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Same here!
Here's my completed NS, finally. Once I get the go-ahead to move it to the Characters tab I'll add a section for notable ships, characters, and whatnot that I'll add to as they appear.

Where do you get your pictures from?
Hi @Cloakedrider! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to reject the sheet entirely, for several reasons:

Firstly, the mention of a 'multiverse' and the overall population of 76 billion are in complete violation of the founding conceit of the RP, and the mention of black-hole travel violates the rule on FTL travel as well. Secondly, there is no mention of other important elements the colonies share- such as the Earth heritage or the Gateways, and the sheet insufficiently explains what the Hell and Purgatory Realm are, along with what the 'dragon mounts' are.

Additionally, many other elements of the nation are entirely unclear. The dual monotheistic/polytheistic nature is not given nearly enough explanation as these are two directly opposed belief systems (excluding henotheism,) what exactly a guardian angel is, and how a nation can simultaneously be using medieval methods of travel and warfare whilst still successfully maintaining a star-spanning empire and researching black holes.

Finally, the sheet fails to meet the typically accepted standards for 'advanced' RP on the guild. Although I could reccomend many changes to bring the Guardians in line with the rest of the RP, I would instead reccomend searching in other areas of the guild, and I wish you the best of luck in your future writing on the site.

Thank you Irredeemable, I should have read the original post more.

Although you advise checking out other roleplaying guilds, I would like to ask for you to give me one more chance of a post.
I'm not participating, however I look forward to reading your roleplay story - it sounds like a good idea.
Guardian Angels

The Heaven-Realm, consist of a series of Halo Planets on the outskirts of our currently known multiverse, within an indigo-blue nebula and Planet Tzak is in the Heaven Realm.
The population of the Heaven-Realm planets is estimated to be 76 billion and on-going. Guardian Angels form 50% of the population whilst the other 50% is formed from humans.

However, the population on planet Tzak is estimated to be 100,000.
Planet Tzak.
Planet Tzak is a planet very similar to Earth. However, it contains very significant godly locations within it such as the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Lilith, God’s Centralised Government for the Heaven Realm, and God’s Guardian Angel Academy.
Planet Tzak Education
The Education of Planet Tzak is the most advanced in the Heaven Realm. It teaches Guardian Angel Science. Guardian Angel Science teaches that the multiverse which consist of heaven, purgatory, and hell realms are composed of microscopic, telescopic, and scenery-treadmill skin adjectives. They are named skin adjectives because an individual adds the materials, or neurotransmitters to their basic skin. There are 118 basic skin adjectives which are in the skin adjective table, then they form into innumerable materials, and neurotransmitters.
It also teaches the microscopic skin adjectives, which humans call electrons, are organised by Halo-Rings, which is symbolism to show that God’s Guardian Angels are omnipotent in the Heaven-Realm. In Human language Halo Rings, are the equivalent of energy shells.

Planet Tzak Culture and Society.
The families within the Heaven-Realm are called Garden-tribes. They live within a certain Garden together. They were allocated to the different Gardens by matching hypothesis of their favourite animals, and 16 personalities type.
Examples are:
The Garden of Eden – About 30 to 40 members live within this Garden and they all participate in agriculture.
The Garden of Lilith – About 30 to 40 members live within this Garden and they all participate in agriculture.
And the Garden of Eve - About 30 to 40 members live within this Garden, and they all participate in agriculture.
(Plus, more to be added)
Planet Tzak was one of the most original planets to form after the Big Bang.

Governance and Politics
The hierarchy of Planet Tzak is monotheistic/polytheistic rule based on infradian, circadian, ultradian cycles of votes.
The Polytheistic rule is based on the ability for plural Guardian Angels earning the title of God because they do their guardian of the destitute jobs so well, compared to other Guardian Angels.
The Monotheistic rule is based on a singular guardian angel earning the title of God because he/she does their Guardian of the destitute jobs so well, compared to other Guardian Angels.
To end either rule, there needs to be an election every four years to ensure they are doing their job properly. If not, Guardian Angels can vote for an elite group of Guardian Angels to rule Planet Tzak as a polytheistic rule, or a different singular vote.

Technology Overview:
Guardian Angel Science does not yet use modern machinery. Instead, they use medieval weapons and transport. Current research is looking for how to travel through a black-hole.
Military Overview
The Guardian Angel Ministry of Defence are responsible for protecting the Heaven-Realm, controlling the Hell Realm, and providing guidance in the purgatory Realm.

The Military consist of:
The military consist of ten-thousand-infantry soldiers, who use swords, daggers, crossbows, and longbows.
And five thousand Dragon Mounts.
Here's my "Acceptably Completeish NS". I have yet to flesh out the military section, but frankly that's the least important part anyways and you more or less get the idea as is. Also I have an early shift tomorrow, can't be bothered to write up ship descriptions right now, and just wanna talk in the Discord.

Do you have a PHD in English or something? How are you able to write so well, so extensively.


I would like to do a story about Guardian Angel versus Demons. Is there anyone who would be interested for this?
I'll play.
@Cloakedrider Hi Cloak, join us on discord :

You will be able to see what's being said but in order to "talk", you'll need to send Irr a NS via PM or post it here.

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