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I feel like three days between posts isn't a bad thing, but 7 straight is. advancing locations is a no-no, but conversations between characters in a single room wouldn't impact that I feel....
what are we waiting on?
Just as she was finishing the arm movement over her chest in apology, Rendyl looked over at the crystalline doctor as she spoke. Food sounded AWESOME....and once again huffed quietly at being called half human. She didn't have fuzzy ears, a tail or anything else that would show she wasn't anything other than human. Some scientists they are. Yet once Tony started talking, she took an instant liking to him. He was relaxed, friendly, and was actually talking to her like a person!

She nodded furiously at the mention of signing, and what followed from Tony's questions was a flurry of arm, hand, and finger gestures. To everyone else, it was seemingly gibberish in motion. But to Tony, she was speaking clearly with a tone and cadence of her own. Rendyl signed for several seconds before she settled her hands on her lap, indicating she had finished for the moment, smiling almost shyly at her outburst.

She glanced over at the Captain and crystal lady, giving a tiny wave and another sheepish smile.
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Committed to her path, Rendyl kept hold of Raymond's arm until he managed to pull away, nodding slowly as she heard his tone of voice change to something more gentle. At least she didn't look soulless to the person who probably held her fate in his hands. She allowed herself to be led onwards by the guiding hand on her back, not really scared of hostile touch now, listening to the Captain speak into his comm. She perked up at the mention of her pod, and a mention of a report. She knew her pod probably had some security built in, just how high was uncertain, and that Raymond assumed he had the authorization...Guessing at it, she wagered this was some sort of mercenary group, well funded by a military to carry out less than reputable tasks that normal military personnel would frown upon, and they had initiated combat with this unknown enemy to retrieve her while she had been asleep.

Her chain of thought was interrupted as the Captain ushered her into a room, well lit with plenty of countertops and a dead giveaway it was a doctor's room; the well known examination bed design. She quickly hopped up and sat on the end of the bed, looking between the two men with a curious gaze as Raymond almost made her sound like an alien!

She huffed. Did no one tell him she had responded to english commands down in the cargo bay?! but then stopped feeling angry, a grin cracking her face. Raymond didn't know if she was human or not? She lifted a hand balled up into a fist, back of the hand facing Raymond...before straightening her middle finger, that shite-eating grin still on her face, clearly conveying no emotion other than humor with the vulgar action. But she quickly sobered up and looked at Tony, giving him all her attention. She lifted her right fist to her chest on the left side and made a circle motion with it.
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