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“Audreeeeyyyyy-beaaaaaaaaaar! Hiiiiiiiii!”

A bright, high-pitched voice came through Audrey’s car bluetooth speakers. Delilah Christine Duclerc: seventeen, beautiful, class valedictorian, president of her school’s chapter of International Languages Students Association… And Audrey Huntsberg’s cousin.

Audrey and Delilah never saw each other much, but the girls were as tight as they could be. Every holiday they looked forward to spending time with each other, catching up with their respective lives, sharing secrets and building memories together. Lila also happened to be the daughter of Pennsylvania’s governor Christopher Duclerc. If Florence really was the daughter of LA’s mayor, there was a chance that Lila would know a little something about them. Politics had a funny way of bringing people together.

“Heeeeeeyyyyyy, Lila-boo,” Audrey greeted back, genuinely happy to her cousin’s voice. It hadn’t been that long since they’d seen each other -the girls had spent the previous summer in their grandmother’s yacht in Naples- but Audrey missed her cousin dearly. It was refreshing to hear the lovely voice that others deemed annoying.

“I’m so happy to hear you! You’re lucky you called me now! I literally just got out for my lunch period. What’s up?”

“Weeeeeeeell…” Audrey began, fidgeting with the hem of her skirt again. “I’m actually calling for a favor, Lils… Do you happen to know some chick by the name Florence de Sauveterre?”

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Delilah called out, brightening up even more than she usually was. “Of course I know Florrie!”

“Florrie?” Audrey’s face scrunched up as if she’d just sucked on a lemon. She turned to look at Leslie, who was grimacing sympathetically while chewing on her pinkie finger’s nail.

“Uh, that’s what I call Florence, duh!” Lila replied, probably rolling her eyes like she always did when asked what she deemed were stupid questions. Her tone was suddenly suspicious. “Wait, why are you asking me about Florrie? How do you know her?”

Audrey hesitated for a second before continuing. “Here’s the thing. You remember the whole drama with Alexandros, right?”

“Of course! How could I forget Daddy Alex? ” Lila said in a taunting voice.

“Well, he came back to town on Sunday-” Audrey was interrupted by Lila’s excited high-pitched scream, but her cousin was quick in shushing it. “Yeah, well, it’s not all fun and games. Alex did come back, but he didn’t come back alone.” Lila let out a gasp, seemingly grasping what was going to happen. “He came to school today with some chick in his arm, and guess who that chick happened to be?”

Lila let out an even louder gasp. “Ah, shit.” she cried out, evidently shocked with the turn of events. Delilah wasn’t the type to cuss, so her use of the word was a nod at how serious this situation was.

“Yeah, so you understand the critical issue at hand.”

“Oh, for sure! Oh my God, Audrey…” Silence at the other end, a silence that made Audrey and Leslie hold hands while praying for the best until... “Audrey-boo, you are like a sissy to me. What can I do to help you out even if i’m all the way over here?

Audrey shrieked in celebration, and Leslie punched the air with a wide smile. ‘Bless her heart.’ Audrey whispered to her friend, who gave her a celebratory one-armed hand before focusing back on the call. “Um, I was thinking maybe you could tell me a few things about her? Not the things that I can find out with a social media investigation, but things that only a friend could know.”

“Okay, okay, let me think for a bit…” Lila started. She was silent for a moment, her mind probably searching the people files until she found Florence’s. “Well, to start off, Florrie’s very darn similar to both of us.”

“Ugh,” Audrey grimaced. “Why the hell would you say that, Lils?”

“Well it’s true! She loves fashion and shopping and gourmet food and traveling, and she faithfully reads grandma’s magazine.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Audrey rolled her eyes while waving her hand dismissively. “Enough about the similarities. Tell me something important.”

“Okay, soooo, she hates losing her temper. Like, absolutely hates it. It makes her feel powerless, which is something she also hates.”

Audrey was smirking now. “Okay. What else?”

“She hates getting interrupted and gets suuuuuuuuuper jumpy with loud noises.” Lila giggled at this. “I remember that when the fireworks went out at the hotel that we met, she was literally jumping with every bang.”

