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@Kefka Palazzo well I would love to talk more about this if your still look just shoot me a PM.

I'm going to refrain from PM's until tomorrow evening, to give other interested parties a chance to inquire as well. I don't think ideas should be served on a first come, first served basis. But you are on my list to receive one. Thank you for the interest.
I like the idea of this. Sounds like it's almost a midlife crisis that makes someone wonder what else there is to life other then how they live.

Yes, exactly right. Its a rejection of the suburbian lifestyle, and a depiction of the idea that the traditional fantasy that 'high school sweethearts' live happily ever after in a state of wedded bliss. But it's more. It'll go deeper than that. I'm not exactly sure in which direction, that's kind of partner dependent, but I want it to take a life of its own.. to branch and grow.
I have been thinking of how to go about finding that one partner through which I can explore and improve my craft. I have delusions of grandeur that proclaim me a writer, and in all honesty, sometimes I do quite adequate at it. What I’m looking for is someone who will help me to push my limits, who will provide consistent, advanced level roleplaying. I –don’t- like casual roleplays. I want to be honest about that. I will become bored with them, and I will stop them after several weeks of pulling posts like teeth, and I don’t want to waste any more time doing it. I have been called an elitist in the past, and I suppose that is true. I prefer to play with those who are at the top of the game, those with skill.

I have been roleplaying for a very long time (15+) years. I’m looking for someone who can offer a new experience in roleplaying and not simply maintain to the same, traditional or common bag of tricks. This can mean more than just a single roleplay investment, many characters across many genres, or a single episode of marked originality and uniqueness.. I will write mature scenes. I propose creativity and uniqueness. It means exploring worlds we will both create. It means friendship both in character, and outside.

•I will role-play most anything except canon characters, or canon storylines. Roleplaying in an artistic form of expression, and I find it hard to be artistic when confined within the guides of the canon.
•Out of character conversation is a must. I write to share. I don’t write to put up on a brick wall. If we don’t communicate, I will end up dropping the play. Keep in mind, I am well aware communication is a two way street, and will make efforts.
•I do generate ideas, and am not afraid to throw in a plot twist. Like it? Let me know. Positive feed back helps me gauge your interests. Hate it, again, let me know. I can redo it. If you keep silent, I’ll know nothing.
•I do not have a length limit, however, I do ask that it be well written. I could give a flipping flop about grammar (within reason), however, I do ask for some level of maturity in writing skill. As I said, I view roleplay as a method of improving my skills.

~ ~ ~
A Separate Society - Wildest Dreams
Jonas Quinn, a middle aged computer software engineer for Cavalier, Inc, has grown weary of his ordinary life. He’s been married for nearly twenty years to his highschool sweetheart, and is the father of two teenage daughters. For a while, it had been enough. He had been genuinely happy, but when he turned Thirty Seven, something just felt off. He woke up one day in his home, went to work, and started to wonder what else there was in this life. His life seemed rather ordinary to him, plain, and he found himself hungering for more. This revelation was nearly six months ago. Now he is separating from his wife, living in a one room apartment downtown, living off one night stands and cheap thrills. He knows that he cannot go back to the life he’s left, but can’t find a way to move forward.

This roleplay will center on Jonas Quinn, and a much younger woman whom he meets randomly, and the resulting romance. It will be an exploration of the idea that opposites attract. Jonas is, even through all of his attempts to break out of his shell, a very predictable, very confined individual. A cup of coffee with his eggs and toast for breakfast kind of guy. The character opposite him should be outgoing, fun loving, charismatic. Someone who can teach Jonas Quinn above life, and fill in that part of himself that he’s missing.

Themes: Age Difference, Romance, Possible Drug Use, Adult Themes.
My screen name is Kefka, I’m recently returning from a bit of time away. In honesty, I left the site due to a rather acute and sudden case of boredom. I lost my muse, lost my desire to take part in plays that never panned out for one reason or another. I’m just as guilty as my partners, and do not assign blame. It is what it is, and the past is in the past. Returned is the craving to write. My muse is renewed, vitalized and enthusiastic for a play to dive into. I want to write. I want to try new things, hone my skills again and move on to even greater levels of prowess and ability. I want tested, encouraged to do better. I want criticism, involvement, and excitement, and in return, I am offering the same.

Fantasy or modern, it doesn’t matter to me. From the realistic trials and tribulations of the modern day society, to the exploration of the unfathomable depths and farthest reaches of imagination, I am keenly interested. A few ticks on what I don’t want, as the list is far shorter. I don’t want smut for the sake of smut. I have no problem with inclusion of adult themes in a play if they add to the story, but I’m not here to write porn. If you want that, might I suggest searching amazon for free kindle books, there’s a flooding of them on the market these days. I don’t want unskilled work. I long for substance and presence in the writing. I want to know your character, feel them, and I want you to know mine. I don’t want bitterness or hatefulness from my partner. Nothing turns me off of a play more than a partner who exhibits rude or hateful behavior in PM’s. I plan to spend some time and effort in tandem with you, I’d like to enjoy the process.

PM me, and lets discuss, but only if you are serious. As I said, one of my major complaints about roleplaying on forums in the past is the rate at which stories are simply dropped, uncompleted. I want to see something through, a completely fleshed out and well written story. It doesn’t have to be a saga. It doesn’t have to take months or years (but it can). Write with me. Challenge me. Let me challenge you. I promise, we will both be the better for it in the end.

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