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Will this RP be purely modern or will fantasy/supernatural themes and the like be heavily present?

Nate stood a safe distance away from the group with his hands in his pockets, sneakers kicking at the dark gravel under his feet as he waited for Valeria to come back. He looked on as the small girl whispered something to Jules, with the slim, black-haired boy retracting back in response and exclaiming something ending in "...doms!?". Following this, they had some weird cat and mouse game with a string of silver packets, consisting of Jules egging on the visibly embarrassed Val and ultimately ending with the girl snatching the packets off his hands and hiding them in her back pocket.

As he watched it all go down from a distance, Nathan raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Bold of her…" he whispered and laughed softly to himself as Valeria made her way over to him.

"Alright, Nate: I'm ready to go now. Should we say goodbye before we head to the cabin?"

"Nah, I think they can figure out we went to bed." Nate answered with a smile before they turned away from the group and walked towards the small cluster of cabins stretching out in front of them. Without warning, the young man spun around towards Val with a mischievous expression in his face. "Just to clarify… those are condoms in your backpocket?" he asked with a grin.

If there was ever a time that Valeria wished that something tragic happened to her, it was right now: at this very moment, with Nate looking her right in the eyes and asking her if she had condoms in her pocket. A strike of lightning on top of her head, a tornado sucking her small figure into the air, a giant wave pulling her down to the bottom of the ocean, an earthquake that opened up the ground beneath her and swallowed her whole… Anything would have been better than the embarrassment she was facing right now.

She wasn't about to let it show, though. "Pffft, no," the short girl lied, keeping her eyes fixed on the cabins they were approaching and face as impassive as possible. "It’s some Asian candy that Jules gets me whenever his family brings him stuff from Korea. They come in a few different flavors. My favorite’s cherry, but they all taste fucking amazing."

"Oh… Sure," Nate played along. He admitted that he was slow at most social cues, but did Val really think he was that stupid? He had seen and used condoms before, and no one in their right mind would package candy like that-- Korean or not. "Hope they've got cherry, then-" he commented with a flick of his eyebrows as they continued towards cabin 4B, which the key indicated was the one they were going to share.

In swift motions, Nathan unlocked the door to the cabin with the help of his key, swung it open just enough for the two of them to walk in, closed and locked it behind them. It took a second for their eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness inside the cabin once the nightstand lamps were turned on, but it didn’t stop Val from dropping her things on top of the dingy desk in the corner of the surprisingly ample room. Yet the more she looked around the cabin, the more her brows furrowed together in confusion. There was something missing inside this room, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was only after a few more looks around the cabin that the reason behind the amount of space inside the room suddenly dawned on her.

Eyes wide with realization, Val turned to Nate. "Um… Nate? I don’t see a couch anywhere in this cabin..." she said in barely more than a whisper, afraid that if she spoke any louder the item would materialize out of thin air.

“Huh?” he exclaimed, looking around the room and realizing that the girl was right. There was certainly no couch anywhere inside the cabin: just a dusty old armchair where he had dumped all his stuff. “I could have sworn that was a couch...” he murmured as he walked further into the room. His low hum was back as he tried to figure out what to do or say. “I guess I can just sleep on the floor. Unless...” he paused as his eyes shifted from the bed, to Val, and back again.

Her heart did a somersault in her chest. She knew exactly what he was thinking. "I mean… I don't mind sharing…" she said in a small voice, looking down at the floor to hide the excitement and nervousness that was surely painted all over her face. "Do you?"

He shrugged and fell backwards onto the bed, putting his arms behind his head and making himself right at home. “I don’t mind,” he grinned up at her.

Val breathed out a sigh of relief she didn't even realize she was holding back and looked back at Nate. "Okay then," she squeaked, shifting in place. "Now that that’s settled, let me get a quick shower before we call it a night," she told the boy before busying herself with picking out the things she would need. With a bundle of fabric and personal care items in her arms, the brunette gave Nate a shaky half-smile before disappearing behind the bathroom door.

