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It's pitiful to see when people don't seem to learn from their mistakes.


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“You can’t honestly believe her, can you?”

Audrey rolled her eyes and turned to face him, anger clear in her beautiful features. Alexandros had followed her on her way to his room, silently watching her as she gathered her things and ordered an Uber. It was clear her could feel the anger emanating from her figure and the ever-present scowl, because he made no attempt to convince her to stay. Or so she’d thought.

“And I should believe you instead?” she spat sarcastically.

Instead of replying, Alexandros launched into a story about how Ava had ‘betrayed’ one of his racing crew members, and how this guy Benji Cross was serving time because of this. All the while, Audrey sarcastically replied with exaggerated gestures, making it very clear that she did not believe a single word that came out of his lips. When he was done, it was time for her to lash out.

“You are so full of SHIT!” Audrey shrieked furiously. Her brown eyes were burning. It wasn't a normal occurrence to see Audrey Huntsberg completely flipping out at anyone, but Alex had managed to bring her to her breaking point. Her rant even included the hand gestures. “What does fucking Benji Cross even have to do with this?! I don't give a fuck about him, your stupid little club or whatever your sister does in her free time. The thing I do care about is you walking through life thinking I'm going to be just one of your many whores -and let me tell you something, it seems you have a whole fucking list of them-, because you bet your ass I won’t. I refuse to be another pussy in your portfolio.”

Just then, Audrey’s phone pinged. The Uber had just arrived. It was time to go. She turned back to Alex while heading for the door.

“I know you won't have much trouble finding a replacement for me. It seems you're very good at that. Do whatever you fucking want, just never fucking speak to me again.”

And after giving Alexandros one last death glare, Audrey turned on her heel and stormed out.

Darling, you must make your heart steel.

Audrey listened with feigned interest as Ava Mossos briefly explained her brother's trysts with the maid and nanny-next-door, gasping at all the right moments. The brunette was thankful that not many details were offered, because enough hurt was felt at just knowing the extent of his wicked games. A rising tide of determination was growing inside the young Latina, and she made a promise to herself: she would not be one of Alexandros' 'victims'. She refused to be just another chick in his credentials, another booty call on his cellphone for whenever he pleased, another addition to Ava's ever-growing archive of 'Whores My Asshole Brother Has Slept With'. She had stupidly fallen once to his charms and games, but she would not do so again. No matter how good or memorable the last night had been, it would surely be the only one. Audrey would, as usual, make her heart steel, and follow the very popular saying: 'Never make the same mistake twice.'

"Oh! Well, look at the time!" Audrey exclaimed after a quick glance to the nearest clock. Her fingernails were now mercifully released from Alex's skin, where four thin and bloody crescent moons were visible in the light skin. She hoped they would leave a lasting mark. "I think it's best I should get going."

Using her body as leverage, the tanned skinned femme pulled the chair away from the kitchen island and gracefully stood up. A brief view of her posterior was offered to Alexandros without being meant to, but it was quickly corrected when Audrey straightened the shirt of his she was wearing. She turned to Ava and Georgios with a smile.

"It was a pleasure to meet you both. Maybe I'll see you guys around school sometime." she said honestly. Audrey turned to Georgios now, who had been rather quiet throughout the whole incident. "I'm pretty sure you know this already, but the team's last competition of this semester is on the first week of December. That's when we know if we make it to Nationals or not, which I'm certain we most definitely will. If you're interested in a front-row seat, hit me up."

Without so much as a glance in Alexandros' direction, Audrey straightened up and sauntered out of the room. She was up the stairs and in his room in no time, and once inside she diligently began to pick up her stuff. Her clothes were strewn around the huge space, so it took some time until she was finally dressed exactly as she had arrived in the so-called 'Casa Mossos'. With the last bit of battery on her phone, she summoned an Uber to pick her up and take her home. Audrey wanted this experience to be over and done with.

Oh, the less I know the better
The less I know the better

It seemed that surprises were in order for this morning. Ava Mossos never seemed to lose an opportunity to expose her brother, and this fact seemed to bring the girl much joy. Audrey watched from the sidelines as Alex grew more uncomfortable and tense beside her, while Ava became more gleeful and sarcastic. The climax came when the Mossos girl beamingly asked Audrey if she wanted to know the stories of how Alex had been intimate with two previous nannies: their own and their neighbor's.

