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Due to unfavorable unforeseen events, I will be unable to participate in this RP. I am sorry to disappoint you all. Good luck and godspeed!
I would like to take the mantle of a Lord of Abhainn. I will write a CS in the shortest amount of time possible.
I am asking out of curiosity, how much do people like to add music to their roleplaying experience or stories?

I usually like to link music and soundtrack, to add another layer of complexity to the reading and roleplaying experience. I tend to go for an atmospheric style of writing, mainly because I feel it helps with immersion. As such, if a certain scene or setting or action inspires or evokes a certain feeling, from straightforward to abstract, I like to enrich the experience with some music to fit the overall feeling. At the same time, I try not to use music as a crutch, or a tool to purvey the emotion since I feel the text will inadvertently lack substance due to laziness ("I mean, I got the song going, I don't need to write in that much detail what's going on in their mind, right?").

But tell me, what do you think? Is it a good idea, is it a bad one? Is it cringy when the soundtrack style doesn't match your own vision of the story? Does epiphany occur when poignant synths and bass send shivers down your back when you read a breath-taking paragraph? Or do you just delete your RPG account when a song you hate is linked in your favorite roleplay?
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