As the bathroom door closed, Nate sat up and leaned back on the headboard, staring up at the ceiling and trying to figure out how exactly they had gotten into this situation. To say that his relationship with Valeria Drake had always been somewhat tense is to put it lightly. She had always treated him like she was just an annoying bystander whenever the misfits hung out together. Insults were also frequently thrown around. But as she had said, it had been because she’d harbored a crush on him- like she was a little boy in kindergarten pulling the hair of the girl he liked.

The boy just shrugged at his thoughts and stood up to strip down to his boxers, making sure to fold his clothing carefully after each item was removed. As he put away his stuff he grabbed his notebook and got back onto the bed, cracking the book open and proceeding to scribble away.

On the opposite side of the door, Val was nothing short of a nervous wreck. She paced back and forth around the small space inside the bathroom, anxiously chewing her bottom lip. Her thumbs flew across her phone screen as she walked, typing and looking up on Google a plethora of questions such as “What To Do When You’re About To Hook Up With Your Crush”, “How To Please A Guy In Bed” and even “How To Be The Best He’s Ever Had In Bed”. What was highly likely to go down tonight was the climax of five long years of secretly wanting and not-so-patiently waiting for the right time to strike. There was so much at stake with her performance of the night: the weight on her shoulders never felt so heavy with the need to impress Nate in every way that mattered.

After a good twenty minutes of reading Cosmopolitan articles, showering and making sure her body was presentable, Valeria finally emerged from the bathroom, filling the room with steam and the scent of pineapple and coconut. She wore nothing but an oversized black Roxy T-shirt and (of all things) cherry-patterned PINK underwear, her feet in black flip-flops while her damp hair flowed freely down her back. Humming along to a Glass Animals song, Val made a beeline to where her belongings were, dumped the items on top of the suitcase, turned around… And heard herself gasp out loud at the sight of Nate in nothing but his underwear.

“What?” Nathan asked, looking up from his writing and at the brunette with a surprised face.

“N-nothing!” Val stammered in shock, her cheeks red as she shook her head and walked to the bed. “It’s just… Holy shit, you look so good...” she heard herself blurt out like the idiot she was while taking a seat on the mattress. Jesus Christ… Saying stupid shit like that, she didn’t know how the hell she would make it through this night alive.

Never one to blush, Nate could feel some heat rising in his face for the first time in a long while. “Oh. Uhm… Thanks.” he mumbled, closing his notebook, putting it aside on his bedside table and resting his hands in his lap. The silence in the room soon became palpable, with a strangely mute Val seemingly frozen on the spot and making Nate bite his lip out of sheer awkwardness. “So… Good night, I guess?” he said more as a question than anything else.

That seemed to bring Val back to reality. She shook her head as if to clear her head of distractions and gave Nate a small smile. “Good night,” she said softly, shutting off her bedside table’s lamp and crawling under the bed covers, lying face-up next to Nate on her side of the full-sized bed. The young man followed suit, turning off the lamp on his side of the bed and rolling over to his back again, facing right up as the girl beside him did.

There was a solid five minutes in which the only sounds in the cabin were the humming of the AC unit underneath the window, the chirping crickets outside, and the heavy breathing of the two young adults trying to fool themselves into thinking that nothing would happen between them. The air became thick with the rising tension, the electricity between them so heavy you could almost touch it. It all seemed to go on for hours: a battle to test the strength and duration of their self-restraint.

Finally, it was Valeria who broke the silence, deciding that enough was enough and taking the plunge once again. If it happened, then she’d do her best and enjoy the hell out of it all. If it didn’t, then she’d silently cry herself to sleep and cut her losses the next morning.

“Nate?” she called out in the dark, shifting her body to the side so she could properly face him.

“Mmmh?” the boy responded, turning his own body around so that he too laid on his side, facing her. “What?” he questioned again as he inched slightly closer to her.

She didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose or not, but his voice had suddenly taken on a husky edge- in the way that she’d never realized could drive her this crazy. Goosebumps covering her skin as she felt Nate’s warm breath on her lips, her body slightly shaking with the anticipation of what she would say next.

Val took in a deep breath, elevated a silent prayer to whatever deity would listen, and nervously uttered the words: “Do you want to-?”

Impulsively, Nate cut her off by leaning in and pressing his lips to hers. Maybe it was to get rid of the weird tension, or maybe he had secretly been wanting to do this for some time now. But now that he was lying in bed with Val and kissing her none of that mattered. At some point, the young man had shifted his body so that he was on top of her, with one arm on either side of the girl’s body. He reached up and pushed her hair out of her face, and eventually their bodies wrapped together in the now-passionate kiss.

It was only when they were both breathless that Nate finally pulled back, taking a moment to gaze into her eyes and survey her face while a small smile spread across his own.

“So… Do you still have those Korean candies?”

Val’s giggles filled the room, lacing together with Nate’s for a moment before fading into another deep kiss. And eventually, the sounds of the rest of the world were drowned out by Valeria and Nathan coming together as one.

Found you when your heart was broke
I filled your cup until it overflowed
Took it so far to keep you close
I was afraid to leave you on your own

I said I'd catch you if you fall
And if they laugh, then fuck 'em all

And then I got you off your knees
Put you right back on your feet

Just so you can take advantage of me

Tell me: how's it feel sittin' up there?
Feeling so high but too far away to hold me?
You know I'm the one who put you up there
Name in the sky
Does it ever get lonely?
Thinking you could live without me?

“You know what?” Salem hissed, stomping to the door, “I’m not doing this. Everyone here is fucking crazy.”

Salem stormed out of the room, finding his way to the front yard of the house. He just wanted to be alone for now, to simmer in his anger. That’s who he has become now, anger incarnated. It was tiring. Salem retreated to a shadowy corner of the yard left barren by the other party-goers and slumped to the ground.

The phone in his pocket interrupted his momentary peace, vibrating at his thigh. Caller ID proudly displayed ‘BABBO’ across the screen. Salem has been ignoring his dad, refused to talk to him even when his mother gave him the stink eye. At this point, he might as well jump in the shark tank.


There was a moment of silence, then: “I didn’t think you would pick up.”

“Well, I did.” His nose flared as hot air escaped into the night sky, “What did you want?”

“Salem, listen.” A giggling in the background seemed to momentarily distract his dad and that only caused Salem’s ire to grow. “I need to talk to you about something. It’s - well - the thing is - I don’t know how to say this, really. I’ll just go ahead and say it. I am divorcing your mother.”

In hindsight, Salem should have seen it coming, should have seen it a long time ago. Of course, eventually, his dad would like one of his side girls too much and want to marry her. Bile rose in Salem’s throat and he spat on the ground, wishing he could wash his mouth of the bad taste his father’s words left.

“That’s it, then?” Salem asked bitterly, “You’re just going to leave us? Fuckin’ deadbeat piece of shit. Good riddance. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Now wait a minute!” His father hissed on the other end, “You do not get to talk to me that way. Not when you have one girl with a promise ring on her finger and another sneaking out of your window! You didn’t think your mom wouldn’t find out about that? So how dare you-”

Salem hung up the phone and tossed it beside him before laying down in the grass with a furrowed brow.

Everything has just gotten way out of hand. His father is being a prick, ruining his life, and he’s right. That’s the worst part. He’s right, they’re two sides of the same coin and all the cliches attached to that. This complicated drama has his insides all twisted up and Salem doesn’t know what to do or what to think. He’s spent his entire life being told what to do by his mom and now he’s just lost. His dad fucked him over. His own decisions fucked him over. What would his mom say? What would Gwen say? He’s a fucking coward, he knows he is, but he couldn’t handle if Gwen thought that way of him. Or if Marisol did. He yearns for both of them, and maybe that’s just not fair of him.