Once again, Audrey’s brown eyes widened. Although she knew the best thing was to abandon ship before things got ugly, Ava had peaked the Latina’s curiosity. And even when she knew sometimes it was better to not know anything in order to keep one’s peace of mind, the curiosity was too strong.

“I would love to hear the story.” Audrey replied sweetly, fake smile still in place. Under the table, her nails were discreetly digging the skin on Alexandros’ thigh.

“Exactly.” Audrey agreed, pointing her empty fork at Ava and shooting her a complicit wink before continuing to eat her breakfast contently. It was cool that the younger sister echoed her sentiments. Maybe this meant that a potential good relationship could be developing… If she were to decide to continue being involved with Alex, that is. That was still to be figured out.

At Ava’s mention of using condoms, Audrey waved a hand. They had, in fact, protected themselves. It was somewhat of a rule of hers that if there was no glove, there was no party. However, the satisfaction was short-lived when the brunette heard the words another pregnancy scare. Her insides turned to fire just thinking about how reckless Alex must be to have gone through that already... And more than a few times, it seemed. She was so angry that Ava’s next words didn't register with her.

“‘Another one’?” Audrey repeated curiously, using air quotes and everything. She was building up to a rage, which was clearly seen in her eyes when she shot Alex ‘that’ look. “Is this a common occurrence with Alex, going around life not using condoms?” the brunette asked Ava, keeping that flaming stare in Alex’s direction with a fake sweet smile. “Because if it is, I would very much like to be excluded from that narrative.”

She then took a moment to lean and whisper something in Alex’s ear. “If you gave me something, I swear to God I will claw out your dick.” she muttered, squeezing him as if to prove her point. Their position on the table and her long hair had covered her actions, so nobody but him saw or heard her threat.

Having said this, she turned back to Ava with a closed-lipped smile. “I’m sorry, where were we?”

There were five long, insufferable minutes of silence after Audrey’s kitchen comments. In which, the brunette proceeded to fill up her plate with an assortment of breakfast foods and start eating. Soon enough it was Ava who, as if not being able to stand the quietness any longer, decided to speak up. Her words came blunt and slightly accusing as she asked Audrey if her interest in her brother came from his wallet.

Instead of taking offense to Ava Mossos’ accusations, Audrey actually smirked in amusement. Although she hid it behind a mask of crassness, it was clear that the petite girl cared very much about her brother. It made sense, seeing as she was probably well aware of the intentions of some women while Alex had simply used his dick instead of his brain. The closest the Latina had to a sibling was Delilah and Leslie, and she would most definitely be suspicious and on the lookout for anyone trying to get advantage of them. It was this why she wasn’t fazed with the suspicions, and instead tried to reassure the young woman sitting across her that she had no ill intentions.

“Oh, no. I’m pretty well off in the financial department.” Audrey calmly replied to Ava, taking a bite of her scrambled eggs and swallowing them before continuing with her answer. “If you’ve got any doubts, a quick Google search can provide you with most of the answers you seek. If my family was going through any sort of financial situation or distress, everyone would know: trust me. The tabloids would have a field day.”

At Ava’s inquiry of if Alex had drugged her to get her to sleep with him, Audrey’s eyes widened, and she nearly choked on her juice. “Wait, has he done that before?!” she cried out, clearly concerned. Unfortunately, her comment was ignored by the bickering of the Mossos siblings. She made a mental note to inquire further about this accusation later on.

A second attempt at not choking on her juice failed miserably when Ava once again put Audrey on the hot seat. This time, the girl voiced aloud her puzzlement at how the brunette had ended up in bed with Alexandros. The question caused a surprised Audrey to succumb to a quick coughing fit, which thankfully subsided after a few short seconds. What was she supposed to say? She cleared her throat a few times before speaking up.

“I’ll plead the Fifth on that one, darling Ava.” Audrey said matter-of-factly, as if she hadn’t been choking on her drink again just seconds before. She looked into the Mossos girl’s eyes -just as gorgeous as her brother’s- before answering. “Whatever answer I give you will only serve to further inflate that enormous ego your brother so proudly possesses. So I think I’m doing us both a favor by not answering that particular question.”

