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When you have a million RP responsibilities but Netflix decides to release new seasons for all your favorite shows 😫 #whatissleep
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When your best friend abandons you to go on vacation and now you have nobody to pester for 2 weeks 😭💔💔


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Interacting With: Cousin Theo @spooner, Darling Didi @Aewin, Marvelous Michel @Altered Tundra

A warm bath, a dozen strawberries and a bottle of pink moscato later, Charlotte was in peak tipsy condition. When you were 5’2” and light as a feather, your alcohol tolerance was definitely less than that of your peers. But heartbreak had a funny way of changing people, and Lottie had downed most of the bottle of wine Rachel had given her like it was a fucking Capri Sun in a sweltering summer day. The end result was something out of a YouTube challenge: with the slightly intoxicated blonde struggling to complete the most menial of tasks, stumbling upon invisible objects and non-stop giggling all the while. Picking an outfit made her giggle like she’d been listening to a good joke, and the makeup application had her laughing as if she was being tickled every few minutes. What normally would have taken an hour and a half to complete turned into three, and by the time Lottie was ready for the bonfire, it had long since started.

The afternoon had given way to dusk, with the moon shining brightly across a star-studded, clear night sky. She could feel the chill of the salty ocean breeze on her bare back, letting way for goosebumps to cover the rest of the exposed skin. Her legs and feet were spared the cold thanks to her frayed, light wash skinny jeans and trusty pair of Adidas sneakers, but not her upper torso. Was the backless, deep V-neck, silver sequin top a little too revealing? Her father and Luca would certainly think so. But, hey! Father Dearest was thousands of miles away, Luca was no longer in the picture, and Lottie was feeling fucking rebellious. How else was she supposed to snag herself a new guy to mess around with at a place like this? By covering up like she lived right in the middle of Amish county? Not in a million years. The revealing, risqué top was sure to produce the desired results in the end: Lottie was sure of it.

It was easy enough to find the location of the bonfire: just follow the raging music and find the crowd. The short blonde soon found herself right in the middle of the action, and she took a few minutes to drink in the scene and dance along to the blasting music before heading to the VIP area. Her brown eyes scanned the significantly less crowded location, and it wasn’t long until they fell on the face of a tall, handsome, wild-haired young man sitting at the bar.

“Theoooooooooooo~!” the short girl cried out, running to her big cousin, plopping herself in his lap. “I’ve missed you, T! How are you?” she told him a little more loudly than she normally would, her words slurring a little.

Her alcohol-contaminated brain was giving her tunnel vision, and it was taking more than the usual few seconds to process her surroundings. That’s why it was some time later that she finally noticed the other two people in her immediate vicinity. But as soon as she did and put a name to the faces, Charlotte had jumped up from Theo’s lap and was letting out an excited squeal.

“Indiiiiieeeeee~! Micheeeeeellllll~! Man, it’s so good to see both of you again! I can’t wait to be in the middle of this sex sandwich again!” she blurted out excitedly, wrapping one of her slender arms around each of her friends and bringing them together for a tight group hug.
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Hello all! Due to a heartbreaking and #tragic decrease in my group RPs, I'm currently on the lookout for a few 1x1 partners to fill the void! Preferences are listed below:

🎀 18+ partners
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🎀 Keeping the focus on the main pairing, and only occasionally adding npc's (I don't double, sorry.)
🎀 1 post a week minimum (the most I'll go without replying lately is 10 days, so I'll expect the same!)
🎀 For the RP to happen through G-Docs, with any OOC talk happening on discord. This is the easiest way for me to write and keep up with my partners and roleplays. I can consider PMs, but the response time between posts will likely be longer.
🎀 Romance RPs set in modern times, with the right amount of smut, toxicity, angst and vanilla.
🎀 Real-life face claims that are fitting to the age range we select.
🎀 High casual writing level.
🎀 An active participant in building and moving the plot forward.

If interested, please send a PM my way to discuss any plot or pairing ideas. I might ask for a writing sample or look through your posting history to check for compatibility (feel free to ask me for or do the same with me!), so I apologize in advance for any declines.

Looking forward to hearing from you all! ❤

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A @Dirty Pretty Lies & @TootsiePop Collab
Featuring: Aleyda Westwood & Benjamin Webb
Location: The ledge of the stairs that lead to the school’s rooftop


"...Shit's bad?"

