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Jade Stone | Snowy Mountains - Main Cabin

Interactions: @QT

"Schulz must have gotten stuck or something. It is kinda weird that he hasn't gotten here yet," Jade was quick to respond to Sano's concern. She had a thought about Schulz earlier as well but she hadn't spent much time worrying because she thought that he would come by nightfall. Unfortunately that was not the case. Throughout the two's conversation, the sun had begun it's descent into the mountains which left them with nothing but the light of the fire outside of the cabins, and the flames lit inside of the cabin that they were in. She had been a bit more aware since he had mentioned that he felt something, but all she felt was her legs ache in soreness. Or was it that she wanted to believe it wasn't anything other than that?

Jade yawned a bit and looked down at the tankard in her hands. She was nearly done with the tea, but by now it had gotten cold and she didn't want to drink cold tea. It never tasted good in her opinion. Instead, Jade got up and took it to a table, setting it down and walking back towards where she once sat next to Sano. She smiled at him when he mentioned her practically lying about the cold stopping her, "Well, to be honest, I didn't want to be around them while the mayhem happened. They're all nice and what not but I didn't want to have fun. It sounds weird, and maybe a bit cruel, but I don't really want to get attached to anyone. It's so hard too." The girl's smile quickly turned into a frown as she spoke the truth that she tried so hard to keep locked away. She turned to look outside of the window and noticed the cadets and veterans all getting together around a large bonfire. Mora had barely been joining, stepping out of the girls cabin, while she got a glimpse of someone through the window. "Mora and Lauren are my friends, but it was never by choice, really. I do care for them but I needed them for survival. They're older than me and only kept me around because they felt bad. Besides them, it's hard to think why I would actually want to play with these other kids... If that makes sense." Jade turned back to Sano and quickly tried to push the depressing atmosphere away. "I'm also a bit like you in a way. I never want to be caught off guard either." Jade laughed a bit, in her hopes of keeping their conversation light. She had never held such a long conversation with Sano, much less alone with him. She was finally getting to know the young man for who he really was without people around to make him act a certain way.

"You know, people are gathering around the fire. Wanna go out there with me and see what they're meeting out in the dark for? It's either that or I'll go to sleep." Jade smiled at the young man and beckoned him towards her so they could go outside and join the others. She truly was curious, but had no desire to really mingle. If Sano was with her, she knew that the others wouldn't really keep up much of a conversation versus if she was alone.
Athena Wilson | Auditorium - Blood Work - Hallway

Mentions: @SheriffLlama

Athena had found herself suddenly surprised by the young man's question. "Superpowers?" She had let her facade break as she reached to shake his hand and tried to wonder why on earth anyone would ever call her type of disorder a 'superpower'. "No, I don't think I have a superpower. I have a disorder which can be cured. They said that it can." The young brunette quickly caught herself as she began explaining her reasons of being in the facility. "It's nice to meet you, Cassius.... Hope you don't mind me giving you a nickname." She let go of him and went back to folding her hands just under her chest. "I think Cass will do. Your name sounds intimidating, for some reason. You don't look to intimidating." Athena smirked a bit before winking at the young man, then turning her attention to the others that made their way inside, followed by the staff members.

As the young woman watched with an intensity that only she could understand, she realized that she would know continue her studies but while awake. 'They probably need this to happen so they can compare me to everyone else', she thought as she listened closely.

Once everything was said and done, Athena got up and off of her seat before her name was even called. She went straight to the man that had motioned for her. He was tall and lean, yet had a nice muscular tone to him. His skin was a caramel brown and his hair was in a neatly kept military cut and his eyes a hazel-green color that she just couldn't really identify. "Ms. Wilson, we'll just take some blood for now. Physical exam comes afterwards." His voice was deep enough to cause her to shake her head willingly and feel as if he had the utmost authority, even if he was just a trainer of some sort.

She had never been big on needles, so when it came down to her blood being drawn, her stomach twisted and turned and caused her tan skin to pale in the most unnatural way.

"Don't worry, we're done. Go hydrate and I'll see you in thirty minutes in the assigned room."

