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semp's one x one search thread


Welcome to my search thread! I'll keep the awkward intro part of the thread short and sweet, and just jump into what I'm looking for. I've been on indefinite hiatus for a couple of months now, but quarantine boredom has driven me out of the woodwork in search of new friends and partners. Please be patient with me and my writing while I shake off the dust :) All 1x1's will be written in PMs. Anyone interested should feel free to shoot me a PM. I don't bite, promise!


As far as post length goes, I'm pretty flexible. All I ask is for a minimum of two paragraphs with something substantial enough to work off of. That being said, I am capable of writing posts with character counts in the thousands. I love world building, character development, and multi-dimensional characters.
tldr; 2+ paragraphs. Casual - Advanced.


One post a week will be enough to keep me happy. Most of the time, I can reply daily or every other day. However, my activity revolves around my schooling, work, and whatever else I've got going on IRL (too much!!) If I don't reply for over a week, feel free to poke me. Posting more than once a week isn't expected, but greatly appreciated. If you need to drop or pause our plot for any reason, let me know!
tldr; 1 post per week minimum.

mature themes

I love love love mature themes. I'll be open with you about themes I do and don't want in the plot, and so should you! Writing is only fun if both of us are enjoying it. And just to be clear, though I have no problem with mature scenes, this is NOT an interest check for smut-centric plots.

character preferences

I can be flexible with gender and orientation, and I expect the same from you. I don't play with or against canon characters.


Although not a dealbreaker, having discord would be very appreciated! I think it's the easiest way to quickly plot and communicate, especially since I'm able to check there more often than here. Also, feel free to let me know on there if you've replied, it'll help me see it quicker.


I understand that a lot of people like romance in their plots, which is fine by me! I just ask that there be a plot besides romance, since otherwise I tend to lose interest, and natural development between the the characters.


If you've made it through all that, kudos and thanks :) let's get into the fun part!
• Cravings are italicized.
• I'm not big on duplicate plots. Most of the time I'll close a plot after I've had enough inquiries, but some times I get more requests than I need before I get the chance to remove the plot. Just as a heads up, if I decline duplicates it's nothing personal!
• Guidelines written in "*" indicate my preference, but are negotiable.

the princess and the lionheart
Medieval + Fantasy | Pairing: MxF | YC: The Princess | Mature Themes: Intimacy, Violence, Angst

kicking and screaming
Futuristic | Pairing: MxM, MxF, or None (Negotiable, but strongly preferred) | YC: Any | Mature Themes: Intimacy, Violence, Language, Angst

If you don't see anything you like, feel free to PM me and we can plot together!

genres and settings

Specific cravings are in pink.
bump! really craving the first two plots :)

» Time: « Early Afternoon
» Place: « The Coffee Pot
» Interactions: « @MsMorningstar

"Wait, really?" Ty couldn't stop the huge grin that split his features, even if he wanted to. The young man bounced on the balls of his feet, not unlike an elated child. "I didn't think that would work." He let her lead the way to their table, grabbing his drink and his bagel.

"Tiberius, but you can feel free to trim it to Ty. It's too pompous, especially for me, anyways." He wasted no time digging into his breakfast, realizing just how much he'd been missing calories that had any kind of nutritional value in the past few days. His tea was still steaming, and although it didn't nearly have as much caffeine as he could get from a Roaring Twenties, but he figured he could use the detox. To be honest, Ty probably wouldn't be surprised if one day he woke up with super powers right out of a teen flick, all thanks to whatever was in those drinks.

"I get you easily could've lied about your favorite drink, or not even followed through on the bet, so thanks for not doing that." Ty's smile was bashful as he chewed on his straw. "I'd imagine your idea of a good lunch break probably isn't dealing with some extravagant customer. Gosh, you probably think I'm a creep. Or one of those guys that hits on anything that looks in their general direction. I swear I'm not. A creep, or hitting on you." Ty shook his head quickly as he clarified, laughing a little. "Just a little too friendly for my own good, I think."

Seemingly unsatisfied with the amount of sugar already in his drink, Ty grabbed two more packs of sugar from the table caddy and dumped them into his tea. He stirred the drink with his chewed on straw, sighing contentedly as he drank it. He couldn't help but laugh at Lizette's speculation. Believe it or not, he didn't normally make bets with his servers. "I actually just moved here, like just this week. My apartment is just down the street from here, and seeing as I can only stand my own mediocre cooking for so long, I think I'll probably be here often. I figured it couldn't hurt to try making some friends and getting to know people around here. It'd be nice to have some familiar faces around here."

