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Haireth Chattaway

Haireth was trying to catch the attention of the barmaid, who was hurriedly passing drinks left and right. All the riding today had made him rather tired, and he knew tomorrow he would undoubtedly be sore from his saddle. He was used to staying in the city, accompanying the Queen, and while there were frequent training exercises he oversaw and participated in, he knew with his age he was no longer in his prime, but still a veteran nevertheless. He knew the countryside by heart, and he was going to live, damnit. He knew he pushed himself too hard today in an effort to widen the distance from Vestan and himself, but he knew his body would be able to recuperate.

The Barmaid finally noticed his efforts to flag her down and came scurrying over. Her face was a wash of freckles and ringlets of copper hair bounced as she moved. Her green eyes glimmered cheerfully,
"What can I get for you?"
"Two flagons of whatever you got left."
She nodded and briskly paced back, going behind the bar counter. Haireth turned to Avyanna. His eyebrow arched when she talked about 'personal experience' Of course. What did I expect?
"Agreed. We should be safe here," He leaned in closer to her, "I suggest we take off in the early hours of the morning while everyone else is asleep. That way no one here will see our departure." He kept his voice low and watched the barmaid come their way with the drinks.
Haireth smiled and tipped her before taking the drinks from her hands. He pushed the other flagon towards the shaman. "We shouldn't drink much, but here, for tonight,"
Haireth Chattaway

A powerful tremor shook through the ground as Haireth swung open the wooden door. He rested against it for a second, greedily gulping for air. Water pooled beneath his feet. When he found the strength, he raised his head and held the door open for a brief moment, waiting for his singular companion to pass on through. He already found it difficult to trust her, but she was the only company he had on this journey thus far. The only one in the same predicament as he.

Haireth grabbed the wet brown hair matted against his face and hastily pulled it back into a low ponytail. He thought he would make more of a scene in the tavern, but fortunately, he did not. Everyone here seemed to keep to themselves, most looking down somberly at their drinks or talking lively with each other. A young barmaid with a cloud of red hair was busily shuffling drinks back and forth to different patrons. All looked normal.

The guardsman sunk into the wooden chair at the corner of the room. All the events were a blur in his mind, everything happened so fast. He still couldn't wrap his mind around it. He didn't want to put much effort into it right now, either. What he really needed right now was a beer and a warm bed. That would suffice. He knew tomorrow was going to be another hard day on the road, but for now there was a momentary abatement.
"From here we ride westward. There should be a forest that should obscure our tracks from here on out," He spoke to her. He kept his voice hushed but measured. One wrong step could cost them their lives, and no one had to tell him that.

The World


The world of Maerus is a chaotic, tumultuous, and ultimately, difficult one. However, there is also joy to be found in the small moments, and the sheer wilderness and primal ephemeralness is simply breathtaking. From tall bluffs to shallow lakes, the world is filled with natural wonders, most of which haven’t even been fully explored yet. There is almost every ecosystem imaginable on this planet, with blisteringly hot deserts to highlands, to lucious forests and more.

The kingdom of Vestan is located in an environment similar to Western Europe. Rural woodland covers a majority of the kingdom, with the urban areas being clustered near the long river that runs near the eastern border of the kingdom. The climate is temperate (with it raining more often than not), and there are four distinct seasons. The vegetation is rather varied, but the soil is rather coarse and so woody plants tend to grow best. The kingdom also sports several cave systems, many of which have gigantic glowing crystals nestled deep within the caves systems. Beasts range from chipmunks to wolves to even more..exotic and fantastical creatures. There are rumors of unicorn sightings within the fog-covered forests of Escera.

Against the majestic backdrop of the kingdom is their nation’s castle, a tall, spiraling moss covered citadel that is fabled to be built by the founders of the nation’s themselves, taking over five generations to finish completely. While the longevity of the project itself might be a bit of a stretch, the castle itself has withstood devastating floods, political upheavals, and stood the test of time thus far. It is a national treasure to most of the Vestanians and a symbol of the kingdom’s strength.