Athena once again nodded and sucked in a deep breath through her clenched teeth. She was in no state to get up and begin to walk as her vision was blurred out and the room around her kept spinning. Holding on to the walls, Athena was able to make herself out into the hallway and downward back towards where the auditorium. She was certain there would be more to their little meeting but she couldn't walk fast enough. With her hand steadily pushing against the wall, the woman kept a steady yet slow pace, all while working on her breathing to keep her from fainting.
Jade Stone | Snowy Mountain Cabin

Mentions: @QT

Jade had been thoroughly surprised that Sano had not only acknowledged her, but was also responding to her and engaging in a thoughtful conversation. She would have gone in shock if it weren't for the fact that it was what he should have done from the moment they met. She was prepared for him to simply respond to her and shove her away like he always did. Yet, now he was motioning for her to sit next to him, which made Jade's cheeks turn slightly pink.

The teenager walked over and sat next to him, taking a sip of her tea as she listened to him speak his mind. 'He watched us?' The thought of Sano intently studying the cadets made Jade feel small and unprepared. How had she not seen him assessing them? She always had a keen sense of knowing when she was being looked at, yet during the hike she had ignored everything but herself and her instinct to survive the freezing hike. She had began to put her thoughts together about Sano. He was definitely mature beyond his age, and showed great promise to be a leader worth following, but he was just too mysterious for Jade to be able to trust him.

"I guess you could say I'm quiet because of choice too," she finally responded after mulling over his question. She knew it held more of a significant value, but was hesitant in whether she should allow the boy to know much about her. "I've got two loyal friends, and I love them very much, but I've had no choice. They helped me survive. I don't want to talk to anyone else because... because I don't want to get attached to anybody else and see them die right in front of my eyes." Her mind flashed back to the fateful day that changed her life which caused her bottom lip to pout a bit as her emotions got the better part of her. She cleared her throats before she looked back up at Sano and smiled a bit, quietly apologizing for being so serious with him before explaining her other reason to not speaking out in the hike, "I was also trying to focus on not letting the cold get to me. I would have had to been carried up here if i would've started to shake and shiver. I don't do well with the cold."

She quietly studied Sano's facial features as she conversed with him, watching closely when he smiled to see if it touched his eyes, which it did. He was genuine with his feelings and letting them show, which made Jade feel a bit more comfortable around him. "Why don't you go out there and join them? You deserve to let your mind take a break too, you know. Overthinking can be pretty dangerous."
Jade Stone | Snow Mountain Cabins

Mentions: @FrostedCaramel @QT

Jade had been smiling at the Tanner as she did a corny magic trick, her eyes rolling as she went to smack his hands. That was when Lauren walked up and shoved a tankard into her hands, surprising the young girl and leaving her wide eyed. The warmth was very well welcomed in her hands as she held the tankard and soon began to sip whatever was inside. Her cheeks had turned pink from the warmth that now radiated inside of her.

"Thank you", she muttered towards Lauren before her attention was ripped away back to a now snow covered Tanner. Jade was more in shock than anything else at the fact that her comrades had slipped from their self disciple. Especially Gabriel, whom she had thought to be a more serious person. Jade quickly turned towards the sound of two more snowballs whooshing towards her, but hitting the two girls next to her, clearly thrown by Grant. She could tell that this was going to get really bad, really quick. With that in mind, Jade began to move away from the group that had just been pelted by snow and stood next to Emil. She had taken notice that the young man was busy paying attention at the sudden war ahead of them, which made her think of something. He was a very serious guy, even if they were friends, so she needed to do something to get him moving.