It didn’t take much searching for Marisol to find Salem laying down in the front yard of Kavi’s house. She took strong, determined steps towards him, eventually taking position right next to him. "You mind explaining what the fuck is going on?" the girl asked in a quiet yet shaky voice, crossing her arms in front of her chest: the calm before the storm.

Salem clasped his head in his hands, closing his eyes against the sky and from Marisol’s silhouette. “I don’t know.”

Something snapped in him - no, that is too aggressive of a word. Something splintered in him. It was sharp and painful on his lungs, squeezing his diaphragm, and drumming against his heart. Is this a panic attack?

“I don’t know how everything is happening. That girl - and this school - everything was supposed to be simple. They had planned everything out for me; school, marriage, Gwen - god, how could I do this to Gwen? To you? I’m - I’m my father.” It was all coming out in gasps, shallow puffs of air forced from his throat until his whole body burned.

The way he was speaking brough out a rush of concern from Marisol, "Jesus fuck, are you okay?!" she asked him as she reached down to take his face in her hands, still seething with anger but worried about his well-being all the same.

Salem swallowed a ragged breath, closing his eyes and flinching away from Marisol’s touch. “I can’t do this anymore. My mom is on my case, my dad is -- and I’m hurting Gwen and you.”

If he is so easily blackmailed by some random girl, then maybe he’s just a piece of shit. His lips feel chapped, burning under the soft pressure of her. He doesn’t even know her name, but his chest is compressed with anger.

The girl was taken aback by the way the boy reacted to her touch, and his words only served to fan the flames of her own anger. "What do you mean, 'you can't do this anymore'?!" Mari repeated in disbelief, staring at Salem as if he'd just grown an extra head while her stomach knotted up together. "That's not what we- We were literally just going at it this afternoon! This was supposed to be our first date together! Where the fuck is this all coming from?!"

“I’m doing the same fucking thing my dad is doing to my mom, Marisol!” Salem snapped, standing up finally. “I’m throwing away what I had with Gwen, what I built with Gwen and I’m butting into your life and making a mess of things. We’re making a mess of things. It’s got to stop. I can’t be here anymore. I’m going to ask my nonna if I can move in with her.”

The more he talked, the more furious Marisol got. How was it possible that mere hours ago they were rolling around in bed together, then excitedly texting each other back and forth and talking about all the things they’d be able to do after finally going public with their relationship. No more hiding, no more sneaking around: just them against the world. And the so-called Gwen? She’d been nothing more than an afterthought; someone who would eventually become part of Salem’s past while Mari became his present and future.

How fucking stupid had she been… Again.

"Gwen, huh?" Marisol finally spat, the other girl’s name dripping like poison out of her lips. "You didn't seem to be thinking of Gwen whenever you were sucking up my neck every chance you got, or when I was giving you head in the backseat of your car the other day, or aaaaaaaaall those times I was lying on my back with you on top of me in the middle of your fucking bed for the past three weeks! But fuck me, right?!" she cried out, her voice now loud enough to deafen anybody within earshot. Her face was flushed with anger, green eyes matching pools of tears and venom. "Fuck all the nights we spent together with you lying to my fucking face telling me you'd never hurt me! Fuck all the times you swore I was the best fucking thing to happen to you, and that nobody had ever made you feel this way! And fuck me, for being fucking stupid enough to believe for a goddamned second you were actually one of the good ones! Because you know what, Salem? You're just as bad as everybody else here is."

The shorter girl turned on her heel, poised to walk away before the waterworks started, but impulsively turning around again to face Salem one last time. "I want you to lose any fucking thing that's related to me from everywhere you can: photos, emails, my number, the texts, everything you can possibly think of. And if you really know what's good for you, you'll never show your face in fucking Florida ever again. I'm not afraid to go to jail for a piece of shit like you." And goddamn, she meant that.

With that last threat still hanging in the air and a glare so cold that could freeze Hell over, Marisol turned her back on Salem for the last time and walked back into the house, wiping away the mascara-covered tears running down her cheeks.

