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Six Months Later

There is something in orbit above Earth once again.

This is not the dead debris left hanging for centuries, lingering on long past when it should have expired, no, this is something altogether different. Messy, incoherent, slapdash, perhaps even ramshackle in places, it is the collective accomplishment of those who fled the cradle of mankind, a buttress against the cold and vast expanse of space that lies beyond it.

And it's filled with arguing.

Of course, those inside the Meeting Place, as it is beginning to be called, would disagree with the idea that what they're doing is arguing. It's something far more confrontational, so much more dangerous, and requiring infinitely more patience and practice- diplomacy. And to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to this 'diplomacy,' the first action upon making your arrival at the Meeting Place is to announce who, exactly, you are. A First Contact of sorts, just... Again, with clarity this time.

Addressing @Eldritch Puppy and @Darkspleen specifically, and everyone more broadly.

Alfonso splayed his fingers out and sighed. This was it. His big event. The time to show what the Gran Republic was all about. Already, things seemed uneasy- there was talk that this 'New Terra' was building up their military, and others had responded. Stormclouds loomed heavy on the horizon, and Azulvista had been all too happy to prepare countermeasures for it. More than these clouds however, there was a very real threat being posed by the alliance between the so-called 'Chosen' and the Commmonality of New Ishtar. Together, they formed a powerbloc larger than any other in the galaxy, and the Senate had almost immediately agreed that such a coupling was a dangerous threat to Azulvista and any galactic initiatives it might persue.

Luckily however, they had potential allies as well. Even as Alfonso adjusted his uniform, his face being powdered and pampered by various makeup artists, other diplomats had hurried to begin talks. Of particular interest to Azulvista was the Kingdom of Kaus Borealis and Kamenyan Defense Directorate, both of whom seemed to be amenable to the Azulvistan way of conducting business.

Now though, it was time for his announcement. Brushing off the last lingering makeup artist, he rose to his feet, strode out from the backstage and flashed a winning smile, taking his position behind a podium marked with Azulvista's seal. Tapping the microphone twice, he began.

"Greetings scattered nations of the galaxy! I stand here as a representative of the Gran Republic of Azulvista, a proud, prosperous and cultured nation!" He offered a brief bow, his medals jingling a little at the motions. "When our ancestors set forth from our cradle, they could not have predicted the hardships their descendents would go through, but despite a planet unfit for life, a most despicable xenos threat and even the foolishness of mankind's own nature, we have persevered, and we have prospered. If you come to us in friendship, you will find no greater friend, but if you come with sword in hand, know that it will be your last mistake." He nodded pleasantly. "Gracias señores and señoras. Our door is always open.

Diplomat Besud Köke1 sighed deeply. There was no reason for him to be worried- already now the Khagnate's hordes swept through various foreign systems, örtöös being erected on foreign moons and goods being extracted at record speeds. In fact, the Khagnate had never had it so good- already the Khagn's account-tellers were recording a flood of resources that would forever mark Tsagadai's reign as one of the most prosperous the Khagnate had ever seen, and yet... Well... If he failed here, he could only imagine his head would not long remain attached to his neck.

Swallowing down his fear, he began his address in the thick, guttural language of the Khagnate. The translators would take care of the rest.

"Hail, fellow travellers of Uzay. We are the Khagnate of the Steppe and Sky, under the rulership of the Great and Mighty Khagn Tsagadai II. We are a humble people and so I will not take up much of your time, instead only using this time to inform you that we are ever hungry for fresh systems and fresh resources. We promise none more unintruisive, and none more capable of extracting value from your systems. Our miners and tradespeople stand ready, and should you wish to come and experience our own system, you have only to ask. Bayartai, and go with the grace of Uzay." He kowtowed low to the camera recording him, and then drew himself back up, offering only a sharp nod as the video ended.

