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Hi there! Thanks for showing interest in joining the party lol. The posting rules for this roleplay have changed since the day I put out the OOC nearly a year ago lol, so I'd like to run them by you before you decide to commit to joining us (I'm kind of a hardass with them, as the longtime players on here will tell you 😂). Whenever you have a chance feel free to add me on discord (Angie#0318) so I can send you the stuff!

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The rest of the impromptu lunch-time three-way went pretty well. The two veterans of King’s Academy offered as many tips and tricks as they could to the newest California transplant, and shared contact info. After that, Sunshine departed to attend to other business. Shawna and Kellie, meanwhile, had subtly decided that maybe they should have a discussion about where things stood after yesterday and the conversation at the table.

They needed somewhere quiet, somewhere that was sparsely attended by the students of the school. A place where they could have serious talks and know it wouldn’t be entering the gossip sphere immediately. Luckily, Shawna’s previous years of isolation were spent in the perfect place for such things.

The two grabbed the remaining pieces of their lunches, Shawna stashing her remaining cupcakes in her locker and grabbing Pepsi money for Kellie en route to the classics section of the library. There were a few tables for studying the old tomes, but they were never used for such purposes. At least not as far as the former honor student knew. So it would be perfect.

As the two sat down next to each other in between the works of the masters of Greek tragedy and people who wish they were said masters, Shawna took the unusual move of engaging in conversation first. “Hey,” she started. “So I’m sorry if inviting Sunshine to the table was out of line or anything. I just felt sorry for her, being that lone student without a chair. I know that feeling. It sucks. But I should have asked if that was all right.”

Kellie Anne waved a dismissive hand. “You’re fine, sweetie!” she said softly, placing her hand on top of Shawna’s and letting her thumb softly graze the back of it. “I didn’t mind in the slightest. Don’t forget that four years ago I was the new student here too.”

The feeling of Kellie Anne’s hand on her own was producing that kind of electric feel that was still new to Shawna but was oh so intoxicating. Better than the drugs she had been turning too, better than the sugar rushes and the enveloping warmths. It was so good. She wanted more. But the question was, were the desires mutual?

Shawna coughed slightly. “I’m glad. I’m glad, she seems like a good person. I mean, first impressions are everything so far, but I think she’ll be a solid friend.” She smiled up at the dancer in front of her. “So... um… Sunday. That…” She was struggling. “That was… awesome. And wonderful. And I want to do it again. With you. I mean… if that’s all right. I mean…” This was completely foreign ground for her, and while usually good with her words, she was almost flustered trying to figure out how to proceed. “Um… I’m sorry. I’ve… um… I’ve never done this sort of thing.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never done this sort of thing either,” Kellie admitted with a laugh, resting her head on Shawna’s shoulder. “I mean, obviously I know how to kiss and stuff, but I’ve never been with a girl bef- actually, that’s not entirely true, but that’s a story for another day!” she confessed, giggling for a few seconds.

As the other girl’s head hit her shoulder, the feelings continued to well up in Shawna. It just felt good to have that kind of contact with someone, anyone. She wanted to make sure there was more of it. She moved her hand up to pat Kellie’s head, almost reassuring herself as much as her … dare she say it?

“You’re a world ahead of me, Kellie,” Shawna told the dancer. “And I want you to show me that world… as your girlfriend. I mean, if that’s cool with you. It’s totally cool with me. And like we don’t even have to do that, we can just take it slow and I dunno…”

When Shawna dropped the word ‘girlfriend’, Kellie Anne froze on the spot, body quickly stiffening. Although she’d never been one to shy away from anything related to feelings, things between the two girls were certainly going too fast. Yes, they had spent the better part of Sunday afternoon baring their souls to each other and kissing. But to go from a kiss to throwing the world ‘girlfriend’ around was a whole different scenario… And something the dancer wasn’t ready for just yet.

“It’s not that I don’t want to...” Kellie trailed off uncomfortably, looking down as she placed her hands in her lap. She was silent for a few seconds, trying to find the right words to explain her predicament without hurting Shawna’s feelings. Finally, she cleared her throat and continued. “It’s just- I’m still hung up on Max. As much as it sucks to admit it, I still carry around all these feelings for him, no matter how many times he screws up. I wish I didn’t, but I do. And it wouldn’t be fair to you to rush into something when things are still so raw for me. Shawna, I know we’ve only known each other a day, but I already feel this insane connection with you. I don’t want to rush into anything and ruin the only good thing that seems to be happening to me so far.”