The sound of a masculine voice echoing across the landing and the narrow stairway underneath was the last thing Aleyda expected to hear while feeling sorry for herself. It caused the panicked young woman to jump up from her seating position on the floor, her heart thumping wildly against her chest. Dread at who had caught her in such a vulnerable state opened up an endless pit in her stomach, but when she turned in the direction of the voice and realized who it was, the brunette let out an audible sigh of relief.

Benjamin Webb was not known for his friendliness. His teachers had briefed Ley on his learning disabilities and limited social skills, and warned her to not take any detached or guarded behavior towards her personally. After that, she'd come into the tutoring session expecting to be put off by some big brute that she would undoubtedly end up having to put in his place. What she was not expecting was to meet the sweetest, most gentlest teddy bear of a man in all of Beverly Hills High. Their time together was a breeze, and the young woman would be lying if she said she didn't look forward to seeing him around.

“Hey, B,” Ley greeted somewhat awkwardly after her overreaction, praying her makeup hadn’t suffered any damage after her moment of weakness. “Eh, it’s nothing to worry about-- really. Something really fucking stupid happened and I was overreacting to it. To quote a famous little lady from Vine: I’m a bad bitch: you can’t kill me. And it’ll take a whole lot more than what’s happened to bring me down,” she replied confidently, allowing herself a laugh before shifting the conversation away from herself. “What about you, big guy? Anything new going on? How’d that test I helped you with go?”

“I got a C.” Benji genuinely smiled at her, proud of his grade which was a vast improvement from an F.

Aleyda grinned widely and clapped her hands together in delight. “See? I knew you could do it! A little faith in yourself can do wonders.”

He showed a kindness that only he was capable of displaying. A foolhardy, lovable display of affection. Reckless and full of optimism, like he’d follow someone blindly just because he had faith in them and saw more to the person than they did for themselves. There had been times he did see Aleyda snap in the halls but that never changed his perception of her. Her flaws were entirely invisible to his gaze. He was like a harbor in a storm. Most people appreciated that.

Behind his largeness was fluff and it was undeniable that Benjamin was an absolute teddy bear. Once you saw his eyes, you knew he wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly. They looked too tender for that and fortunately for him, the Viper didn’t view him as a threat or as someone she should pierce her poisonous teeth in. He seemed too kind for that. Still, his size made him big enough to intimidate anyone at this school, if he wanted to. He could put anyone in their place no matter where they stood on the ladder, if he wanted to. But that was the thing, he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to be noticed, seen, or even heard. He liked that he went unnoticed. It was safer that way for him and for everyone else.

“Aside from that, my brother’s been coming to the gym more! He’s really challenging himself and it’s great. I like having his company.” He scratched his head, not knowing if there was anything new that he would remember to mention. He wasn’t the brightest and at the moment he could only think about his brother, so that was the best reply he could give. His blue-gray eyes focused in on Ley’s soft-looking face and his train of thought turned back to the tears he had seen earlier.

Changing the subject, abruptly, he took a step closer to her and opened his arms, “Want a hug?” Hugs felt good and it usually made him feel better when his mom did it. She understood his need to express his emotions, his father, on the other hand, not so much. Usually, if Benji showed any signs of distressed his father would toss a comic book at him to make him feel better rather than ask him what’s wrong. The big guy hoped he could make her feel better. What better way than to give a hug? If it doesn’t work, at least he tried.

When he offered her a hug, Aleyda froze on the spot. It wasn't out of disgust or repulsion like you would expect from the snobby, bitchy cheerleader- but more so out of a place of sheer surprise. The fact that the young man trusted her enough to allow any physical contact between them filled Ley with a sense of happiness and excitement she couldn't even begin to put into words.

"A hug? From you? I would be honored," she replied softly, offering Benji a kind smile before jumping straight into his open arms with a loud giggle, wrapping her own around his broad, towering figure. The large size that would usually be cause for intimidation brought upon Aleyda a sense of comfort and security. Whatever sadness she felt evaporated on the spot, replaced by a warmth and softness she hadn't experienced before. Her past contact with men was limited to whatever would lead up to sex- never just for plain comfort. It was definitely a nice change of scenario.

