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Collab with: @Cio

Tossing the large blanket aside, Kejirah squinted against the bright sunlight that had managed to find its way past the dark curtains hanging on the window. Again, her bed was a complete mess due to the fact that she couldn't sleep still, but she'd grown accustomed to it though it was honestly tiring making it everyday. Not that she made it everyday of course. Cleaning wasn't something she did often, only if she had a reason to.

Pausing to enjoy the comfort of her bed a moment longer, she finally stood up, sighing loudly while moving toward the window to pull the curtains apart, lighting up her room. Standing there, she blinked a couple of times while staring out into the distance, placing her hands on her hips, slowly furrowing her eyebrows.

God, it was so quiet. Too quiet.

Moving out of her room, Kejirah made her way into the kitchen, opening the fridge for something to eat. Preferably leftovers, her favorite breakfast food. "Listen," she started, hoping her roommate, Niora, was up already. "Do we really have to go to work today? Like, I love them and all, don't get me wrong, but holy frick, I'd rather do something else today. Seriously though," she said, pulling out some slices of pizza she didn't know they even had. "Is this old? I hope not, I'm hungry."

As if on cue, Kejirah could hear barefoot steps as her red haired roommate came to the kitchen. The girl was wearing a gray, oversized t-shirt, the gnawed holes on the hem of it revealing that she was wearing pajama shorts too.
”Morning to you, too,” she replied as she pushed past, grabbing a slice of the same old pizza and shoving it into her mouth. ”I’d love to skip work but you know I can’t,” Niora added as she leaned on the kitchen counter. She stared at her bare legs, yawning.
”Zahra didn’t let me sleep all night. And like… guess who woke up to a murder scene again? I need to buy a new pillow. Again,” the plant hybrid sighed, looking at Kejirah with a tired smile.

"Heyyy, that was mine," the young woman pouted, moving away before her roommate could grab anymore.
As Niora rejected her skip-work plan, she sighed dramatically, leaning against the same counter and tilting her head back, taking a bite of the cold slice of pizza. "Of course, I guess that's reasonable," she said, not that she was super against going to work, she just enjoyed being extra. "Oh honey," Kejirah went over and patted her friend's head in an attempt to be supportive "But listen," she added, "The option of sleeping with me is always on the table. I'm pretty sure I could get her to stop," she smiled, winking playfully.

Niora blushed at the comment, her cheeks turning a deep shade of green. As soon as the succubus patted her, Zahra moved and tried to nudge Kejirah’s hand to pet its head instead. For whatever reason, the plant had never been violent towards Niora’s succubus roommate. Quite the opposite, Zahra seemed to really like Kejirah.
”If only,” the plant hybrid responded with a small smile on her lips, ”you’d probably wake up with sticky plant drool all over you. And no, not in that way,” Niora specified before her roommate could make a dirty joke. Not that she minded, really. Niora was very grateful to have Kejirah around. Not many people wanted to share an apartment with her because of Zahra, and for the same reason, finding and maintaining a job was also quite the task.
”Maybe we can do something today after work instead of skipping it? I know it’s not the same, but…” Niora trailed off, feeding the rest of her pizza piece to the plant attached to her.

Kejirah paused to slowly pet her roommate's plant friend as it tried to squeeze itself under her hand. She liked Zahra, she really did. She thought it was hella cool, also a useful bodyguard, but seemingly a nuisance as Niora would often describe to her.
"Oh really?” She asked, tilting her head, raising an eyebrow. She was going to add something else, but decided against it by biting her tongue. She backed away, raising her hands and throwing her hair into a ponytail, stretching while she was at it.
"Something after work, hmm?” She pondered it for a second. "Sounds great to me, I don't see why not. I mean, other than pillow shopping, yes?" Kejirah laughed.

”Yeah,” Niora nodded with a small smile, ”I mean, you always say I shouldn’t wither away in this apartment for all my free time like a hermit, so I might as well listen to that.”
Brushing her chin length red hair out of the way, Niora gave an absent-minded pat to Zahra before saying: ”I should get dressed probably.” With Zahra, all her clothes needed some modifications. Niora had gotten pretty good at amateur sewing and stitching in her lifetime because of that. Zahra opened its mouth like a venus flytrap as Niora scratched it under the chin, an odd sensation as they both felt it. I suppose they were one and the same, after all.