Shawna knew it. She had pushed things too quickly. It was all over that first sentence. How could be she be so stupid? She literally met this girl yesterday! Why the hell did she have to go and throw that label on it so soon? She didn’t even know what she was doing! Asking someone to go steady like that? She wrecked everything!

Then Max’s name came up again. Much like it did in the lunchtime conversation with Sunshine. ‘Of course. Fucking Max. I’m going to hurt that guy so fucking badly.’ And then the hope. The admission of the connection. The way Kellie said Shawna’s name. It wasn’t wrecked. It was just...fragile.

Shawna straightened herself up. “No, of course... I mean, that’s why I said, we don’t have to be rushing into that. We can totally take it slow and yeah, not worry about the whole label thing. Forget I said it! Just the sugar rush talking. But, um, yeah, I mean, we can totally keep things cool for now. Until you’re ready. I can wait. I think you’re worth waiting for, Cupcake.” She rubbed Kellie Anne’s knee as if to try and emphasize just how cool she was with everything, even if she was still kicking herself for bringing it up so clumsily in the first place.

Shawna’s reassurance that things were still fine between them definitely eased Kellie’s conscience, and her decision to wait until she was ready to open herself up to love again warmed her heart in a way she didn’t think possible. After the tragedy that was her failed relationship with Max, the young woman had been convinced that there would never be anyone else. But in less than twenty-four hours, Shawna Josi had proved that there was definitely a light at the end of the tunnel… And Kellie was curious to see what would happen next.

Overwhelmed by hope and affection, the dancer cupped one of Shawna’s cheeks with her hand and locked their lips together in a soft, sweet kiss. She let it go on for what seemed like forever, and it was only when she felt herself losing her breath that Kellie broke away.

“You’re amazing, Wolfie,” Kellie whispered softly, giving Shawna another quick kiss. “I’m lucky to have found you.”

The green-eyed girl did her best to make that kiss last forever. There may not have been icing on their lips but in a way it was almost sweeter. Knowing that there was something there, even after the missteps, it was huge for someone still trying to figure out just how to actually negotiate this whole love thing. Was it love? Shawna wasn’t going to say yet. Not after what happened. Not after they agreed to take it slow. But for someone who hadn’t really experienced it, she had a good idea this was something like it.

“And I’m lucky that fat guy took my bribe. Best $20 I ever spent getting the chance to meet you,” she told Kellie Anne. She returned a quick kiss of her own.

“You make it sound like I’m some kind of celebrity you had to pay to meet!” the shorter girl said with a laugh, letting some content silence linger between them before nudging Shawna with her elbow. “And hey: just because we’re not dating doesn’t mean we can’t have a sequel of Sunday where we just go where life takes us...” Kellie told Shawna, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at her and letting out a flirtatious giggle.

Shawna didn’t have the eyebrow wiggle in her arsenal, but she definitely was picking up on what Kellie was dropping. She giggled in response and rested her elbow on the table, gazing at the dancer. “I would totally be down for another round of something like that,” she confirmed before dropping her arm down to prep for the return of the bad British accent. “Whatevah moy queen deesoires.” She grinned, knowing that Shakespeare himself would have thrown a book at her for that performance. But it didn’t matter to her. Not now. Now in Kellie’s presence.

“You’re an idiot,” Kellie said in between giggles, giving Shawna another deep kiss before wrapping her arms around the girl for a hug.

