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As a bystander, this all seems like a tangle that needs to be unraveled by an unbiased third party. Both sides seem to be pointing the finger at someone else, and its confusing and inciting further chaos, while impeding any attempt to straighten things out by either side.

And the biggest issue in trying to get a third party is the fact that the moderators are usually that third party, but that very clearly won't work since its the mods themselves being pointed at.

I'm NOT taking sides. I am simply pointing this out, along with my suggestion of a third party, in an attempt to help resolve the issue.

I found this because Cynder wasn't responding in our 1v1. I didn't know why, nor am I going to make assumptions. As it was stated above, yes I am very scared I might get hit in the crossfire with a ban just for making this post, but as they guts no glory? Enjoyed RPG through the years, I don't want it to start crashing around everyone's ears because of cloak-and-dagger.
I'm still around Cyndyr~
Its a sad thing, but sometimes this happens. We can't blame the GM because its unfair to assume one thing or another as to why she isn't posting.

She might've had some real life issues and has been unable to get online. She might've lost her desire to post. it might've been too stressful for her. No one knows, so until she is able to get us an update, we need to put this on the back burner for now. Feel free to give the occasional poke if you want too.
Roll call! Who all's still watching the thread?
Roll call! Anyone still awake here?!
still around btw <3
The Ursa had cornered Alonare, who was kneeling with her blades at the ready; one above her head and one upright in front of her. Her fancy dodging only lasted so long, and the Grimm managed to corral her in the short time into a fallen building's living room...but the shotgun blast made both combatants jump, surprise on Alonare's part and pain on the Ursa's as it took some pellets to the arse.

Roaring and turning just in time to get breifcase'd to the side, followed up by more shotgun shells, the creature was clearly pissed off more than injured. Alonare blinked at what was being called to her Injured? Why would he care? But the thought was fleeting, deciding to tuck it away for a time when a rather peeved Ursa wasn't bearing down on an ally. The Faunus slapped her blade hilts together, pulled and arrow, and tugged the string back in one fluid moment, preparing to take the killing shot to the Ursa, just...

"Turn his head!"
I'll try and get a post tomorrow. I've been called in to work a series of days and I need to be up early and I don't get home till late >.<
It's alright ^_^ We agreed this would be a slow posting thread. I'm honestly surprised we got so many in so quickly =3
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