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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. -- Hemingway
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I'll play the Stargate play with you.
I have been thinking of how to go about finding that one partner through which I can explore and improve my craft. I have delusions of grandeur that proclaim me a writer, and in all honesty, sometimes I do quite adequate at it. What I’m looking for is someone who will help me to push my limits, who will provide consistent, advanced level roleplaying. I –don’t- like casual roleplays. I want to be honest about that. I will become bored with them, and I will stop them after several weeks of pulling posts like teeth, and I don’t want to waste any more time doing it. I have been called an elitist in the past, and I suppose that is true. I prefer to play with those who are at the top of the game, those with skill.

I have been roleplaying for a very long time (15+) years. I’m looking for someone who can offer a new experience in roleplaying and not simply maintain to the same, traditional or common bag of tricks. This can mean more than just a single roleplay investment, many characters across many genres, or a single episode of marked originality and uniqueness.. I will write mature scenes. I propose creativity and uniqueness. It means exploring worlds we will both create. It means friendship both in character, and outside.

•I will role-play most anything except canon characters, or canon storylines. Roleplaying in an artistic form of expression, and I find it hard to be artistic when confined within the guides of the canon.
•Out of character conversation is a must. I write to share. I don’t write to put up on a brick wall. If we don’t communicate, I will end up dropping the play. Keep in mind, I am well aware communication is a two way street, and will make efforts.
•I do generate ideas, and am not afraid to throw in a plot twist. Like it? Let me know. Positive feed back helps me gauge your interests. Hate it, again, let me know. I can redo it. If you keep silent, I’ll know nothing.
•I do not have a length limit, however, I do ask that it be well written. I could give a flipping flop about grammar (within reason), however, I do ask for some level of maturity in writing skill. As I said, I view roleplay as a method of improving my skills.

The following are plot openings. They are what they are, beginnings. We can discuss where to go from there.

Searching again.

I just finished (Finally) the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. It's kind of a bitter sweet feeling.
Happier 5th.

I just wish they would stick with one of them, instead of recasting and switching storylines every 3 years or so. Personally, I liked the Andy Garfield Spiderman, but I liked Toby too. I don't know the comics, so I'm looking at it from just a movie standpoint. They were interesting enough to watch a few times, that's a plus in my book. But I'd like to get past the feel of a new series, and into some deep plots! Like I said, I haven't read the comics, but I'm sure they get deeper than the movies ever employ.

I'm optimistic about this new one though, primarily because I think it'll be around a little longer since they've hooked this particular Storyline with the Avengers Universe.
@Kefka Palazzo - Indeed.

I've been lobbying for this to be a small group for a while now so I'm pretty excited. I think I'm gonna take a different approach than before though, at least for my own character. I had some plan last time, but that's a bit ill-fitting now... Either way, I just want to write for this world again lol.

Oh yes, me too. The world is fascinating, and I cannot wait to learn what Rockette and you have in store for us. The lady, she never does disappoint when it comes to a storyline, or plot.
So sit back guys, put your feet up, grab a beer and get ready for the show. It is going to be wonderful.

Elena Moridin
33 | 10/29 | 5’3” | 2nd – Class
Inter spem curamque, timores inter et iras
omnen crede diem tibi diluxisse supremem:
grata superveniet quae non sperabitur hora.
A P P E A R A N C E.
Long, straight dark hair, either lose about her shoulders or kept in a braided bun at the back of her head. Slender, lithe. Cold, green eyes. No tattoos, no scars, pierced ears.

P S Y C H E.
Elena cold calm over rage. On the surface she is logical, well mannered, coherent, and organized – a model solider. She understands the chain of command, and isn’t afraid to lead when the situation calls for it, nor affronted when duty requires that she follow. Her temperament has gained her the moniker ‘The Ice Queen’. If they only knew.

Her battle methods require precision and finesse. She does not run head long into the fray, but studies the situation, analyzes, reacts with logic and knowledge, not strength and brash action. She is the snake that lies await in the drawer, deadly, patient.

She is at odds with herself, conflicted, though she does not let it show. When alone, her mind often wanders, thrusting herself back into her own past, dwelling and reflecting on past sins and moments of weakness that have increased the regret that she bears. Atlas has the world, and Elena has her regrets. Where she is outwardly calm, her inner thoughts boarder on turmoil. She is shattered within, long since broken, the dead waiting simply to be told she can lay down to die, yet she struggles to repent. Her soul weeps, and none but her creature knows it.

B A C K G R O U N D.
Origin: Gatrea
Born Annesta Malkirie, daughter of a Fayth priest, and a whore. Her mother died shortly after her birth, and her father didn’t accept her. She was raised in an orphanage on Gatrea until she was 12. Her father reclaimed her then, feeling that his position could weather the child. She was meek, quiet and studious. The orphanage taught her to read and write, to clean and cook, to garden, to prostrate herself before the fayth, and the priests. She learned about religion, of morality and grace. Her father taught her cruelty, and anger. He would beat her for her sins, bleed the evilness from her inherited from her mother. She was a wicked thing, unworthy, undesirable. When she was 16, in the middle of a beating at the hands of her priestly father, she broke a statue of a Fayth. She held the sharpened, jagged edge against her father’s throat, and for the first time learned the true depths of her anger, of the rage, and her inability to control it.