» Time: « Early Afternoon
» Place: « Apartment
» Interactions: « None

If it weren't for the knock at the door, Ty probably would've spent the rest of the day painting. Several empty cans of Roaring Twenties were discarded haphazardly around his feet and the wooden stool he sat on. It seemed all rational thought had abandoned his mind for what... the past seven hours? Had it really been that long since he'd set a fresh canvas on his easel? He hadn't thought he'd been painting for that long. With a sigh, Ty peeled himself away from his still unfinished painting, stretching his limbs with various protesting cracks from his joints.

He'd finally finished moving in only two days ago, and exhausted as he was, the skyline of Sol City was just too tempting not to paint. But, he really hadn't expected he'd have gotten so lost in his paints for so long. It was a good thing whatever visitor had dropped by had distracted him just long enough to come out of his mental state of hermitage. Ty wasn't sure he was expecting visitors, though, last time he checked.

The person on the other side of his door was not, in fact, a visitor. It was a rather confused delivery man, holding what seemed to be five crates of Rebellion Energy Drinks.

"Are you uh..." The man peered at the label on one of the packages. "Tiberius Devine?" His words were skeptical, as if he thought he didn't actually exist.

"In the flesh!" Ty aimed a goofy, bashful grin at the postman, looking down at the crates at his feet."Oh sweet! My reds!"

"I'm gonna need a signature for these. The order amount was indicative of a business, but the address was to a residence. Boss man wasn't sure whether it was a commercial delivery or not, so we're just playing it safe. Either way, would hate to leave this much money on an unattended doorstep, in the form of energy drinks or not." He peered around Ty subtly, as if expecting a horde of college students trying to extend their cramming sessions with the help of energy drinks. But no, it was just Ty and his insatiable taste for caffeine and corn syrup. The postman eyed Ty suspiciously, like he expected him to have a secret nutcase side.

"Nah man, no business here. Just figured with the sheer amount of these I drink it's worth buying in bulk. Cheaper that way, y'know?" Ty took the pen from the man's hand and scribbled a signature, before grabbing a couple of crates in his arm and pushing the rest of them through the doorway with his foot. "Thanks for dropping by."

Ty's stomach growled, suddenly hungry despite not making a sound in the past twelve hours. When was the last time Ty had had a meal? For the past couple of days he'd indulged the 'screw it' mentality and had nothing but granola bars and energy drinks to keep him going. He could probably keep it up for another day, but at some point he'd have to go out. Better now than later, he supposed.

» Time: « Early Afternoon
» Place: « The Coffee Pot
» Interactions: « @MsMorningstar

It was warmer than expected, especially in winter. With any luck, Ty hoped, warmer weather would come soon. No matter what he did, he was always cold. Even in summer, in a long sleeved dress shirt and slacks he didn't feel too uncomfortably warm. Inside The Coffee Pot was even warmer, and paired with the smell of coffee and pastries it was heavenly. The line was considerable, seeing as it was peak brunch hours.

Ty glanced at the menu, trying to peer around the shoulder of the annoyingly tall man situated directly in front of him. He didn't often wish he were taller, but he'd rather not flounder to figure out what he wanted to order right at the register. He couldn't see the menu without stepping out of line, and even though he was near the tail end, he didn't want to lose his spot.

By the time he got to the register, he'd only had a couple of seconds to look at the menu, the man in front of him finally out of his way. Shoot. This was exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. Trying to buy some time he did a once over of the cashier, trying to see what he was working with. She had dark curly hair, and black rimmed glasses. He opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by another cashier apparently coming to take over her shift while she took lunch break. Was this perfect timing or what? In Ty's book, it was never too early to make friends, and it seemed like The Coffee Pot would become one of his frequent haunts, seeing as it was only a short walk from his complex. It'd be nice to see a familiar face in the morning.

"How do you feel about bets?" His punctuating grin was childish, almost hopeful. "If I can guess you favorite drink on the menu, how about you take your lunch break with me? If not, you get a ten dollar tip?" He eyed the menu, glad he had some time to figure out what he wanted, instead of looking like a moron. Honestly, he had no clue what kind of drink she'd like. Maybe the one that sounded the most popular? When he figured out what he wanted to order he directed his gaze back to the cashier.

"I'm thinking caramel frappe. If I'm right, I'll have a caffeinated black assam tea with half and half and brown sugar, a bagel breakfast sandwich, and a caramel frappe. And if I'm wrong, I accept my defeat and I'll have the same order, except replace the frappe with a ten dollar tip on the charge. Am I right, or am I right?" He laughed at nothing in particular, clearly not taking himself too seriously.

Found a voice link for Ty, is it ok if I put it in a section under theme songs?
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