to keep the format, "quote" the post and remove the "quote" tags at the beginning and end of the whole thing. If you don't want to keep the format, just make sure each item is filled out (or understood why it's not filled out). You're welcome to design your own format, though. Just make sure all pieces are there, please.

@Akacen see above
Lyria Va'lesh
Aasimar Life Cleric
Armor Class: 18 Proficiency: +2 Speed: 30
Health: 11/11

Copper: 000 Silver: 000 Gold: 015
DC: 14 | To Hit: +6
Features & Traits
Personality & History
Personality Traits
Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to restore HP, the creature regains additional HP equal to 2 + the spell’s level.
Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
Everything I do is for the common people.
I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
what are WIPs

and can you extrapolate on the Describing rolls.
How you dodge, block, land a hit, sneak, look, listen, etc.

Opinions; My vote is for one character each until such a time as character death. I am, however, flexible. My opinion is it is meta to create and play more than one character.
I'm leaning toward one character each. But if there aren't enough players and it's just you two, I'll be inclined to allow (not mandate) two characters each.
I don't think "meta" really fits here. I mean, with a new player that's here only to "win," yes, they'll use that to their advantage. But they're just going to have the insight of those two characters, which isn't terribly advantageous, but can certainly be if enough effort is put into it. Meta-gaming is also not allowed, anyway. So anything that's deemed inappropriate will be requested to be edited in the post.

But send the url of this thread to anyone who might be interested in joining. :)

Also given the format I think it would be too slow to have to play/interact with/read so many characters via posting.
That's why I added that collaborations are mandatory for the most part.

That being said, if the DM would like to ask one of the players to run a NPC or something like that I'm totally cool with that.
This will likely come into play with character backgrounds (family, friends, etc.)

I think we should start at level 0 or 1. I think we should start with the starting equipment stated in the rules I think backgrounds should be used as much as possible. I think anything within the dnd 5e books should be allowed. Basically I think we should try to stick with the rules as much as possible. This will help reduce any possible confusion or disagreements, making the DMs job easier. Also will make it easier for others to join and play.
We're going to start at level 1.
I will allow either Starting Equipment or Rolling for Gold.
All 5e books are allowed.
See above about rulings.
I would like to have a good amount of RP, maybe one bigger battle a month? Possibly set a time where we can all get together on discord or something and play out a battle.
This will largely depend on character decisions. The beginning of this campaign is (likely) a combat scenario followed by light travel then another (likely) combat scenario. If that seems too daunting, we could get together in person for the first session and then I could get a summary written up and post it here and then we continue from there.

I will check out the dndbeyond character creation. I think it would be a good supplement but it shouldn't be mandatory.
Indeed. Beyond can be used as a supplement, but is not required. In fact, Character Sheets are to be posted and frequently updated in the Character Tab (see OP (Original Post)).

If you want to try out dndbeyond for character creation, I would suggest waiting until @Phoenix creates a campaign and adds me to it so I can enable content sharing, so then you have access to everything.
However, the characters can just be created in the campaign "For Sam" that you created for me since we will not need to be referencing anything in Beyond here. It's going to be kept "in house" as much as possible to keep it as simple as possible.

I will address these when I get home today. I will also be adding a couple things to the OP.
Because you have the campaign on beyond.

Don't know yet. Depends how many people join.

I'm thinking my point buy unless we want to try something different.

Yes. Eh, we have books.

That's up to the players.

Maybe. I'm not against it. Persuade me (have it tie into background). Either. I have no strong opinion on the matter.

As much as you want. Yes. That's up to you.

That will be determined over PM.

It's more just a tag to the thread saying im not accepting more players but has no real effect on access. Anyone can still post in here.

Flanking is in the DMG, so that's not an alternative rule. Otherwise I'm going to keep to RAW, but won't disregard RAI or RAC (rules as cool).

That's up to the players. I'll give what I get.


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