‘That’s what you get when you let your fucking heart win.’

Salem frowned at her back, holding back the retort at the tip of his tongue (“Not everything is about you, Marisol.”). It hurts, all of it hurts, but he needs to get his ducks in order. He needs to forget about girls, about all this drama. Salem just needs space from everyone; living with his nonna can help him with that. He’ll be on his own, without his mom hovering and his dad fucking everything up, without complicated relationships and petty drama. It’s time he grows up.

I've tried to fight our energy
But everytime I think I'm free

You get high and call on the regular
I get weak and fall like a teenager
Why, oh why does God keep bringing me back to you?
I get drunk, pretend that I'm over it
Self-destruct, show up like an idiot
Why, oh why does God keep bringing me back to you?

I go back to you, back to you, back to you
Back to you, back to you, back to you
I go back to you, back to you, back to you every time

From her position in front of the drinks table, Kellie Anne’s gaze followed Max and his friend group. Her brown eyes watched as their seemingly innocent beer pong game turned into the perfect setup for a WWE Tag Team match between Santiago and Aiden VS Max and Sawyer, eventually ending in Sawyer storming off in one direction, Santiago dragging Yessi somewhere else, and Max stomping out the opposite way.

As she watched him leave, Kellie Anne bit her lip, feeling all sorts of torn about what to do. A part of her knew that following Max would probably do more harm than good: she was probably the last person he wanted to see or hear right now, and it wouldn’t be fair to Shawna and Sunshine if she suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. But the other part of her-- the one still head over heels in love with the blond ball of sunshine-- knew that there was nobody else around that understood him the way she did. She knew all the right words and all the right ways to . And he seemed like he could seriously use a friend.

After a deep breath, the brunette turned to excuse herself from her friends, but neither Shawna nor Sunshine were in sight. Taking that as a sign that she was meant to follow her heart this time around, Kellie walked away in the general direction where Max had gone. It didn’t take long for her to find him fuming alone in the back patio.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kellie said softly, hovering by the balcony door instead of walking towards him in case he didn't feel like talking to her.

Max had ripped off his helmet and thrown it aside in a fit of unusual anger. A low grunt left him as he gritted his teeth, breathing heavy as he rested his head in his hands. When the female voice reached his ears, the boy slowly turned his head, fixing his pale blue eyes at whoever was talking. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light he noticed it was his ex-girlfriend dressed as his favorite Disney princess. Had she done that on purpose? He sighed. "Not really… just assholes being assholes. Nothing new." He flashed her his usual bright smile, even though he felt anything but happy.

"You know you've never been able to fool me, right?" she told him with a small smile, choosing to slowly approach him and take his hand in hers. What she really wanted to do was wrap him in her arms and hold him close, like she used to do just mere months ago. But in their current shaky state, this was probably the best physical contact they could have. "Talk to me, Max. Just because we're not dating anymore doesn't mean I stopped caring about you."

He took her hand and held it, smiling at how small it looked in his. Max looked down at her again, with a more genuine smile on his face this time. “For real, though, there isn’t anything to talk about. It’s just that Santiago has been getting on my nerves lately. Like, I get it! He’s under a lot of stress because of the ba-... because of things.” He quickly turned his head away from Kellie's questioning look. “Fuck, I don’t know! He just need to grow the fuck up!” he said loud enough for people near them to turn and look. “Sorry, Kells, you don’t need to stay out here with me. Go on and have fun with your friends.” he whispered patting her hand before letting it go.

"I don't need to, but I want to," she answered, making no signs of leaving his side. "Unless you want me to go?"

Maybe it was the amount of beers he had drank or the realization that he had really missed her that made him close the gap between her with a big step. "What do you want with this?" He said in a low voice piercing her with his blue stare.

"I want you to know I still care about you," Kellie answered without missing a beat, following his example and taking another step in his direction. "And… I miss you," she admitted pathetically in barely more than a whisper, relentless brown eyes locked on his now.

