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As the trio neared their cabin, Jade inspected it quietly from the outside. The cabin wasn't too shabby, but it wasn't exactly home. Then again nothing was ever exactly home. The small girl held the door open for her friends to go inside before she went in. Taking a look at the bed set up, Jade quickly pointed to two that were together and looked at Lauren and Mora, "You two should sleep there. I'll sleep here. I can keep a close eye on whoever gets to share the place with us." Her voice had gone back to normal now that it was just the three of them and she could be herself.

'I haven't forgotten about you either.'

Jade's eyes widened as she looked at Lauren when she mentioned checking the girl out to see if she was injured. "Uh, yeah. Once it's time to go to bed." She smiled at Lauren before turning quickly towards the door as she heard a loud thud and some other noises that she couldn't describe. "What the hell?!" Being the type of person that was always on alert, Jade ran to the door quickly to see what was going on. 'It's probably god damned Schulz,' she thought as she yanked the door open and ran outside. Fortunately enough, it was just another cadet on the ground. "Oh." Her voice sounded slightly disappointed, yet she felt a sense of relief wash over her as she saw that it wasn't anything dangerous.

Jade made her way over to the young man and stopped short of a couple feet from him, slightly crouching down and setting her hands on her knees to inspect him.

"Are you dead?"

Her question was laced with sarcasm as she could plainly hear the groans and moans of pain and exhaustion. If Jade had been her usual self, she would of laughed at situation that the boy was in, but instead she just tilted her head slightly without showing much emotion on her face. "Law! Man down!"
Jade Stone - Training Corps

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Jade listened to the boy as he gave his explanation as to his reason to speaking up, as well as noticing the look on his face when he brought up the fact that no one else had said anything. She smiled as he then introduced himself and then went on his way. A bit intrigued by his way of speaking and his mannerisms, Jade wanted to ask him a couple more questions, but she let him walk away.

Jade quickly returned to Mora and Lauren with a less harsh look on her face. The small girl had felt the girl's eyes boring into the back of her and immediately cut them off before they could make any quirky comments, "I went to thank him. Nothing more." Her face felt red again as she knew she'd get hell for going off and talking to a stranger, a boy much less. Lauren and Mora had both made it a big deal for Jade to let up in the past, yet she had refused countless times to socialize. "Come on. We need to get to our cabin so then we can go eat. Believe it or not I'm actually hungry," it was a simple attempt to prompt the girl's to get moving which happened to do its job.

"I wonder if sergeant asshole is going to be like that all of training." It was a comment made out loud more to herself than anything, even though she knew the girls would hear as they neared the others. Keeping close to her friends, Jade began to look at all of the cadets. There were several faces that she had seen in the past. Some she remembered more than others like Reese and Gabriel. She lingered on the tall boy's face; it was one that she would never forget. All of the faces of that damned day she would never forget. A frown formed on Jade's face, with her bottom lip slightly pouring out. She seemed as if she was about to cry, and for a second, even she thought that, but to cry was to show weakness. They young girl pushed the thoughts to the side and cleared her throats quickly before changing her facial expression. A small smile accompanied by a wave was all she gave Reese, Gabriel, and the rest that accompanied them, before looking down and scowling at the ground. 'I don't need them sticking up for me. I don't need anyone sticking up for me. I won't depend on anyone.

In the corner of her eye she saw someone arrive from the direction that two of the boys had gone off to run. The first one to make it back was the other boy that had been called a midget. Jade felt sorry for him having to go off and run. He looked dead. She made a mental note to meet him later on, and make sure that he didn't let the midget comments bring him down. They both were small, but at the end of the day their height wouldn't determine if they made it out alive. It was their ability to learn and adapt that would determine it.

Standing at attention had to be the worst punishment of them all. She had began to feel somewhat dizzy from not having been able to get any water, mix with the fact that she was still aching from the punch to the stomach. Every single minute that passed by, Jade wished that she could just lay down or possibly throw up. Why? She didn't know, but she thought that would possibly help her feel better.

Finally, Schulz had finished his absurd yelling and they were all freed from their positions. Jade's arms quickly went to her abdomen to rub it, and make sure that there was nothing terribly wrong. She, by now, was sweating more than what should have been necessary, which caused her to grimace. It didn't take her long to make her way over to Lauren and Mora, squatting down and checking on her dead friend. "Is she okay?" Her voice was quiet as she looked up at Lauren for some type of reassurance. Mora was breathing, which was always a good sign, but other than that the red headed girl looked rough. "I'll help you to the cabins if you need me to."

Standing back up, Jade's attention had been drawn to the boy that had spoken up in her defense. He was most likely finishing up the amount of push ups that were assigned to him. With much hesitation, Jade decided to go over while Lauren helped out Mora.

"Uh..." Her words were caught in her throat as she watched the young man finish up. She had quickly looked away feeling a slight bit of embarrassment as he stood up. Once he was standing up straight, she turned back to look him in the eyes, "I'm Jade. Jade Stone. I just wanted to thank you for helping. I'm sure there would've been worse if you hadn't spoken up." Her face felt hot as she spoke. Jade had grown used to having minimal interaction with people, much less to tell them something nice.
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Jade Stone - Training Corps

'He's a god damn demon sent straight from hell.'

Jade had barely been able to tolerate the radiating pain from her abdomen before she could tune into what was going on around her. A boy that Jade had never met before spoke up in her defense. She was certain that his face was familiar, but never had she actually seen him. The young girl made a mental note to thank him for taking the heat off of her.

As minutes passed, Schulz moved from cadet to cadet, tearing them apart either verbally or psychologically. Behind all of the yelling, Jade could hear huffs and puffs coming from the area where the boy had spoken up. Jade cut a quick glance towards him and saw the teenager carry on with his push ups. In a way it was a bit comical, and in a time before she would have laughed, but then and there was not the time nor place.

