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Milana Ivanov & James Emerson

"Hey man, she fucking apologized!" James was visibly upset, not bothering masking his emotions as he also stepped out of the car in a rather brisk manner.

The moment Milana heard him, she turned her head to glance in his direction. "Come on, take it easy will ya?" She was somewhat surprised by his aggressive reaction. The poor kid was spooked, but who could blame him... She would have been just as upset if she too was nearly ran over. Milana addressed the boy once more. "He didn't mean that, don't listen to—"

"The hell I didn't..."

"James!" She looked at the man as if he had two heads. "Give me a minute, please, don't leave" Milana pleaded with the stranger before walking around the front of her car. "The hell is wrong with you, huh?" She was talking low, almost in a whisper. James began to say something but she quickly interrupted him. "You better listen to me real good because I'm only going to say this once. If you want a damn ride in my car, then you need to shut the hell up and let me deal with that guy. Save that exaggerated testosterone of yours for someone who gives a damn."

Milana turned away and walked up to the young man, speeding up to catch up to him. "I"m sorry, really. I'm actually heading to the church if you want to tag along...who knows, maybe your brother is there."

Post coming tomorrow! Been a bit of a busy few days.

The walk to school wasn't all that long, well, compared to what she was used to in the past. On the way there, Denise decided to grab a hot chocolate. Not the most filling of breakfasts, but if it didn't hold her until lunch then she'd simply find something else to snack on. She crossed the street to walk onto the school grounds, and once she was safely on the sidewalk she stopped. New school, new faces, new problems... Deep down, Denise wondered whether she had made the right choice by "running away"; it was something she found herself wondering every now and then. She pulled out her phone and scrolled down the contact list, biting her bottom lip. Not one person she could consider a close friend. Aside from family members to include some distance cousins, she practically had no one. The one friend who'd been through it all with Denise prior to her getting mixed with the wrong crowd stopped talking to her, and rightfully so.

Denise sighed, putting the phone away and grabbing the printout from her bag. She took a good look at the building and found it much smaller than she was expecting. She figured the class listed on the paper wouldn't be all that hard to find. With that thought in mind, she made her way inside.

As predicted, it didn't take long for the girl to find the room. She stopped at the doorway for a moment before walking inside, having picked out a spot near the wall. Avoiding any sort of eye contact, Denise quietly made her way to her seat, hoping she wouldn't have to stand in front of the class and introduce herself the same way she had seen new students do so in the past.

She wasn’t used to it. For Denise, her New York mornings were a tad chaotic; a stark comparison to the last few days. The stillness and quiet was somewhat unnerving simply because it left her alone with her thoughts. But as with most things, it was only a matter of time before she got used to it. Of course, by then, she’d probably be heading back to the city. That would be her luck.

"Honey, breakfast's ready!"

That was her Auntie Helen calling her downstairs. That too was something she wasn't used to. She did eat home-cooked meals as Lydia, her parents' personal aide, cooked more often than not. However, here, nobody paid her aunt to prepare a meal, and Denise loved this new, yet familiar, ambiance. She got up from the guest bed, that which was surprisingly comfortable. "Be down in a sec!" She looked around for a minute, not being able to find the clothes she had picked out the previous night. Denise knew for a fact she had prepared her outfit. It was her first day of school and she did not want to be late amongst other things. She wasn't going to be that individual. "Damn, where are my clothes?" Denise cursed under her breath, slightly worried that her grandmother may be listening in on her even though the door was closed. But she really respected her and valued her opinion. She always did whenever she was around her. "There you are!"

She had looked inside the closet and found them there amongst some of her other belongings, but the girl could have sworn she had hung them behind the door the previous night. Denise simply shrugged her shoulders, hurrying up the process so she could go downstairs. It would be her first morning there without her parents, though they were barely present back in New York so it didn't make much of a difference. Eventually, Denise emerged from the bedroom and headed downstairs to meet her relatives. She was hungry, there was no denying the fact, but her smile faded when she entered the kitchen. Her aunt's smile faded just as quickly.

"I'm sorry, I thought I'd change it up today with your parents being gone and all." Helen grabbed the small towel that was draped over her shoulder and began wiping down the counter space in front of her.

"Oh, it's fine," she forced a smile, "I'm just lactose intolerant." Denise was hungry, but there was no way she was eating that grilled cheese before school. She couldn't blame her aunt, it's not like she knew. "Listen, don't worry about it. You can have the extra grilled cheese and I'll just grab something on the go."

"Oh honey, are you sure?"

