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Current You've got bronchitis? But do you have time for that?
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There are two kinds of people in this world my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You? You should start digging.
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Felis Navidad! Happy Hollidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Krazy Kwanza! I'm running out of religions!
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Warhammer is called Warhammer because the chief god of the largest Human Empire used a gigantic warhammer. The more you know.


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Just a quick thing.
"Machine diagnostics complete." The techpriest turned to him. "The linkage Ommissiah has been established. The machine spirit is pleased." His voice crackled out, slightly statick-y. "Mount your vehicle." The red robed man indicated to his vehicle. Reaching through the window of his vehicle, Arkan opened the door and got inside. He settled into the seat, and then pressed the button that would start the sentinel up. "Vehicle running smoothly. Very good. Move onto the lander." The techpriest walked forward, and he closed the sentinel door, before locking it firmly. Using the control sticks, he rose the sentinel up to its height. Flicking a few switched, the autocannon spun up a little bit, and then slowed down. Perfect. Always good to double check what the clankers said.

Slowly, the sentinel walked forward. Whirr. Clunk. Whirr. Clunk. Whirr. Clunk. That was... Loud. Oh, wait, he hadn't turned on the scout mufflers. Another switch, and the sound of the vehicle was muffled. Lowering the sentinel down, he shuffled the sentinel forward a little, and then parked the walker inside the lander. Another techpriest directed a series of servitors to clamp down on the feet of his vehicle. The techpriest looked up at him. "These will automatically release upon landing."

Helpful. The voice continued to boom out as the lander was released, and he ran through the information on his head. He would be out first, and had to meet out with his fellow soldiers, but officially he was separate to the squad, and as such, wasn't underneath anyone but the acting Oberleutnant. Fine fine.

Are we going to be kicking off any time soon?


According to the warhammer 40K wiki (I'll edit it anyway.)

- The Cadian Pattern Sentinel is armed with an Autocannon which is effective against more "elite" armoured infantry units and standard vehicles. Its canopy is fully enclosed and armoured.

It has been done.

True, the mechanicus doesn't approve, but he's an average guardsman. To him, the whole 'you should just let the enemy shoot your vulnerable ass face because we don't put any armour there," is bullshit, and he would rather have a protected noggin. I imagine the armour isn't nearly that of an average armoured sentinel, but it is better than a scout sentinel. Maths has been sorted.
Name: Arkan Dissilden

Character Description: Arkan is... Relatively average. He's not tall, not short, not fat, not thin. Being a soldier, he has muscle, of course, but his only real curious feature is his eyes- which are a bright blue colour. He's slightly darker skinned, and is also fairly tanned on top of that, making him look darker than he actually is. He makes a point to remain clean-shaven, but has his hair slightly long, pulling it back into a knot if it would get in the way.

Role: Dannandorf 32nd Sentinel Division (Prior.) Scout Sentinel Auxiliary (Current.)

  • Vehicle piloting and repair. Need him to drive a tank? Tracked vehicle qualifications. Sentinel? That's his job! Wheeled vehicles... Everything on the ground he can probably drive it, and repair it too. Mostly, it's the same underneath the hood.
  • Demolitions. Satchel charges, promethium, IEDs, grenade launchers. Tools of the trade when it comes to making sure something stops existing.
  • Communications. Rule one of being in a command vehicle: The officer never knows how the radios work. Ever. Rule two: The next time the commissar is about to summarily execute someone, it'll be you if you belittle the commander for not knowing how to repair a radio.

Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 5
Strength: 7
Toughness: 2
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 8
Perception: 7
Willpower: 5
Fellowship: 6

Equipment: –
  • 'My Darling:' Cadia pattern scout sentinel. Repair tools have been strapped to almost every part of the vehicle, camo netting has been strung across the vehicle, and floodlights have been retrofitted along with smoke launchers. It's far more than your average autogun-kitted scout.
  • Combat shotgun. Strapped to the inside of the sentinel is his old trusty. Made in his home planet, it sports a lovely wooden finish, and a leather strap, with the number of kills that Arkan has earned with it carved into the stock. Currently, it has seven neatly carved notches.
  • Laspistol. At his hip always. As standard as standard comes.
  • Various repair tools. On and around his sentinel. Some can even be co-opted into close combat tools, such as his specially sharpened shovel, crowbar, sledgehammer... And hatchet.

  • Optimistic. "It's a good job we're fighting a long way from home. Means the folk there are safe, and we can fight to make sure they stay safe.
  • Instructing. "You tighten that... Yes, yes, like that. Then, use the wrench to pull that bit down, and clip in that. See, not so hard, is it?
  • Private. "My home world? Dannandorf. What's it like? I'd prefer not to say, really."

  • Born on Dannandorf, an agri-world.
  • Utterly unremarkable until he joined the PDF, and later guard. Experience with tractors led to him becoming a tanker.
  • Served in a Leman Russ for several years, and then a Chimera Command Tank. Finally placed into a scout sentinel.

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