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2 days ago
Current Skyrim Together ♡
27 days ago
"Its schrodinger's lunch. We have it and dont have it until its delivered." "Schrodinger's? Is that a Harry Potter thing?" My coworkers arent nerds.
1 mo ago
My tablet pen shorted. RIP wacom baby, you were good to me the last ten years. We made great artwork together.
1 mo ago
I find My Hero Academia to be quite entertaining. :popcorn:
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2 mos ago
A motorcycle gang made up of ancient bisexual monarchs; the bikings.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I don't like sweets
I talk to myself constantly.
I don't sit still well.
I have a love of potatoes as a food.
Part of me still believes in Santa.
I am a mom.
Storms make me excited.
Elephants. Elephants and Totoros everywhere.
The Northern White-Faced Owl will always make me giggle uncomfortably. Especially when it does its Dracula thing.
I cannot catch legendary Pokemon on my own. I always hand my game to my husband so he can do it for me. He has some amazing ability to catch them quickly. I haven't yet learned his secret, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Rodney Dangerfield.
I put french fries in my cheeseburgers.
I work with blood. I love it. And I'm good at it.

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My clinic is only open 6 days, and it's still exhausting.
Course that could be the people more than the work. People are exhausting.
Ugh, no thanks. It may be because I'm old and have an infant but 4 days part time slays me. I'm always exhausted

I bet you're making so much cash though.
I have to admit, the idea of the dragon born just thu'uming all over Fiore has me amused 😂
I'm sorry that happened love, and I'm glad you're okay.

How is work otherwise?
least its still attached, right? Otherwise it would be a bitch to hitch hike.

work comp? (<<< Clearly still on work mode, to be asking that.)
Shit really? Damn I thought the medical field was good for that $$$$

I've been cooling down on spending half of my checks on games lately lmao. Got adult things like car insurance and a loan to pay off now

Hahahaha omg you're an adult I am so sorry.
That's very responsible of you ♡ I am a proud Cara.
Contract with new job ended

Now I work 7 am - 4 pm for 14 an hour at a steel distributor

Life is good

You make more than I do and that is kick ass for you ♡ think of all the games you can buy!!!
No one likes change.

This is happening the week before two of our senior staff leave. Itll be a rough few weeks.
So we're implementing a new chart system at work and I thankfully have the 'launch day' off, and will be wandering around DC. I hope some of the chaos is smoothed over by Tuesday.
Aaand just like that I'm envious xD
My work week has been shit. And Monday we start training doe a new operating system for our patient charts, so it will be chaos.
And we had an employee admit, after weeks of screwing up, that she has a learning disability.
I'm glad that she was able to go through school and get her certification, but how the fuck did she get the certification when she doesnt know the difference between intramuscular and sub dermal injections?
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