1 The Khagnate places little value on surnames (which come first when names are written.) In fact, many would find the idea of 'surnames' extremely confusing, as they tend to be artificially created for the purposes of foreigners. The Khagnate typically identify themselves by Horde and/or Clan rather than surnames.
@Ever Faithful

Apologies, I didn't see this! Yes, you could have an ecumenopolis, but, of course, it would have to be developed from scratch over the 300 years of colonisation, however the population limits in place would make one slightly peculiar.
Azulvista System

A collab between @Irredeemable and @Ekreture

The Escudo de la Libertad was the pride of Azulvista's home fleet, and a unique beast indeed. Sponsored almost entirely by a single patrician, it defied the typical Azulvistan wisdom of smaller, faster attack craft backed by heavy duty gunboats. Instead, the 'shield' was a purpose-build frigate, designed to hold the line behind the fleets of smaller craft, heavily armoured, bristling with point defence, and with a command hub capable of managing an entire fleetwide battle in safety and comfort. It had rapidly relocated from the rim of the Azulvista system to the Gateway as soon as it had opened, joining the blockade that the Senate had ordered as a pre-emptive measure whilst Alfonso ventured out into the Sol system. The picket line had already been established closer to the Gateway itself, and the Escudo now sat safely behind this, well within range to unleash its full firepower should something emerge.

And then, something did emerge.

"Almirante! Picket reports contact! A single vessel, unarmed!" The news rushed through the ship, winging its way down to the bowls of engine staff and to the high tables of command. "They've sent a message. In Spanish. Old Spanish."

"Play it." The admiral nodded at the underling officer, a cigarillo lazily smouldering between their fingers.

Greetings, peoples of distant stars! We are Shekhekhan, refugees of Bavel and travellers of the Great Empty. We exist on the Moons which orbit the gas giant Salome. If you are a human true of heart, and bear upon your lips peace and providence, we come joyously and bring only peace! And if you are un-human but seek peace, prosperity, and trade, we come to you with a strong arm and open heart. Humanity has lain disjointed and unknown to each other for far too long. Meet us at the table of brotherhood! Peace be upon you, Salome Al'akam!

There was a long pause once the message had finished itself. The picket line bristled, this alien ship left hanging in space, facing a small armada of attack craft, perilously vulnerable. Then, it would receive a response, still in Spanish, but with a tone and dialect unknown to humanity's cradle.

"Hail, Shekhekhan. You have entered the borders of the Gran Republic of Azulvista. Your message has been received and understood. We are glad to know humanity is still out there prospering and surviving, and would like to meet face-to-face. The pride of the Azulvistan fleet will be arriving shortly to take you aboard."

It didn't take much longer before the smooth shape of the Escudo pierced the picket line and soared towards the Yetziyah. Cutting its engines, it sailed beside the smaller ship, then came to a stop, aligning itself as best it could with the Yetziyah's foreign construction. Another message was sent across.

"Maglocks have been enabled."

Rimana's skin bristled a bit as she saw the military frigate begin to approach her much smaller exploration vessel. Aoshu held her arm comfortingly as the professor composed herself, and began piecing together the message of this understandably foreign Spanish dialect. After piecing together the message as best she could, she realized their intention, and quickly went to send a reply in Castilian. "Eh...Hola, Azulvistenos, this is Professor Rimana Batzakhar. Your message has been received; we are prepared to be boarded." After sending the message, she nodded for Aoshu and a couple of her robotic crew members to stand at her side.

"Boarded?" Came the reply. "Of course not! You are here, in our land. Let us show you some Azulvistan hospitality. I am sure you could use it with your travels here."

The professor chuckled a bit. "Thank you, I am sorry for the confusion, your tongue it is knowledge of Spanish is a historical one. We will be arriving shortly." With that, she nodded to her robotic pilot to align the Yetziyah with the Escudo in turn, locking in to the foreign vessel's maglocks. The same Salome welcome party waited at the ship's entrance while the airlocks between the two vessels were engaged.

The airlocks parted with a hiss. Standing on the other side were several severe-looking marines, all armed with hefty looking rifles, led by what must have been an officer, who instead brandished a sabre. None of them looked as if they were about to engage in combat, their stances parade perfect, their uniforms gleaming, and their berets all showing the same polished symbol bang in the centre of them. At the sign of the foreign diplomats they presented their arms, the officer pressing the sabre to his forehead before sheathing it with a smart click as the hilt slotted into place. Once that had been completed, the soldiers parted to either side of the airlock, forming a corridor the diplomats could walk through. The officer at the head, distinguished by a set of epaulettes, several medals, and a nasty looking electric scar that spiderwebbed across his face gave a salute.

