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Computer's getting fixed tomorow, er, today. Holy shit its already 1 AM. I'm drunk
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Super sorry to those folks waiting on replies! Currently dealing with some !!fucking bullshit!! in my personal life that's demanding my utmost attention, I'm a bit too angry to write well currently
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I'll tell y'all the key to happiness: Donovan's Green Tea: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Peach Snapps and Sours mix.


The name's Specter, though some folks call me Spectre because they cant read or Spec, the er is the correct way of spelling it, because the name's not from a ghost: Its actually from a PS2 game called SOCOM: Combined Assault

I'm in and out when it comes to roleplaying so I suppose that makes me a bit of a poor partner, I try to put in effort when I can and if the night seems right.

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Pretty good, can't complain. Picked up another job at Hobbytown so I'll be workin 7 days a week again
Yes on both accounts thankfully
cut my fucking left thumb yesterday, swapping an exacto knife blade. Seven stitches
Shit really? Damn I thought the medical field was good for that $$$$

I've been cooling down on spending half of my checks on games lately lmao. Got adult things like car insurance and a loan to pay off now
Contract with new job ended

Now I work 7 am - 4 pm for 14 an hour at a steel distributor

Life is good
New job's pretty rad, I get paid more to do half the work of my old one, with weekends off
Fucking hell

I had to go to a temp agency because of getting jerked around by QT, starting a job tomorrow
I've been wanting to see it, just haven't had the opportunity
<Snipped quote by Specter189>

As a fan of Sabaton, this album kind of feels weak but there are some bangers like Attack of the Dead Men

I couldn't disagree more with you, A Ghost in The Trenches, 82nd All the Way, The Red Baron and Devil Dogs are really, really fuckin good and I can't decide which one is my favorite on the album. It isn't like I'm a new fan of their's either, I've been following them since Coat of Arms came out.
Amazing, never change Cara
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