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I am interested in making a CS for Lavender

I am looking for a 1x1 partner to create a story with~
I am pretty open-minded as far as characters, plotlines, and settings.
I can play either male or female.
I would prefer someone who could write a bare minimum of three paragraphs.
Responses at least once a week.

If you are interested, please PM me and we can go over ideas.

Are you still accepting applications?
I have been roleplaying online for 7 years. (Casual/Intermediate Level)
As well as playing D&D for 2 years. However, I have only campaigned offline.
I have always been too nervous to commit to an advanced level RP but thought I should give it a try now.

Thanks! :)

Ember Grove Dormitory ➙ Fairgrounds

"It's just... not working out between us." Hendrix sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Honestly, I'm not even sure what I did wrong this time."

Jupiter had arrived at Alexandria Prep almost a week ago. She had been so excited to start this new chapter in her life that she moved in early in order to get her affairs underway. Everything was set just how she wanted. Her bedroom had a bohemian ambiance to it. While most of the walls were a rich creamy color, one surface, in particular, had been detailed in a red brick facade. Tapestries of mandalas littered the area, as well as a few posters she had collected over the years. At night the stringed lights she painstakingly hung up made the small dorm somewhat magical. Almost mystical.

At the moment she was sitting cross-legged in the middle of her bed, surrounded by nothing but a few stuffed animals and rumpled sheets. The cell phone pressed between her left ear and shoulder. Demonstrating an extraordinary ability to multitask. Hendrix, her older brother was on the line while she was playing one of her favorite video games. The concentration it took to pay attention to both tasks caused the blonde to nibble on her lower lip.

"Yeah. No surprise there... She sniffed, spamming the "B" button on her N64 controller.
"I've always told you that Cassandra was bad news. Ever since day one she has been trying to turn you into one of her puppets. So controlling. Such a bi-"

She stopped short, momentarily distracted from her monologue. Ocarina of Time was one of the best video games in The Legend of Zelda series. One of the major villains had just drastically reduced her character's life in a single blow. It was also Jupiters' favorite video game of all time. Currently, she was in the middle of a battle with Shadow Link, one of the bosses in the Water Temple. The incessant beeping of a low heart count could be heard shrieking from the foot of her bed. There her precious N64 sat plugged into the flat screen T.V.

"She isn't that bad you know. She's just..." Hendrix paused suddenly, his easygoing tone transforming into one of incredulity.
"Wait a minute. Jupiter Ann Lennon. Are you playing that stupid game AGAIN??? Seriously?!"

Jupiter pursed her lips as she dodged yet another attack. It was a well-known fact in the Lennon household that the 18-year-old had always had a love of videogames. Her preferences usually focused on RPG, adventure, strategic, and puzzle-based archetypes. However, Ocarina of Time was especially meaningful. She must have completed the storyline at least 14 times... She couldn't help it. In a way, a nostalgic emotion was tied to the cartridge. Worries that plagued her always seemed to disappear whenever she played Zelda. It helped make the stress of moving and starting a new life that much easier.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't even own a console." She murmured sarcastically before finally defeating her enemy.
"Yesssssss." She cheered in triumph while throwing her left fist in the air. An action short-lived since her phone had slipped out of her grip. She caught it in mid-air just in time to hear her brother's response.

"Mhmm. Suurree." He frowned after a moment.
"Listen, little sis. You promised me that you were actually going to go out and have a normal life with this new change. No more of that socially awkward bullshit."

"That's weird coming from you. Before you moved out you were always so overprotective." Jupiter murmured, remembering a time in middle school where Hendrix scared off one of her classmates. The boy had been to juvie a few times... but still.
"You literally frightened everyone away. Told them that they were a bad influence or something."

She took a moment to pull the cell phone away from her cheek in order to check the time. It was 9:30 in the morning. With a frown, she leaned forward to turn off the console, but not before pausing and saving her game.

"You know I only did what I did because I love you. No one messes with my little sister."
Jupiter rolled her eyes at the sentiment.

"A promise is a promise... The academy is hosting this carnival function thingy. Kind of a way for students to get to know each other. I'm getting ready to leave now..."