With her father dead by her hands, she has fled the Fayth, fled Gatrea. Galbadian society wasn’t accepting of a penniless, scrawny child from Gatrea, and after a few theft charges by authorities, she fled the cities. Eventually she took refuge in a small town on the coast, the providence of Aster. She was taken in by an elder man, Elian Moridin, who taught her to control the rage within, to harness the anger. He gave her the clarity and peace that, to this day, she clings to when the torrent of emotions becomes a raging river. A former commander in the Galbadian military, Elian instructed her on the ways of the sword, on martial combat, on seeking and maintaining inner peace. He taught her to steel herself away from the world, to be as cold as ice, to show no pain, physical or emotional. He taught her how to never be hurt again.

On his death bed, he gave her a final gift, a new identity. “You are no longer the product of hatred and sin, but love and acceptance. You are my daughter Elena, let no one tell you differently.”

R E G A I L I A.
The dance with death: Elena Moridin fights as others dance, with precise, but graceful movements. Her sword is agile, light enough to sing as it cuts through the air, fast enough to move between strikes or dance between plates of armor with speed and accuracy. She is motion, and power, and the economy of which she uses both creates a martial warrior who can cut down her foes with ease. She has a natural talent with the arcane, and employs the effects of such largely to her blade, or in small areas immediately surrounding her.

She wears a silver breastplate over leather armor, all of which have been dulled with age and use. She uses a knight’s sword, worn against her left hip with a sword belt. Leather swordsman’s gloves, without gauntlets.
Cold Snap [Area of effect, Paralyzing, Destructive] A burst of arcane power extending forth with Elena at its center. Arcane energies race out in all directions, freezing all that lie within its field of effect, causing an instant deep freeze. To lesser beings, the effect is death, with all the liquids within freezing instantly. Cellular structures under such cold would shred with the expansion as liquid turns to solid. To greater entities, the effect would cause a retardation of their movements as their bodily fluids thicken.

Elemental Blade [Personal, Spell-Blade, Elemental] A blade that smokes with the cold. One touch and all heat is removed from an object touching its steel. Arcane powers coalesce to create a sword fitting of the ice queen herself. The effect is ice elemental based.

Blizzaja [Single Enemy, Black Magic, Destructive] A concentration of black arcane power. Blizzaja pulls all heat from the area surrounding an enemy, and provides an influx of moisture, resulting in a devastating ice attack against a single enemy. Has the ability to flash freeze lesser enemies, which will freeze the enemy to the point of shattering.

A E O N.
Ifrit - Red/Red [Fury /\ Unbound /\Destructive]
To battle, to rage was ifrit’s reason. A living weapon of an unknown and advanced culture, with command of the flame. Ifrit’s remainds were found amongst a still burning portion of the meteor, at the center of a self sustaining flame. A fearsome beast, with ebony horns and chasms of pure darkness for eyes. Though life did not cling to it’s mortal shell, the flames around it never died, until suppressed by artificial means. Even so, the samples which were taken of the beast were known to radiate their own heat, and their intergration into test subjects alpha and beta resulted in marked elevations in body temperatures and increased emotional liability.
Blending with Elena was problematic at best. The beast, when loosed, is only marginally under her control. Her gift with iced based elemental magic allows her to regulate her body temperature, and her natural talents at emotional suppression allow her to deal with the beast’s desires. Though, perhaps because of the internal conflict within, Ifrit presents to her mind as an alien voice, a threatening rage just bubbling beneath the surface whispering of violence and destruction. It was also known during the initial days after blending that the subject has increased frequency of nightmares.

C O R E.

O V E R D R I V E.
Hell Fire: the struggle for dominance shifts, and the beast takes control. Through the arcane abilities of the host, the flames gather, and a projection of his form appears flesh and flame. Demonic, with flames licking arms and long curved horns. The beast stands on two feet with long, razor sharp claws on the tips of giant hands. When he opens his mouth to roar, flames fill the void within, and a substance like burning oil drips from long fangs. The flames intensify as the need to burn all consumes. The very air around the caster explodes into flames, recklessly burning all within, reeking destruction to burn trees, sear flesh, and bake the stone to glass. There is no self-preservation, no thought of escape.. there is only the need to see the world burn.

--bows in--

I'd like to echo IC there... beautiful thread. Always well done.

I'm putting the final touches on Elena as we speak. I'll have her posted up soon.
Character sheet is 50% done. I'm hoping today or tomorrow to finish it.
You know I'm on board!
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