The Shawna of six months ago would have taken that as a straight-up insult. The Shawna of right now wouldn’t want to be anything but at this moment. She returned the kiss and the hug to her … friend, and she was perfectly content to do so. For now, tragedy had been averted.
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I curse the day that I tasted you
May God forgive me, I don't even wanna see you again
You're a murderer, a devil in a woman's body
A ghost that appears, and doesn’t appear anymore

I won't deny how hot you look
Maybe one day when I'm drunk I'll come back and give it to you again
I really hope we end up like the last time
But that I'll be who makes you fall in love and you won't see me again

Even after the shit storm that was the past weekend, October 8th had started out as a normal one for Santiago Fernandez: with the morning rituals he’d been following since his arrival at Crown Heights three years previously. His alarm clock went off at the designated time of 5:30 AM, he was at the gym by six, back at home at ten past seven, and making himself a protein shake twenty minutes before eight. He continued to go through the motions with his mind racing, and soon found himself arriving at the Wallenberg driveway without any memory of how he’d gotten there in the first place. No matter how hard he tried, or how loud the bass was pumping through the Lambo’s speakers and his own body, there was no shaking off the feeling of dread that plagued Diablo since he’d woken up that morning.

Today, something was going to go completely wrong. He wasn’t sure what or why he was feeling this way, but something deep down in his recovering gut told him his day would go to shit before it really had a chance to start.

Inside of the Wallenberg home the family were finishing up with breakfast when the loud music filtered through the windows of their dining room. “What is that?” Alice asked looking at her children quizzically.

“Judging by the latin flavor… it’s Max’s cult leader.” Astrid said dryly rolling her eyes as she slung her backpack over her shoulders. Their father just laughed loudly as Max shot his sister a frown before jumping up out of his seat grabbing his stuff in the hallway.

“Maybe Astrid can catch a ride with you boys?” Magnus asked as he straightened his tie in the full body mirror beside the front door.

His sister let out an ironic laugh. “I’d rather choke on a chainsaw than step in to that deathtrap.” she exclaimed flipping her hair as she finished tying her shoes.“No, the bus is fine! I’ll see you later,” she reached up and gave her father a kiss on the cheek. “Try not to fail today, brother,” she patted Max on the shoulder before skipping out of the front door.

The two Wallenberg men stepped out at the same time sporting identical wide smiles as they approached the shiny Lamborghini. “Hola Santiago! How are you my boy?!” Magnus exclaimed after the music was turned off.

“Hey, Mr. Wallenberg,” Santiago said politely, waving and grinning at the older version of his best friend. “Doing good, sir. Hope you are as well.”

Max couldn’t help but burst out laughing at his father's attempt at Spanish as he rounded the car and opened the passenger door getting in. “See you later, Dad!”

Once Max had occupied the seat next to him, Diablo offered a parting wave to Magnus before rolling his window back up, turning up the volume, backing out of the driveway and speeding away.

“Hey, man, how are you holding up after last night?” Santiago asked in a lame effort to make conversation, briefly patting his friend in the back. “I was so fucking hungover… Gym practice was a bitch this morning.”

Max was still chuckling in the seat as they were zooming down the street. “Nah man I was fine! I went for a run last night and I think that zeroed me out.” he shrugged before shooting a nervous look at his friend. “What...uh. How are you doing… you know...considering?” he asked clearing his throat.

“Oh… That...” the Latino answered, a slight hesitation in his voice as his grip on the steering wheel suddenly tensed up. “I mean, I guess I’m okay? I haven’t talked to Lils since she told me at Homecoming. I know ignoring her is a dick move, but I just needed some space to wrap my head around it, you know?”

“I guess…” Max sighed looking out of the window. “She could’ve just as much reached out to you.” he shrugged once more as King’s Academy came in to view.

“Oh she did… She tried to reach me all day yesterday,” Santiago admitted, feeling like the biggest scumbag of the Earth while keeping eyes peeled for an empty parking spot. “But you know I didn’t have my phone at the pool, and then I passed out not long after you guys left. It’s whatever, though. I’ll talk to her today at lunch.”

“Hmm…” Was all that left Max as Santiago parked the car and they exited. “That’ll be one interesting lunch!” he let out one of his booming laughs that echoed through the senior parking lot. Throwing a arm around his best friend, Max kept chuckling “We’ll get through this, man!” he assured Santiago as they made their way into the school building.

“Appreciate it, bro,” he muttered earnestly, throwing his own arm over his friend’s shoulder and giving him a brief side hug.

As the two boys were entering homeroom arm in arm, they were ushered off to the auditorium for ‘an emergency senior assembly’. Puñeta… I wonder what the hell they want with us now…” the annoyed Diablo muttered under his breath, taking the very last seat on the right side of the auditorium.