She looked down at her jeans and began tracing an outline along her thigh with her index finger, a nervous habit that manifested in kindergarten. After the teacher taught her how to spell for the first time, Jupiter had started writing invisible words on her body. It was silly, but in a way it was like sending herself a comforting note. A secret reminder. Emphasis on thoughts that were otherwise too quiet.
On her right thigh, she wrote: "You got this." Her finger drawing each letter in cursive loopy handwriting.

"Thats my girl." He crooned affectionately.
"Be safe. Call me when you get home."

"Will do..." Jupiter murmured before ending the call.

With an exasperated sigh, she stood up and approached the bathroom. Taking a moment to once again check her appearance in the mirror. Every day around 5 a.m. Jupiter always woke up determined to see the sunrise. Unlike most people, she adored mornings. Mornings provided time for daily rituals such as; making tea, yoga, and meditation. Afterward, she would feel accomplished and proceed to shower in order to get dressed and ready for the day. More often than not, once finished she would have time to do whatever... like play Zelda, draw, or watch T.V.
After staring at her reflection and meeting her own gaze, her rose-colored lips curled up in a small smile. Blue eyes that reminded her of the sea, of her mother, twinkled in the dim lighting. The color had always been extremely calming. They were the eyes that had tucked her in bed as a child. The eyes that had kissed her goodnight. Quickly, she swallowed back a surge of home-sickness.
Her golden locks fell past her shoulders and ended in loose waves just above her hips. Today she wore a simple black tank top, faded blue flares, and a moss green hoodie. Looking down she took comfort in seeing her lucky Converse high tops peeking back up at her. She was ready. She just needed to take that first step.

Inhaling sharply, she scooped up her keys. And before she could stop herself, she was out the door.

The entrance to the carnival was bursting with pedestrians. Jupiter couldn't help but grin at the sight before her. Beyond the sea of people she noticed a few things in particular. A ferries wheel, numerous food vendors, and a petting zoo. Games like ring toss and balloon darts promised prizes such as teddy bears and foam hats. There was also a...

...Merry-go-Round??? OMG. Score! Her thoughts screamed in excitement causing the blonde to pick up her pace.

However, she didn't get far due to the fact that a group of students were squeezed tightly together. All of them attempting to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a large poster. Most of the students were taking pictures with their phone. Texting and sharing on social media like crazy. A little curious by the commotion, Jupiter squinted her eyes in order to see the advertisement more clearly.
The Elites.

The sign proclaimed proudly. Below the statement were portraits of students who looked to be around her age. Under each photo was a label. "The Hermit," "The Fake," even one known as "The Plan-B."

Harsh... Jupiter thought, wincing at the last nickname.

Frowning, she started to leave. All her life, Lennon tried her best to avoid drama like the plague. This abnormality was a good example. As she walked, a familiar image caught her eye. Stopping, frozen in shock, her eyebrows raised in amazement. Stifling a gasp she leaned forward and stared at a Facebook profile picture she had posted a few months ago. "The Know-it-All" was written just under her chin.

"Original." She scoffed, her voice flat.
The crowd around her was buzzing with words such as; "Miss Fortune" and "Famous." Words foreign to Jupiter since she very rarely used social media. Unfortunately, no one seemed to know the reason for the listing.

"Why would someone do that... What reason do they have?" Talking to herself seemed to be the best way to deal with the uncertain emotions swirling around her head.

"I mean it's no secret that I'm a little smart. Why tell everyone about it? I don't even know anyone around here." She moved almost in a daze towards the Merry-go-Round. Hopefully the beloved attraction would bring some solace to her recent turmoil.

The ride attendant looked to be a college student. He was probably just working the carnival in an effort to earn some extra cash. He was tall, lanky, with short red hair and a freckled face. A blush fell behind his wire-rimmed glasses as Jupiter smiled politely. In response, he smiled shyly and waved her through the gate.

"Thanks... Carson." She finished after reading his name badge.

Taking her time to carefully choose a noble steed, she finally settled on a brown horse just as the ride began to move. Merry-go-Rounds always reminded her of the amazing childhood she experienced. Every weekend her father used to take her to the Portland mall to ride the "horses." Almost as if by magic she started to feel happier. Less stressed.
She tilted her head back and spread her arms out wide on either side. Acting as though the metal horse was somehow flying through the air.

