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Helllooo everyone!

Alina 20 Fin Infp

Hi! I'm always looking new roleplays to join in. I prefer modern, slice of life type of rp's with bits of romance and angst.
I mainly play as characters of the same/similar age to me, and can do any gender or sexuality.
I do enjoy my fantasy and scifi from time to time too. I'm into clowns (not in that way) and bright colors.
Surprisingly I also love dark themes and heavy music (Hypocrisy, Charach Angren, Turmion Kätilöt etc).
Idk what to say. If you feel like messaging me: go ahead. I may be little slow at responsing tho.

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In Paramount 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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Elιαѕ Lυɴdqvιѕт

The pair Elias has looked at earlier, seemed to be in the process of talking of the stumble accident. The girl with the leather jacket seemed very pissed, the guy on the other hand seemed impressed about her looks. Elias didn't observe them for too long, since he truly didn't care that much. He also got involved with something else. There was a voice speaking near him. "That was fast, I expected at least everyone meet with each other first but it how it be do." Elias looked at the source of the voice, he was amused by her voice. However he didn't know how to response, so he ended up just forming a small grin on his face.

Appearance wise the girl reminded Elias from his sister. Emma had just as dark hair and similar vibes. People always got confused about Emma and Elias being siblings since they didn't look similar at all and were different ethnicities. Well they only became siblings when their moms got married. However their relationship was like the one only siblings would share. They fighted from time to time and teased each other (Emma had a habit of making snarky comments about Elias' fashion experiments), but in the end they really cared for each other.

Elias wondered If he would get along with this girl just as well- he had a feeling he would. Speaking of the girl.. she introduced herself and extended her hand for a handshake. Her name was Yvonne. Elias took the offer and shaked hands with her. "Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Elias." he introduced himself smiling a little. Meeting new people was always difficult for him. He would lose all his confidence and start to worry too much about what kind of first impression he gave. It was weird since he was normally so confident, or at least he convinced himself into believing that.

Elias didn't want to leave the interaction just for that. He was deliberate to continue the conversation. "So, Yvonne: have you been before at this camp?" The platinum blonde kept a small between his sentences. "If so, do you have any recommendations about what I should try out in these two weeks? This is my first time here." Elias smiled, hoping that this would be a good conversation starter.

Kayden Norton

outfit, jacket

Kayden was walking towards the camp’s center area while dragging his suitcase. It was great to be here again. This time the Texan youngster was certain no one would find his alcohol, at least not the booze. He was satisfied with the way he had hidden it. He knew his travelling buddy, Harper wouldn’t approve, if she knew he had something like that packed in. However: Christmas was coming which meant baby Jesus’ birthday and how was he supposed to celebrate if not by drinking his ass off?

After a little while of walking, and two times almost falling because of not having proper shoes, Kayden saw a christmas tree that was in need of decoration. Around the tree there were other campers and the camp counselors. Most of the counselors were wearing shirts of the color of their cabin. Kayden knew there were four different cabins: red, green, blue and pink. However it was difficult to differ the colors when they were all together.

Blue he could differ easily, the two muddy colours were red and green but he didn’t know which was which. Then the last color was either grey or pink, but since there was no grey cabin it had to be pink. Pink was his cabin so he went near the counselor wearing that pinkish greyish shirt.

Oh, that would make sense!
Lennon Norris

Lennon kept a small pause between the songs in order to warm up her cold fingers. As she was warming up and keeping her pause, an owl girl started to get closer to her. Sometimes when she was playing music people would come close to her and ask for a specific song since Lennon did a lot of covers of rock songs and not just classical music. The owl greeted Lennon who was going to ask about the song she wanted to be played. However what the owl had in mind was something totally different. She ended up being a biomedical engineering student, who was interested in the structure of bats. Lennon was so confused she missed the first half of her speech.

”...structure of your wings permits you to dexterously perform on an instrument that would otherwise be too massive for such a person. How does the wide spread of your fingers promote or detract from other activities of daily life? And could… could I observe one more musical demonstration of your phalangeal physiology, perhaps?” It made Lennon both amused and confused, she tried her best to not laugh at her face.

”Well I..” Lennon started but ended up chuckling. She totally didn’t expect to face a situation like that. ”Sorry.. I haven’t really thought about these things. When you have lived your whole life in a certain type of body, you don’t really think about whether it makes your actions difficult or not. You just live.” The bat tried to form an explanation that made sense, not sure if she succeeded.

”Of course you can observe me! I love it when people get moved by my music.” Lennon smiled, though she was unsure whether the owl was moved by her music or just treated her like a scientific experiment. The bat didn’t care which one it was. She just loved performing her music. “Do you mind if you observe my… musical demonstration of my phalangeal physiology somewhere else? It’s getting pretty cold and I can’t play if my fingers turn into ice cubes.” She grinned. “By the way, my name is Lennon!” She held the cello with her left hand and offered her right hand for a handshake.
@ZanavyYeah. Doesn't really make lot of sense for Lennon to be playing music outside.. oh well xD

I was messing with my post and edited it twice. I made it completely different but edited it again when I noticed you had replied to my previous post lol
Oh no, I forget about the season x__x
Need to edit Lennon's post...
I attended my deceased cat since I had ton of good pictures to pick from. I wonder if that's okay?

If not, I can instead attend one of my current cats (just need to take some good pictures of them).
Lennon Norris

Dorm > cafeteria > outside

Lennon had just come from shower. She hadn’t slept too well and a cold shower had really woken her up. She dryid herself with a towel. Her hair ended up being damp, but she didn’t bother with it any more. She did her make up and picked an outfit. This time it was a simple all black outfit. Her makeup on the other hand was more intrigued. She painted her lips black, reddish smokey eyeshadow, eyeliner on fleek and some big lashes that looked like spider legs. She took a look at her cello before leaving. Lennon knew it was bad idea= but she really wanted to play some music outside despite the snow.

First thing she did was letting her cello lean against the wall outside the cafeteria. She really hoped no one would steal it. Lennon attended the cafeteria and went to get some food. There weren't too many opinions she liked and it took some time for her to choose. She just picked a meat substitute sandwich and cup of tea. Lennon didn't see any of her friends, but she didn't feel like eating alone.

Maybe it was an opportunity to hang out with different people than usually? Maybe she could even make new friends. Ok, I will do that, she thought to herself. Her dark eyes gazed over the cafeteria and the student's eating there. She noticed a chipmunk girl and went to her. "This seat taken?" She tried to do a friendly big smile. Apparently it didn't work out: the girl looked at her as if Lennon was crazy and went to eat to another table. Lennon ate her food silently in dissapointment.

Playing music outside in winter time was definitely a bad decision. Her fingers were ice cold and didn't work normally. She knew she could create more beautiful music than this, which made her annoyed. This morning didn't start well. However some people stopped at listening her which made the small bat happy.
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@LostButterfly92 Do Eukary students have uniforms or not?

And welcome, for every newcomer!
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