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Alright, for those of you who are here, I posted the rooms on the main post. I'm gonna the IC very soon.

Awesome. I can't wait to start
The young man raised his eyebrow as the theatrics continued. The goblinoid was full of tricks, it seemed. The cloaked man seemed to have dominion over the beasts, and the cat sounded like the ringleader of this whole charade.

"'re tryin to bring in more 'odd ones'?" the dark haired man said slowly, still trying to process everything. He wasn't quite sure that he was in the right place, but he was interested in what this shadowy man was orchestrating here.
Another double post -_- I'm gonna get this checked out
The young man side-eyed the mysterious cloaked figure with the whip, giving him a slightly fearful glance. He then grabbed a broom propped behind him and quickly held it out to the small grey creature, hoping to appease it."Forgive us, spirit, this one here sounds a tad brash."
accidental double post
A young, broad shouldered man walked down the street and turned around the corner. A bag of groceries in one hand, he was walking home to care for his mother and younger brother when he heard voices coming from the inside of a small but colourful tent. He paused for a moment until he got too curious to resist and stepped inside the tent.

"Sorry for interruptin, but I just couldn't help but notice a small commotion goin on here. He spoke with a slightly southern accent. His dark brown eyes scanned the room calmly, but he couldn't hide his surprise when he laid eyes on a floating cat. Not to mention it's unnatural fur color. Had he dreampt this? Possibly so.
Yo, here's my character sheet. I've played him so much now that people must think he's the only character I have, haha.


Damien's eyebrows arched, "Hmm? And what could you possibly have to offer?" He paused for emphasis, "Oh wait, I know; nothing." He gave Reniere a wry grin before taking a drag off his vape. "I wasn't expecting to see you here, but I'm sure you can fill me in on everything later."

It looked like there was a young girl who had also joined the group. He couldn't recall her being apart of the original group, but he wasn't overly concerned about it. An idea crossed his mind about trying to sneak off while everyone was mingling, but then he remembered that Reniere was standing right there and would probably notice if he tried to slip away. That, and the fact that he didn't want to get entangled with Polyanna or the giant tree creatures again, made him decide to stay put for the time being.

Rhea brushed the dirt off herself and joined the two of them. Damien had an inkling that Rhea might have been partially responsible for how Reniere ended up here; knowing from first hand experience, she didn't have any qualms about inviting friends to secret magical universities. He nodded at Rhea's comment and turned back to Reniere and added,"You really should've seen it, Polyanna caught her as she tried to take off. I almost laughed my ass off."

"You really haven't changed, have you?" Damien sounded almost amused. He knew what to expect from Reniere, and this didn't surprise him in the slightest. "Though, I actually do like the idea of going to the mall. That sounds like fun. Let's go see if anyone else wants to come along."


Damien was debating about whether or not to accept candy from the student? teacher? Whoever this lady was that almost got him detention. In the end, he decided against it, as much as he'd love some food right now, he didn't trust her. Those authoritarian types kept him on edge. Everyone seemed to be recollecting themselves after their failed attempt to get into the forest. Damien was certain that he could find some way to get into forest, however. If not today, then tomorrow, or maybe next week. This failed expedition weighed little on him for the moment.

He was about to turn to Rhea to suggest they head back when he heard his name being shouted. He turned to see a short, red haired, teenager wearing a rather promiscuous outfit come running towards him. Huh, they look familiar...wait is that..? He had no time to finish his train of thought when the red-haired teen closed the distance between them and threw their arms around him. "Oh, hey Reniere," Damien managed to say, a little startled to find them here. "And I know I am, but you're still short as ever." He said derisively and grinned, looking down at Reniere.
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