It took every fiber in his body not to kiss her right then and there. But there was that small voice in the back of his head whispering ‘you broke up for a reason’. So Max let out a frustrated sigh and turned away sitting down on one of the lounge chairs. “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t missed you too… but we both know.” He began staring at his twiddling hands. “We both know we’re no good for each other.” he said feeling all of the air leaving his lungs as soon as the words left him.

It was Kellie's turn to sigh now. "I wouldn't necessarily say that…" she told him, taking a seat in the lounge chair next to his. "We weren't bad or toxic or terrible to each other. I think we made a hell of a pair. It's just… Right person, wrong time, maybe?" she mused, pulling a grape lollipop from the pocket of her costume and popping it into her mouth.

Max let out a small laugh shaking his head. Had she forgotten how bad it had been the last few weeks of their relationship? All of the fights and distrust? "Maybe…" he leaned back looking up at the night sky falling silent.

The girl watched him for a few long seconds before following his example again, leaning back in her own chair and looking up at the sky.

There was a moment of silence between them as they, finally broken by Kellie Anne. "I know Havana misses you," she said quietly with a smile, speaking about the golden teacup Pomeranian that was probably curled up asleep in her little bed inside the brunette's room. "She does this thing that every time we go out for a walk, she'll start pulling on her little leash and wrestle me to go to your house."

Max kept his eyes at the sky, letting out another little laugh “Yeah… Charlie does the same. We went for a jog a couple of days ago and we ended up in front of your house.” he said slowly.

Kellie couldn't help but laugh as well. How ironic it that even their own pets were fighting so hard to bring them back together? "Maybe they're trying to tell us something," she teased, poking Max on the cheek with the lollipop and giggling again.

Max turned his head slowly wiping the sticky spot that the lollipop left. “Oh? And what would that be?” he raised his eyebrows and shot her a questioning look. He knew what she was hinting at but really he just wanted her to say it, confirm that it wasn’t just him that missed the good times they had.

"Maybe you should take the dog out for a walk," she said simply with a shrug of her shoulders, giving Max a meaningful look. Although the sentence sounded innocent enough to any listeners, six months of dating had made the intentions behind the phrase crystal-clear to the Roman soldier and Snow White.

Max sat up straight and stared at her for a moment. “Really?” he whispered huskily. He leaned forward his elbows on his knees. “Do you think that is a good idea?” the blond man asked quietly in Snow White’s ear.

His hot breath in her ear brought back all sorts of memories of the many passionate encounters between them, sending shivers down her spine. “I-I mean, I’m just saying-” Kellie stammered, trying to find the right words to convey her message when she was so caught up under Max’s spell. “Maybe the exercise will do him some good. Release the tensions and the pent-up anger and all that.”

The signature Wallenberg smile spread across Max’s face as he slowly got to his feet. He looked around and gazed inside of the house. Turning back to face Kellie he extended his arm towards her. “Well? I’m not walking the dog all by myself…” he stated smile still intact. “You coming?”

There was only a split-second of hesitation in which Kellie’s thoughts ventured down to Shawna and their developing friendship. But one more look at that bright smile and those breathtaking blue eyes, and the lingering doubts vanished on the spot. Smiling back at him, Snow White stood up from her own chair and linked her tan, slender arm with his light-skinned, muscular one.

“Lead the way, soldier,” she said teasingly, shooting him a playful wink.

Max smirked at her as she grabbed his arm and started to walk back inside. As the pair entered the home they took a left toward the hallway of doors, assuming it would be the bedrooms. And as luck would have it, the second door they checked actually was a bedroom. After locking the door, he faced Kellie. Max stepped closer to her, brushed her hair aside and cupped her face with his hands. He searched her face for a trace of doubt before asking, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

There was no verbal response from the young woman. Instead, Kellie wrapped her arms around Max, pulled him close and pressed her grape-flavored lips against his.