"Greetings. It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome the first ever foreign dignitaries aboard this most prestigious of vessels. I am Capitán Leôncio, of the Gran Republican Navy. If you would please follow me, la almirante is waiting in the central command hub."

Rimana looked between the assembled marines. If this was a trap it wasn't one she would be able to break out of, but this was the job, and she couldn't have expected much different. She could imagine the response the first foreigners in Salome are going to receive. "Greetings, Capitan, I am Professor Batzakhar of the Academy of Ur'daat, this is my assistant, Aoshu." The mothlike alien gave an elegant curtsy. "I would be honoured, please, lead the way." With that, the Professor, Aoshu, and a handful of robots left the safety of their ship and stepped into the unknown.

The Azulvistans were doing a remarkable job of staying stern-faced despite the fact that an alien was walking among them, the Capitán turning smartly and leading the group out of the airlock, marines falling into step behind them as an honour guard. The diplomats were lead through the surprisingly well-furnished hallways of the frigate, arriving by a quick relay system large enough to carry all of them.

The soldiers comported themselves stiffly- perhaps overly so? But nonetheless, Aoshu, Batzakhar and the robots were carried up and through La Escudo's inner corridors safely and swiftly, until at last they were deposited in front of the command centre of the building. Leôncio swept an arm out for the guests to go first, the automatic doors parting with only the faint noise of air being displaced.

The professor followed closely, looking with wonder at the walls and corridors of the ship, before embarking on the relay. She tried to contain the amazement she felt watching this alien yet human technology and styling. Finally, when they reached their destination, she followed suit as Leoncio led her and her crew into the command centre.

Inside the room, currently facing away from the pair, was what could only be la almirante. Her hair had been drawn back into a practical looking black ponytail and her uniform was... Well it was simply magnificent. Even from the back, the tailoring and care that had gone into it was truly astonishing, a gilded sash sitting across her shoulders and numerous, equally gilded tassels shifting as she turned.

When she did though, it revealed another fact about la almirante. She appeared to be quite young indeed- perhaps in her late twenties or early thirties by Earth's standards, with piercing steely eyes and near flawless skin. She had a sharp, well-defined set of cheekbones and a narrow nose, but her lips were warm and held a smile for the visitors. She raised a hand towards the strange figures that stood towards her, cheerily introducing herself.

"Salve and hail! I am Almirante Isabella Maria Catalina Teresa Margarita Rodriguez de Lobasla, daughter of Chancellor Federico Javier Victor Ines de Lobasla and steadfast servant of the great nation in which you have found yourselves. Please! By all means!" She gestured towards the table that took up most of the room. It was clearly meant for issuing orders and examining the state of play during a battle, but its length, ostentatiousness and the glasses and ashtrays laid upon it now spoke of a more peaceful purpose. "To whom do I have the honour of addressing?”

Rimana stopped in her tracks when she saw Isabella, taken aback by the woman's beauty. She moved the brown waves of hair away from the front of her face to tuck them behind her ear, before clearing her throat and entering into the room. "It is a pleasure, Almirante de Lobasla, I am Professor Rimana Batzakhar of the University of Ur'daat, I study the cultures and histories of humanity before the Gateway. father is a baker from a small town on my home world, heh...I can't say he has quite as impressive a title. But I am honoured to make your acquaintance." Aoshu stepped beside her boss, bowing deeply and grandiosely and spoke in perfect Castilian while attempting to perform the inflections of the Azulvistan language.

"And I am Aoshu. Asham native of the continental moon Adama, traveller, scholar, and-"

"My assistant," Rimana interjected. The alien glowered back at her.

"Yes. Her 'assistant'."

Isabella clapped her hands once, then gestured towards the vast table sat between them. "Please then, Aoshu and Rimana, sit! Would you like something to drink? Wate? Mate? Tea? Coffee? Something stronger?" She paused for a moment, and then continued with her offerings. "And do your people smoke tobacco? We happen to have many excellent varieties should you partake."

Rimana raised her hand defiantly as the two sat at the table Isabella had gestured to. "Oh, that's very kind, Almirante, but we're-"

"I don't smoke but I'll take a there any hope for a daquiri?" Aoshu interjected. Rimana looked to her assistant and side before returning her gaze back to Isabella.

"I suppose a coffee wouldn't hurt, gracias Almirante."

