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Athena Wilson | Gym - Room - Cafeteria

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With sweat dripping from the woman's nose, and running down her back, Athena had finally placed back the few weights she had used throughout her work out. She had lost track of time and what exactly she had managed to do in the time, but it was enough to have her seem as if she had just ran through rain. Satisfied and exhausted, she began to leave the small gym, making sure she had wiped down the areas she was at before exiting the door. 'My body is going to hate me tomorrow', she thought as she tried to stretch her arms and flex her back to offer some type of relief.

After stepping into her room, she beelined straight to the rest room, not wanting the room to smell like sweat. She had never been a dirty person and definitely hated any unpleasant smells. She hoped that the staff would be kind enough to wash their clothes, unless they also had an onsite laundry facility. The thought of it made her laugh quietly. She had always wondered what it would be like to go to a four year university and get to sleep in dorms and experience a 'normal' life. "Guess this is as close as I'm gonna get," Athena muttered to herself as turned on the shower and undressed completely. This brought a new set of thoughts into her mind; how long had it been since she showered? She remembered showering the day that she finally checked herself in, but after that she had been so long in a deep sleep that she couldn't have possibly gotten any sort of bath or shower. Unless the staff actually did that for her as well. The thought made Athena's stomach drop and her face turn a bright red. Strangers undressing her and washing her seemed as if it were out of some horror movie or thriller. ' It can't be that bad... at least they made sure you didn't smell during the days or weeks'. Athena had to nod and agree with herself, it could've been worse.

After some time of enjoying the hot water and massaging the shampoo through her long hair, Athena finally got the guts to leave her therapeutic moment. She guessed that she was probably running a bit late, knowing that she could take years showering and forgetting about reality. With much reluctance, the brunette wrapped a towel around her hair and head, as well as her body, and made her way out into her room to get dressed. "I wonder if they'll make us to some kind of physical test toady." She bit her lip as she sorted through some clothes, opting for a black sports bra, a white, loose crop-top, and some black yoga pants.

Athena slipped her running shoes on and left the room without looking, running her fingers through her damp hair in hopes of it drying sooner rather than later. On her way to the cafeteria, she heard some voices in some rooms that she passed by, and only took a glimpse as she passed the door, but not stopping. Her mind was a bit one track at the moment as she fantasized of scrambled eggs and the possibility of sausage links, and coffee. It brought a smile to her face, which instantly fell when she stepped into the kitchen and cafeteria. There were people already inside and had the kitchen in full use. It smelled a bit of burnt which had Athena wondering what exactly they were doing. "Good morning?" Her voice was a bit cautious as she neared the two that seemed to have been cleaning up some sort of mess. "Uh.. don't mind me.. I just need a blender." Athena smiled a bit at them before going off on a hunt.

She managed to find peanut butter, bananas, some sort of weird tasting protein powder, and soy milk. After the fiasco that the two before her probably had, Athena did not want to try her chances at making any type of food on the stove. Who knew if it were the girl or maybe the stove that didn't work well. Instead, she grabbed a blender and made herself a quick protein shake with the ingredients that she managed to grab that sounded appealing.
Athena Wilson | Room - Gym

The woman had remained still in her bed, reflecting over the events of the prior day. It had been one hell of a first day with the others, which made her stomach feel uneasy. The lot seemed to have zero understanding of the reality of everything. Then again, Athena did know more than they did. She had the nearly invisible scar on her neck to remind her that she knew more than the others. After the group had disbanded from the lounge, Athena had thanked Sienna for her kind words and then gone off to her room. Everyone was allowed one phone call, according to the voice that came through the intercom, which brought a great deal of sadness within her; she had no one left for her to reach out to.

With a small sigh, Athena pushed away her thoughts and sat up in her bed. It was about six in the morning and she knew that there was no way for her to go back to sleep, even if she was a bit groggy. Her body protested as she stood up and began walking over to the nearest cabinets, where she had found the workout clothes. Before checking herself in, she had taken to trying to work out. She figured that if she tried to keep up her health, that maybe she could regain control of her disability. She had found it to be somewhat working, but unfortunately things had gone south for a few reasons.

