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Current Make no mistake - The sidebar is not an alternative for professional mental health treatment.
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The easy solution is to just not watch anime.
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Yes, genders have their intricacies. Writing them well takes research. But beyond the gender or sex of your character, they are a person at their core - humans are more alike than they are different.
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I've been roleplaying for roughly 10-11 years, be it via tabletop games or online forums. I'm a veteran of OldGuild, though can't recall when I first joined up. D&D and Pathfinder remain favorite pastimes and I occasionally dabble in other systems. I've got a little wargaming experience under my belt via Games Workshop's products, though I haven't been active on that front for a while.

I'd like to call myself an avid reader, although sometimes I'll chew through a series at breakneck speeds and other times I'll spend months on one book. What I read or immerse myself in heavily influences what kinds of roleplays I'm interested in. I tend to swing between fantasy and sci-fi depending on what my hankerings are; usually I'll binge one and then gorge myself on the other in an endless cycle. On rare occasions I can handle both at once.

I'm a stalwart fan of Glen Cook's Black Company and Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion novels. I'm currently reading Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series before diving into his Stormight Archive epic. When it comes to fantasy in roleplaying, I enjoy settings that break the traditional mold as touted by D&D's Forgotten Realms and introduce new ideas or themes. I prefer grey moralities and a level of fantasy akin to the Witcher franchise.

When it comes to sci-fi, I'm a big fan of mechs. I'll admit to enjoying many anime titles of the genre, namely OYW-era Gundam, VOTOMS, Patlabor and Macross. I'm a fan of the Battletech universe, as well as Heavy Gear. I mainly enjoy militaristic science fiction in the vein of Heinlein, Scalzi, Haldeman and Weber.

If there's one thing I love most about roleplaying, it's the worldbuilding that goes into settings I partake in. I've spent most of my time with the Guild in the Nation section, creating countless nations, factions, states and peoples to inhabit them. I enjoy the collaborative process of people coming together and making something huge and unique. History, particularly ancient, medieval and early modern history, is one of my favorite studies. Much of what I create is at least partially influenced by real cultures, people or events.

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For clarification - if we choose to design a mech for our characters, then we start the mission with something 'standard-issue' and then upgrade to our own design (canonically a Tethan mech) when we steal them afterwards?

Are we to assume that these mechs are functionally superior to whatever Zale can put out at this point in time?
I have no preference between land or space. Maybe a mixture of both, depending on the turn of the story? I think out-of-the-cockpit operations would be more intuitive on the ground, unless we were doing something like a ship-to-ship raid or fighting inside a space station.

Since Spleen's first OOC post is a little outdated, do you think it might be a good idea to edit this one ^ with new info & the latest map?

Name: Ephraim Karras
Appearance: Years of military service have calloused Ephraim’s hands and given him a robust, well-defined build. His hair is cropped close to his head and he wears a full beard. Striking blue eyes pierce from under a thick brow. His skin is tanned as a result of both genetics and days spent under the sun. His left hand is prosthetic, a constant reminder of wartime rigors.

  • FAN-6 carbine - multiple configurations shown. Ephraim prefers a vertical foregrip and holo-sight, with other attachments as necessitated by the current operation.
  • P23 semi-automatic handgun - standard-issue sidearm carried by Gliesian Army forces.
  • A small collection of folding knives and a tactical machete.

  • Pilot suit, with chest rig / armor plate carrier.
  • Ballistic helmet with integrated HUD and night/infrared/thermal vision filters.
  • TBA

Background: Prior to settling on Actaeon, Ephraim served with the 16th MFR - Mechanized Force Reconnaissance of the Gliesian Army. His detachment operated along a theoretical border between several fringe Gliesian colonies and home territories. For much of his service history, Ephraim's unit conducted patrols in the region, scouting for signs of buildup to a rebel offensive and screening incoming and outgoing traffic in Gliesian-controlled space. The signs pointed to an outbreak of hostilities, following military coups and declarations of independence by these frontier colonies.

By the time war had broken out, Ephraim's unit was among several dispatched to put down an insurrection on the colony Jubilant. When they arrived, fighting between the Gliesian military and separatists erupted. The rebel fighters operated as a patchwork of entities, fighting with both guerrilla and conventional means. Years of gruelling warfare passed by, with control of the colony teetering from one side to another and back. When it was clear that the rebels would not be defeated in a conventional war, Gliesian High Command devised a brutal operation to root out and destroy the separatist guerrilla movements.

