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Jade Stone

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Jade had been overcome with a million emotions as she stood in her spot and blocked the world out. Her eyes stared at those whom she believed were her friends, yet she felt nothing anymore. No ties to them, no emotional connection. It was as if, due to everything that she was feeling, her body had shut down and gone numb. She tried to grab on to every word that Lauren said to her, but it was as if everything was just slipping out of her grasp. It wasn’t until a familiar voice rang in the petite girl’s ears that had her turn slightly to focus on Mora’s face. Jade still felt nothing as Mora threw demands at Jade, in which she did not respond to. After a while of Jade just staring at the two, she finally seemed to get a grip on reality and shook her head, which seemed to take more muscles than she ever imagined. “I…. I think you should tell one of the other little medic cadets to do that, Mora.” With that being said, Jade motioned for another fool nearby to help out the two girls, hoping that they could get something done while she went out and found a way to take out her anger that had slowly began to rise up inside of her.

She had barely began to turn around when she her her name come from a voice behind her. It was Grant, who seemed to be unraveling at the seams. He always kept such a cool and collected demeanor, but as Jade looked at his face she could see something was more than bothering him. “Hey Grant,” she was able to find her voice and was thoroughly surprised that she didn’t sound like the completely mess that she felt she was, “Is everything okay?”

As Grant spoke, Jade couldn’t help but to feel slightly guilty for not having backed up Grant back when he was telling everyone what the plan was. She watched as he dusted himself off with trembling hands and offered the young man a warm smile as she reached up and took his hands with hers. “Grant, we signed up for this. Each and every one of us knows exactly what we were doing when we made our decision. If anyone dies, it won’t be because of you. They will be sacrificing their lives because they want to help our people. Please don’t let that distract you… If it makes you feel any better, I’ll stay by your side the whole time… We’re in this together.” Even though the young woman felt as if she were about to run off screaming, she had to keep herself together in order for her peers to not lose it.

At that point, all Jade could do was hope that Grant took every word she said to him and it helped him gain some sort of comfort. Unfortunately, though, he still seemed distracted. With that observation in mind, Jade gathered her thoughts and prepared herself before going after Grant and keeping up with him. He was distracted, and a distracted fighter was a liability. Jade would make sure that Grant carried out his master plan without a flaw and lived to tell the tale. She got on the lift and readied herself in case she needed to use her blades. She had enough gas in her tanks to take to the air, but she refused to leave Grant’s side just in case. The brunette followed suit as soon as the lift was low enough, keeping up with ease as she kept an eye on the surroundings. Her attention was quickly grabbed by a 7-meter titan, a look of disgust falling on Jade’s face as she made eye contact with it. Grant was the first to respond, heading after the monster without thinking twice. Jade was the next, taking to the air with a sudden jolt, seeing as how her body responded much quicker than her actual mind. “Grant! Like before, I’ll take the knees out and you hit the nape!”

With her hair flinging back as she flew with an incredible speed, a sense of satisfaction grew inside of Jade as she imagined taking out the titan. Her eyes had been so focused on the back of the knees that she hadn’t seen that the giant had begun to reach over to her. A single scream escaped her lips as she tried to react quicker than the titan. She had merely escaped the titan’s grasp before the other hand reached for the young woman. She had not calculated her speed and had reached the titan faster than she had anticipated, and to add on to her failure, she had not expected for the brainless cannibal to react to her. “Fuck! No!” Another quick miss on behalf of the titan which threw off Jade from her plan, and sent her rolling through the air and onto the ground, skidding to a stop.

A small groan could be heard emanating from Jade, but she didn’t let the fall stop her. Disoriented, she stood up as quickly as she could before making herself a bit more steady and getting away from the 7-meter before it could step on her.
If this is still a go, I would love to be a part of it.

The rush of adrenaline flowed through Jade's veins with an intensity she had never felt before. Had she really just helped take down a titan? Had Reese or Jay made it out okay? Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she tried to catch her breath frantically. It was a sudden sound of the gas running out that brought Jade out of her reverie, back into present time. "Crap. We gotta go back." The petite, young woman looked around as she desperately tried to find her comrades. Fortunately they were only a couple of buildings away, which helped Jade reserve the gas that was left in her tanks. "Grant! You did an amazing job!" Jade ran up to the young man and practically tackled him in a hug, glad to see that he was alive and well, but most importantly that he had not left them hanging. "I'm glad we're on the same team, Grant." Jade grinned as she let go of him, turning to see Jay checking his blades and Reese keeping watch for other titans.