After a moment the ride started to slow down much to her chagrin. A goofy persona began to take over as she dismounted the horse. The Merry-go-Round was still spinning as she landed on her feet. A mischevious grin on her face caused by the fact that she was posed as a surfer. The ride like a spiraling sea.

Ember Grove Mall

Morning, 11:00 a.m. | @FunnyGuy (Mentioned)

Astraea spent more time at the bookstore than she had intended. Originally she was only to purchase ONE book. However, as she approached the cashier she noted with a begrudging euphoria that she had ended up with five separate novels.

"Damn my addiction." She murmured under her breath. This wasn't the first time that she had overspent her budget on literature. It was a weekly event. A love/hate relationship of sorts. She hated the fact that she had spent more than she planned but absolutely adored the thought of spending the next few days reading new stories.

After paying the outrageous fee of $102.72, she exited the bookshop and continued pursuing her errands. The next stop was the pet store to get Jinx's cat food.
She gracefully weaved and dodged around excited teenagers, happy seniors, and unenthused parents. Without thinking, she took a moment to close her eyes and lean forward opening her bag slightly. Astraea had a habit of smelling new books every chance she could get. It was one of the many small joys in her very long life. Inhaling deeply, she continued her walk as if in her own little world.

Almost done. I just need to-


Her thoughts were immediately interrupted as she bumped into an unlucky pedestrian standing in her wake. In shock, her eyelids flung open only to see that her new treasures were skidding about the area in a flourish of papers.

"I. Am. So. Sorry!" She gasped, the apology escaping her lips before crouching down to collect her belongings. It didn't help that they were standing right in the middle of the food court, one of the busiest areas in the mall. With a wince, she watched as unsuspecting patrons stepped on her novels. Creasing and staining the new covers with their muddy, wet shoes. Surely a result of the storm that had been brewing outside.

A crimson blush slowly crept across her face as she reached for the battered copy.
"How embarrassing." She whispered.

This. This is EXACTLY why I don't leave the house. She thought numbly.

It was then that Astraea realized that she immediately dove for the books without checking on the person who suffered her clumsiness. Did they fall over? Sprain their ankle?
Her gaze snapped up, urgent to assess the damage she may have caused. Upon eye contact, her pupils dilated ever so slightly. The person that she had run into was very handsome. He was extremely tall, defined by a lean muscular frame. His coal-black hair was short, albeit a little shaggy around the collar. However, it wasn't his beauty that had stunned Astraea... it was his eyes.

They were a silver-gray with a hint of something... other. Even though it was daytime and the mall was bright with light, his eyes seemed to have an otherworldly glow. Like moonlight.
It was well-known in the supernatural world that werewolves could sniff each other out. Not only their own kind but other entities as well; vampires, witches, etc. Their innate sense of smell was a key tool in identifying the magical beings that roamed the globe.

Witches were a different story. There is a phrase that describes the eyes as being "windows of the soul." Witches and Warlocks, in this case, had a sixth sense so to speak. Looking into someone else's eyes gave these beings clues as to who they were as a person. Their emotions, their insecurities. Mainly their personality, but on rare occasions so much more.

This strangers eyes looked... cold. Angry. Vengeful.
Hardstone on such a youthful face. A mask to hide his true nature from the public.

"I'm... I'm sorry.." Astraea croaked feeling all possible vocalizations die on her lips.
She apologized for so much more than her clumsiness. She apologized for whatever made the man in front of her this spiteful. The kind witch could not help but fall victim to her own empathy.
I went ahead and updated my CS to match everyone~

Nova Cottage & Ember Grove Mall

Morning, 10:30 a.m. | @Vixen58 (Mentioned)


Astraea groaned in exasperation as the sound of Jinxs' yowling pulled her out of a pleasant fantasy. Rather frustrating due to the fact that in her comatose state she had imagined having dinner with John Lennon, one of her biggest celebrity crushes. Perched on top of her chest, Jinx looked down at his owner in earnest, his wide green eyes practically glowing. Astraea batted him away before turning on her side and placing her pillow over her head. He did this every morning. A daily ritual in order to annoy and receive food. If there was one thing that Jinx loved more than anything, it was eating. He was quite plump, so much so that Astraea wondered if she should put him on a diet.

