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Current I'm too SPICY for all those COOL kids
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My bedroom is connected to one of our bathrooms and my other door is broken, so I'm used to knocking on the bathroom door to see if its vacant, but it's sad when I knock on the back door to go outside


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Ah, also, a little bit more info on Merlou, she has a habit of giving people pet names like cinnamon roll, bunny, and honey bun. Just stuff like that
In Re: Life 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Now there were other people waking up and discussing their current situation, Merlou took this chance to reach over and grab her clothes, quickly dressing herself and slightly sighing, feeling a tad more secure. It seemed that the group was talking about how it could be some reality t.v plot, she was certain that she didn't survive her accident, no matter how much she would have loved to believe the newly formed hypothesis.

Rising off of the bed, she stretched her legs, being six-foot-five meant that her legs often cramped up in small spaces, or just not moving for a period of time. "Ah, yes, coffee sounds amazing right now, thank you," she said as she waited for the thermos to be passed toward her. She stood around awkwardly for half a second, a little embarrassed that some of the others had seen her crying, so she ran a hand through her hair and cleared her throat, preparing to enter the conversation.

Placing a hand on her hip, she said, "Well, we could always ask one of the doctors. I'm pretty sure that they must know something, since they knew we would have questions, right? And I wouldn't mind you taking a picture, I'm pretty curious too, whatever Pictopedia is," Merlou chimmed in, but before it could be answered, a small, younger looking girl with pink hair woke up, who kind of reminded her of a cupcake, sitting up quickly in her bed.

Merlou gave her a slight wave, smiling lightly. "Hi, I'm Merlou, nice to meet you Umi, well, er, not in this setting, but hopefully you know what I mean,"

Smiling, Rhea was glad that Liors had come and tried rescuing her, but she also felt guilty that she was trying to use her bare hands to dig up the dirt around her, obviously grimacing as she did so. Shaking her head, Rhea looked at Liors and said, "No no, don't do that, I don't want you to get covered in dirt as well, but thank you for coming to my aid though, I appreciate it," giving a small but sad laugh.

Resting her chin on the ground, Rhea wished she could have comforted Liors as she could tell she was growing increasingly red and seemingly nervous. She was also frustrated that her speech was basically dragged through the mud as the others doubted her charisma skills, though as she was thinking about this, William had darted over to Liors and told her to summon a shovel to he could start digging them out or somethin' like that.

"Wait what? What's happening? Liors you can summon things? That's cool, I can sorta do the same thing, but not really, it's more of a puppeteer kinda thing, but now I'm getting side tracked, what's the plan?" Rhea spoke quickly, turning her head from side to side.
Yeah, no problem, I was just wondering
@BleedingLover You still interested?
@TheHangedMan @EpicKDP

You see, Rhea didn't really mind dirt, she basically grew up with it her entire life, but she was never completely surrounded by it, let alone it getting in her clothes uncomfortably. That was another thing. Her outfit. She had meticulously planned this outfit the day beforehand, but she didn't plan for it to get covered in dirt, thanks La'Tavia, and she knew she couldn't do anything about it.

Sighing and shifting uncomfortably, or at least trying to move, she frowned in La'Tavia's direction for a hot second before replacing it with a polite smile, turning her gaze towards the treants, who were busy talking to her friend. Rhea was usually fine with getting into dangerous situations, but she hated being in a place of inescapable vulnerability, especially when she had better things to do.

"Ah, greetings wise treants, pardon my friends', er, brashness, I see you already know her, yes? Rhea glanced at La'Tavia again, giving her a "you weren't supposed to do that" look.

"Excuse us for disturbing your peace, but we peacefully ask for you to grant us permission to enter your realm, there are important matters we must undertake that are of utmost urgency that requires only us few, the passionate and courageous students, daring enough to even embrace your wrath. Wonderful beings such as yourself must realize that we bear no ill intent toward the majestic creatures of your forest. Our quest may only proceed through your word, as this journey is one of "finding an answer" that may benefit to this generation or the many after, so hopefully you great ones will hear my plead, and grant us access to seek this answer," Rhea said, basically trying to bullshit her way out of this. Mostly everything was true, it was just stated in a different way that made their cause look more appealing.
Okay, the discord link should be updated now
@Vox Yeah, it's a four year college. I don't really have the exact details planned out only becuase I didnt think that they mattered too much

@GrayPayday Great! I'll see what I can do about getting it set up
Edit: Alright, it's created, so whenever you want to join, you can
@Sirkaithethird It looks good! We need more male characters haha

@Everyone- Alrighty, I finally got around to making my form. Also, you you all have discord? I was planning on making a group chat there
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