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all good! I'm still here too btw~ <3
I'm still here!
Rendyl hopped off the table she was sitting on, cheeks still flushed somewhat as she hurried to follow the pair out the door to an unknown destination, knowing only that there would hopefully be food there. Keeping her hands knitted in front of her and her head bowed slightly, she would keep up with the other two, occasionally stealing glances to absorb her surroundings now that she felt a bit safer with current company.

Nearly a foot shorter than Tony and dressed in clothes fit for a street faire rather than space travel, Rendyl felt very out of place in the cold corridors of a space ship, flicking her silver hair from her eyes with a quick head gesture.
I'm still here!
what's being waited on? O.o
Shrugging her shoulders slightly and biting her lower lip, Rendyl was actually glad the captain departed the medbay. She didn't like how gruff he was, and the fact he always looked ready to change his mind to throw her in the brig put her on edge. Crystal lady though, a doctor of medicine from how Tony addressed her, remained. It caused the girl to keep glancing over at the crystalline structure of the woman's body as she tried to keep her focus on Tony, and only tore her eyes away long enough to sign back to the man.

When she was finished her cheeks had flushed red and she was staring down at her lap, clearly trying to marshal her gaze to not stare. It was at that moment though her belly growled in a very obvious way, and Rendyl covered her face in embarrassment. It was only natural for her to be hungry, but why did it need to be so loud!?
Do you want to drop a post before I do, @Akayaofthemoon ?
I feel like three days between posts isn't a bad thing, but 7 straight is. advancing locations is a no-no, but conversations between characters in a single room wouldn't impact that I feel....
what are we waiting on?
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