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After hearing her request for her favorite snack approved, Rendyl took a seat at the table and waited, observing as the crew accumulated in the room and tilting her head slightly as she saw new people. It was obvious from their exchanges this wasn't a new crew, and that the relaxed and casual offer of poker from the captain himself hinted at either a lax or nonexistent military protocol. Resting her chin on the heel of her hand, elbow on the table, she watched as the crew gathered and prepared for the game, the girl smiling with one side of her mouth, recalling a family night of cards even if the game wasn't gambling.

The girl blinked out of her reverie as a Luirae placed a plate in front of her, and she quickly devolved into a happy state of bliss as she started to consume the grilled cheese. For several minutes she ate her meal, some of her attention returning to the prospect of the game, at one point tilting her head and raising her hand towards the other end of the table and looking around for Tony and flicking her fingers in some signs. She turned her gaze back to the captain, an eyebrow raised and a questioning expression on her face.
Let me read through again. I might've been too tired when I read it last night. >,<
Is....anyone alive?
It was a long walk from the medbay to the kitchen, Rendyl noted. So it was hardly a small ship she had found herself on, and it made her wonder what sort of activities a ship like this was used for. Patrol wasn't out of the question, nor was exploration. But neither really seemed to fit the bill. It seemed like they were a mish-mash of people from various walks of life. A solider, a doctor, a scientist...all seeming to have stories of their own, and clearly not from any standardized academy or military base as she assumed all starship crews would need to be drawn from.

She jumped slightly at Tony's pokes, but nodded at his question and gave a simple thumbs' up in answer, along with a tentative smile, and turned her head just in time to get her forehead bonked by the swinging door. It didn't hurt, but she recoiled in surprise and blushed again before pushing determinedly into the kitchen by herself. Hoping Tony didn't give off a laugh as she strode forward with a straighter back, trying to look more adult than she felt at that moment.

At the mention of sandwiches though....she broke down and just barely restrained herself from begging. She tapped Tony on the shoulder and signed a short statement, looking back to Luirae and biting her lower lip lightly, eager to see if her request would be possible...
last week's been a bit blerg....hopefully will get a post up by tomorrow
What happened now? o.O
As they walked, Rendyl had been thinking about the past hour or so, ever since she woke up. What did she really know about what was going on? She counted on her fingers as she listed things off in her head:
This did not feel like the dream. She was being respected enough as a thinking being. She was not in immediate danger. She was hungry, which meant she had been in stasis longer than a few days...and aliens came in stranger packages than she had ever imagined.

At this last one she glanced over at the kind doctor, and for the first time since seeing the crystalline woman, decided not to make assumptions. What did Rendyl look like to HER? A scrawny female human who was just as much a mystery. The realization made Rendyl blush slightly but smile and quickly give a small nod at Luirae. At least she was being escorted by someone who looked quite astonishing and was nice, rather than disgusting or gruff.

Count your blessings, her father would tell her.
Family...somehow they always manage to steal my writing muse -.- also, scarlet hasn't checked RPG in 12 days >.<

ifthey don't drop a post by tomorrow, I WILL throw something up. I will try my best, but right now I'm just drained from the holidays.
question, was the lounge where tony, ren, and rae were going?
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