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Current The wicked witch is back ♥
1 yr ago
I have retired from the site. I am found on elderscrollsonline, where I roleplay through enjin. If you want me, holler @CaraMori
3 yrs ago
I love booze, booze loves me. Holy shit I have to pee. I'm so smashed I'm falling on the floor! Alcoholic Dinosaur!
3 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
A service charge at a brothel is redundant.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I don't like sweets
My tongue is out of my mouth maybe 77% of the time.
I talk to myself constantly.
I don't sit still well.
I have a love of potatoes as a food.
Part of me still believes in Santa.
I am a mom-to-be. Baby due January, 2019.
Storms make me excited.
If I make eye contact with my puppy, I am obligated to flip him off and/or call him a wanker.
Elephants. Elephants and Totoros everywhere.
The Northern White-Faced Owl will always make me giggle uncomfortably. Especially when it does its Dracula thing.
I cannot catch legendary Pokemon on my own. I always hand my game to my husband so he can do it for me. He has some amazing ability to catch them quickly. I haven't yet learned his secret, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Rodney Dangerfield.
I put french fries in my cheeseburgers.
Doors hate me. If I'm within 4 feet of one, I'm bound to get a bruise somehow.
I work with blood. I love it. And I'm good at it.

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im awake

we got a bit more snow last night. then a bit of rain to wash what fell away.
@blackdragon that is a good area of employment!
I work in a medical office, the medical field is always in need. I really hope you enjoy it. ♡
@blackdragon \o/ WOO!
Thats very exciting. A great start to the new year <3

What sort of job, if I may ask?
we may get more snow soon! Which is delightful, cause our snow is melting.

Also the nearby military base is blowing stuff up. We hear big, house-shaking booms, then hear a jet fly over us.
unnerving to wake up to.
Snow is my favourite. The world gets so white and quiet. There's now about a foot outside, and tons of things around town are closed. <3 Its lovely.
-screech- we got so much snow
i am so happy
I'm a good auntie. Mostly because I lived abroad and sent fun little foreign trinkets.
Now i'm the cool aunt because my nieces and nephew all like the same stuff I do. Totoro, Harry Potter, Minecraft, etc, so I send them what I like and they love it.

Granted, I'm not fantastic because of a lack of actual interaction, but thats kind of hard to do when you live so far apart.
Which is changing! My sister will move here for a few years and I'll have more time to spend with her and her kids. ...just not with her husband. cause no.

-hugs @Michellin-
@Rawk aww ♡ yeah, I've heard that often. But I still wonder. It's good to have it confirmed.
I'm hoping for not too much sass. I was a mild teen. I only pitched fits at my brother. Always enjoyed my parents and never acted out. My husband, too.
But what are the chances life is that just? Hahaha.
I'm happy that got sorted ♡

I repaired my sectional today. I feel proud of myself.
You like to act all crochety and grouchy Cara but we both know you're the caring type. You're gonna fuckin love the shit out of this kid.

I'm still dead serious about challenging Bane to a wrestling match for godfather rights. I'll rent out a ring and everything

excuse you, i am very crotchety and grouchy. -whacks with cane-

Also I just learned today that my sister and her husband (he who won't be spoken of) are getting stationed here at DC. So like. I'm going to have family around. And not just family. The family with ALL THE KIDS.
I'm excited about most of this.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity
You lost me there. Everyone knows I'm evil and cruel.
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