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I guess it really isn't that hard though either.

I've been on this site for two years and I haven't written a bio, but I figured it's better late than never :P

I like to play a variety of different characters, but most tend to be humans in a modern setting. I feel like I tend to relate better if they're human, and I like roleplay plots that center more around the characters themselves and character development, versus magic or some "quest" going on.

My favorite genres are modern, slice of life, horror, and a good helping of romance on the side. However, I dislike 1x1 roleplays and like for romance to be a casual side plot rather than the center of the roleplay.

I enjoy characters with unusual personalities, but are fairly normal and well adjusted. They don't need pages of backstory or personality, they just need to sound believable to me.

I started roleplaying online about 7 years ago, and I was doing tabletop roleplaying a few years before that. I still actively participate in table top games, and my interest in roleplaying online waxes and wanes.

I like to write a lot, but I find the standards in a lot of advanced roleplaying sections to be rather intimidating, so I stick to casual or free roleplays.

I (like many other people on this site), think wayy too much about their characters and their backstories. I really hope to animate one day or get my characters out to the world in a more professional way, but for now I enjoy roleplaying them and seeing how they change and develop.

Thanks for reading :)

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Someplace to reliably access complete, finished character forms for my own convenience.

Primary Characters

  • Damien Chattaway
  • Suspiria Plasket
  • Haireth Chattaway

Secondary Characters

  • Annika Sawyer
  • Simeon Floyd
  • Koyei Barnes

Background Characters

  • Hiroshi Nakamada
  • Rien Morrels
  • Videl Cethin
  • Virtue

Sorry for taking so long!! My form is finally finished now lol
I'll be making a character for this roleplay shortly
@Penseel Oh No! you didn't spell my username right so I never got the message, but I would love to participate in the roleplay if you're still planning on doing it!

In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sorry this took so long! I have the form for my character done. I'm considering making another one, but I'll see how this roleplay is paced before I submit another. I don't have a picture of this character yet, I might end up drawing one if I can't find a suitable one online.

Say no more.
In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm going to have to post my form tomorrow, unfortunately. I was working on the form and I had it in 'edit' mode so i could add bits and pieces throughout the day. I backspaced out of the page on accident for my latest installment, which finished half of the entire form. And all my writing's gone. I don't feel like trying to rewrite everything tonight, but I should have it done tomorrow.
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