The brunette let their embrace last for the longest time, relishing in the sweet feelings he was gifting her with. To her favor, he didn’t pull away. Taking in her delicate body, so close to his, he found himself being comforted as well - of all anxiety he had moments before, when he felt the urge to run away. His mind focused on her, as he kept his gaze downcast on her dark, well kept hair and her squishy and coconut-scented face, to see any signs of discomfort. Hugs were such a simple gesture and yet it gave the gentle giant appreciative warmth and a moment away from it all. Away from the chaos that was their school.

Eventually, she pulled away just enough to peer at his handsome face. "You're an absolute angel, did you know that?" Ley cooed, pressing her nose to his for a quick eskimo kiss.

He kept silent, continuing to deeply stare at her as they rubbed their noses together. Eyes that seemed completely and utterly focused on her. While she might be the embodiment of fire, he was cold ice on a summer's day, refreshing and cooling. He had a nice calm about him, even if internally he was going through phrases, words, adjectives to say back to her. He didn’t know how to reply to her compliment. It wasn’t something he was used to and made his stomach feel funny. He wanted to sound eloquent and not dumb. Suave and charming. A wordsmith that had a gift of making her smile. What even was the right way to respond?

The right words.

What were the right words?

Absentmindedly, his right hand gently rubbed her arm. He gave a cheesy grin, “I guess we’re both in heaven then because if I’m an angel, you’re a goddess.” Winking at his friend, the brute’s smile went wider. He was being hella’ dorky and now that he was playing back his words, he sounded dumb. Real dumb. (Well, he might as well commit. There was no turning back now).

Aleyda's laugh filled the room, echoing across the concrete walls. "A goddess?" she repeated with fake yet playful surprise. "Well, shit. If we're playing deities, I want us to be Greek. I'll be your Aphrodite if you'll be my Ares," Ley teased, matching Benji's dorkiness with her own and winking right back at him. She wasn't sure that gentle, pacifist Benji and the God of War had anything in common, but the young woman could only assume they were probably the same size. Whatever.

The sound of their shared laughter filled the room again, eventually fading away and leaving the pair in content silence. It was then when Aleyda looked into Benji’s eyes for the first time that day- and suddenly felt her breath get caught up in her throat. There was something about that pair of blue-gray eyes staring straight into the depths of her bare soul that captivated the young woman, taking her heart and thoughts hostage. A strange electricity rippled through the air, while an undeniable magnetism pulled their faces slowly closer together. Before she knew it, Ley could feel her friend’s breath on her lips now: warm and minty and tempting and kissable and inviting as hell-

“That’s some of the gayest shit I’ve heard all morning.”

Aleyda jumped in surprise, her head whipping in the direction of the intruder. Meanwhile Benjamin turned his head to look over his right shoulder, to see what was behind him, locking eyes with one of the ‘witches’: the green-haired one. Their group recently disbanded (sorta) because their fearless leader, Dahlia Rothstein, was forced to move to NYC with her father, while her mother traveled for choreography gigs. A sad turn of events for a strong trio that didn’t care about how the school thought about them.

Now the group was one goth girl (Iris) and a tiny, walking pastel doll (Ana), which wasn’t the same as ‘the power of three’ they had going for them. With the Wiccan witch out of the picture, they were just dark magic and flower power - polar opposites. Hardly balanced. One liked curses and the other spread kindness. At least, the love was still there.

Both girls didn’t like being in the public eye, like the school halls, without Gia. Honestly, without their strong, confidant friend to look up to, they were lost. Ana because she was socially inept, like dear Benji here, and Iris because she had a resting bitch face and seemed to hate the majority of her peers. Unfortunately for Iris, she promised Gia she’d protect the littlest one, and even if things weren’t the same since she left, the black witch would try her best to swerve Anastasia away from the bad influences on campus.

Iris Snyder dully blinked at the awkward couple, blocking the pathway to the roof, as she held onto her cup of soulless coffee. Bitter and dark, like her. She had walked in at a most unfortunate time, hearing that Greek mythology was being used as a flirting tactic, which made her cringe. She had personal feelings for that particular mythos seeing how she and her siblings were named after some of the more memorable beings: Aries, Athena, Iris, and Hercules. Lifting up her blood red travel mug to her lips, she took a deep sip, before adding, “Are you two going to kiss or can I get through?”

