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Man, Mahz' must have the most baller benefits in history to still be on holiday.
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It's ya boy, just got offered a place at his first choice university, hyped as fuck, thankee very much.
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Remember remember the fifth of November, with gunpowder, treason and shot. I see no reason to ever forget that treacherous gunpowder plot! Enjoy the fireworks fellow Brits!
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Thick thighs save lives.


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Emperor how he hated this so much.

He hated wearing the robes that had been pampered and cleaned beyond what he normally did by himself.

He hated preening himself and ensuring that his beard was properly done up so that he might look presentable to pompous and stuck-up Imperial hierarchies.

He hated the meaningless, petty squabbles that seemed to occupy so many of those whom humanity had given the keys to rule. If he could choose between staying a night in a militarum camp beset by xenos or in a court such as this, he would take the soldiers any day of the week. At least they saw ceramite and adamantium and wished for more, rather than seeing it as an ugly necessity for their own protection.

His current dress was, in fact, one of two sets he owned. The other had been pockmarked by the battle somewhat, and so he would have to stitch it up by himself later, leaving him with this. If he was being strict with the rules of the Cardinals, he should only have been wearing this when posted to a reliquary or other important 'public face' protection job, but it could serve the same dual purpose that he was by being here. A white faux-fur ring around the collar held an implanted heater in case the crusader had to stand for hours on some freezing planet, whilst the length of the robes and the wide-collared hood allowed for his face to remain somewhat concealed. Indeed, to an unpractised eye little would differentiate him from any other reasonably-ranked member of the ecclisiarchy.

The servitor examined him carefully, and would find him lacking. Not so much as a stubpistol would grace his body... Although in truth that was largely due to his utter lack of proficiency in anything further-ranged than his spear, and it wasn't as if he could covertly bring in a man-sized polearm without arousing significant amounts of suspicion.

Then came the handsome man in the ornate uniform, and inwardly Marcus could feel his insides slowly scream out for release from this suffering. Many cardinals took to self-flagellation in order to prove their piety, but this... This was something altogether different indeed. Torture on a level that even the Inquisition might consider extravagant.

Was that... Feeling? Sensations? The welling of his consciousness to the surface? He felt a deep chuckle rising up in his chest as he emerged from his slumber, letting out a dark and rolling laugh that crested across the other figures and shapes, continuing on past the abyss of emptiness that pervaded them and into the utter nothing of the beyond.

"Ahaah..." His laugh trailed off undramatically. "It's so good to be back ladies and gentlemen." Or, well, just ladies at the moment, it seemed Perillian had awoken first, and him second. He supposed he could work with that. Dressed as he was he felt barren, and he extended his hand out so that two fingers were pressed against each other, their pads upwards in a gently sloping 'V.' Between them he watched as solid silver formed like mercury, spreading out until he was holding the bridge of the nose of a mask.

With it finished forming he pressed it tight against his face and looked around, reaching up to crick his neck a little bit with both arms. Hat? Check. The wide brim of it was clear and obvious, and he could feel the ornate feathers moving around with every twitch of his head. That would do indeed. The wide cloak he had around him was as beautiful and concealing as it always was, and he stood with a practised ease, spiderwebs of precious metals emanating like cracks in glass from wherever he stepped.

Turning slightly away from Perillian, he extended his hand. The skull formed there, glittering and opulent. Every inch a marvel of extraordinarily expensive work. The so-called forgemistress wished she could make something like this- for all her efforts the perfectness of a Core could never be replicated. His stared back at him, the skull almost returning the laugh that Anacahe had so graciously put forward, but he put it away before that could become a possibility.

Tipping his hat towards the younger goddess, he held his hand out again and waited patiently. Metals swirled out, until they formed a simple golden edge, flat and clean. Running it down, he felt as it parted something beneath its surface, and then he stepped through, into his own dominion. Only briefly though- with nobody alive, there was nobody dead, and the party would not have started yet. A quick look-see to make sure everything was fine, and then he was back through, cocking his head at the craftswoman.

