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Current Frohe Weihnachten 🧡
4 mos ago
My husband laughed when I said there was a grieving period after one finished a book series. It's a thing!
4 mos ago
Due to a death in the family, I'll be traveling and my roleplays will be slowed/stopped for a while. My apologies.
5 mos ago
Skyrim Together ♡
6 mos ago
"Its schrodinger's lunch. We have it and dont have it until its delivered." "Schrodinger's? Is that a Harry Potter thing?" My coworkers arent nerds.


Ƒαȼ†ƨ αƅǿu† ⋖ Çαrαn†α†ħrαiεℓ ⋗

I... over 30 years old. a wife and mother. part time in a blood lab; (yes, vampire).
...draw alot. I am okay at it. Chances are, if you role play with me, you'll get free artwork. Pokemon, Harry Potter, English History, and the Elder Scrolls
...suck balls at math. not great with English.
...swear alot.
...enjoy comedy, historical dramas, and mystery shows.
...dislike referring to roleplays as games. I prefer stories ♥


My partners must be 18 or Older

I prefer to ride under the mature content banner. I enjoy violence, intimacy, trauma, etc.

Casual to low advanced role playing is my general give. If you give shorters posts I will likely shrink mine to match. I give what I get. But one liners make my heart hurt.

I prefer medieval fantasy settings. I am horrible at space role plays and modern bores me.

As far as fandoms go, I enjoy Skyrim / Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, and Conan (though I'm not versed in the lore, I do play).

I don't enjoy writing with OP Mary Sues. Be realistic.

I will almost always jump into an Elder Scrolls related rp. It is my bread and butter. I really enjoy the setting.

Link to my Interest Check

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How many of yall have played this goose game.
Isdmitri, I adore puzzles. Solving them while being a twat?
I like it.
Oh, my bad. Khajiit and argonians, being the beast races, if caught are enslaved. I'll edit that into the main post when I can.

Also I'm hoping to have a partner who can control multiple characters, but mostly those of the Others. So you could play your khajiit. ♡
The dragonborn, Ulfric, Elisif, when applicable, I can write.
Hello! I'm seeking new role play partners. I've been on a hiatus for a while and now my brain is itching to role play again.

If you're interested in who I am, please view my profile. If you need more information, feel free to PM me. I'm happy to answer questions. I don't usually bite. Depends on how much coffee I've had.

Essentially, I'm looking for a Skyrim/Elderscrolls role play. I am considering hosting this as a group rp, but I admit I am a horrid DM (I work best as a co-conspirator) and I hesitate. If you want to assist me with a group rp, fantastic! I would require someone to play Ulfric and the Dragonborn, and possibly Elisif.
If this will be a 1x1 rp, then I have no problems controlling multiple characters. If you are willing as well, hooray.

The idea is as follows;

It is almost a decade after the events of TES V; Skyrim. Ulfric has won the war, and the Nords are celebrating. Many turn against their fellow citizens, chasing all races save for their own fellow Nords out of the cities. They deprive them of their homes, their cattle, their plots of land. Many are captured and used for free labour. More flee to the border.
The Dragonborn, having assisted with Ulfric's Victory, stands beside the new High King, ready to fight and control what few dragons are left to stomp out any unrest.
Elisif is a hostage in Solitude, allowed to keep her life under the terms that she accept Ulfric as the new High King. She does her job as Solitude's Jarl, but speaks little, for she is unsure about which of her household reports to Ulfric.

Orcs are a rare find, as they refused to leave their strongholds, and found themselves invaded, their tribes slaughtered or captured, their holds burned to ashes.
Dunmer and Bosmer are sentenced to work in taverns to dance and serve drinks and more.
Altmer are slaughtered on sight.
Redguard, Bretons, and Imperials are often enslaved if found on the roads, and are refused entry into the holds across the country.
The argonians and khajiit suffer as slaves, target practice, or skinned for their scales/fur.

Some Nords, however, show empathy to their old friends or in some cases their wives and husbands, and do their best to help the other races without being caught; for the punishment for helping the 'Others' is fines heavy enough to force you and your family out on the frozen street. For the sake of your children and wives, its best to keep in line.

Things have been this way for a long time, but the tides are turning. The 'Others' are gathering, and perhaps another war is on the horizon.

theives guild would be thriving. they work well with chaos and with so much going on around skyrim thieves are hardly noticed, i'd bet. i've no doubt they're being hired by the cast out races to retrieve heirlooms that have been stolen from them.
brotherhood could be making a killing (heheh) as well. so much animosity and bad blood between races. They could be giving discounts and higher rates, depending on the targets. IE discount for nord targets, because the cast out races don't have great means of making coins, and high chargers for nord clients, because nords are being racist dicks.
mages guild will be neutral, but taking their members and transfering them out of skyrim to safety.
companions, too, will still likely be taking in any race, but struggling in part with the animosity, plus jarls could be demanding only the nords be paid, and refusing to work/hire them if a non-nord is involved.
Fantastic. ♡
I'll post a cs as soon as I can managed. I'm quite excited.
I was actually debating on starting a roleplay similar to this, but if you're still accepting applications/characters, i'd love to jump in!
I'm making a flight to the other side of the country. womp womp.
may slow down rp plans I have. But hey, finally, edible food.
My clinic is only open 6 days, and it's still exhausting.
Course that could be the people more than the work. People are exhausting.
Ugh, no thanks. It may be because I'm old and have an infant but 4 days part time slays me. I'm always exhausted

I bet you're making so much cash though.
I have to admit, the idea of the dragon born just thu'uming all over Fiore has me amused 😂
I'm sorry that happened love, and I'm glad you're okay.

How is work otherwise?
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