"Meeerrrrrowwww!!" Jinx continued caterwauling as he wriggled his face under her pillow. Stubborn as he was, he always seemed to demand attention, even at the most inconvenient of times.

Despite her futile attempts at ignoring him, his constant prodding made it so she was unable to fall asleep. Her eyelids felt heavy and crusted from her recent slumber. Sitting up in bed, she yawned and used her palms to rub the back of her eyes.

"You suck. You know that right?" She growled at the black cats retreating form. For a moment he paused only to look back and give her what seemed to be a triumphant smirk.

As she crawled out of bed she could not help but squeal as the cold morning air caressed her skin. A glimpse outside her bedroom window showed the culprit to be a bout of heavy rainfall. She smiled. Windy days had always been her favorite type of weather, especially during autumn. However, thunderstorms were a close second.
It was the perfect time to make tea, start a fire, and curl up with a good book. Maybe even an art project.

She stretched as she walked, lazily dragging her heels while making her way towards the kitchen. Behind one of the cupboards was where she stored Jinx's food. As she opened the cabinet door she smiled slightly at Jinxs' happy cry, threading his languid body around and in between her ankles. Just like every morning.
Pausing momentarily, a piece of paper taped to her refrigerator caught her eye.

"That's right!" She grinned aloud reaching forward and snatching the flyer.
"I can't believe I almost forgot!"

Tahereh Mafi presents the final chapter in the Shatter Me series!
Be sure to purchase your copy-

After skimming the flyer she glared down at her familiar.
"Why didn't you remind me?"
Today was the day that Tahereh Mafi, one of her favorite modern authors, was releasing her newest book. "Reveal Me" was the final chapter of its' series. The long-awaited conclusion that Astraea had been dying to read since finishing the previous book a few years prior.

Opening a can of cat food, salmon flavor, she heated it up in the microwave before placing it in Jinx's food bowl.

I'm going to have to go into town today. She thought numbly.

Astraea usually did not like to leave the safety of her cottage if she didn't have to... Her home served as an oasis from many dangers that threatened her existence. Being a witch, especially one as old as herself, tended to leave a target painted on her back wherever she went. There were some humans that thrilled in hunting down and killing supernatural creatures such as herself. She preferred the serenity and security that the surrounding trees provided compared to the hustle and bustle in town.

After tending to Jinx, she stalked back towards her room in an effort to get ready and start the day.
She paused in front of the large gilded mirror hanging on her bedroom wall. With a grimace, she noticed her bedraggled appearance. Her golden blonde hair was in wild disarray. The humidity in the air had caused its' tendrils to frizz up and stick out in odd places. Her clothes were wrinkled from tossing and turning in her sleep. Her skin slightly damp with sweat. The makeup she wore the night before was smudged, especially around her eyes. Needless to say, she looked like a complete and total mess.

Shrugging she reached over and grasped a few of the magazines she had laying on top of a vintage trunk that sat near the fireplace. Tilting her head she flitted through its' pages before setting her sights on an outfit in particular.
Nothing too fancy, just a simple pair of jeans and a black belt. It was the top that had caught her attention. A thin, white material that resembled a type of bodice she would have worn long ago. A style that reminded her of home. Of old times.

Her eyes focused on the frills and edges of the top, the denim blue of the jeans, even the various necklaces that lined the model's neck. Shortly after committing every little detail to memory, she set down the magazine and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Above and around its' glass surface were photographs of many different hairstyles. Some were her own, some cut out of an ad, some were even ideas that were hand-drawn. Keeping them pinned near the mirror made it easier for her to use her enchantment and get ready in the morning. She chose one and returned her attention to her reflection.

"Adorno." She whispered.

Suddenly, as if by magic, her pajamas began to ruffle and morph into a totally different shape altogether. Its' outline identical to the outfit she had chosen. Looking up she watched as her hair smoothed out in straight glossy strands. Like little tornados they began to curl into loose waves adding volume and personality to her look. A few tendrils began to braid and knit themselves together, mimicking the style from the photo.

