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Helllooo everyone!

Alina 22 Fin Infp

Hi! I'm always looking new roleplays to join in. I prefer modern, slice of life type of rp's with bits of romance and angst.
I mainly play as characters of the same/similar age to me, and can do any gender or sexuality.
I do enjoy my fantasy and scifi from time to time too. I'm into clowns (not in that way) and bright colors.
Surprisingly I also love dark themes and heavy music (Hypocrisy, Charach Angren, Turmion Kätilöt etc).
Idk what to say. If you feel like messaging me: go ahead. I may be little slow at responsing tho.

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This seems very interesting. I actually switched to a different rp site but I'm ready to come back here just for this :D

So this is open to new players? When does the character sheets go up?
One post done out of two~

May go back to sleep and write for Gabriel later (it's 3am for me)
Rosie walked cheerfully into the spacious building, from this day on she would live in this house. The question was would it become like a home to her. Rosie half jumped half walked, not able to her excitement. The girl couldn't believe she had actually made a contract with a demon. Maybe she would finally be able to fulfilll her fantasies about being in relationship with a dreamy bad boy demon guy.

There were already four people in the room, well two of them were actually demons: they both had a pair of horns afterall. Other of the demons was a woman, and the other one looked like a kid. How boring. The kid was pretty cute: she almost wanted to pinch his cheeks. But he was not what Rosie had expected. Where was her glorious demon prince? Nowhere in sight, that's for sure.

Rosie got closer to the human girl. Aaww.. where are all the hot demon boys?" Her cheerful appearance was now gone. The spark in her eyes was lost and her pouty lips were turned down. The girl Rosie was talking to didn't seem any more happier than her. "Anyways. I'm Rosie!" She smiled again and offered her hand for a handshake. Now she was looking at both of the humans. They looked pretty similar for some reason. Were they related, siblings perhaps?

Soon the room was filled with more people. This time with a two demons, both womens again as sad as it was, and a human male. Rosie looked at them in disinterest, and took her attention back to the possible siblings. What was she doing again? Yes, going for a handshake and introducing herself.
I fell asleep for couple hours, and wake up to this rp being so full of life.
Im excited! Will browse the new messages, and start to work posting on the ic~
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Ya'll asleep or something? Wake up! Jk, but seriously wake up it's day time where I am

I just put my characters in the profile section. Doesn't that count as being awake? :D

Anyways I'm super excited for this rp!

My character sheets are completed~~

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