After throwing on some long, running leggings and a black sports bra, Athena pulled her hair up into a ponytail and slipped into her running shoes from the day before. She could begin to hear the quiet voices from outside of the room and down the hall, but could not make out how many there were or who they were. Not taking much interest in finding out, Athena went on with her morning rituals before leaving the room and heading over to the gym that the facility provided. She felt bad for not being able to get with her trainer and do any physical exercises due to her being overwhelmed.

"I'll make up for lost time.."

Her voice was quiet as she walked into the gym and her hands softly went over some exercise equipment as she made her way to the free weights. She knew that she would hate herself later on in the day after the soreness kicked in, but in the bright side, it would help her clear her mind and feel as if she was in control, which is all she could really ask for.
@l0ck0n We just opened up apps for people to make their CS's. Our characters are still in training so making a way to bring in the character won't be a big of a deal. If you'd like, feel free to make a CS and either one of the GM's or myself (or all of us) will go over it and let you know!
Jade Stone | Slippery Slope Down

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Connor had, thankfully, been able to get up and had been a good sport about Jade's sudden anger. It usually made others mad at her, or just simply drove them away, but Connor kept everything in good spirits as he cracked a joke and thanked Jade. She watched him walk off, a bit of worry on her face as she wondered if he'd get better anytime soon. She turned back to Mora and nodded, finally answering her questions after leaving her in silence. "He'll be fine. A pain in the ass on our way down, but fine nonetheless. Why don't you go find Lauren? I'm sure she'd be happy to see you." Her voice came out with irritation as she readjusted her the gear on her back and moving forward, past Mora.

As the girl walked on, hoping the Mora kept up since they were all heading the same way, Jade noticed that there was an unease amongst the guides. Something in the air felt wrong, but what was it? The young girl looked around the landscape, a frown tugging at the corners of her slightly pouted lips. It was a face she made every time she contemplated something. Her parents used to make fun of her for making it but she couldn't help it. She began to feel her emotions stir up inside of her but couldn't dwell on them much due to the sudden yelling that erupted from the people around her. Her eyes widened with panic as she realized that Mora had kept walking and she was left a bit behind as the ground shook with tremendous power. "Mora?!" Jade's head whipped around as she went into a full fledged panic attack, her ears picking up on the sound of the avalanche that was coming towards them. She had never heard of such things up until she had hiked up the mountains, much less seen one in person. The small girl took a good look up towards the source of the sound and nearly screamed in fear as she took in the monstrosity. Her feet began to move before her brain could even think of running, which she was not complaining about.

As Jade ran towards the safety zones, she continued to scream for Mora or Lauren, both not answering her calls. "Fuck, fuck fuck," was all she could say under her breath as she tried not to get caught in the snow. "Sano!" Once again her body ahead of her brain, Jade had spotted the young man looking up at the avalanche and shouted towards him so he could start moving. She managed to get to him and grabbed his hand, yanking him along with her, not caring if he didn't like it. "Come on, we have to get to those safe spots they were talking about!" Jade's voice was frantic as she looked at the young man who showed little to no fear. If she were in a less life threatening situation, she would've stopped to tell him what a weirdo he was, but at the moment she just wanted to stay alive.

The two were now at a full blown sprint, with Jade leading the way as she held on to Sano's hand with a vice grip. 'Crap, where's Connor?!'

Her green eyes darted from side to side as she tried to find him in the crowd but failed to do so. "Mora?! Lauren?!" By now, Jade's calls were broken as her voice began to sound like she was going to cry. "Mo-," her shout was cut off by a cry of pain as she fell through a deeper patch of snow and felt her ankle twist in an unnatural way. She could now feel her a vice grip on her wrist as Sano kept the girl from falling any further. "My ankle! Something happened to my ankle!"
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Athena Wilson | Hallway to Lounge

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Athena found herself frowning at the lack of socialization from Marcus. What had she done to him that was so bad that he had to get away from her so bad? The woman watched as rejection radiated off of Marcus before he left her alone in the hallway. Part of her wanted to chase after him and demand what his problem was, and another part of her wanting to figure out if she had done something wrong. Instead, Athena found herself crossing her arms and turning back to the lounge, where everyone had gathered by now. She couldn’t help but look over her shoulder a few times to take a glance or two at Marcus, her anger flaring up each time she did so.

