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The Ursa had cornered Alonare, who was kneeling with her blades at the ready; one above her head and one upright in front of her. Her fancy dodging only lasted so long, and the Grimm managed to corral her in the short time into a fallen building's living room...but the shotgun blast made both combatants jump, surprise on Alonare's part and pain on the Ursa's as it took some pellets to the arse.

Roaring and turning just in time to get breifcase'd to the side, followed up by more shotgun shells, the creature was clearly pissed off more than injured. Alonare blinked at what was being called to her Injured? Why would he care? But the thought was fleeting, deciding to tuck it away for a time when a rather peeved Ursa wasn't bearing down on an ally. The Faunus slapped her blade hilts together, pulled and arrow, and tugged the string back in one fluid moment, preparing to take the killing shot to the Ursa, just...

"Turn his head!"
I'll try and get a post tomorrow. I've been called in to work a series of days and I need to be up early and I don't get home till late >.<
It's alright ^_^ We agreed this would be a slow posting thread. I'm honestly surprised we got so many in so quickly =3
No worries <3
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"I heard your voice and didn't have time to go fetch him." Alonare snapped. She turned heel and motioned to Phoenix to follow "We'll go find him, get your friend mobile. Fortune favors the fleet footed." And with that took off.

She didn't jog long though. In an effort to keep her aura hidden she avoided silencing her footfalls, a serious mistake as she'd soon find out. Her prediction of Grimm being attracted came true as an Ursa barreled around a corner, its gaze drawn by the sound of movement, and charged in their direction. Alonare knew she didn't have time to draw her bow and line up a shot, so she seemingly snapped her bow in half and locked the limbs into a pair of swords. She hated fighting hand-to-hand, but she hated not being able to at all more.

Having never fought with allies, she didn't think to call it out, merely dashing forward and instinctively dampening the sounds around her. She rushed the creature head-on for a few moments before using a small upright piece of stone stuck in the ground to alter her course at the last moment, using her swords to deflect a swipe from the Grimm. The Faunus landed for half a second on a wall she aimed herself for, using it to launch off and dash again before the Ursa had time to strike again, rolling across its back and leaving a heavy gash across it as she went.

She was avoiding it well enough, but it was obvious she wasn't doing enough damage to end the fight anytime soon...

Came the single word before Alonare stepped out of her cover, bow lowered and held undrawn. The two syllables were clearly said in contempt, but she moved on quickly "Your two teammates are over here." The Faunus turned and started off at a jog, seeming not to care if the pair followed or not. Regardless, she'd lead them to where Soleil was left laying, and waited for them to follow.

"Pitiful city. This is what Vale has to offer?" The trio of huntresses wandered past an alley where Alonare was crouched. She didn't move, didn't respond. Her task was not to silence a few upstarts, but to stop a worm from revealing her Master's identity. She was just waiting in that particular alley for him to pass didn't stop her from hating the three girls and their harsh words. She may have been enslaved here, but many people in this city helped each other. The old man even gave her food on occasion.

"Ash took off looking for you in that direction. We need to leave before Grimm get here." she explained curtly as she looked around, trying to stay aware of any other unexpected visitors.
"Identify yourself first! For all I know you're here to steal from a military aircraft!" Came the reply from behind the rubble. There weren't very many options of retreat without being seen, but Alonare had a small knack for improvisation. She allowed them to hear her scuffle around, but the moment she stopped, she used her aura to mask the tightening of her bowstring as she prepped an arrow. She had heard a second voice, and didn't know how many others were with this Nyte. Ash had not said....

Who's more trusting? Surely he heard her yell his name? Or did he intentionally avoid asking because they both might be thinking the other knew he wasn't this Nyte? An awkward standoff to say the least.

Alonare drew her bow towards the yelling, not taking any chances of being at a disadvantage in a standoff. She glanced around from where the yelling was originating, and managed to catch sight of movement around a broken wing. She slid off her perch and dashed across the short exposed area that was cleared just behind the ship, taking cover behind a piece of ship that left her at a 90 degree angle from where she found Ash and the voice before calling out "Nyte!"

The idea in her head was that if the man yelling was indeed Nyte, she'd be able to lead him towards his companions. But if it wasn't, she wouldn't draw him closer to weakened allies.

Holding another slave in her arms, his gut bleeding from a bullet wound, she looked up with teary eyes at those that she thought were there to save them....but they were only there to kill stock of competitors, they said...
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