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Hey, guys. How goes it?
Okay, so I was going to try to write a series of novella for a set of characters I'd been developing for a few years. Lately, I've decided to discontinue these ideas because of a myriad issues that kept popping up.

So, I've decided to reserve one character for roleplaying, especially 1x1 roleplaying. But, here's where my issue comes up, and I'm not sure if it'll all make sense at first.

In my plans for the novella, my solo character was going to be in a poly relationship with three female characters I'd also developed. However, since I'm now using this solo character for roleplays, especially ones involving romance/erotica, I'm not sure what to do with these three female characters.

I've had ideas about using them as extras: If I find a partner who's interested in a polyamorous romance, I could use one or more of the female characters to fill in the blanks. This is meant to help with character creation, as well as take some of the strain off the both of us from having to manage and play multiple characters, by simply sharing these extra characters.

But, lately, I've been wondering if this is even a viable idea. Especially since that could mean asking my partner to play a premade character, which I've gotten a few rejections over.

At the moment, I'm just seeking food for thought, as I'm trying to decide what to do with a bunch of characters on my hands.

Unfortunately, no. I'm just checked out on this rp.
Okay, as awkward as this may be, I think I might have to drop out of this rp. Besides kinda getting left out of things (more my fault, than anything), I'm having a hard time focusing on anything going on here, as I have quite a bit going on.

I'm gonna be busy tomorrow, but will try to post tomorrow
By the way, I was told there's a discord?
Whatcha mean?
Okay, so after reading your plans. I have to say, I've had similar ideas about creating a sort of multiverse canon between roleplayers. So, I'd definitely like to throw my hat therein. I actually have a character with the code name "Fearless" who'd fit right into this. Well, he's part of a set of characters of such, but I digress.

One concept I've been wanting to try is one where Fearless has different versions of him, strewn across different rp canons. Like, in this rp, I see him being a freelance shinobi on the Chuseiha side. Though, considering how I imagined his abilities working, I want to know if I could make him function more like an airbender, rather than a Fuuton (Wind Style) ninja. I do see him including some Naruto-esque ninjutsu, and possibly some Senjutsu. But, I'd need to see what would fit into his overall "build."

What is certain is that he'd have a strong balance between taijutsu, bukijutsu (weapon arts) -with a signature "swashbuckling" style- and taijutsu. Think of a mix between Snake Eyes, Might Guy, and Fujin from MK11... Or Aang, if you want to keep the Avatar parallels.
A little inspiration from certain characters from the game yeah.

I see.

Anyway. I have a character (or, perhaps a couple of characters). But, I won't be able to post anything until tomorrow
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