Isabella eyed the alien curiously, then glanced towards the professor. Some sort of thought process was obviously occurring, but exactly what it was was rather difficult to discern. Nodding at the two requests, she gave a lazy wave with one of her hands and relayed the orders to an individual who, although dressed smartly, did not appear to be a soldier. The woman vanished through another automatic door, leaving the group alone again.

As if to demonstrate her point about tobacco, the admiral reached inside a pocket and drew out an intricately designed silver case, flicking it open and extracting a single cigarette. Setting it to her lips, there was the woosh of a lighter and the bright purple flare of plasma, the cigarette soon happily smouldering away. "As a student of cultures and histories yourself, I'm sure you must be ecstatic at this opportunity to see all that humanity has become since the closure of the Gateways, are you not?"

The professor blushed a bit at Isabella's question and smiled, relaxing into her chair. "Of course I am! It is all so amazing. Truth be told, my people aren't all too interested in my field of study, so to be here, speaking Spanish with actual Spanish speakers, God knows how many lightyears away from home, it's all a bit eh..." Her gaze met the Almirante's and she smirked. "Encantada."

"Very good!" Isabella's amusement was plain on her face, and some of the smoke that she had been inhaling puffed out through her nose, which, for a brief moment, made her look more dragon than woman. "So, professora, you are a... Mathetes, then, yes? One who dedicates themselves to their academia? And your assistant?" She looked towards Aoshu. "I must admit, we have had poor experiences with xenos in our time here. I assume that your people are more agreeable than our Yyasum."

Aoshu chuckled, offering Isabella a smile. Yyasum? Aoshu thought, I suppose it's at least NEWER than 'Nukhrin'. They knew better than to speak up about the cultural insensitivity, and for once remained decidedly silent. Rimana looked at Aoshu embarrassedly, before looking back to Isabella.

"Ah...with exception, relations with Alien-kind in Salome have been rather peaceable, at least on their end. To them...I suppose that we are the 'Yyasum.' Before the Shekhekhanin arrived on Salome, the Tifara system was a stop on vast Alien trade network. Still is." She swallowed before moving on to a less sensitive subject. "As or my, yes, I suppose I could be considered a 'Mathetes', I like to think I'm fairly dedicated." At this, Aoshu snorted, expressing rare emotion.

"La Professora is being humble, she hardly leaves her office to sleep at home, she knows the boy who delivers her food on a first name basis." They chuckled again before resuming their silence.

"Fascinating." Isabella responded. The only reason she wasn't taking notes was because this whole conversation was being recorded. "That sounds remarkable, to be located along the lines of an intergalactic highway... Have any breached the speed of light, or is it all slower than light travel? If so, how do they function? Sleeper ships? Colony ships? Something else?" She leaned forwards a little, tapping off her cigarette over one of the ashtrays.

Before the reply could come, the serving woman returned, carrying a tray set with two cups of coffee and a cloudy coloured daquiri. Once the drinks had been set in front of everyone, Rimana's coffee coming with sugar and milk on the side, the conversation could resume.

The professor's assistant sipped their delightful little cocktail. Exquisite. It was curious though, a human so interested in Alien culture and technology. Aoshu didn't mind it at all, and they leaned forward with their drink, their wings folded down and relaxed at the side. "Well, showing you would sum it up a lot quicker than my telling you." With that, they tapped a set of instructions into a small holoprojector on their wrist, before removing it and placing it on the table to display a large ship. "This, mi compañera, is my Homeship, an Asham Royal Breeding vessel."

Rimana's eyebrows raised her eyebrows at what Aoshu was wasn't something she had ever discussed with her assistant. To be fair, she thought, I also never asked. While Aoshu continued their presentation, Rimana looked down to the coffee tray in front of her. Milk and sugar are blasphemous on Salome, but she was curious, so she mixed in a bit of the sweeteners before taking a sip. It was clear from first taste that the coffee these Azulvistans drank was nothing like what Salome had. It was rich, silky smooth and powerful. Much like on the Moons, the caffeine could be felt buzzing through one's veins practically before you swallowed, but the taste was vibrant and full bodied, whilst still managing to have smoother and subtler tones on the edges, tinged with a chocolatey, caramel flavour. Salome's coffee was earthy, bitter, and powerful, a true reflection of her people. Any attempt to dilute this power is treachery to your heritage; rather, the richness of Shekhekhani coffee should only be aided with cardamom or cinnamon. She had to admit though, this Azulvistan coffee was good; Salome's brew has always been a bit too much for her. Shaking these thoughts out of her head, she looked back up to Aoshu, who had begun explaining the chart before them.

