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Current Wow, that vacation wasn't...a vacation...
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I'm only working like 16 hours this week as opposed to my usual 29-34 and it feels so weird????
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10 hour customer service shift yesterday kicked mY ASS
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Hey guys! I'm AnaSilan Sunja, you can call me Sun or Silan! I suck at bio's but here we go.

I was a member of Roleplayerguild before that crash or whatever where all our stuff was erased. I've been RPing since I was like...I think about 14 or so.

I love roleplays about Powers or fantasy, as well as Lore and Myth...

Yeah I got nothing, maybe I'll fix this eventually.

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@BrutalBx that's ok hon! I love this RP and I'll be sad to see it close, but I'm glad we were able to spend the time on it together that we did. I hope your inspiration comes back to you, and just shoot me a message when you're ready to start something again! I'm definitely gonna message y'all if I decide to start an RP of my own again <3
*Slides in* L'Shana Tovah you guys! I know it's not your new year but I still wish you all the best and a fresh start!
Hope everyone is still alright!
Just a warning from your friendly neighborhood Western Union kiosk agent: NO charities will ever ask you to send money to a specific person.
@Dirty Pretty Lies Stay safe! I hope it doesn't hit where you are too hard D:
Hope you're all safe what with all the natural disasters that decided to build up at once ✌
I'm so glad I don't have work tomorrow, working the day before labor day is bad enough.
Viola, short but sweet
"I'm sure seeing him will do us both some good," Mordechai spoke with a soft smile as he began to walk with her down the street. He shoved his shaky hands into his pockets, shoulders hunched slightly. "Y'know he somehow kept tabs on me all these years? 'Managed to keep tabs on you through my old contacts,' he said," With a laughed and a shake of his head, Mordechai continued, "Gotta admit; as a Southside kid, knowing an ex-cop used old contacts to keep up on me makes me a little nervous."

He was doing it on purpose, focusing on Beau and his antics; He made sure not to bring up the video. He wasn't going to mention ten years ago, or ask her how she's been doing since then. If he didn't want people asking him about Danny, he had a feeling she didn't want to relive having been shot and carted off to the hospital. Hell, who would?

They were still a minute away from the garage, but he couldn't help feeling better at the mere thought of being able to see Beau again. The man was an anchor for many of the kids- no, adults- of the 2006 Class. The juniors and seniors of that year had already been two of the smallest classes in Edenridge's history. After the shooting...well, the 'Ridge hadn't had such small graduating classes since its founding.

Beau took all those kids under his wing as though they were his own; he made it his duty to teach lessons not only in education, but in life. Mordechai didn't even want to think about what he'd be now without Beau's guidance and attention.

Probably as dead as his brother.
Work is trying to kill me guys DX

I'm gonna write up my post between Decky and Kaitlin now!
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