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Current No coffee, No crash
2 mos ago
Could someone please tell the doctor I AM RIGHT
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4 mos ago
I want Gucci sneakers, a $5,000 comic book, and porn star life
6 mos ago
Happy Veterans Day!
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7 mos ago
I fell asleep going from sitting to standing for three seconds.


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@Love2Write Sent you a PM
I prefer facility living over group home bs. I prefer hotel living over both of them. And uh, I'm too lazy to have my own apartment. mhmm
This looks cool. I think I would like it but I'd have to do some research. yay
Looks cool.
I need the Police Chief info
@Icy HotOK ty. This is one of the better games I see on the guild. I'll be taking looks.
Hey, sorry I haven't returned. I had claimed Poseidon with Mark Whalberg as the FC. I know there was a huge response to the rp so is it still open to players?
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