A mischievous smirk formed on Jade as she took a couple of steps back, behind Emil, and set her tankard down on a snow mound. She grabbed two fistfuls of snow and quickly shoved one fistful into the back of Emil's gear and shirt, and let another clump of snow fall the back of his loose pants. Maybe that would teach him to fasten his belt a bit more. Feeling satisfied with causing Emil a bit of an inconvenience Jade quickly grabbed her tankard and ran as fast as her feet could possibly move in the snow, up the steps of the main cabin and inside. The young girl smiled a bit before clearing her throat and settling down, taking a peek out of a window. While watching the group, she noticed someone else was near a window and turned to see Sano observing everyone else. Jade shook the snow out of her hair and walked over to him, breaking her vow of silence against him. "It's weird seeing everyone so happy. I'm not a fan of the snow or the cold. Is everything okay?"
Athena Wilson | Auditorium

Mentions: @SheriffLlama @HecateProxy

Even with signs that clearly explained where everything was located, Athena had still managed to get lost a couple of times and end up in rooms that were not the auditorium. Fortunately she had not taken too long and had managed to get to the room with plenty time, as what it seemed. There was only one young man in the room, the one that had come in the kitchen shouting and baffled. He had changed and managed to get to the auditorium before Athena, which caused her to feel like an idiot. She wanted to be the first person she that she could get her thoughts in order and be able to get an understanding and a grasp on everything. Second one in wasn't too bad though.

As she picked out a place to sit, Athena called out to the new guy, her voice casual and a bit bored, "Have you calmed down now?" She finally stat down near the man, but leaving plenty of room between the two so it wouldn't be awkward. "I've been here for some time now. Longer than the others.. I have just been introduced. There's no need to worry, you're most likely here due to health concerns. At least that's what I was told about myself." She knew that she wasn't exactly telling the truth, but at the same time she did not feel as if she was lying. She had to keep her voice from either going up some octaves or completely cracking under the fact that she wanted to freak out herself because she had told herself that she wouldn't speak to anyone else. Keeping her emotions in check was her top priority as she spoke to the new man so that he wouldn't be able to suffer the same fate that the others that spoke to her suffered. Athena cleared her throat and made eye contact with the man's icy blue eyes. In a way it felt as if she was looking at her own eyes through a mirror. Creepy almost. "My name is Athena. Please refrain from shouting around me."

The brunette turned her own blue eyes away from him and crossed her arms before slumping a bit in her seat. She knew the others would be walking in soon and she didn't want them to hear her speak again. Especially after she knew that the one young man with glasses, Bailey from what she had heard, knew about her now. Or at least suspected.
Jade Stone | Cabins

Mentions: @Ambra @HecateProxy @FrostedCaramel @Aquanthe

Through out the hike, Jade had managed to keep her mouth shut and her eyes focused. She had restricted all of her energy to simply moving her legs and forcing her body not to shake.With a girl of her size, the shaking and shivering could have quickly taken over and caused her to become a liability. The last thing she needed was to become a burden on her team.

'One, two, two, two three four...'

She sung cadence in her head to keep her from falling behind the others. Her shorter strides and sensitivity to the cold would only knock her back several feet if she didn't stay motivated to move. "Almost. There," was all she was able to get out through clenched teeth so that the others couldn't hear the chattering mess that she was.

Even through all of the negativity though, Jade managed to get her hopes up when she saw the snowfall begin to slowly down enough for them to be able to take in the environment. Grant had indeed been right, it was beautiful and picture perfect, but that wasn't what had caught Jade's attention. The cabins had come into view and Jade began to move faster, jumping over Mora as she had tripped. Still, Mora ended up beating her to the cabin but that was the least of Jade's concerns. For now, Jade was just glad that she was finally somewhere that didn't have the threat of hypothermia for the moment.

"Thank god," she whispered as she relished the warmer temperature inside of the cabin compared to outside. She had never been remotely close to being cold, seeing as how when it even got a bit chill in Shiganshina, Jade stayed in doors by the ovens of the bakery or in the house.

Finally after being in her own world, Jade turned to look at the others, her eyes scanning their faces before walking over to Olivia, who was outside. "Did everyone make it?" Her question was sincere, but more pointed to those to whom she had taken a liking to. She looked at the rest of the group and seen the Emil and Tanner had lived to tell the tale of a blizzard which made Jade grin, before she waved at them. "Hey guys! Still have all of your fingers and toes?"
Athena Wilson | Room 12 - Auditorium

Athe1na had not managed to get too far before she was approached by the graceful chef that she had watched for a minute. She had heard him behind her, introducing himself to the guy that had burst in the room shouting. "Thank you, Arthur. I'll be seeing there, then." She offered him a respectful nod of acknowledgement before turning and walking off towards room twelve. Thankfully it wasn't too far off, which meant that nobody else would be able to catch up to her while she scurried away into the room.

