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I dunno, but I'm suuuper hyped for more slice of life roleplays
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I'm too SPICY for all those COOL kids
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My bedroom is connected to one of our bathrooms and my other door is broken, so I'm used to knocking on the bathroom door to see if its vacant, but it's sad when I knock on the back door to go outside


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Twirling a well worn joker card between her well manicured fingers, Avyanna watched with curiousity as the others began to file into the room; all vampires apparently, some of them seemingly disheveled from the party from the night before, one she had chose not to partake in, for the sake of...learning. Information gathering to be more exact. Or just spying if one would want to be more blunt. Of course, no matter what it was called, Avy had a goal, one that made this trip much more exciting. Now, fate had always been a touchy subject to some, but if this invintation wasn't destiny, she didn't know what was. It had basically carved the path forward, and all that was left to was for her to walk down it and watch the world burn behind her. Though that was just a tad dramatic, even on her part.

Currently, she sat futher from the others, not wishing to draw attention to herself as she slowly peered across the room at each individual, her arms crossed, evaluating. She had learned about the houses some time ago, but to be honest, she couldn't care less about them nor their petty affairs with each other, but they happened to be important in the vampire hierarchy, and they had lasted some time throughout history, which happened to have bad reactions to those who were different. The history books proved it. Thus, she did owe them an ounce of respect; not to have any would just be rude at that point, but that didn't mean Avyanna had to bow down to them of course, the very thought of giving her freedom to a "King" or taking orders from someone at all (Ha! Ridiculous!) gave her chills, and a very strong feeling to kick something in anger. But she refrained. In some strange, twisted sense, she actually felt bad for those who belonged to a house; they were figuratively trapped. If they failed this task bestowed on them, great dishonor would follow, well, judging by this latest crew that had just entered the room, they didn't seem to care much about dishonor, let alone how they appeared, though she had to give them props for doing so.

There hadn't been a moments hesitation when accepting to come to the island, this place was extremely luxurious and wealth was definitely not on her side, a more tempting offer couldn't have come. This was her chance. Her chance to show them how much of a bitch she could truly be. She hadn't ever wanted to get caught up in this vampire bullshit; she couldn't have been happier being a mortal human with aging problems. That's what made it fun! The risk of doing everything you possibly can in the smallest amount of time was everything! Do you know how awfully boring it is when you're immortal? The stiffness becomes unbearable and you become stuck in a never ending loop as your mind wastes away in a dark room because god forbid if you even look at the sun you'll combust into ashes! But now-now everything has changed, and for the better too. There will be destruction. There will be chaos. Even if she died after all of it, that's even better. She'd have left her mark, bite mark if you will. And they have it all set up, it was basically hers for the taking.

Now, what was even more interesting was the fact that Daddy Dmitri was cutting everyone off, forcing them into independence and to fend for themself in this cold, cruel world. At this, a small smile began to spread across her lips in amusement, and luckily for her, Avy had always been on her own so this wasn't too bad, but the same couldn't necessarily be said for some of the others that crowded the room, especially the three men who'd walked in basically late, by the look of their faces. Though there were others that looked as if they already had it in the bag, such as Kasania, (Was that her name? Perhaps.) whose stature gave her a much more confident, if not a bit imposing, look. But who caught her attention the most was the gentlemen dressed in black. Now he seemed interesting.

As Dmitri finished his very "inspiring" speech, Avy leaned her head back, taking it all in. Given the circumstance, she could possibly try to create a house of her own, but her status in the vampire world was close to nothing, especially not belonging to a house of her own, but creating an alliance would be so much easier. Chuckling, she shook her head, now curious how the others would take it. All that was left was for her to play along as well. Might as well get involved, or everything would be pointless.

Standing up and letting the chair scratch against the ground, Avy walked over to where the group was, and clearing her throat. Ahem. So every man for himself now, yes? Avyanna, but I go by Avy," giving a smile, greeting them.
@azoicsiren Looks good! You can move her to the char tab!
@Random Kitty and @Smystar99 It's alright, I haven't had the time to actually get this moving along faster, so you both still have a bit of time left. No rush.
@sempis Of course! I would be glad

@azoicsiren Awesome!

I think after you all get your forms in, I'm gonna write up the 0th post and an actual post. Might take me a bit, but it'll happen

Xavius smiled politely, saying, "Ellie. I like it. Dropping the formalities, I suppose you can call me Xavi," he paused for a brief second. "Well, if you wish that is." He didn't want to make it seem like she had to call him that, though he realised a moment later that he was looking too much into it, as always. He was always reading too much into things.

As she began to explain how horribly uneventful her day was, Xavius gasped dramatically, putting his hand to his chest for further effect, seemingly offended in a way. "Oh no, that's awful! My day happened to be the total opposite; one of my customer's kid starting pulling the petals off of some of the flowers in my shop and I swear to you I nearly had a panic attack, not to seem melodramatic or anything, but it's true. You see, his mother was nice, I liked her, but the kid...mmm, let's just say my day would have been much more nice if I'd never met him. Just saying. Ah, I'm ranting now, and we just met, sorry," he laughed, embarrassed. "Anyway, I wouldn't mind having one drink," Xavi said, now desperate to distract himself. He fumbled a bit with the bottle, pouring himself a cup before turning back to Ellie, raising it to her.

"To a better night, yes?" He smiled again, taking a drink and then immediately regretting his decision. It was bitter and he hoped that he didn't noticably flinch, although there was a high chance he did.
Alright, so I'll he writing up the 0th post pretty soon, it'll just be like a prologue to everything and such; basically the history of previous trips from the view of the townspeople

EDIT: I've created the discord channel:
I'll also be posting it to the main page as well

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Skin Tone
Very pale, but tends to tan in sunlight rather than burn, but she hates tan lines, so whenever there's the possibility of tanning, she tends to cover up a lot more.

Shelly is very tall and thin, she has a wirey build with very little muscle.

Long, black, and straight, Shelly's dark hair really makes her look even more pale than she already is. She keeps it down most of the time, but sometimes hair just gets in the way, so she either puts it up or cuts it.

Eye Color
Dark gray-blue

Adopting the full "gothic" look, Shelly feels most comfortable in darker colored clothing, baggy or tight, it doesn't really matter that much. She enjoys crop tops, especially if it's a band tee, and fish net leggings along with dark sunglasses. She doesn't mind showing skin, as long as it's not too hot outside, especially since she enjoys to show off her dream catcher tattoo on the side of her hip. She mostly keeps her hair down or in an over the shoulder braid if it's long enough, ponytails aren't really her thing.

She wears lots of dark makeup, especially lipstick and mascara, feeling that she might as well make her skin tone more flattering to herself and others. She has multiple ear piercings, including a nose ring that she wears sometimes and a belly button piercing. She loves going full aesthetic, and sometimes even cosplays in a full gothic lolita outfit, because yes, she has one of those.

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@Random Kitty Alright, that's totally fine. I'm excited to read your character form😄

Amd I was just wondering, since a lot of role plays have a channel, but I don't have to make one
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