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13 days ago
Current Highway to the Danger Zone
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21 days ago
Nah, being nerdy is cool nowadays, if you're ironic about it.
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21 days ago
Let's kick 2019's ass.
1 mo ago
Not when it infringes on my fun reeeeeeeeeee
2 mos ago
Then what is it?


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@Aristo Are you a fan of David Gemmell by any chance?

I'm only vaguely familiar with him. Haven't read any of his works, actually, but he seems up my alley.
Finished up Nazan on the previous page:
@Mag Lev
@Dealdric Correct.
@Mag Lev I'll be gone on a trip this weekend, but I had an interest in playing an Orisiri. I'll see if I can get a sheet written before I leave tonight. I'll still be able to check in through my phone when I'm gone.
I missed most of the discussion, so I'm coming in with a very limited perspective, but I gathered that souls are a finite resource. There's a 'pool' they're drawn from and recycled into when things are born and die.

However, what I'm not understanding is why this exists when we, as gods, can hocus-pocus things into existence. I understand we're not omnipotent, but we have the means to create. So why are souls so distinct?
Trimming the fat
I'd like to ask about the story. So from the intro, it seems like most, if not all, of our characters will have been inducted into the Order as a last resort. I get that the Order has historically been a neutral, semi-religious organization and wants to make headway into Weirn. How do you see the plot moving forward? What exactly is it our characters will be doing?
I'm going to be withdrawing Hyrkos from the RP. In spite of the recent attention to the sheets, I've felt like the RP was trapped in a worldbuilding limbo without hope of making it to the IC. On top of that, I can't muster up any interest in the setting's patchwork of cultures and species. I'm moving forward with other projects and can't sit for this one to get rolling as well.

Good luck!
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