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Current I'm getting evicted. The average conversation seems to be judged critically by the other guy
9 mos ago
No coffee, No crash
11 mos ago
Could someone please tell the doctor I AM RIGHT
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1 yr ago
I want Gucci sneakers, a $5,000 comic book, and porn star life
1 yr ago
Happy Veterans Day!
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It has been a long time since I did that stuff.
Count me in Ghost Note. btw You are incredibly creative. LUV
Who is the person you never thought you'd be friends with but ended up being exactly that?

A: One of the best friends I've had was in middle school. He was totally from a different background and he was always getting into fights, but one day I sat down with him and he was the funniest, most grounded person I ever met. He was cool to me.

Q: If you were a Greek god myth and you beat everybody else in a civil war to control the world, what myth would you be and why?
Check mate
The only one of you I have met is Wraith, but I see the names stay the same while the games change. Question being, am I the only one here without a pre-made CS?
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Goddess of Happy Birthday's
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