"Grant is right, we need to get back to HQ and get more gas. Let's go. Don't engage unless absolutely necessary." Getting back a quick nod from her team, Jade was the first to take off. She made sure to keep a good pace as to not leave the guys behind, and keep from running out of gas.

Once the small group had made it back to HQ, Jade looked around to see if everyone had returned yet. Her mind was partially consumed with the thought of all the titans outside of HQ, but she had to make sure that her squadron was still intact. Pushing past a few people, Jade quickly made eye contact with Lauren, a sigh of relief leaving her body as she waved back to Lauren. Something was wrong though, the young woman could feel it as she walked closer to her friend. "Lauren are you okay?" Jade kept pushing past others, her hand grabbing Emil's shoulder at one point, squeezing it, then softly nudging him out of her way. "Lauren what's going on? Are you hurt?" A crack in the girls soft voice gave away that she was on the verge of going into a panic attack as the realization of her friend being injured settled in.
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Jade Stone

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"You said we won't need rescuing, right?" Jade flashed a brilliant grin at the taller young man before turning towards Reese, who approached them slowly. The dark hair girl smiled at her old friend and agreed with a small nod, "I definitely didn't think this was how I'd be welcomed back after receiving the wrong orders. Typical that even to this day they confuse me with Olivia." A small laugh escaped her lips before turning towards the others that had already gotten in their assigned groups and departing towards the oncoming onslaught. With a sigh, Jade turned to her comrades and gestured for them to follow suit, leading the way into their formation with as little words as possible.

Quite frankly, she was muted by fear. Jade didn't know how to even begin to form a sentence, much less give commands during this time.

"Do we have any plan of attack? We need to figure out what we're going to do or else we'll all be mid-day snacks for the titans."

Jay's words were true,and struck a cord in Jade. She cleared her throat after a moment passed before deciding that she needed to speak up, "Reese, you're the closest to being as fast as I am. I want you to stick by me at all times in case there are any titans that get too close. We should focus on helping citizens, but if need be, you and I will go behind it and take out the legs." She hated that she was now becoming a bit bossy and demanding but there was little to no time to wait for protests. Her eyes went over to Grant, knowing that he was the best with his gear and could efficiently get up to the titan's nape. "Grant, you will be taking the titan out for good. Once Reese and I knock it down, that's your cue to hit it where it hurts." "What am I? Chopped liver?" Jay's ignorance irritated Jade, causing her to snap at him without her thinking twice, "You will be if you don't shut up. You'll distract any titans in order for us to..." Jade's words were cut off mid sentence as her eyes widened in horror. As they flew by buildings, she did not think that the titans would be anywhere near them, but she was wrong. It wasn't horribly tall, about six meters, but the dead eyes that stared back at her were enough to chill the small girl's bones. "T-titan... Titan to your right!!"

"On it, short boss!"

Jay was the first to truly react, sending his body in a sort of loop before launching it's way towards the titan that was reaching into a house full of screaming people. Jade took little time to make sure that the hideous beast was distracted before she shouted for Reese and followed after Jade, zooming through the alleys and streets so fast it made everything besides her turn into a giant blur. Not really measuring her distance, she had gone well past the titan, but it allowed for her to get a better angle as to be able to cut right behind its legs. She knew she had only cut the first leg deep enough to make it fall on one knee, but she would need Reese to come through the opposite side to cut through the rest of the leg that she couldn't cut deep enough. 'Please work, please work, please work!'

Amongst the million questions and thoughts circling the girl's head, Jade didn't object to being pulled away by Emil. Instead, she went on without really thinking about where she was going or what she was doing, all she could think about was the fateful day that the colossal titan had destroyed her home and taken her parents from her. She could hear Lauren's voice directed towards her but she could not break out of her reverie to focus. It wasn't until they had arrived at their headquarters when Jade finally broke free and caught up to reality. The first thing she heard was that they would be breaking off into groups.

The young woman eagerly listened to her name, only to have her heard falter a bit as she heard that both Lauren and Emil would be in a separate group from her. The two that she felt most comfortable around would be taken away from her. It would only add to her worries, which made her spiral down into a bit of a panic. Her green eyes quickly made contact with Emil's, feeling hopeless in any attempt she could make to try to keep her friends with her.

