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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. -- Hemingway
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My screen name is Kefka, I’m recently returning from a bit of time away. In honesty, I left the site due to a rather acute and sudden case of boredom. I lost my muse, lost my desire to take part in plays that never panned out for one reason or another. I’m just as guilty as my partners, and do not assign blame. It is what it is, and the past is in the past. Returned is the craving to write. My muse is renewed, vitalized and enthusiastic for a play to dive into. I want to write. I want to try new things, hone my skills again and move on to even greater levels of prowess and ability. I want tested, encouraged to do better. I want criticism, involvement, and excitement, and in return, I am offering the same.

Fantasy or modern, it doesn’t matter to me. From the realistic trials and tribulations of the modern day society, to the exploration of the unfathomable depths and farthest reaches of imagination, I am keenly interested. A few ticks on what I don’t want, as the list is far shorter. I don’t want smut for the sake of smut. I have no problem with inclusion of adult themes in a play if they add to the story, but I’m not here to write porn. If you want that, might I suggest searching amazon for free kindle books, there’s a flooding of them on the market these days. I don’t want unskilled work. I long for substance and presence in the writing. I want to know your character, feel them, and I want you to know mine. I don’t want bitterness or hatefulness from my partner. Nothing turns me off of a play more than a partner who exhibits rude or hateful behavior in PM’s. I plan to spend some time and effort in tandem with you, I’d like to enjoy the process.

PM me, and lets discuss, but only if you are serious. As I said, one of my major complaints about roleplaying on forums in the past is the rate at which stories are simply dropped, uncompleted. I want to see something through, a completely fleshed out and well written story. It doesn’t have to be a saga. It doesn’t have to take months or years (but it can). Write with me. Challenge me. Let me challenge you. I promise, we will both be the better for it in the end.

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Text: If you could fit username in there somewhere stylish. You have an amazing way with these things, i'll let you decide how.
--still looking--
Searching again.
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Text: If you could fit username in there somewhere stylish. You have an amazing way with these things, i'll let you decide how.
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Better than Ezra - Desperately Wanting.
--still looking--
What I'm looking for is a partner who is interested in writing a detailed story. I am looking for a partner who isn't afraid of using multiple characters for a plot, who understands just how rich and rewarding a storyline can be the more threads we can weave into it.

I'm looking for a partner who is interested in creating our own world. I don't have much love for canon pieces. I don't mind taking inspiration from canon sources, but I don't like the limitation they impose on the creative process of roleplaying.

I'm looking for a partner who will establish and can maintain an advanced posting standard. I don't want to have to define what it is to be advanced. The odds are if you have to ask if you're advanced or not, you probably aren't. I guess a kinder way of saying it is you'll know if you meet that standard without me having to add arbitrary measurements.

I'm obviously looking for a 1x1 setting.

I'm only looking for 1 partner at this time, but pay no attention to posting counts. I will close this thread when I've found someone, so if it's still open, I haven't found anyone, regardless of the responses below.

I can't post daily. I have other restrictions on my time. I'm looking for a partner who can understand this. I will be understanding of my partner's time requirements as well.

I'm looking for an adult roleplayer. (Age 18 does not necessarily an adult make.. Sorry) Like the advanced topic, same self test applies.

I will attempt to talk to you. I do hope to find someone this will not be a bother to.

I have my hangups, my quirks, my absolute nos. (Ex: Anthro.) I don't get it. It doesn't appeal to me) I will not list them here because I don't want to invite criticism to my Interest Check thread. If I say no, please accept no. I don't want to debate my beliefs, feelings, thoughts. You wont change my mind. Like we learned growing up, no means no.

Now, I know I haven't said a word about topic or genre. Honestly, the partner is more important to me than the topics. I have nearly 20 years experience ( I started in 97 on old WBS). I can play many different genre, and many different topics. I'll discuss interests and topics on an individual basis. Please respond to me in PM's.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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