After turning beet red, the muscley recluse pulled away from his friend, clearing his throat, “K-kiss? What?” Malfunctioning on the inside, Benji quickly dismissed himself, “I, uh, will see you later, Aleyda…” With that, Benjamin retreated, throwing his hoodie on and letting his feet lead him to homeroom.

Meanwhile, Aleyda was left with the rest of the girls, positively seething. Her hands immediately jumped to the sides of her head, roughly massaging her temples to bite her sharp tongue and keep the reins on that quick temper of hers that was so close to bubbling over. But, as expected, the feeble attempt was cut short before any real effect could take place when Iris spoke again.

“You two looked like you wanted to devour each other. like death devours those cooked by old age. And well, those half-cooked and raw. Death eats everyone.” For a moment, Iris started trailing into her own thoughts, before getting back on track, “As fan-fucking-tastic as that would’ve been to watch, I got fancy toast waiting for me.”

As harmless as the green-haired girl’s words had been, they had the same effect as lighting a match and dropping it on a puddle of gasoline. Her usual impulsive behavior took over, and Aleyda was suddenly reaching for Iris. She forcefully grabbed the girl’s arm, digging her nails into her skin a little while consequently letting the travel mug to fall to the floor with a loud clatter. Escúchame bien, pinche morra estúpida: the next time you embarrass that boy like that again, you better make sure you buy some good foundation and concealer afterwards. You’ll need it to cover up the gashes I’ll put across your fucking face,” she growled, raising her free hand up to the other girl’s face to give her a quick glance of her razor-sharp acrylic stiletto nails before ultimately letting her go. “We good?”

Whether Iris was indeed good with this or not, Ley would never know, because by the time the shorter girl could speak the Mexican girl had stormed off, and the door to the ceiling’s staircase was being slammed shut.

Location: Rec Room ----> Boys’ Cabin
Interacting With: Emmett @TootsiePop, Oliver @smarty0114, Matthew and CR @Hey Im Jordan


It had all started two weeks ago, back in the suburbs of Palm Beach, Florida. The clique of troublemakers from King’s Academy called The Misfits had decided to celebrate the end of another academic year with a little get-together the night school let out. They’d ordered some pizza, fooled around the jacuzzi and raided the liquor cabinet, eventually getting brave and tipsy and deciding to play a few rounds of Truth Or Dare. With each round passed the dares got bigger and bolder… Until their host Sonny Drake was caught mid-dare throwing eggs at a cop car near the Crown Heights’ Police Station. Because there was video evidence of the event and it was his third strike, Sonny was referred to juvenile court, where he entered a plea agreement to spend three weeks in juvie and four more weeks of community service… Not to mention how his parents had vowed he’d be grounded for the rest of the summer, too.

Just like that, Marisol’s dreams of a fun-filled vacation were gone. Kavan and Kavi’s parents had pretty much banned them from hanging out with the remaining Misfits, and Archer was dead-set in his suggestion that maybe the best thing he and Mari could do was get away from Palms for a few weeks. After much deliberation and talking to their parents, the best friend duo had been signed up to attend Camp Red Arrow for part of the summer. They had arrived at their Colorado haven a few hours previously, and Marisol had been able to take dibs on the bottom bunk closest to the girls’ cabin door (fast and easy escape route) before she and Archer met again at the rec room the introduction speech that had left her outraged to hell.

"This is bullshit!” Marisol cried out as soon as she walked through the doors of the rec room, kicking at a small rock nearby. When the counselor had said in his speech that they’d be stuck there for at least three months, the young woman had choked on a piece of gum she’d been chewing. In her numerous conversations with her parents about Camp Red Arrow had the words “three months” ever been mentioned. A few weeks? Yes. But months. Mari wouldn’t have agreed to that in a million years. Three months?! Are they fucking stupid, or what? We start classes mid-August, and there is no way in hell my parents did ship us here for three months! Maaaaybe one and a half-- and that’s pushing it. And even if it is that long, I don't know if I'll make it without a drop of saltwater in my body! Like, fuck! Who in their right mind would spend their summer in the fucking mountains instead of the beach?! Fucking hermits: that's who. And are we hermits? Fuck no!" Marisol’s words came fast, agitated, rising and falling in pitch: the clear sign that her anxiety was kicking in.