"While I was hatched and raised in Salome, the egg I was born from was laid here. My people, the 'Asham' as the Shekhekhanin call us, have been travelling this trade network for millennia. Humans are the only species I know of to have found a method of FTL travel." They smirked as they thought back on their life as an alien among humans. "Maybe that's why they interest me so much. But that isn't to say that Aliens do not have our own sort of ingenuity. My species are eusocial colonizers, like ants or bees. Our queen makes most of us infertile with her gross queen mist, with only a small number of drones and princesses left to breed further. And on these breeding ships, she lives here," Aoshu focused in on a section of the ship containing a massive, egg-filled Asham.

"She lays a ton of eggs, one of them which contained me, but these eggs lie dormant unless exposed to ultraviolet light. So, most eggs are left dormant in the ship’s storage. The crew of the ship feed themselves, the drones, and the Queen through a series of fungal farms spread around the ship. And if there's one thing Asham know, it's fungus. As a food source, fuel source, and a medicine, we are masters of mycology. And a lot of these fungal varieties are extremely valuable. So, my species finds suitable homes along the Route, barters with the locals, and in exchange for this fungus, currency, and whatever other junk the ship has in its trunk, the locals allow the Asham ship to offload some of their eggs and their crew to start a new Asham colony. My colony was founded on Adama, on land leased from a major corporation on that moon. And I grew up on that colony. And I learned to grow fungus and build a new breeding ship for my colony to send out, but I got bored so I left because it was boring and I wanted to speak Spanish and Portuguese and watch Orfeu Negro. And now I'm here. Aoshu looked between the two humans and felt a bit embarrassed; they hadn't spoken for that long in a while, but it's rare a human's actually curious about slower than light travel. "Thanks," they finished.

Isabella nodded as the alien spoke, but the drags on her cigarette spoke volumes about her mood. Previously they had been almost lackadaisical, the amused actions of someone completely confident with themselves. Now, as the stick drew to an end and the butt was snuffed out into the ashtray, the last few drags had taken on a more intense, focused note. She breathed out a final plume of smoke, one hand's fingers drumming idly against the tabletop.

"We are not a peoples opposed to trade, even though our experiences with xenos have been less than stellar. I have no doubt you will find many markets for your exotic goods, and no doubt we will have our own products to share with you. For now though, allow me to share exactly who we are." She took another sip of her coffee, which it was clear was almost as black as night.

"When the Gran Republic arrived here, the planet below us was virgin. Life had barely evolved, caught in its primitive forms. We forged it into a paradise- an Earth away from Earth, seeding forests, spreading animals, crafting life. Then the government fell, and dictators reigned. The system was split and shattered, sectarian differences tearing apart what we thought was the last of humanity. Even here, we couldn't help but repeat the mistakes of our past. But, we learned from them. Grew stronger from our mistakes. The Gran Republic forged itself anew from the chaos and destruction of the dictators and the rebels, united the stars, and when the Yyasum came, their fleets ruining the careful lifecrafting of our ancestors, we drove them back with a cry that shook the heavens." She lit another cigarette, the smoke drifting past her face.

"The Gran Republic will not stand idly by and watch as the same mistakes are played out again and again. We will not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of or intimidated. But, if you come to us, honestly and frankly, and in the name of diplomacy and good faith, we will be your most faithful friends, and your greatest bulwark." She pushed herself back from the table and strode over to alien and human alike, offering her hand out. "Please, accept our hospitality for as long as you desire. Perhaps you might even meet others who drift into our system."

The professor blushed slightly and took the other woman's hand, standing up from her seat and placing down her now empty cup of coffee. "I can assure you, we come in peace. I would be honoured to be your guest." Her hand lingered in the Almirante's grasp for another moment before she pulled it away and replaced it at her own side. "I would like to establish communications, if at all possible, with my superiors back at Salome. I'd like them to know that the mission's been successful...and that the Academy will need to give my substitute an extension," she continued with a smile, "If your men could assist my automatons in that, it would be much appreciated."