“That’s what I get for trying to be nice to people…” her voice came out low enough to only speak out loud to herself, her eyes scowling at the ground. Once she had neared the door, she looked up and noticed Sienna standing at the door. Athena neared her, and once she was close enough, she cleared her throat to not startle Sienna. “Hey,” the woman smiled a bit before looking inside and seeing everyone watching Arthur intently. He was still speaking when she got to the door, and she managed to catch the last bit before he ended whatever speech he was giving out.

’Should I say something? Should I tell them what I was told?’ She pondered it for a moment, taking a good look at everyone’s face. ’No. I’ll keep quiet until the right time comes. They won’t accept any truth right now’. Her eyes shifted back to Arthur before stepping away from the door and leaning against the wall, still next to Sienna. “Do you think the excitement of the moment caused your ability to, in a way, activate? That’s how mine first started.” Her voice was quiet and aimed only towards Sienna as she tried to figure out if these people worked the same way that she did.
Athena Wilson

Interactions: @Utrax

'This is such a mess. How could they quarantine me with people who have no idea of what's going on with them? This wasn't part of the plan.. at least not that I remember.'

Athena scowled at the ground as she tried to figure out what the purpose of all of this was. Perhaps she was placed with them to help them calm down and learn to control what little they know of their abilities? She never had a facility full of staff that was willing to help at her disposal. These people did. As she thought quietly, outside of the room, the brunette could feel eyes boring into her. Her head quickly turned upward, away from the ground, and her eyes scanned one side of the hall to the other, until they fell on Marcus. One of her eyebrows lifted a bit as she watched him with curiosity.

'What is he doing?'

Her head tilted slightly as she watched him fumble with the doorknob, that belong to a door not too far from her. She debated if he was scared of her or possible appalled by her. Both very plausible since she considered herself a horrible person.

In that moment, Athena forgot completely about everything going on in the lounge, even as Arthur and others found their way inside. She had to go thank the young man for trying to help her, even if she did manage to end up with a face full of hurt and on another hospital like bed. Gathering enough courage, Athena took a deep breath and began to walk over to Marcus, trying to look as non-bitch like as possible. If there even was a way to make herself look more approachable.

"Hi," she muttered once she was close enough to where she felt comfortable. It amused her that Marcus was a bit flabbergasted but she kept talking no matter what, "I should formally introduce myself. My name is Athena, and I would also like to thank you for trying to help me, although I don't remember much." The woman smiled, genuinely, at the man in front of her. She could tell that she made him feel uncomfortable, but something told her that he felt like that around everyone. "I think it would be a good idea if we go in the lounge. Try to figure out why people are acting the way they are?"
Athena Wilson

Mentions: @SheriffLlama @Jinxer @AnyoneElse

Athena had watched with wide eyes as everyone in the room seemed to lose control of just about everything. 'Have they never experienced their so called abilities?' The woman stepped to the side as people began moving about. She had managed to remain in the doorway, wanting to keep her distance from the water that had turned into a double helix. With this many people around, she wanted to be as far as possible from any place that screamed danger.

'The doctor said that this would happen. That the others would get stronger, but he never said that they had never even known what their abilities were.'

Her head tilted slightly as Arthur suddenly spoke up and began to move everyone to another room so they could go back to being calm. Athena stepped a bit more to the side and watched as people began to follow, as if they were a heard being led off. Without asking another question, she walked among the group, keeping her comments to herself. She knew that if she opened her mouth again, she'd be greeted by some type of degrading sarcasm.

Her steps were slow as she fell to the back of the group, her eyes on the ground as many thoughts raced around her mind. It slightly felt as if she was being housed with teenagers instead of adults. Athena bit her lips as she became a bit worried with the way things were heading. Her head turned up as she realized that they were filing into a room, in which Cassius was shouting. The woman flinched at the sound of pain in his voice, making her feel a sense of purpose as she glanced around the room for the light switch. The others seemed to be either more preoccupied with themselves or Cass's shouts that they didn't move quick enough. Athena had quickly walked over to the opposite side of the room and hit the switch to turn all of the lights. She hoped that it would offer some type of relief to whatever pain he was experiencing, although it didn't seem as if it would've been as easy as turning off some lights.

