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I didn't have anything in mind, just didn't want the thread to go without a post for any longer. ^_^
Rendyl wanted to return to cryo-sleep. With bodies strewn around, angry faces and guns aimed at her, and nothing to defend herself with, the girl obeyed the command. Kneeling down and placing her hands on her head, she didn't even bother to calculate how quick a bullet could find her head for resisting. But what scared her more than seeming combative is when the questions would start...can't exactly convince someone you're not a threat if you can't speak.

She shivered in place as she thought of what might become of her if they viewed her as a stowaway, or worse some kind of agent. Shifting her eyes from the floor to Aamra's expression, Rendyl cowered a bit more from the sight. She had wanted to meet aliens, but now with the opportunity to see one for the first time she was rethinking that particular desire.
in an effort to keep the posts more active, may I toss a post out now?
Alarms? Rendyl rubbed one of her eyes as she looked around. Grey walls, boxes everywhere, and what was that? A pile of clothes? The girl squeezed her eyes shut and squinted at it, only to recoil at the realization it was a body. Rendyl's mouth agape, she attempted to scramble out towards the feet end of her pod, only to trip over the control console and crash onto the floor. Her instincts were screaming at her to run run run, but as she started to do just that something clicked...

She glanced over at the body again, other synapses firing. Nine feet away, fur covered, surrounded by wood splinters and scraped metal flooring. Looking up for the first time, Rendyl saw the ceiling several dozen feet high, the room itself quite large. Too large for any sort of medical facility. This wasn't a hospital. Rendyl looked behind her and grabbed the corner of the console she had tripped on a moment ago, pulling herself up and looking at the screen.

Emergency Resuscitation procedure activated. Primary oxygen tube damaged. Rendyl looked up and noted that the pod was resting next to a wall, and the side of the metal was dented inward seven inches. A quiet hiss could be heard of she listened closely enough. She looked back down at the screen and attempted to swipe the alert away, trying to bring up the time and date. Unable to process request. Main motherboard damaged. Backup emergency release active.

Seeing it was useless to interact with her pod any longer, Rendyl threw her gaze back towards the room, only to see people. At first relief flooded her being, and then dread set in as she saw all of them were armed.
two days....I think I'lll just make a post.
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