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So I need to let you all know, I've lost my muse for writing. It isn't that I don't want to keep this going, its just I am unable to think up any kind of post worth anything. I do apologize for my absence, and for the silence up until now. >.<
So I'm going to be honest. I've lost my muse. Every time I sit down with the doc in front of me, I keep drawing a big ol' blank. I am very sorry for not saying anything sooner >.<
Blarg. been trying to get work as well as balance my social life. Nutshell: Life does not like me on RPG.
Rishun was still fretting over her GEAR's condition as they made their way towards the airfield. The path wasn't that treacherous and with Max leading the way, all she had to do was follow in his wake. She was worried about other things, like making sure their prisoner wasn't squeezed to death, and that her EWAR and ECCM were still operating properly, and that the information she had managed to gather from the enemy's computer system was safely isolated. Sometimes the realm of cyberspace could suck you in, and it was for this reason of multitasking all her screens that she nearly bumped into her partner when he stopped them on a ridge.

"Anti-social shooting? You're really hellbent on this devil-may-care vibe you got goin' aren't you?" Rishun joked, taking his advice and hooking up to his drone without much effort. She whizzed it up and around the immediate area, keeping overwatch for the sniper, the role of spotter obsolete in their GEARs. The forest here was pretty quiet, and she only saw the occasional small critter on the drone's thermals. So instead of focusing on that task, she allowed it to use a patrol pattern and set it to bleep at her if it found anything.

"Nothing looking at us funny, Max." She reported, then returned her focus to the prisoner. He was still out cold, but she could see him breathing slowly, and he didn't appear to be bleeding either. The otter looked over to Max, just as he was finishing up with his shots. She nodded her head and replied "I'm sure he will be quite intrigued by both our actions. I look forward to the bemused reprimands. I'm also looking forward to wringing our little friend here for info. I want to learn more about their systems."

She tucked her left arm in close to the body of her GEAR, and followed Max's lead down the slope on wheels.
Coffee, then I am sitting down and writing for the next few hours! I SHALL BE A DETERMINED OTTER TODAY!!

edit: Its not big, but its out there now!
I'll get my post up after Scarlet's, since Rendyl isn't about to go out onto this planet alone XD
I'm here!
Rendyl wandered down the street in a daze, holding the old book she had taken from the major library in her arms. Master was dead, Eliona was in critical condition, House Solaris was in an uproar over who was to succeed Master Drakus, and she was left in the dangerous position of being head of the Solaris Guard as an Akeshan. The nobles were cordial at best, downright hostile at worst. No one was giving her the time of day unless she threatened arrest for obstruction of Solaris business....The House guard stopped short of a bench beside the street, eyes staring but unseeing “Master, you always knew the right words. How am I to keep my world together when you were all that was in it…?”

It had been a week since the tower incident. The scene had been a disaster area, dead and dying in the streets, survivors and rescuers running around trying to make sense of it all, and the threat of war between the north and south was a real possibility. Rendyl had spent her time locking down her emotions in leu of assisting in the effort to save lives, and once Eliona had been recovered alive, had dedicated herself to tending the woman. Most of the Solaris entourage had been injured at best and they had started gathering around their Lord’s personal guard for direction, as well as Abbi in a strange set of plate armor, whom was barking orde*.

They had secured a means of travelling home quickly by order of the wyvern rider, and once there, the real trouble began. Who would succeed Lord Drakus? Who was in charge until one was decided? Rendyl shook her head slowly, ponding on those same two questions as she had for over two days now…

”Get up, servant. You were not given permission to sit. Stand, and fulfill your promise to me. Defend me and uphold my goals as your own. What use are you as my personal guard if you cannot do even that?”

Rendyl shot up suddenly from her hunched position on the bench. She didn’t remember sitting down, but the voice of Drakus sounded so real that it gave her a start. She looked around, and upon confirming being alone, looked back down to the book in her hands. Master always wanted power. He hammered into her early that strength will make your goals happen, be it strength of arm or of the mind. This book was going to help her with the latter, and she needed to gather more of the former.

She stood and with an ember that the avian thought long dead flaring to life, she took off back to the castle, clutching that old book tightly...
Still around. In the middle of my work week, thinking a lot about psychic powers...
Walking behind her Lord, Rendyl kept flexing her back muscles. Her body didn't like her wings away from her body, and the numbness was also a rare sensation she had only felt once before. It had been two long glides almost back-to-back between two ships that were unsure of the other's identity. She had managed to save both crews the costly and very bloody conflict by helping exchange words between the captains without the ships needing to approach each other.

She had spent near two days in the captain's quarters recovering after that, and she anticipated a similar requirement for rest now. Yet even as she thought that, part of her knew Master would not give her two full days to herself, even if the world wasn't ending. She was stronger than that, Master would say.

The Avian bodyguard was just about to speak up about the subject when a harsh bang in the air, similar to the sound from when the tower was first enveloped. Rendyl crumpled to the ground while Drakus barely stayed on his horse, both falling unconscious as the world shifted once more.

A ground shudder brought Rendyl to, along with her Master's voice yelling her name. Why was she on the ground…? "Rendyl! Get up now! We must move! The tower is coming apart!"

Drakus was reigning in the spooked horse, trying to keep it from rearing up and knocking him off. His voice, steely and furious with a hint of something else made Rendyl push herself off the ground for the second time that day, groaning as her body protested to the abuse. She took a few shakey steps towards her Master, just as a rumbling crackle could be heard above them.

The pair looked up in time to see a chunk of the tower that had been held up by sheer luck finally saved to gravity's will, breaking off and falling right towards them. Rendyl immediately takes a step towards Drakus, only to hear him yell "RENDYL GET BACK!!"

It made her pause just long enough to save her life, and then the impossible happened…The horse rears as Drakus attempts to yank it out of the way, and when that fails, Lord Solaris lifts a hand up mere moments before the chunk hits. But Rendyl never saw the impact. A heat blast throws her onto her back, and smacks her head into the ground….

Why does the world hate me…?

Rendyl questioned to herself as she pushed herself up- again- and rubbed the sore spot on the back of her head. Her hand came back moist, but at that moment, her mind was processing the images in front of her.

The horse was dead, crushed under a massive chunk of the tower, a single hoof visible from Rendyl's angle. She couldn't see anything to indicate Drakus under the rubble, but she scrambled unsteadily towards the pile, frantically tugging at chunks to try and find her Master.
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