“I don’t know, man…” Max sighed as he plopped down next to Santiago. “Probably going to tell us we’re delinquents or something. They’re right, though!” he grinned as he surveyed the sea of students milling about. His body shifted uncomfortably as he spotted someone that shouldn’t be there… at all. The feelings of anger that shot through his body was nothing compared to what his friend was going to feel if he noticed. So Max quickly brought something up. “Is it just me, or is Macmillan even hotter when she is mad?” he blurted out when Chanel and Julie was the only thing of interest he could find.

Santiago let out an appreciative chuckle, lips curled up in a smirk as he glanced at the pair of girls sitting a few rows in front of them.“Yeah, she’s alright,” was all he managed to say before their dictator began her speech.

Instead of being ashamed about it, Mrs. Chamberlain’s mention of the sins committed at Homecoming only served to have Max and Santiago exchange complicit snickers. In all honesty, this was probably the most innocent homecoming the two boys had attended. Usually, the Alphas took it upon themselves to bag a hot babe during the dance, take them over to one of the predetermined after party locations, enjoy the party favors in form of alcohol and weed, and spend the night with their respective catches of the day. But with Lucas out of his game, Aiden still back at juvie and Santiago’s world being turned upside down, Max had been the only one to carry on their legacy that year. And just as his mind was starting to venture down the path of the bomb being dropped on him last Saturday, Santiago heard his name being called over the speakers.

“-the Homecoming King and Queen for this year’s graduating class are Santiago Fernández and Julie Macmillan. Mr. Fernandez, Ms. Macmillan: please present yourselves to the stage now for the official coronation. Congratulations to both.”

As the the room filled up with honest and hypocritical applause alike, the very smug Santiago made his way up the steps and to the center of the auditorium stage, bumping fists with his friends and teammates along the way. His shoulders stiffened as he felt the distaste radiating from the redhead standing beside him, but he overall did a good job on keeping up his golden boy charade while Mrs. Sanders placed the sashes and the crowns on their heads.

Arms crossed in front of him, Diablo busted out his smuggest smile and posed alongside Julie for the yearbook photographer. But as the flash of the final photo vanished, a very familiar face stood out from the crowd of classmates in the auditorium. The luscious brown and gold locks, the stunning blue eyes, the plump lips, the curvaceous body he knew was hidden underneath the uniform…The boy could go on and on describing the qualities of this particular young woman. After all, she’d been Santiago’s very first love, the girl who’d torn his heart to pieces when she dropped out of the face of the Earth without so much as a single word… and the girl who was now blatantly flipping him off in front of their whole damn class.

Astraia Yessenia Astor.

Max was just about howling with laughter when his friend had been announced homecoming king. He had voted for him but didn't really think it would've amounted to anything. When he saw how awkwardly the king and queen had to pose with each other Max just couldn't keep a straight face. The laughter quickly died away when he saw Santiago's face harden and glare in one particular direction... which lead straight to their former friend.

Cursing under his breath, a very tense and furious devil stormed down from the stage and slumped into his seat next to Max. When he did, his mind began to race almost immediately, trying to pinpoint the exact moment his life had gone to shit. A mere week ago, things had been going perfectly fine the way they were. The grief his family had felt with his grandmother’s passing was beginning to sting less and less with each passing day. He was excelling in his athletic goals, both personal and sports-related. His friendships were tight as always, with the joy of having Aiden back soon after his stint in juvie. And even if things had been rocky in the romance department since he and April had stopped speaking, he’d been certain he would eventually get his groove back.

So why in the living hell would Yessi choose to come back now?!

“Did you see who decided to fucking join us again?!” Santiago fumed, muscles tensed up in anger as he tried to hold back the need to storm out of the auditorium and straight to the gym’s punching bag.

"Yeah…" was all the young man could say as he strained to get a better look. It was indeed Yessi. "Fucking hell."

Instinctively, Santiago grabbed Max by the shoulders and forced him down. “Don't look at her, man! Last thing I want is for her to know we're giving her attention.”

Max shook off the grabbing hands, glaring at Santiago. “Chill out!” he grunted. “If you show that she has this much power over you she wins man.” the blond boy lamented as he straightened his blazer.

