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Current Happy Samhain, my loves.
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Darkness is beautiful. For how else can we shine?
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Officially put in my notice at work. I'm about to be a former vampire.
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In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
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One can't decide whether to join the Bard's College or the Thieves Guild. One will just have to weigh the prose and the cons.


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I... over 30 years old. a wife and mother. part time in a blood lab; (yes, vampire).
...draw alot. I am okay at it. Chances are, if you role play with me, you'll get free artwork. Pokemon, Harry Potter, English History, and the Elder Scrolls
...suck balls at math. not great with English.
...swear alot.
...enjoy comedy, historical dramas, and mystery shows.
...dislike referring to roleplays as games. I prefer stories ♥
...have a pet peeve about mermaids with knees. They don't have them. Stop giving them knees!


My partners must be 18 or Older

I prefer to ride under the mature content banner. I enjoy violence, intimacy, trauma, etc.

Casual to low advanced role playing is my general give. If you give shorters posts I will likely shrink mine to match. I give what I get. But one liners make my heart hurt.

I prefer medieval fantasy settings. I am horrible at space role plays and modern bores me.

As far as fandoms go, I enjoy Skyrim / Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Throne of Glass, and Conan (though I'm not versed in the lore, I do play).

I don't enjoy writing with OP Mary Sues. Be realistic.

I will almost always jump into an Elder Scrolls related rp. It is my bread and butter. I really enjoy the setting.

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In Wanderers 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ruli grinned back, though it was cautious. "Yeah." He answered, about getting hurt. "Rather a bad history with it. I ... I'm cautious. But I'm not .. afraid." He offered awkwardly, rather glad when she said they should fetch Gavin. The food would get cold? "Wait, is it already cooked?" Ruli asked, tailing her inside. "Thats horrible timing, really." He teased, up until they ran into Gavin, who had their own little tease.
The lip on this lad. Ruli smirked at him behind Kire's back, giving a subtle shake of the head to announce it wasn't a huge thing between them. Even if he did agree on letting Kire shave Gavin's hair.

"You're bound to get only vegetables, with that mouth." He warned in addition as they wandered through the caves, hollering for Envy to join them.

When they entered the Tower on the Amrian side, Envy inhaled and wrinkled his nose. Hearing Daryll and quickly locating the source of the smell, Envy said nothing. It wasn't as if he had never been around work-focused males before. And many refused to bathe in their adolescent years, as well. "Daryll." He greeted with a nod. "You're looking well."
"Funny." Ruli grinned, though he likewise nodded to Daryll. "You look like you've been hard at work."

As they walked across the grounds, Envy was tense, his arm tucked to his side to keep Narda's hand against him as he walked. His steps were cautious. He could feel the sunlight on his skin, the warmth of it, and every one of the hairs on his skin was raised in cautious. Ruli walked a few paces ahead of him, mindful of the Kartaian's pace.
Until he noticed the orchards, and gawked. "Not too shabby." He commented. "Maybe we should grow a bit of these in Úvano."
"What?" Envy asked, his voice giving away his unease. Then he inhaled. "Oh. I smell alot of fruit. And flowers."
"Not quite in bloom yet, but yeah, alot of them." Ruli offered, turning to gaze at the palace, then. He recalled Kire mentioning that there was an original structure and what had been added, and now that he was paying attentiong, the scar of the storm was obvious.

They found their seats, the elf far more relaxed under the shade of the tent, his chair creaking slightly as he adjusted his position. "Well, really, the food and silks would be more than enough." Ruli offered.
"However, the gold will really help the city develop and stabilize." Envy added, with a firm nod. "It would be more than adequate."
"You giving us titles, though." Ruli said. "These are only fees paid per job? Or is this an allowance of sorts?"
"Really, must we talk business over lunch?" Envy asked, sighing. "I smell lamb, flowers, and I am famished." He raised his hand and gestured toward where he believed Kire to be seated. "How are the wedding preparations?"
"Yeah, like that's not business." Ruli commented.
In Wanderers 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Envy inhaled, raising his eyebrows. "My, that does sound nice. I will take you up on your offer, dear Narda. I look forward to trying more of the Armian cuisine, anyhow." He grinned eagerly. "Will you be with us while the boys and I wander the palace and make the wards? I know you aren't overly fond of magic as a whole, so I won't blame you if you take your lovely company elsewhere. Or follow that Empress around to keep her out of trouble." He added with a teasing chuckle. "Perhaps, since I have the charm, I can join you under an Amrian sunset somewhere?"


Ruli only shrugged, still unbothered about the fact that he may lose some ability. Ability to speak? It wasn't as if he wasn't familiar with that. Ability to use magic? He tried not to rely on it, anyway. Ability to fight? He was more suited for cooking anyway. Really, unless he lost the ability to cook or bed he wouldn't be bothered.
However, he was clearly outnumbered.
He glanced sidelong at her again, wondering how annoyed she was by the tone of her voice. While the situation bothered him, it wasn't enough to get him worked up.

