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"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." - Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, 1992
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A burger walks into a bar. The bartender says 'Sorry, we don't serve food here'
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I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down.
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I already ate three Happy Meals. Why am I still not happy?


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In Lost RPG 1 day ago Forum: Free Roleplay
This black-haired man in a wheelchair gently drove towards the chest, making a sound nary as loud as the sea. Thirty-two bars of gold sitting inside this box, it's almost tempting to take all of it, if it didn't take space in his body and weigh him more than they already do. He grabbed the lock of the box, and essentially commanded it to unlock itself, and it did. He lifted its lid and took one iron bar. This should be enough to replace all of his rust sheddings for the rest of the trip. The ingot gradually liquefied and seeped into his hand. Hmm. You know what, let's take another ingot just in case he loses an arm. Okay, let's take two more for a leg. That's enough. He could already feel the added weight, his wheelchair might give out at this point. Unless... He takes out the last 4 ingots of the top layer, and they immediately liquefy and seep through the wheelchair, reinforcing the mostly wooden wheels and frames from inside with metal spires and cores. He nodded. That'll do indeed.

The lid of the box closes and the lock slithers back in place, securing it again as if nothing happened. Quick, before someone stumbles in here. He starts to move towards the wall -- oh, wow, he could really feel the added weight. It's already taking more effort to move. He drives up the wall, phasing through the ceiling, and going back to Viviana's room. Still empty. He's sure there was no coincidence to Ember and Viviana dressing up after that pompous noble had arrived. A honeypot operation? Doesn't matter to him. Doesn't care. However, it'll be risky to go back out through Viviana's room's front wall now. He drove further up, intent to go back to the deck.

A hand sprouts from the floor of the upper deck,
which might be a shock to nearby people as well as ensuring they steer clear as he climbs up. Another arm appears, and both of them push up, gradually revealing his head, his body, and finally the wheelchair they rode in on. He quickly realizes that barely anyone has witnessed him climb up, thankfully, due to... another ship boarding us? Is this a pirate attack? Oh, no, just another passenger catching up. Another beautiful redhead, huh...

Wait. He stared at her. Are those horns?
In Lost RPG 1 day ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Pakde (this link only lasts 7 days) (permanent)

also, none of them concluded LMAO
In Lost RPG 2 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

About the OOC interval, most of us here use Discord. Half of the players are in this one server that Frank owns, including me. Lol

About the IC interval... honestly, blame spiral origin. People have to wait days to get an IC response from him. I'd know, I've since played like three text-based games with him including this one.
In Lost RPG 3 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Please for once do not make it about you, it's unrelated to you or Nanashi
In Lost RPG 4 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Well, at least she kept the pocketbook. He could only hope that she does visit the Greenes, he did leave his fortunes in their capable hands. Should have some remainders even a hundred years after the fact.

When he was sensing the ship earlier, far earlier when he was aiming where to sink through the floor to, he noticed a cavity further down beyond Ember's room. It's only probably where they keep their raw food and munitions, as there could be little other space for it, and there's even a set of stairs leading access down. Probably off-limits for people that aren't crew.

He had an idea... Wait, no, Ember has put a barrier up to her room, he can't easily in there. Damn it.

He moved to the front of Viviana's room instead. Probably locked, but it didn't matter. He waited until not an eye had its sights set on him, then phased through the front wall of Viviana's room, then phased again down through the floor and into the second lower deck. @spiral origin
In Lost RPG 4 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Is it not possible to just nerf the character?
In Lost RPG 6 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"Well, okay then. Take care, you two." There was a hint of amusement in his voice, as was his only way of expressing it other than outright saying it out loud. Lily in particular, no, Ember, looked very tempting... If this black-haired man in a wheelchair was a lesser man, he would have offered to marry her on the spot.

It was a scary thought.

He placed the white pocketbook he was working on on the ground, and a beetle-shaped insignia on top of it, and he watched as the two items slid through the floor, up the inner pillars of the ship, and finally hung themselves on the side of that cloaked person's hammock.

In Lost RPG 7 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
It's been several minutes. The cloaked child seems to be at their hammock sleeping, and this black-haired man on a wheelchair has been busy making what seems to be a pocketbook made of cloth, with text, details, and the frames that hold every page square-shaped, all made of silver. The title in front reads...
Royal Map to
~ The Greene Estate ~

In dedication to
someone in serious debt.

He looks up from his work and turns his chair counterclockwise as the door just to his left opened. "Hey, you, I apologize for barging in your cabin, it was an acci...dent? Who are you?" The person was tall and gorgeous, but had blonde hair and a more sizeable bosom than the one he saw in that room earlier. Then this smaller person came out, with puffy black hair, green eyes, and a metal string around her neck that connects to what seems to be a pendant underneath her dress.

He tilted his head. "Viviana. You look ravishing. Don't let Nanashi see you, I think you're going to give him a heart attack."

He turned his head slightly back at what, by process of elimination, could only mean Ember. "You sure are well-versed in this... fashion thing. I don't understand it myself. Could you make me one? I don't have trinkets on hand right now but you could just send us an invoice, they'll get back to you in around 3 days."

@wierdw @Zim0cron
In Lost RPG 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"I'm not sure, actually. Maybe answers." He leans forward and begins a frantic tirade of whispers. "It'd be presumptious of me to think I'm your target or even in the warpath of danger, so I'm wondering who. Is it Lady DeVespe? Is it that other noble with the golden luggage? This ship's a trap, isn't it? All of you here are strapped with weapons. You've been eyeing the docks all morning before this ship departed. I am deathly curious. It's the noble male, isn't it? Who hired you all? Tell me. I promise I won't interfere." His right hand reaches out to grab her left. His dead ivory eyes hiding behind eyeglasses, fixed at this person's eyes.
In Lost RPG 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
He was trembling, trying his hardest not to laugh. That impact had no right being that hilarious. Thankfully, his amusement quickly turned to disgust after hearing the noble's ridiculous demands. Oh, that poor young assistant of his. If this is how Landon acts out in the open, how further depraved is he in closed doors?

After Landon closed his doors, this lower deck gradually erupted into a sea of rumours, mostly between the lively crewmates, some between the seemingly married couple and their female child. Whenever gossipers passed near him, he would add small details like "I saw it, he tripped on literally nothing." and "He's going to blame his clumsiness on you to cheap out on fare?" and such. Sir Landon may as well just hole up in his room and never come out for the rest of this voyage at this point, but his kind of people might have too much thick skin for their own good.

... and then there was nothing to do but wait. He didn't want to roam around to escape this boredom though. There's only so much space in this lower deck and yet so many people, it's almost awkward.

He recognized one of the people on the hammocks, the petite cloaked person from what feels like aeons ago at the upper deck, the same person he shot a needle at for senseless reasons. It's quite a long distance from his position to her hammock. Just enough for his mana to diminish on the way and turn into mere whispers. The hammock, it whispers to her. Words in random and in repetition, 'sorry', 'needle' and 'shot' being the loudest amidst this mix of syllables trying to make up a sentence.

As soon as the person looks up and glares at him again, he's going to wave his right hand this time.

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