With a deep inhale, the girl turned to Lauren and watched as her friend took charge. 'I should be doing that too. I need to do that,' she thought as she tried to push away the fear and anxiety. Throughout the entire training she had been nothing but angry at the events that had happened in her life, yet when the time came, she was frozen in fear. The young woman exhaled as she gathered up the courage to walk over to Grant, as quickly as possible. She gave him a small, sheepish smile as she approached him, her voice a bit shaky before she composed herself, "Kind of a sick and twisted irony isn't it? That monster appears again and here we are, together. Let's hope this time neither of us needs saving."
Jade Stone | Wall Rose, Trost District

It had been three years of the young girl wanted to kill anything within sight. Fortunately for everyone around her, Jade was able to grow past the anger and need for revenge. She had gone into the training thinking that she would come out with a purpose, but instead she came out wondering if she would ever even get the opportunity to get her hands on a titan. She had continued the rest of her training with little to no interaction after what happened in the mountains. She blamed herself for her injury and for the endangerment of the others. Jade shut everyone out like she was so used to doing. In the training, the young girl had proven herself to be an asset when it came to training with the maneuvering gear. She was quick and agile, easily responding to anything that crossed her path; the only thing that she couldn't quit get was the slicing of the nape. She wasn't strong enough and it infuriated her that someone would always have to help her make the cut deeper.

Still, Jade kept pushing through and eventually showed the instructors that she was a force to be reckoned with, even if she did have that one little flaw. It wasn't until nearly the end of the training that she had put one a slight bit of weight and was able to make a deep enough cut to please the instructors. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be enough to keep her with Lauren and the rest of her team that she had grown to be so fond of, even if she did ignore them most of the time. Mora, Sano, and herself were ordered to join another team due north of the wall. The heart ache she felt was strong, but not strong enough to make her protest against the move. Instead she went willingly with her head hung low, her raven black hair covering her face. About a day's ride away from where they had left, the group had received news that wasn't expected; Jade would have to return to the previous post due to an error. While she felt herself cheer up a bit, all she could do was look longingly at Mora and Sano, whom still had to keep on their journey to the north. Jade felt a strange emotion rise up in herself, but she forced it back down as she swallowed. She didn't want her friends to see her break down, so two quick hugs were given before riding back.


"You'd think they'd have their shit together instead of having me waste my time riding around the world like this," Jade muttered as she neared the wall on her horse, after letting one of her superiors know that she was back. Before deciding to go up, the petite, young woman pulled into the stables nearby, hopping off of her horse and leading it to the water and food. "I'll be back sweet girl." A smile graced Jade's face as she pet the horse once before turning and making her way to the base of the wall. As she reached down to her gear to go up, a flash of light that was all too familiar made her freeze in her spot. Her green eyes widening as she quickly realized what that meant. The screams of the past came back to haunt her as she tried to get her body to respond to her mind.

The debris came before she could clear her mind of the screaming, her hands quickly reaching down and moving fast enough to barely get her out of harms way. Jade's small body jolted as she went flying into the air, away from the debris and onto the wall. She was able to place her feet just right so that she wouldn't go crashing into the wall, but her eyes were elsewhere. Searching through the smoke and dust, she searched for any of her friends that might have been up on top.

"What do we do now?!"

"Emil?!" Jade recognize the young man's deep voice as soon as he had spoken, but she couldn't quite find the source. Once a bit of the dust settled, she was able to pin point him exactly, standing back at the bottom of the wall. Without thinking, Jade shot back down towards him, letting her arms extend and her body practically crash into him as she hugged him. "Oh thank goodness you're alright. Where are the others? Where is Lauren!?" The panic in her voice only became more evident as she mentioned Lauren. She let go of the young man and looked up to where he had been shouting at. There in the distance, just above them, hung Lauren from the wall. Jade's heart skipped several beats before she began shouting at her dear friend, "Lauren!! Lauren come down, fall back!"
Athena Wilson | Gym - Room - Cafeteria

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With sweat dripping from the woman's nose, and running down her back, Athena had finally placed back the few weights she had used throughout her work out. She had lost track of time and what exactly she had managed to do in the time, but it was enough to have her seem as if she had just ran through rain. Satisfied and exhausted, she began to leave the small gym, making sure she had wiped down the areas she was at before exiting the door. 'My body is going to hate me tomorrow', she thought as she tried to stretch her arms and flex her back to offer some type of relief.

