Name Generators and Image Sites

Sometimes coming up with a name or finding an image to suit your character can be difficult. I've compiled some helpful sites that make this stage of character creating a little easier.

Name Generators:

Fake Name Generator = This site is great for giving you details you wouldn't normally think of. It goes completely in depth to the person it just created for you. As real as all this wonderful information before you looks, it is all fake! Don't start sending weird letters to the addresses it give you. =]

Mithril and Mages = This site has all kinds of name generators made specifically for role-playing. Need to come up with a city name, tavern name, business name, street name, etc. This site is great for that, the name generators that are provided here are extremely well organized and useful.

Image sites:

Please see Cupcakes guide to posting images If you are having trouble getting images to post.

ZeroChan = This site is great for finding Anime/Manga type images. There are mostly characters on this site but you can occasionally find interiors/exteriors as well. The search function works great as well though you may still have to sift through images before you find one that matches what you want exactly.

Deviantart = Anything you find on this site was made by the user the image is posted under. The search function is only minutely useful as tags are placed by the users and some won't think of a word to describe there image as you would.

PhotoBucket = Photobucket is my bottom of the barrel site I go to when I really just can't find anything on any other site that suits my needs. There are some great images on here, but there is also a lot of crap. The search function works, but you often get images that have nothing to do with whatever you searched for.

The Paper Wall = Although this site is primarily for finding desktop wallpapers there are some fantastic high-quality images on here for either characters, landscapes, cities, etc. It is a wonderful resource for finding those great detailed images. The search function is pretty terrible I won't lie. You can use it and you may find something your looking for but, the tags are created by the uploaders as DA's are so more often then not they don't put enough tags or they put the wrong tags on their images.

I will continue adding image sites and name generators as I either discover them when the listed fail me. If there is a trusty site you use that I didn't list, please PM me and I'll check it out, then add it to the list above.

Hopefully this is a helpful guide! Happy character building!