Archer had been uncharacteristically quiet during the whole speech in the rec room. With every point that the counselor had spouted the wavy haired boy had become more and more annoyed. He had actually thought that Marisol had made some research on where they were spending their summer. “Well…” he began, copying his friend in kicking at the gravel on the ground. “Did you really not check anything when your dad sent you here?” the young man asked as he tried to hide the annoyance in his voice.

Mari glared at her best friend. No. He gave me the rundown and I trusted his judgement. Guess I should have done my research, huh?” she grumbled, kicking a larger pebble against a nearby tree before rummaging in her pocket for another piece of gum.

“This is some bullshit though…. I really have to sleep in a cabin with kids I don’t know? In bunk beds?!” he lamented, digging in his pockets for his cigarettes while his small friend popped the peppermint-flavored gum pieces into her mouth and began to chew. He shakily lit one of them, took a long drag and exhaled a cloud of nicotine-scented smoke, staring towards the other campers heading to the cabins. “You think we can pull of sleeping outside?” he asked, chuckling sarcastically.

The pint-sized girl joined in, shaking her head while an amused smile still lingered on her face. “Oh, I’m sure we can. These people don’t seem to give a flying fuck about what we do or not. And even if they did care-- so what? They’ll send us back home to our mansions and beaches? Boo-fucking-hoo,” Mari replied in the same sarcastic tone as Archer, pouting and making a mocking crying motion with her hands.

“I guess you’re right…” Archer sighed as they continued on the path that led to the cabins. “We should probably make the best of this, huh?” he said making a face as he took in the scenery. “It’s just so… different,” he muttered, hiking his duffle bag up onto his shoulder. “Then again… that is what I wanted...” Archer said quietly, eyeing his friend from the corner of his eye. He still hadn’t told his best friend about the incident yet. There really wasn’t a good time to say ‘Hey, I tried to kill myself 2 weeks ago’, was there?

Different is being generous… Fucking weird is more like it,” she shot back, looking around at the nearby lake and sea of trees stretching in front of them. The brunette soon felt a pang in her chest: she was already missing the white sands, crystalline waters and ocean blues from her Florida home.

The boy just shrugged as they continued on towards what apparently was the Boys cabin. The door stood open, allowing Archer to peer in before going inside. He quickly turned back to Marisol, giving her a skeptical grimace. “Weird is the right word for sure...” he said, slowly making his way inside while the green-eyed girl remained perched on the doorway.

“Sup’, dudes?” he said to the room as a whole quickly claiming the bottom bunk in the farthest corner of the cabin. “I’m Archer and the little girl with a permanent frown plastered on her face is Marisol.” he said jerking his head to Mari still in the doorway.`

The short brunette could only smirk and shake her head at Archer. He was always the best person to introduce her to people they didn’t know. “Fuck you,” she whispered in the tall boy’s ear, playfully elbowing him in the ribs before turning her piercing gaze to her friend’s roommates for the summer.

Marisol’s green eyes scanned each of the boys’ faces, her brain immediately jumping into her favorite pastimes: judging people by first impressions only. She quickly recognized the boy closest to her as the overly-enthusiastic one from back the rec room. The one at the far end of the room standing opposite from Archer immediately rubbed her the wrong way, giving her vibes of that one insufferable snitch character Randall from the cartoon Recess. The other one was cute, and reminded Mari of that one actor who played Spiderman in the latest movie adaptation. And then there was the tallest and probably most attractive one of all; whose dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and wide grin made him look like a spitting image of Archer’s cousin Max Wallenberg back in Florida. But it wasn’t his looks what caught the brunette’s attention… It was the contents of the ziplock bag and glass bong in his large hands.

Oh my God! Is that- ?!” Mari cried out, stomping into the room and staring at the items in the look alike Max’s hands as if she’d finally found the solution to all her life problems. “Holy shit, dude: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! You’re my fucking hero!”

Archer looked up from digging in his bag when he was offered over the bong. “Oh. Nah, man. Thanks. Maybe later,” he smiled sheepishly at the larger guy. “But as you can see my friend here really needs a hit.” he said, standing up and hiding the pill bottle he had gotten from his bag inside his pocket. “I’ll be right back, I need to try and contact my mom and let her know we’re alive.” Archer lied.

“Can you call my dad too while you’re at it? Tell him the plane didn’t fucking crash or blow up and we’re not charred pieces of flesh and bone being devoured by sharks in the middle of the open ocean,” she teased, letting out a loud cackle of laughter at her morbid remark.

