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Rendyl had no idea what the Captain looked like, but she was curious if he too would be unique....maybe a tree so she could make the joke that his bark was worse than his bite. But as she thought about her little joke, a human just like her stormed through the cargobay doors and made a beeline right for her. Her first impulse thought was he was another crewmember, come to attend to the damage or to her, yet both were very wrong. She was flung towards the door, her mouth agape in a silent gasp save for the air rushing into her lungs, and was for a sickening moment considering her telepathy again to tell him to leave her alone...

The snow-haired girl buckled down on her urge and took a few seconds more to note other details: the fact that the security officer willingly did nothing to stop the man meant he had more authority, and the growling from the man saying she was meant to be in the brig at his order meant undoubtedly he was the captain.

And so she went without complaint of being firmly led out of the cargohold, past another human, and towards what she guessed was the brig.
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Rendyl was still curiously examining Luirae, trying to figure out if the crystals were actual minerals or not, when the explosion happened. Having been on the floor already she didn't slide more than a few feet away from the crew, but it was enough to renew her fear in her predicament. She remained motionless as the ship settled, frozen on the spot like some kind of scared critter, until Tulez dragged her up onto her feet by an arm.

She didn't resist, shaken but unharmed by the event. She nodded her assent again just in case it might've been in question, using her free hand to push some of her silvery hair out of her face, red eyes blinking.
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She knew her gamble was a success when dragon lady stumbled back as if she had recieved a blow to the head. Well, a success would be overstating it judging my the pained expression on the officer's face. Yet Rendyl held Aamra's gaze as the woman's hand jerked towards her hip as if to draw her sidearm.

But before either of them could respond to the other, Luirae entered the cargohold and Rendyl appeared to double take at the woman. Dragon lady was one thing, this one looked like a walking crystalline formation! The girl openly stared as the doctor spoke, her eyes glancing towards Aamra only once as she affirmed what rainbow crystal lady was saying. Rendyl only nodded a few times, her hands finally coming down from her head to her lap as she let herself rest on her heels in a more relaxed posture, still staring at Luirae.

Sent out in a pod, awoken on the wrong ship, pirates, dragons, crystals....The Universe is impossible to predict, her mother liked to say.

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