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Not my own words, but: "Enjoy memes and have a good time online, but develop a solid sense of self-worth that is rooted in a reality that doesn't disappear when the battery charge is empty."
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The spam. It hurts.
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Yeah, and you're under arrest, pal.
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I have no idea if it's possible to alter with the site's current infrastructure, but I would love to see an improvement to the search function. It's great we can filter by specific forums and post types. What's not so great is not being able to sort results. You can search for something like 'urban fantasy,' and your first ten results will be from wildly different histories: anywhere from a couple months to 4, 5, 6 years or more.

What would be great is the ability to sort results by date, so we can search for specific kinds of RPs or topics being discussed closer to the present, rather than slogging through pages of years gone by. It would also be nice to be able to search thread titles separately from post bodies.
Cool! Leaving my WIPs here for now:

Hey there! I'm interested if this is still being supported. Question - what purpose does the 'feral digimon' on our sheet serve? I understanding RPing our tamer + partner, but I'm not sure what this third-party digimon is for.
@InsertANameHere Why not join the Discord? That’s where we usually chat and shoot the breeze OOC.
There's this taboo of guns in fantasy, even simple true-to-period handgonnes and primitive cannons. I've seen plenty of kneejerk "GUNS? In my fantasy??" reactions to believe there's some deep aversion to the idea.

Depending on the setting this might make sense - the existence of magic can make other technologies moot. Technology may have developed differently in a fictional, magical setting. You could also argue it's a matter of stylistic choice. Maybe authors would rather have heroes swing magic swords in tense battles than simply shooting down the bad guys.

It's just one of those controversial fantasy things, like GMs disallowing monks at their D&D tables.
I want to run my weapon by you to make sure it makes sense in the context of character creation. I rolled a 1 and got melee. I have dual weapon as a perk, so I chose mystic as the 2nd type. My powers include barrage and killing blow. My character has average strength (6) but high magic (14).
My concept in a nutshell is this magical girl can fight with a greatsword, but she doesn't hold it physically - it's controlled via magic, a floating, flying sword that attacks and defends her from harm. For the barrage power, it can also either A) split into multiple swords and fly rapidly at targets or B) launch blasts of magic as it swings, whichever is appropriate for the power.

Alright, glad to hear that. Have you rolled for Specialization? Certain Specs go well with specific weapon types, like Gravity with a Mystic type.

I've done all my rolls so far. Just figuring out what I want to change and use my coins for. I rolled Light for my specialization and melee for my weapon.
As a newcomer, I don't know what the current cast has been through since the RP's inception but my rough concept is an anti-hero character - someone with goals that may not always line up with the other magical girls and may fight alongside or against them, depending on the situation. Would this kind of dynamic work?
Cool, cool. I'm hammering out my sheet as we speak. Just thinking about what kind of weapon/magic the focus will be.
Gotcha, so this is a continuation of a pre-existing RP. That clears it up for me.
So going in fresh with a new character, can I expect to write up an introductory arc where they actually gain their powers and come to terms with being a magical girl, or start already having taken up the magical girl mantle?
& Do you have an anticipated start date for the IC itself?

Before I got ham on the sheet, I want to ask about the Emergency choice at the start. It reads "Choose two non-artifact combat perks. You may shift other perk rolls to the combat table for free."
Are those two combat perks you pick in *addition* to the five you roll for, or do they just replace the first two on the combat table?
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