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You know what, I'm going to have to opt out. A bunch of stuff's happened over the week, and I'm just not feeling up to this anymore.

So, question, is Jaden also fighting?

Know the feeling. Dealing with a sinus headache as of writing this
Okay, I still need to make a decision to join this, since I'm part of another group

Okay, the librarian and the Rokushiki user are two different people. I'm thinking the latter would be a former CP-9 operative who went rogue, and eventually took the librarian as a slave.
Okay, so I'm thinking to rework Jaden's profile like this:

I think the encounter with the Rokushiki user should happen earlier in Jaden's life than when it did. Perhaps said user was actually a member of The Marines, perhaps even a CP-9 operative, but went rogue to become a pirate. His crew raided Jaden's city, and in trying to protect the librarian, he was taken down by said Rokushiki user's more advanced technique.

As far as the operative knows, Jaden's dead, and the librarian is among those taken as slaves. I might also make the librarian younger, if only so the pirates would find her more useful. So, using this new anonymity to travel the world and search for the librarian and the other people the pirates enslaved. Along the way, he's hoping to find more knowledge of techniques that he could use against the pirates, especially their captain.

Which would bring Jaden to this fighters pit. There's more, but I'll PM it
So, is there a specific plot or story besides the usual isekai?
Same. Sounds interesting, but everything seems up in the air.
@malmshodes Actually, lemme get back to you on that. I feel like Jaden's backstory is missing something. So, I want to make one last tweak to it before I post.
@malmshodes Not necessarily. Just kind of missing context. I could do a thing where perhaps Jaden heard a rumor that a haki practitioner was being held at this pirate arena?
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