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4 mos ago
Current Living do be a powerful and strange experience sometimes.
5 mos ago
Hope y'all are getting real spooped right now.
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5 mos ago
Trying to navigate the website of a country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it keeps shortening it to 'MOFA.' All I can think about is 'MOFA deez nuts.'
1 yr ago
Merry Christmas and keep the change, ya filthy animals.
1 yr ago
Dictionaries don't give you synonyms Pug, you wanted a thesaurus.
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Hello everyone! We've had a long and bumpy road to get here, but I would like to thank our most dedicated players who have stuck by The Next Generation in the past 10 months, and I'd like to announce that applications are OPEN again! We're reaching the end of a long storyline and some fresh blood would fit in wonderfully.

Well, I'll throw a hat into the ring. It's a neat idea but getting it off the ground doesn't seem likely.
Awesome news for you, and a sad day from the guild. I don’t think we ever played together, but even so I’ve known you to be a pillar on the guild. Sad to see you go, and best luck for the future!
Missed the day itself, but nonetheless! Merry Christmas!

Sorry to hear that man, and don't pressure yourself to write on our behalf. The silly little people who live in your computer aren't worth serious real-life impact. Stay safe!

What AI did you use for this, out of interest?

Also, since it seems relevant...

Experimenting with a secondary sheet, also as a way to flesh out Dinnin lore. And, since I didn't see anyone else rocking the dorfs, I also get to flesh out some dorf lore >:3.

More is definitely to come, but I wanted to get this down since it's been bubbling in my head.

My spellchecker has automatically replaced several of the Americanisms of the character sheet.

I will therefore claim my sheet is the superior one!


5’5” for Malleck. No photo, sorry, too specific a race/appearance!
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