Apart from the feudal kingdom of Vestan, there are other tribes and nations that populate Maerus. Ifflan, the mildly xenophobic and cast iron mountain nation to the north of Vestan is one example. Known for their mineral exports, most of their traders come by way of middle men to Vestan. Recently there’s been a boycotting of all Ifflan goods recently by prominent Vestanian merchants as a nationalist movement and a hope to increase the selling of their own goods. This movement has created more strained relations than usual between the two kingdoms and two weeks prior to the events that unfold in the roleplay there was the first hostile clash at the border between the two nations in nearly four decades.



Deeply embedded within nature, magic itself comes from the world around it, possessing the land and atmosphere and creating a beautiful and almost dreamy scene to those who dwell in the world of Maerus. Though the term “magic” is usually associated with the images of unlimited flashy mage abilities, magic in this world is more like an energy, constantly recycled back into the environment to be reused by the spiritual and seemingly ethereal entities that roam across many continents. Unlike many other magical beings, humans are unable to possess “true” magic; they are unable to be born with the abilities to use it at will and must use different means in order to control this energy. Certain species of plants are often harvested to extract magic into inanimate objects such as pendants, gems and crystals, or other minerals; this even being a job for those who are adept to drawing magic from the environment, though a license is required of those who take on this job.

Although recycled, abusing magic in a way by using extreme amounts of it or killing the magical creatures that exist, is highly detrimental to the area around it. By using raw magic like this, say a fireball or something rather, it draws from the land, creating a weakened and dangerous environment, causing the surrounding to turn dark and lifeless. And though rare, it may cause the creatures that use the area's supply of magic darkened as well, turning them into aggressive beings, and having a vicious hatred for mankind for destroying the spiritual energy they used to create life.
Not exactly saying that humans absolutely cannot use magic, they must use alternative means such as the crystals and gems powered by raw magic, though they're only capable of convenient things like boiling water, helping with things around the house, ect.

Heavily dependent on the world around it, the strength of certain magic is determined by the moon phases, where the new moon means that the world's energies are low and sleep-like, whilst the full moon awakens the beauty of the natural world, lighting up forests and lakes in a bioluminescent way to where the whole world seems to hum with newfound energy. Creatures are spotted easily within this time of month, who are highly respected and worshipped as higher beings, often sought out for enlightenment and religious purposes. Many who live outside of kingdom walls tend to have a deeper connection with the land, these beings are sometimes seen in the distance of ancestral villages and places less crowded with humans or places that have deep rooted history. But unlike these places, inside of large kingdoms, for those who've never traveled far or for a lengthened period of time outside of the walls, these creatures are just stories and legends for most of the common people have never been outside of them. So for most, stories of these extraordinary beings are just...stories.

The Story


Chaos. Panic. The beloved and beautiful Queen Ephia of Vestan has just been assassinated in her own room, word has already spread rapidly thanks to the whispered rumors of the chambermaids, outbursts outside of the wall of the castle increase as confusion flood the minds of the citizens. The King, King Ryes, in a state of grief and desperation has ordered the immediate capture and imprisonment of those who worked around Queen Ephia.

As most of the kingdom knew, the queen had fallen ill to an unknown sickness some years ago, often fading in and out of health through that time. King Ryes, unsure of what to do and afraid for the safety of his wife, hired those to take care of her, such as Avyanna the Shaman, and Haireth, who was a part of the Kingsguard and was ordered to guard her room, along with others. This group, who were somehow in contact with the sick queen at the time, are now the main suspects of her murder.

Fortunately, you and the others had just managed to escape through the confused and panicked Vestanians, quickly fleeing the kingdom and out of direct trouble, seemingly safe, though as you are well aware, Vestan has eyes and ears everywhere, which danger is sure to ensue. It's been some time now, and it has been suspiciously quiet, nothing has really happened, and it seems all is well.




  • Make sure you can be an active participant of this roleplay. If you cannot post at least 2+ times a week, then this might not be the roleplay for you. However, if there are circumstances in which you cannot meet the posting criteria, then just popping into the discord and explaining why/when you can post again so we can plan accordingly would be admissible.
  • There is no strict length requirement for this roleplay, but with that being said, make sure your posts have some level of effort put into them. Please don't write one-liners unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • This roleplay is based on exploration and adventure, but character interaction is also a very important component to this roleplay! Make sure your character can at least decently interact with other human beings and have meaningful conversations with the other players that join. Character interactions are most likely going to end up being the bread and butter in this roleplay along with the fantasy plotline, so make sure you plan out your character accordingly and keep that in mind.