He rolled his eyes “Sure. I mean, if i can get service out here in the first place...” he said, shaking his phone at Mari and walking in the direction of the door. “Try not to scar them too much physically or mentally while I’m out, k?” he whispered to his best friend as he passed her on his way out.

“No promises!” Mari called out after him with a mischievous smile, watching Archer venture out into the wilderness without her.

Party girls don't get hurt
Can't feel anything, when will I learn?
I push it down, push it down
I'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry

In the early hours of the morning, Aleyda Westwood quietly sat in the landing of the stairs that led to the school’s rooftop, unable to stop wondering when exactly things in her life had started to go to shit.

For the last two and a half years, there had been no shortage of men to occupy her time with. It had all started with Damian O’Connor back in freshman year, when they made a promise to always be each other’s back-ups when things went south with whoever they were trying to get with. Then it had been Lucky Cross, with a chance encounter at the Combat Club that had led into a successful friends with benefits arrangement. Her occasional fondness for molly had led her to Hyde, who did with her body as he pleased whenever she was unable to come up with the right kind of payment to cover the cost of her expenses. This form of payment was also accepted by Mitch-- a begrudging but necessary sacrifice done for the sake of her GPA. And of course, there had been the occasional one night stands: Nero Frost and Shawna Flynn among those privileged enough to roll between the sheets with her.

What did most of these individuals have in common, you might ask? They were in relationships or in flirtationships… Just not with her.

To her horror and dismay, Damien and Lucky had become taken men at the beginning of the year, and had consequently ended their respective liaisons with Aleyda. The dreams of retaliation were always present in the back of Ley’s head. They ate at the Latina whenever she saw Joy Darling, Fawn Woods, or even Jasmine Fulton (the girl Ley suspected was behind Hyde’s recent mood improvement lately) strutting around the school with the rosy cheeks and telling smiles of blooming romances. But what would be the point of that? What would it prove, exactly? It’s not like Ley was in love with any of the boys she’d slept with-- God forbid she ever did, for that matter. They’d certainly been fulfilling distractions and fun to be around in her times of need, but that was it.

The stab at her ego, however, was immeasurable.

What did any of those girls had that Aleyda didn’t? It couldn’t be money, because the Westwoods weren’t short on wealth. It wasn’t looks, because she sure as hell had that in the bag. Brains, maybe? She wasn’t a genius by any means, but she definitely was above average in the subjects that mattered. Was she just too bold, too loud, too outspoken? Too ambitious, too confrontational, too arrogant? Or maybe she wasn’t soft enough, sweet enough, complacent enough? Whatever she was or wasn’t had been the only though swirling in her mind for the better part of the last few weeks.

“Fuck this shit!” Ley cursed under her breath, throwing a pebble that she'd grabbed from nearby in frustration and watching it bounce off the wall in front of her. She was tired of overthinking; tired of feeling like she wasn’t enough or worthy of romantic attention. Before she realized it, tears pooled in her brown eyes and ran down her cheeks, which she hurriedly wiped away. She’d be damned before she let any of these people see her cry.


The decision to take the party up to Max’s bedroom was by far the best idea the ex-lovers had had in awhile. They’d spent the night catching up between the sheets, making the most out of what was probably going to be the last time they’d ever be together. By the time Sunday morning came around, they’d been absolutely worn out and right in the middle of a deep sleep when the youngest Wallenberg suddenly burst into her older brother’s room.

"Jesus, Max! Who was the loud slut that kept me up last ni- Kellie?!” Agnes has cried out in disbelief, eyes wide in recognition of the sleepy, shirtless, messy-haired girl rising from under the covers. Seriously, Kel? After everything we talked about? I thought you guys were over for good!”

Max and Kellie exchanged panicked looks, hoping to come up with a plausible explanation for their compromising position when Elin Wallenberg strutted into her baby brother’s room. The oldest daughter had come back to spend some time with her family after being away at college for months-- and of course she had to arrive in the most unfortunate moment. After an embarrassing attempt at conversation, Max’s sisters left the room, graciously allowing them the chance to get dressed and attempt their quick, undetected escape. But just as they were rounding the kitchen corner to reach the house’s back door, the couple stumbled head-first into a confused Alice Wallenberg carrying the last plates to the dining room... Which lead to what was probably the most awkward breakfast the Kellie Anne had ever shared with the Wallenberg family.