After stepping into her room, she beelined straight to the rest room, not wanting the room to smell like sweat. She had never been a dirty person and definitely hated any unpleasant smells. She hoped that the staff would be kind enough to wash their clothes, unless they also had an onsite laundry facility. The thought of it made her laugh quietly. She had always wondered what it would be like to go to a four year university and get to sleep in dorms and experience a 'normal' life. "Guess this is as close as I'm gonna get," Athena muttered to herself as turned on the shower and undressed completely. This brought a new set of thoughts into her mind; how long had it been since she showered? She remembered showering the day that she finally checked herself in, but after that she had been so long in a deep sleep that she couldn't have possibly gotten any sort of bath or shower. Unless the staff actually did that for her as well. The thought made Athena's stomach drop and her face turn a bright red. Strangers undressing her and washing her seemed as if it were out of some horror movie or thriller. ' It can't be that bad... at least they made sure you didn't smell during the days or weeks'. Athena had to nod and agree with herself, it could've been worse.

After some time of enjoying the hot water and massaging the shampoo through her long hair, Athena finally got the guts to leave her therapeutic moment. She guessed that she was probably running a bit late, knowing that she could take years showering and forgetting about reality. With much reluctance, the brunette wrapped a towel around her hair and head, as well as her body, and made her way out into her room to get dressed. "I wonder if they'll make us to some kind of physical test toady." She bit her lip as she sorted through some clothes, opting for a black sports bra, a white, loose crop-top, and some black yoga pants.

Athena slipped her running shoes on and left the room without looking, running her fingers through her damp hair in hopes of it drying sooner rather than later. On her way to the cafeteria, she heard some voices in some rooms that she passed by, and only took a glimpse as she passed the door, but not stopping. Her mind was a bit one track at the moment as she fantasized of scrambled eggs and the possibility of sausage links, and coffee. It brought a smile to her face, which instantly fell when she stepped into the kitchen and cafeteria. There were people already inside and had the kitchen in full use. It smelled a bit of burnt which had Athena wondering what exactly they were doing. "Good morning?" Her voice was a bit cautious as she neared the two that seemed to have been cleaning up some sort of mess. "Uh.. don't mind me.. I just need a blender." Athena smiled a bit at them before going off on a hunt.

She managed to find peanut butter, bananas, some sort of weird tasting protein powder, and soy milk. After the fiasco that the two before her probably had, Athena did not want to try her chances at making any type of food on the stove. Who knew if it were the girl or maybe the stove that didn't work well. Instead, she grabbed a blender and made herself a quick protein shake with the ingredients that she managed to grab that sounded appealing.
Athena Wilson | Room - Gym

The woman had remained still in her bed, reflecting over the events of the prior day. It had been one hell of a first day with the others, which made her stomach feel uneasy. The lot seemed to have zero understanding of the reality of everything. Then again, Athena did know more than they did. She had the nearly invisible scar on her neck to remind her that she knew more than the others. After the group had disbanded from the lounge, Athena had thanked Sienna for her kind words and then gone off to her room. Everyone was allowed one phone call, according to the voice that came through the intercom, which brought a great deal of sadness within her; she had no one left for her to reach out to.

With a small sigh, Athena pushed away her thoughts and sat up in her bed. It was about six in the morning and she knew that there was no way for her to go back to sleep, even if she was a bit groggy. Her body protested as she stood up and began walking over to the nearest cabinets, where she had found the workout clothes. Before checking herself in, she had taken to trying to work out. She figured that if she tried to keep up her health, that maybe she could regain control of her disability. She had found it to be somewhat working, but unfortunately things had gone south for a few reasons.

After throwing on some long, running leggings and a black sports bra, Athena pulled her hair up into a ponytail and slipped into her running shoes from the day before. She could begin to hear the quiet voices from outside of the room and down the hall, but could not make out how many there were or who they were. Not taking much interest in finding out, Athena went on with her morning rituals before leaving the room and heading over to the gym that the facility provided. She felt bad for not being able to get with her trainer and do any physical exercises due to her being overwhelmed.

"I'll make up for lost time.."

Her voice was quiet as she walked into the gym and her hands softly went over some exercise equipment as she made her way to the free weights. She knew that she would hate herself later on in the day after the soreness kicked in, but in the bright side, it would help her clear her mind and feel as if she was in control, which is all she could really ask for.
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