She frowned, studying her face in particular. The black smudges around her eyes remained messy. Her lipstick askew.
Muttering a curse to herself Astraea realized that she had forgotten to take a look at makeup ideas before casting the spell. Unfortunately, the magic she had just performed can only be cast once every 24 hours. Meaning that she would have clean her face the old fashioned way.
Its' effects usually lasted a full 12 hours before disappearing. Once the magic wore off she would then return to the outfit she had on when she woke up.

After wiping her face she quickly put on some light mascara and brown eyeliner in an effort to give her a more natural look. Her plump lips were painted a dark scarlet, almost blood red. Smoothly contrasting with the pale white of her blouse. While tying her black combat boots she noted the faded daisies she had painted on the toes many months ago. An artistic mentality that hoped the small image would brighten her day.

"Alright your majesty." She cooed, walking into the kitchen to scratch Jinx's head. Which, of course, was neck-deep in cat food.
"I'll be right back. Don't have any wild parties while I'm gone."
Jinx looked up meeting her eyes and blinked. His gaze was soft, in a loving way only a strong bond could conjure. Licking his lips he sniffed the air momentarily before returning to his meal.

As she stepped outside Astraea took a moment to peel open her clear plastic umbrella. Effectively shielding her body from the raindrops surrounding her. Water pattered the leaves of the trees creating a symphonic melody. With childlike wonder, she began her journey making sure to jump in every puddle along her path.
A normal person would travel by car in this storm. But in the time Astraea was born, they didn't have cars. Yes, she had her license. Yes, she could drive... But when it came to short distances (about 10 miles or less) she preferred to stick to her old routine and walk to her destination.

After about a 35-minute hike Astraea arrived in Ember Grove. She kept her head down noting the few citizens that milled about, most finding shelter from the downpour of the clouds. Being out in public caused tragic memories to plague her mind. Thoughts of past dangers began to take control. She obsessed over the numerous occasions where someone had tried taking her life. Whether it be another witch, human hunter, vampire, or werewolf. Over the past few centuries, she had had roughly 37 close calls that she had had to escape. Fear seized her, causing her heart to flutter, her breath shallow.

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two~

I know that song. Astraea thought, grateful for the distraction. Her breathing started to slow down. Her pulse returning to normal.

I can serenade and gently play on your heartstrings
Be your Valentino just for you~

It was as if it were a sign from the universe. Frequently Astraea would turn to music when she was upset. Throughout the years she had watched and listened as different genres took form and evolved.
Since the 1970s Queen had definitely been one of her all-time favorites. The sound of Freddie Mercury's voice never ceased to make her smile. His vocal range and vibrato always gave her goosebumps. Besides that, Queen had been one of the best concerts she had ever attended. They were one of the first bands to bring a mini trampoline on stage. Their energy was infectious. Their showmanship astounding.
In fact, during the 80s she once had the opportunity to go on a date with the bands' guitarist Brian May. An option she heavily considered but eventually turned down due to the groups rising popularity. It wouldn't have been wise for someone who never aged to be in the public eye.

Looking up she saw the source of the sound. A man in his mid-20s with short black hair grinned looking down at his phone. He could have answered it immediately but instead his head seemed to bob slightly to the music.

A true fan. She thought with a smirk.

He proceeded to answer the call with great enthusiasm and affection. A result that caused the slight smile to slide off her face. Astraea missed having a family. Having someone other than a cat for company. She missed her mother and who her father was before the Salem Witch Trials. Frowning she folded up her umbrella making sure to shake off a few water droplets in the process.

She passed the stranger with her head down as she entered the building. In an attempt to clear her negative thoughts, Astraea began whistling the same song she had heard moments before. For a brief moment she looked up to make eye contact, but then after losing her nerve looked quickly away.

With knowing steps she meandered about the crowd, her eyes set on her first destination. Her favorite bookstore. Whale of a Tale was a locally owned business. One she preferred compared to the corporate sellouts that stood on every corner.
Making a beeline she noticed a sign in golden lettering: New Releases.

"Bingo." She murmured under her breath taking a step forward.
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