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18 May 2017 7:43
Current When did we even invent edible panties? Like, do you think some weird-ass Roman emperor tied a bunch of grapes together and put them on a concubine at some point?
18 May 2017 6:49
Shit, what was Song Dynasty underwear even like? What'll we wear in 2077? Dammit, now I'm actually thinking about my character's underwear.
17 May 2017 17:36
>He doesn't realize that communism is the holy will of the Lord, God
15 May 2017 23:34
You know you've got a good story when all you want to do is write it.
12 May 2017 2:40
There is a distinct lack of class-consciousness in the status bar.
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I'm a weeaboo communist. Are you surprised?

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Well, this here is my WIP app. It's 4 AM now and that's why it's not done.

Ok, thank you that answered many of my questions. Are there some hardlimits for the race except immortality stuff? I planed to give my guys a natural lifespan of a few thousand years.

That's it from my side for now.... my coffin is calling :D

That shouldn't be bad at all (my species doesn't sleep). As long as it isn't an excuse to have some kind of ridiculously quick advancement it's all good.
and I promise to only send like, half of you to the gulag.

I'm the one to watch out for. You'll all get sent to the gulag. Every last one of you. Ten trillion years each.
I propose we kill everyone with short hair along with everyone that wears glasses.
>Believing in flat earth
>Believing in round earth
>Not believing in three-sphere Earth

>Not recognizing that space travel is a lie, since rockets can't break through the glass spheres surrounding the other planets
I distract my enemy with orgasms before killing them.

You can kill anyone, anywhere, as long as their name is Billy-Bob III.
In RPGC#14 - Reality 15 May 2017 7:01 Forum: Writing Contests
I have the perfect story for this. I hope nobody here likes the Jin Dynasty, because everything wrong with the world is their fault now.
The last dream I had was some shit about a tiger chasing me for the umpteenth time, I'm pretty tied of it by now. Fuck yeah I would.
In Dr Broby... 11 May 2017 8:33 Forum: Spam Forum
>when you're included in a spam shitpost for the first time since the one with the wheelchair-bound Trump Cavalry and the k-pop iPod

Thanks fam this is pretty nice
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