Denise smiled, walking up to her aunt and giving her a quick kiss on her cheek. "Absolutely. See you after school!"

Denise didn't give her much of a chance to respond and walked towards the front door. Her grandmother usually joined them for breakfast and she would have said her goodbyes to her as well, but she figured she was busy.

Once she closed the front door, Denise put in her headphones and began walking to school.
I'll have a post up tomorrow :)
Milana Ivanov & James Emerson

"James." he added with a smile, getting comfortable in his seat before fiddling with the AC vents.

She put on her seatbelt with a sigh. Milana simply wanted to get to her destination without issues, yet now she had to be mindful of him, of James. "I'm Milana, it's a real pleasure." The last part of that sentence was oozing with sarcasm, and she heard him chuckle. She put the car and drive and softly tapped the gas pedal, rolling the vehicle forward as she kept her eyes focused on the road.

He turned to her. "So I'm dealing with a Russian? What has the world come to..." James put a hand on his head as if he had just received some bad news.

"Excuse me?" Milana looked at him, offended over his remark. She took pride in her heritage despite the fact that she had been teased about it a couple of times before. "At least I'm not going gray, and that's thanks to my Russian genes which you apparently have a problem with." Milana made a right turn, turning onto a familiar road before the seatbelt warning tone started going off. She looked at him quietly for a second or two. "Do you mind?" she added. "That gets annoying real fast."

"As you wish," James responded, reaching for the seatbelt, "I certainly wouldn't want to anger the driver."

Milana bit her lower lip. He absolutely annoyed the living hell out of her, and they had been in the car for what, a whole minute or two? She would kick him out of the car but then she might be worse off, and Milana would much rather be annoyed and alive than any other alternative out there.


She didn't see him. Some guy was crossing the road and she absolutely did not see him. Thankfully, her instincts kicked in. Milana slammed on the brakes and jerked the wheel slightly, causing the vehicle to skid across a couple of lanes and end up on the wrong side of the road after it came to a halt. Her heart was about to burst from her chest, and once she realized she was gripping the wheel a little too tightly, she put her hands down. "Are you okay?"

"Damn girl, you got some talent." that's all James said with a smirk, though in reality, his heart was pounding as well.

Milana stepped out of the vehicle, thankful she hadn't hit anything. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you! Are you alright?" she called out to him.


My next post will consist of my duo driving there and reaching the destination. Maybe he almost gets ran over? Let me know if you're interested. :)
Milana Ivanov & James Emerson

”Fifth and Durum,” she whispered to herself repeatedly so she could remember to write those down . Her phone's battery had so just happened to die after receiving the message, and she wasn’t going to rely on her faulty memory, not when it was a matter of life and death. Milana searched around for something to write with, and eventually she was successful. Now all she needed to do was get there. Of course, that was easier said than done. The young woman headed to the kitchen to grab a knife. Possibly a questionable choice of weapon, but that was all that was currently available to her. The rest of the belongings she would take with her were already packed in her bag.

Finally stepping out, Milana looked down the street in both directions. It was mostly deserted, which was quite the relief for her. With the piece of paper in her hand, she briskly walked towards her car parked across the street. She reached for the key in her back pocket when she noticed a man peering into her vehicle through the passenger side front window.

”Excuse me, may I help you?” She approached him cautiously, making sure to keep her distance. ”That’s my car.”

James heard someone calling him out, then looked up from the vehicle. ”I was admiring your ride,” he grinned, resting his forearms on top of the car.

”Well, I need it now.” She looked around, growing a bit nervous. She wasn’t planning on this.

”That’s too bad…” he added, though not in a threatening matter. ”Where are ya headed?”

Milana stopped, she was mere inches from the vehicle.”I, um…I just need to get somewhere.”

He in turn didn’t respond, but simply stared at her. James was well aware of the fact that he was making the girl nervous, but that's what he sought to do. He wouldn’t shove his gun in her face and force her to give him a ride per se, but if she were to willingly offer it to him, well then that would be another story. ”Sounds important.”

She couldn’t wait any longer. Milana reached for the knife tucked away in her waistband. James noticed and reacted accordingly, though his glock was concealed in the front. She saw his gun and quickly showed him the knife.

”Please, I just want to go.”

”And I’m just defending myself.”

He was right, to a degree. Milana weighed the odds. The man hadn’t carjacked her up to that point, so that was a good sign. And he had a gun. If his destination wasn’t too far out of the way for her, then she supposed she could give him a ride. ”Fine, get in then.”

James smiled, waiting for her to unlock the car for him to be able to get in. It was his lucky day after all.

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