When she switched topics, from the menu to this morning, he looked away again. "Ah, uh." He paused when she did, hands tucked into his pockets. "I don't know. I mean, no, I -I'm not bothered by it at all. Not ... not that you said it. Just ..." He inhaled. "Its not that I don't ... feel that. But I'm ... not used to ... you know. I might need to time swallow the fear of w-what usually comes after that. That is said, I mean." Ruli cleared his throat again.

"By accident?" He asked, then, tilting his head a little. "Does that slip out often in conversation with your cooks?"
In Wanderers 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Envy hummed at Narda's response, glad to have the situation from hers and Kire's perspective. And when the giantess moved on to Envy's assistance and his venturing out, he chuckled. "That is correct." Envy answered. Aware they were somewhere near the seats in his chamber, he motioned for her to sit as he made his way to do the same. "The last time, it wasn't so much about choice. This time, yes, you are the reason I have decided to go. However, I limit my wanderings to Amria. I don't care for the people here to know I can leave and to grow uneasy."


Ruli raised his eyebrows, nodding. "That does sound like a handful. And a very slim lead on Daryll's part." he commented, standing up again. "And, erm, no. Apparently, whatever it is, its ... I don't know. Closed? Sealed off? The Goddess doesn't want me remembering. He can pry at it, but at a risk. I might forget how to speak or something. He didn't want to." Ruli sighed, as if he had argued and lost.
Closing the door behind them, he wandered back toward the caves with Kire. "I haven't seen Ysaryn. I think she and Ed have been busy all morning. But I've apparently been asleep half of it, so."

As they neared the caves, he glanced sidelong at her, the word she'd spoken over breakfast lingering like a temptation in the back of his mind. He cleared his throat. "So, uh. What are we eating?"
In Wanderers 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Envy shrugged his thick shoulders as he started toward the chambers in which he resided, where they could wait for Kire. "I'm torn, admittedly." He answered. "He's been broken often, but Kire seems good for him, and good on her world that she would be sure. She really seems to like him. He seems happy." Envy sighed. "This arrangement between them seems strange to me, but if they're satisfied, who am I to really butt in."
His head turned toward Narda, a soft smile on his face. "I, of course, likewise enjoy your company. I wouldn't object to some arrangement where we can enjoy dinner together once in a while. Though I am no where near the cook he is."


Ruli opened his eyes when he heard the knock. At once, he knew it to be Kire. Envy wouldn't wander out, Gavin knocked quickly, and Zeke knocked as if he meant to toss the door down. And Ysaryn rarely knocked at all.
All of them, he would have ignored, but for Kire, he rose and opened the door, squinting slightly at her. "M'alright." He answered. Freshly washed, Ruli smelled of a smoky flower, and his hair was clean and unbound. "Lunch time already? I must have napped a bit."

Leaving the door open, Ruli ducked back inside to sit on the edge of the bed, pulling his boots toward him. "How's Daryll? Any luck on his end?"
In Wanderers 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ysaryn smirked as they left. "She is in a calm mood." She stated, guiding the way through the halls again, then smiled crookedly. "Gladly. We will see you at lunch." She sang before she tore off in the direction of the house with a hop in her step.

Upon Kire's return with Narda in tow, the immediate chamber was empty. Just outside, Envy raised his head, his ears picking up their voices. "Is that Narda I hear?" He inquired. He rose from where he sat in the shadows and wandered toward them, hand on the wall for guidance. He wore a mustard yellow knitted shirt and bright blue trousers. His hair was bound back in a braid that was uneven and crooked; courtesy of one of the children. Around his neck on brown twine, he wore the charm Gavin had made for him.
"Not that I am uneager to see you, Kire, but your presence has been quite common as of late." He added with a smile. "Ruli is in his house laying down, if you wouldn't mind fetching him. He developed a bit of a headache after we attempted to dislodge his memory." Envy said, stepping up to Nard and reaching for her hand to kiss. "And how are you, my dear?"
In Wanderers 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Risa pursed her lips as Kire spoke, then over her shoulder to Ysaryn. When the elf's expression gave nothing away, her brown eyes went back to Kire. "In your world." She repeated, as if she still didn't quite believe the fact. Behind Kire, Ysaryn smirked, amused by the knowledge that Risa had no idea what lay beneath the cliffs.
"I suppose I could arrange such a meeting. Afterall, passing on the Goddess's warmth can only be a good thing." She inhaled and squared her shoulders. "When did you wish this? Not one of us is suited for proper company, at the moment." Risa said, passing a glance at Ysaryn again, and the sand that fell to the floor whenever she moved.
In Wanderers 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Risa turned her head slightly away, glancing at Kire from the corner of her eye as if waiting for some backhanded compliment or a straight out insult. When none came, she lowered her head, tightened the sash that held her robe together before rising to her feet. "The Goddess Solaralai." She corrected, patting the folds from her robe.
Folding her arms over her chest, Ysaryn loitered near the door, letting Kire and the princess speak on their own, her cat-like eyes watching closely.

