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5 mos ago
Current The wicked witch is back ♥
1 yr ago
I have retired from the site. I am found on elderscrollsonline, where I roleplay through enjin. If you want me, holler @CaraMori
3 yrs ago
I love booze, booze loves me. Holy shit I have to pee. I'm so smashed I'm falling on the floor! Alcoholic Dinosaur!
4 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
A service charge at a brothel is redundant.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I don't like sweets
My tongue is out of my mouth maybe 77% of the time.
I talk to myself constantly.
I don't sit still well.
I have a love of potatoes as a food.
Part of me still believes in Santa.
I am a mom.
Storms make me excited.
If I make eye contact with my puppy, I am obligated to flip him off and/or call him a wanker.
Elephants. Elephants and Totoros everywhere.
The Northern White-Faced Owl will always make me giggle uncomfortably. Especially when it does its Dracula thing.
I cannot catch legendary Pokemon on my own. I always hand my game to my husband so he can do it for me. He has some amazing ability to catch them quickly. I haven't yet learned his secret, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Rodney Dangerfield.
I put french fries in my cheeseburgers.
Doors hate me. If I'm within 4 feet of one, I'm bound to get a bruise somehow.
I work with blood. I love it. And I'm good at it.

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Oh I grew up nowhere. But I was lucky enough to leave.
o/ Hallo!
I'm always loitering somewhere :"3
It is the sneakiest of elements.
well, maybe not, but its still annoying when you find it where you don't want it.
Haaa, mine gets dusty, too. Then the poor fan growls at me and I clean the poor thing.
I have a lighted keyboard, but its because I type in the dark alot, and in addition my last keyboard had no lights and the letters painted on and i used it until the letters faded and it was sometimes a guessing game for what letter i needed.
But my keyboard isn't one of those multi-coloured rainbow things. Its just red. And its either red or not red ♥
We specifically sought out the red one because blue light gives me migraines.

Otherwise its boring.

My mouse is fancy-ish, though. Its got a few extra buttons, and I can customize its inner glow light. That I find to be pointless. You never see it once you're using the mouse.

also uh shit its almost may.
Hi Waifu ♥

and yes, bluetooth keyboards.
That is fair.
Not to tell you to go spend money, but there are keyboards that plug into the charging port of your phone. I have one. Use it for my tablet. Its a tiny awkward thing but its better than typing for ages on end on the phone keypad.

also on a ide note holy crap, i got a lot of hours last night but i feel like i've had no sleep
That does hinder one a bit, but it can be done!
The phone I had prior to this was huge! Honestly it was maybe 3 inches across and double that tall. Rping on it was easy because it was more like a tiny tablet.
But it died u.u So i have an S8 now.

I did MMORPG rp for a good while. Its really hard going from paragraphs and pages to express your every thought to a tiny chat box with limited characters in which you can describe what your character literally looks like or is doing.
Its limiting.
Oh lordy. A lot has happened. My life is essentially 100% different than when this thread first began. And I'm weirdly okay with that.
Still role playing though. That's the important thing.
I thought you looked vaguely familiar.
Unless your name and icon have changed since then, in which case I'm full of shit, ha!

It has been a while, then! How has life treated you?
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