Once inside, Athena visibly relaxed as she exhaled. It had been a bit overwhelming, and even for someone as rude as her, she could not believe how she acted in the kitchen. She should have known better than to interact with strangers. She shook her head before closing the door and going off to explore her room to see if she could find any notes that the staff could've left for her.


With a sigh, Athena let herself plop down on the bed, letting her brain calm down from overworking itself. As she did so, she couldn't help but notice how oddly clean everything was. The building had been damn near perfect since the moment that she had stepped foot inside of it, but she had not taken the time to notice. "I wonder where the clothes are at," she muttered as she got up and rummaged through the closets and drawers. To both her amusement and amazement, they were stocked with things that she could call her own. Athena quickly pulled out her go to style which was black running leggings and a sports bra, along with a long sleeved black V-neck that hung loosely on her torso. She walked off into the bathroom with her clean clothes in her arms, wondering how she hadn't gone to her room beforehand to change. She must have looked like a complete freak, only wearing white pajamas and barefoot. The woman grimaced as she thought of what others must have thought of her. Not like she hadn't already made a fool of herself by her actions. It made her a bit sad to know that no matter how she tried to go up to people, she knew that she wouldn't be able to have a conversation with them due to her disorder.

The brunette quickly shoved her emotions and thoughts away as she tried to work past her flaws and focus on changing. Before leaving the restroom, she quickly brushed her teeth, which was still weird because they even had toiletries set neatly on the sink and in the cabinets under the sink.

'They've thought of everything. They even have Midol for the time of the month,' a laugh escaped her lips as she had quickly looked over at the medicine cabinet as she walked out of the restroom.

After quickly throwing on some socks and black Nike's, Athena made her way out of her room and towards the auditorium with a bit of a rushed walk. She didn't want to be late to anything that meant the staff member would be present. She wanted to know her results now before she could do anything to anyone else.
Athena Wilson | Kitchen/Cafeteria

Mentions: @HecateProxy @Aquanthe @SheriffLlama

The young man had seemed to have lost the words to respond to her sudden approach, which made Athena feel a bit bad for coming on so strong. In regards to making friends, the woman had little to no experience. She was a fish out of water and most likely had come off as a bitch to the others, which she did not really care for at the moment.

While Bailey began to register that Athena was speaking to him, she turned her head to look up at someone who had approached them. It was yet another unknown face that seemed as if she had self disciple for days. Athena reached out, a bit hesitant at first, to shake the young woman’s hand. “Military previously?” Her voice was a bit less cold than before, being genuinely curious about Sienna’s reasons for having a rank. “My name is Athena,” she carried on as she pulled her hand back and sat it on the table, “I have been here for a while… just in another side of the building. They barely let me come to this side.” Her explanation was brief and vague, but it was better to answer some questions that were not voiced so that she could be left alone. She did not want to break the terms that she had agreed upon before checking herself in.

Giving Sienna a respectful nod of acknowledgement, Athena’s attention went back to the man across from her who still had not responded. He had mumbled something before but Athena had not caught on to what he said, which caused her to lean in a bit to listen better to what else he would say. “Hey, are you okay?” Her faced dawned a look of concern as she began to recognize the look that man had. It was one that she was familiar with, all too well. It wasn’t until a bit more of awkward silence passed, until he spoke up and apologized. Her heart felt as if it had shattered because she knew the truth behind his confusion, and quite frankly a look of grief.

“I’m.. I am so sorry. I did not mean for that to happen”, her voice was quiet as she began to get up, “I must go now.” She frowned as she looked at the young man, and avoided making eye contact with Sienna. ’It happened again. How could I let it happen again?! I can not speak to anybody else until I get my results.’