Here was this man, who Jade had never seen or met, yelling at them all and abusing them in ways that she had never imagined. In any other case, Jade would have fought back, but she needed this. She needed all of the training that would be thrown her way in order to be able to succeed in her mission. When Schulz got to Mora, Jade had all but lost it. If there were such things as mind readers, they would've seen the explosion that had happened inside of Jade's mind. Mora had become Jade's precious rock, taking care of her in her worst moments as the years had passed after the titan invasion. It was a miracle that Jade had even made it to this point. If it hadn't been for Mora and Lauren, who know what the young girl would've done.

Luckily for Jade, Lauren had gone to help Mora out after the instructor had nearly choked her to death. 'When will this shit show be over?' her eyes went around from Mora to the others, then to Schulz. If looks could kill, there would've been bodies strewn amongst the ground. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and Jade would have to continue to take the hazing that would ensue through out the training, whether she liked it or not.
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Jade Stone - Training Corps

'How long has it been? What time is it? Why is it so damn hot?'

Beads of sweat ran down Jade's forehead as she stood in formation, waiting for the instructor to get on with the show. She knew that things wouldn't be easy right off the bat. The point of the military was to break one down and then build them back up, stronger. Yet, even with this mentality, Jade still couldn't fathom why they had them out in the blazing sun, having to withstand the scorching heat. She stood at the mercy of this man, who in reality she would never even come close to. He had remained quiet up until he decided to pour out his canteen. That was the point where Jade knew everything was going to go south, but she never expected it to be so bad.

Her eyes had simply widened as she heard the yelling. At every curse word that the man said, she couldn't help but slightly cringe. 'Poor Emil, she thought as she kept her thousand mile stare to the front of her. There was no way that she would draw any unnecessary attention to her. Unfortunately she didn't have to do much; her sheer height was enough to call of the instructor.


The words rang loud and clear in the girl's head as the instructor began to make his way over to her. She wanted to let out an exasperated groan of frustration but she was stuck in her spot without being able to breathe. All she could do was hear the man verbally abuse her up until he decided to get physical and deal a blow to her stomach. She immediately fell to her knees, audibly gasping her air before grabbing her midsection. There wasn't enough time from receiving the painful punch to when the man quickly grabbed her hair and pulled it so that she would look at him.

Through the pain, Jade felt the anger rise inside of her and the urge to spit in his face was almost strong enough to have her do so. The only thing that kept her from acting upon the urge was the fact that she wanted to show that she was hear to learn and become better, not to show that she was stubborn and spiteful.

As she listened to the man's every word, visions of the past flashed right before her eyes. The way the Titan had in fact seen her and she was the reason her family and Mora's family was dead.

All Jade could do was stare down the instructor with as much hate as she could muster, all while breathing deeply through her nostrils so the pain could go away.

Once she could gather her thoughts and manage to move through the pain, the girl shot up quickly and push the instructors arm off of her, even if he did manage to yank some of her hair and undo her bun. " I'm here because I want to! I'm going to kill all of the damn titans and my height won't be an issue, sir." Her voice, for the first time in her life, held anger and guilt along with a mix of other emotions that she couldn't put her finger on. It was probably why she was able to sound confident, without a break in her voice.

After her glaring at the man in the eye, Jade returned to her thousand mile stare in front of her, now focusing on each and every breath so she wouldn't do anything drastic or stupid.
Jade Stone - Wall Maria: Shiganshina District

The girl had been torn between letting the numbness take over her body or letting her emotions run wild and tearing her apart from the inside out. By then the friend of the family had managed to tug her along into the boat, but left her standing in the middle of everyone as he left her for someone else. Her eyes followed the man as he shoved past people only to fall to his knees besides an unconscious body. From the spot Jade stood at, she couldn't exactly see who it was. Before she had any say in what her body did, her feet began to move towards the two until she could clearly make out who lay on the deck. It was Rei, the mans eldest daughter. She had seen her several times and often walked with her when she was running errands.

The cries of the man made Jade cringe slightly, which prompted her to walk away. She didn't know if the girl lived or died, but she didn't want to stay there to find out.

Pushing through the crowded boat deck, Jade had finally been able to break through and get to the side rail, placing her arms on top of the ledge and simply watching Shiganshina be torn apart by the monsters. 'Mom.... Dad... why did these people live and not them? Why did I live and not them?' With anger rising up inside her petite body, Jade turned slightly to glare at some of the passengers that had made it aboard. 'What made them so special?'

Throughout her reverie of hate, there was yet another flash of light that froze Jade in her very spot.

"No..." a small whispered escaped her lips before she turned to witness the scene unfold in front of her. While they were safe from the Titan that had just appeared, they were close enough to see it's features. It was beyond Jade's imagination; something right out of a nightmare. Jade began to panic as she looked around and felt trapped. There was no way that they'd be able to escape it.

The titan's intentions became clear as it turned towards Wall Maria and began to sprint its way with an unparalleled speed. Even if the people aboard were safe for the time being, the screaming began once again. She could feel the boat moving as it began getting ready for its departure, which caused her to hold on tightly.

"The wall. It broke the wall." Jade spoke out loyal to herself, not really aiming for conversation with anyone. Anger began to flow through her body once again but the fear managed to keep her frozen in her spot. She could see the soldiers in their maneuvering gear flying towards the breached wall. There weren't enough of them to stop the Titan, nor did they move fast enough. The looks on her family's faces flashed before Jade's eyes, which brought her to the conclusion that she would enlist as soon as she had the chance. She would join the ranks and give her life if need be, all in order to kill the titans, and save those that she loved.
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