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Current If you're interested in a Wild West RP, playing as an Inquisitor with just a touch of the occult, then why not have a peek?…
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12 days ago
*"Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay sounds like a fantastic time as long as you don't have any idea what either one is."
19 days ago
Some people write 'Jedi' for 'religion' on their census. I'll stick to the god emperor of mankind, heretics.
26 days ago
There needs to be a German composite word for the pleasure gained climbing back into a bed after leaving it to go get ready.
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A pair of socks that have loyally served me for four years have finally fallen apart. Goodnight, sweet princes.


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Assuming those shells are Dragon Breath... No. 1650C magnesium flames are not something you want anywhere near hostages, friendlies, buildings... Really anywhere. Plus, apparently they have a tendency of gunking up the barrel.

Just following up on Sel, but SPAS weapons are barely allowed in the US. If this was an Italian S-SWAT group, then maybe, but I'd recommend going with another shotgun. *Cough*.
Rebrer raised an eyebrow. Perhaps a less direct way of going about things would be prudent here. Whilst he had found half-orcs to be everything from ruthless killers to happy-go-lucky morons, he had a feeling that she was somewhere inbetween. Not that that mattered. Questions needed to be answered, and he doubted he was getting answers from the other folk in the party. "Name's Rebrer." He held a hand out, keeping his hood up. He had found that when undercover, you told as few lies as you need to. Fewer lies you told, fewer lies you needed to remember. Fewer lies you needed to remember, fewer lies you had to forget, and forgetting a lie could be very bad. Besides, people didn't react to other names as quick as they did the one they had been born with.

"How'd you get the prisoner?"

@Lucius Cypher
He growled as his opponent shot ahead. Alright, no messing around. He put pedal to the metal and the engine roared in response, weaving through traffic like it wasn't even there. Unfortunately for the VW, it was hard to really compete with close to one and a half grand of American built muscle car. It was noisy and guzzled fuel like beer, but dammit if moments like this weren't worth the hassle.

He slammed down hard on the horn as another driver almost got himself killed, before pulling closer and closer to the VW. Facing his opponent again, and without taking his eyes off the road, he reached forward and adjusted the radio. As if to challenge the hardbass, his own music blared out- Classic Rock.

"I'M ON THE HIIIGHWAY TO HELL!" And with that, one single finger was raised.
Well, he wasn't getting anything out of the pirate. He was babbling nonsense about Tiamat, and whilst he was one hundred percent sure he was talking nothing but pure distilled horseshit, he wasn't going to call him out on it. No, instead he would need to work out which one of these fine, lying-through-their-teeth-fellows would be the one most liable to actually give him what he needed information-wise. And, now that he looked at them... This was going to be easier said than done.


I have been pressured into joining. I am here.
The two cars shot off. Whilst at straight speed, he doubted the VW could match him, corners and congestion would be what could really trip him up. He had been practising his drifts, but even so... Never knew how things could go. Within thirty seconds they had merged with civilian traffic, and that was when the fun really started. He threw the wheel to one side, and then the other. The car was in front wheel drive, so the back end skidded out a little bit, allowing him to clear the nose of the first car he was overtaking. The nitro he had pumped in was leaving his engines, the speed he had gotten from the oxidisation wearing off- speedo creeping down ever so slightly.

Handbrake turn, onto Red Square. His wheels squealed and he spared a look up at the sights, before flashing a glance in his mirror. Where was his opponent...?

Well, as I said, I'm not LDS or even Christian, but if you want to do Wild West Inquisitors, Salt Lake is your best bet.
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