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How about side characters? I got a state trooper developed for another division RP, but it didn't go off the runway :c
I'll consider it boss! Been kinda... MIA for quite awhile so I am not sure if I am ready to get back into the swing o' things yet
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Someone say GEAR?
Kensington and Dane stood side by side behind their commander in an at attention stance while he gave his speech, their eyes forward most of the time if not looking over the new faces before them. The group of rookies were a diverse bunch, and Maxwell could see the fresh drive to fight in them, but he still wondered if they would be the same after this mission takes course. The concept bugged the senior airman, and it almost made him block out everything outside again before he heard his name and his orders.

"Maxwell, Jacquo an' Abraeven - you three take care of makin' sure our personal gear is squared away inta the barracks correctly, an' that we're all set up with the right facilities. We're goin' ashore fer a spell, an' I don't want us to be havin' to scrabble around findin' out where everythin' is, or makin' sure our unit ain't on the right records. Also, while yer at it, make sure our personal firearms are all checked in properly offa the ships' armoury and inta the bases' one." Those were the orders given to the two and the two responded with their nods and their 'yes sir's' like usual. Everything else was for someone else, and that meant the grind time was in the horizon.

Once they were dispersed the pair of pilots went to meet the red panda, each of them still carrying their personal equipment. "Guess this is one way for us to get better introduced to one another ma'am." The wolf pointed out, his white ears flicking a few times while he shifted the vest in his hands before continuing. "A shame we didn't get one of the rookies to get to know, right boss?" Boss seemed to be something he addressed to everyone, but who could blame him? It was a word that not many people would find offensive to any degree, despite it's lack of professionalism that came with the tone. The conversation wasn't a long one though for one of the other new members came up with his equipment, already dropping the burden on the group before they could even drop their own gear. Dane went to collect rucksack before it could be set down though, a slight chuckle escaping him.

"Ya know being a fine lady can stir up trouble with the young ones where I was from." The airman pointed out, carefully holding the bag and setting it in a different spot. He was going to add some reassurance though, but the man was gone before he could even say anything else. That left the three alone once again to their duties, and around then Kensington turned to Jacquo, a more confident smile on his face.

"We're ready when you are ma'am."
Almost home and will get to workin a postin
Work called me in tonight. Waaaaaaaaah
MY post will be up before the weekend. Anyone else get This kind of vibe When we're finally at port and preparing stuff?
I'll post as soon as I can boss!
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That was one hell of a long second
Kensington was quiet while the two spoke, keeping to himself so he didn't do much of any intentional eavesdropping on his fellow man. It made him zone out a bit, or perhaps recent events was the prime suspect for that. The voice of the colonel snapped him back into attention though, and upon being invited in the wolf stepped forward, clearing his throat before speaking. "Sir, you know nobody's going to leave. After all we've all made an oath before enlistment, and this case is no exception." He said, pausing for a minute before letting out a shuddered sigh. "In all honesty though, I'm gonna miss 'em. Especially the doctor." With that the senior airman turned away and started out the door, but not before glancing over at the fox one more time and saying. "Sir, with all you've said doesn't give you the right to try some hero work, by the way. Remember there's only one you."


The days following were rather quiet for Kensington aside from a couple moments with Dane. The co pilot was almost a perfect fit to fill the hole that had been in the senior airman for the past few days, and soon he was able to function better than before; fresh and ready for anything. That day came when the two received their briefing, and once they were dismissed the two went straight to packing up.

Upon entering his room Kensington was greeted with the six pack he had left on the table, still unopened and still full of memories. His eyes locked on it for a minute before the case became the first thing he packed away, his smile fading as he continued packing everything up into his duffle bag. The stash and his clothes were packed up quickly, and his arm went through the collar and out the left shoulder of his vest so to hang it on his shoulder, his rifle dangling on it's carribeaner connected to the vest after he picked his things up and walked out the door. He was first greeted by the younger pilot, and the two exchanged nods and proper addressing before they started down the hall at a slow pace.

"Ya know sir.." Dane started, his eyes ahead while he adjusted his cap. "I dunno if you read my file, but the brass left some stuff in there that probably would get me kicked out now that this group has a lot more value to it..." There was a trail off, but before the airman could continue the higher ranked wolf cut him off.

"None of that, airman. You're as fit for the job as anyone else, and I am confident I don't need to read paper work to tell me what an airman can do." The senior airman said, stopping with a confident smile as he gave the fox a hearty pat on the left arm. "Don't let me regret saying that, this is your chance to prove whoever you wanna prove wrong. So, you ready for the move? The helicopter should be transported over by the service crews." There was silence, and when Dane replied with a nod Kensington gave a nod back, "C'mon, lets not leave the colonel alone." Those were the final words before the captain's voice entered the halls and the two shifted to double time to meet up with their commanding officer.
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