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I guess it really isn't that hard though either.

I've been on this site for two years and I haven't written a bio, but I figured it's better late than never :P

I like to play a variety of different characters, but most tend to be humans in a modern setting. I feel like I tend to relate better if they're human, and I like roleplay plots that center more around the characters themselves and character development, versus magic or some "quest" going on.

My favorite genres are modern, slice of life, horror, and a good helping of romance on the side. However, I dislike 1x1 roleplays and like for romance to be a casual side plot rather than the center of the roleplay.

I enjoy characters with unusual personalities, but are fairly normal and well adjusted. They don't need pages of backstory or personality, they just need to sound believable to me.

I started roleplaying online about 7 years ago, and I was doing tabletop roleplaying a few years before that. I still actively participate in table top games, and my interest in roleplaying online waxes and wanes.

I like to write a lot, but I find the standards in a lot of advanced roleplaying sections to be rather intimidating, so I stick to casual or free roleplays.

I (like many other people on this site), think wayy too much about their characters and their backstories. I really hope to animate one day or get my characters out to the world in a more professional way, but for now I enjoy roleplaying them and seeing how they change and develop.

Thanks for reading :)

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If you have any spots left open I'd love to do this roleplay. I've been looking for a good slice of life rp for forever on this site and I have just the perfect character for this.

Her House | Five Springs Church

It was the flower blooming on the cactus that sat in the window sill that drew Suspiria's attention. She leaned down and cautiously inspected it. Admiring it's deep shades of magenta and other reddish pinks. She pulled out her phone and shuffled a few steps back, turning the phone at different angles to try to capture the perfect photo. Right as she was about to capture the photo however, her phone went off. Startled, she jammed her thumb down on the screen and got a very blurry, shaky photo of what was supposed to be a cactus.

She sat down on the couch and took a closer look at the notification she received. It was a text message. She raised an eyebrow and tapped on the message. Someone must have gotten the wrong number. She had already started typing up a message explaining that she wasn't the intended recipient of this text and how she was terribly sorry when she paused and took a quick glance up. The word "ghost" had caught her eye. She scanned through the short paragraph, then looked it over again before turning her phone off. She immediately turned it back on again and read each sentence very slowly.

With the mention of moths, she felt as though she had been sucked back in time. All the rationalizing of that ill-fitted memory fell away. The beating of wings, the screams that echoed down the street. It was so clear in her memory, crystallized there. Even though it was significant, it also felt hazy and vague. She couldn't even remember why she was driving in the first place, only that the moths came and then they left. She racked her brain, but couldn't come up with an answer for how long this whole event even lasted. Even so, part of her always knew it happened and this message was the first tangible piece of evidence she had to verify that.

Even if the message wasn't meant for her, Suspiria knew she had to come to this church and see what it was about. This person knew about the moths and apparently some other things too. She was hopeful that this person would have some sort of explanation for what happened that day. Something to make her mind rest easy and quench her burning desire for answers. In the back of her mind though, she had realized a troubling, yet very possible outcome of this meeting; there would be more questions unearthed than answers.

As though she had four cups of coffee, the delicate woman sprung to her feet and prepared to go out. She quickly debated about whether or not she should take any of her scientific equipment with her but then decided against it, if it got damaged or lost she wasn't sure if she'd have the funds to replace it.

Sliding on her coat, she placed one hand on the doorknob. She turned it and took one step out the door. Before she closed the door completely, she turned around and waved goodbye to her pet leeches in the aquarium. They, of course, were indifferent to the world around them, Suspiria being no exception.


Suspiria pulled up and stopped at the side of the road. She had been worrying the whole way there if she had gotten the address to the church right, but was put at ease when she noticed the presence of several other cars already parked nearby. She stepped out of the car and tried her best to contain her nervousness. Her mind was already playing out hundreds of different scenarios where things were going to end up horribly wrong. This could all be some sort of prank, or just a coincidence or-

As she walked foward, Suspiria saw all the people assembled on the steps of the church and froze in place. She had to decide whether she was going to commit to this and walk up or if she was going to turn back now. She knew she was sweating already. A part of her knew that she was just overreacting, everyone there is probably friendly enough and she shouldn't be ridiculous. And normally, she wouldn't. There was something strange about this whole situation though. The text, this abandoned church, the gathering of people. Then again, what hadn't been slightly weird since she got to this town?

Gathering her wits she walked forward. She hung back as others walked forward, entering the church one by one. The man holding the door looked familiar, but it dawned on her that she was terrible with names. Even if she had seen him from somewhere she knew that his name would inevitably slip her mind. Trying not to draw any attention to herself, she strode forward and walked behind the others as they entered the church. She briefly looked at the man and mumbled a quick, "thank you," before stepping inside.

@Ghost Note Am I accepted yet?
So i finished my form, hope it's okay! It's a little rushed so i might've rushed a few things.

This looks super interesting!
Someplace to reliably access complete, finished character forms for my own convenience.

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