Diablo let out a frustrated sigh. “Do you not realize how bad her timing is?” he asked his best friend, eyes closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, praying for the patience he was running out of. “If Yess would have shown up three months ago, things would have been gucci. Would I had still been pissed as fuck? Con cojones. But would I have given it to her anyway? Hell yeah. I loved her, man. I fucking loved Mami like no one's business, and I would have done anything for her. And what does she do? Drop off the fucking face of the Earth and show up when I just found out having a kid with Lils. How the hell am I supposed to ‘chill out’???”

“Well, by all means, freak out all you want! We’re still stuck in here for at least three hours, so pick a spot and stare at it!” Max let out a frustrated sigh. “She’s back and there is nothing we can do about it. Concentrate on April and Snoop Lion and try to ignore her! I’ll handle it!” he said with a determined face locking his jaw signaling he was done discussing the matter.

The shorter man had his mouth open to shoot Max an angry retort when Mrs. Chamberlain was calling their attention again. The last thing he needed was to get any more unwarranted attention, so he settled on pulling his phone out to try and block out what was being said in the assembly. The alcohol and drug part was bullshit- he had spent his weekend on a weed and alcohol-fuelled binge and he was still alive, after all. But when they reached the sex ed part of the conference and started talking about pregnancy prevention, Santiago looked ready to become The Hulk.

Fuming, the young man caught the attention of Texan-bred Coach Fuller, and motioned for the older man to come over. And when he was close enough, the boy muttered, “Is this really necessary, Coach? Any chance Max and I be excused from this crapfest?”

The King’s Academy football coach shook his head, a commiserating expression on his face. “‘Fraid it is, boys. And if the rumors about you two are right, then y’all better start paying attention to what’s being said, now!” he teased, shooting his students a knowing wink before letting out a chuckle.

Instead of taking it in stride, Coach’s attitude only served to further infuriate the Hispanic boy, causing him to snap. “All due respect, sir, but what what fucking good is this little conference to me now? I’ve already knocked April Foster up, so there’s really no point to me sitting here listening to this crap.”

The news of his football star’s impending fatherhood and his volatile attitude seemed to have knocked out all the wind from Coach’s face. He stared at Santiago for a long few seconds, face pale and jaw slack, before finally speaking up. “Fine. You guys go ahead and leave. I’ll excuse you two with the superiors,” he told them, handing the two boys a few extra packets of condoms and lube from a nearby basket. “Wallenberg, keep your friend here some company. And Fernández? We’ll talk about this after practice.”

Diablo nodded stiffly, thankful for being given the chance to escape. So after pocketing the goodie bags, the two boys discreetly got up and quietly exited the auditorium. Max grinned and gave the burly football coach a small wave of gratitude before picking up his bag and making his way towards the exit.

“You think Fuller is going to give you crap at practice now?” Max said as soon as they exited the building and entered the empty courtyard. He hopped up on to one of the tables surveying his friend. “Was it a good idea to tell him?”

Santiago let out a sigh, taking a seat across from his best friend. “I don’t know, man. Fuller’s like a dad to me, so I know whatever crap he gives me is because he cares. I just wanted to get the hell away from that place… And away from her. I wasn’t really thinking straight when I was talking to Coach. Guess I should apologize for that later.”

Nodding along, Max watched Diablo with concern. This was probably weighing harder on the cocky bastard then he wanted to let on, but Max didn’t feel like probing at the moment. The young man let out a loud groan as he stretched his aching muscles. He laid himself flat on the table top looking up at the blue sky above them. “Man… I’m already over this day.” he complained out loud.

“Fucking tell me about it,” Santiago added bitterly, rubbing the back of his neck the way he always did when something was bothering him.

After a while of them just sitting there hanging out in peaceful silence, a rumble of movement could be heard from the auditorium. As Max sat up straight he could spot the villain in this situation rushing past behind Santiago. He narrowed his eyes and grabbed his bag. “I’ll see you later, Santi. I have something I need to sort out.” the taller boy said, while his friend just nodded distractedly. Taking that as his queue to leave, Max jumped of the table, patted his friend on the shoulder as he passed him and rushed out of the courtyard.
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