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My bedroom is connected to one of our bathrooms and my other door is broken, so I'm used to knocking on the bathroom door to see if its vacant, but it's sad when I knock on the back door to go outside


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The magic guild rp is interesting, I’d like to do that one
Is it okay if I join this still?
Also, is it okay for my character to be an intern?
I’m interested!

Also, for character appearance, is it okay to have a picture that I drew myself?
@OliveYou Yeah, I'll try and get my post in as soon as possible.

Also, I re-uploaded the image, maybe you all can see it then?
@OliveYou I drew Lalisa based off of the picture you drew. I have yet to get the other characters done.

Swallowing her own ferocious pride, Ashley pushed her way towards the edge of the fighting, her lungs burning and muscles aching. Leaning against a wall for support, she cursed herself for being so weak and cowardly especially when that Mikale dude probably seen her leave the fight, but then she smiled to herself because he now had to do all the fighting himself. Glancing down at her makeshift dagger, she placed it in her other hand while she inspected the tiny splinters that the wood had given her. Frowning at her hand, Ashley stood back up and intended to closely watch all the male students to witness what abilities they had while she caught her breath when she heard a loud, aggressive growl rapidly approaching her. As she turned, the large creature had already launched itself from the ground and had it's claws outstretched for her throat. Ashley barely managed to dodge it as it's claws skimmed her shoulder.

Wincing, she jumped away from it and crouched as she watched the cat-like slime creature as it darted back into the crowd. Ashley sat for a few seconds before realizing it's method of attacking. She quickly stood up and darted away from her spot, when the creature landed right where she was a moment before. It once again moved back into the crowd of students. Deciding this creature was going to be a problem, Ashley stood her ground and waited for it to come back. She stood in a defensive stance, her body slightly shaking from the weariness that dragged her down. She could tell her movements were already beginning to slow, but she refused to admit it.

A second later, the cat-thing parted out of the mass of students, it's jaws open and ready to kill, but unfortunately for it, Ashley was also ready. Ashley rolled to the left as it landed, she then tackled it as it tried to retreat. She had to admit the cat was fast but not fast enough, for her determination drove her to end the fight and get rid of the problem no matter how tired she was. She hoped Mikale was watching so she could prove to him that she was not to be messed with. Ashley drove the sharp wooden stick into the back of the creature's neck as it bit her arm trying to get away. It's body slowly crumpled to the ground, a soft growl escaping it's throat before going still.

Sighing, she sat down and tried to lean back, but winced while trying to put pressure on her arm. She looked over at the wounds it had given her, they were bleeding but not too badly.
"Heck," she said to herself as she stood back up. She rolled her shoulder, but she didn't care to cover the wounds up, she didn't believe they were bad enough.

Scanning the area, she realized most of the slime monsters had all disappeared and most of the students had crowded into one area. Did I miss something? She asked herself. Loud roars ripped through the cavernous room, coming from the area with all the students. Ashley took a shaky breath and started forward, once again heading into battle. Suddenly, she heard yelling not too far away saying the words "Please wake up now!" Looking indecisively between the sound and the fighting, she was unsure where to go. A minute or two passed before Ashley decided to go toward the yelling. She tiredly rushed toward the where the sound was coming from and she found that Lalisa had fallen unconscious and there were two unfamiliar people surrounding her. She noticed that the one who had dragged her away and sat her down was a guy. Scowling, she felt something climb up her leg. She glanced down and realized it was some slug slime creature.
"Nasty," she said before kicking her leg and tossing it off. Ashley then drove her attention back at the guy who was "defending" Lalisa from the slime creatures.
"What are you doing!?" She asked the guy aggressively as she continued to try and fight off the slime creatures although she felt like she was going to collapse. "She doesn't need a guy defending her," Ashley said, barely noticing the other person that was near Lalisa too.

Yeah, go ahead, we have plenty of room, I'm interested to see who your character is.

Awesome! I can't wait to see

Those are really good!
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