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"If I divorce my wife, is she still my sister?"
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If I impress my professor, that'd be rad; but joke's on you, I'm a college grad.
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I've been roleplaying for roughly 10-11 years, be it via tabletop games or online forums. I'm a veteran of OldGuild, though can't recall when I first joined up. D&D and Pathfinder remain favorite pastimes and I occasionally dabble in other systems. I've got a little wargaming experience under my belt via Games Workshop's products, though I haven't been active on that front for a while.

I'd like to call myself an avid reader, although sometimes I'll chew through a series at breakneck speeds and other times I'll spend months on one book. What I read or immerse myself in heavily influences what kinds of roleplays I'm interested in. I tend to swing between fantasy and sci-fi depending on what my hankerings are; usually I'll binge one and then gorge myself on the other in an endless cycle. On rare occasions I can handle both at once.

I'm a stalwart fan of Glen Cook's Black Company and Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion novels. I'm currently reading Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series before diving into his Stormight Archive epic. When it comes to fantasy in roleplaying, I enjoy settings that break the traditional mold as touted by D&D's Forgotten Realms and introduce new ideas or themes. I prefer grey moralities and a level of fantasy akin to the Witcher franchise.

When it comes to sci-fi, I'm a big fan of mechs. I'll admit to enjoying many anime titles of the genre, namely OYW-era Gundam, VOTOMS, Patlabor and Macross. I'm a fan of the Battletech universe, as well as Heavy Gear. I mainly enjoy militaristic science fiction in the vein of Heinlein, Scalzi, Haldeman and Weber.

If there's one thing I love most about roleplaying, it's the worldbuilding that goes into settings I partake in. I've spent most of my time with the Guild in the Nation section, creating countless nations, factions, states and peoples to inhabit them. I enjoy the collaborative process of people coming together and making something huge and unique. History, particularly ancient, medieval and early modern history, is one of my favorite studies. Much of what I create is at least partially influenced by real cultures, people or events.

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@Goliah I'm generally adverse to anything under the "industrial" label, as it reminds me of corny goth aesthetic and vampire club-type scenes. Industrial metal is no exception; I would rather just separate the genres and be done with it. I wasn't a fan of this track. Even though 4:30 is on the shorter end of the spectrum of what I listen to, I found it tedious, since he first three minutes just loop the same riff, which is pretty minimal and boring to begin with (that just being my opinion, of course).
I've no problem with minimalism and repetition when there's substance behind it, but I just can't imagine a ton of effort going into this track, and there's not a whole lot going on within. So yeah - hard pass on this one.


It'll probably take an appreciation for rawness and low fidelity to milk any enjoyment out of this, especially if you aren't a regular listener of underground black metal. But why not give it a shot:

@GoliahDon't have much to say about this; I've heard of Death Grips for a while and I've had a listen to a handful of their other songs. As someone who listens to metal, their work is probably the easiest rap/hip hop for metalheads to digest. Some of Death Grips's songs lean more towards harsh, noisy territory. This one seemed to be a little more catchy, spunky - accessible. I'm not a regular listener, so some of the appreciation might be lost on me, but it was fun.
No number ratings because I detest quantification.

Onto more metal - I had the pleasure of seeing these Finns Saturday night in Brooklyn. Put on a hell of a show!

This sound very neat! I think there's a lot of potential to be had here.

A question:
When our characters are reborn as Revenants, do they differ in any particular way besides gaining their extraordinary powers? i.e. do they still appear, sound, act like they did before death, or has the process completely transformed them?
Then it would have been better have just said "no" at the outset rather than leading me on, asking me to elaborate on the (unfinished) character sheet (that was not going to be accepted anyway). I was more than willing to work on the background to fit the plausibility of the setting, but was not given a chance to do so, or even finish the sheet before judgment.

Moving on, good luck with the roleplay.
I literally just responded to today's PM about my character and I see he's turned away without waiting on my explanation.

<Snipped quote>

Yeah, maybe because he's, like, almost identical to Cedric? The two of them are almost interchangeable, especially in Skills and Abilities. And Equipment.

And this is a terrible thing why? It's a mercenary company full of interchangeable peons; there's bound to be overlap. I intend to play a sort of knight - it's not like someone else playing another knight with *gasp* the same equipment and skills is going to be worth getting up in arms about.

It's not a D&D party with an unspoken rule that everyone ought to fill a different niche.

The important thing is that the characters are different people, with personalities, goals and traits that define them beyond equipment or learned skills.
Does this extend to IRL tabletop roleplay as well? Regardless, here goes:

The thing that irks me about tabletop, nominally D&D and Pathfinder, is shitty group dynamic. It's 100% more enjoyable playing with friends you know well and can trust not to abuse the game, or disrupt the flow of play. Playing with strangers makes me want to flip the table. I don't have any GM experience, so this is coming from my background as a player. I understand that people play the game for the freedom to be whoever they want and do things they can't in normal life. But that's hardly an excuse for being insufferable pricks.
I can't stand the murder-hobo mentality, ignoring any sensible norms that the GM's world may have and doing fuck-all to delve into the plot (if there is one). Part of me thinks the casual, pick-up style of official modules and things like Pathfinder Society is to blame, being very combat/encounter-oriented and eschewing roleplay.
Every group also has that one jackass that thinks he's the next king of standup comedy. I don't mind out-of-character banter when appropriate; it's actually somewhat necessary to break the ice in a group of strangers. But why do people feel the need to insert their shitty one-liners at every opportunity?
Then you also have your powergamers and outright cheaters, rules-lawyers and so on. The assholes that'll do anything to get a leg up on everybody else in the party and have the 'me vs. the GM' mentality. I have no patience for people who adhere unflinchingly to the rulebooks as written, and refuse to acknowledge discrepancies in the GM's setting and the game's own.

When I roleplay, I do so for the story. To be someone I can't and to explore a world different from my own. The things that stand between me and fulfillment of that objective is 99% other people. And I hate them for it.
Apologies, I have to withdraw. I'm just not feeling it after catching up with the last IC.
I'll whip something up today so we can get the ball rolling.
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