Audrey pursed her lips together, holding back a laugh. “Hates loud noises: got it.”

“She’s a huge family person, and I mean HUGE. She would hate to disappoint her parents, and she’s especially protective with her hunky big brother Lorenzo. Fool around with Enzo and you’ll win an enemy for li- Hold on.” An unknown voice had interrupted Delilah, The girl muttered something to the person before getting back to her cousin. “Audrey-bear, I just realized that I have an ILA meeting that starts in literally one minute.. I’ll call you later to catch up, okay? Love you, bye!” And with that, the call was ended and Delilah was gone.

Audrey and Leslie let out loud whoops,, high-fiving each other in celebration of how fruitful the call had been. All traces of Audrey’s anger were gone now.“Well then, now with that out of the way… How about we go back to my place for some poolside piña coladas, a quick sunbathing session and some lunch? The only important thing today is the Calc quiz and practice, so we’ll make it back by then.”

Leslie looked at Audrey with a smug smile. “Auby, when have I ever said no to an offer like that?”

Audrey smirked at her best friend. “That’s what I wanted to hear, Les. Let’s get going, then.”
NO lol

All these bitches is my sons
And I'm a go and get some bibs for 'em
A couple formulas, little pretty lids on 'em
If I had a dick I would pull it out and piss on 'em

“Auby, honey, calm down…” Leslie said in a soothing voice, petting her best friend’s arm and trying to do some damage control. After what had just happened, she knew Audrey needed her support.

Meanwhile, a raging Audrey was trying hard to keep herself in check and not start one of her legendary lash-outs. Her body was shaking, and she kept her eyes closed in order to focus on counting instead of breaking Alexandros’ new chick’s face. Of course, this attempt at self-control was sabotaged as the new chick herself entered the bathroom. She appeared unbothered by anything as she haughtily examined her reflection, and even attempted to engage Audrey in conversation. Leslie was petrified, scared that Audrey might actually commit murder right there and then. But Audrey was so caught off guard that all she could do was let out a disbelieving scoff. She didn’t know whether this girl was clueless or had a downright death wish.

“You know what else ruins a perfectly good outfit?” Audrey replied, mocking the woman’s tone of voice as she made her way to exit the bathroom with Leslie. “A bloody broken nose.” When she’d reached the door, Audrey turned on her heel to look back at the woman. “Do yourself a favor and never speak to me again. You don't fucking know me, and I'm not Miss Congeniality.” Having gotten this out of the way, Audrey turned back around and left the room. Holding onto Leslie’s arm for emotional support, both girls quietly made their way out of the school building, to the parking lot and into Audrey’s Mercedes.

“What the flying fuck was that all about?” Audrey exclaimed, seeping back to her angry self by the time her and Leslie were sitting in her car. They clearly had no intention to arrive to their first class. This was a crisis and who could focus on history when there was a crisis going on? No one, that’s who.. “The fucker’s gone for two and a half months, and when he comes back he’s dragging some chick with him?! Are you fucking serious right now?!”

“Weeeeeell… We are talking about Alexandros, Audrey. You possibly can’t expect any less from him after Bianca and Janice.” Leslie said matter-of-factly, checking her reflection in the passenger seat mirror.

“Don’t fucking mention those women!” Audrey hissed, glaring at Leslie as if she’d just insulted her. “They are dead to me. Buried a thousand feet underground. Rotting corpses. Unimportant people who are irrelevant and don’t need to be mentioned. Got it?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Leslie replied, rolling her eyes at the brunette’s melodramatic remarks. She closed the mirror and turned to look at the distraught Audrey, who was biting her lower lip while unconsciously picking anxiously at a stray thread from her white skirt. She hated to see Audrey all worked up like this. Les was sure that Audrey would get a heart attack soon if she didn’t learn to chill soon. “I did manage to hear the chick’s name, though: Florence something or the other. Aaaaaaaand, she so happens to be our honorable mayor’s daughter.” Leslie shook her head in disbelief. “Alex can sure fucking land them.”

