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2 yrs ago
Current So, as an American, what do I do when I need to choose between illegal immigration to Canada and dying in a civil war?
3 yrs ago
Woo! Got the prick!
5 yrs ago
When you try to write an essay on climate change but it just degrades into angry rambling halfway through.
6 yrs ago
Conquer it, conquer the bread.
6 yrs ago
Up until today I've never had any trouble with my EUIV Japan games. Today I got stomped five times in a row before even uniting the country.


I'm a weeaboo communist. Are you surprised?

EDIT: You probably are now, but I'm not going to tell you why you wouldn't have been like two years ago. You get to agonize over that yourself.

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Here's my completed NS, finally. Once I get the go-ahead to move it to the Characters tab I'll add a section for notable ships, characters, and whatnot that I'll add to as they appear.

Here's my "Acceptably Completeish NS". I have yet to flesh out the military section, but frankly that's the least important part anyways and you more or less get the idea as is. Also I have an early shift tomorrow, can't be bothered to write up ship descriptions right now, and just wanna talk in the Discord.

Posting my WIP sheet because I've spent too much damn time on it to not have posted anything already, and also so you don't all get lost in your new fantasy-land (lol). Most of the really necessary stuff is done already, I just have to flesh out my technological and military flavor and explain in detail how much of a gigantic disappointment my poor humans' planet was.

@Yam I Am@USSR@TheEvanCat@Dinh AaronMk the alpine republic fandom is dying

no u
Don't think I didn't notice the title edit. I am so here for it.
Fuck it, I'm game for it.
Tentative preemptive official dibs on Alaska and Cascadia. I'm gonna hammer out a sheet.
Very, very much interested in this.

-obama prism

@Andreyich@Keyguyperson@USSR@Yam I Am

we must all combined our forces to end the threat of the obama prism
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tl;dr incel

didn't ask, plus you're a yankee
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