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6 mos ago
Current Anyone wanna do an amalgam universe RP? OCs and established combinations welcome
8 mos ago
So I've got some superhero characters I'd love to play in a group rp. Anyone got one I can jump into?
8 mos ago
Super hero, anime, multiverse, and fantasy based role plays anyone? Seriously pm cause I wanna writing
1 yr ago
bored af right now
1 yr ago
Awesome. I've been let down again. Why do I try with anyone? No one in RL treats me with the same respect I give them. To them: next time you want me at a family thing. Then I think I might be busy.


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TwilightShadow 2 yrs ago
Hey, I think you're great and enjoy roleplaying with you. I hope life is treating you well. :)
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