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Still around! o/
I think its time to ask the question:
How many people are still interested in participating in this thread? Best way to see this will probably to have people 'like' the comment or something, instead of the OOC getting spammed?
*Gently pats wall* it didn't do anythinggg!

Rendyl gave Tony a reassuring pat on the shoulder and a nod to his question, smiling her thanks to his concern. She undoubtedly liked him the most. He seemed to be the only one who genuinely cared, and it kept coming back to her that he reminded her of an uncle or overprotective brother. But she couldn't dwell on Tony for long, her revere broken by quips from a few other members of the crew.

As she turned her attention to the pair talking to her, her expression hardened and everyone at the table might feel a subtle sensation of tension decend. Setting her hand facedown, the girl reached up under her hair and fiddled with something around her ear a moment before tossing an earring onto the pot. It wasn't money, but it appeared to be far more than your average trinket from a giftshop. A single green gem encircled by gold inlay that hung from a embellished R.

She tapped Tony on the shoulder and signed for a few seconds, all the while holding that firm expression of determination as she pointed at Astrid and Josk in turn.

is everyone waiting on me or what are we stuck on?
there we go. I feel a little better now. XD
All this talk about her was making Rendyl quite uncomfortable in her chair, the taste of her grilled cheese soured slightly in her mouth as jabs at her appearance or need to be cared for were thrown around. Gritting her teeth she nodded at Tony, grabbing and sorting her cards before staring at them to avoid making eye contact with anyone, trying to concentrate on the game at hand. Texas holdem.....she didn't recall the ins and outs of it, but her father once described it as 'upping the ante' on regular poker. Her mind raced with what combinations of cards could bring her victory with this current hand, and tossed away a two of clubs, waiting for a replacement card from the Captain.

Her choice confirmed, she waited, looking back up and going around the table, giving each person there a good stare. Each one had their own life, their own choices, that brought them here, and Rendyl was determined to make sure they knew she wouldn't be a burden. She would win this hand of cards, and show them what this 'child' could do.
I must apologize, I haven't been able to find my muse lately. I'm going to try my best to get a post up today <3
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