Instead of voicing her concerns, once more, Athena had turned to look towards the door before making her mind up and leaving the room. Too many emotions were running wild, and the last thing she needed was to activate her useless abilities. She had caused too much grief to others by "bewitching" them and it was something that she did not want to see in any other eyes.
Jade Stone | Slippery Slope Down

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Although Jade had tried to get a move on before the others, so she could get some time to gather her thoughts and fix her mood, she had once again found herself being taken against her will by Lauren. Although she always acted mad, huffing and puffing as she'd get tugged along, Jade could never keep a straight face with them. A laugh here and there would escape her lips which would through off her whole charade. Yet, now she had found herself right behind her two friends, looking back and forth at the back of their heads. They had been acting strange ever since they had made the hike up the mountain, which made Jade feel a bit uncomfortable. Something was either going on, or something was wrong, either way they were keeping it from her. A tiny bit of jealousy and anger arose inside the small girl which caused her to look down at her feet as she trudged along behind her.

As she let the feeling dissolve into nothing, Jade suddenly found herself being hit from the back, causing her to yell out in a bit of pain and surprise. Before she knew it, the girl was face first into some snow, and under something much heavier than her. A strong feeling of claustrophobia took over her as she tried to move and couldn't. The young girl quickly began flailing around in frustration and desperation, wiggling herself around and getting to a position where she was on her back to the snow, allowing her to breathe with ease. "God damn it, get off of me!" Jade practically growled at Connor as she realized that the young man was not doing much to get off. Although he was several pounds heavier than her, it didn't stop Jade from getting in some movements, twisting her hips and bucking him off of her.

A slightly out of breath Jade stood up and patted herself down to get excess snow off of herself, her face as red as a tomato. "Connor what in the world has possessed you?!" The girl's green eyes looked over to the young man as she slightly glared at him. After a second of him not really moving, she walked over and grabbed his arm, yanking him upwards to help him stand up. She could smell the lingering scent of last night's alcohol on him, which made her realize what his problem was. "You're going to have one hell of a hike down, y'know?"
Athena Wilson

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Once again, Athena had found herself fluttering her eyes open to see the pristine white ceiling. A groan escaped her lips as she reached up to a slow throbbing in her head. All she could remember was that a young man had come up to her, asking if she was okay, and then everything had became distorted, and quickly everything went black. 'I must have fallen on my face..'

"Miss Wilson! You're awake, finally!" The deep voice of Athena's trainer filled the room, unexpectedly. The young woman quickly tried to sit up but was greeted with a wave of nausea. "Please, Miss Wilson, take your time. We should have known that this would happen. Before you woke up, earlier today, we had drawn a decent amount of blood from you. My apologies. I should have made sure prior to fetching you." Athena glared at her trainer as she lay motionless. "Well, I'm alive. I'll be fine." Her voice was weak but she still managed to spit out some sarcasm. Taking a few deep breaths, she slowly got up from the small hospital like bed that she was on. The spinning wasn't as bad, which was a good sign. A few deep breaths more and everything seemed to be okay. "I think I'm fine now. I'm sure all I need is some food in me and maybe some sleep, on my own accord." She spoke to her trainer, fairly confident for someone who had just passed out. "Well if you think so, I say go for it. We will continue the physical aspect of the research another day when you're at one hundred percent."

Athena nodded at her trainer, and offered him a small, genuine smile. He returned the smile and escorted her out of the small room that they were in. He nodded in acknowledgement to her before closing the door and leaving her to go on her own. The face of the young man that had tried to help her appeared in her mind. She had to thank him for trying to help, since it was none of his concern really.

The brunette made her way down the hall, her eyes checking every room as she passed by them. She finally came to a corner and began to hear the commotion of the others. With a newfound purpose, Athena began to walk towards the noise. Had others been told something that made them upset? Had someone been hurt? The questions raced in her head as she made herself worry.

Upon getting to the door of the room where the majority of the people were in, Athena's eyes slightly widened as she tried to understand what the hell was going on. No matter which way she looked at it though, she still couldn't understand.

"Guys, I made him numb!"

"What?" Athena mouthed to herself as she looked at Bailey, and then at the other person. 'Another new face?' There was absolutely too much to understand. Did they really all have these so called abilities, and they were now experiencing them for the first time? They all needed to calm down a bit and get an understanding at what was happening. There was no way that they all had these abilities. Right?

"Do... Do you all have something different?" Athena asked out loud, still looking at Bailey and his hand.
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