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Everyone else’s post makes me feel so pitiful with the size of mine v.v I know there needs to be one with the smallest but I can’t help but feel self conscious XD
I am still around! I picked up an old iPad and it has a fold out keyboard. So for now, I am back up and running for roleplay!
Stumbled over the finish line! \o/

I also will mention I am currently on an iPad instead of a pc due to the fact my new rig's motherboard is faulty and I will be dealing with that over the next few weeks. So if my posts seem small, I apologize. o7
Five minutes beforehand...

Soft paws swiftly thumping against the ground could be heard approaching, and those that glanced that way would see an otter bounding towards them on all fours, thick tail flying in circles to counter balance the rushed motions the girl was taking.

"I'm not late am I?!" The otter called out, and as she finally slowed down on her approach, she caught a wire from her belt in a paw and tripped, tumbling into a pile near Silverwind's feet, a little dazed...

"Qyii'eekhh'Chikhousx'Rishun...." She muttered to herself, rubbing her rear before looking up at who she nearly ran into. But upon seeing the insignias, she hurriedly gained her feet and with hands out, palms up, she bowed her head and added "Gyu'ook. Apologies. It won't happen again, Sir!"

Rishun quickly pulled away to a respectable distance as he started to speak, assuming an at rest stance, trying her hardest to ignore the feeling of her flushed cheeks from such an embarrassing entrance.

Once Silverwind finished his speech, she fiddled with her belt to try and fix her various wires, resecuring them just under the belt as she walked up the ramp with her new captain and her new outfit.
I have work for the next 6 or so hours from the time this post is made, but I am going to be getting my post out in under 12 hours. Promise!
Ooo I hear a new tab in the lore onenote~

Because now I am personally curious about seafood?
*Works furiously on army of mini robot otters with jet packs and are water tight and chirp so cutely but have black fur and spiked collars*

Almost done~! And take your time Silver, I feel like a good opener is very important to get right~
*A murr can be heard in the corner as a certain otter pours over a drone’s innards* I, the great Sprinsteam shall create an army of foot soldiers so adorable they will conquer with mere looks!

*Coughs quietly* what I meant to say was....that’s a pretty fun way to both balance and spice up the combat and roleplay styles. I approve~
Ooooo sounds good~
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