The soldier responded instantly by moving his hands down Kellie’s body, returning the kiss with the intensity that he remembered from when they were together. He ran his hands up her back and unzipped her costume, letting it fall down to the floor. Max lifted her slim body and put her down on the bed, taking a moment to undo his cape and throw it aside as he climbed up on the bed to join her. He kissed every part of her body the way he used to, while she lay with eyes closed savoring his touch on her skin. And just like old times, they were soon consumed whole by the flaming passion between them.

Finally, Kellie was back in Max’s arms… The way things were supposed to be.

Same. All I have is history left (the pain in the ass)

Mentions: Nate @spooner, AJ@TootsiePop

"Hello Jules. How are you doing on this lovely evening?"

Jules had been focusing so hard on not freaking out that he freaked out again when another person came out of nowhere and sat beside him. Luckily, this time it was Val, who he at least knew. ”Hey!” He forced out alongside a smile. “What’s up, boo? What’s with the face? Finally made up with lover-boy?” Jules looked around the campfire to see if he could spot the spoiled prince, which he did next to Emi and Kim, with Emi acting the wrong kind of bubbly and practically draping herself all over Kim. Jules’ anxiety intensified just an eensy, teensy, tiny~ bit more inside his heart.

Valeria scoffed, immediately shaking her head. "Not a chance," she said dryly, purposely avoiding to look at AJ and the way he was being so friendly with Emilia. There was no time to waste on any more petty arguments when the clock was ticking. "I'm not here to discuss my problems with J. What I am here for, is to as for the teeniest, tiniest favor that you could ever do for me, my sweet Julius Baek."

He swiveled his head back toward Val since she was immediately there and he didn’t want to deal with another train-wreck-in-the-making. It helped that Val was asking him for a favor, which made him slip back into an old, hungry and completely innocent devilish grin. “You, asking me for a favor? You sure you ready to sign that contract hun?”

The short girl let out a laugh. She was sure that whatever Jules asked as payment for his services would be worth the night of passion spent with Nate (if it even happened, of course, but Val wanted to be positive for the first time in her pathetic little life). "Hell yeah I am! Since when have I backed out of a challenge?" she teased, gently poking him on the ribs.

Jules recoiled back, a small hyena-like yelp bubbling out, though it didn’t fail to wipe the grin from his face. She knew how ticklish he was. He grabbed her finger in retaliation and leaned closer towards her face, his other hand low and ready to deflect whatever nasty assault she might have tried next. ”Signed and sealed, filed and saved. Whaddya need from li’l young me?”

Okay, here was the moment of truth. "I need-" the brunette started to say, pausing for a second to take a deep breath and mumble in the lowest, most discreet voice she could muster. "-some condoms"

There was a long pause as Jules processed what she had asked for. ”Condoms?” His voice, in comparison, a flat, normal, conversational level.

Val's eyes went wide with panic, cheeks blazing scarlett. Impulsively, she placed a hand over Jules' mouth. "Shhhhhh! Keep it down, will you?!" she hissed in his ear, looking around to see if anybody else had overheard him. "Yes, condoms! I need some goddamn condoms!"

Jules couldn’t help but snerk, taking her hand off his face. Between all his own experience and having reconnected with Yessi again, he forgot sometimes how innocent his other friends could be. It was nice, like seeing a baby deer just standing on its own legs for the first time. He quickly dug out a small 4-pack string of condoms he kept in his back pocket, an old habit he still held, and hid them in his palm. Bringing his hands up to his mouth, he crossed them over and placed the edge of the first condom between his lips, revealing them with a flourish as they dropped from his mouth. He then let them plop back into his palm and offered them to his very flustered friend. ”There you go, Bambi: ask and ye shall receive.”

Like it was going to be that easy.

Before Val could do more than reach out her hand to take them, he easily danced them out of her reach and closer towards his chest, the grin still playing at the edges of his expression. ”But first, I’m calling in that favor right now. Who is it?”

"Seriously?!" Val whined, trying to discreetly pry the condoms from him but failing to do so. Eventually, she gave up, cursing under her breath. She should have known Jules would want to find out every single detail about her possible plans for the night.