Suspiria watched lazily out the car window as the small woman, Meredith, drove down the road. She felt like Meredith's driving was just a little...aggressive in her opinion, grabbing the car railing at times whenever Meredith made a turn. She was mesmerized by the pristine wilderness unfolding right in front of her. She gazed up at the rolling plumes of fog, it's so serene out here... Brushing back the dark brown strands of hair that were obscuring her view, she smiled softly to herself. This is going to be so much fun, I'm already glad that I decided to come. She glanced over at her companions. Are they as excited as I am to be here? I hope they are. She gingerly worked out the creases in her baby blue skirt with the tips of her fingernails. They had entered into no service cell phone range, and reading in the car made her nauseous, so she tried to pass the time in the car in some other way. The gentle woman knew as soon as she exited the car she was going to have to grab her Polaroid and see if anyone wanted to pose for some group pictures; she wanted to remember this.

Suspiria had to squint in order to read the faded lettering on the welcome sign. She couldn't quite pin-point why, but as she read it, she felt goosebumps crop up on her arms. The sign did look kind of ominous. I must be cold. Too bad I placed my jacket in the trunk with my other belongings. She rubbed up and down her arms in an effort to warm herself up again as she watched the trees fly past her in the window. She was pretty certain that this was the farthest north she'd ever been.

As the car rolled into town, the gentle woman tilted her head up to see out the front window. It looked quite desolate, to say the least. The people who were outside seemed in some kind of hurry, not bothering much to mill around. A few others seemed to freeze, as though they were trapped in a frame, and stared at them. Suspiria lifted her hand and waved slightly, her lips pursed in a nervous smile. She hoped they weren't upset with them coming up to stay at the cabin. She noted a grocery store, a few teeny-tiny gas stations, and then the ever present, vast forest surrounding them. This is going to be an adventure.

Suspiria noticed the fat rain drops blotching the window she looked out of. She rung her skirt on her lap tensely as the clouds grew thicker. She could hear the tires underneath her churning against the gravel road as they made their way farther north. Then she saw it, the grand cabin that she had been waiting this whole time for. Except that, it wasn't very grand at all. It was rather quaint, and not in the cozy sense. She really doubted that it would protect them any from the downpour that was happening, but it was better than nothing.

When Meredith honked, she jumped slightly. The car had finally pulled to a stop. She opened her car door and slid out. She was pretty sure that she hadn't gotten anything out, expect for her water bottle, which she grabbed as she stepped out. Her feet crunched on the wet gravel and she cringed slightly. It wasn't a pleasant sound. She made her way to the trunk after Meredith, who seemed to be in quite the rush, and picked up as many of her things as she could carry. She might've over packed, but she was really indecisive when it came to what she should bring. So she just brought up as much as she could possibly stuff in her two duffel bags plus plastic trash bag with all her bedding. She waddled up to the cabin door, straining against the weight of the belongings she carried. She cursed the fact that she was rather slight, and not strong in any sense of the word. As she walked up the stair to the cabin behind Meredith she heard the small woman yelp and say something under her breath.

"Oh, are you okay?" She had begun to reach out her hand when Meredith proceeded to turn the doorknob. There was only darkness inside. A cold draft of wind escaped from the cabin and Suspiria whimpered slightly. I hope we get some heat in here soon... As Meredith probed for a light switch, she swayed slightly as she clutched onto the straps of her duffel bags. She followed Meredith into the house as her shadow, following her every movement. She noticed how old the cabin looked, but felt confident she could spruce it up later. She was just happy to be out of the rain. She shuffled over to the bedroom that Meredith went into, and dropped her stuff on top of the bed that was perpendicular to the one the small woman had already claimed. She breathed a sigh of relief, she didn't think she could hold onto her bags any longer.
" it alright if I put my things here?" she piped up as she struggled to catch her breath. She made a mental reminder to bring less stuff next time.
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Annika was walking down the sidewalk to get to class when she noticed a cute boy sitting on the park bench. Deciding that classes could wait, she sat down next to him.

"Are you waiting for class to start too?" she leaned in to him (maybe a little too closely) while she asked, trying to start up a conversation.

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Alright, here's my definitely not over-the-top witch gal. She kinda started out as a joke and we're here.

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