Ephraim's unit was unknowingly armed with a deadly chemical agent under the pretense of a powerful anesthetic for the purpose of knocking out civilians and making it easier to transport them from the fighting to safety. In reality, Gliesian High Command planned to use the gas to wipe out the colony’s population, thereby eradicating all separatist activity. Ephraim and his unit was shaken to their cores when they witnessed the effects of the chemical agent. The operation was a success at the cost of all life on Jubilant. At the conclusion of the operation, Ephraim and his unit were awarded with decorations for “defending the integrity of Gliesian space,” and forced to keep a strict silence regarding the details of their mission.

Ephraim's unit struggled with a wavering sense of loyalty in the wake of the event. The fact it had been used to perpetrate a war crime lingered on the shoulders of its pilots. Some tried to forget, bottled their emotions and continued serving. Others tried to justify their actions to themselves. A number left the service or defected. Ephraim decided to abandon Gliese altogether, resentful of his former loyalty. Time and wanderlust led Ephraim to Actaeon, where he settled for military contractor work and tried to put the past behind.


Name: HC-82 Voltigeur

Class: Medium
  • X330 chain gun - A 30mm, single-barrel, electrically-operated autocannon. Electrical power, instead of recoil or gas, cycles the weapon at a rate of 625 rounds per minute. The ROF can be altered in increments of 25. Advanced recoil mechanisms allow this weapon to be accurately fired with one hand. The most common round used by the X330 contains an explosive charge sealed in a shaped-charge liner. The liner collapses into an armor-piercing jet of metal that is capable of penetrating more than 2 inches of rolled homogeneous armor. The shell is also designed to fragment upon impact, with a lethal range of 10 feet from the point of impact against unprotected targets.
  • SGM-89 AT missile - The SGM-89 uses a fire-and-forget infrared homing system to find targets. The missile travels in an arc, designed to knock out armored vehicles with a top-down approach. Their range exceeds 4,000 meters and they are powerful enough to defeat 600-800 millimeters of rolled homogeneous armor. The missiles are fired via tubes mounted on the mech’s shoulder.
  • Head-mounted machine gun - A pair of .50 caliber machine guns mounted on the mech’s head provides it with anti personnel and small missile defense. They are fed via a linked 400 round magazine.

Utility: TBA
Last Stand: TBA

Notes: The Voltigeur can achieve a maximum speed of 82 kilometers per hour at dry load via wheels mounted in the feet. The engines produce roughly 395 horsepower. Its armor is resistant to small arms fire and rounds up to 14.5 mm.
Equipped Systems:
  • Countermeasures - The mech is fitted with smoke and chaff launchers, which discharge tiny particles to confuse the detection systems of guided missiles fired at it. The smoke blocks both vision and thermal imaging. A Windbreaker active protection system is designed to intercept and destroy incoming missiles and rockets with a blast of buckshot-like projectiles. A 360-degree field-of-view fire-control radar detects incoming warheads, immediately calculates its vector of approach and the elevation and time required to intercept it. Once it’s done so, two rotating launchers release a blast of projectiles at the missile at a safe distance from the frame.
    The mech is also equipped with a passive infrared countermeasure system to defeat missiles guided by IR signals.
  • MTADS / PNVS - The Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight and Pilot Night Vision Sensor are separate units, but mounted together in the same housing. MTADS contains stabilized electro-optical sensors, a laser rangefinder and laser target designator, thermographic camera and a full-color daylight television camera. Images from the MTADS can be projected on the pilot’s helmet-mounted HUD or overlaid on the cockpit screen.
    The Pilot Night Vision Sensor links an infrared camera slaved to the pilot’s helmet.
  • IHADSS - The Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System allows the pilot to slave the X330 to their helmet. The weapon will track the movement of the head, pointing where the pilot looks. The gun can be controlled this way, or via the MTADS.
  • GFAS - The Ground Fire Acquisition System detects and targets ground-based weapons fire sources. It does so in all-light conditions with a 120° visual field. Muzzle flashes are located via thermographic camera.
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