”Seriously, or I’ll let you curse yourself with making your own tiny little devil tonight,” playfully batting away her handsy attempts. As long as there was tea to be spilled, there was no way he’d ever let them go.

Ever the persistent little shit, Valeria made one last, hard try to get the condoms, but eventually gave up again with a frustrated sigh. "Fine, you dipshit. I'll fucking tell you-" she began, trying to keep her answer short and sweet but hearing the words spill out of her mouth in a fast, uncontrollable stream.

"Nate and I went out to the cliff to take some pictures, right? And while we're talking about random shit, he asks me where I'm spending the night. Me, like the dumbass I am, forgot to find a spot, so he offers me to take the bed in his cabin and he'll take the couch. So for some goddamn reason I'm still trying to understand, I fucking kiss the guy- out of fucking nowhere, I might add- and he pulls away and just stares at me like I've been possessed by an alien life-form. So I basically tell him about how I've wanted him to push me against a wall and fucking bang me for years now, and this little shit has the nerve to question me- all because I've called him a pussy a few times. So I make up some dumb excuse on the spot saying how the kiss was my way of apologizing- and you know what this fucker does?! He gives me that cheeky ass smile and tells me I'd better make up my mind about crashing in his room or not soon because he's going to sleep… And that maybe I could 'apologize some more' over there. So the way I see it, if I play my cards right, I might get laid tonight. Hence why I need the precious gifts you're currently keeping from me."

With a mouth running off faster than any of the Gearheads’ rides on a flat, open stretch of road, it took a little bit of time for Jules to properly decipher what Val had said, but when he did, all he could say was ”Oh my god.”

Then another “Oh,” interrupted by a small titter. “My.” A breathy chuckle. “ Go~d,” this time a full-on cackle, an evil laugh full of surprise, incredulity, and pure, utter delight. "Jesus Christ, you two just kissed and you already wanna bang? I mean, I know I move fast, but I didn’t expect you to be like that too. And what’d he say? He’d let you ‘apologize some more?’ You know,” he breathed in between giggling fits while Val glared daggers at him, "me and Nate haven’t gone on a little photog sesh in a while, you think he’ll let me ‘apologize’ to him like that too?”

"Shut up! Don’t fucking judge me, okay!" Valeria spat, her chubby-cheeked face red-hot and clearly mortified about this whole thing. If she’d known getting the damn condoms from Jules would be such a hassle, she would have taken her chances breaking into AJ’s car and stealing the ones he kept in his glove compartment. It certainly would have saved her some embarrassment. "I told you everything, now can I please have what you're holding?"

”Sorry, princess: you’ll have to tell me what you want again. I seem to have spontaneously forgot what with my gut trying to kill me and all!”

"I. Need. Those. Condoms." Val growled, giving Jules a look that could kill if glares had that power.

Unfazed, he had his last giggle and handed over the much sought after condoms. "And in case our poor little boy doesn’t know how to put them on, just give me a call and I’ll be more than happy to help the two of you out,” he said, giving her a wink. "That favor can be given free of charge. Aren’t I so nice?”

"Screw you!"Val said through gritted teeth, snatching the condoms from Jules' hands. Even though this was on her top five most humiliating moments of her life, the brunette was still thankful for the assistance of one of her best friends. So before she left, Val gave Jules a quick hug and begrudgingly kissed his cheek. "Wish me luck, JuJu. I'm going in for the kill." Now armed for whatever possibly the future might hold, the pint-sized girl stood up straight and made her way back to where Nate stood waiting for her.

As she watched the stupidly handsome dude get closer and closer, Val could only silently pray he hadn't seen the exchange between her and Julius, or what it was that she'd shoved in the back pocket of her shorts. "Alright, Nate: I'm ready to go now. Should we say goodbye before we head to the cabin?" she asked the sandy-haired boy as soon as she was within earshot. She was hoping he said no.
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