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7 mos ago
Current When you try to write an essay on climate change but it just degrades into angry rambling halfway through.
10 mos ago
Conquer it, conquer the bread.
11 mos ago
Up until today I've never had any trouble with my EUIV Japan games. Today I got stomped five times in a row before even uniting the country.
1 yr ago
Did I actually just miss my bus because of the Taco Bell shits?
1 yr ago
Okay, when the Lucky Star theme throws you into an existential crisis you know you've got a problem.
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I'm a weeaboo communist. Are you surprised?

EDIT: You probably are now, but I'm not going to tell you why you wouldn't have been like two years ago. You get to agonize over that yourself.

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hey OP could you rename this thread to "moist dick"?
WIP app, posting because I've gotten a good deal of the cultural stuff out of the way as well as most of the balance-sensitive stuff. It'll give you an idea of just who my weird space nomads are as well as whether or not I need to cut anything off.

I firmly believe it to be fandom heresy to skip an opening of a series you like. I curse Netflix for automatically skipping openings for shows I love.

Finally, someone with good taste!
The demiurge is a spook.
In If... 1 yr ago Forum: Spam Forum
A fucking spook.
I've edited that accidental post to be my finished first IC post, just so nobody misses that I have, in fact, properly posted.
A fucking spook.
I didn't mean to, I'd ended up writing a bit of what I plan to eventually make IC content to get myself into things and hit "Submit" thinking it was in the PM to myself I use for storing tidbits of writing.
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