Of course, this excuse was not the real reason Audrey refused to diffuse Ava’s curiosity on why she, ‘one of the most dignified -if not just slightly bitchy- girls at school’ chose to intimately involve herself with the girl’s big brother. But, how could Audrey possibly explain the strange spell Alexandros had placed on her from the moment her eyes met his? How could she explain that he had some sort of hold on her, and that from the day she saw him there had been no other guy in her mind? How could she put into words that she had never wanted a guy as badly as she wanted Alexandros, and that finally having him had made all her fantasies a reality? The answer was, she couldn’t. Not without sounding like some sort of smitten loser (which she clearly wasn’t, right?). So, in order to preserve her integrity and mystery somewhat, Audrey dodged the question and continued to eat her breakfast.

The relief Audrey felt after finally using the bathroom was beyond compare. Now her attention was shifted to more pressing matters: hunger. As much as she was looking for to get some nourishment after the night she’d just had, the prospect of meeting yet another member of the Mossos clan in her present state was not one she was looking forward to. While washing her hands on the sink, the brunette debated on pulling a Chapo and escaping from Casa Mossos while everyone was busy at the kitchen. A loud growl of her stomach quickly vetoed that plan, causing Audrey to let out a deep, annoyed sigh.

Oh, well. Might as well take advantage of the meal while she was there.

Sighing again, Audrey dried her hands and made the somewhat long walk from the upstairs bathroom to the kitchen. Although keeping her head held high with a straight face, her nervousness increased with every step. The nerves were replaced with curiosity when she was steps away from the kitchen. Voices were coming from the room: Alex’s, Ava’s and another high-pitched male one. She heard the high-pitched male voice ask Alex if he’d slept well, and Audrey could clearly see in her mind the smirk Alex must have had in his face when he declared he hadn’t slept much. The Latina rolled her eyes, but ultimately smirked herself as the memories of the past night washed over her. Another growl from her stomach pulled her back to reality, and after giving another annoyed sigh she entered the kitchen.

Whoa! Alex, that’s Audrey Huntsberg!

The young man’s shriek caused Audrey to stop cold on her tracks. She felt her eyes widen with surprise as a thin male teen that looked to be no older than fifteen basically jumped out of his seat and approached her. However, the crown jewel of this mortifying situation was when, after he declared she was ‘amazing’ and that he had ‘watched all of the videos of her dances on Youtube’, he wrapped her in a hug that was rather strong for someone with his skinny frame.

“Uuuuuuuuuummmmm, thanks...” Audrey muttered awkwardly as she returned the hug, visibly cringing. She had never felt this out of her element in her whole life.

She was thankful for Ava’s interjection in her behalf. It seemed his sister was the only one who could get him to behave, because at her scold the young man named Georgie let go of Audrey and sat down. Meanwhile, the brunette took a few seconds to compose herself before taking up the empty seat next to Alexandros. She tucked a strand of her wavy brown hair behind her ear and looked around the room, purposely avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“This is a really nice kitchen.” Audrey blurted out, clearing her throat at the end of her statement. The uncomfortable silence was killing her, as was the unwanted attention. The kitchen just happened to be the first thing that came to mind.
@Inkarnate After that happened to me a couple times a few times years ago, I switched to Google docs to write down post and copy-paste them here. It's saved me more times than you can imagine.
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Alexandros, open this god-forsaken door right now!

A shrill voice rang through the outside hallway and Alexandros’ bedroom, loud enough to be heard clearly even with the heavy wooden door being locked and shut. Audrey heard Alex moan irritably beside her, and silently watched him as he rose from the bed, leaving the top of her head partially exposed. The brunette hastened to cover herself up completely once more, thus attracting Alex’s attention for a moment.

There’s nothing to worry about. he said, in a tone meant to reassure her. The words, of course, had not had his desired effect on Audrey. She was as reassured as one could be while laying nude under the covers of a man’s bed with his sister shouting bloody murder outside his door, demanding to go inside.

’Nothing to worry about, my ass.’

Audrey didn’t have much time to think, because soon she was hearing footsteps, the door unlocking, the doorknob moving and the door swinging open.