The dancer finally made it home in the early hours of the afternoon, and quickly buried herself in the mountain of homework that had accumulated throughout the past week. During all this time, her phone had been forgotten underneath her Halloween costume at the bottom of one of Agnes’ old backpacks. It was only after she was getting ready for bed that she remembered the powerless device needed charging, and as soon as she turned it on, a stream of text messages from Shawna popped up on the screen. For the longest time, Kellie simply stared at her phone, feeling the guilt bubbling up in the pit of her stomach and asking herself whether it was a good idea to simply come clean about what had happened. After all, it’s not like what she and Shawna had was anything more than two friends exploring their sexuality with each other. But at the same time, the last thing Kel wanted was to hurt her new friend, so she opted to simply send her a sweet little message before bed and worry about everything else later.

That Monday morning had started out as a regular one for Kellie Anne. She arrived at school on time, was greeted by Molly Davis handing her a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks, made it to homeroom with time to spare, and attended all her classes as per usual (low-key avoiding Shawna along the way). It was at the start of her lunch period when the young woman’s phone vibrated inside her pocket, and the text message she read had her mood shifting from cheerful to pissed in record time.

Hey. So, uh.. is it true, about you and Wallenberg? G told me. Was just wondering if it was fr or not.

Kellie didn’t even bother with a reply. Fuming, she stuffed her phone inside the pocket of her skirt and stormed in the direction of the cafeteria. There was only one person whose name started with a “G” that had any reason to spread rumors about her, and who had everything to gain from them. Probably the same G-named person she’d seen messing around with Max in the pier a few weeks ago, too… But if there was one thing that Kel was certain of, it was that it was time to face the root of the problem head-on.

The young woman’s brown eyes scanned the area and quickly lit up in annoyance at the sight of the girl in question occupying one of the tables in the cafeteria. Hands balled into fists, Kellie made a beeline for the table and eventually slammed her belongings on top of it, effectively imposing herself and interrupting any conversation between her fellow classmates.

“You’re Georgia Fielders, right?” she asked the brunette, plopping down on the seat right in front of her and staring daggers at the other girl while effectively ignoring the boy joining them at the table. “I'm Kellie Anne Nicholson- though I'm pretty sure you know this already. I heard you like to throw my name around quite a lot, actually. Any particular reason why?”

Damn, it sure felt nice when things went well for a change.

Ever since their talk at the party, it was very obvious that Santiago was trying his hardest to become a better… whatever he was to April. They’d spent the rest of the night and all day Sunday hanging out at her place, and he’d even felt cheerful enough to make breakfast for his beloved on Monday morning. Although he would never openly admit it to everyone, the Devil of Crown Heights definitely felt that what had happened over the weekend was necessary for things between he and April to move forward. There was definitely a positive change in the way they treated each other, and the young man hoped that this was the start of what could lead to a proper relationship between them. Their hardest attempt was the least their unborn child deserved.

After his breakfast with April, Santiago went back home to get ready for the school day, and made it to King’s Academy in record time. Although the teachers of his missed classes were less than pleased with him, a quick explanation of his situation (along with April’s ultrasound photos of the last appointment) was enough to have them apologizing and offering support in any way possible. The rest of his morning classes went by as per usual, and before he knew it, lunchtime was here. When his eyes fell on the empty chair at their usual table, Diablo cursed under his breath. With the reconciliation between him and his baby mama happening during the weekend, he'd completely forgotten what an asshole he'd been to the one friend who'd stood by him through thick and thin. If anyone besides April deserved an apology for his dickish behavior, it was Max.

Deciding he'd put it off long enough, Santiago began to search for Max around the school. He checked the gym and locker rooms to no success, but when he eventually found his blond-haired friend in the lacrosse field with the rest of the team, he stumbled on what looked like a heated argument between the captain and none other than Sawyer Lockwood. Diablo knew his friends well enough to tell when they were getting seriously pissed off; and he could see the signs flash in front of him like headlights in the night. Max had that telling throb in the vein of his right temple, Sawyer's ears were red, and they both looked ready to throw hands.

Before things could get physical, Santiago jumped in. “Why don’t we all just take a breather and revisit the topic when cooler heads prevail?” he told his friends, cautiously standing between them and extending his arms to keep them apart.
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