It was as she began to back away from the table that she was sitting at that a voice came booming in from the kitchen entrance. Athena turned to see another face that she had not seen yet, but something told her that he was not a part of the group of people that were already here. He shown every sign of being disoriented and distraught, which made her worry about what kind of actions he would decide to take if pushed more to the edge. Not knowing anything herself, just yet, Athena remained quiet and began to walk towards the man. She had no intentions of engaging in conversation with him, but instead she wanted to get as far from him. She needed to get to her room before the others began to question her and her motives.

“Remember, Miss Wilson, everything we are doing here is for your own good. We will protect you, you just have to trust us. Do not trust anyone else.”

Her heart began to race as she pushed past the shouting man so that she could carry on towards her room. She needed just a bit of time to adjust to the fact that there were others with different personalities and attitudes, as well as disorders. She knew what they needed, and she knew what she needed, and that was to comply with whatever the staff members said.
@LetMeDoStuff You don't have to apologize, it's completely understandable. The best we can do is hope, and if one is religious, pray.
Athena Wilson | Kitchen

Mentions: @Jinxer @HecateProxy

It must have been morning, since more people were beginning to appear. As the sun rose, the building came to life and it made Athena feel somewhat uncomfortable. She wished that she could have at least gotten some time to become acclimated to the vicinity before being introduced to so many people all at once. She knew that the others wouldn't be able to tell what she was feeling, for she never truly showed her emotions easily. Instead of making any kind of movement, Athena kept watching everyone as they appeared, only then moving when she was startled by a hand that was placed on her shoulder. "Oh..." Her voice came out in a higher octave than usual as she turned quickly to see who had touched her. An unhappy look found its way on her face as she pulled away quickly from the girl's touch. She seemed to be more friendly than anyone that she had ever met, which took her Athena by surprise.

Following her startle, Athena found herself being slightly pushed out of the way by a young man who looked like he could kill anyone who spoke to him. Athena's eyebrow arched as she tried to fathom who the young man thought he was. She quickly turned his way and watched him rummage through the kitchen, trying to find something to probably ease his morning.

"Excuse you."

After being quiet for so long, Athena had spoken up with an icy cold tone in her voice. Her words were dripping with sarcasm as she began to walk in, keeping her eyes locked on the nicotine guy. She watched him clearly look her up and down which filled her with a rage that she knew so well. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." As she spoke, her accent came out, causing her to become a bit self conscious and she could feel a bit of nausea coming on. It typically only happened when her disorder kicked in.

Her eyes traveled back over to the young man who was now moving about the kitchen with surprising grace and speed. The starving female that had touched her shoulder was now moving about too, grabbing what would be needed to serve the food and setting things up.

'Do they know each other already? Are they all.. friends?'

The thought of everyone already knowing each other made Athena feel a weird emotion. It felt as if she was homesick, but she should have not felt anything since she never needed anyone. Regardless, she kept walking over to where the graceful cooking man was and she looked around at what he was making, with curious eyes.

While everything did look good, the scent of the food found it's way into Athena and made her stomach protest. She was never a heavy eater in the morning. Food had always been a passion but to eat so early, and after she had just woken up from an unknown amount of hours, it just wasn't happening. Instead, Athena found herself opting for some coffee like the creep who had just checked her out. She looked up at the graceful cooking man and offered him a small smile, something that was often not found gracing her face, before walking over to the pot of coffee.

"Now, Miss Wilson, after having undergone these studies, you will be eventually joining others. Just not as soon as you might think. What you sign today and hear after today, should be kept confidential. We trust that you will agree with these terms; after all, we are helping you."

Her flashback was quick and brief, but it reminded her to remember what her agreed upon terms were so that she wouldn't slip up around these strangers.

Athena slowly poured her coffee in a mug that she had found, she looked up and kept studying the faces of those around the area before finishing up and heading over to where sir nicotine had gone and sat. With a small pep in her step, she turned on her heel and sat in front of him, her icy blue eyes starting deep into his. "I'm here if you'd like to either push me or look at me more." It was clear that she was being an asshole to him, but she needed to make sure that he got the message that just because he was under some withdrawal, it didn't give him the right to be a jerk. After some silence, Athena smirked, asking for his name, before taking a sip of her coffee.
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