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4 mos ago
Current One can't decide whether to join the Bard's College or the Thieves Guild. One will just have to weigh the prose and the cons.
5 mos ago
Boom. Quarantined. Physician in my clinic tested positive. But at least now I get a lot of time with my family.
5 mos ago
Working in an Urgent Care during this pandemic; ugh.
5 mos ago
I would murder someone for a nap, right now.
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5 mos ago
Wash your hands, ya filthy animals.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I... over 30 years old. a wife and mother. part time in a blood lab; (yes, vampire).
...draw alot. I am okay at it. Chances are, if you role play with me, you'll get free artwork. Pokemon, Harry Potter, English History, and the Elder Scrolls
...suck balls at math. not great with English.
...swear alot.
...enjoy comedy, historical dramas, and mystery shows.
...dislike referring to roleplays as games. I prefer stories ♥
...have a pet peeve about mermaids with knees. They don't have them. Stop giving them knees!


My partners must be 18 or Older

I prefer to ride under the mature content banner. I enjoy violence, intimacy, trauma, etc.

Casual to low advanced role playing is my general give. If you give shorters posts I will likely shrink mine to match. I give what I get. But one liners make my heart hurt.

I prefer medieval fantasy settings. I am horrible at space role plays and modern bores me.

As far as fandoms go, I enjoy Skyrim / Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Throne of Glass, and Conan (though I'm not versed in the lore, I do play).

I don't enjoy writing with OP Mary Sues. Be realistic.

I will almost always jump into an Elder Scrolls related rp. It is my bread and butter. I really enjoy the setting.

Link to my Interest Check

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Oh look I remembered this exists.
Have a woman.

Weekend dinners, because I don't have to cook. Favourite thing to eat is really anything involving potatoes or cheese. Or potatoes and cheese.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there, by the way.

What is your favourite recipe? (for food, disaster, etc. I'm not picky.)
Damn straight (or maybe not lol)

Straightish. Bwahaha
<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

I should have also said Imriel wasn't intended either

That didnt make him any less flamboyant.
<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

Indeed. They will never not have the
Hots for each other

<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

Yes maam. 🤭

they were/are a gloriously ignited couple.
genetic pun not entirely intended.
XD yknow just how true this is? I made a Tapatalk account 2 days ago just so I can have access to their old, ahem, nsfw rps 👀👀👀

I do miss them terribly. Make sure you're stealing them all so we dont have to use the site anymore.
Free time material. Ahemahem.
<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

You cheeky lass, I just saw this xD

No one else can apply, Akire is mine. So. Shoo. -cough-

I'll keep it brief and simple, because when I click on an interest check to find a word wall, I nope the fuck out.
If you want to learn about me, read my bio on my profile. Otherwise, continue on to see if anything snags your interest.

Casual to low-advanced, depends on content/dialogue.
Check my tags for genre and time period.
18+!! I do not care if you're almost 18 and you've been 'rping for years'. Fuck off with that.
Try to be literate. I'm not a grouch about mistakes and errors, but make an effort.
I prefer PMs but do not object to forums. Just means I have to dial back a few of my mature content levers.
Be realistic. No Mary Sues or OP demi-gods. You're gonna bleed.
Communicate. I like to chat via PM or discord, know my partners. If you don't like the direction, let me know. Don't be a ghosting arseface.
I'm better at writing a follower than a leader in most situations. On a related note, I suck balls as a DM, but I never hesitate to collaborate creatively.

Pairings I enjoy are listed below, and beyond that, a few seedling story ideas that I have a bit of interest in doing.
○ Vampire & Mortal
○ Royal & Royal Guard
○ Elf & Mortal
○ Enemy race & Enemy race

○ Elder Scrolls
○ Throne of Glass
○ Conan (not well versed in lore but I've played exiles)

Story Ideas;

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