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Current I'm crowning myself the one that takes forever to fill out simple CS's. Also called "role model"
4 mos ago
Godmoding was the case that they gave me
4 mos ago
I'm getting semi-serious about school. It's happened before. I wish I completed something. ANYTHING substantial to my life would be nice.
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5 mos ago
I RP @ U
6 mos ago
I will crush your Sprite with my Crush. My Pepsi will bite your Seven Up. And, I'll cruise on over to the ABC store and buy my rum!
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@role model The one place I'm concerned for your character is his motivations. He was chosen my Father Time and Mother Nature as a champion, but does he just walk around day to day looking for badguys without having any other real identity or purpose? Is he going to be a homeless superhero? Or is he somehow still connected to the life he had before? Once we get past this, he'll be accepted. A character like this would benefit from being part of a team, we just don't have one in-game yet.

You know, I envisioned something like he worshipped and praised the gods that chose him, but it's something that doesn't feel right to me. I basically see his motivations as prevailing against wrong and being known inside of the hero world to be good at what he does, and also a hero that is literally "good" like something you would read about in philosophy or religion. There would be some play with Time and Nature, but nothing central. And in his history, he would have been discovered by media but remained hidden.

The img I chose was too big so I have a url. TY…

OK, I don't want to look non-intelligent but do we ask for a role or is there a standard CS or...?
Good night everybody OOC!
The img I chose was too big so I have a url. TY…

I'm interested. You get a Like for awesome creativity.
Is there room for another Big Man? Basically another Juggernaut. Immovable, magic avatar, super strength
Are CS's being evaluated right now?
Too much hope
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