"You seem concerned my dear." A smooth baritone rolled out of his mouth as he spoke. "What's wrong?"


They probably view the Crayven as space China. An industrial powerhouse with the potential to be a serious threat, but at the same time, you have to at least have some form of diplomatic relationships. Enemy close, if nothing else it means that your nukes have less distance to fly before blowing things up.
Very much accepted. Just understand that the droids aboard the Prophet probably have strict orders regarding what happens if he flips female. Probably involving lots of guns.
Name: Limenal Prycten Ran’Ten

Gender: Male

Age: Yuteni can live to a venerable 240 years, but Limenal is not even halfway through his lifespan, being around eighty-six years old.

Species: The Yuteni were one of the first species that mankind encountered upon reaching the stars. Intelligent, organised and spacefaring, their first FTL engines were put into practise mere decades before those of humanities were. With both societies eagerly attempting to understand the other, it was under a year before translations were possible, and first contact with extra-terrestrials was made.

Yuteni are, on the whole, fairly different to humanity. To Yuteni, slavery is merely another punishment much like prison, and slaves are not unusual to be found within Yuteni controlled space. Yuteni are also rather spiritualistic in outlook, and most unlike humanity, have had a rather peaceful history. The Yuteni had never even considered splitting the atom would have military applications until after they met mankind. Most unusually of all however is the unique link that the Yuteni have to what they call the ‘third dimension.’

All Yuteni have three eyes- two in a relatively human placement, and one on their forehead. For most of the species, this third eye remains stubbornly shut for their life, a vestigial organ with no true purpose. A small minority, often considered a subspecies, known as the Prycten (a word that roughly translates into something along the lines of ‘those who have been gifted by the universe a great boon’ or alternatively ‘the gifted,’) will instead have their third eye open, opening them up to an entirely new point of view, and allowing them to utilise powers once considered magic.

Yuteni ships are tightly linked to this ‘third dimension.’ Each Yuteni ship requires a Conduit to function, a Prycten specifically trained for the role. This Conduit functions somewhat as a captain and navigator combined, their third eye steering them through the currents of a subspace that few other races appear to be able to find themselves in.

Although leagues apart in some ways, in others Yuteni are very similar to humans. They breathe oxygen. The Yuteni homewolrd of Ulacoqn is closer to their system’s sun, whilst still remaining in the Goldilocks zone, and as such is drier than Earth, but shares a wide and diverse ecosystem, many of whom interact with the ‘third dimension’ much like the Yuteni. Ulacoqn’s atmosphere contains a majority oxygen/argon chemical blend, making it safe to breathe for humans (although many have remarked that they constantly feel the need to swallow.) One of the largest issues with Yuteni and Human interactions was virulent pathogens that could prove lethal for the other but were harmless for the former- a problem solved after a cross-species research project successfully created vaccinations that could be prepared for any individual that wished to interact with the other species.

Yuteni and Humans are not biologically compatible for offspring, although that doesn’t mean that thanks to their similar reproductive systems there haven’t been more personal Yuteni-Human relations.

Appearance: Limenal, like many Yuteni, is smaller than a human of the same maturity would be. Standing at 4’9” tall, he has a rich purplish-pink coloured skin, and dark cobalt-coloured hair. This hair is kept drawn up into two braid which run along the top of his head in two ridges, the style drawing hair away from his third eye.

All of his eyes are a slightly lighter shade of pink than his skin is, with his third eye being unusually fluorescent and bright. When open, it seems to draw attention in towards the iris, which is larger than those of either other. He wears the standard uniform for a Yuteni shipgoer, this being a skintight suit of a substance very similar to nylon, coloured appropriately for the rank of the person wearing it- in Limenal’s case, a pearl white.

Rank or Role: First Officer. Second-in-command of the URS Prophet’s Rest, only below the Admiral.