Audrey shot Leslie a death glare at that last comment. “The only thing that playboy should be landing is me, okay? I don’t get why he’s giving me such a fucking hard time..” Audrey trailed off, smacking her head against the steering wheel. She instantly regretted it by the pain that shot up her arm, but that was the least for her worries. She needed to find out intel about the new threat from a trusted source, someone who could be able to give her more than stuff that could be easily found with a social media stalking… Someone like…

“LILA!” Audrey shrieked, making Leslie jump in her seat. “Lila can help me out with this! God bless that shorty!” And without wasting any time, Audrey looked up the contact and placed the call.
@Dirty Pretty Lies Isn't that Audrey's grandmother? :O

LOL no 😂😂😂 But you know this already.

Ring the alarm
I been through this too long
But I'll be damned if I see another chick on your arm
Won't you ring the alarm?
I been through this too long
But I'll be damned if I see another chick on your arm

Monday morning started out as a typical day for Audrey. She went through her normal routine with ease: getting up, daily beachside jog, quick shower, wardrobe, makeup, breakfast and out the door. The drive to Beverly Hills High seemed to take longer than usual, but maybe that was because she was so impatient to arrive. Today a big day, after all. It looked to be promising.

When she pulled into her assigned parking space, a not-quite-unexpected surprise was waiting in the lot: a 2015 Red Ferrari 458 she recognized on the spot. That could only mean one thing, and it made Audrey Huntsberg shriek out loud with delight. Alexandros Mossos was finally back, and this time she would make sure to have him.

For the next ten minutes, Audrey fussed over every single detail of her makeup and outfit: dusting off her shirt, reapplying her lipstick, smoothing off stray hairs. This was the first time in two and a half months that she would be coming face to face with the one who got away’, and she wanted to make sure she looked irresistible. Alexandros needed to realize just what he’d been missing. Just as she was about to exit Scarlet, her phone chimed with a new text from Leslie. Why would Leslie text her if they were literally about to meet up at their usual spot? Frowning, Audrey unlocked her phone.

Things are not looking good, Auby. Be ready: they’ve just thrown you a curveball. Waiting for you at the entrance: you’ll need me. Love you babe.

The message made Audrey nervous. A curveball? When it came to Alexandros, that could mean so many things... She was losing her cool, and her heart had sped up. But there was no time to chicken out now. The only way to find out what could possibly be going wrong now was by confronting it.

Sighing and bracing herself, Audrey exited the car and made her way to the building. Her heels clicked at her every step, and she made sure to look every bit as confident as usual. However, with the way Leslie’s face was looking the minute she stepped inside the school, Audrey became nervous.She opened her mouth to speak, but the black-haired woman placed a finger to her own lips. Without saying a word, Leslie grabbed Audrey’s arm and guided her through Beverly Hills High’s hallways.

As they walked, Audrey noticed that the atmosphere was changing. Her fellow classmates seemed to be whispering more than usual, and she’d been able to . They were nearing Audrey’s locker when the girls saw them, and Audrey grabbed Leslie’s arm. It was Alexandros, alright, looking every bit as handsome as he always did. But he wasn’t alone… A girl held his arm, looking quite comfortable in her place. She was beautiful, with long raven hair, fair skin and an aura of elegance that so gracefully complimented his. They looked like a fucking match made in heaven.

Tell me how should I feel
When I know what I know,
And my female intuition
Telling me you a dog?
People told me 'bout the flames
I couldn't see through the smoke
When I need answers, accusations
What you mean you gonna’ choke?

The world seemed to have stopped rotating. Audrey didn’t know just how long she stood there, looking at them with wide, seething eyes, her expression unreadable. Whether they saw her or not didn’t really matter to her. Audrey knew Leslie was talking, but her brain didn’t seem to be processing what she was saying. All she could think about was the image being burned into her brain of Alexandros and somebody else... AGAIN. Before she knew it, the warning bell had rung, and everyone -including Alex and this mystery woman- was hurrying away to their classrooms. And without realizing it, Audrey was dragging Leslie in the opposite direction of their homeroom classroom and into the ladies’ room instead.