"There are still followers here in Úvano, yes. I take their company a few times a week. But I would ask why some stranger parading as an empress in a land that isn't hers would be asking?"
In Wanderers 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ysaryn tilted her head, curiously. "I do not understand." She stated. "This is not a thing you want? Is it not a good thing?" Ysaaryn studied Kire's face. "I have not yet felt this word, but I imagine I would be happy if I did. Especially with Ed." She commented, then shrugged. "Maybe humans are different. But," She frowned at Kire again. "I would excuse, most men live short lives. Not you, nor Rulitus. So you are not so selective."

A wave of her hand, Ysaryn dismissed the topic as they ducked into the castle. It was shaded and cool, the space far too large to make warm and welcoming yet. The bare stone walls had measly tapestries hanging here and there in an attempt to rid the corridors of drafts with little luck. During foul weather, it was miserable.
There was no one about, but Ysaryn didn't need any assistance in wandering the halls, leading the way through a long corridor, up a worn set of stairs, then along a windowed hall that led to a closed door. She knocked, then waited rather impatiently.

With a not so subtle eyeroll, Ysaryn pushed down the ancient handle and stepped in.

It was a sizeable room, not likely one usually designed to be a royal suite, but instead something more of a large library. There were tall windows that were stained in brilliant hues that made grand figures dressed in priest robes holding glowing lanterns. The majority of the walls here were adorned with tapestries, the heart lit and the braziers that stood in the corners glowing warm.
It appeared this was the room best suited to keep warm, and therefor the room Risa had taken residence in until enough repairs were made throughout the rest of the castle.
Risa was sitting in a recently reupholstered fainting chair, wrapped in a thin robe of pale cream. She frowned when she saw who entered her chamber, and she sat upright to pull her rob closer around her, as if unwilling to let them look at her. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"
In Wanderers 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"Both?" Ysaryn questioned, furrowing her brow. "That does not sound nice." She sighed, starting toward the cliffs and up the stairs. "I am in castle now and again, I have seen strange dress people. But, to me, Risa dress very strange." Ysaryn pointed out as they climbed.
She began to brush some of the same off her arms as Kire asked about her sparring, and Ysaryn grinned brightly. "A loss in the spar against Ed, but a victory all together." The elf answered. "Is a good thing to have lost. My people do not back down. That I lose to him," Her smile widened. "it is to win him. This, I am happy about."

As they neared the top fo the cliffs, Ysaryn ceased her half-hearted attempts to brush herself off and turned toward the castle that perched on the edge of the cliffs. "And you?" She wondered, looking back over to Kire. "You are to stay more often now, yes?"
In Wanderers 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ruli looked up from his plate when Gavin mentioned his ties, as well as their own ties, to the gate due to their blood. He'd completely forgotten about that aspect, and suddenly alot was clicking into place. The Dragon Empress, the Blood Mage, and the Sand Mutt. They were all tied together in the thread that held their two worlds together.
And Ysaryn, well, her people were altogether a mix of the Five originals. Perhaps she was just unfortunate enough to be on the edge of this dark storm.

As Kire excused herself to chase down Ysaryn, Ruli nodded and waved, his mouth full of food. And then that word happened. He froze, sensing Kire do the same before she bolted. Slowly, Ruli swallowed a bite he really should have chewed a bit more, glancing toward the door. Love. Had she really ... but she couldn't have ... but she could really ....
"Wipe that off your face or I'll have you gutting fish for a month." Ruli snapped at Gavin, though the tone behind it didn't fit the threat. Ruli bent himself over his plate again, resuming his meal in hopes of avoiding further conversation for the moment.

Ysaryn chuckled when he asked why, but her glee vanished when he asked about her father. Not in anger, but thought. "It is my burden to challenge him, Ed." She explained. "If I do not fight him, then I am too weak to be Chieftess. To fight about strategies, about loyalty, about who I decide is worthy of my bed." She shrugged idly. "You are worth this fight. But you must keep being worthy, or you only become another lesson."

As they heard a throat clear, Ysaryn peered over Ed's shoulder to spot Kire, and her eyebrow arched. "To Risa?" The elf repeated, skeptical. But she redirected her gaze back to Ed. "Meet you in your bed?" She asked, tilting her head toward the house on the cliffs. "Bonus if you are not wearing clothing." She winked before strolling past him to join Kire.
"So. Risa." Ysaryn sighed, glancing over herself. Her clothing was disheveled slightly, and covered in grains of sand. Her hair was a mess, her face flushed. Perfect for meeting with the princess of vanity. "Dare I to ask 'why'?"
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