The young woman’s voice inquired, in the same brass tone, who Alex had been talking to, to which he gave a smartass answer. As expected, the young woman continued to question him, and this time he replied with a lie. From her position under the covers, Audrey was starting to get a familiar sensation in her lower region, one that was as unwelcome as a sneeze would be in this situation… She wanted to pee. Badly.

As a pair of lighter footsteps entered the room, Audrey felt her body starting to shake with the pressure of holding the pee in. Unfortunately, this was noted by the young woman, who commented aloud on the fact, Audrey closed her eyes and willed her body to stop shaking and focus on other than the fact that she really had to go. But as it often happens in cases like this: the more you try not to think about it, the more you do.

To Latina’s dismay, Alexandros admitted he had a ‘lady friend’ in his bed. She was relieved that he hadn’t mentioned her name, but the relief was soon replaced with suspicion when the young woman mentioned another female’s name. At this, Alex laughed and denied. However, when he said something about ringing the other girl up, Audrey was now shaking with holding back from getting out of the covers, grabbing him by the throat and demanding to know who this ‘Vio-bitch’ was.

At the young woman’s clear disapproval, Alex shrugged off his previous comments. And to prove his point, he pulled the covers to reveal the person hidden underneath them.

Audrey let out a shriek as she felt the covers pulled off her. She’d barely had time to grab enough of the sheets as to not have her whole body exposed. But her head and shoulders were now completely visible for the world to see. Her eyes, wide with shock at the embarrassing situation she was in, met a pair of blue ones similar to Alexandros’. The petite, pajama-clad young woman staring at her with an identical speechless expression to hers was Alexandros’ younger sister Ava. Whatever urge to pee Audrey had previously had, it instantly vanished.

Audrey watched with a petrified expression as Ava gathered herself again before declaring she was ‘better than than that blonde bimbo’ and addressing her directly. The brunette swallowed as the young woman sort of welcomed her to the family (which was a rather interesting choice of words seeing as this was the first time Audrey and Alex had been ‘together’), gave her a rundown of which family member was in and who was out, and reassured her that at least she wouldn’t have to face the Mossos heads of the family before heading out, mumbling to herself. Although this was a fact that did relieve her, it did nothing to change the fact that she had been caught in Alexandros’ bed by his sister.

Finally, Alexandros looked at Audrey, who shot him a death glare so heated that it could have melted the Antarctic.

Don’t give me that look. Ava’s really observant. You should really work on the concept of ‘staying still. he teased her, bopping her nose with his right index finger.

At any other moment, she would have found the gesture endearing. But instead, she slapped his hand away.

“That didn’t mean you had to fucking expose me like that, Alexandros!” Audrey shrieked indignantly, throwing the sheets off from her body and rising up to her full 5’7” height. Even if Alex had nearly half a foot on her, the way her brown eyes blazed with anger and her fists were shut tight were enough to sober him up. “What the fuck were you thinking, pulling the sheets off me like that?! And in front of your sister, no less! Pull a little harder and she would’ve gotten a real eyeful! I can’t believe you made me go through this fucking humiliating scene. What’s she going to think about me now?! Ever stopped to think about that? Of course not, you selfish prick! All you care about is yourself!”

Alex paid no attention to her rant, and instead continued as if nothing had happened. He mentioned meeting his brother and food, and even in Audrey’s livid state some breakfast sounded good to her now-aching stomach (which was definitely contributing to her current abrasive mood). Begrudgingly, she unceremoniously grabbed the shirt from Alex’s hand and slid it on her tanned body. As she buttoned it, she made her way to a dresser and opened it without permission. She found just what she’d been looking for on the first try: a pair of black boxer briefs, which she quickly slid on before making her way to face Alexandros.

“For the record: if I ever hear about you getting involved with this Viola person -whoever that whore is- I will bite your dick off. And trust me, I am not playing around. Just ask Bianca Salazar and Janice Nelson.”

Before he could register what had just been said, Audrey summoned up as much dignity as she could given her current position; as much dignity as one could had when wearing nothing but one of Alex’s clean boxers and a button-down shirt. The brunette turned her back on him, locks of wavy brown hair swinging behind her, and stomped out of the room, head held high. She didn’t wait for Alex to escort her to the kitchen, and took it upon herself to get there on her own even if it meant getting lost along the way.

But first things first: she really needed to pee.
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