History: Limenal’s selection as First Officer of the URS Prophet’s Rest was not altogether unexpected. It was known that the Federation would inevitably elect a Yuteni to share a high-ranking position on the ship, since they had been one of the first Sapient races to actually wish to interact with humanity, and the first to join the Federation in its nascence. A Conduit was also a natural choice, as they had the technical and commanding know-how to work on a ship for a long period of time. Limenal’s choice was simply a matter of choosing one of the most outstanding Yuteni available, and requesting for him to be interred within the URS Prophet’s Rest.

Limenal’s rise to power started when he was born on Iralkin Prime- the first colony established on a world that was not Ulacoqn. Born with his third eye wide open, he was rapidly placed within a specialist boarding school designed to enhance and improve upon the powers he had been blessed with as a Prycten.

Spending his early adolescence doing nothing but practising and honing his psionic powers, he was placed as a Conduit for a mining ship in centre of Federation space, a role he was wholly unprepared for. Not in that he could not pilot the ship, but that his education had left little time for socialising, and he was a poor commander, a fact that was mitigated by the monotonous work that a construction ship takes part in.

It was in battle that he truly came into his own. A group of Cravyn pirates had concealed themselves in an asteroid before emerging and attacking the system that Limenal was working on. A true tactical mind was revealed as the young Prycten utilised a ship wholly undesigned for combat in a week-long battle with the pirates, constantly dropping into Yuteni subspace before popping out, the mining laser mounted on the ship carving gouges in his opponent’s vessels.

After this action, and with a crash course on leadership, he was assigned to be the Conduit of a cruiser within the Yuteni navy, a role which allowed him to stretch his combat wings further. As he participated in more battles, he received further and further recommendations for higher command. Eventually placed in a true commanding position in a Federation’s URS ship, he was one of the natural choices, choosing to join the URS Prophet’s Rest after declining the offer for the URS Angel’s Rest. Quite why he did this is totally unknown, and he never comments.

Psych Report:Pryctens in general tend to be fairly eccentric individuals. The gift affects different individuals in ways just as diverse as their powers, but Limenal has potentially received a very useful sort of eccentricity. People who have seen him at work often describe him as ‘maniacal ’ ‘driven’ or ‘fanatical,’ with the Yuteni finding it difficult to finish working at a problem until one is complete. A downside to this is that Limenal is extraordinarily single-minded. Multitasking is a tremendous effort for him- as it means that now he must spread his single-minded drive over multiple tasks, but surprisingly this bull-headedness can come in handy when commanding a ship.

Limenal also refuses to doubt himself. Once his mind has been made, that was the course he had plotted, and there would be no deviation unless outside factors shifted the situation. Thanks to the unreliable Yuteni relativistic ‘generators,’ which are often in flux, this served him well, as it allowed him as the Conduit to plot courses even when stress upon the ship became extreme.

Extraordinary skills: Limenal is a Prycten. This means that by opening his third eye, he may access the so-called ‘third dimension,’ tapping into the psionic potential of the Yuteni species. Pryctens may telepathically communicate complex thoughts with other Pryctens, whilst also sending and receiving more basic forms of communication, such as emotions, from other races with limited empathic ability. Many psionic powers that Limenal uses more commonly however are less savoury. Meddling with brains, including disrupting synaptic connections can cause people to have short-term memory problems, panic, fall unconscious and experience extraordinary sensory overload. Physical injury can also be caused by psionics, the most common form being to cause necrosis in otherwise healthy tissue. Pryctens can also, as humans call it, ‘astrally project,’ centring themselves outside of their body and seeing the world around them very differently to how they normally do so.

In fact, the true limit of Pryctens powers is unknown. It is theorised that as a Prycten gets older and his brain matures further, his powers simply grow and grow, and indeed this does seem to be the case, but there is no easy way to tell in many cases. These abilities make Pryctens useful and terrifying in equal measure.

Probably not, no unfortunately.
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