Tell me how should I feel
When you made me belong
And the thought of you just touching her
Is what I hate most?
I don't want you but I want it
And I can't let it go
To know you give it to her like you gave it to me, come on

For a moment, the halls were quiet. Students and teachers were busy with lectures, bodies sitting or standing behind closed doors. And, cutting through the stillness, Audrey’s furious voice rang out:

“Who the FUCK is that?!

He's so arrogant and bold
She gon' love that shit, I know
I done put in a call, time to ring the alarm
'Cause you ain't never seen a fire like the one I'ma 'cause.

The weeks after her impromptu pool party were quite eventful for Audrey Huntsberg. The first dance competition was coming up, so she’d been practicing with the team for hours on end. The school work wasn’t getting any easy either, and the only way to keep her top grades was to study. Her sixteenth birthday party was coming up, and in order for it to be the biggest bash of the Hills, a lot of planning had to be done. Adding to that, dates had come and gone, rolling one after the other. So far no guy had seemed to impress her beyond a first date, and those that had hadn’t gone further than second base, only to be quickly tossed aside as she got bored. Of course, Audrey’s busy life didn’t mean that she’d forgotten about the whore that was Janice Nelson. Nope, not in the slightest.

For about two weeks after she’d watched the damning video, Audrey had been carefully plotting her revenge plan against Janice. She’d quietly and discreetly watched the secretary from the sidelines, taking notes on the woman’s schedule. Then, on a Friday afternoon, Janice was making her way to the parking lot, and let out a shriek when she saw her vehicle. The car’s tires had been slashed, and every window had been smashed. On the hood, the words I KNOW YOUR SECRET were keyed into the paint. Panicking, Janice tried to erase the threatening message by digging her own key against the words, but it was too late. The police arrived on scene, and having been tipped off to the video and incident, arrested Janice on the spot.

By that night, the news were going crazy with the headline BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SECRETARY ARRESTED FOR SEX WITH A STUDENT. Statutory rape and sexual battery were just a two of the crimes she was charged with. Aside from being permanently registered as a sex offender, Janice would be out of prison in about fifteen years… If she was lucky. Meanwhile, Audrey had been out at the club, dancing the night and celebrating success.

With Janice out of the way and paying the high price of crossing Audrey Huntsberg -whether it was knowingly or not didn’t matter-, the younger woman savored the results of yet another fruitful revenge plan. Every other student knew exactly what had happened, and if some were still doubting of just what Audrey was capable of doing, they were damn sure of ot now.

But there was something missing from this triumphant picture… Alexandros.

The blue-eyed man that had chased her so insistently had disappeared without a trace right after her pool party. He hadn’t shown up at school, his social media accounts had been inactive, and when Audrey had become desperate enough to actually swallow her pride for once and call him, his phone number was disconnected. Of course, Audrey wasn’t the type to give up that easily, and from further research by asking around she found out that Alexandros had traveled off the country. The reason for this sudden trip, however, remained a mystery.

To anybody who asked, Audrey pretended to not have noticed the young man’s absence. She brushed it off, claiming that her interest in him had been as fleeting as his stay in Beverly Hills High School. But, in reality, she’d made a habit out of checking his social media multiple times a day, desperate for any news about him. She secretly missed the chase.

As soon as the last guests had left her Circus-themed Sweet Sixteen birthday party, Audrey had collapsed face-first onto her bed. She’d still been wearing the sexy ringleader costume she’d chosen, while her black knee-high boots, whip and top hat lay on a pile next to her bed. The booze, long hours of dancing and even a fair bit of marijuana and molly had eventually exhausted her body. And so, for half the day of November first, Audrey remained passed out on her bed, and didn’t even flinch when an excited Leslie loudly burst into her room.

“Audrey, Audrey! Wake up! You’re not gonna believe this!”

