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Time and place for everything, I s'pose
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Who programs killer AI? Someone done fucked up
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So like a twisted Pinocchio real boy.
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What makes 'im so great, eh?
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I've been roleplaying for roughly 10-11 years, be it via tabletop games or online forums. I'm a veteran of OldGuild, though can't recall when I first joined up. D&D remains a favorite pastime and I occasionally dabble in other systems. I've got a little wargaming experience under my belt via Warhammer 40k, the X-Wing miniatures game and BattleTech.

I'd like to call myself an avid reader, although sometimes I'll chew through a series at breakneck speeds and other times I'll spend months on one book. The material I read or immerse myself in heavily influences what kinds of roleplays I' gravitate towards. I tend to swing between fantasy and sci-fi depending on what my hankerings are. Usually I'll binge one and then gorge myself on the other in an endless cycle. On rare occasions I can handle both at once.

If there's one thing I love most about roleplaying, it's the worldbuilding that goes into settings I partake in. I've spent most of my time with the Guild in the Nation section, creating countless nations, factions, states and peoples to inhabit them. I enjoy the collaborative process of people coming together and making something huge and unique. History, particularly ancient, medieval and early modern history, is one of my favorite studies. Much of what I create is at least partially influenced by real cultures, people or events.

Some of my favorite universes/settings (no order):
- BattleTech
- David Weber's Honorverse
- Star Wars
- Macross
- Universal Century-era Gundam
- Glen Cook's Black Company
- Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere
- Warhammer Fantasy (RIP) & 40k
- Ace Combat's Strangereal
- Robert E. Howard's Conan/Hyborian Age
- Freespace Saga

Most Recent Posts

“Many centuries ago, far before the dark ages of ash and brimstone, long before the birth of the Cradle, an ancient people dwelled in the shadow of a great mountain. This civilization manipulated the magic that dwelled within it, and used it to achieve unsurpassed feats of technology and engineering. With their knowledge of the unknown, they created what some might have once called a utopia. They wanted for nothing - yet yearned for everything. Such was their hubris, they believed their kind to be gods. With the mountain’s sorceries at their disposal, life had become trivial. Basic needs an afterthought, they turned to the arts, to scholarly pursuits, pastimes and excesses. In the last of their days they sought utter perfection, and crafted a great device to grant them the only thing they truly lacked - immortality. However, the mountain relented at their decadence. This was the Omega: a cataclysm of a scale never before seen. The inferno eradicated the guilty, and in its last gasp, the mountain collapsed, burying all with it. The death of the mountain birthed the Cradle as we know it.”

“We are not true descendants of these ancients, but we bear their curse. A dark heir of this hubris, a sorcerer, lingers in our midst. While the nations battle - not even a stone’s throw away from this very town - this fiend attempts to harness the divinity of the ancients. I can only assume this to be an attempt at succeeding where they failed. If the Omega has taught us anything, it is that immortality was never meant to be. As children of the Cradle, it is our duty to bring a stop to this scheme before it sees the light of day. Should this sorcerer succeed, I fear he will doom us all in a second, worse, Omega. A humble scholar I might be, but I have journeyed far and wide to gather this information, and trust me when I say I have found a way to thwart this attempt at divinity. In the catacombs buried beneath the Brimlands near Baccum, I have charted the location of the very device the ancients hoped would grant them divine power. It must be found without delay - before the sorcerer does.”

- - -

Farrin the Elder eased himself back into his chair with the feeble strength of a man past his years. His barren head reflected the midday light, a golden halo from one temple to the other. The air was filled with dust, screams and the rattling of metal as men flying banners of Mennon and Kathor killed and died a few kilometers away. Farrin’s wrinkled face paid no heed to the battle, and instead the once-legendary Mennonite patted his scuffed lamellar armor in search of an old leather pouch.

He stared at the adventurers gathered before him, seated outside the only tavern in town, in which the locals had barricaded themselves for refuge. Slowly the bearded hero pulled a strange gemstone from the pouch. It was the shape of an egg, but the size of a fist, with strange colors changing as light danced off its surface. Its was unlike any stone those assembled had ever seen.

“This is but one piece of the device,” Farrin explained, “There are four more like it, each required to power the ancient device. I plan to gather all five, and destroy them - and then destroy the sorcerer himself. From my studies, I have determined that the Omega scattered these stones across the Cradle, one in each corner of the land and into the hands of each nation. I managed to capture this particular gem from a ruin deep under Mennon… but not without cost.”

The old man raised his bandaged arm, gesturing to the stump where his right hand ought to have been. “The quest to gather the remaining gems will not be easy, and I cannot do it alone. But great fame and glory awaits those who try, and should we be successful, we shall preserve the balance of the Cradle for generations to come. Great peril, great reward and great duty.”

“Will you join me?” Farrin asked, scanning the group with wise yet, hungry eyes.
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Hmm, I wonder how bad the lag would be playing on the JP server from NA...
Guess I'll get back to work on that sheet.
( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
@CleverbirdI think it's solid. Once Gold shows up I think it'll be good for the Char tab.
One (1) Gold Ticket. Does Briza get to visit the Chocolate Factory, now?

Made my dick hard, you know what to do!
Hmm, I see. Although there's a hold on sheets, I built one up in the event a spot opens. I wrote it up with the wide, open world atmosphere of ARMA and designed the character as more of a stealth-based marksman - patient and deliberate. Diving into an ARMA free-for-all is a lot like playing hide-and-seek. But if everyone's sprinting about at close ranges and bullets are flying willy-nilly as in the SAO clip, I might rethink that idea.
@Kuroyomihime What did you imagine the general feel/pace/gunplay of the game to be like? Is it a rapid-pace shooter like Call of Duty or Titanfall, more deliberate and ponderous in the style of ARMA III, or something in-between?
@RomeroThrow 'im with the other sheets - nice work!
As in Gold's list, Kothar, Roshad and Mennon are the only civs with what we'd probably identify as a captial proper.

Roshad doesn't have a central government, as each city is govered by the Patron/Matron/Thinker trio, but there ought to be one 'de facto' city that kicks around more weight than the others. This one, as Gold stated, may act as the main councilhouse for the Thinkers and have the grandest archives and the most renouwned institutions. It may very well be the first of Roshad's cities.

Kothar and Mennon's captials are more traditional, in that they are homes of each nation's king/ruler. These are the jewels of both nations, and it is apparent from their opulence. Both are highly forified, large cities, with vast populations.

We can pull the names out of our asses if need be.
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