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Not my own words, but: "Enjoy memes and have a good time online, but develop a solid sense of self-worth that is rooted in a reality that doesn't disappear when the battery charge is empty."
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The spam. It hurts.
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Yeah, and you're under arrest, pal.
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Need to brainstorm a myth but otherwise, I'm set.


The fall of the Orduin Empire and the subsequent defeat of the Chitijian resulted in rapid centralization of political power in the Basmarran Peninsula. Its inhabitants began to exercise their newfound independence and established several city states. Each city state was typically led by a dynastic ruler and structured around an urban administrative center with a territory of dependent villages. These city states were nominally independent and relations between them varied from friendly to hostile. Alliances were maintained via trade networks and common cultural practices, while rivalries for regional prominence were common causes for war.

By the mid-26th century, Nagintyar had become a dominant power in southern Ishtar, having assimilated a large swathe of Basmarra into its new empire. In 2551, Nagintyar’s stringent tribute demands and exploitation led to a revolt led by the Zhosa, an ethnic group endemic to Basmarra. This revolt grew into open war between Nagintyar and the Basmarran city states. The combined might of Tlamoc, Nahuan and Xocotlan eventually overthrew Nagintyar’s control and they became the foremost powers in Basmarra.

Following their victory, the Zhosa confederation campaigned across Basmarra, assimilating other cities. The members of the confederation both coordinated their operations and sometimes acted independently. Each of their leaders governed their own lands as separate polities. By 2583, nearly all of Basmarra was conquered. Tlamoc reigned in the north, Nahuan to the east and Xocotlan to the south.

Government & Culture:
The Zhosa city states are politically autonomous, each an independent domain led by a dynastic ruler. Tlamoc controls a larger sphere of influence as a result of its preeminent military strength. While it does not exert its power over the other two city states, it is the loudest voice at the table when the three convene. Zhosa rule is indirect, allowing tributary cities considerable autonomy. Rulers of conquered cities are allowed to remain in power in exchange for regular tribute and military forces when needed. In return, tributaries benefit from Zhosa protection, political stability and a network of trade of all the peoples under their influence.

The inhabitants of Tlamoc, Nahuan and Xocotlan share a common cultural background and speak the Zhosa language, although individuals will refer to themselves by their native city. The Zhosas' tributary cities encompass several different ethnicities and languages and are allowed to maintain their own traditions and religious beliefs, so long as the Zhosas' gods are added to their pantheons. The state religion of the Zhosa encompasses a pantheon of serpentine gods, foremost of which is Mehzoathi. Mehzoathi is the patron god of Tlamoc and is associated with war and fire. Nagintyar’s reign over southern Ishtar left many influences on the Zhosas’ culture. The Zhosa revere snakes, associating them with longevity, healing and bodies of water. They believe themselves descended from a mythical race of shape-shifters that could assume the forms of serpents, elves and half-serpent hybrids.

I played a lot of MH4U and MHGen on the 3DS a few years back. Got into World earlier in the year, but I haven't played since April. I find that with Monster Hunter games, I tend to blast through the content and grind up until the difficulty becomes too much for me and my progress plateaus. On the plus side, very few games feel as rewarding as MH when you finally overcome whatever wall that's been keeping you down.

Genshin Impact has been taking up a lot of my time lately, although I'm feeling the post-AR35 blues. All my main story quests are finished and I've finished the latest event. There's just a handful of quests left that unlock after certain AR requirements or random commissions. I'm not AR45 yet, so it's not worth it to grind artifacts quite yet. It's just daily commissions and boss/domain farming for ascension and talent mats for now.
According to the name change info sticky, "Usernames must be within 2 to 15 characters long."
Is it possible to change my username simply to C.? C and a period.
Extreme WIP. Hope my ideas for helium-3 mining jive with my moon neighbors.

Is Jupiter itself claimed?
Please change my username to "Slamurai."
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