The brunette remained motionless on the bed, unaffected by her best friend’s loud arrival. This made Leslie climb up in Audrey’s bed and begin to jump on it while repeatedly calling “AudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudrey!” until Audrey grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at Leslie. The black-haired woman took no offense to this, and instead continued to jump on the bed, her ponytail swinging. Eventually, Audrey gave up on the idea that ignoring would make her go away.

“What do you want? Audrey whined, her voice muffled from having her face pressed against a pillow.

“Weeeeeell…” Leslie began in a singsong voice, pausing her jumping. “It so happens that I have some gossip for you.”

Audrey groaned and waved a lazy hand at Leslie. “Can’t this wait? I’m kinda still getting over last night’s hangover.”

Leslie took a seat next to Audrey, crossing her legs. “Oh, I don’t know. I just thought you might like to hear that Alexandros Mossos is back in Beverly Hills, is all.”

At the mention of Alexandros, Audrey shot up from the pillow.. Not only did she feel terrible, but she looked the part. Her makeup was smudged from the long night and her sleeping position. She groaned, regretting getting up so fast with the way her head began throbbing. “What did you just say?” she mumbled, rubbing her temples.

Leslie looked up at Audrey with a smile so bright you would have think she’d won the lottery or something similar. “I said YOUR Alexandros is back on Cali territory as we speak.”

Audrey looked up at Leslie with squinted eyes for a long while, and eventually blurted out: “Fuck. The molly’s still got me high as a cloud. This is such a vivid dream.”

The black haired woman couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her best friend. Leave it to a first-time molly user like Audrey to come up with something like that. Hopefully this served as a lesson and would be the first and last time.

Without warning, Leslie pinched Audrey’s thigh. The brunette let out a shriek, and Leslie couldn’t help but giggle. Feel that, Audrey? You’re not dreaming. It’s all real, sweetheart: Alexandros Mossos is back.”

A p p e a r a n c e
At first glance, Audrey is the woman you would accuse of having a permanent case of ‘resting bitch face’. The norm are eternally pouted lips, raised or scowling eyebrows (plucked and arched to perfection) and an intense look in her chocolate-brown eyes: her most powerful physical trait. They carry a mysterious, commanding look that seems to bore into the darkest places of one's soul, and can cause you to either feel a loving warmth or chill you down to the bone. Her eternally tanned, guitar-shaped, 5'7" body sports wide hips, full, perky breasts, a slim abdomen and the signature round ass that captivates the male population of Beverly Hills High School. Audrey sports a long mane of dark brown hair, which is can be styled into soft waves or just blow-dried straight. Never will you see Audrey looking disheveled, not even waking up in the mornings. She always makes sure to have her French-manicured fingers and toes are intact. Makeup wise, she keeps it simple with soft, natural-looking colors during the day (a brown hue eye shadow palette with a pop of color on her full lips), but breathtaking combinations for outings and social events . She walks with confidence and her head held high, hips swinging from left to right.

In terms of style, Audrey dresses like your typical rich and fashionable student: expensive jeans, brand shoes, fashionable tops, casual dresses, skirts, dance team gear and the workout clothes she uses for practice. Whatever is trendy, flatters her and is according to the weather, you will most definitely see her wearing. In addition, she also wears appropriate jewelry and a handbag that matches her outfit of the day. She has one piercing on each ear, in which she generally wears small, delicate diamond studs.

Habits | Quirks | Oddities
  • Dirty, unkempt nails are one of her biggest pet peeves.
  • Raises her arched eyebrows at people she thinks are challenging her.
  • Bites her bottom lip when feeling flirtatious.
  • Devours a pint of Ben and Jerry's 'New York Super Chunk Fudge' the night before any competition.
  • Always wears a silver necklace with a pink and white diamond crown pendant.

  • Dancing
  • Shopping
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Eating at the fanciest restaurants
  • Traveling

  • Chocolate
  • Italian food
  • Staying up late
  • Fashion
  • Manicures
  • Guys
  • 2000’s Pop Music
  • Going to the salon.

