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7 mos ago
Current The wicked witch is back ♥
2 yrs ago
I have retired from the site. I am found on elderscrollsonline, where I roleplay through enjin. If you want me, holler @CaraMori
3 yrs ago
I love booze, booze loves me. Holy shit I have to pee. I'm so smashed I'm falling on the floor! Alcoholic Dinosaur!
4 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
A service charge at a brothel is redundant.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I don't like sweets
I talk to myself constantly.
I don't sit still well.
I have a love of potatoes as a food.
Part of me still believes in Santa.
I am a mom.
Storms make me excited.
Elephants. Elephants and Totoros everywhere.
The Northern White-Faced Owl will always make me giggle uncomfortably. Especially when it does its Dracula thing.
I cannot catch legendary Pokemon on my own. I always hand my game to my husband so he can do it for me. He has some amazing ability to catch them quickly. I haven't yet learned his secret, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Rodney Dangerfield.
I put french fries in my cheeseburgers.
I work with blood. I love it. And I'm good at it.

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Its 4am, I'll admit I didnt understand answers of that
But I'm glad you're happy.
Or radified
<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

thanks, im testing out my clickbait skills for my dying clue after im murdered (:

I like you
Came for the title. It is an honour to welcome you ♥
haha will do. Hope your little one is doing well!

She is indeed! We have a happy bug.
I am! Enjoying a bit of time off from work. At the moment, monitoring an extremely long bath with the toddler. She's 2.5 now.

Congrats! Tell little girl a random stranger waves in her general direction!
@Pascal doing A-Ok! ♡ hope you're well, also!
It was terrible.
My sister in law things GGRM is going to change the books based on the outrage over the shows ending.
Which, sure, I can see as a logical endgame, but I still disagree with it. But I just dont care enough to get riled up.
They're not gonna remake it. The actors were offended over the petition. Even with the signatures theyll refuse.
Just accept that the story is shit, just like dexter, and move on u.u
@Carantathraiel It's about four friends in a rough neighborhood in L.A. entering high school and having their friendship tested by different factors and their environment. It's really good.

That does sound interesting. I'll look for that!
@Fabricant451never heard of this, what's it about?
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