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I can't seem to get into the discord. Is it still up?
@Wistful Dreams

... D'oh!
Okay, sending character sheet now
@WanderingDragon that should be fine, special humans with innate supernatural abilities.

Added: I imagine this universe has worlds and parallel dimensions.

Okay. I'm tempted to give it a go. Need to very back into group rps
Okay, what about playing a human with some sort of supernatural powers, like a spellsword jedi psionic user, or martial artist?
Anybody else join?
I might be interested, I should decide what character I want to play if I do

Sorry, I misinterpreted that bit. I already have ideas who I want to use, just need to service on who...

And I take it masters would be the player character. I'll get back to you on this. I'm at work and typing I my phone.
1- You can choose your own servant. As mentioned in the Gatcha, it's totally optional. The main appeal is for people who don't know who or what they'd want to play, so they're basically asking for a random idea.
2- It is optional to do so. Yes. There are only four masters, and eight servants. You can make a servant but not a master, or a master but not a servant. But you're only allowed to make one of each. So you can't have two servants, or two masters.
3- You don't need to know too much about the franchise to get involved. General rule is "Bad guys are messing with history, so mages summon famous people to fight the bad guys."

Nooooo! My dreams of summoning my waifu are ruined forever!!

But in all seriousness, what if someone ranted to okay with a servant from the canon?
Okay, color me intrigues, but a couple questions:

1. If I don't use the gatvha system, am I allowed to pick my servant?
2. Do the players also play as their servant?
3. What if I don't know much about the Fate continuity?
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