  • Girls who try to imitate/diss her
  • Women who flirt with her man.
  • Losing
  • Animals
  • Waking up early
  • Heavy Metal
  • Not being in control.
  • Being told what to do/Controlled
  • Being overshadowed

  • Being alone
  • Losing everything (money, privileges, friends, etc.)
  • Failing
  • Being publicly humiliated or embarrassed

P e r s o n a l i t y
Audrey is the perfect definition of a Scorpio: strong, sexy and with an incredible magnetism. Wherever she sets foot with that confidence she carries so well, heads are turned: whether it be in admiration, attraction or jealousy. Audrey is selfish to the core, a master at discreetly manipulating people for her own gain and can even be insensitive to other people's needs as long as she succeeds. Despite her negative traits, she would never betray a friend or loved one and will go to great lengths to get revenge if anyone is to cause any type of harm to them or her. Treachery is considered a sin to Audrey, and is punished gravely. If anyone makes the mistake of challenging or messing with Audrey, they'd better be prepared to be crushed completely in body, mind and spirit; because Audrey isn't the type to forgive and forget. She's a determined, committed young woman who will stop at nothing to get whatever is her heart's desire. Audrey also has a habit of judging people at first glance and excluding anyone who she thinks is below her. To those people, Audrey comes off as just another spoiled, snobby Upper East Sider, but with an intimidating aura that sets her apart from the rest.

Her friends considered her fun, outgoing, loud and extremely flirtatious. The secret part of Audrey that only her lovers get to see is a sweet, caring girl that absolutely loves to cuddle and spoil her man. She is also what they call ‘a lady in the streets and a freak in bed’, as her lovers say that her passion is truly magical due to her sexual appetite being pretty much insatiable.

B i o g r a p h y
"Why don’t you take a picture? It lasts longer."

Born on the Halloween of 99', Audrey Elizabeth Huntsberg is the daughter of Dr. Arthur Huntsberg -the cosmetic and plastic surgeon of the stars- and famous Mexican-Italian professional dancer Elisabetta Rodriguez (currently Elisabetta Rodriguez-Huntsberg since her marriage back in 95’). Only daughter to the couple, Audrey was born into the privileged lifestyle only a few selected others shared, and has never known any less than that. She grew up in a luxurious Tuscan-style villa7, her every need and whim tended to by a group of housekeepers, gardener, chef and her personal caretaker Gretta until she was old enough to attend school. But, of course, not everything in Audrey’s life was perfect. Mr. and Mrs. Huntsberg, though always highly lovable, proud of their daughter and present for her important activities, were always highly invested in their respective professions. For this reason, darling Audrey grew up with the habit of spending money on material things to fill the void left by her parents' limited attention. This void would eventually also be the reason for her to feed off the received fame upon entering her teenage years, the reason to immerse herself completely in her Dance Team Captain duties and the reason to get tangled up with guys with questionable backstories.

Dear Audrey's elementary and middle school years were spent on the prestigious Beverly Hills Academy, where her parents had enrolled her to make sure their darling princess had the best education money could buy. The elementary and middle school years were great, but near the end of her eighth grade Audrey decided she’d had enough of the place: she was tired of the same old faces, and frustrated with the lack of a school dance team. And so, upon her middle school graduation Audrey got her wish and was transferred to Beverly Hils High School. It was here where Audrey instantly became part of the A-lister crowd upon arrival, since Elisabetta was a celebrity and most of the other A-lister girls had known people or even visited Dr. Huntsberg themselves. The change in schools proved to be successful for Audrey. In her freshman year, Audrey auditioned for the school’s dance team and was accepted to nobody's surprise. Currently in her junior year, she was named Dance Team Captain, and to this day keeps high marks in her lessons.

It is to be noted that Miss Audrey inherited a very valuable trait from her mother: the gift of dancing. Her interest and skill was shown at a very early age, and as soon as she reached the eligible age at three years old, her mother became her coach. The dancing queen had been taught anything from ballet, to jazz, down to contemporary dancing. Throughout the years, her natural talent combined with the hours of coaching and learned techniques helped her excel in the field: she not only won top awards for her dance numbers, but gained national recognition as one of the best young dancers in the country.
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