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4 mos ago
Current I've pretty much given up on forum RP at this point. So many RPs have ended due to dropouts and flaking, that it's just killed my enthusiasm.
2 yrs ago
The thought of starting up an RP is stirring, but then the memories of numerous disappointments come back too.
2 yrs ago
Logged in for the first time in months just to have a look around. Am not dead. Just took a break for a while. Not sure if I'll start RPing again - depends what's around.
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3 yrs ago
Time for a new RPG; more fighter jets. Been a while since I've done one of these, hopefully it'll get some attention
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3 yrs ago
Okay; Gundam RPG made. Now let's see if it gets any interest
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I've been roleplaying in one form or another since the late '90's. I've played as many tabletop games as I have online ones, and the quality of both has varied wildly.
I have an active imagination, and I love immersive, descriptive roleplaying. My genres of choice are sci-fi, and modern-day (with a sci-fi twist). I like RP's that mix reality with fiction, and throw an unusual and exciting twist into an otherwise normal setting - something like Stargate SG-1 would be an example, or Battle: Los Angeles. An almost recognizable world, but with some sci-fi twists.
I'm a fan of military and action-based RP's that do this especially, and they are easily my favourite - though I rarely see any that appeal to me enough - all the military RP's are too 'plain', and anything else modern day is usually fantasy or fandom.
I have a lot of fandoms, but I don't really like fandom RP's - or at least, the ones that come up. I often find them a bit lacking in ideas, or too far away from what actually makes the thing I'm a fan of enjoyable.

I don't play in free, as I find the short posts and bad spelling and grammar infuriating.

I'm 39 years old, and live in the UK, so I may not be on all the time.
I also like playing non-human characters, especially anthro ones. I dig giant robots, and I love military aircraft. I'm also a very dedicated and proud Brony and furry.

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Visitor Messages

Foster 4 yrs ago
So... I'm thinking of a soft-crossover-ish RP with GEARs...

Except it seems I've got an RP that is specific to monster-girls in a mecha-academy at some time near the final extinction of mankind.
... depending on how well they do at preventing that.

Time Travel?
TGM 6 yrs ago
GEARs was always neat to read, bro.
The Mage 6 yrs ago
I just have to say that while I don't make any roleplays on here due to fear of the thread dying, I do come back regularly to check and see how you and your roleplays are doing. While I am not the best roleplayer by a long shot I really did enjoy Thunderbolt Black a lot. Hope your other RPs go well!
Dervish 7 yrs ago
Hey man, been a while! Hope things have been going well. We should RP again soon.
Cartwright 8 yrs ago
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