"Exactly! You should always listen to me, I give the best advice," Kejirah nodded, clapping her hands together. "But yes, I probably should as well, not that I want to, but I guess I have to," she shrugged. "We should get going soon anyway, though I love to be fashionably late, Q will probably get upset and I don't wanna listen to that," she waved her hand, slowly moving back to her bedroom.

”That makes two of us,” Niora smirked as she walked back into her bedroom, opening her wardrobe and picking out her work clothes.

"Yep. Sure does," Kejirah responded, doing the same, briefly stopping to lean out of the door frame and say, "Oh, and next time, hands off my pizza."

>Interacting with: @Hoekage @Ghostmami @Tootsiepop @ineffable
>Place: Meeting Hall

“Kasania Tepes, it’s nice to meet you Avyanna. Hopefully, your friend here hasn’t forgotten her name after stealing those cute glances at Emiliano here.”

Tilting her head back the slightest, her mouth curved up into the smallest smile at the word "friend," a term she hadn't used mockingly in some time now, just to play with people's dependency on trust. She glanced toward the young woman that had approached with Avyanna, and in all honesty, looked like a nervous wreck compared to the others here, which was dangerous given the circumstances. The weak link. A foolish part to play, yet deadly if she knew how to play it right. But Avy doubted that. Only fools showed emotion, and luckily she wasn't a fool. She looked back toward Kasiana, but didn't say anything, before turning her attention to Emiliano, the one Irene (who's name she had learned when listening) was sneaking glances at, though she couldn't see him well due to the fact Kasiana happened to be blocking her view of him from her as well, which was unfortunate. The one thing she did notice was the putrid scent of cigarette smoke. One that made her scrunch her nose in reaction, causing her to silently curse lung cancer upon him, though knowing it wouldn't happen.

“Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me from this cute little gathering, I have some business needing my attention and I can hear a strong drink calling my name. Oh yeah, I’m Octavius Zeno, by the way, and just as terrible as all the rumors you’ve heard about me. Nice to meet you both, but just a tip agnellino, dogs can smell your fear, and Milo can be quite the aggressive one. Anyways, Good luck.”

Avyanna was tempted to laugh. She really was. Just something about the phrase "dogs can smell fear," that just made her shake her head. "Ah yes, but you must've forgotten that the cornered cat is the most dangerous of them all," she mumbled, watching him leave the group, which was a bit rude in her opinion, but he did seem to be the flaky type. Not one to stick around. But as she was thinking this, another introduced himself, Niklaus.

“Niklaus Tepes, pleased to meet you both. Could I get you anything to drink? I would most love to hear the tales that brought you here today.”

At this, Avy chuckled, placing a well bejeweled hand on her hip and shrugged. "Well, I've never been one to turn down a free drink, so I suppose if you'd be so kind," she said, her free hand resting lightly on her collarbone. She had two favorite hobbies: The first one was gambling, and the second was drinking. Now, one may think those are two very irresponsible hobbies, but as a vampire, she'd like to think of them as skills. Ones she very much enjoyed doing. There had been a time where she would've maybe taken a bit more precaution before acting upon instinct, but that time was over the moment time wasn't an issue. Plus it was fun.

Now, she was surprised when Irene had rushed over and had gotten her own drink, Avy half expected her to play the damsel is distress, but she turned her attention to Emiliano, who had gotten up and rested his chin on Kasiana's shoulder, in a friendly manner, or more? She raised an eyebrow. "You two seem...close," she spoke up, gesturing to the two of them. She was certainly curious about their relationship, considering she'd never let anyone get that close to she herself, but perhaps they were just friends, though she had to question.

"Anyhow, would you mind if I took a seat?" She asked politely, moving her thumb over her rings repeatedly, a little quirk she had picked up over time.

Decided to not play Rhea, but Merlou instead,, but here she is. Working on my other character now.

I have one male and one female character saved, I'll try and get those in soon 👍
@Cio If your character's looking for a roommate, mine is open 😄. She does have enough noney to live by herself, but she gets restless when she's alone.
She's a very boisterous succubus who always tends to do reckless things
<Snipped quote by Wistful Dreams>

I can already imagine a 'spirited' competition between your character and mine.

Ah yes, my character would also love to join this competition
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