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Current D O Y O U L I K E H U R T I N G P E O P L E
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"If Plan A is to take multiple .338 shots to the back, you really need to come up with a Plan B."
18 days ago
England has had a legal marrying age for longer than the US has been a country. Some US states don’t have a minimum marrying age.
28 days ago
There are two kinds of people in this world my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You? You should start digging.
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Do you know de wey? No? *Clicking noise* I WILL SHOW YOU DE WEY.


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Waits on some more people to post.
*Sits down.*

I am fully aware that a Yellowstone Eruption would fuck the entirety of the US. But, I'm not revealing any information regarding disasters until they're actually posted for all you folk to ponder over them, so you'll have to wait and see what I'm doing.

@ClocktowerEchos Waiting on you.
Not all my posts are big plot advances! Also, DISCORD UP SOON!
Rocky perked up. The pair looked down at the pooch, recognising the signs of him getting antsy, and then came the doorbell ring. Half-cautious, half bored, Robin held one of the Glocks down by his thigh, trigger finger resting alongside the barrel. The door swung open, and at the sign of a nervous looking, skinny Asian teen, he calmed down. A beat up moped rested with a food carrying back attached to the rear, and the smell of takeaway was quite strong. "H... Hi? Did you guys order Chinese food?"

"Yeah. Yeah we did. Thanks." Calmly, the firefighter holstered his weapon, before taking the proffered bag. "I'll just get my wallet." He sat the meal down next to the door and walked to his coat, taking his jacket out. An odd feeling struck him. This might be the last time that he ever had a meal delivered to him. Walking back to the door, he took out two bills- Benjamins, and handed them over. "Keep 'em. Enjoy the world while you still can. Take your girl out for a treat or something." He shook his head and watched as the teen tried to process the amount of money he had been given. Closing the door once more, he sighed.

"What's up?"

"Dunno. We've been planning for so long, but it still feels like a kick in the fuckin' teeth to realise what we're losing. Hot showers. Ordering Chinese food. Instantaneous news from across the world. Talking about that, what's the Dog talking about?"

"Dunno. Wanna listen?"

"So, folk, a lot of people have been on the airwaves recently. Some have even been talking to me! I'll read you the highlights in a bit.
First off, imma give you a tip for some real good eatin'. Rabbits and hares are easy to catch. If ya got yer grandpa's shotgun, you've got a rabbit! Once the rabbit's dead, here's a tip. Rabbit fur is soft. a few little tears, and you can whip the whole thing off like it'sa jacket. Don't even have to bother with gutting! Hack off the legs, take some strips from the back, and you've got a meal high in protein and deeeelicious for you folks!"

"Wonder where he's from. I can't pin the accent."

"Or who he's appealing to with that tip. Preppers know that, and most non-preppers won't have a ham radio."

"Alright, I promised you highlights, here it is! Two folks that made me laugh. Ginga Ninja, from the midwest has got some truckin' hardware, and he's looking for some friendly folks to hole up with maybe 'round the Montana area. If you think you can handle a family of five, drop me a message and I'll see if I can't get you two folks talking! Next up is Grandma Betty, from Colorado. She say she could do with some folks helpin' around the house, and in true gramma style, wishes luck to all, and a reminder that we're all human!"

"Huh, didn't expect tha-" Trixie cocked her head a little bit as she dug into her food. One of the pots of steamed rice was placed down at her feet, and Rocky greedily began gulping it up- the German Shepherd seemingly having an insatiable appetite.


"Of course, countries seem to be forgetting that. A flash broadcast tells me that... Well..."

"Seems like we might not be having such an easy go of this all folks... Expect me on air a lot more!"

"Maybe we should make a broadcast."

"Don't see a reason not to. I'll do it now." Trixie turned to the radio and took the microphone down. This is... Dalsatian's Doghouse, from Nowhere Nevada. We're just a few folk and our dog looking to make it through this whole mess. If you're swinging by the southern states, we might be able to rustle up something for you!"


It's not that I can't type, but that I'm just generally not doing a whole lot.

Juuuuuust need the lore.

I've managed to injure myself mildly folks, so getting out the next post will be difficult, but not impossible. Holdfast!
Ok, lemme rephrase this.


@Dusty No, but he’s broadcasting on multiple wavelengths, so stumbling across him is pretty likely.
@Andrew Blade@Dusty@Banzai Tracers

Reminder folks! Anyone with a radio should be able to hear not only Three Dawg, but other people broadcasting, including the other survivor groups. Due to the magic of 20XX technology, radiowaves can transmit flawlessly across all of America!
@Andrew Blade@Banzai Tracers

Alright folks. You can put the firearm dicks away- no need to bring out the rulers as well.
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