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5 yrs ago
I love you, no matter what happens between us, I will always love you.
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5 yrs ago
You are mine. I am yours. We have an unbreakable bond.
5 yrs ago
"Me? I am yours. And you? You are mine." ~Me~
5 yrs ago
She is back. I am happy. Don't ruin my happiness. *glares*
6 yrs ago
I love you. You know who you are.


Posting and replies will be limited due to my upcoming transplant on the 22nd of June. I apologize to everyone waiting on me in advance.

Suppose I can say a few things about myself.

My name's Josh, I happen to enjoy roleplaying(obviously), a bit of gaming now and then, and watching anime from time to time. I'm typically hanging around here somewhere, or sitting in Chat. If you want to speak to me there, feel free. Wouldn't be opposed to VM's either. You can also add me to Skype if you so wish, I'll put that up at the end. I typically do 1x1 roleplays, though there are group ones I do, provided the plot is interesting enough. Anyways, suppose that's all for now.

Skype: krinos_solstice

Lieutenant Commander and Lead Sniper of The Bot Killer Squad (est. 2016)


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@Carantathraiel Not much at the moment. Talking with you here, a few people in chat, and I'm also waiting to get back into a couple of RP's in particular.
@Carantathraiel I'm rested as much as I can be. The discomfort won't let me stay asleep for longer than ten minutes at a time, so I'm just holding out until the lasix has finished it's job and I can breathe properly again.
@Carantathraiel It's finished. There was a complication during the last bag they infused, but it was expected and the nurses managed to help bring it under control. My chest tightened and I was about to panic, but luckily my mother was there to help me keep calm and maintain my breathing so I wouldn't make things worse for myself. I still have the tightness, but the morphine the nurses are giving me is helping to keep it at bay while the lasix tries its best to drain my body of the excess fluid it has.
@Carantathraiel I suppose you're right. Oh, I got a surprise visit from my mother and two younger brothers yesterday afternoon. That helped to lift my spirits. She's also coming back this afternoon as support while the transplant is going on.
@Carantathraiel Thank you. The transplant is happening at 3 this afternoon. Not sure if I mentioned that already.
@Carantathraiel So the other night I spiked a fever, took the nurses all day yesterday to bring it down. Now I have this constant sharp pain shooting down my right leg from the knee, and the only thing that can be done about it is to use Morphine to dull it down. Anyways, aside from that, today is the day the transplant happens for me.
Of course!
@Carantathraiel Not really, anyone taking it needs to take the anti-allergy meds before the drug is pumped through, and as such, the meds cause you to pass out. I really dislike this drug, but I need it for the conditioning purposes of my surgery on Wednesday.
@Carantathraiel Of course! So the chemo isn't really a problem, it's mild and stuff, so it's pretty well under control. I did start a new conditioning drug today called "Rabbit", the anti-allergy meds really knocked me out for several hours.
@Carantathraiel Pretty good. I'm actually admitted into the hospital now for my transplant. I've completed two days of chemo, and later on today will be day three of four.
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