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Current Godmoding was the case that they gave me
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I'm getting semi-serious about school. It's happened before. I wish I completed something. ANYTHING substantial to my life would be nice.
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I RP @ U
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I will crush your Sprite with my Crush. My Pepsi will bite your Seven Up. And, I'll cruise on over to the ABC store and buy my rum!
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Every other week, 10% of this highly good pro developer made website decided that they were too odd and so much a hack that this is retarded. I'm talking 40yo. I'm stoned, do you see what I mean?


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"Dear God, you have put me in a place that is hell incarnate. People are going crazy and they eat each other. I did not attend worshipping after I started my career as a comic book writer. I know there would be many things I would have deeded more conscientiously. It's not that I ignored you. I picked up on signs, opened up the book and read some infrequently. But God, please, forgive me of my dumb acts, I wish to repent before you. Save me from this hell. Save me from dying this way."

Praying had become as usual as Friday night lights for Jim Ruthers. And, if he ever exited this death infected island, he was buying a new suit and enrolling in every religious community center he could find. He would write of his testaments to god, what he had witnessed men doing to men, how he survived with a knife. That's all he had to defend himself, a knife. But, he had found himself an empty, cold garage.

Of course he had entertained busting open a windshield and barreling his way out of hell. It wasn't smart. He thought he could getaway, but it was five hundred to him and a car. Jim shook off his impulse. He found a place to nest, in an old folded lounge chair sitting next to a vending machine. So, he purchased himself a can of Coca Cola for one dollar and one quarter and sat back. He laughed aloud when he bought the soft drink and sat down. Maybe one of the cars had a few DVDs and theater seats. It was a moment of compromise between survive and living.
Bullseye's and Elektra's son.
Fred Durst

I'd like an appeal. I wasn't granted permission to participate because of grammar and tense. Regardless, I think I could contribute roleplaying a diplomatic agent. If not, I still want to hang out and watch things. The ongoing live text rpg excited me very much.
I started working on my sheet earlier today. I can procrastinate some, but it'll be soon.
I know it's not Twilight magic, but can I throw in a CS for a vampire. He'd be of the dead, and awake during the day and night. Maybe a vampire detective with anxiety. IDK If not, I know a lot about comic books and stuff. That's to gauge my occult readings. Also, movies like Evil Dead, Blair Witch Project, and (1978)Night of the Living Dead are how surreal and creepy I can be.
Interested. I want to play Magneto. He isn't the most powerful, but he built himself a space ship at one point. (House of M) I am a refurbished collector, but my Magneto info is based in MCU, and live role playing years ago. Do I need to know anything besides how much I can sup him up and the Continuum rules?
I've come up with the simple idea that I've been hiding and I have a pistol. I did have a knife, but lost it. Where(area) can I enter from?
Hi, mafia roleplaying was popular when I was younger. Many of the same people come and went. There is a niche for it inside of the community. I want to shake down the RPGuild community and do a mafia game.

In this game, you are required to have two characters in one faction in NYC. You could be an associate and a kingpin at the same time. A captain who knows who killed the associate last week, and the guy that killed his third person straight successfully and is on the books because of the captain, who you would be both of.

What interests me is that having a big gimmick. I played once in a game where the family that was in control took that spot because they had gold given to them by an evil god. They were able to create dynamite, golden guns, etc. It was quite riveting imo. But, hey, chime in with interests and/or ideas.

This mafia game will take place in NYC. It will have five families that are all working and hustling to get as rich as possible. They will come from Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. I will call the families "factions," but IC they do recognize each other as a family, or maybe a crew; or, someone who is called boss or skip would be respectful.

The mafia will do certain acts like buying and selling drugs, beating up NPCs who miss payment, etc. They could kidnap an individual, but no harm can be done unless it is agreed to. Collaborations are the answer to hurting or killing people. I wish there was a dice system, but I don't know of one. Now, about the ranks.

If you've played a mob rpg before, you know there was bosses that govern the factions. These bosses are called Dons. There is an underboss, and one or two advisors. Then, there is captains and soldiers who are made men. The made soldiers are basically "lieutenants" to soldiers who are specialists or privates.

Next, I want to introduce my desires as far as the size of the crime groups go. I want five bosses, five underbosses, five to ten advisors, five to ten captains, and as many soldiers as you want.

There will be a presence of the FBI. How the mafia will play with them is up to the folks playing Feds and Mafiosos. Also, I hope to have a Spanish gang(s) or cartel. But, if there is not particular interest in that, gangs like Crips and Bloods could be active.

I'm still not nearly finished with this. I do little by little. I've been in mob rpgs that were accomplished in five or six chatrooms every day. I wish that was an option, but collaborating is very much viable.
gtg cya
lol Thx Tell your friends

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