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She offered a combined option of both requesting support and both diving in once the IFV was taken out, but lets hold off till Silver gets his post out.
Rishun pressed on behind Max as they traveled through the deep forested area, making sure she didn't step on fallen branches or too many leaves. With so many monitors she had to push them to either side and focus on her footfalls. Nothing wrong with multitasking during a dangerous night mission surrounded by enemies right?

They made their way up the hill, she constantly checked back on the video feeds of the entire squad, making absolutely certain that no matter what they kept contact through any attempt to disrupt them. At one point she was alerted to an enemy trying to do just that, a flashing light from just outside the the jamming area in the northwest, which warbled Max's speech for barely a few seconds until Rishun managed to extend the area over the enemy unit.

The pair of technicians battled for several seconds in cyber space, one trying to escape a maze of code while the other built the maze around them. But no one beat Rishun at speed. The enemy technicians was quickly squashed, his systems completely bricked with a pixilated otter's face making yipping laughs at him on his screens.

Rishun grinned wickedly. Sometimes you can't resist a bit of fun as a hacker.

However she was pulled back into the mission, and at Max's suggestion knelt down and pulled up his PoV. The drone was a nice surprise, having missed the sign of it on his back as she followed him up here. But nonetheless she patched in and added a new window to her list of open feeds.

It wast as bad as she was fearing, but it was still bad. The techie from before seemed to have alerted a squad of infantry that were quick marching their way back to the the compound, however the patrol looked on alert yet unaware of the tech's interaction with Rishun.

When the map she had up with her fields of influence pinged her, she pulled it down to take a look at the routes he was suggesting, and listened intently never once interrupting until all three options were explained.

"You may be right, but just as I coerce machines to tell me things, you can coerce those soldiers to tell you things, if we capture one. Software tends to be easier to break than hardware..."

He had a point, though, so she added quickly "If I had to choose, I would suggest we ask for a distraction, then we assault together after that IFV is down. No reason to split up yet, and you told me to stick to you, right?"
It was a strange weekend for me...

I've taken notes and have a general idea how I want my post to go, will write it up after I get back from ma meeting tonight.
I can make a post soonish, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of everyone else ^_^

Soft timetable maybe by the end of this weekend.
Rishun made a sound through her nose, creepily though it sounded almost exactly like her usual "Yhe'yhe'yhe"s without her mouth moving at all. There were several otter ventrilouqists in the comedic scene...

"I'll remember. Most of the time I will be focused on my displays, anyway. My team will need to alert me if I need to move." But even as she said it, Max could see a light shiver on her tail. This caused Scrap to pop out of his container and climb to her shoulder once more, though this time she seemed not to mind his disobedience as she absently pet his head, her thoughts leaping ahead to the mission ahead.

As they quickly made their way across the deck of the ship and piled into the heli, Rishun covered Scrap with a hand to protect him from the worst of the salt water spray, letting him settle on her lap after they were strapped into the seats. Her tail wasn't designed to sit very well, so what ended up happening was where the thick muscle of the tail made her sit at an angle. But her mind was still elsewhere, and everyone with more than a few missions under their belt knew that face.


She wasn't even aware she was making it as they flew across the distance to the assault vessel, cupping Scrap in her hands and holding him close, as she stared out and across the ocean.

The briefing was a blur for Rishun, being forced to store Scrap due to regulations before entering the room she stared at the front screen as it displaced the details of the mission. But whatever was said flew over her head despite her attempts to pay attention. Nothing was helping her rising fear, and as they all bustled out, she tried to catch Silverwind's attention, but it was lost in the sea of departing officers. She wanted to say she was afraid, that she was better if she was on the ship, anything to avoid the fight ahead...

But when she came to walk right beside him as they got back on deck, walking towards their awaiting GEARs....the words wouldn't come. The excitable little otter that seemed to always have something to say was speechless. She was a robot as she mechanically entered her GEAR and strapped in, punching the power switch and watching as she was encased in the Aqua Goddess. Darkness took over with a single red button beside her, and she sat there in the dark for several moments, the outside world so far away now. But as she felt the helo taking off, she took a breath and pushed the button.

All the basic screens lit up and holo displays fluttered into life in front of her. She keyed in her security code and flicked the virtual pad away. Training and habit took over her fears as she quickly got to work setting up comm links with her team mates through Big Eye. She even worked on some of the codes it was running on. Establishing a connection quickly she set one small virtual display to show link lights to all her teammates. If anything went wrong, the green light would flash to yellow, if comms were cut completely, red.

With that done she tapped 'squad all' on the display. Now she could act as a relay booster for God Eye to her squad. If she needed to transfer airwaves power, all she had to do is tap a squadmate's name and her system would reroute processing power to amplify that member's comms to the rest of the squad.

All of this she did as she diverted her attention to listen to Silverwind. Through comms she didn't need to be nervous about her expression or posture, she didn't have to be worried she *looked* like she was paying attention "Sprinsteam here." She replied to the check-in order, and when specific orders came out, she flicked a hand and brought up a map from file, spreading her hands out and manipulating it to view the island in full. Pulling up her ELINT systems as a list of capabilities, she grabbed the Enemy Jamming capability and with a deft motion with her index fingers and thumbs, spread it out into a blanket and covered the entire northwest corner of the island.

She quickly threw Enemy Interception onto the entire island, and then went back to Big Eye, tagging it with her Friendly Moniter capability. It would alert her if anyone mentioned keywords related to her squad. She checked their location, and engaged the wheels of her GEAR on time right behind Max. Go time.

Rishun's GEAR landed with a heavy thud, splashing salt water a good twenty feet in all directions, and she pushed forward to stick behind Max as he spoke directly to her "Copy that Max, I'm on your six and good to go." She called out, setting her GEAR to follow behind him, pulling out her aquatic rifle. Even if it was less useful, it could still kill infantry.

As a last precaution she pinched Enemy Spoofing from her list and dropped it over her squad's landing site. At best anything they would detect, her focused spoofing would make them look like a few friendlies that were tagged as 'investigating'. She was ready to imitate a 'comms down' signal back to them if they tried to make contact through her jamming.

@Silverwind Blade
Your mention of a melee gave me an idea.

Either a large mech designed to take tons of hits, using a much larger shield and melee weapons.

A baby mech designed to assist in breaching and traversing infantry sized locations.

Or both in one.

What do you think?
Tech, recon/sniper, heavy weapons, explosives, engineer, leader...

Stealth in a mech isn’t exactly solid. Silver wanted to keep it specifically mech only for player characters, so unless he says otherwise, I’m currently at a loss.

Just brainstorming.
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