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1 mo ago
Current Conquer it, conquer the bread.
2 mos ago
Up until today I've never had any trouble with my EUIV Japan games. Today I got stomped five times in a row before even uniting the country.
7 mos ago
Did I actually just miss my bus because of the Taco Bell shits?
8 mos ago
Okay, when the Lucky Star theme throws you into an existential crisis you know you've got a problem.
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8 mos ago
When you boutta go into town and get out your wallet but there's no bus pass and you have one $5 bill and six hours until you can go home. Guess I'll go find a warm place to watch some weebshit.


I'm a weeaboo communist. Are you surprised?

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WIP app, posting because I've gotten a good deal of the cultural stuff out of the way as well as most of the balance-sensitive stuff. It'll give you an idea of just who my weird space nomads are as well as whether or not I need to cut anything off.

I firmly believe it to be fandom heresy to skip an opening of a series you like. I curse Netflix for automatically skipping openings for shows I love.

Finally, someone with good taste!
The demiurge is a spook.
In If... 3 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
A fucking spook.
I've edited that accidental post to be my finished first IC post, just so nobody misses that I have, in fact, properly posted.
In What is...... 3 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
A fucking spook.
I didn't mean to, I'd ended up writing a bit of what I plan to eventually make IC content to get myself into things and hit "Submit" thinking it was in the PM to myself I use for storing tidbits of writing.
Got it done!

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