Isabella's grip was firm but not overly hard, and when the professor pulled her hand back, she did so too, smartly and crisply. "Of course! I'll have some of the communications specialists assist you with such a matter. Once that is done, I'll have found you a berth, and I hope you can join me for dinner. I'm sure we still have plenty to discuss."

"I would love to," Rimana replied. "We're two civilizations separated by three hundred years of development," she said playfully, "Of course we have much to discuss."
@Crusader Lord

Once again, thanks for making me read through a damn novel. A good one though. You're accepted.


Also accepted!
The Great Khagn stood at the head of his flagship, arms folded behind him. Around the command room was a flurry of activity as all possible preparations were made for the jump through the vastness of Uzay's form, and into the home of humanity. From behind the man himself, a shaman moved slowly and deliberately, striking her drum at alternatng beats, her body wreathed in a brightly coloured fluttering and flowing tapestry of diffent coloured strips of fabric, which all rippled with each of her movements.

"Beginning the jump." The chief navigator declared, a star chart in front of him fading away as the destination was confirmed. The ship ploughed forward, into the unknown, and then...

Then they were on the other side. The shaman paused for a brief moment, gazing out at the screens broadcasting the ship's surroundings. A large, lifeless moon hung directly in front of them, obscuring Earth itself, but there was no doubt that this was indeed the system they had intended to reach. A few other ships could be seen- tiny specks on the screen, but at the moment the crew aboard were too busy cheering at their success. Uzay had granted to them a miracle, and they would accept it gratefully.

With the confirmation of this jump, the rest of the Horde soon followed suite. The Gateway glowed brightly, and then ship after ship would pour through, the entirety of the Golden Horde charging from their adopted home and into the one their ancestors had come from. A dozen, then dozens, then more- a dam somewhere had burst, and these ships were the water, flowing endlessly until, at last the deluge stopped, the armada coalescing together.

The ships in the system, and indeed, all that came through after them, would receive the same message. First, in the guttural language of the Khagnate, and then in what few other languages their translators still remembered, dredged up and pressed into diplomatic service:

"Hail to those who travel the stars! You have the honour of meeting the Great Khagn's mighty Golden Horde, the fleet which sails on Uzay's currents, and takes from our creator the bounty that has been given to us! After so long in isolation it would please us greatly to meet our cousins, lost among the stars. The Mighty and Terrible Khagn himself cordially invites you aboard his vessel, so that we make take tea and sip airag, as civilised people aught to!"

@Keyguyperson Yeah, feel free to go ahead and stick that in the CS section, it's more than up to scratch.

To accept you for a post in this RP, I would require a fully thought out and properly constucted nation sheet. I would hate for you to put in effort only for it to be for naught, so I would advise against it. Once again, I truly do wish you the best of luck continuing on, and there are other areas of this guild which will no doubt be happy to accept you.
Hell yeah, I'm game for this!
Hi @Cloakedrider! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to reject the sheet entirely, for several reasons:

Firstly, the mention of a 'multiverse' and the overall population of 76 billion are in complete violation of the founding conceit of the RP, and the mention of black-hole travel violates the rule on FTL travel as well. Secondly, there is no mention of other important elements the colonies share- such as the Earth heritage or the Gateways, and the sheet insufficiently explains what the Hell and Purgatory Realm are, along with what the 'dragon mounts' are.

Additionally, many other elements of the nation are entirely unclear. The dual monotheistic/polytheistic nature is not given nearly enough explanation as these are two directly opposed belief systems (excluding henotheism,) what exactly a guardian angel is, and how a nation can simultaneously be using medieval methods of travel and warfare whilst still successfully maintaining a star-spanning empire and researching black holes.

Finally, the sheet fails to meet the typically accepted standards for 'advanced' RP on the guild. Although I could reccomend many changes to bring the Guardians in line with the rest of the RP, I would instead reccomend searching in other areas of the guild, and I wish you the best of luck in your future writing on the site.
@Damo021 Just need the military and you're good.

@Keyguyperson Christ that's a biggun. You've mentioned the military's a little sparse but honestly it's not that important, your nation is outlined excellently. If you want to post, go ahead, but do ill in the military at some point.

@Timemaster The characters tab has been messed up again thanks to list + sub and I'd like just a bit more fleshing out of most areas of the sheet bar the history, but it's getting there.
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